Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1887
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY EVENING. APRIL 7, 1887. NUMBER 265. 513: The Importance of purifying the Wood can£, not bo overestimated, lor without pure Wood you cannot enjoy good honltli. At tills season nearly every ono needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the lilood, and wo ask you to try Hood's rj _-.ij_ „ Sarsaparllla. Itstrongtliens reCUIlai and builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, whllo It eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of tlio vegetable remedies used give- to Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- ~r n lic£>lf iar curative powers. No ' " llOCJI other medicine 1ms such arecord ot wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not uo induced to take liny other instead. It is. a Peculiar Medicine, and Is w6rthy your confidence. B- Hood's Sursaparilla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by 0. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. 1OO Doses One Dollar MONTHLY For Girls, age fifteen and under. IN MONEY AND ARTICLES, fFirst Monthly Fair. The distribution of Premiums will be for 1 yard long, from 1 to 3 inches wide of Thread Crochet Lace Work: first Premium, Cash $2. Id " " -•-$!. Id oSr " Article Goods, L WARDS WILL BE MADE I EVERY 2d SATURDAY, IN EACH M;(ysrTH, COMMENCING SATURDAY, APRIL 9 I next, between 7 and 9 p. m. I Goods entered for competition | must be sent in by 3 o'clock p. | m. same day, or sooner, with 1 name and age of maker attached, so they can properly be re' turned to owner- Miss Middle Bartlett has con sented to act as Judge with assistants, Dry .Goods Department of Bonton'B Departure from Congress. The close of tho session reminds me of tho last night of tho Thirty- bird Congress in tho House of Reprol ontativos. The-'Sonata, sent over 146 .niendmonts to tho Sundry Civil Ap- •ropriatlon "bill, and it was 8 o'clock in ho .morning before-they were disposed if by 'a committee of conference. Mr. 1'ratt then asked whether it would bo n order to have tho restaurant servants bring in breakfast. "Lot me nmend the question, V said Miko Walsh, by having cocktails and whisky junches introduced also." A conver- intional debute followed, during which lome very clever tilings were said, and at last tho Sorgeunt-at-Arms reported i quorum present. Several bills wore lion passed under a suspension of tho •ules, and. during the taking of the ea» L and nays the'clerk called Mr. Ionian's name, when that gentloman ippeared at tho door of the main aisle and protested, with violent gestieula- ion, against his name being called. Ic said ho was an ex-member, and .hat the session that day was a libel on ,he Sabbath. Some confusion followed this episode, when tho Speaker pro •era., Mr. Orr, told the gentleman that he was out of order. "I am not a member, sir," growled Mr. Bentori. •Then," promptly retorted Mr. Orr, •if the gentleman is not a member, iUo doorkeeper will put him out." Mr. Benton did not say another word, >ut taking the package in which he >ad tied up the contents of his desk, 10 left the House, thus, on March 4, 855, closing a Congressional career .hat ho had commenced in tho Senate on August 10,1821.— Sen: Perlcg Poore. W,A, HILDEBRAND.Prop,, Third st, Alton, N, B,—Each month a differ entline -will be mentioned. Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPEHINTENDENI fcANl) MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Oflloo on Third st.,ono door wes of Piaua, tblrd floor, Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel ot mrity,' strength wnolnsomenOBS. More eeo- lomieal than the ordinary kinds, and cannot >e sold in competition with the multitude'ol ow test, short weight, tlnm phosphate, ppw- dera. SOLD cmi/v ra OANB. 'ROYAIi BAKING •POWBBB 00., 100 Wall St., y. Y. lanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC, A. Schlueter's Agency. For Sale, cheap, oor. of 7th and Alton sts,; ramo dwelling, 1 rooms and collar, rents for HO per month. For Sale or Sxchangoo—100 acres, 85 in cul tlvatlon, 2>i miles northeast of Fosterburg, at a bargain. For sale—Five-room brick house, story and a half, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. 3ml be hud at a bargain. Qood (property to out. : One C-room now House, with collar, oUtorn and coal house. Lot 60 by 110 on Oth and Mavkot std. For sale—one 8-rooui house anyone 3-room house, Oth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good cistorn and coal house, at a bai gain. For sale—16 acres in Korth Alton with good orchard, bnrn and plenty of water. ~ For sale—AGO acres improved farm with tood house and stables In \Vooilson county, Ivfinauh. K. K. runs across from Fort Scott to Wichita, 5 milus froni comity Boat, For sale—76 acrns partly bottom land, improved farm, near Horsey, with' plenty of good buildings on game. For salo—10 places of valuable property with good hous<<3, In this city. For tale or exchange—A nloo little cottage In Bothalto, with plenty of ground, stable and good water on promises. for salo or exchange—Two sections of ll.U. timber land IiiSo. Missouri, 150miles from St. Ixmls oii the Iron Mountain n. 11., at a bar* gain. ' • For salo nr exchange, 3 acres of ground on Main St., adjoining Mayor.Ooppinger's on tho east. For sale or exchange—fl sections of prairie land In Orockot county, Texan. Will sell ahaap. Suitnblo for any farming purposes. Throoaoros adjoining nr.Hobarts on north. Five lots on Dry st., adjuintng/riioinas Big gins' rasiaenoi) an th« oust. One and a hall lots In llawloyls addition. Ono and a half lots In Sliolly'H addition. Any of tiio above property cim bo bought at amirgiiln. .. I also represent the Biiffalo German Fire Insurance Go-, Buffalo,N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition- . C. A, SOHLUETBR, Offloe|in my New Building, on Second street. utoliUdw LATEST HEWS. The skeleton of an Indian princess 8 believed to hav.e bccn.uncart.hed at Ottawa, Kas. A rann named Hayes, of Hagers- IOWD, Md., killed a burglar who had )roken-mto his store. Thoebe, of Kentucky, has abandoned his proposed contest of the sent of Speaker Carlisle. News from Cape Breton] is that here is slight hope that the steamer Sngle and her 250 seamen are 'not "ost. Ge'n. McNulta, the new receiver of of thc/Wabash, took ofilc'ml charge of he road yesterday. Archbishop J/ynch, of Toronto, is eut in a letter forbidding extravagance at Catholic'funerals hereafter. Lord Laiisdowne's tenants refuse .he new terms of rent settlement, and evictions are ordered to proceed. In a fight at a school meeting in Montgomery county, Mo., George Woods was,,shot and killed by John Rogers. The Inter State Commerce Commission has made an order suspending, under ' certain conditions, for Lhree months, the fourth section of tho Inter State. Commerce law (long and short-haul section), so far as it applies to certain southern corporations specified in the order. Jjegislature. SPIIINGFIBLD, 111., April 6—Both houses held short sessions this morning. In the Senate Senator Bell's motion, which was a reconsideration of the vote by which the 12th of May was fixed for sine die adjournment, came up as a special order and was postponed until the 13th inst. The bill paying public school teachers for attending institute meetings was advanced to a third reading; also the bill.allowing township insurance companies to insure school houses. In the House the journal of last Friday was not read,being postponed until tomorrow, as it was not the desire to tackle Mr. Littler's motion to reconsider the vote by which the 8100,000 manual draining school for the blind at Chicago was passed The House then read a dozen or so Senatfe bills a first time, after wi-ich it adjourned. Alton Presbytery Meeting. SPAUTA, 111., April G.—The Alton Presbytery met in annual convention in-this city last night and listened to an able discourse by the retiring Moderator, Rev. Mr. Baldwin. The assembly was convened at 9 o'clock this morning in business session, elected Rev. Mr. Swent Moderator, and proceeded to the work before it. There were present about fifty delegates, who dined in a body at the Broadway hotel to-day. This evening a popular meeting was held at which Rev. Mr. Moore devoted fifteen minutes to discoursing upon the virtues of Christian charity. The. balance of the time allotted to the popular meeting was consumed by Rev. 'Mr. Phillips in an eloquent discourse upon the relation of the Christian to the State. The evil effects of intemperance were logically and forcibly portrayed, and constituted the chief topfc Of his discourse. The convention then went into a brief business session, and adjourned to meet at 8:80 o'clock to-morrow The convention will probably close its session to-morrow. STUAUT'S OAHBOLIO ACID Tuoouus, certain cure for sore throat, coughs, colds and hoarseness. Wait ono hour after eating before taking one of the troches for dyspepsia. STUAHT'S AUNIOA SALVE, surest cure for cuts and burns. BUHKS' LINIMENT cures all pains. Pearly teeth and a sweet breath can be had only by using Grosslor's Wild ROBO Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medicine Co., Qulncy, 111.:— When in your store I was so hoarse J could not speak aloud. The first doso of vour White Pino helped me, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely relieved. Twioo sinoo I have lost my voioe, but taking tiio Fine Balaam a few time* has giver rohuf. Nothing: ever bonoliltoil mo like thift has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. H.Williams, 414 N.Oth., Quinoy, III. CUUB FOR SICK HBADAC11K. 0( tiio many complaints f.prorap relieved by Little Apricot Pills, nono has yielded quicker than norvouD am' sick headaoho. 'Nino cases out of ovory tun of hoadaoho are caused by sluggis! and inactive liver. Shot through the throat by Burks White Pino Balaam ao<t killud a sovuru cold in throe days. If you don't behove it lust try it. Prleo 60o at druggists For sale m Alton by E. Marsh, apl dwlw A Hlight cola often proves tho forerunner of a oompltimt wlnoh may bo fatal. Avoid this result by taking Avor'o Cherry Pectoral, tho boat remedy for colds, oougha, and all throat and lung discuses. dwlw KDWA11I)8VIU,B, April 6,'87. : To-day is township elcol.ion day. This township is divided into three districts, and we were informed that all the voting was done at ono poling station. How can it be legal ? We don't care much, and we do not relieve any ono else does. Our city election will wake things up. The young men, the middle- aged men, and others, will do their best to elect Chas. Boeschenstein, Mayor. Mrs. J. W. Gooch entertained the Guild to-day. Nexb week the society will be the guests of Mrs. J. M. Bump. Mrs. K. P. Greenwood entertained the Presbyterian Sewing Society last Friday afternoon. Mrs. M. G. Dale was hostess to the Methodmt Sewing Society, Thursday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Harris, of Alton, is the guest of her daughter, M^rs. E. P. Greenwood. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Travous are pleasantry located in their house in the First ward. VARIOUS—There will be a lecture at the M. E. church nest Friday evening by E. A. Gastrnan, Superintendent of the Decatur public schools The -stockholders of the Edwarda- ville Creamery will meet on Friday evening to elect officers and transact business. Twenty-eight persons were examined for teachers' certificates last Saturday. Messrs. W. P. Bradshaw and M. G. Dale were re-elected members of the Board of Education last Saturday. The Directors of the Building As- ssciation will meet next Thursday evening to loan money; $800 will be offered for sale. The new grocery store of Long & Flynn is in full blast. Tb.3 boys are doing a good business. Rev. II. C. Dyer is holding services eveiy evening this week, at the Episcopal church. Bishop Seymour will conduct services here next Monday evening. L.' C. Keown will be called 'Squire from and after this date. Judge J. G. Irwin is in Texas on legal business. Rev. Theo. Lee and Mr. Alex. Powell will attend Presbytery at Sparta this week. ADAM. Everything which belongs to pure, healthy blood is imparted by flood's Sarsapftrilla. A trial will convince you of its merit. 10 Lightning Supercedoe Hemp. HARUISBUHG, Pa., April 0.—A bill was passed by the Senate to-day providing that the punishment for murder in the first -degree may be death bv the use of electricity. ' Excitement in Texas. Great excitement has been caused m tho vicinity of Pans, Tex. bv the remarkable recovery of Mr. J. E. Corley. who ,was so helpless ho could not turn in bed, 'or raiso his head; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discov« ery was sent him. Finding relief, ho bought a largo bottle and a box of Dr, King's New Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption freo at E. Marsh's Large Bottles $1. Ap 1 d wlm The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, Drucrgist, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric Uittors as tho very boat remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, anc was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years standing;." Abraham Hare druggist. Bollovlllo' Ohio, affirms: "The best soiling medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Elcetno Bitters." Thousands of others have ad- dodithcir testimony, so that the vnrdict is unanimous that Electric HiUors do cure all diseases of tliu Livor, Kidneys or Blood. Only ft half dolhir a bottlo at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apl dwlm BauKioa's Arnica Salvo. Tho Best Salve tn tho world for cuts brniscs, sores,!..iors, salt rhoum, fever sores, tottor, cbiipped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions, and positively euros piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or uionoy rofundod. Price 25 cents per box. V<v sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mcliTdwlm Couldn't Look Llko it, Brown, Whosu umbrella is "tins? It looks like ono I lost. Smith, 1 don't BOO how St can, for I scraped tho handlo and altorud it uon orally.— Life Tho most popular oarrfugu spring o:; tho market toduy is tho liluo Col). A! who try it pronounce it tho most SHI n si- bio Invention and tho casiost riilor Urn was ever oonooivod of, dwlw Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths3ugs and Mats, Has ai'rived. Also a very Choice Stock of SUCH AS I ana offering these goods at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to call and see the beautiful new goods &learii the low prices. ALTON, ILL. A NEESMMN.- FOE THE BEST BUGGY IN THE WORLD. AGENTS EQR TEE Buggy Co's WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS- Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOAVERS. Headqnai- ters for EUPION and CARMINE OILS ; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS : STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS j fine line of COOKING STOVES ; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our 810 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, §30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any part of the city. UK, Cor. 3d and State sts., ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From.$JLS to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADIM GUNS, From $16 to $30. f 1-1 J. O. THE LEADING 5 JEWELER, mylSdwlv Q|TTITjl" ja.Qji.Gj, GO TO & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the nlfice * THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. SUBSCRIBE FOK THE 1, lOc Per By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madteon county :1

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