Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1887
Page 2
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DAILT TKLBSBAPH. BY W. T, NORTON, Cor. Third nnd Plmn StreeU, Alton, THURSDAY KVK., Al'IRL 7. ill. HKTHALTO. Prof. o. S. etahl for vac part six months, closed on Monday. The general average shown by the examination of the pupils Inst week makes H decidedly good showing of the work done durlnR'tlife venr. The prhrmry department In ohm go of Miss l>ora UoHOnljergor will hocotitlmtad for two months. *'• FOSTEHUUIIU. JIBTIIALTO, 111., April s, '87. Mr. John Falkenburg will sell nt public suction lit bin property, this vfllagolon April llth, commencing at 10 o'olooku.m. thofol- lowing property, to-wlt: Two hoisoti, a number of stock hogs, wugonB,bugKle9,Hulliy and ImmoBBi household and kltulien Inrnl- tnro und many other firtlclos too numerous to mention, lie also wishes to sell, trade, or rnnt, his business property. Terms to bo known on day ot snlc. One of those inystorlouB follows whispered to us last overling Hint those who received Invitations and avail themselves of the opportunity of attending tho hop to ho given at Nolsler's hall on noit Wednesday eve. will bo fully repaid for their time and trouble. A Ooo.v's MISTA1U5—Last Saturday,Mr. T^om- uel Lawrence, a well known citizen of thla vicinity, had Imbibed a little too ireoly in this village and lato that night was making his way to n Mr. Smith's In the bottom. When near Sir. Onus. Vaughn's residence ho decided to hang up for the night, making him- nelf n bed on tUo roud aide iby plllm* loaves together against a log, About midnight a colored man by tho namo ot Wells who had boon oror to a neighbor's Journeyed that way and hearing something in tho brush thought it was a coon; ho wont over to Jlr. Vaughn's and borrowed a shot gun returning to tho place again, ho hoard a rustling In tho loaves and seeing what ho took to bo Mr.Ooon fired, striking Mr. Lawrence In tho orm and hand, who cried, I am uhot, I am shot, and Jumped to his feet. Mr. Wells seeing his mistake Immediately took him over to Mr. Vaughn's and Dr. E. A. Smith, of this place, was called and attended his injuries which are painful though not very serious. Had he llred from tho other side of tho log it yory likely would have proved fatal. Tho injured niMi was taken to Edwardsvlllo on Suuday. This serves as another temperance lecture to ourthlnklnit young men. PERSONAL—Mrs. E. Humphrey has returned from Paris, 111., where she has been ylsithig friends fortfco past montu. Jlr. Ed. Bilyou, of Lltchflold, is again with tho boys. Mrs. M. A. Albro, who has boon visiting her daughter, Mrs. "Wm. Diddle, of Kansas, 111., returned «n Monday. MissNonie Flick IB entertaining hor friend, MlBB Kannio Withuek, oC Chicago. Mr. Lathy Stoeckol, one of the crack shots of tho Jersey county mm club, was here lost week the guest of his brother, D. W. Stoeckel After nn absence ot three months In southeast Missouri, Mr. J. D. Elliott returned homo Sunday eve. Mr. Eauer.ol your city, delivered two loads of beautiful furniture to our j'oung friend, John G, Klein,- last week. Mr. and Mrs. K loin have Kono to housekeeping and their many Irlends wish them prosperity and happiness at tholr now home. Before starting to loin her daughter, Miss Magglo, In Oregon, Mrs. T. G. Uoonowas visiting friends hero this week. I MlBB Mary Kennedy Is at present with her sister, Mrs.Wm. Head. She has been lor more than a week in your city, under thocaroof Dr. auellch.who Is treating hor for a very severe throat trouble. Tho Doctor cut out one tonsil last week and it is now tho fervent wish of her many friends that sho will speedily recover. INSTALLATION—Deputy T.W. I-.. Bolk Installed tho officers of Betlmlto I.oclgo No. 735, 1. O. O. F. last evening at their liall* Mr. W. II. Morgan performed tho duties of Grand Marshal and both ho and tho deputy deserve much credit for tho very beautiful manner In which they did tho work. ThoiOllIoprs installed wore: John Wicdmor, N. G.; L. F Keline, V. 0: John Glass, Secretary; ll'otor Greenwood, Treas. Tho mooting was u very pleasant one, but we thought we hoard some of tho brothers say It was a long time between toasts. This lodge Is not yet lour years old and numbers 5(3 members nnd good prospects oS growing much larger the coining year. UJIH'B—Tho President Mills has shut down , for a time. Tho cooper shops are also closed. Prof. Qoo. Klein who taught school atGllles- pla, is ut homo.tho term being closed. 'Squire Plggott wont ovor to Upper Alton on Tuesday afternoon to attend the town meeting and toll tho Plo Town folks what he thought ol town meetings and elections. Glass man came out ot tho contest, on Tuesday, whole, his majority in tho township was 110. P. II. Jlon'gomory beat this a little, his majority being 127. Wo give I'lo Town credit for tho good support on Tuesday. Tho Odd Follows had every chair llllodut thoir mooting last evening and had less than a half dozen visitors. "Ourg" got there, properly, in Ft. Hus»ell, and will make himself hoard in the next County Hoard. Wm. liitts was chosen Assessor ol that township. Mrs, Louis Ohloy was takon quite III this wook. Unoru Kolrt. Kennedy has boon under treatment of Dr. Oue- Holt, of your ulty, for several days. Wo arc pleased to say that Mrs. M. £. Montgomery's condition was improved some yesterday. Mr. D. A. .Itruntou who lias been on tho sick list, Is convalescent. UIMLET.(B KosTKiiutmo, April 4. Tho convention passed off quietly but with a large number present. The following WITO, nominated. Suporvisor/J' S. Oiilp; Assessor, Klclmrd Tavlor; Towu Clerk, Tlioti. Ohullongwortli; Collector, (J. V. Lohblg; Highway Com., F. Nowhaus: School Trustee. U. SWobauh. I'KHSONAL— Mr. Goo. Vanliatto, of Dorchester, visited relatives In the burg lust week. Deputy Sheriff Dillon cnmo homo last Satin day evening nnd loltus again Sunday evening. Wo are glad to hnvo John call around as ho was always one of tho boys. Mrs. O. It. Tlchonal, who has been rlsltlng relatives tho past week returned to her homo on Wood river last Sunday. Miss Lydlu Lobblg Is visiting frlonds In Allen at tho present writing. Lllllo Lnft has ^bcon on tho sick list tho past week; but at tho present writing, Is much Improved. Mr. F. Jlnktnson and family will leave Wednesday for Nebraska. Wo wish thorn success in thoir now homo. Prof. L. Waggoner's school closed today. We hope ho (Dr.) will bo with us again next winter. Prof. W. n. Waggoner, |of Plasa, paid tho burg a visit last Sunday. DIBI>—Mr. .Charles Foustor.inan, a young man 26 years of age, died at his residence about three miles north east of tho Ijurg last Saturday ut !l p. m. The funeral took place from the Presbyterian church to-day. Misses J.ydla and Hannah Koiser, of Alton, visited their parents last Sunday. \ NT. John liolotr Is tho happiest mini 1" town. H'sixboy. There was an agent for tha "lioss" grader In tho burg a couple of wneks ago, trying to sell our Commissioners one. As our roads need working a great deal, we think it would bo a good investment if they would purchase one. FKAO.MENTS—Garden "aass" Is not growing very fast this week. Guss—Took good exorcise before breakfast the first day ot this month. Tho pupils of the school had a pleasant time last Friday night at tho residence of Mrs. 11. V. JlnkliiBon- Thoir teacher, Miss Josslo Waggoner, gave them an oyster sup par. SPAVIN. MORO. • (Jay, MG. l''or Supervisor—N. Ludwig V'npo 11. For Town Clerk- L. S. Horsey, 69. 0. C. Hiiluhor, 9!». L''or Assessor-—Uurl Kngolkfi, 120. •rine Wooil, 52. For.Colloctor—Hoinhard Henkc, 110. F. C. Moycra, 03. For Highway Commissioner—Elhe Kdon, MO.—K. Vickcr, '.'0. For School 'J'raslcc—(jolt.lieb Ousn- wnlli;, Kil. For Town llousn, 00. Against Town House, 103. _ \^,' K. J. Penning was olectod Supervisor; John Ulrioh, Assessor, W. F. Squirt), Collector; John llutletlgo, Clerk; Louis Wallur, Highway Commissioner; i'oter Mayor, School Trustee. ' A Hopeless Cnsc. Mother—What did young Mr. Tornp- kins say to you, Clara, last night whilo he was trying to button your glove? Clara (sadly)—He saut thiit tlio mini who would mate a glove that wouldn't button easier than that, ought U> be hanged. Mother—Well. 1 wouldn't waste any more time there!— Punch. Astonishing Success. It Is the duty of every person who h»s nsod Boschoo'a Gorman Syrup to lot its wonderful ijirolltlos be known to tiieir friends in curing Consumption, sovnru Coughs, Croii|i, Atttlmiti, Pncnmonui, mid In fttut all imd hum disease!). No pursou oiin use it •without Immediate relief. Throo donws will relieve tiny ctisu, tuid we consular it the duty of ull druggists to recommend it to tho poor, dying consumptive, at lonst to try one bottle, as 80,000 dozen lioltlea wore sold last yoar, nnd no one ease where it failed wna reported. Stioh a mndioinn as tho (Jormun Syrup cannot bo too widely known. your druggist about It, Sample boltlos to try, sold nt 10 cents. Regular sl'/.u, .75 uent.9. Sold by all flrugglats ana dunlors, in the United States and Canada. ja3 dwoow ly She Mnrriod A. Lord. "What has become of your niece, Mrs. O'Raff ertyP" "Och, sum an' she's done well herself. She married n lord." ' "Why, you don't tell uio! An E glish lord?" "No; He's a landlord. Ho kapos hotel out in Indiana."— Ex. 1887^—TBEluATEBT 1—1887, JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Mario In tonr ulvles. Two and Three Burners. wul WO neiMiHic renewed ntrcn|{tht m InUrmlttett peculiar to tltuli 15 Personal. Dear Bro. Meek, Ed. "The Central Methodist," Catlettsburg, Ivy. I see in the hist "Central" that you want a sick headache remedy. I suffered from sick headache, almost from infancy, and tried every remedy I could get, but never found anything to do iae good until I used Simmons Liver Regulator. 1 feel for anyone that suffers with that terrible disease, and I hope you will give it a trial.— U. S. Morris, Brownsville, \V. V. *« th s wk Energy will do almost anything, hut it cannot exist if the blood is impure and moves sluggishly in the veins. There is nothing so good for cleansing the blood and imparting energy to tho system as Ayer's Sarsapanlla. Price $1. Six bottles, $5. Sold by druggists, dwlw GODFREY, April 7, 1887. Mr. Dow, ol St. LouiSi was lately tho guegt of Walter Merriaian. Miss Nettie HavensMoriae, of Chicago, who has been visiting hero lor some weeks, 1ms returned home. ,&!g BB Sirs. Harsh, of St. Louis, had boon visiting her sister, Mrs. U. G. Pioreo. Miss Delia Sawyor and her niece, Miss Dixie S. of ttoodhouse, visited at Jlr. J. Y. Sawyer's last week. Hiss Lucy Young and hor brother, James, went to St. Louis with, their uncle of No- komls. Mr. Ohaa. Jildred find family, of Klowa, Kan., have lately boon tho guests of Miss Mary Charloss. Mr. Frank Wldaman Is homo from Kansas. Mrs. L. fl. SIdway and son, Harry, who l> avo boon at Kurolco Springs, have returned home. Mr. Raymond Gregg has been appointed Inspector of watehos used on tho Wubash railroad for which ho receives a line salary. His inanv friends rololco in his good fortune. Dr. W. II. Martin, of Chicago, lately paid a visit to his old homo. .a There will be an entertainment at tho Godfrey church Xriday evening, which will well pay to attend, aa it 1» under the management nf thoao who know how to make it a lino affair. Ad ml ssion, M eta; children, 15 ets. Hnstor services at the Bethany church next Sabbath. MOUK ANON. THE BEST TONIC. This medicine comWnen Irou with pure vegtttabla tonics, and is InvalcuWe for Diseases peculiar to Women, mul all who lend sxdentuy liven. It En- ricliCH and Purillex tha Ulotiil. StlmnlattH tho Appetite, SlrciiKilieim the fllnselcH and Nervc!i-in fnct, thoroughly Iiivlaprntes. Clears tbo complexion, nnu makes the ekm smooth. It does not blacken the teeth, cause heftilncno, or prtxluce constipation— nil other Iron metlicina <lo. JIiiB. ET.IZADETH BAIBD, 1-1 Farwell Ayo . Milwaukee, Wis., says, under date of Duo. 26th. 188-1: " I navo UBOU Brown's Iron lilttors. and it has boon more than a doctor to ran, having cured mo of the weakness ladies havo in life. Also cured me of Liver Complaint, and now mvcoranloiion is clear; and good. Haa also been bononcial to uiy childrpn." Miis LOUISA 0. BBAODON, East Lockport, N. Y., Bays- "lhave euffurud untold misery from Fomalo Oomplaints, and could obtain relief from nottu'ng except Brown's Iron Bitters," Genuine h»» above Tr» d« M nrk and crossed red Una! on wrapper. Tnku uu iithor. Madoonryby BUOWN CHEMICAL CO., I1ALTIMOUE. Mtt KASKINE (THE (ST3W QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears. , NOT A DJII2TK. High Authority. Hop Hitters is not, in any sense, na idcolnilic beveraRO or liquor, and could :i»t Viu sold, for use, except to persona desirous of obtaining medicinal bitters. QUEEN B. KAUM, L". S. Com'r Internal Rev. ]\'<iskington, D. O., Sept. 24, 1884. Dear Sir—Why don't you get n certili- eale from Col. W. 11. W., of Baltimore, showing how lie cured himself of druuk-. cm-ss Viy the help of Hop BiUera. His is a wonderful case. He is well known in Uoehestcr, N. Y., by all the •drinking people there. Ho is known in this city, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Now York; in fact nil over tho country, ns he has spent thousands of dollars for riirn. I honestly believe his card would bo worth thousands of dollars to you in this city nud Baltimore alone, and make thousands of sober men by inducing tho USD of your hitlers. J. A W Prejudice Kills. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the care of several of the best physicians, who gave her disease various names but up relief, and" now she is restored to us in good health by Hop Bitters, that -wo had poohcd at two years before using it. Wo earnestly hope and pray that no one else will let the'.r sick suffer as we did, on account of prejudice against so good a medicine as Hop Bitters."— The Pamiis — Good Templars. Milton, .DcJ., Fob. 10, 1880. Having; used Hop Bitters, the noted remedy for debility, nervousness, indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation iu saying that it is indeed an excellent medicine and recommend it to any one as a truly totiio bitters. Respectfully, REV. Mus. J. H. ELLGOOD. A PKUb'ECT Air Pressure, without the elovatod tank. Pre»H»™ J» ith n inimn Ahsolutelv the salost: simple with no liilue wlt " ll weight, MAKES Shorter Hours For Women, iPleasant;r A POWERFUL, TONIC, tliat the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB RIAL ARIA,, RHEUMATISM, . NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases FOll COLDS KASKINE HAS BEENFOUND TO UK .ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. BellevueHospital,N. Y.: "Universally successful." . . < ".Every patlont treated St. Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kosklno has boon Scipio, JV. Y., Dec. 1, 1884. I am. the pastor of the Baptist church hero and an educated physician. 1 am not in practice, but um my sole family physician, and advise in chronic case's. Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who 1ms been under medical treatment of Albany's host physicians several years. > She has been greatly benefltted nud still uses the, medicine. I believe she will beeome thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. AVo both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. WARBJSN. MOHU. V Mono, 111., April 6, '87. * Mr. 11. T. Klni?,u former highly esteemed ciltl/.ou of this place,now ol Drukovlllo, Iowa, Is vlsltlUK relatives and friends in this vicinity. . Mrs. Owon llondrlcks and hur inothur, of llunkur lllll.siiunt Saturday luid Sund'iy here the, guests of Mrs. U. lloudrlukB. Messrs. L. 8. lioraoy, ,los. II. Smith aud Uoo. Croslord, three of our prominent .VOIIIIK liu-moru, sjiout Monday In your city on luminous. Mr. aiu\ Mrs. lion Chow returned to tllHefl- plo last woolc utter having visited relatives hero for several days. , Mr. Ohas. DoMoHHKavo ufiunlly <Unner on the ilrd lust. In honor of his seventy-second birthday. MIsfl Itouo llnrry entertained a number of hoi youuit frloudH at a birthday party on tho 25th ult. 1'rof. Duvid \Vll9on, who Is instructing n class In vocal muslo ut llotliulto, was huro Saturday evening and gave ns an Interesting talk on niustu und elocution, but owing to other ongagoinunts did not attempt to form u class, llo hopou, however, to bo with us again Hometlnu) In tho future for tlio purpose of Instructing adults. Mr. D. I.. Stulil has been inakliiK quick work c ftlio wood 8ttWt»B In town am! vicinity lateli, with hln traction oiiKlno its tho moMve power, -i for tho past weok candidates havo been nuinorous, each one evidently trylnu toinuko tilings boom ut tho oloctlcui tw duy, Oi.OSBn—Itooin Mo. 1 of our public school, which nan boon so successfully munugod by the best and safest Wash- log Oomptrand known, TJned As Dlrcotfld It produces hotter mnlta with s. greater saving of Time and Labor In Washing and HOOBO- cleaning, than anything yet Invented, Wash yoniDlshes.Glass- wnro,W!nilowH| Onrtalns, Jewelry, B'lvor, iu fact everything, with It. Try It In the Bath, and note Ita Superiority over Soap ItownreorimltHtlollB. The Gcnuliu 1 itlvvtiyi beiirs tho ftbovu Hyinlwl and iwmo i ' ._ cured Kov.|Ja». L. Ilall.Ohaplaln Albany Penitentiary .writes that KaBkfno has cured his wifa, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nei-vous dyspepsia. Write him lor particulars. St. Joseph's Hospital, N. Y..- "It's uso Is oohBlOorod Indispensable, It acta perlcctly." Trot. \V. F. Uolcombe, M.D., 54 East25th St., N.Y. (lato Prof. In N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kaskine Is superior to quinine In its specific power, and never produces the slightest in- Jury to tho hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousand write that has klne has mirodithom after all otheor medl cino had failec". Write for book of tosti- monlala. Kaskine can bo taken without any special uiodloal advice. $1.00 pea bottle. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 54 Warren St., New York 10 dwlin MEDAIn i'AEIS, 1878, BAKER'S JOHN BAUER, DKALKIl IN AND MANUFAOTUMEltl OF FURNITURE, SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, IIAt t All kinds of lino and common fnrnltur constantly on hand. Alno und(>rttikor, uto. 1'or Hutu. Flvn building lots on Alby and Market utroeU, between Tenth and Twelfth tttrootu. WlUI'l'LK&HMll.KY, Warranted absolutely pur Voeaa, from which tho oxco«» of Oil hoe boon removed. ItlionMiw times the ilrength of Cocou nilsccl with Starch, Arrowroot orBuiiiir, and l« therefore far raoro ccononil- ciil, cutting Ion than one cent a cup. It U dullcloim, nourlelilns,', ntrungtliuulug, wwlly dlBiiutoil, antt aclrulnibly luliiptt'il for invalkli iv^ well us for purHoim Iu health. Held by tlroeir'ii etorywlicro. V, BAKER & CO,, Dorchester, Mass, For Sulo. HLlmo kllu, Iu good running order, with riuarry and )J aoroa of land, uioro or less, known uatlio shelly tract. WUU'VLBftBMIIJSV. HIIVO boon onjuyuil liy oltUoiiB of uvi>r.v town and city in llio U.S. MtirvoUuiB Cur™ liuvu boiiii wit- nuRHOfi tiy ttKMiituiiflH of pcoplu. who r'ftn tuHtlfy tc TIIK WONimllFUl. IIKAMNH I'UWKU OK Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Hoadacho, Earache, Calarrli, Croup, .Sorp Throat, Lame Bach, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Soro Nipples, Cakod Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, uro iiuloklT rollovoil Ijv.thln inimical roniwly. Try It unco unit yon will iwiviir Im wltlioul It. for Halo by drili(«l«tii. I'rlcii. rtOc. OiirHoNd HOOK frooli'iill. Addrest WIZAHD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. ih.vKirluu utteitdliiK odlseu'iii would Bronchitis. ,'J'lui . mo IIRCIIIIIO fearful that ( h Uirndimto in I'licumonlii. After trying various modiehuM, wiilmin, l.rnrllt', In, prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which relieved me nt once, I continued to take this medicine, and was cured. — lirucst Colton, hoynusport, Ind. • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J, 0. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Hani. Sold liy all Prugglsti, j'rlco $ 1 j »li bottlot, <6. nnf with n inimn Ahsoutev e sa , r JO ?T^w th o i ^rottod a r, Instead of oil in a urlp evip. OiwoHuo and Air Tanks are all of V> inch sSin ^ loss urusst, blng sniall oonnootliiK plpns of heavy unnoalod bras«,wltn miidi'i TOUpUngs. One uiid ol ttfnk la ot K l M s, snowing quuntitv of oil In mime.; Cannot P ,°,.J ihu'Ihio of "j"wKL STOVES AND HANGHS arc luipravod moohanloiUlj and artis. t cally I ar«o donblo oven lor three burner Uangeo; Stand plpus inoroaseil In alzo one inch, w til largo supply valve aud trap at base. All ovens uro made donblo or lined to n I'll J-I m PITTS & BAMILL. Sole Agents. EAGLK PACKET COMPANY, SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer H. LEYHK, Master, CD B. UOSB FOWELt, El). Bu>OK,Oler»8. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread Eagle will run us follows, vte: LKAV1NG.ALTOW FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. in., daily. And leaving Alton for Pokage, Jersey LandlntvGratton, und waj points every evening at 0:30 o'clock. «$,Tlie WWatle will be Bonmled flften" mlnutea before storting for at. Louis. To ST. Louis, KOOND TBIP TWBNTT KIPBB 1 « W. HILL 50 75 . - r> oo Acorit. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CKNTHAL ILLINOIS R. K. OO'S PALACK SI'MAMKK J. P. ELLl&ON', Commander. Cured of "A youncj friend of mine wn: • .rod of an insatiable thirst for liquor tVint liml so prostralcil his system that he was unalilo to do any business. He was entirely cured by the uso of Hop Bitters. It iillayed al: that burning thirst; took away tho appetite for liquor; initdo his nerves steady, and he lias remained a steady and sober man for more than two years, and Ju;s in; desire to return to his cups, and I knov. of a number of others that have bee:i cured of drinkintr by it."—From u leading B. K. Offlcial, Chieairo. 111. ;' Day and Night During an acuto attack of Bronchitis, a j ceaseless tickling in tho throat, and an exhausting, hacking cough, afflict tho sufferer. Sleep is uanlshed, and great prostration follows. This disease Is also attended with Hoarseness, and sometimes Loss of Voice. It is Hablo to be- como chronic, involve tho lungs, and terminate fatally. Ayor's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relief nnd euro in cases ol Bronchitis. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sloop. I have linen n, practising physician for twenty-four years, and, lor tlio past twelve, havo suffered from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting all tho usual remedies Without Relief, I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It effec.tcd n speedy euro.—G. Stovcall, M. D., Carrollton, Miss. , Ayer's Cherry Voetoral is decidedly the host remedy, williiu m.v knowledge, for chronic Bronchitis, nnd :\\\ luii^ diseases. - M. A. Hunt, M. D., .South 1'iiriii, Me. I was nltiul:rd, last winli-r, with a fioverw Cold, whinli jjrmv worsn and Buttled on my I.(iiijj». Jly :'.i/Ut Bwenls X was reduced nlinust'.<Mitliiii. Aly CougU was inci'SKiiui., und 1 lr«iiu«ully spit blood, Jly jiliyiiicj^n tuid luu to givo up husine.-;:i, nj* 1 \\'diild not livo a mouth. After taking various remedies without relief, 1 wits llnully Cured By Using two tiottlos of Ayor's Cherry 1'cetornl, I am now in perfect health, anil able to resminu business, after hnvmi: linen pro- nonni:od incurable wilh Coiisiiiiiption.— S. I'. Hnudersoii, tjiuil.sUuri;h, IViui. For years I was in :v deejine, I hail wiiak lungs, and sulWvrMl Ivoi.i llvun- chitis and (,'atiirrli. A.VIT'.-I Cherry I'd 1 - tornl nisturcd inn to lu-n'.tli, I'.-.ul 1 Imvi 1 heen fur u Jon.',' tiiuf! (".lui.arUir.Tly \i^. orons. In eiiNi: ui' ai.uddi. u ml-11 iiKvu.vs resort to thn J', nud iiiul upeedv relief. —Kdward K. Oirli.i, Kntlaiid, Vf. 'iVo,yearn ilL'o I :<nr. r crrd frtim iiAnvnro TUDEDODOB, On and alter Thursday ,Fcb. 17th, will loavo Oomuumrtlng Monday, April 4th, steamer Hudson wllllenvoSi. Louis lor Alton, Port- ago, Jersey, Grnfton and all pulnta on St. L. &O.L K. U., daily, exeopt SnnJuy, at b:3i) n.. in arriving at Alton at 11 a. in. Jtotarnini; will leave Alton for St. Louis at 5: 15 p. m. arrlvintt nt St, Louis at 7 :30 in am plo time for parties to attend thoatrss, etc. i'nrties pur- ehaslng round trip tiukets will bo lurnlshod state rooms without extra cost, itouud trip Hokots o( stuamor Spread Eii(?lo or Uuason wlH'bo honored hy either boat for return passage. Boat will leave Alton for St. Louis at 8 o'clock n. in.,ouuday. conneotlnKWlch tastuipross on St. Louis and Uenti-al Illinois llallroad lor Jorseyville, Wa- vorly, SprluKfloldand all points north and FAUF, To ST. LODis.siiiKlo trip, . . . 60e. " " round trip, . . . . 7Ba. " " twenty riao ticket, . , $5.IX* HENRY O. TATUM, Gun. Ast. Alton. H. A. FI9IIEK, fien'l Manager. folldtf UKATlS'CHll, DB. C. 4*. ltUMl-iANl>, Dcntlnt, 18 TlHUn STKKKT, ALTON, ILL. Ollloe Hoars-8 a. in. to 12 m.; 1 to t p. n, G. A. McMELliEN, Dentist, OVER HHUEGGEMANN'S OIGAIt SECOND ST. STORE dtt PHYSICIANS AN1) Dll. K. <iUKJLlt!jui, Pbyalciau au<l Surgeon, OFFICE A ND RESIDENCE, COR.FOlTiiTj] AND HBNIlY STS. 1aJ-dw!v W. A.. HASKKLLi, M.D., Physlolaa and Surgeon, OFFIOE-SKCOND ST., ALTON, ILL. Olllcn h om-b-i)a. m.; 12 to 1, und On.m miirt'-'lwt Hundreds Have Been CURED Ily tflliliur tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials uro bolu« received dully regarding Its wonderful properties. Eminent physicians ondoreo It as tho greatest medical discovery of tho day. Tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL Is u Nerve Food, Building up tho nervous systun nud tlio tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or 1'roi'uiitiitlvo of Chills, Fever und Malaria. An Alcoholic Antidote Overcoming thu ovll olTectsoi' oxcu^slvo iilcohollo Indulgences. A NonAlcoholic Stimulant Toning up tluioutlro system. IFyou are Just recovering from BloUness, no known roiniHly will glvo Hi reiigtU und health BO flint. 1'rlco, Jl.tX) por bottlo at ull DnigKlstH. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUQ CO,, JS4 laSallo AV., CHICAGO, ILL. For Itunt. A two story brink dwelling known HJ the A, rlutt hoinoiiloud; latolv put In good rxiiuii'. • . \VIIIl>l'l,K* BM1I.KV i'tlHM'roscrvntioiiordliliiltlo nnil mclnl roofii. For i. !v bun-el or nu- 1 ond. For ]irl(w», 5*ilro»i«. K I It J.KSl'IK, A- *'«)., Otncrnl Aueutu, 403 Wvtt Vu Uureii St., Clilciut", orJUIchl«BH Lumber Oo. • a Kent-Wood ilm. The Strong. Obt boaitto and best wosuora in th« world. For Bttlo by all dcalcrt. . Michigan. W.Jb.ENSENOER, Plain and Decorative •*• PBOMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT TEHM8. OKFICS9 AKD SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA AJ/TON. . . . vut, ~]'lio undersigned have opened a newttnusto Htoro at tha corixtrfol Third and Plasa sti OBGANS AND PIANOS! of Itlio jflnost v.orkimmshlp for sulo atrea- sonublo prico?. Uall and examine bur instruments buforopurchasinu.oUowhei'0. FLOSS, & EABE. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATK ol Eleanor P. Guild, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Administrator ot tho estate ol Eleanor F. (.JuIIcl, lato of I tho county of Mudlson and State ot Illinois, deceased, hereby glvoa notice that ho will appear hoforo the county court of Madison county, nt the court house, In Edwardsvlllo, at tho May term, on the third Monday in May next, at which time all persons having claims against said Hstate are notified and requested to attend lot -the. purpose of liavlutr the same adjusted. All persona indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to the under- Uatej thla llth day of March, A. D.. 1887, PKU1.KY U. WHIPPLB. 2d4 w ' Administrator^ LOOKOUT THE CEJvEDIlATEU QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! 1'CIIISALK AT J.HOrFJffi ANN & SON'S Doulers in STOVES ANJ> IJAHDWAUB Also Outside Work n specialty. ItoollnK a" 4 Worlt. Also undertaker's Supplies ,M!lov« Oito Mil urn IIIITIVUISN;- »;•""•"»«. |iurohiu.oM:-or KlVBMll.j.lON KB* KIW. ^»» ,ineH will ttoeonunodato about 76 wDids. «", , dress with copy of adv. nud uheoK. or »«»„.„ oontu for book of 170 pattos. UI Kl,\4 & 00., 10 &PVIWO at., K, k.

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