Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1887
Page 4
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"NEARLY CRAZED with pnki»i« the rod orr of many n victim of rliBamnthm or n*0nug1a,iu)cl frequently other diaonse!!, molt h» kidney nnil li-, complaints, nre directly traceable to i)i< -i matfsni or neuralgia. Those, !'•!• some unexplninnliln reason, arc vapidly in- fraoalng, and in" many instance* ore ido difoct cause of much sickness wliirli r.« hides Its real origin as lu be mistaken !<u other diseases. In curing rheumatism, m 'I- raWla, «ick headache, arid Sn nnmy coses of kidney and liver troubles, Athlophoros Jinn wrought wonders. Those who have IIKH! it arc best qualified to speak of its nii'iil. H. L. Aiiderson.832Wr8t Lnko St., (,'lii: "1 niive hail thctiinnitsiti oil anil on for many years, but never no bad :IH ihe last attack, being at that time confined to my bed, and unable to move without the greatest pain. My wife applied hot applications, BO hot that it would nearly blister me. This was only temporary relief, for SIB Boon as the application was cold the pain came right back. I saw among the names of parties advertised IIB having vised Athlo- phoros some I knew, so J concluded to give it a trial. After using it a few duj's I wits well and have not been troubled »ince. One bottle was all 1 used." LaBt February, J. S. Kccder, Theatrical Wig Maker, No, 182 West Madison, Office 8, Cnieago, ill., wnsvery badly crippled with inflammatory rheumatism in one of bin lower limbs. Mr.Keedernays: "Hlirst commenced by foot swelling. I thought it wns dropsy, but the pain was too great for that, then it began to spread up my leg, nearly to my knee. Oh I the pain was excruciating. I wns recommended to try Athlophpros, and with less than a bottle of the medicine, my rheumalisVQwaBentirclydriven from my sys- tem.and I have never been troubled since." Evory druggist should keep Athlophoros and AthlopJioros Pills, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist the AUilo- phoroa Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular prico, which in $1.00 tier bottle for Athlophoros ami 50c, far Pills. Tor liver and kidney diseases, ayspepstn, to- digestion, weakness, nervous debility, diseases of women, constipation, headache, Impure blood, Ac., Athlopnoros Tills are uncqualcd. i REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, RudersHau8en & Sonntag. • For Sale. A convenient anrl pleasant home at ft roa- Bonable figure, bolag u two-story frame house on Eighth street, near llonry, For Sale. A choice farm of 320 acres, with first class approvements, situated 2>» miles oast oi Brunswick. Ohartton eo., Mo. For Male. A one-story frame dwelling houso in good condition, In Topping's addition to Allan. For Sale Cheap Tho residence ot Oapt. W. 1'. oble; two stories and mansard roofi 12 room 4 halls, closets, cellars, etc.; 8 acres of groun Moat desirable property In the city, far Male. 160 acres ot land noar city limits, S;<uo ., two story bnek and trame dwel n_i nousa, both situated on the oast '' o 1 .iiato street between, 6th and 7th fttcots- so the brtoh block of stores on Secon .-trout, between Henn and Ridge Btroot nown as Hunter's row. For gale. A miiall frame i' :_Jng house within n ne ulockfi of the d it for $376. 160 acres fgootiUanmng laud, and another tract of 300 acres, both unimproved. Situate In Mori co., Kansas, at $10 and $16 per acre laspoativoly—one-third casli,balance on time. For Sale, A tarm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, noar Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling houoo on It. Prioo,t3,800 For Sale. A choice form of 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of Shipman, Macoupln county. 111., at a low flifuru. A tatm, eonalBtlnij of 140 acres o£ good hind situate witliiu 2 relics of Upper Alton, suito ble for dairy purposes. Cheap. EMULSION OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. The only preparation of COB LITER OH that can lio taken rcaclll.^nd tolerated for a long time liv delicate stoninchfl. ANP AS A nKMKDY FOIt s<iltoyuu)t;s AI-TKCTIONS. ANAHMU. KKAirUKUlUTY,"0011UII8 AM) TllliOAT At'. and all UASTlJitl UlSOftPKHS OF lillll.DltKN It la niarrellous in I'rcacrlbcd and endorsed by tUo boat I'liyalolons in tho couutrlfa ot ihu world. FOR RAtF «Y AL1 A. J.HOWELL, -DEAIJ3B.7 IN- FURNITURE! i A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OIID1CP FOU UPHOLSTERING Neatly and i>roin])tly oxooutod. Hollo at., bot. Third ami Fourth. -ALSO- UNDERTAKER. KKSIBKNOB OOJt. 8TATK 4 SKVKNTfl STS 200 WAGS FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table UHO, ln'14 Ib. Hnon aaoks and 50 Ib, Hacks, for aulo by J. A; RYRIE, AUOJf PAILT (Entered M 8cc6mVcltv»» Alnlter at the : O. nt Alton, 111.) _^ FRIDAY EVE., APUIL 8. WHAT.SHALL WE WEAR? HOW LADIES OF FASHION ARE DRESSING THE HAIR. Now Slj-lon ninplnyod Tlil« Spring In I'nriuolii nml Sun CmbreTliw—Conlriwt' ing models /or Evculnsr Drc»»o» from Which Young J-aUlen Mny Select. A glaiieo nt tho accompanying illustration Bufflcos to show that young ladles mayox- erclso their own pleasure In the selection of a high or low Ixxlico for evening toilote. Both styles nro in fashion, hence o model of each is hero given. EVKNIKO TOILETS FOR TOUNQ LADIES. The dress with tho high bodice has tho front drapery arranged in deep plaits that fall over a flat olnited skirt, allowing a brood [>anol embroidered in colors to be seen on one side, 'where pink ribbon borders the tablier, and finishes in loop and ends. The back drapery is of straight puffed breadths. The high and turnover collar is of tho embroidery. The ball toilet with a low bodice ,is composed ol light silk and gauze, and is trimmed with lace. The box plaits on the skirt are 4% inches wide. _ 1'nrnsoln nnd Sun Umbrellas. Parasols for spring and summer are made julte large, with ten broad ribs and handles .ong enough to serve as alpenstocks. Many lave the ribs tipped with nickel or with gilt, and a new feature is vertical f tripes ot ribbon down each gore or ono broad satin -woven stripe, or else seyeral beaded stripes are wrought down each gore. The prevailing shape is au improved Mauresque style, flatter ;han the canopy topg of last year; there are also the sultana and the regent parasols, with o plain diamond or star center widely trimmed jolow, with many rows of lace arranged aa a aorder, Light wood sticks are much used for these dressy parasols and are ornamented with carving, sometimes in three sections, at the end, or they are countersunk or inlaid with darker brown wood, or are made like doubled lat or triangular sticks or in imitation of jamboo, or they are twisted in the oven twist so fashionable in oil furniture and are finished with a knob of faceted crystal, or of the wood or of enamel or of jet, either black or colored. Mottled ..ticks with gilt or sliver x>ps, and those of natural wood with hooks >r rings, aro very stylish and of great length; ihe ferrule at tho top corresponds with the stick and is also very long. A bow of ribbon of many loops and o bright color trims the handle, and narrower ribbon is tied on the ferrule. After the lace Tlinmed parasols, and those with beaded stripes, and tho open beaded medallions that show a color beneath them, are many simpler ones of stripes, or with plaid borders laving also small plaids in the middle, and [or plain use there are also pongee covers, or those of dark silk— black, blue, or brown— with hair stripes of bright, colors, or with ilternote stripes of contrasting colors, each mlf an inch or an inch broad. Somo of the pongees havo embroidery all over them, the {round of ioug stitches making a background tor daisies or medallions. Black grenadine parasols are over red, green, or other color, with a frill of lace, and light wood handle. For children are satin striped parasols with twisted bandies ^>f Jlght wood. New sun umbrellas have a largo ball of dull gilt next a mottled wooden handle, or a crystal ball, or one of black with white enamelled flowers or [eaves, or else a hook of natural wood tipped with ivory,— Harper's Bazar, Halrdrosslnt;, "The hair, as a rule, la elaborately dressed tor ball room and evening wear," says The Season, from which the fashion cuts of this issue ore taken, "and sometimes tho two sides of the front hair are dillerently arranged." COIKFtMES AND FANCY UAIU PINS. Ill the illustration ono Oguro illu«trutes tho •ight half rolled in ono largo curl, while on ho loft, whk'U lius a scarcely visible parting, ionic n uumbur of tiny curls. Tho buck hair a formed into a lightly twisted knot Thu •olifure, n In TUafiiUmon, is mode of silver aco, dotted hero and thoro with gems. For a Iniplo collluro tho wholo of the hair, from lio roots to tlu< ends, may bo twisted into ono •oil and then fastened up high over o diadem or other ornament. Any ends remaining after the coil is finished aro taken buck again and fastened behind tho loft ear. Tho fancy Imlr pins shown in the cut ore vorthy of remark. Tho first one lo made of gold and hus tho coronet top, ornamented with olori'd uimiiiol. Tho second is also of gold and in sot with black pearla. Tlio third pin is orimmiwtcd with tnmll diumonds on tho dark orloiso ahull hulf moon. Tho fourth modol Is node of light, transparent tortoiso uholl and ntended to bo worn as a comb. In the fifth iluo unamol marks tho dcxlgn on an old allver ground; tho sixth U nmdu ot gold QlagriX), vory flnoly worked, and la IntoiidiKl to bo utuuk into tho crlmptxt front Iniir, Ulrljiuil mill 1'iuiliy MuturlllU, U'uo iuUtur« of striped uud other fancy materials with plain fabrics will continue m fovor during tho coming eeasc'n, and also tho trimming of textiles In monochrome .with bands of contrasting material of vttrioiis designs to repj-osent stripes. Galloons, fancy beaded passcmetifcirlcs, flat gimps In applique, molro out into stripes, velvet ribbons ami bnnds of Swiss insertion will all be used for this t>uriioso, _ ALL AROUND""fHE HOUSE, Op Stnlm, DOITJI 8tn!r», In Kitchen and lu the Lmly'H Puvlor. Designs In stained glass flit> mado up by combinations of small pieces of dllteVenk colon). Until of lato it wna neoessary to make a framework of lead conforming In nlzo and shano to Iho pieces of glass used, each piece being fitted to the place for which it was In- tcndod and secured by soldering. This method was both laborious and tedious. By n now process the glass Is laid in position according to tho design, leaving sufllclout space between tho pieces for tho introduction of the molten metal which is to fasten them to- gethor. In this condition the design is placed in suitable clamps and tho metal poured in, finding its way Into every crovico and ro- sultiug,in a solid piece of workmanship. The time usually required Jn making a casting is about five minutes, nnd the smallest pieces of. glass are securely attached to the hiasa without the disfigurement of tho heavy Hues soon in designs made by the old process. Tlu> Dump Cloth Syotuin. Helen Campbell claims, with truth, that sweeping is far less a freqiieut need than is supposed. The dust must bo removed, but u damp cloth Is a Uey to its removal, and the dninp cloth system a saving of much hard labor as well as wear and tear to the carpets. Says the authority mentioned: Put a spoonful of ammonia in half a pail of warm water, and wipe tho carpet with a cloth wrung out from this water. Tho dust is removed, tho colors freshened and every stray moth—a possibility everywhere in these days of furnaces—finds a sudden ond. Fluff, insidious and unconquerable, forming itself in mysterious rolls under beds and in corners, is reduced bo its lowest terms, sinks into almost impalpable unpleasantness beforo the damp cloth, in- fteod of sailing triumphantly beforo tho broom. Tho broom will still bo an essential, aut as servant, not monarch, and even whore one can not afford a carpet sweeper need never again involvo tho amount of hard work associated with it. Wall Paper In Nurseries. It is important to itnow that the wails of a nursery are harmless. It lias more than once iioppeued that children have ailed mysteriously from injurious wall papers, and the brighter and prettier tho paper vnry often the moro risk there is of danger. Nothing is more cheerful or moro wholesome than a light color wash. It can at any time be washed and kept sweet ami clean. It holds no infection, like paper, in case of the epidemics to •which children are so liable, and it offers, a good background for the picture which should always adorn a nursery. Hanging Pictures. Small pictures should never be hung below .orge heavy ones. The latter appear best in narrow spaces between moldings and other convenient nooks, or, if of high merit, resting on cabinets or mantels. In all cases these should be as near as possible in line with the eye. A single subject vividly portrayed may even be mounted over the door. From Richmond, Va.—I sell a great deal of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup and find that it gives better satisfaction iban any other Syrup. I. Wilson Moss eley, Druggist. "Once upon a midnight dreary," when 1 tossed so sad and weary, upon ny bod half mad with pain, a . friend nought-me a bottle a of Salvation Oil. It cured nie. I needed this and "noth. .ng more." In the old times kissing a pretty girl was regarded as a sure cure for the toothache. The Norristown. Herald aighs: "It ia difficult to improve on some of thoae old prescriptions." The body is more susceptible to >enetit from Hood's Sarsaparilla now ,han at any other season. Therefore, take it now. 11 THJC worst is on Dana, of the New Tork Sun. He published a poem glorifying the more recent en- erprise. It proved to be an acrostic, expressing the touching sentiment: 'Dana is a fraud." IiiTigorate the Digestion. Brandrelh's Pills invigorate the diges- IOD and stimulate the torpid liver and )owels, they cleanse the blood and im>art new vigor to the body. One or •wo fivory night for a week will usually >e all that is required. For Constipa- Yion or Dyspepsia one or two taken ivery night will, in a short time, effect an absolute cure. Sonset Cox's coming Rival. Hon. John M. Allan, the witty mem- jorfrom Mississippi, again increased us popularity in the House by .his peooh on the diplomatic and consular Jill. During his speech Perry Belmont asked the gentleman if he "would yield o a question P" "No," said Mr. Allen;"I cannot yield o anything but applaaso." 'The most popular carriage spring oa lie market today is tbo Rlce'Coil. All who try it pronounce it the most sensK lo invention and tho easiest rider that was ever conceived of, dwlw Decorative ftollici. Tbo cut here given represents doilies raadi ot flue glossy linon nnd ornamented with designs outlined with colored Olosol silk. DOILIES quTUNB& wrm BILK. Tbo dollies, if mado to measure elgb Inches square inclusive of the fringe, Will be found of convenient also for the uses to whlcl those dainty articles nro usually applied. ' How to Utilize Old Flnnnol. Old flannel of all kinds should bo kept to; scrubbing and cleaning paint; uuderveste drawers, skirts, nil come In tor it. In Kng loud, where scrubbing is still the glory o the poorer people, cottages vying with cacl other on the color of their boards, there IB i coarse, gray flannel made called "house flail nel," expressly tor thu purpose. Next to Him nol Isold, coarse, soft linen, old kitchen towels crash, etc. * In addition to tbo soft, wet cloth a dry rub ber (best made of old Russian crash that luu done service for round or dish towel) shoult be kept; a scrubbing brush of hard bristles i best; the soft excelsior brushes avo ot littli use except for coarse paint, and brushes made of broom straw, although not entirely satis factory, are about the best one can get whei bristle brushes are not to bo had, or are toe expensive, Excitement In Texas. Groat excitement has been caused in the vicinity of Pans, Tex. by the ro triarkiiblo recovery of Mr. J, K. Oorley. who was so bolploss'ho could not turn in bed, or raise bis head; everybody said he was dying o! Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's Now Discovery was Sent him. Finding relief, he bought a large bottle and a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills; by the -time' hu had taken two boxes ot Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. . , , Trial Bottles of this Great. Discovery for Consumption freo at E. Marsh's Large Bottles $l'. ' Ap 1 d wlm The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies'. "I can" recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years standing." Abraham Have druggist, Belleville' Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I havo ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BucKion's Arnica salve. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, bruises, Bores,ia..aers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skm eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or" money refunded. Price'' 26 cestsperbox, Fnr sale by E.-Marsh, Alton, 111, . mch7dwlm WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At the old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERIVIUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. feblldSm riounny, Bores, l'"cont-blU'« t | knclui, OuliiHv, Bum ThrOAt, I RsfSESasSSSifeT^^I Dr. Hull 1 * Ooiijli Syrup will cure your Couth M «<icu. I'.tce'oolv 5s (JU. iWitli. SOAP We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Buttorlno, or any kindred truck,- we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stook, and thon convert tho refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near atook yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. siLVuu SOAP is made of i'BRB TAJ,tow, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danger of havlna the okln diseased or poisoned. ASK YODB OltOCEH FOft IT. EMPIRE SOAP 00. " ST. LOU IS. WO. JO8131-U JAKU15_PT»8 LIVERY STABLE 1TUONT STREET, AIOJY AND KASTON, myldiv MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard toPnrlty, Strength) and Ilealthf ulnoBEl. Dr. Price's Baking Powdot contains Kxtracte, Vanilla, Lemon, otc.| flavor dolicloUBly. VCf BJKMBPOWOff^Cff^SmtSCLMoM. INSURANCE, REALESTATE.& LOAN AGENTS, TJTJC FOLLOWING First-CIass Ins. Oo.'s: Ins. bo. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Plxlladolyhia; Gorman American; JS"ortli British and Mercantile, Londou; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Xing.*, Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Go. AND OTHERS : A TOA8H OAP1TAI IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WE AliSO REPRESENT THE Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's JLife and > Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office : Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor, Third and State sts. of a Portal . "For twelve y«an I" ' ' After trylnR all the doctors «tid pslont msrti lnM UoHlU^eiirof, I usotl two bottlosof Hop l And I am perfectly cured; I keen It MAUthetlmel" • Bl Kor Sale. Five building lots on AlUy and Sloi'ket streets, between Tenth and Twelfth streets. WHIPPLE & s»u LEV. For Solo. SLlino hllu, In good running order, with quarry and 12 aoros of land, more or less, known ad the Shelly tract. WOU'PLE &S111LEY. For Kent. A two story brick dwelling known as tho Plutt homestead; lately put In good repair. >tlilPPLE & SMILEY Fine Residence tor Sale. ; Tho late K. OoBow homestead, now owned by U.'it. Underwood, Bltunted on line of horso railway, la Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and jjood out buildings, two acres of'ground; will be sold at a bargain. Possession given on completion ol sole. WUIPI'LK & SMILEY. For Kent. Two-story house and good stable on Common street. Good fruit. VVHII'PLE & SMILEY. For Sale. , Seven lots with'good brtok dwelling and outbuildings, In soid repair, In Upper Alton. Residence of O. E. Oolllus, and known as the Merrill property. WniPPtE & SMILEY, Alton, or D. W. Oollet, Uppar Alton. For Bale or went. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Dutro. . WHIPPLE &8MILKY. For bnl» The late residences of J. i. and W. H. Mitchell, onMlU.8t.,twoo£tlJ.<ibeBt pieces ol residence property fn Alton. The property known aa "The Park, east of above; 14 lots on Mill and Summit streets, an d a number of ots la Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all ol above at a_great bargain. . WTUPPLE & SMILEY. For Sole. A 7-room brisk dwelling and out buildings 1 OB Thud street, between Ohorry and Vine. WH1PPI.E & SM BY. for Men t. Good 9-room brick house with abont4 acres 1 of ground,inolii(lingoro.iard,lu Upper Alton. Former residence of Dr. Humbert. WHUTI.E & SMILEY. For Kent. Lato residence ot M. J. Noonan on State Btroet, known as tho A. Platt place. Good 9 room brick houso, Jn first class repair. . WU1PPLB & SMILEY. •JTor naie. The Morrtman property on State stroo ,ln Miller & Mloholl's add., to Alton, !)_• story; houso, 8 rooms and out-bulldlngs; all In per - i feet order. Can bo had at a bargain. WHIFI'LK A 8MTLBY. Fur Sale or Kent. The 2-story frame dwelling with 0 rooms, Including 7 lots; (food barn and flno ftuits known as tho Nichols homestead, situated on 12th at,, in a deslraolo neighborhood. WHIl'PLE &SM1UCY. For Blue. 4 convenient farm of 180 acres, mo.t all In cultivation; altnatod on the Botbalto road, mllor.'rom Altoi;, For Sale. 1 °° r " or 1>earl WniPPLE & BMILKY For Sale. _,. „. , or a. The Woodroof property. A 2 stoi-y frame houso of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, a 1 room frame house on Filth strnot. Wlin'PlJ. 4 SMILEY. Deglrnblo KoHldoncuB for Hale. A two story brick dwelling on 8tato Btroot roown as A. Halt Jioiuoslead, lately put n good ropiilr. A two story frame Swell m? on Main atroot, nearly now. A two story wrick dwelling on Seventh atroot, all for sale at a. saorifloo, ownur having dooldod to KO VPSt WIITIiTir IP ft untrr^y* Vhh purer In oil die at tho office of YER^SON DVERTISING GENTS u PHILRDELPHIH. o FREE SON'S MftNUM. : , BBADfOBO, PA., May 8,1885 It hns cured me of BCveral diieanes, Biich _. ^SSSSf^'^SSL^^-J^^-frnm tfoublai, «to. I linve not seen a sick dn BlncoItookB AsnnoromAtt, MASS,, Jan. IB, 1880. ; I JiftTo been vory sick ovel two years. "They nil gave mo iin as imut euro. I tried the taostskll fat physicians, liut they did net tc&cli the woi.n part. Tholtiiigs mid heart would fill Yip ew? ulglit and Matron mo, and my throat was vory baj Itolduiyolilldron I sliouW Movotdla in poaco tlli I had tried Hop Bitters. When I had takon two bottles they holpouiao vory ranch indeed; When I had taken two iiioro botlloslwas Well! ffiX was a lot of alok folks hero who have eeon how they cured ino, and they used thorn and wore outiii nnjf fool as thankful us I do that tuero IB »o whi. oblo u incdlclno IMUQ. •> »v Y ui U . Yours truly, Hlsa JVLU G< Cnsuisd. $3,000 Lost. i "A four to Europe that coat mo $3,000, dono lc«n "good than ono uoUlo of Hop Blttorsj they i|SS "cured my wlfo of llf toen years' uoryoiis wimknoiv "BleoplosBiKMB ond dyspepBlu."— ilr. «; Jl,, Ait! Imru, N. Y. • • ; liaby Saved, Wo aro so thankful to say that onr ntirslni, babv was permanently cured of ft dangorona imu protracted constipation nnd Irregularity of the bowoln by tho two of lion Bitters by its nursing motliet wnlch at tho samo time restored her to porfecZ health and strength,— Tho Parents, Roclio_ter,N.Y.. or Inactive kidneys canso graver "Bright" 8 ilistnso, rlicumntlsm and u horde of otlipr Bcrlonn nnd fatal cAlscnsoa, which can bo nrovcntui) with Hop Bltlors," If taken Jn time. * '" vtul ™ r "Lnddlngton, Mleh., Feb. 3 1885.' I have sold Hop Bitters for ten years, nnd there" Is no aedl. cine that equals them for bilious attacks, kldnov complaints, and all discuses Incident to this imi. Inrlalcliinatc. H. T. AutXAKDEB. "Monroe, Mich., Sept, 25tll, 388B. SJHS.'-Ihava beou taking llop Bitters f or Inflammation « a f kid. neys and bladder. It IIBB done for mo "what four physicians failed to do— cored mo. The of the Bitters seemed like magic to me. , \V. L. GBNTS:— Your JIop Bitters have Won of ereat value to mo. I was laid up with typhoid fever for over two months, and could get no relief until I Mod your Hop Bitters. To those suffering from debility, or any one In feoble health, t coraiaUy recommend them. ! J. C, STOBTZBI,' 1138 Fulton street., Chicago, 111. .•">«"*•, Can You Answer XJiis? IB tlioron person living who evor'sawacasoot ngiic,-l)llloiiBne88, ncrvonsncea or neuralgia, or any dlfioiisu of the etonmch. liver or kidneys that Kon Bitters will not curcf • . 6By . 8 H °P B l««rs Is tho only thing that will keep her from severe attacks of parulw Bis and headache.— JSii. Otteego Sun. .was changed Into was raisad froma a snort time." A YOUNG HOTBXR. BAILWAV X1MK TABLE. ; , 0:aiOAGO ANB Ai^TON. :> •" ' v"* On and nltor Sunday, Nov. 14tli, 1886, trains on tho Ouloogo ana. Alton raUiotd, -will leav» the Union Depot. Alton, standard time, at foUows: . : . For Chicago and the Eruti t Ohlengollall*.. .............9:00 (Jhloago AcoommodaMon*........ .8:00p. in Lightning Express* Peorla ana Book Island FastLluet.9:00 a, m For JaoksonvlUe, Keokuk, Onlnoy, Kan- lias Clty.and all points west,' KansusOltyMall* ........... ...... 9:00a.m. • KansasOltyBiqKOBa*, ••• .... 9:10p^tB Denver Bxpi'ossf.................,.7-05 p.m. Jacksonville Accommodation!... 7:06 p. m. for Ht. Lonla i . ... .....•- LlBhtulnsrExpress*.................6:45 a.m Omuago Aecommoilatloh* .9':30 a. in Alton Speotalt......................12:88p.m KftnaagOlty Mall*.,. .....,5:40p.m Ohlcngoitallr.... ........ ...0:SOp.m IBADiS LEAVE 81'. 1X)UI8 UNION DEP01 JOE ALTON. , • t7BOn;m. .. WOOpim, *4BOp.m. * (8 45 a.m. Sundays only). *Dally tExoeptSunday. -:•- ' ••• ••'• ••< • B. D^ BBEVE, Sup't. St. Loula Division O. a. NORM8, Ticket Aifent. ; ., • ;.,. . . OHIOAQO, BtJUIaJSt<iXON AWP QUINOY. Trains leave tbo Union ; Depot, Alton follows: Qolngr Korthi •; Express (except Sunday) ... . 8:26 a. m Night Bxpresu W. W. ARNOLD. A«ent. Day and Night During an acuto attack ol BroncWtla, a ceaseless tickling in tho throat, »nd an exhausting, 'hacking oougn, offliot tho Bufferor. Sleep is lianighea, and great prostration follows. This disease Is ftlso attonded with Hoarsenesa, and sometimes Loss of Voice. It is liable tobe- como chronic, involvo the lungs, and terminate fatally. Ayor's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy roliof and euro Jn cases of Bronchitis,- It controls tho aisp&sithay to covigh, and induces xofreshing sleep. I havo boon a practising physician for twenty-foil* years, nnd, for tho post twelve, Jiavo suffered ;frora annual attacks of Bronchitis. After oshiuistiug all tho usual remedies : Without Relief, I tried Ayor's Cherry Poctpral. It cflocted n speedy <;iiro.—G. Stbvcttll, M. D., Carrolltoit; Jlisa. -•.',. Ayer's Chorr.y Vuctorn} in docldodjy tlio best remedy, \viiliSn Wy Unowlodgo, for chronic llroncliitU.ruiU all lung diseases. - M. A. Hust, M. U., .South I'urls, Mo. I was ntincl«!d, lost wliitei', with » sovovo Colil, which grow worse and Hottlod on my T/uiiKH. ]ly night s\voaU I wus reduced ulinoiit to aHkofotou. My Cough was innc.ssiiiit, .mid I frequently Bj)lt Wood. My'.iliyslitlaii told 1110 to glvo up bii.Hlncsii, or i would not Hvo a mpnth. After taking vitciaua rouaodlos without rulkif, I \YUH Diuilly, Cured By ,Us|n'g',. two liottlos of Ayer's Cljnrry Pebtorol. I am now in porfuct; health; and able to rcHitmo btistnosH, nftnr liaviiiKibiiou pro- iiounccd ini'nrablo with t/'oiiHiinijitlon.— S. P. Henderson, 8aiil»burgh, J'ouu. For years I wan in a doollnn, •! bail wonk lun(,'d, and Buffered from .Bron- qhitln and Outarrh, Ay«r'H Cliorry I'oc- tonil rostorcd mo to liutilth, aiid 1 liavo liuoii fur u, loiijj tiiuo coiiijwrallvcly vigorous. In caso of usuddim cold I always resort to tlio I'aiiluru),'on'l Und spoody relief. — Kdward K. Curtis, KuUand, Vt. Two years ajjo I Hiifforod from aaevoro BrouchtUs. Tho pliyBlc.lttii attond|u({ mo hocnma fonrful thiit tlio disease would torniiiinto in I'notunonliv. After trying various rapdlciuua, wltlioiit himoftt, )iu |)r«s<;rlbod Ayev'n Cliur'ry Pectoral, wliloli rolioved mo at onco. I continued to take this medicine, and was oureu. — Bruest Coltoii, Logunspprt; Ind. * Aypr's Cherry Pectoral, Proparod by Pr. J.O. Ayer tc Co,, T«ff«ll, Uut< "- 1J "" PrlW»lJ »UbotHM,»6.

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