Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., WEBNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 6. 1887. NUMBER 264. DYSPEPSIA. • Up to n (ow.wouks ngo I oenslJorotl myself the. ohauiplim Dyspeptic of Amorlou. During tlio years that I huvo been ndllctcd 1 Imve tried alinoat everything claimed to bo a spu • ciflo for Dyspapmla in ttio bopa o( finding sometlilriK that we'ild afford pormnnont ro- •'• 'Jlof. limd abouf made up uiyuiind tp ubnn i , dqiis iD.crtlninoe ,wli'eu , I noticed an ondotso- .s /nientiOl'SlmrapnsIdTerUogulritorby H prom• irient Georgian, a Jurist whom I know, and -:j'.a6notodoil<.to;try4u offeots In my case. J ••• httvo'iuodbat two bottles and am satisfied ;,;. that 1 have struck tlio rlglit thing at 'ost. I felt itj,ljoncflcliil olfeots almoflt immediately, Unlike all otnoi' preparation of a similar kind no special Instructions is required as to (TfUirt.'.one;;shnll- or shall, not oat v.iThtefuct ^nlojio'ouiiht to commeud It. to nil .troubled iJir?th dyspepaln. J.,N.::HOIME8. il, N. .). of .body oan bs ;aeonred , -or, (Disorganizing 4#(e Bire.teui, by taking 'SIMMONS' : «. Soo.'t.lint.yon net tlio KODUlno. i're- ""• pnrcil by : J.'H i.ZKILIK £ CO. , PlillBdclphin, Pa. .............. " MONTHLY \ For Girls, age fifteen and tinder. IN 'MONEY IGLES. u ^irflt,,Montlily,,rair. The dis- ^tribution of Eremiums will befor 1 yard long, from 1 to 3 inches wide of Thread Crochet Lace Work : First Premium, Cash $2, 2d " " $1. 3d -££ " Article Goods, AWARDS WILL BE MADE EVERY 2d SATURDAY, IN EACH MONTH, COMMENCING SAT- 1 URDAY.APRIL9 next, between 7 and 9 p. si- Roods entered for. comp etition must be sent;in by 3 o'clock p- m- same day, or sooner, with name and age of maker attached, so they can properly be returned to owner- Miss Middle Bartlett has consented to act as Judge with assistants, ory Goods Department of A Jnror and Her Hoy. Sf/ie Woman's Journal gives a very interesting 'account, of the experience gttincd In Washington territory, where women, sit regularly as' jurors. The writer says; "Some features of the .now departure were sometimes slightly comical. Once, when the jurors reported in attendance at the opening of the term, one among them, summoned from a distant, point of the county, was H woman somewhat lank in person and unfashionable in attiro, who held by the hand a small boy, very round and rosy,! of about 8 or 1 suminors. Nobody supposed she would bo allowed to remain with that small iticurabratice, but the judge told her if the child be- havod well slie imight : keep. <him.:with her. So, when she was drawn - (which was frequently), she/ always took the end chair of the bnok row of ;seats, und the round little boy, took a tiny rocking-chair which the shorilT had kindly sent, down from his own home, and here the little fellow would sit thropgh .the. long hours, calmly, rocking and his thumb, or -looking at a pic- turn-book,!seldom sleeping, apparently attentive 1 to .what- was. going, pn, and never; once trQnbling,bi8 mother or distracting her< attention. ' -Mme. Foil has published.a "novelen- titled ;,«Monte,Carlo." This {lady has spent, .many * weeks at , v thfc .•; celebrated gambling-spot/, observing- life j there, and her "lOrdi aiid^masteiv'K who; iby the way, is an '' Irish-American <| named FoJey r .two. years .ago: lost- thefej $5,000 at one sitting. JtJe.prptnisOcLiliis wife he "would never gamble i.again if she, would forgive him. She;;fpi'gave him, and he bus never since,'gambled. Absolutely Pure. This powder'Hover" varies. A marvel ol purity, strength whol«gouione»s. More economical than the ordinary hinds, nnd cannot bo sold In competition with the inultltudo ol low tost, short wolelit, alnm phosphate powders. SOUi ONI.T IN OA.N8. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 10(1 Wall St., N. Y. JanSdwly W, A, HILDEBRAND.Prop. Third st, Alton. N, B.—33aoh month a different line will be mentioned. Lucas Pfeittenberger ARCHITECT, CJENEHAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Qulce oil»ono door west of PiaBAt third floor. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS —AT— C. A, Schlueter's Agency. For Snlo, cheap, cor. of 7th nnd Alton sts.; frame dwelling, 4rooms and collar, routs for $10 per month. Foi-Salo or SiMjbaugoo—1CKI acres, 65 in mil tivatibn, 2.V miles northeast of Fostorburg, at a bargain. For sale—FJve-room brick house, story and n hulf, corner Eighth .and Mechanic street. Oan be had lie a bin-gain. Good property to runt. One fl-room now housn, with collar, cistern and coal house. Lot 60 by 111) on Uth and Market strf. For sale—one 8-room boueo and,otu> S-room house, tith and Market sta. Lot 60 by 110; good cistern und coal house, at a bui gain. For sale—Id acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For sule-660 acres Improved farm with good house and stanles in Woodson county, Kiuwtix, R. R. I'utiB across from Fort Scott to Wichita, E miles from county scat, For sale—70 acrns partly bottom land, im provttil farm, near l>ov»oy, with plenty of good buildings on some. .For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good IIOUBPS, In this clt.v. For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage in Uotlmlto, with plenty of ground, stable anil good water on promison. Forsalo or exchange—Two sections of U.K. timber land In So. Missouri. 160 miles from St. LoiilD on tho Iron Mountain If. It., at a bargain. For sale or exchange, 3 acres of ground on Main St.. adjoining 41 ay or Ooppingor'u on tho fiast. For snlo or exchange—6 HOuUons of prairie land in Crocket county, Texas Will soil clump. Suitable for any fanning purposes. Threoaorcs adjoining l>r.Roberts on nnrtli. Five lots on Drv St., adjoining Thomas lilg gli-b' rOHlilonoo on tho o>tat. One and a half lots In Ilawloy'B addition. One and a half lots In Shelly'* addition. Any of tho above property can bo bought at annrRiiln. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Buffalo, N- Y., one of the best companies in the U. S> And other good Companies in addition. C. A. SCHLUETER, OffloeMn my New Building, on Second street. LATEST • JKT-BW8. Six men wore horribly burned yea-; wday by an . explosion of molten metal at I'ittsburg, Pa. The British steamer Carmonia is _iven up, at New York, as lost, with nearly forty seamen on board. The Missouri Pacific round house at Omaha burned yesterday. Four "ocomotives were destroyed. Four negroes, accused of having murdered a boy, were lyncded by a nob at Yorkville, S. C. Tuesday. John Workman, a farmer of San- amon county, Illinois, was robbed of 80,000 by two strangers who got away. The bill appropriating 8550,000 'or the improvement of the State canals, which- recently passed the Mew York Legislature, has become a law. The Inter State Commerce Commission is already struggling with the long and short haul clause, .vhich promises to furnish the hardest nut the commission will have to crack. Father O'Leary, for his strong sympathy with the Knights of Labor extremists, has been been ordered out of the Diocese of St. Louis by Archbishop Kinrick, but says he will not go, und threatens to lock borns with the Catholic prelate. Some surprising political revolutions are reported at the Ohio local elections Monday. The city of Cleveland, for example, which was largely Republican iast year, is now Democratic-, and Toledo, which was Democratic last year, now goes overwhelmingly Republican. Election H. BELLEVILLE, 111., April 5.—At the election today Michael Reis was re-elected Mayor by a large majority over Crouch, the Union Labor nominee. LITCHFIELD, 111. April 5.—A good vote was polled to-day in a free for all race. At .present the following result is indicated ; R. F. Bennett, Mayor, over E. R. Davis. STAL-NTON, 111., April 5.—At the township election here to-day two tickets were in the field. A joint Democratic and Republican and a Union Labor ticket. : Tlie joint ticket was elected by majorities averaging about 100. Ca'pt. A. Burns, Rep., was elected Supervisor. CARKOLLTON, 111., April 5—At the town election, held here today all the old officers were re-elected, as follows : Supervisor, Ealon A, Eldred ; Clerk, D, M. Fiahback;, Collector, F. M. Robert; Assessor, N. ,1. Andrews; Highway Commissioner, A. J. Tunnell. SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 5—The count in the city election is not completed at 11 o'clock. Hay, Dem., elected Mayor over Jayne, Rep. ''Probably the only Republican elected on the 'city ticket is Grout, for City Attorney. Th e Republicans will retain control of the City Council. .HIGHLAND, 111., April 5—The entire Republican ticket in this (Helvetia) township was elected to-day No opposition except for Collector. DECATUU, 111., April 5—Returns indicate the election of the entire Republican ticket over the Uniou Labor candidates by a comparatively large majority. A light vote win polled. Democrats made no nomi nations. STUART'S OAUBOLIO AGIO TROCHES, certain cure for sore i limit, coughs, colds and hoarseness. Wait one hour after eating before taking one of the troobeu for dyspepsia. STUART'S ARNICA SALVB, surest euro for out a and burns. BURKS' LINIMKNT cures all pains. Piiarly teetU and a awuot bruutl) can lie tmd only by'u-lng Crosslor's Wild Hoao Tooth Powder. COULD NOT SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Mudloinu Co., Quiiicy, 111.: When in your store I wus so bourse 1 could not spunk aloud. Tbu first doso of y»ur White Pino holpeil mo, and by 9 o'clock I was entirely relloveU. Twioo 8ine» I have lost my voice, but, inking tho Pine Bulsnm a fuw times tins givmi relief. Nothing over bonolitteU mo Illte Mii8 hiis.—Mrs. (Judge) J. H.Williams, 444 N. Oth., Quincy, III. CURB FOR SI UK HEADACHK. Of tho many complaints promptly relieved by Lktle Apricot Pills, num has yielded quicker than nervous am sick hcadachu. Nino cusoa out of ovary ion of hoiidnohe nro caused by sluggis! and inactive liver. Shot through the throtit by Burks Whito Pine finlsuiu and killed a sovuro cold In throo days. If yon don't boliuvo it. just try it. Price 60o at druggists. For sale in Alum by E, Mursli. itpl aw 1 w A slight cold often proves tho fore runner of a uomphunt which nmv ho fnttil. Avoid this result by inking Ayor'x Ohorry Pootorul, the host remedy foi ,cold8, cou^lis, and all throat and lung dwlw .Mt«s Bratlilock'R Great. Income. In an uvliolo on "Tkc Profits ol Novel-Writing," in The Cosmopolitan, William Westiill, the English novelist, says: It will thus ho seen that novel- writing nowadays' is a precarious and not very profitable calling. A very fair price, as things go, is $2,000 for the serial rights of a full-length story, and assuming that tho author mukes $400 by tlio.throu-vohimc! edition and as much more by a cheap edition, his total profit would amount to $ii,800— not a groat deal, considering the labor and tho time that tho writing of a novel involves. It should' also be boruo in mind that unless a m.iu strikes oil at the first venture he may have to peg away for years before his reputation justifies him in asking threo or four hundred pounds for the serial- right, or n third of the smaller sunn for tho other rights. Ho may, indeed,'-' never obtain anything like these prices; and after one or two attempts, retire discomfited from tho field. On the other hand,. there arc undoubtedly prizes, and if a writer ,reaehea tho top of the tree and is as prolific as Miss Braddon, he can make, if not a great fortune, at' any rate a handsome income, by his pen. Miss Braddon, I should think, makes more money by fiction than any other writer of the day. Hei- fertility is prodigious. She obtains high prices for her serial rights. She has kept her copyrights in her own hands, and her books are always selling. Novels that shu wrote twenty and more years ago are still bringing grist to her mill, and if she were to stop writing to-morrow her two shilling novels would continue to yield her a revenue for as many years to come. I believe Miss Braddon gets abouf $5,000 for the serial rights of a new story, and as she writes something like two a year, or at any rote three in two years, her takings from this source alone must be considerable. There may be two or three other writers who command as high a price.but none who is equally popular and prolific.— ' Whether her works will live is another question. i am speaking of the present. When General Mantetiffel, in 1800, levied a contribution of 20,000,000 florins ($10,000,000) on Frankfort-on- thc-Main, Baron Mayer Karl von Rothschild WAS indignant, am\ demanded: "Does your Excellency realize the full meaning of the word million? Has your Excellency ever seen a million of money?" The general was nonplussed, as, indeed, he had never seen such a sum at once, and to get out of the pickle he altogether remitted the con tribution. Frankfort thereafter always considered Rothschild "a bigger man" than Manteuflel. Before that General Vogel von FalkRiistein made an assessment of 6,700,000 florins ($2,280,000) upon tho city, and sent "two soldiers with a wheelbarrow" to fetch it. Ho was much surprised to learu that the BUinof money weighed about fifty tons. BROWN'S Combining IUON with PUKE YFXIBTABIE TONICS, quickly ana completely CUUN8K8 und KKUICIIKS TUB I1LOOD. QnlckcnB tlie action of the IJrer and Kidneys. Clears tlio 1 complexion, makes Ihe Kldn smooth. Itdoeaoot Injurotlio tenth, eannclicsduchr, orpradncecon- nUpatlon—ALL OT11EII IKON MKOICINE8 DO. FliyBioimiB aud DnJKglBlo (ivorrwboru recommend It. Jill. N. S. UuaoLEK, of Murlon, M«a»., Kn;s: "I tiK.'otnmenil Itrown'ii Iroti BitUnt an a valuable toulo for cnriolilugllin blood, and removing all djiipoptiu ejinptoniB. It dooa not liurt tlm tooth. 11 Da. R. M. DKUEli, KeynoldB, Imvu proscrilied Browo'D Irvn Bit oldB, lad., «w>: "I BltUira in cattoti or nuicmla aud blood cltftajiBOH, also when a (onio WAN needed, aud It Uaa pruretl tuorouglib' satlsfaotory. ' Mn. WM. BTBMB, 26 St. Murj St., Now Ortwiw, La.. Bays: " Brown's Iron Blttnrs r«llovi)d me in a p«w* , of blood polBonliiK, and 1 tioartily couimeud it to tliona noflditiff a blood purinur. MB, W. W. lloHAHAN, TuKuinbla, Ala., Bare: " I Itnve boon troubled fniin clillduoou with Inipuro Blood and eruption on my face— two bottle:* of llrawn'6 Iron uittarfl effootod a verfect cnni. I cannot epealc too blguly a! thin valunblo mvdicino." OetlQlno liou above Trftde Mark and crotttod nnl litiea ou wraiiper. Tttkc no otlli-r. Mode only by 11UOWN UIICU1UAL CO., UAI.TIMOJI^ Ml*. . KLBNK ONDEETAEER, Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets, And Burial Uobes For Ladlos, Gontlomon nn>l OluHlron. Office and Shop on State street OvcrHBrt » Mvory Stifoiii. Will attond to Job Work mil* UopftliinK Furnltvrft. •ll^ Patents. To ny povtionn wlshliiH to obtnln I'ulont on new lnv«ntloi)H, liiiprovmuunta t> leiilKHH, I will nzcouU) rtnuvlnga und spuolfl •nttona anil uiuko iiiiplloatUiiib for 1'utonte *' ! ooueultittloii lii'pfij'tioii or by luttn , (roc , III. SUCH AS Velvets, Body and _ Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths;Ktigs and Mats, Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of I am offering tlaese goods at the very lowest prices to cash l>u yers. Al I are invited to call and see the beautiful new g'oods&learnthe low prices. ALTON, ILL. A NBERMABH. FOB THE BEST BUGGY IN THE WORLD. AGENTS TOE THE (I WARRANTED FOR FIVE YEARS- lies THE CELEBRATED Studebaker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND, MOWERS. Headquar- ttfrs for EUPIONT aud CARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL OILS: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES ; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our SlO BUGGY • HARNESS. NKW HOME SEWING MACHINES, , $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered • to any part of Uie city. H,K, Cor. 2d and State sts., ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. f 14 ROOT 1 !-! THE LEADING J. rim OUL/ I rl, JEWELER, GO TO SBELY & SON HEADQUABTERS FOE 1 Picture Frames. Brackets, Base Balls az>,v** Croquet Sets, etc, A full line officBM* Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remeinber the THIRD STREET, OPP. MLLE. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE W WI? TflTflPflAPH llln .UJJI fiffi, lUiLliliMril, iUu By mail or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Mndison county

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