Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 8, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1887
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY EVENING. K Up to a few weeks ago I oonsiaerod myself |ij the ohatnpion Dyspoptlo of America. During p. the years that I have been millcted I have tried almost o very thing claimed to be a spe- [eiflo for Dyspepsia In the hope ol lludtng , something that would afford pbrmanont roll: lief. I had about made up my mind to aban- ^iv don modlolnos when I noticed au endorse- lament of Simmons Liver Regulator by a proin- **"""* Georgian, a Jurtstwhom I know, and ludod to try Its effects In my case. I a used but two bottles and am satisfied HKr- JI , n avo strnok tboright thing at lost. I pffllt Its beneficial effects almost Immediately. EUnllke all otuer'preparation o£ a similar ffiklnd no special Instructions Is required as to p-what one shall or shall not oat. This fact J alono ouijht to conimond It to all troubled 1;with dyspepsia. J. N. IIOLMKS. H Vinelnnd.'N.j. . {CONSTIPATION. t A regular habit of body can be secured H without changing the diet or disorganising j| tho system, by talcing I SIMKIONS LIVER REGULATOR. bo« that you get tho'gonuino. Pro- pared by ; CO., Philadelphia, Pa. —8 m\'2.1 mwt • " Minn I'ttrtoa'fl Ico Croam C«ki>. Ice cream (,'ako, named. from Its dollcaoy requires, according to MM Furloa's rcclpo one cup of butter, 0110 and.nlialf of sugar two Hour, half n, cup of milk, whites of five eggs, two level tcnspoonfiils of linking powder, halt n tcaspoou/ul of vanilla extract' Balled fcwenty.flve minutes In a moch-rato oven, which gives a tender, line grained rako, <vhuo a hot one makes cnko coarso and touch Sprinkle sugar over cake that Is not to be frosted, going into the oven, to make a rich nice crust. Beat very little after the flour is worked In, only throe or four'strokes, as beating innkus cake Oner but tougher and dryer Mind this with sponge cake. A little water sot In the oven gives inoister calco. MONTHLY Slinil)iu>)ii|; Vorgiu, JJoIlliig. In all ordinary cookery simmering at 180 dogs, is more effective than violent boiling at 213 degs. The hcnt that is applied to' do more than the smallest degree of simmering is simply wasted in converting water into useless Btoarn. For instance, if stowed chicken is ordered and happens to ba late, it is cut apart thrown into boiling water and boiled at a gallop for an hour, then served with an apology that there was not time to cook it tender- when that same chicken, if thrown into boiling water and then pushed back whore it could not possibly boil, would have been tender,, moro juicy and higher flavored in less than the hour. • Corn Starch" Cake. One cup of butter worked to a. dream with two cups of sugar; one cup of milk Inrwhlch is dissolved one teaspoonful of sodajtwo cups of Hour, in which is sifted two teaspponfuls of cream of tartar; the whites, only, of six cites beaten to a stiff, froth., Mix all thesoTiligraii- ents well, then add one blip of com '•starch. Beat well. Bake in a moderate oven. -Will make one large loaf. ' Uuked Macaroni. ' Bake the macaroni inwater until tender- mbt a dessertspoonful of flour with a table- Bpoonful of butter; add one cup of salt, one- half teaspoonful of mustard, salt and pepper and one-half pound of grated cheese. Boil all together ton minutes uiid pour on the macaroni. .•-... ......•.-.•:'•:•': LATEST. NEWS. Poir^irls, age fifteen and under. IN MONEY AND ARTICLES, Monthly Fair. The dis- ||tribution of Premiums will , be for 1 yard long, from 1 to 3 inches wide of Thread • Crochet Lace Work: |rst Premium, Cash $2, $1, 11 POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvol ol ' \ s H enB J5 wholesomoness. More eco- al than tlio ordinary kinds, and cannot JanSdwly " Article Goods, IWARDS WILL BE MADE UVERY 2d SATURDAY, IN EACH MONTH, COMMENCING SATURDAY, APRIL 9 Jext, between 7 and 9 p. m. jtoods entered for competition niist be sent in by 3 o'clock pa. same day, or sooner, with lame and age of maker attach|«d, so they can properly be returned to owner- fMiss Middle Bartlett has consented to act as Judge with assistants, Dry Goods Department of REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OP BARGAINS -AT- ; C. A. Schlueter's Agency. ,.J!?, 1-s , nlo !,9 11< ' a P' oor - of 7'liand Alton eta.; itS g '* r00m8an(1 °° lla ' ri ronta £o ^ ?/ Bsphangoo-ioq aoros.85 in oul- . m "° S """"""W' ot I-osterboqr. Gen. Logan's noTel||"The Voluh- teerSoldier" will be published in May. Steamboat navigation on the Mississippi river is now open from Winona, Minn., to St. Louis. John G, Saxe at onetime received $o,OOQ a year for writing one poem a week for tho New York Ledger. John Price, of Youngstown, Ohio, talks in his sleep, and this has given his wife the evidence to secure a divorce. The woman' suffrage proposition was defeated by 1.128 majority at 'the Rhode Island State election Tuesday. An unknown schooner, with all sails set is sunk in ten fathoms of water off Nantucket, Mass. There is no trace of the crew. At the funeral of Miss Catharine Lorillard Wolfe, the wealthy charitable lady of New York, Thursday, all the pall bearers were clergymen. Miss Mary Baker, of Marion, White county, Ind., has not eaten anything for 105 days. , She is not hungry and the smell of all kinds of food js offensive to her. Roscoe Conkling is to be the principal orator at the banquet given by the Republican club of Pittsburg in celebration of Gen. Grant's birthday April 13. f Secretary of the Treasury Fairchild, who will be 45 years old next month, is probably the youngest Secretary of the Treasury since Alex. Hamilton. Gen. Chas. J. Paine, of Boston owner af the yacht Mayflower, will build a steel center-board yacht about the size of the Mayflower, to defend the America's cup. Queen Victoria paid §3,000 to see an sxclnsivc performance at the Olympic Hippodrome. Such are the penalties of royalty. Ordinary people can go to the circus for 50 cents, The drought in Southwestern Texas has resulted in a scarcity of food, and people are deserting their homes and moving to more favored localities. The ministers of San Antonio have opened a subscription for the sufferers. A committee of New York brokers raised a fund of $81 the other day to get Deacon S. V. White, a rich but eccentric member of the board, "a new suit of clothes and a decent hat." The old gentleman cheerfully accompanied the committee to the tailor's and hatter's, and was so profuse and matter-of-fact in expressing his thanks for the outfit that the committee could not decide whether the eccentric speculator was incapable of seeing the joke er had cleverly turned it on themselves. KUMBEB 266. of Stark, and Hamilton, of MoLean. Ibe bill was advocated by Messrs. Merritt, Converse, Phillips and Wait. I up bill was passed by a vote of 81 to 88. HBNATK. Bills were introduced as follows: By Senator Johns, revising the law m regard to homestead associations by providing that ail stockholders shall be allowed to vote. By Senator Eckhart, to allow thirteen persons or more to incorporate for the purpose of insuring against death, accident and sickness, and against death, accident and theft of live stock. By Senator Loman, to establish a State Board of Gas Commissioners. By Senator Hadley, requiring the Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners to investigate the cause of all accidents on railroads resulting in the loss of life and injury to persons; also when they receive information that any bridge, trestle or any portion of the traok of any railroad is out of repair or in an unsafe condition, requiring them to investigate and if they deem repairs necessary to notify the railroad of the fact, and, if they refuse to make repairs, the fact is to be reported to the Attorney General, who is authorized to take such legal action as Avill compel them to do so. Senator Crawford's bill auiendinf the law m relation to Recorders by providing that records, indices, abstracts and other books kept in the office of any Recorder, and all instruments filed for record therein, shall, during office hours, be open for public inspection and examination. All persons shall have free access thereto, and shall hare the right to take memoranda and abstracts thereof without fee or reward. Senator Thompson's bill appropriating §31,000 for necessary expenses of the University of Illinois was passed. Senator Adams' bill amending the law to establish and maintain a system of free schools by providing that Trustees of schools in newly-organized townships shall lay off townships into one or more districts and have a map prepared, designating the districts, was passed. Senator Johnson's bill, regulating the fees of'clerks in cases of appeals, was'passdd. ' OF itffi, SUCH AS Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, TWo and Three Plys, Stair Carpets-and Mattings, Oil Cloths3ugs and Mats, Has arrived. Also a very Choiee Stock of I Papers I am offering these goods at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are infatecl to call and see the beautiful new goods &learn the low prices. ALTON, ILL. "A Headquarters W. A, HILDEBRAND.Prop,, Third st, Alton, NJ3.— Each month a differ gtjme will be mentioned. Lucas Pfeiflenberger ARCHITECT, SUPERINTENDENT LAND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, |pfflc« on Third ut,,ono door wont Piasa, tlilrd lloor. For salo-FIvo-roorabrlpk house, story and £»,?';, i cor , ner B v! guth and Mechanic afreet. Smt M a Dai 'K aln> Good ^property to now houso, with collar, cistern' °" Lot 80 by 110 on 9th and For sale—one 8-room house andlone 8-room house, Uth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 11™good cistern and coal house, at a tiiuguln.' For Shlo—16 North Alton with aoofl orchard, barn and plenty of water. For sale-BOO acres Improved farm with good house and stables in Woodson county, liansot,. runs across from Fort Soott to Wichita, 5 miles from county scat, ouuvl ' *" For sale—75 aorns partly bottom land, improved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of good buildings on same. i«ouvy ui For salo-10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, In this city. lon-v For sale or oxpliango—A nlco little cottage in Botlialto, with plouty of ground, stablo and good water on promisee. -TOUM Forsalo or oxchango-Two sootlons of B.K. tlmbor land In So. Missouri, 1(>0 miles from St. Louis on the Iron Mountain K. it., at u bar? For sulo or oxohaiigo, 8 acres of gj-ouiid on Main at., aOJolntng Mayor.Oopplnger's on tho For sale or oxohan<fo-5 sootlons of pralrio land In Orookot county, Texas Will soil choup. Suitable for any tunning pm-posos. Throoaoros adjoining Ur.Uobortg on north. Flvo lots on Dry St., udjuliilug/riiomas Biggins' I'uuldouoo on the oust. OHO and a hall lots in lluwloy's addition. One and a halt lots In Sholly'H addition. Auy ol tho uUovo propovty onu bo bouKht at a bargain- I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co-, Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S> And other good Companies in addition- C. A. SCHLUETEB, Offlce| in ray New Building, on Second street, mcliUdw Legislature. HOUSE. SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 7.—Immediately after tho reading of the journal in the House, Mr. Littler was granted unanimous consent to take up his motion for a reconsidera- ation of the vote by which the bill for an Industrial Homo for the Blind passed the House. Upon roll call the House refused to reconsider by ft vote of 63 to 39. The bill now goes to the Senate. Mr. Yocuui's joint resolution proposing a reform in the State judicial system was taken up on special order. A committee amendment proposing to change the section of the resolution relating to the election of Superior Court Judges, by providing for their election in November instead of June, was adopted. After adoption of other minor amendments tho resolution was, on request of Mr. Ypcuin, laid over until next Wednesday, and 200 copies of the resolution, us amended, ordered printed. A communication from the Chicago Citizens' Lake Front Committee asking au appropriation to enable th« committee carry on the litigation now pending between the railroad company and other parties interested concerning tho ownership of the lake front pro perty, was read gaud referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr, Littler iutfoduced a bill appropriating 850,000 to pay tho em- ployes of tho Thirty-fifth General Assembly whoso pay is now unpro- vided for. Mr. Reynolds' bill, No. 247, providing for tho organization of saving associations and tho administration of their affairs, was passed by unanimous vote. Mr. Merrill's 'Valued Policy bill,' requiring flro insurance companies lo pay Uio fuco vnluo of policies, was read a third time uud called out a prolonged discussion, tho debate lasting nnjiour and a half. , Those who opposed tho measure wore He- presontdtivoB Dookor, Ward, Miller STDABT'S CARBOLIC ACID TROCHES certain cure for sore throat, coughs, colds.anc} hoarseness. Wait one hour after eating before taking one of tho troches for dyspepsia. BTDAKT'S ARNICA SAtvB, surest cure for cuts and burns. BURKS' LINIMENT cures all pains. 1 early teeth and a sweet breath can be had only by using Crossler's Wild Rose Tooth fovyder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Co., Quincy, 111. :~ When m your store I was so hoarse I could not speak aloud. The flrst doso of your White Pino helped me, and by P o'clock I was entirely relieved. Twioo since I have lost my voice, but taking the Pino Balsam a fow times has given relief. Nothing over benefited mo like !£!? kas.-Mrs. (Judge) J. H.Wiluarns, 444 N. 6th., Quiacy, 111. CURE FOR SIOK HEADACHE. Of tho many complaints promptly relieved by Little Apricot Pills, nemo has yielded quicker than nervous and sick headache. Nino oases out of evnry ten of headache are caused bv sluffe-isli and inactive liver. Shot through tho throat by Burks' n Into Pino Balsam and killed a severe FOR THE BEST BUGGY IN THE WORM). AGENTS FOR THE WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS. THEOEUSBnATED Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BENDERS; DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquar- ^rPwMS 1 ? an0d m^ T ? MINE 01LS ' ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES ; the DANGLER and PERPEC- «A«^ OLINE STOVES. See our $10 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. El Cor. 2d and State sts., ALTON^IIL. THE BEST ON EARTH! cold in throe days. If you don't"believo it. Price 60o at druggists. |Uou Liy ... *., t vw «/vu tilt ui For sale m Alton by E. Marsh. ^ apl awlw A slight cola often proves the forerunner of a complaint which may ha fatal. Avoid this result by taking AVer's Cherry Pectoral, the best remedy for colds, coughs, and all throat and June disoasos. dwlw MEDAL, *ARIS, 1878, BAKER'S BOSS EILLED WATCHES, Eroin.$18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BEEECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. J. H BOOTH THE LEADING U " ' '*" °^^ * *i» JEWELER, inylBdwlv -GO TO- SEELY HEADQUARTERS FOR WWB ^ A.« _ Wnrrnntod Cocoa, from vditcli Uio OXCCIM of Oil ling boon removed. It hna thrte ttiitei the ttrengtk of Cocoa mlxwl with Sliirdi, Arrowroot orfiuynr, Riul la Iherefuro fnr moru ucononi). col, costtny test tftan ono cent a cup, H la tlullcloUH, nourishing, Btroniitlimiliijr, raally (llgtHtod, mid i udmlrubly adopted (or Invullila lu well iw for jiureoim In liuultli, Sold liy (IrociirmivoryK)iere, & CO,, Dorcliestcr, Mass, elOHN BAUEIt, DEAIJCJt IN AND MANUKAOTUHKKJ FURNITURE, SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AMON, Ikl, All klnda oJ flnp uml common fnrnltur oonatuntly on band, Abo unUort&kor, otoTi Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. SUBSCRIBE FOE THE ALTOI m TEL'EBBIPE, IOC Per f , "* *•* I* • t ^ w *im By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madison county '

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