Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1887
Page 2
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'™ * f' i -V** ALTON DAILY TBLEGKAPH. BT W. T. NORTOH, Cor. Third and Plain Struct*, Alton, 111. WEDNESDAY EVB., AP1RLG. HOKT1CULTURAL. Proceedings lUlnoli oJ the Alton-SonJhern Horticultural Society for April. (Concluded.) The meeting then passed to the subject of FLOWEIIR, T»hei tho following essays were road by Mra, Lather and Dr. E. 0. James, respectively: I hiwo been requested bv y>»ur s«'cvotar toglve Botno Hliita in wlmt fl >w«r» to plnn ana how to cultivate ilium. Tuouuh 'let pi Impressed wltn tho lact tint my oxper rno le limited. I oan hut vli-lil a reluctant consen and briefly relate what I tmvo luurnod on thl subject. A9 only hints! urn linked for I llnil I tho nauler to comp y with tho request. Tim the cultivation ol fl iwor»l8 »oniKtlili>K whlfli well pays ono (or me time ii'iil labor expended In mat direction, In biyonil ml n.ucsito.1 Ol all thu luxurlca wiilcli mortal* enjov, noil aremoru e»aily ubtalnei'.or mom (neatly t be prized. Wo reallM this wtien wo conslilo that In finding oxprotuiloii for tliu iloeprs emotions wo turn to the pun) MOBBOHI* 10 aid. Jn their beauty und IniKi'uncn thi'y lulu to the bhmliliiKbilae the one touch of KI-IIOI- needed, and tiny alone aro lound worthy t> bo plaeod on the breasts of our dead. On urn- day ot eaoh year we, us 11 nation, iirfi unlt-i. by ihoni us we revercnt'y bi'duek the xmvo of our soldiers with tho 0110 fitting eminfii, o our common love—a love that brrMdunit an" deepens an time heals tho rancor of piiri.x strife, until the northern lilies tfhed thud perfume o'er all that romalniof tlir warti t-oil heroes In «rov. and the southern 10*09 creep through the Krnss that covers our own dcni boys ot the blue Tne cultivation ol llowor- also holds a fascination winch few otncroc cupatluns possess and It would furnl-m cm- ploytnent for mniiy hours -though thev In tnelr beauty "ti.ll not" we must expend iiiui-h labor In oraer to obtain the tl«sli«il ruBultn. Anpanslesarotlie llivt (lowers to until u- with tuelr bright fuoes on the leiurn o spring, lotus lor a few moments comiUe 1 tuom. ! s >w the seed about the Ural ot .ilm-uli In a box—wet Int! the eartli with warm wati-i belormiuwliig.oiivmtnK lightly with HUM I,ill n laying a ui-w-puper uvur - i.lch 1 keep moi, I and leave on till lh« plnntl Uejjln m wpp-ui altur which n-m'Vj and loiui the piunt forward, not kerplntf too warm and wi-t tranapltiiitliiK them *lill- q'lito small and r aoon us the neiilinr will p runt ur thug ound d y tmuugh, lu good ileli noil and wliuiu nu\ hrtVo the uun, at least 'III no. n. I |> eler to- much nun to a ounjlun ol nlmde; keep lln e»rtli well worked luuiind thv points, but n • filling tile crowns wltn uurtii and ilunn* liumiHu Hunt k«up inoUt by mululilitg. muul y pick off alluuos wlilluvui} ho., wild eiiHbluB ttiem Co give liii'KO biirsamim lor li..] or Jrosh seed inliint he ouw.i In July or Au gust In a cool damp pluce lor la'l b.oomlinf N«vor let pnnsies nmkn beud It M'U wun blu-aoinii and the more flowers yon pick tli, m.ire jou will hav i 1 m xc so* sw ;ut (n soon a* you garden pent,) In Hit pluoo they are to remiiln. 1 wouM Diiy bv nil muitns have a f w aw<-et prat, they will t,ri,w anyw iere, only KIVJ ilium sun aii'-l some nni). tnom^olvus around, tnun pieK th-'ii. \vt huut t«ar II you rtOultihuveun ubundutiu o. bloom ail mimmer, not icittiiK secil iioUr fo m. A vas-1 ot iliem will rill a iMinn wic tbefrfiaKrance. Thfy HtioulU never bu nseo wltn any othi'r fl iwer if y,m nouul pioduvi the bust etFuci—Uroppni); tniiin in u ta III i< IIIK vat>e aud tnuy Mill ar Miigi; ihumselvun i a way to dellyht the eye if auymin who lov, r beauty. TheUr^twudk In Aprulsow Vnrbm , I'nlox, Slwi'i-t Oyesnm, Uit:iJMUIt, MIKIIIHI- O'.te, Snap Dr'iKon,l'lnl<sunu Dtihllii.^eed. > b.- H.slot May l$alsa<nti, oitlvl», Nautluiu^. Ao- ters, 4e , truus, luutl g UH 10 in us IIU-K- enju^u and tlie wuuthur warm I in vui w at for a rain, hut till the pluce lort-ai'h piant will. watxr, urawuu ">e dry eartn uromid tin planU. 1 nave mentioned 1) ulla sued ut>- c^iise la^t Year I raised nonn* line on^s ]r,nii 0ried, oth double and aln^iu a- d the ed about as soon us ihoao Jrom cnlbH. 1 the lUrprUes which each pmnt brings o, opdittn^, Uavtnx mv.biilhao! cour e, bu»Ulu» 1 must nave UiiioiiiiiH and have succeeded In keeping them as double in roees tor jeura, In baruiK the aeous from O'-ntu,' .stalk I plain AllBUiall Ihootsshould he pinched otf, ,eav. lu{{ only tnestron^eoi' to KI'OW, aud one ueeu havu no fear of dlgK'"K ' n too much him manure, It well rotted, u tno best success 1 desired. Uut'unluma, I think, give more bloom to beat least a year old, xood Boll and tin f I'ledUoweit, picked off, they are c-jiiatmitlj filled wltn blous ma. Aiy uxpuflenuu with Tea roaosls limited tn two youit,; liowi'VO', 1 am proud ot my suu coss—having roses constantly during all lam summei'o heat. The tlrrt ol May 1 set the plants In well euilchod ground; thuy belnti vut'y Ktuall and kuut tiicm ti'owlut; r,, yidh by working ihe eanh and «e plni/ us cooi and m <lst as possible. During thu heaiuo t»rca uiululiuil With straw trom stable. 1 love alt roses, but the Utolle do Lyon and I'er e dr J irdlnsare especially fine, boih for buds unn b.oom and one In al*u)S snreot rotes, uo h of thesu are yellow, so will add La Krnnce. tftiu Siluni-, ooui 1 dun Miuand ilermosa (01 pink; t'resse Ciu'llot, f'!• red; Michael Hiiun- ders, forcrlmooM and Mad. Uuchel and Uor nolia Cook, lor white ihe pretty blue uro wallla and Forget-uio-not, the Uulllopuls and 0 xllloi ul't poppy ;p-,<vlueliolizla plants spring up without any labor on ui> part, and l:i . mUcd hou<p.iet are just the flowers neeued; tuu vwld yellow bi iKntening up all tun ollici F like u touch ol If you want tern a laummor lor thuid|[IHM of bouquets or floral pieces, hare a low carrots growing lu some spot, as noihlng I kuow ol keup iruali as long aud. HO eauy to have at all times. Auionit thu many hardy plants that art- lound In every unnien are tulips,, narcldsus, Lilies nf the Valley and the mail) kinds ol lilies: with (lladlolas, Tube ro»e. Oaladlums and Cannao; nor must 1 neglce muntiouiu^ Oh Vdantnem.H, tne most-p..pu Iftr v,HU lilxlily prlze.t llov,er of auuiui. ; H 4 lulng up wen dull November with Its «<"'• go'iu, dl-plav o, crimson, oronxe ami gold. "But Bought not to k treopaut, on your tutu longer to touch upon ihe vat ions bhrub? liuidy rosCH or thu tovmy clematis and otuu vines, for the list uilghi uu uitui.Uud Indull- uitely and li woulu On almost an en lu H tusi. lor me to write ull 1 would nay on flowers. One tulng 1 will add, we do n <b gathei enongu tfowers, thuieby Joalng uinuh pie. s uruin thecultlv.iti in and lulling 10 givu en joyuiont to ilmne who i,re .ees lortunuti. thai. ouibuWes. Wo ul&o are the lopura In uo. having in-arly i-o many bloom as we i,ihm Wlatt would uiid ulania are never no tlirllty a when onu j>luk ll<«wi'r. conatuuily. t j,uve. let any plant muke seed,on V an tney luiiv b. needed tot ti.luru unc. an U uxnauaia ihein. Muko a otudy of 11 >weis as the) grow, cantor tucui, love i In m U jou viill, lor Kurkli, iiasbaiu: • Thaillo»er» unly ilghilj i) uiioi lu thu garden ol numeonuwho luveo then.,' 41 US, I.AillY. ytOWEHS—WHAT TO PLANT JIN1) 11OWTII OUI. TIVATK , T.iiu IB a subject wu.oi cuvuru coiuldoi ahl ground. Hut 1 nhail conllne myneit inor, paiticu.uny to thu vaiictico ui-owmg wltum uoois. It in very nnpoitant lor any one ex puctlng to tiet Ihe bent \ uua- Horn eiimu u. study thB uttune 01 iliu planu—some UMJUII- ing uioru llgnt and o'hers ii'oru water am. booiuu great deal ol heat. Foi geneiiil notut etiliuiv und ability to witiintaiiu con»Uierat.M' iieglec't 1 would lecommeud uh tliu (juian luuii, Tnuy will do well 111 modurute liuut aim with 01 dinarv care,but to get the U eat dl*pla) ill the way ol blousoiiis, i woulii advine IIIOI'L- heat and a rich boll. Uulta Lilies will do wel, also lor liououcuhuiu in rich soil auu plent) 01 uiolslurv, und a good sunllgnt, hloomuiu not buloie mla winter, llegoma ulio 1 woulu ruoouiiucnu;iiiihiillegonialtfxun<i liutru wu huvotwo lii.u vavlettes, the lonner innuh more delicate In Us habllf, but with the ilgin kind ol care It Is a meat nuccuus. Uure mm betflvun lu waturliiu not lo wet thu luavui, tou much. Aud tor bright blonsoius towavtU ttpHnir I would pafilcnhirly speak ol thu b. nuiliul Uyaulnih, tlioous unn l.,»i, but nut liii»tihn Uoial Tnlip. All cilu be started and mmlo to blooui duiing me winter or eailv spiinu 1'luiitiiiK In a box and keeping lu aUurk iiln"e for I hi eu or lour weeks, iiiut tottve the root u cliaucu to get a good stait, tlMn taken to thu windows and it will go on uuvtilopiiiK in tho light; kept In a cool room Ihcu.t win r 'main In bio,,m some time, A lew Inuidtome Y UCB udn much to tln< appnaranouof u urccu- l,ou»(i. For this purpose for dtillunto vines 1 •wiuli bdvlge the Bnnlux, Wux 1'lunt and U .nrandlc, aud lluuiuurgur vines; for u 0 Jirsi'r leaf but mart) rupld urownr ihe Unbi'O bonnclerk. And a flue addition to tliu winter bloomnrs IB the Cactus, not requiting much wutuv or liaroly any attention. Thei Suolm OiCtus gvnerully blonmlug Hint. Many vurl tltiBOHii b« added to this lint which would and much to (bo lUapluv but 1 will not fixiak 01 tb«m now. E. O, JAUEc. •Vbe Pr«»ldout^ ftppolnted JUohJ, Jaokiou n- A Hyndtimn, A ootntfilttee n o prepare a ll» « premlaumtor tr«<t»,«e., tot the meeting 1n June. On motion tho meeting then mljonrned to moot at tho roildonoo ol Mr. N. Ohallncornbe May 7,1J81 Tlio following members paid their 'annnal dues: Win, jBrkion, 8. F. Oonnor, J. S> Browne, Win. Hyndmnn, Wm Huskinson, E, Hollnrt), O. \V. Illlllard, J. H. Yager. WM. JAOKSOK, Secretary, pro tern- WIT AND HUMOR. Many an employer would accept n term as labor loader nt tho regular snlnry.— Os/ikosh Times, The man wlio would pick another man's pocket would write an anonymous conmiiinicntion to a newspaper.— Lowell Citizen. It will bo noticed that mind-vcadcra very rarely try public experiments on women. They do not wish to compromise themselves.— New Haven News. The wolves in Minnesota have chased ft lawyer twenty miles over tho snow, und tho local press denounces them for unprofessional conduct— San Francisco Alta. New servant—"I was two years in my last place, mum." Mistress—"O, that speaks well for you. Where was it?" New servant in the reformatory, mum."— Puck. A good position in society is not proof against sin. Adam and Eve were the very best people in tho world when they were cast out of Eden.— New Orleans ficaqune. When a Chinaman does not desire a visitor to stay to dinner he politely asks him to remain and dine. The date of this American custom into China is not given.— Pittsburg Chronicle. She—"Your little wife made that cake with her own dear little hands!" He—"Well, now, if my little wife will e:vt that eako with her own dear little mouth I will be satisfied."— Life. Old Gent—"How old arc you Fanny?" Fanny—"I was ten years old my last birthday." "Youdon'tlook to so old as tlv.vt." "How you men do Hatter us poor women!"— Texas Sifl- ings. •'I don't think a girl should have more than one sweetheart," said she, modestly. "Ah," ho replied, "you don't believe, then, in the adage, 'tho more the marry her'?"— Washington Critic. Among the Romans the gift of a ring was the badgo of liberation from slavery. Married women are tho best judges as to whether it be so among tho moderns,— Slioe and Leather Reporter. Little man—'•! understand, sir,'that you have called me an unmitigated liar?" Big man—"No, I didn't use the wood unmitigated." Little man— "Then I accept your apology."— Harper's Bazar. "Are you going to keep Lent, Mr. Diggory?" "Ya-as. Think I will." "And what form will your penance take?" "Aw, think I'll go to see 'Jitiddigore' and sit behind a girl with a high hat."— Harper's Bazar. When tho experienced boardfng- houso keeper reads tho headline "Another Trunk Mystery" in the paper she just tosses her head, snifls contemptuously, and says. "Huh, I know bricks!"— Journal of Education. A policeman fired at a'floeing burglar the other day and tho lattor's life was saved by the bullet hitting a button on the rear of his coat and glancing off. Now wo know why those two buttons aro put on behind.— Norristown Herald, Wife—"Got a dollar?" Husband— "Where's tho last dollar I gave you?" "Gone;" "I thought I told you to make it go as far as you could." "I did." "Doesn't look like it." "Well, I did, I sent it to tho Fiji Island heathen."— Judge. irr!.",.,.,.:..,,.^^ \ The Importance of purifying the blood cannot bo overcsllmalDd, tor without pure bluoil you ciinnot enjoy good lieullh. At llils season nearly every ono needs n piod medicine to purify, vllullze, and enrich tho bloud, a nil wo ask you lo try Hood's DO/M ilio i- Saraaparllla. It strengthens reuUllal am j U ,|iid9 up Ihe system, creates an appetite, and tones the dleesllun, while It eradicates disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of Iho vegetable remedies used give to Hood's 8arsupurlll.i pecul- "TT.^ |4- C olf lar curallvo powers. No • " llOCll oilier niedtclnc has such n record of wonderful cures. II you have made tip your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllln do not he Induced to talto any other Instead, it is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Ssrsnparllla Is solil by dl druggists. I'rcpnred by C. 1. Jlood & Co., Lowell, Muss. I Op Doges One Dollar ,IOHN lBAiUER7 DEALKU IK AND MANdFAOTURKlt: OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AI/T0N, ILL. All kinds ot fine and common farnltur oonutantly ou hand. Also undertaker, oto,j apMdwlvr Tho te«t of a Welsh rarebit Is In Its afloct tho snino as thtit of ix inuahrooin —If It kills, then ono mi\v know that it is a toixlstool; if tho Woljh rnrebit niiikos ono have a Iirst-das8 night- marc thwu it is tho Wulsh rureblt par excellence.— Boston I'ost. A man who edited an ngricultural journal for fifteen years and de- roted many hours to telling farmers how to cultivate their crops and grow rich, purchased u farm and engaged in agricultural pursuits himself a year ago aud last week he was sold out by the Sheriff.— Norristown Herald. "Here," snid a victim who had bought one. "these pies aro made of dried peaches, and they aro cold at that. Why do you cull them hot apple piesP" And tho Irishman was kind enough to reply: "I don't earn. That's tho name of'em. Hot apple poisl Hot opple pois!"— Electrical licmcw, "I started West," said a penniless young man to the Chief of Police in Chicago last Thutuduy. "I had $2,000 when I left New York. I piiiil $22 for my railroad ticket and took my meals in the dining-car." "Say no more," exclaimed tho chief. "That's what's gone with the rust of your money."— iiuntette. "What do you wantP" asked the employer. "Work and pay," demand ed the strikers. "That's fair enough," said tlie boss, "and how will you havo it?" "1'ou do the work and we take the pay," demanded the strikers. Then lie asked for time to consider and the walking delegate ordered them out. — liurdclte. They tell in Lewiston, Me., of an oysterman whose "saloon" used to bo on Main street, aud who was the slowest man in the State. One day he died, and soon after u citizen said to Erastus, the oystcrman's son. "Ents- tus, your father died rather sudden, didn't he?" "Well, yes,' said Erastus, "sudden for him-" liiennseri, Purified and Jieinitl lied l»j the Cuticurn Hemedtt-s cli-analng the Si-in and Scalp .-f Diana- living (Innioia, lor allaying itchinc. burning md Inflammation, for cnrfnK tho flroi symn toms of Eczema. I'soria,-t8, Milk Crust, Scaly Head, Scroi>ila, and nth r inherited SUIn mid Blood IH^aaes, Cuticura, the great Skin tlure, and Outlcu''a Soap, an exquisite Skin l)eautlller,o>tornally. and Cullcura Itfisolv- fiit, thu now Blood Purifier, In'ernally, are CURE. I have suffered all my life with skin diseases nf different kinds, and have nevor found iiprmanvnt relief, until, by tho advice of a ludy friend, I used your va uaniu Cullcurn Heruedica. 1 gave thorn a thorouith trial, using six boi ties of the Cuticura Heaolvent. two uoxes Cuticura tint 1 seven c ikes of Ontl cura Soap, and the re-ulc was juat what 1 had been told It would bo-a complete curi-. BELLS WADbi, Richmond, Va. lieferonce, G. W Lattlmer, Druggist, Kleh- inon , n HE , J:u I was troubled with Sa t Khouin for a number of that thu skin entirely name off one ol mv hands from tho llni-or tips to the wrist. I tried remedies and doctors'a prescriptions to no purpose until I commenced taking Cuticura Komedies, and now 1 am entirely cured K. T. P •\HlvKU, 379 Northampton St., Boston. KNDOKSK THEM. Have sold a quantity of yourCutlcura Remedies. Ono ot my customers, Jlis. Henry K ntz. who had tetter on her bunds to such an extent as to cause tho skin to peel off, und lor eight years she Buffered greatly, was completely cnreJ by tbo use of your medicines. C. N K YE, Druggist, Canton, Ohio. ITCHING, sOALY, PIMPLT. For the last year 1 have had a ppecles ol Itching, scaly and pimply humors on my lace to which 1 have applied u great many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily nn'i entirely cured by Cntlcura. MHS. ISAAC l-ll !• LI'S, Uavcnna, O. We have «old your Cuticura Remedies for the last six renra, and no medicines on our shelves give better satisfaction. C. F. ATUEKTON. Druunist, Albany. N, Y. OoTtcoRA UEMEDIKS are sold everywhere Wee: Cuticura, 60 cents-; Jleso! vent $1; Bonp, •» cts. Prepared by the Potter I'rug and Chemical Co., Boston, MRBS. send for "How to L'ure Skin Diseases." /ITOTTilPi Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and lilt U Bo, - - -------------- J ' ........ cura Soap. ,Baby Humors, cured by Cutl- Catarrh to Consumption, Oatari h In Its destructive forco stands next to and undoubtedly leads ou toconeumptton. It IB therefore singular that those aftllcted with this ft-artul disease should not rnnke It. the object of their llvoa to rid themselves o It. Deceptive remedies concocted by Igno. runt piotondors to medical knowledge have wi'uVoned tho confidence ol the jzioixt majority In all iiilvertlsi-d remedies. They h«- come rexlKtied to u ll'o of nil<u-rv rather than torture themselves with ilouMlul pulllatlvuH. Hut ililn will never do. Catarrh iniiHt bu met at evcrv sttme and cmnbattcd with till our nilRln. In many cases tno dlsea»e has, itsKumud diui|;oiouH nvniptoms. The bones uml i-unllnif of thunose, the orgnii^of h«ur- InK, ot hceliik' and of tasting so uffected as to bu useluKS, tlie uvulu i-o ckm i'to I, tUulliv.iat -o influineii and Irritated ns to produce u cniibtunt HUH CUtietiHlnK cnut'h. Sunford'd UiidlCBl Uura meets every phane of Cuturrh, from u aluuilu heat) cold to the most louilixomu und il stiuctlventiiKUH. It is local anil constl utlonul. ln«iunt In relieving, purmanunt In curing, sale, economical unil novvr liilllntr. Kui'h package eonlatnB one boltlf ol thu Had lun I Cine, one box ' f the 0<iturrhul ->olv- uiif, and tin Improved Inhaler wllh treatise; . I'ottor Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. 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' Lime kiln, In good riiiinliiK order, with quarry and 12 acres of laud, more or lens, known lu the Shelly tract. _ Wllll'I'LH JtSMlLJiY. TO \VOKK KOB U8 at iiKis }T to |10 per week can bo quietly made. No photo painting; no oaiivttuding. Vnr full pnrtloulart pluaite addrens, at onoe.OKK80tl.NT AUT 00., ID Central at., Boston, MUBB, Jloz 6170. A ZIEDXCIXE, Ififfh Authority* 11 IP Bi'.'rrs ia tiot, In any souse, an •il.'o''fili{'. lwvcrn.iio or liquor, aud could u,.t i»- poW, for use, except to persons jji'^lrnus of obtaining medicinal bitters. GREEN B. RAUM, U. 9. Cora'r Internal Rev. Washington, D. O., Sept. 24,1884. Dear SlrMVhv don't you get a certificate from Col. W. H. \V., of-Baltimore, Hliowing how lie cured hi^l8e^fof drunk- otH'ss by the liclp of Hop Bitters. His is n \vondisrfiil cnsc. He is well known in Itoclirster, N. Y., by nil tho drinking people there. He is known in this city, Cincinnati, New Orleiina, New York; In fuct. all over the country, as helms spent thousands of dollars for rum. I honestly bcliuvK his card would be worth thousands of dollars to you in lids city und Unltl- inoro alone, and make thousands of sober men bv inducing tho use of your hitlers. J. A \V Prejudice Kills. "Eleven years' our daughter suffered on u bed of misery under the euro of several of the best physicians, who pave ln;r.disease various names but no relief, Miid' now she is restored to us in pood health by Hop Bitters, Unit we hnd puohed at two years before using it,. Wo cnrucstly hope and pray thnf. no one else will let t.he'.r sick suffer .as we did. on account of prejudice against so good a medicine as Hop Bitters."— Tho J'arcn/i — (food TfMjilars, Miltoti, .Del., Feb. 10, lb't<il. Iliivitis used Hop Bitters, tliu noled remedy 'for debility, nervousness, indi- uestion, etc., I liuve no liesitntion in saying that it is indeed jui excellent medicine ami recommend it to any ono us iriruly tonic bitters. Respectfully, REV. Mus. J. II. ELLOOOD. Scipia, -tV. T., Dec, 1, 18e4 Tarn the pastor of the Baptist church nero aud an educiited physician. I lira not in practice, but nm my sole family physician, and advise iu chronic rur-cM. Over a year ago I recommended yoi;r Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who-lum been under medical treatment of Albany'.« best, physicians several years. She 1ms been greatly benefitted and still uses tin; medicine. I believe slio will become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. \Ve both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. AY ARK CX. Cured of Drinkiny "A young friend of minow:is .red of nri insalinbie thirst for liipinr that, hnd so prostrati.'d his system that lie was unnhlr lo do any business. He was entirely cured by the USH of Hop Bitters. It. allayed all ifiat burning thirst; took awny Ihe iiiipc- rite -for liquor; mnde his nervw fteatly; •uulhehns remained n stenily and sober .nan for mure than two years, und has no U'siri- to return to bi^ cii]>s, mid T know of n number of oihers ilmn linvc been cured of drinkins l<v il."—From n leading it. R. Offiri'il. Chifiifo. III. I LOOKOUT THK CELEHIiATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove I FOU SALE AT T. H 0 FF M AN N& SON'S Dealers in STOVES AST* HARDWAKB Also Outsldo Work a specialty. Rooting and Galvanized Iron Worn. Also undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COR. BKCHlXU AND ALHY BIS. -fcl'LHLUJAN CITY COSYtlNTlON. Tht; Republicans of the several ward /f thti city of A'lon, und all votim letiirino; to co-operate with them n itcuru-g a better, moru «-fliuient ilni ii'ire progressivo adminu-trution of cin ffnir.s, are requested to ruuet in pn iimy mi otmgs, ut (Jity Mall, on Thur- t iy evi-nine, April 7Ui, at 7:80 o'clock. in nominate candidates for Aldermui n tlit-ir respective wards, uml ulso i> i iipuliit delegates to a City Kepubliom yiinvention lo be held ut the e>ain< •1'itv, Friday evenintr, April 8th, lo imfiimiu oandidatus for iVi'iyur, <Juy Clerk, City 'rreasuror, Cuy Attorney, o bo voted for ut thu munioipiil eliic- ion April 19ih; tin- suverul wards to bi tiittiiUttl to tlm following representation ,n iliu city convention: First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, 0 delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, 8 doU'i^ates. Kiltii ward, 8 delegated. Sixth ward, 0 delictiICH. boventh wurd, 7 qvlu^utes. Total number of deli'gatop, 61.' And to irunsaoi. Biiuli other bnsinesH as may propoily come bofoni tho meets inc. CHAb. IU)M>KN,,Ju, J. 1C. HUTLER, GKO. U. HAYiJEN, H.G. M'l'IKE, S. F. CONNOM, H, S. BAKBK, Jit., F. \V. HOIM'E, U. U. BTAKK, Uepublioiir, Contra! Cummltteo. Kur Nulo. Five bulHlliiK lotu on Alby anil Murket etroetn, between Tenth and Twollth atrt'ots, WIUPI'LKABMILBY, THB LATEST 1-—188T. JEWEL PNEUMATIC or AIR PRESSURE RANGES, Mnilo In four stylca. Two and TUroo Burners, With Tin and RwsainOronB. A I'KIU'UOT AirPresauro, without tho elevatotl tank. Pressure IB obtained with i» weight, not with a pump. Absolutely tho safest; simple with no Intricate parts, LIGHTS wltn carlmrcUoil air, Insfail of oil lu u ilrlp cup. Ga>iollnn and Air Tan kn nre all of 3!l Inch snanileiis brasa tubln* nmall coiinocttnK plpen of lienvy annealed bras«,wtth union ci upi'nKH. Onu «-'U of tank la of glnsa, unowlnt? quantity of oil la name, Uannot bi- lllh U ulille i iii-nliiM.* rtie icfiiilin-line (il JEWEL STOVES AND IIANUES are Improved mo.-han'oall} aud artia- tlcullv. L-,rge double oven lor three burner KanKen; Stand pipes 1 tier cased lu alze to one ineh, with lartfe Supply valve und trap ot base. All OVeus are made doable or line lined < a PITTS & B AMILL, Sole Agents- NON-ALCOHOLIC ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DEKANQEHCN1S. An Immediate relief for prostration caused by AXCOROLIO EXCESSES. A Stimulant which, when tahen with Boda, Vichy, ApolllnarlB, Seltzer, or any Sparkling Water, will nupply the Cravlne for Btrontt Drink, without Its disastrous results, leavin the system refreshed and Invigorated. Prepared as a SYEUP, most agreeable to take. ONtV BIT THEE Being non-alcoliollc. It commends Itflclf especially to Physicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergymen, Merchants, and others following aeilontary occupations or pursuits, requiring nerve energy, CHICAOa-IU. EAGLE PACKKT COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT The Steamer I. UC YUK. Master. I E. BOSH POWKLI . Ot»n On and a;ter Monday, Feb. 11, tho Spread Onirlp w'li run UH follows, viz: LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS it 7 o'clock u. m., and St. Louts on return rip nt 3 p. m., daily. And leaving Altou for 'Ottawa, Jersey Landing. «ra'ton, and waj .oint? every evening at 5:30 o'clock. «a-The Whistle will be noniiclml flftflei i tnuteaboioro starting for St. Louis. ,FAKEl Co ST. Lcms, ... 6(1 ItODNDTBIP ... . . 76 I'WBNTT RIOBH' - . C . 5 flfl 6 W. HILL. ABPm. fast Freight, &Passeiger Li, e THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. 1C. OO'S I 1 ALACK J. F. ELLISON, Coiiiiuunder. Ki< ANSIIDTZ, ( f ,, n ks THins UOUOE, JU |0 '« 8 On and alter Thursday,Feb, )7tb, vlion diiib CiMnnH'ii'-ini.' Monduv, April 4tli, etcamui 'liid-nu will lu vo«,. Loulu lor Alton, I'ort K«, Jcriiey, Umlton «nd ull pulnts »n i-t. L tO. 1. 1C. K.,dull>'. uxunpt SunJiiy.ttt B'.Si u. in..arriving ut Altnii at II a. m, Itmnrnln > will luuve Alion for Ht l.oiiln at 0:45 p. in. .rnvliiK »t »i, Loulx ut 7::li) In umpiu tltnii (u, inrllua 10 altuiid tln-ulron, etc, I'lirliim pur- I'luiulng roui.d trlptl kutd will bu furiiiuliud •tutu rooiiix wlllmuifxtru cuati Knuud Irlp U'ltftH nl Ht» atni^r W(,ruitd Etixl^ i<r lln H(> " lionorutl bv uithor bunt for ri»turn |i:t»Hii>io. Ilout will IIMIVU Alton for St. l.oul- it 8 o'clock ». in,, Minday. •onni'OiInK with l».-ti'X|irfHH on <<t. Ixiula und iJontnil Illinois Railroad tor Joi-soyvillo. Wu- vi'ny. Sp.innllnUluiid ull points novtli uml ••a-.t. FAKE. To ST. I.oui«,aliiKlo trip, . . fide. " " r»uiul trip 75.1. " " twenty vluo tlukot, , $!i.OO IIENKV O. TATUM, Uun. Aj{t. Alton. II. A. nSHICIt, iiiui'l AliiuiiKHr. loildtf OLIFFORD9 ROOriNG EXCELSIOR SLATE PAINT for thr pretwrvatlAn of iihlnelo and moto! voafk. For »,,li>liv'linrrelur car load. For prim's, addrcwi O. Ollj- lj:sl'U:, A- CO., Cencrul A«t>i,l«, 403 IVcil Vu» Unroll St., Chlcino, orMlchlgun Lumber Co. WILSON WASHBOARDS. The» Waibboardi are msde with a Bent-Wood rim. The Btrong- estboardu and beet j?a«tori in tb» world, for laic by til dealers, Snirlimw, M»chl««u. W. Jb. ENSINGEB, Plain and Decorative Paper Hanging i WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNDKD TO AT LOWKST THUMB. OXI7OH AMD SHOP ON SECOND ST., NMR PIASA ALTON. . . , DKATUXltk. OK. O. U. IIOULLANO, £>ontlMt> 16 TH1UI> STHBET, ALTON, ILL. Office lloaitr-ii ». HI. to 15 in.; 1 to 4 p. i, G. A. McMILLKN, <>VKH KGHKM %NN'3 OlUAIl 8TUKK SKOONH ST. I'lIYWICIANH AND Dlt. 10. Physician and Hurgoou, OPlflOK AND UBBlllMNUK. OOU. AND HKNUV HTS. W. A. HLA.HK.K1JL, M.O., Plijsioluu anil burgeon, Om'0«-*K<J()ND ST., ALTON, ILL. Offloe li oiirs—»a,m,i 12 to l, undo p.ui The inulorfllgnoa have onened a now ' sturo o^t thu cornw|of Third mid 1'la mid 1'lauu fits ORGANS AND PIANOS! of the (ttnogt'.Morknumalrip lor sale ntroa. donable prlooi. Oall and OMimine our iiigtru- iiienti) hoforopurohasliiK olsowhcro, FLOSS, & BABE. moli22dwnm ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KSTATEJ b( Eleanor I'. <5ulld, deoeiwoil. ' . , i. The undei'slgned, having been Appointed Administrator ol the estate of Eleanor P. Ou>ld, Into of the county of MudUon, niulBtatHOl IlllnolH, decoiisod, hereby Klvos notice that ho will appear before "he county court ot Miulltion county, at tho court bouse, in Kdwardsvlilo, at tho Way term, on the till- d Mondny In Mny next, ut which tlmo nil persons having claims against Bald Ksntta am notillud and requested lu utti'nd lor tho purpose nf having tho Name adjusted, All POI-HOIIH Indebted to said KritatnarnrcimoHted to tiiuku Imntudtutu payiuunt to tho unuer- Bli/IK'd Jjiito'l this llth day of March, A, I)., 1887, I'tiULKY It. WHIW'Lfc, 'i iHw ___ _ Adinlnlijtrator.^ EMPIRE MILLS. .8KOONI) BTKKBT (Near IMusa), ALTON, HO. FOH 8ALK J Uround Outw, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Gruluvm Flout ,«to P'ilOMITLY DELIVKHKU TO ANY I'AUT 01T TUB OITV. M.WJLiaiVSON.

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