Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1887
Page 2
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Audi DAILY TKLBGBAPH. BX W. T. SfOBTON, Cor. Third and PIn»a StreeU, Alton, HI. FRIDAY EVE., APlUL 8. BUIKHTON. AVHIL 6.'87 HUBT.—A little son of Fred Birth foil from tho front door, last Friday a diaUnce of four foot, and btoko hi arm. Dr. Ash fixed It up nil right fo the little follow who is doing well. DIED.—On Sunday March 27th a Hot Springs, Mrs. 4 C. C. Lonily, o congestion of the lunga, Slio was the daughter (Anna) of Mr. and Mrs David Buttorfleld, who formorly.rosidoc here and was well known and liked by our young people. Mrs. William Boultur, after a long sickness, is recovering, as are also tho three children of Kev F. W. Theile. Mrs. M. J. Ackorman is confined to the house with malarial fever. Another of our Brighton boys has ' caught on. Mr. Herbert Merrill has sesurod a position as Postal Railway Clerk on tho O. & A. Wo hope ho will stick. SINGULAR ACCIDENT.—Last Monday eye nine about 8 o'clock Mr. Charles Hilliard, son of G. W. Hilliard, Esq. was in pursuit of a chicken m the yard running very fast, and, when at full speed he came in contact with a wire clothes line that extended across the yard, and, it being sumewhat dark, ho did not see. The lino struck him square across tho mouth, the shock was terrible and threw him backward to the orouud with such force as to break his collar bone. The injury to his mouth was a fearful wrench, a sore jaw and great pain; it is a wonder he was not killed outright. Or. Ash was called and dressed the wound all right, and he is doing well as can be, though suffering severely. Our Township Election was quiet yesterday. Total vote cast 368, whicu was light. D. D. Goodoll for Supervisor; N. W. Waldo Town Clerk; William Yaraum, Assessor: F. Stewart, Collector: J. Kelsey, Highway Commissioner; H. J. Ellsworth, Constable. The main contest centered on Collector for which big work was done; four candidates, all Republicans. Krae'rner brought forward the Teutonic element. The French force was small. Dicker son handled his men well, but it took the Stewart Clan to carry the day. Some little spite work cropped out during the afternoon toward candidates, which may be remembered at some future election, aside from this we think the people showed their good sense in electing the most available man. At the town meeting in the afternoon' the Supervisor and Highway Commissioner's reports were read and accepted after which tho circus began, and the business went through in style. Highway Commissioner and Assessor are Democrats; balance on ticket five Republicans; though politics did not enter into the election much. VEDI. IJBTIIALTO. BBTIUI.TO, 111., April 7, '87. ACCIDENT—At one o'clock and thirty minutes this morning a freight train going west ran over Mr. John Berry, son of Postmaster Berry, of Moro, near Mr. Wm. Stoehr's residence, this village. The body was literally cut to pieces', the whole train passing over it. Coroner Melling was telegraphed and came on the morning train and, Laving to leave on the next, authorized 'Squire Miller to hold the inquest. A man who had stock aboard said, as soon as the train could be stopped ho felt of the remains and found them cold. The engineer stated that he saw the body some little distance ahead and, although he whistled, it never moved until the engine struck it. This leads many to think that he had boon murdered and placed on the track, He was seen to have money at Wann before he left there at 10 o'clock p. in., and when found the body was minus any valuables whatever. The unfortunate man was about 30 years of age and leaves a wife and one child who have the sympathy of all. Tho father, Capt. Berry, took charge of the remains and tho funeral will occur to-morrow. GIMLET. Agtoiilshlng Success. It is the duty ol ovory poraon who Jws used Dosclioo's Gurman Syrup to lot its wonderful <[uahtios be known to their friends in curing Consumption, sovoro Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonw, and in taot till throat tind lung- disonsut). Mo person can use it without immediate relief. Tliruo doses will relievo any onso, and we consider it tho duty of all druggists to recommend it to tho poor, dying consumptive, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 do/on bottles wore sold last your, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a mndioino us tho German Syrup cannot bo too widely known. Ask your druggist about It. Sample bottles to try, sold tit 10 cent*. Regular si/.o, 76 cants. Sold by all druggists and dealers, in the United States and Canada. ly KDorgy will do almost anything, but it, oaauot oxUlU tho blood is impure and moves sluggishly tu tho veins. There IB nothing BO good lor cleansing tua blood and imparting energy to tho system as Ayer'a SarBftpnnlla. Price $1. Wli bottles, l&. Sold by druggUla. dwlw Oolden Wedding. A'large numoer of friends made a surprise visit on Monday evening to Mr K. Alohison and wife, it being theii golden wedding anniversary, .and Mr AtohUon's 7Gth birthday. Many of the friends brought little gifts of suUstantln worth to testify to their regard, among them being a purse of six flve-dollai gold pieces. F. Y. Uedloy, on bohal of those present, roado known tho pur poso ol tho entirely unexpected call after which all paid their respects to the bride and groom, expressing congratulations upon their reaching so npo an age, crowned with so much usefulness and honor. Tho aged couplo have been residents of this vicinity for about forty years. Mr, E. was in war days ft member of tho old 7th Illinois regiment Throe sons gave their services to the country; of those Thomas survives, and is a prosperous merchant in Newton Kansas; two other sons woro killed ir battle, Aleck before Vicksburg, and Dudley at Alatoona Pass. The children present wore: Mrs. Crlssio Stark, Lebanon; Mrs. Kato Moody, Emporia, Kan.: Mrs. Annie IMngham and bus band, Carrollton; James A'chison and wife, Gillosple. — Hunker mil Gazelle, Antidote for Cancer. About thirteen yours iigo n woman belonging to the middle walks of life, suffering from cancer, was pronounced beyond their .skill by tho physicians of Shrewsbury Infirmary, Knghind, the tumor being in sw;h close proximity to tho jugular vein that, rather than risk the imperiling of her lift), tlioy doomed it best not to undertake such an operation. Straightway after this announcement was made she returned to her home, which was three miles from Oswcstey, the nearest railway station in the County of Montgomery, North Wales. Hero she became a greater sufferer, when one day she bethought herself of a neighbor, whom she soon found, and with all the eloquence of one enthralled by an implacable foe she appealed to her sympathy. "If it were possible," she implored, "do, do something to assuage my pain." With that tenderness and willingness characteristic of overy true nnd noble woman to allay her sister's many pains this friend, for she proved u friend in need and deed, forthwith sent her boys (one of whom is our informant) to gather what in the United States is known as sheep sorrel; by the people of England as "sour loaf or the cuckoo.plant;" in the Welsh language, to the people of North Wales, as "clail siirion y gog." To this timely opportunity, and the efficacy of this herb as an autidoto for cancer, this sufferer is in a large measure indebted for her health and life to-day, while not the slightest vestige of this liitherto unconquerable disease is to be found. The leaves were wrapped in brown paper so tight as to make tho package impervious to air. This package was then placed beneath an open grate and covered with the hot ashes of the same. When sufficiently cooked it was removed and in us hot a state as possible and not to burn it was'now applied, the leaves being in direct contact with the ulcer, which was firmly held to the part affected by a linen handkerchief. Strange to say, at tho expiration of one month the tumor came away and has not since appeared. For tho first four days the pain was most excruciating, but gradually decreased as it became loosened. There is much to be said in favor of this method over that of the knife. The nature of its drawing powor in tho form of poultice, though at first very severe,' still is gradual and sure, while new blood rushes into the vacuum caused by removal, thus serving as a fitting helpmeet for aiding ami stimulating nature's efforts, and in the meantime tho arteries which feed this fell destroyer are given a greater impulse to move rapidly, How healthy, and strengthen ihe weaker parts as fast as it egresses, tu this connection it is to be observed that this method has none of tho accompanying after-weakening effects as aausod by loss of blood so frequently exhibited under tho operation of tho inifc, -while tho ehiuieos of a thorough extirpation are far more sanguine as to a thread remaining than that of a snr- jical operation, which many fear and object to. l ? or those parts not admitting of xmltice wo submit another formula for ;ho same herb, as applied by this same jcnefuctress in somcwhtft different cases. A piocn of flat-iron or s(e<;l is ob- .ained with ut. li-aat o\io bright and smooth fai-o. On this tho leaves are >lacod, which in I urn i.s plural on top nf tho sUm; or within ih<- oven until ho leaves urn thoroughly cooked, vhoni'i! they arc removed and spread m a piece of linen in the sumo way as my other hoinu-mtulo p!:i«l<;r. When •old enough, with suliicicnt heat not to Mini, it, is then applied, and, our iu- ormant states was productive of tho aim! bcnulicciit result Cincinnati Commercial Udn-ltt. needier in Chicago, Mr. Beech or was speaking on "Communism" ouco iu Chicago when a rather dramatic and very characteristic Jiing happened, His lecture was half inished. He was standing before an luilionco of 10,000 people in tho old i'abornaolo building, a temporary truoturo on Franklin street, put up to iccommodato tho vast audiences which hronged in those days to hoar Moody nd Sankoy, then iu tho heyday of holr early work and enthusiasm. Tho ;r«at room wan packed. Word after vord full forcibly upon thu vast crowd, vhich grow inovo ami moru silent as ho wont on, A reporter at the table down u front of tho platform dropped a load loncil, and one could almost feel tho so that it nimlo, so breathlessly woro ill In that audienco listening to tho orator's voice. JIo was telling tho story of tho rise of tho powor of tho Utopia. Presently ho ended a ringing wlod with these- words, pronounced n a voice so deep and fervid and full of conviction that thoy seemed to hnvo been uttered then for tho first time "The voice of the people is the voice of God." Into the absolute and intense silence of the instant that followed fell the voice of a half-drunken man in the gallery: "The voice of the people is tho voice of a fool." Everybody fairly shivered. But Mr, Beechor was equal to the moment.. He drew himself up, looked toward tho place from Which tho disturbing voice came, and "I said tho voice of the peo- plo, not the voice of one man," ho replied with perfect simplicity and dignity. It would bo impossible to describe tho responsive expression of tho audience. It was not aliingh; it was notr cheer. It was a movement, a sound like one, groat sigh of relief and tie- light. The lecture went on; tho ail was full of electric sympathy, tingling toward an explosion of some sort. Beooivcr knew it, and seemoil waiting for a chance to put his finger on the koy of tho pent up personal enthusiasm which moved his audience. The drunken follow suddenly gnvo him a chance. Ho staggered to his feet, fooling that th.e odds woro against him, anil mumbled out some unintelligible words. Beechor paused a second time in his lecture. Then ho said with that smilo of his, at onco winning and condemning, which so many people know: "Will some kind person take our friend out and give him some cold water—plenty of it—within and without?" Two policemen bad hold of the disturber by this time, and the audience had liberty to cheer—and such a cheer as it was! The tabernacle shook with it, and it is probable that at least nine-tenths of tho people who clapped their hands supposed that thoy were cheering Mr. Bcceher's wit, instead of that tremendous personal powor which no one need try to analyze— Boston Advertiser. Englishmen declare that their country is absolutely unable to supply the number of rnultllo-elass horses thai would bo required in case of a war, and tho question as to the means o: supplying tho possible demand is being agitated. Tho exportation of horses has been forbidden from Continents countries which have anything to spare, ami it is demanded that immediate steps be taken to procure 20,000 head if necessary, to be procured from America. ?!N answer to the query. "Is ten acres enough?" Tesas Siflinr/s thinks "one acre is enough, especially if it be a tender corn." The Importance of purifying tlie Wood cannot bo overestimated, for wltlioat pure blood you canaot enjoy good liealtli. At this season nearly every ono needs a- good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. It strengthens an d i,i u ia 9 up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of tlie vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Saraaparllla pecul- *T"f\ \±r-ei\f iar curative powers. No * O 115611 otherrnedlcinouassucharecordot wonderful cures. If you liavo made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to take any other Instead. It la a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold by all druggists. Prepared by 0,1, Hood & Co., J,owcll, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar J, SUITER & SON, 3EAfiiCE8 ID FINE AND COMTrtON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US ' A C ALL- BEFORE PURCHASING. OWl FUKN1XUHK HOOMS AEE ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILu. SpSdwlV Catarrh to Consumption, Catarrh in its destructive forco stands next o and undoubtedly loads on to consumption, t is therefore nlugular that those mulcted with tills foiirful dlsoaso should not inako if lie object of their lives to rid themselves o t. Deceptive remedies concocted by igno- 'ant pretenders to modlual knowledge havo vuakoned the confidence of the groat ma- orlty In all udvertlBod reiundlos, Thoy bo- ;oin« resigned tu a Ufa of misery rather tlmn torturo thuindOlvnB with douhttul palliatives. Hut tills will never do. Catarrh must bo mot at ctvory utago and oombattod with all our might. In many cuscu tho AHoaso has asuunied daugerouu symptoms. The bones ind cartilage of thu nose, thu organs of hear- ng, of booing and of tasting ao ailoctod as tu lie useless, tho uvula ao olonvvted, thu throat 10 iutUuuuH tmd Irritated an to iiruduoe a. loustant ane dlatresulnj; cough. Uanford's Hadlci\l Curo moots every plmpo of Outarrli, Irom a simply houU cold to tho most loaihuomo and destructlvo stages, It is local and constitutional, Instant In nilloy Ing, permanent in 'curing, safe, ucunomlca) and nevur falling, Kiicti pnckago contains ono battlo at tho itauloal Unro, ono box of tho Catarrhal Holv- our, und an Ii<ai>rovud Inhaler with traatlsa; 1'ottor Drug and Chemical Co,, llostoi), A , Q UESTION AB 0 UT Broivns Iron Bitters ANSWERED. Tho fjnratlmi hfifl l>rob«bly booti nuk of ttmotf. " How can "Brown*!! trnn ultto thing f " Well, Uctoortn't.. Hwr" Hdooflcti (or wmoh n njmtftlilo nuked thntinnmU lttora onn» every- ooflctironnrd .. iihyflolan would preflorlbo 1 HON tt Iron aw tho boat jifffliit kfKMvti (41 tho prmcKBlufi, mid inquiry of any IfiAtlftitf ahtmiwat llrm will Bufofttntitlnto tno aflwsrtlon ti\j\t thoro nr« mow ^reparations ti( inm than of liny whor mibHtnnu0usoii in medicfno. This nhowBCon- nluslvoly that Inm in noknowlodKRu to ba tho most imixirtaut factor In tmwtofwf ul modioal practice, ft lit. howoYor, ft rnmitrknbla f act, that prior to tho dlHcov* pry of ItilOWN'H 1 RON 1UTTJU18 no pen-foot- ly BaUafaotory Iron combination had ever boon found. BROWN'S IRON BITTERSuMJS tioadftolie, or prodtico conKtlifstlon— all Atkcrtrflii mmllcliic>H<lo.llltO\VN>81KONIUTTKH.H fiivi'H Indigestion, miloURiioBt^Wimknesii, l»'Nlu'l>»lti, itlnlavln, t'liUta and 1'ovorn, Tired FoislliiKiUoncrtil Pehlllly.Puln In the Kldi'.IIni'Uorl.linlis. HmuInolionncINcifriil- Kill— for All those ailments Iron in prcBOTibod anllr, ' BROWN'S IRON BITTERS.SSlK mlnnte. I.lko nil other thorotinli tnocllohien. it nata elowy. When taken by mm tho first ftynuttom ot Ixmont Is ronowotl oiiority. The muocies then become firmer, tho dlgrntlnn Improves, the bow o\» arfe ncl^o. In wnen thooffoot to URuajty mnrcrnpftliind marked. 'lite uypfl bogln nt onco to brighten i tho akin clears no; tuwlthy oolnr ctmwB to tho cheeks t norvmttmoKH mt'nppimrm functional derntiKOmontd become wjpi- }tir. ntut if n nursing mother, nbnndant uuHtottivnuo \ * H'.ijjpUwi f«r Uw child. Homemlmr Brown's Iron jMtl^fM la ttio ONI/V Iron modiclnu that It) nut i.'ij'jrluiu?. i'hyxirfniiii tti"t t. } riiy!/ijitit rrr,tii)iiHfti<l 1l t Tho (jonulne has Tr,«do Murk nnd or.i«nod rod lb»-B on wrappur. TAKE N<; OT1IKK. KASKINE (THE HEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, NO ringing ears. C uro " quickly Pleasant,r re A POWERFUL TONTC, tliat the most dolionto stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MAJLAJUA, k BHEUMAT1SM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Gorm Dlaonsos FOROOLPS KAS1UNE HAS 1SEENFOUND TO BE ^ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Suporlor to Quinine. BellovneHospital,K. Y.: "Universally sue- eessful," t "15von r vaHonttraatod St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kasltlno lias boon c (llsohiirffod cured " Kev.Uas. L. Jlall.Clmplaln Albany I-miiton- tlary,writes that Karidno has curixl bis wlfo, after twenty years aufforlnK from: malailo and nervous dysponsla. Write him lor par- tlnulars. St. Joseph's HoapitaV, K. Y.: "It's uso Is oonsidorad indispensable, It acts perfectly." 1'roi. \V. F. Holcombe, 51.1)., 61 Bast25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, la N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "KasKlne fa superior to quinine In its sncelflc power, and never produces the slightest In jury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that Kas liine h»s ouroatliem lUter all otheer modi oinohad failed. Write for book of testimonials. Kaskine can bo taken wltnotit any special medical advice. $1.00 pna bottle. Sold by or sent by tuail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warren St., New York 10 dwlm .L. UNDERTAKER, iND DEALBK IK Ready-Made Coflans, Metalic Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robes For Ladles, Gentlemen and Children, Office and Shop on State street OverHart a Livery stable. Will attend to Job . fas Patents. •Io ny persons wishing to obtain lettoj patent on new inventions, improvements' t) aeslgns, I will execute drawings and apeclfl cations and make applications (or Tatontt. All oonsultatlon, In person or by lotto , tree PFEIFFENBEBGER, 1887-—-THU3 LAl'ESl? 1 1887. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES. Mddn in f""- <."•''•» TWO nnd Tht-ce Hurni'i-n, With Tin nurt llMfmla(ivons. A PEIU'ISOT Air Pressure, without tho olovntod tank. I'roaauvu la obtained with a wofeht • not with a pvunp. Absolutely tho safest; simple with HO intricate parts, ' UQ1ITS with oiii'burotted ulr, InstouU of oil In a urlt) ouj), Gnaollno and Air Tanks nro all of 3,'« Inch e(!(\mloas brcius tublnu sinall conucoUii|r pipua of huuvy umiouloj bl'nsic with union couplings. One cud oJ tiwk U ol glhss, sliowluic quantity of oil In sumo; C'auiuit bo /lllqd wlille burnliiK. vmmus The rouulur lino of JJSWJSJj STOVES AND KANGES nro iuiprovod niochithl'cmlt)' and nrtU- ticulJy. onuln lined. V. Largo double oven for throe burner Hunges; Stand pipes Inovoasou In sluo to nob,-wiui largo supply valve and trap at base, All ovonVaro made .double or fluo " • • • - • ' nj PITTS & BAMILL. •••- Sole Agents. npfliUni AlCOHOUCANTIDOTE ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERAN8EMENJS, ' An Immodlato relief for prostration caused by AX.COHOI.IO EXCESSES. A Stimulant wijlcli, whan taken with Soda, Vichy, Apollloaris, Beltz&i. or cmy Gpnrkll&s Wator, will eupply tUQ Stra tne BTBtem refre SYEUP, most agreeable to take ug Drink, without ita disastrous results, leaving mhod and Invigorated. Prepared as a HEAVY Being non-alcoholic. It commends Itself especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergy- Dion, Merchants, nnfl others following sedentary occupations or pursuits,, requiring nerve energy. CHICAGO O-S'A KAQLK PAOKEiT COMPANY. SPRING AERANGEMENT. Tho Steamer U. LEYHB, Master. I E. HOSS POWEW . IE». BLOCK,Olar* a. On and after Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread Eagle will run an follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOB ST, LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Gratton, and WRJ points every evening at 5:30 o'clock. 9,Tbe Whistle will be Bounded fifteen minutes before starting lor St. Louis. ,FABBl TO ST. LOOTS, ... . so HODWDTRiy - - - - - 78 TWBRTY UlDBd 1 - - - 5 00 O W. HILIi. Acnnt. LOOKOUT THE OISLBB11ATED QUICK MEAL GaHolino Stove ! ' Fast Freight & Passenger Line TIIE ST. LOUIS AND OEKTUAIj ILLINOIS K. K. GO'S PALACE S1KAMKK KOUSALK AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES ANI> HAKDAVAUK AlHo Outaldo Work a specialty. Hooting and Galvanised Iron Work. Also Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HANI). CPU. aliOONl) AND ALHY HXS. TO ADVERTISERS For a cheek for $20 we will print a tun-lino udvevtiHeinont in Ono Million IBBUOB of load- ng American Nowspapurn. Thin Is at (ho rato of only ono llftli of uoont H lliio,f«r 1,000 clroit • atlonl Tho advortlsumo'ijt will bo placed jotoro Ono Million DIVKICUISMT nowspunur )urohasors:-or tWBAlu.Liox UKADKIIS. Ton lues will accommodate about 78 words. Address with copy of adv. and chock, or send HO onts for book of 118 panes. UKO. 1*. HOW BU, * CO,, It) Bpruuo ul, N, Y. •, JaJBUlm J. F, ELLISON, Commander. KD.ANSHUTZ, ( n ,.,.,,., TWJB DODGE! jO'erks. On and after Thursday,Fob. 17th, willleavo Alton dally Commencing Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson will lonvoSt. Louis lor Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, UraCton and all pulutgou St. Jj. & 0.1.11. u.,daily, except Sunday, at> 8:au a. in,, arriving at Alton at II a. m. Uoturnlng ivill loiivo Alton for St. Lftuis Bt5:-l5 p. tn. arriving tit Bt, Louis at 7 :»0 In atnplo time for parties to attend thoatrsa, oto. Parties purchasing round trip tickets will bu furnished state rooms without extra cost. Hound trip tickets of steamer Spread Eagle or HnclHon \vill;bo honored Uy either boat for roturn passage. Uout will loavu Alton for St. Louis at 8 o'clock a. in., eunday, connecting with taut express on St. Louis and (Jontral Illinois Hallroad lor Jorseyvillo, \Va- vorly, Bpilngnnldaiiil ail pomttf north and oast. FARE. ' To'ST. LOUIS, slilKlo trip, • . . . BOc. " " round trip, . , . , 7dD. " " twenty rluo ticket,. , $5.00 IIKN11Y 0. TATUM, CJou. A«t. Alton. II. A. F1SIIKU, (,on'l Miinagur. loll dtf >V. ¥. ENSINGER, I, Plain and Decorative UZ WOUK ™>Km,Y jMggKbW* TO A T OHFIOK ANU SHOP OK SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ^Tlio undersigned Have aliened a new [music store at the corn fir |of .Third and Pjasa sts ORGANS AND PIANOS! of itho Iflnost v. orlnnanshtj) for salo at reasonable prleoa. Call and < our instruments before purchasing ejaawkere. , FLOSSj & BABE. UKKTItfllllL, nil. U. K. K01DGA.ND, BoiittBt, 18 THllil) STBBKT, ALTON, ILL, N oavt>—8u. m. to IS iu.1 1 to ip. tn G. A. MeMtLLlSN, DoiitlHt, OVKIt Hft(/K«OEM.UVN'S OIOAU STOKE SI50ONII ST. 1» 0 »1 dtf ANM «DJtOUONW I>H. M. I'uyalcian ana OKKIOK AND HKSIDKNOB, OOlt.FOu'uTn ANDiJKNUVBTB. W. A. liAMKKLr,, M.0., Pliyololnu and diirgcon, OJfJMOE-fiKOOND 8T,, ALTON, 1LJ,. Uloo liours-eu. ui.j 12 to 1, and Op. m ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KSTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deceased, • 'llio undersigned, having been appointed Administrator ot the estate of Eleanor P. Guild, late of |tho county of Aludlson and state ol Illinois, deceased* hereby gives notice that ho will appear before ilia county court of Madison county, at tho court home, in KdwardBvillo, ut tho May tuvm, on the third iionduy in 'ilfly next, ntwhlohtlrao oil persons having claims against said Matato are notiiled and requested to attend lot tbo purpose of having tho samo adjusted. All persons indebted to uaid ISatato are requested to muko Immediate payment to the undersigned. Imtoa tills llth day of Uarob, A. D.. 1887. PJEULKV B. WHIPPLK, 2J*'V •Administrator. WILSON Those Washboard! ore ro»fle IWB tt Mont- Wood rlra, a'lic Btroug- estbourdu w>d best WMtawa in th« •world. For mlo by oil do»l«". Saulnuw, cuF,om» 'ROOFING BXCBLBIOR SLATE PAINT EMPIRE MILLS, SKOONl) BTKK1ST (Noiu- PiusaJ.AI/rON, lift FOU SALE: O round Oats, Ground Corn, 11 ay. Outs, Corn, Corn Bloal, liuolcwliont Flour, Graham lfloiir,oto I'UOMPTLY UKLIVKUKI) TO ANY PAKT Of TJlJfi 01TV. M.WILKINSON. -tf , Jy7 d« '.'-^ji

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