Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 5, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1887
Page 4
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'"NEARLY CRAZED witixpftirf' Uthasadert of many a victim of ihetftartUid-of ne;iraJgia,hnd irequeiul;- other diseases, mich n« kidncv and liv complaints, are directly traceable to rln-- matlsta or neuralgia. These diseases, i'< gome uneiplu'muble reason, are rapidly >i creasing, und iii many instances arc In direct cause of much sickness which K hide* lu real origin as to be iniglakcu I'u- other diseases. In curing rheumatism, noi; ralgio, eick lieaduche, anil In many rases ».. kidney and liver troubles, Atiilopliorrm hu : wrought woiulcrs. Those who have \is«i! it are best qualified to speak of its nun-it. 11. L. Andc-rgim.Sg'iWcsl Lake HI., Chicago, 111., says: "1 have hud rheiinuitimn off anil on for inuny yearn, Iml never so had mt the last attack, being tit llinl time confined to my bed, and tumble to move without lh« greatest pain., My wife implied hot applications, so hot that it would nearly blister me. This was only temporary relief, for ns soon as the application was cold the pain came right back. I saw among the names of parties advertised as having used Athlo- phoros some I knew, so I concluded to give it n trial. After rising it a few days I was well and have not been troubled since. One bottle was all I used." Last February,'.!. S. Boeder, Theatrical WR Maker, No. 182 West Madison, Office 8, Chicago, 111., was very bitclly crippled with inflammatory rheumatism in one of Ins lower Hmbf). Mr.Reedcrsays: " It first commenced by footswelling. 1 thought it was dropsy, but the pain was too great for that, then it began to spread up my leg, nearly to my knee. Oh I thcpainwasexcruciating. I was recommended to try Athlnphoros, and with Itss than a bottle of the medicine, m.y theuroRtiBmwasentirelydrivenfrommysys. t«n,and I have never been troubled since. ET«ry druggist should keep Athlophoi-os *ud Athlophoros Pills, but where they cannot be bouslit of tha druggist the AUilo- .phoros Co.; 112 Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is 51 .f:0 per bottle for Athiophoros airl 50p. Cor Pills- For liver and kidney cllscaned. dyspepsia, Indigestion, weakness, nervous debility, discuses of women, eonstlpatlnn, liendncbe, impure Wood, Sto., Alhlopboros Pills mro uncqualed. t ALTON DAILT TKLEGRAPH. .» 01 l»i iMMjfntH (EfttetM n* ««ooi»fl-ol*i» ( toi«ttto i*t the f. O. At Alton, III.) TUESDAY EVK., APK1L 6. De Prenclicr nod Do Hants. Ditr -mi/ u liotis r by~liitself In an ole ficl'. DC house* wtiz off ix piece frum «o main DOIL Offffi IlftTe boon enjoyed by citizens of every town nnd city in the U.S. MnrvelouB Col-en huvo been wit, noesec! by thonsands of peoplo, who ciin tCHtlfy to " ?rui WOSUBBUH. HEALING row tut or Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralflla, Toolhache, Headache, Earache, Oalarrh, Croup, Soro Throat, Lame Back, Sllff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Soro Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BV- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. ' For Stile. A convenient ami pleasant homo at a rca- Bonablo tl^uro, beltij; ti two-alory frame house on Elgnth stroet, near llonry. fur Hale. A euoloo farm ol 320 acies. with flrat olaae • inprovements, sltnfttocl 'iii miles east ol Brunswick. Oliarlton co., &to. For Hale. A one story frame dwelling house In gooa condition. In Topping's addition to A Hon. For Sale Cheap The residence ot Onpt. \V. !• omo; two •lories and mansard roofi IS room 4 balls. closets, cellars, oto. : 8 acres of groiin Most •leslrable properw In the olty. Far Male. Iboaci-osoJ land near city limits, SL...O ., two Btory brteh and trame tlwe u aouse, both nltuated ou the oat o >.ato street between 8th and 7th icots- ^o tlio brick - block of stores on Secon :reet, between : Ileui and lUOge stroet aown as Hunter*' row. If 01 sale. .miuall frame •' ..Inn house within n ne olookBOftlivil t for $375. 160 acres f good laming laud, and unothei tract ol 00 .uros, both unimproved. Sltuat. In Mot co., Kansas, at $10 and $16 per aor< respectively— one-thlrilotuth.balnnceon tlmt For Hal*. A I arm of 140 acres on uottom land, all In cultivation, near Maolson, In this county, A gnod two-atory frame dwelling on It. '' Price $3,000 1< or Snio. A choice farm ol Wu acres, situate ). mile south of Uhlpman, Macoupin county, 111., at n low liguru. Partloslniendln|?to buy Uoal Estate In tho city ol Alton or vlolnltv will Und It to their Imuresttoeall at thu olll.-o of Umiuvahuuatm & Bonn tug and oiumlne tliolrllsto. properties for sale as only part thereof is advertised. A. J.HOWELL, -DEALEI17 IN- FURN1TDRE! do main row). Homo rich people uacter lib tlur wiiiift, l)iit 'ley luul nil died out DC trumps an' till dc pusMons trnlji'ling !ilonj.r de ronil wouldn't stop sit house, 'i-aiso ilcy hi'in-il hit wna nn' vn\7. »fe:ird ' <!R hunts would scnro 'cm off. Aft or tiwhilo dar I'onitMiii olo prcnrli- or iilonjf, an' hit M-IV/. vuiniiv, mighty honby. Hi- nxcil .some (iii do tiubor* cf he could put. »p ill <ti- house, in do liol 1 fur do ni-rhl, <v, hit wti/ Bitten bcfry diivk boutdut timi'. DC iiitlwrs tolo him ho could stay dor cf ho wuntid tor, but (Int, tU; bttildi'n' .wiiz 'bout -pbon up tcr (In limits. Da preacher ncbw snld much, bill, ho bornu-iiil u box of liidfum matches an' ;i big tnlh-r cnndil. Wcu hu tronipcfl straight lor do house an' struck alight, an' went in peart wid his head, holt high. De fust thing he fotin' wuz nu ; ole table in the closes' isornder ob de down-stairs room. He drtwod hR out inter de middle ob de flo'; deli he tuk his bible from de big inside pockit ob his coat, laid hit on de tnble, pulled a miljewcd rockin'-chair ter de side ob de eandil, tuk his seat easy, nn' opened dp book. All dis time de daddy-long-legs and de cockroaches wuz orawlin' in an' out ob de walla; de spiders wuz movin' in de big black cobwebs, an' de. nits an' mouses wuz makin' a raekit all ober de hous'. De preacher uebcr tuk no notice ob de varmints; he wiped his specs' wid a blue hantlkereher, put dcm on. an' sot inter readin'. DC rain wuz fitUin' an' fallin' but de. win' ncber blowcd much, -an' de caudil kcji' still ex de preacher. 'Way long 'bout, de middle of de night in walked de body ob a bull-dog widout a head. He neber barked, but when he got, clos' tor do table ho moved baek'imhj slow to the front door, and banished swif inter darkness an' de rain. An' de preacher an' de candil bofe kep' still. Afier awhile a euw come in wid no horns on her head an' no motionin' ob de tail. She crossed de room an' passed i'roo' the, wall by de side ob do chhnbley. An' de preacher an' de candil neuer moved. Nex' dar come in two black cats wid monstoiiH heads, and eyes ez big ez de owl's a blinkin' at urn from de dark etn ob de room, De eyes ob dcm cats look like coals ob lire wid no ashes ou urn. Dcy crope up onder do table whar do foots ub de preacher wuz Btretched out tin' mounted on um. De hiir on his head ris' we'cu dcy tetehed him, but ho ncbcr sed riulhin', an 1 kep' a readin' in de <rootl book. Jest 'fore de breakin' ob do day de flame ob do candil lep up. De win' ncber stvnu' it, for do a'r wr/. still. De light fell sudden ez hit ris', and sot inter burnin' bUie. Den in com a man wid a 'ooman fol- lerin' him, an' bofe of um in long white clothes, wid de smell of de grabcyarcl all ober dem. Do wuz ghosos! Do preacher ncber hod knowed urn, livin' or dead, but, he shet dn bible and ivxked um easy: '.'Name ob de, Lawd, w'at. yo' want?" Den (ley tolc him dcy wuz from do t'othor worl' and wouldn't res' happy in de churchyard becaise ub some money dey hid afweduy died. De.y said 'twas nine t'uusau' dollahs, and wu'// buried "'way down ou a hillside." PCJ- tolo him wliar to line hit. Den de.y said dey had two brudders lilibin', an' begifed de preacher ter git do money itu' gib de brudders two t'ousiui' apiece; do balance wuz his'n. Dey said 'twas gibon ter him fer spciikin' ter deui. Dey tolo him doy could res' happy now, and dey lef him. An' de inorniii' broke wid de preacher scllin' aide table wid bofe hands on de bible. DC ccud ob de talc saydatde preacher foun' de money, an 1 done right by do brudders. An' it f lor dal euuybody could sleep in de house. Nobody neber wu/ brave eiinfl' ter speak tcr de hunts till dcr preacher co lie along, lie jes' sot down and read de good book all night — William JJ, llaync, in The Bicvitac. in tho milk state. All tho corn w rtsint,about the same time, 1 ftfld nna as n mn'tter of course It all Matures or becomes. hnril in about :the some iVumher i>f dnys nltor' the seed was planted. It does not'seeui to occur to moat • fnrmur.9 to plant a ftftv hills of com during..every week from April to July nutl thereby socuro a succession of roasting can. Many fann- ers do not iiliint, weft corn for table pnryfosoH hei-ntise they hitvo no se'Oil or for four i I will "mi\" with their ordinary dent or Ilint cum.. They deprive themselves of a ffreat and very chunp luxury by not pluming nweol. corn nt diiVcrimt'timcs in the spring and_carly stimnicr so as to secure, « succession of green ears. Popcnm is as dcsicablo in tlio winter :is sweet, corn i* during llio summer and I lie early part, of the fall. It, is as e.nsily niisiM as common field corn, is an t'xeellent artifle of fooil, can bo prcpiu-wl for eating without expense, Mini is pnnniilivo of household hupptncss. Still popcorn, _ plain or sugared, is more 1:0111111011 in lite city than in the country. The condiments chiefly, found on farm-house tallies nre pepper, vinegar, eatsup, and mustard. Not infrequent ly grated horseradish is found. But the^gardcn radish, one of the most delicious of vegetables, as well as one of tho bust of appetizers, is rarely raised by .farmers. The few who do raise garden radishes sow all the seed at one time, and have them in a tender and crisp condition but a few weeks at most. By sowing a few seeds ou rich, sandy soil every week from the time the frost leaves the soil till the latter part of summer fine' radishes can bo secured for at least half the year. By sowing the seed of the black Spanish radish at about the time the seed of Hat turnips is usually sown a supply of somewhat inferior radishes can be obtained for use during cold weather. Garden cress, or pepper-grass, is not as generally raised as it was many years ago, 'though it is an excellent relish, especially when used on cold meal. Watercress has no superior as a relish, and it. can be raised almost without trouble, on the banks of streams, the margin of springs, or the shores of lakes. A bod once established will i emain in good condition for, .yours, and will supply fresh stalks foi the table from early in the spring till winter. Few farmers pay much attention to raising melons, and their use is less n-'iiiir- • in t.he fouiilrv than '" t.lie city. They do not rank very high »3 articles of food, but rtiey contribute to good living. During the past few years the eonanniptum of melons has increased very fast in cities, and housekeepers find' them economical to buy, as they take the place of pnstry. Good melons can be raised as far north as corn can, :>ml every fanner's family should be. well supplied with them. Mrs. Jenness Miller of dress-roforn: renown will confer a great favor or humanity if she will invent; a pocket for n. woman's skirt which can be found by the average husband when tho dress is hanging in the closet. Gray hairs will turn raven again, aud Mrs. Miller's monument will grow right out of the ground itself.— Puck. "Don't stand on the order uf going" —but gu straight to the next corner and buy a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, if you want to cure your cold. Farmers and Horsemen read this !—I find Salvation Oil a most excellent liniment among horses and 1 take pleasure in indorsing it as a certain remedy for scratches.—James Thomas, Franklin Road, near Baltimore. Columbus Dispatch: A. now spark arrester—a female tire brigade. Peculiar in medicinal icerit and wonderful cures -Hood's Sar«aparil!a. N iw is ihe time to take it, for now it w.ll do the most good. 8 Hloks-Ucitoli'B 1/ost Eyesight. , . Sir Alicbnal fllofesrB'BAoh's. .stjfilgglc agnlnst Ills malady was n gnllaiit one. His sight sonle time sineo grow dim and reading beenmo difficult. All documents lately submitted to him were copied in a hand almost 113 clear as print. His secretary brought him one last Friday. Sir Micheal looked at it and said:" "I cannot read such writing us Unit." Tho seoreUxry answered. 1 . "H is the same hand as usual," and Sir Michael dropped Ihe paper, exclaiming, "Then it is all overl" Ho saw- Lord Salisbury the same morning, who reluctantly agreed that ho had no choice but to resign. Sir Michael's physicians htul lung been urging resignation as tlio only means of ultimately saving his eyes. Whether he will regain fairly good eyesight is uncertain. English oculists do not operate for cataract till both eyes have grown dark, and it is uncertain how long in Sir Michael Hicks-Bench's ease this period may last. The success of Ihn operation, they say, will depend largely upon tho'patient's health. If it proves successful he will be; able to read with glasses to replace the lens extracted. Whether he can return to active public life is doubtful in any ease. Excitement in Texas. Great excitement has bocu cau«ed in the vicinity or Puns, Tex. hy the. re- mnrkulile recovery of Mi. J. E. Corley. who was so hulplos* ho could not turn in bed, or raise his head ; everybody said he was dying of Consumption. A trial bottle of'Dr. Kind's N«w DHCOV. erv was sent him. Finding relief, ho bought a larije bottle and a box of Dr. Kinu'sNew Life Pill*: by tho time he had taken two boxes of Pills und two boitlec of tho Discovery, ho was well and had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial Bottles of this Groat Discovery for Consumption ireo at E. Marsh's. Large Boitles $1. Ap 1 d wlrn The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suli, DrtiiTiilM, Bippus, Ind., testifies! "I can recommend Electric Hitlers as the very best remedy. Evoiy bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare druggist, Belleville' Ohio, afflrms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bittors." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that, iho verdict is unanimous that Eltetric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Livor, Kidneys or Blood. Only a hulf dollar a bottle at E. Marsh's, Drug Store. apldwlm BncKien'a Arnica Salve. The Best Sabe \n tno world for cntu, uruises, sores.u-oers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail SKIU eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill mch7dwlm CHICAGO AND AL.TON. On nna attar eundnv, Nov. Uth, im, on thn ouiongo nna Alton railroad, win i«im tbo Union Depot, Alton, Htaiulard time, ni follow)!: E'or Ulilonffo nnd tho Ilhuti Chicago Mail' .....,.,9:00 OhlooKO Accommodation*,,..... <fl:00n.>n TjIprliUiIiiKRxpruus".. .. Pool-la ami lloolt Island Fast Llnot.OtOO a. m iror Jnrknoiivlllci, Kccikuk, O.ullmy, Knn< laan tllty.aml oil points went. KriiiBiuiOlty Mall* .. ..• 0:00n.m, liiinBHoOlty Expreflij*, ....... .,,, 0:1(1 p, ia jiietisouvUlo Accommodation)... Ytdii pi in •for Nt. I.imln i LluhtnlnKB.xjn-c.HH* .,0:46 ft. ni Oliluiigo Aoootmnotlntloil*. IliilOu, 11, Altou Sticoialt.... i IZiSB p. m KuiiHiiBCity Mall* ....r>:lt! \,,,,, ~ ~ ' .iniw Mullt li'SOt.. i' —'•' ! m: LOUIS UNION DEPOT HOll ALTON. WHIPPLE& SMILEY, REAL ESTATE, 17 r>0 n. m. H Id *7 Mn.i 60 p. in. *7 IW i). m. (8 45 n. m. 8«lltUiyt>on!y). 'Dully (BjccoiitHuurtay. Bup't. 81.' LoulB Division O. G. NOUKIB, Tlckdl Aircmt. nuiiL,iJNMT<M. lonvu.tlii' Union Depot, Alton follows: g Northi KapruHS (ejtwpl Sunday) ... ; 8:85 a. m esu . . 7:05p.m V.W. AUNOT.D, Aitont. TltB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoeiilx, Franklin, of Phlladolyhtaj German Amoricaii; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Onion, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.' Continental; Glrard; Glens Fulls. A-iutsrcan i.entral; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Ooi Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived »ud urrivtfig for the Spring Trutle. WlPDOW 'GLASS! A Specialty, from Small to LurgoHt At tlio M<1 rol'nbli- HOUSH-PAINT1NG raid DECORATING ustnblialunont ot NEFF & OBERWIUELLER, Fourth, east*of Belle st. foblMSin $20,OOO,OOO. WB AlaBO RKPKEBBNT T11K Mumol Benefit Ufe, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident lua. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor. Third and State sts. DANVILLE Breeze: IT'S a wise child that resembles its richest relative. Flue Kestdcuoo for Sale. Thn Into R. DoBow hoitiQ-itoiKl, now owned by M. U. Uuilor • o»ii, altiuitcil on llnu <>f lioi-su railway, la U|n>oi- Alto.i; II m.nns, butli room, tunineo, ami Rood one buildings, two uoros ot ground, will bo sold tit a bar- Kiiiu. I'osseijalon jjlvon on co'iipluclon ol talo. wiill'l'LB & SMI LEY. For Kent. Two-story liouso and jjood stable on Com- mouttroet. Good Astonishing Success. It is the duty of every perao'n who has used Boschce's German Syrup to let its wonderful qualities be known to their friends in curing Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all throat and lung diseases. IS'o person can use it without immediate, relief. Throe doses will relieve any case, and we consider it the duty of all druggists to recommend it to the poor, dying consumpuve, at least to try one bottle, as 80,000 dozen bottles wore sold last year, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a medicine as the Gei man Syrup cannot be too widely known. your druggiit about it. Sample bottles to try, sold at 10 cents. Regular size, 75 cants. Sold by nil drngtti-'ts nna it«tilers, m ihe United States and Canada. j 3 dw eow ly Ifor Sevan lots wlcli good lirlclc dwolllnst nnd KO-X! repair, In Unpor Alton. Ucaliiencu ol U. E. "olllnu, und known us tlio Merrill property. WIIU'I'LK A SM1LEV, Alton, or J>. \v. Oollel, Uppar Alton. For 8»lo or Adoslrable tenement ou lilult struct, owned bv Mrs S. J.liutro. A Full and Complete Stock OONSTANTIA' ON HAND. FOR UPHOLSTERING N'oixUy anil promptly executed. Belle at., bet. Tbirri and Fourtb. —AUJO— PNDERTAKER. KE8IDBNOB COU. 8T.VTB4 8EVKSTII 8TS 200 BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Ttvblo UHO., iu,;i4 Ib. llnon aaoks and 5O Ib. HaokH, for Halo by J. A.BYBIE, Hoino-Orowii The majority of {nnpcrs, in tlioir de- ro to pltint nnd sow ninny acres in vluxt nro known us tlic slfiutltvi-d or 'oinmorciiil (M-ops, ordinarily neglect o raise vntiiiy littlf 'things that nro »-cry condiuilvit to jfi.nnl living. Por- iiai'is the Khoi-liu.'i-,-f of tin- si'iwon in this |)nrt of tho country is the main eutiso :>f this negleul. it in i-i'i-tiiin Unit the (able* of peoplo who livo in towns lire mu-li liritcr supplied with lino giuxlen vi;fri'Uil>l«'s und sninll fruitn Ihiin those of ftimili'iH who liv'o on fnrnis, cspoflally on Inrjri! farms or tlioso that art) but lint, partially Improved. I'liniu-ra gen- omlly havi- calili.-i;;r. onions, boots, turnips, <'iii:imil)crs, and to. inntocs, Inn very tow of thorn vniso ' is as easily raised j; pliuil, 'whiuli cuu us littlo trouble tis is \'er,v rui'i'ly found it is broiight is sup- innrkol caiilillinvdr, wlilt-'li us r.t>l)biig«, m 1 t' bo produced with loniatoos. (Jutury in a farin-hotisi! from soino large town, wliiuh plied with vegetables by a l!y the old methods ixtlory was a very espeii.svu (ilaiit to raiHii and liliint-li, but by the improved methods it ean bo gro\\-n wjth little dilllculty, and It deserves to havn u place iu the gardmi of ovory farmer. Almost everyone who ruUw corn has groon curs for ronsilng nnd boiling. Hilton many farms the time of lining Uutm IB limitixl to two or tlireo the usual period for corn to ro- BOSTON Beacon: How to make * Malissu orosu—by stepping on his tail. The most popular carriage spring on th • marKet todav is the Rice Coil. All who try it pronounce it the most SPDSN ble Invention and-the easiest rider that was over conceived of. dwlw Low'ell CW»j?cn:The cook is the proper party to bold the steaks Personal. Dear Bro. Meek, Ed. "The Central Methodist, 1 ' Catlettsburg, Kv. I see in the last "Central" that you want a sick headache remedy. I (juffur- ed from sick headache, almost from infancy, and tried everj remedy I could get, but never found anything to do we good until I used Simmons Liver Regulator. 1 feel for anyone that suffers with that tumble disease, and I hope you will give it. a trial.—U. S. Morris, Brownsville, W. V. »" th B wk Energy will do almost anything, but U cannot exist If the blood is impure and moves sluggishly in tho veins. There is nothmir so good for cleansing >he blood and Impaiting energy to the svstem nit Aynr's bursaparilln. 1'rice SI. Mix bottles, $5. Sold by druggists, dwlw Washington Ortttc: Broken china is what it is cracked up to bo, 1'relzel's Weekly; Pieoo Congress an old fashioned quiltinsr party. > If tue Sufferers trom Consumption, Scrofula and general debility, will try Scoit's Emulsion of I'uro Cod hmir Oil, with Hypophosphites, thoy will llnd immediate relief and a peniiiinont benefit. Dr. H. V. Mott, Hrontwooil, Ca.1., writes: "I have use'J Suott's Emulsion with great advantage in onses of Phthis is, Scrofula and Wasting Diseases generally. Il is very pnlntnliln." The OreAWst Cure on Earth for 1'nlii." Will relieve raoro aulckly t Jinn nny ntlier kno\vn remedy: Hhcmrmlt.'m, Kcin-nlRltt, BWL'lUuy;*, KlllE Nyt-h, Rvulw?^, lltiriiH, Sf.-Uib, Cul-J, I.unibn- ro, I'lnilriKV tro, , , mrknclie, oulnev, BWP Throat, ArlMlnt, WoiHKtj, luadanno, 'ootliaoupj flpralns, tto. I'dcu ruin. n. liotilo. Sold by ull OtAUtton.—Tito (?t-n- Inu H.'tI»Ml/ojv oli l)t»rfl our d Tttiilc-Mark. tmd our fnu-Hlmlla slunntur". A C. Mcvcr •«• ''" Dr. II"" 1 '•nihth Syrup 'will '••looimlv 18n •' WM.L KLUNK JOSISI'U aAltltKTT'ft LIVERY STAB LE ITBONT STUEKT, I1KTWKKN ALBY AMU K ASTON, • ILL1NOJ ruvldlv / AL.UV; dl^TUV • • ,L Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robe for t/ndlcia. Odiithimen anil Oliildron. Office an<l Shop on State Btre«t rjvurlllil^ 8 JAvurv tstubiu. Will uttuiul tn .loli t^.wi. «... iinnri'f !ns Kni-nl 1 "'-* 1 'ft/. '"EMPIRE" MILLS, SKOOND STIlBK'l' (Sunr l'ln-,11), ALTON, IH( KOIt 8ALK : Ground Oats, Ground Corn, Hay, Oftts, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flonr.otc I'UOlll'Tl.Y DKMVKUKI) TO ANY PAUT OF TUK 01'1'Y. M.WILKINSON. Jy7 OM Fur fittjk The lute residences of J. j. and W. H MltclieU, on Mill St., two 01 1. r boat plcoos ol roBldeuce property In AUoc. Tnu propei-ty known u "TUo Park, oasiot ubovo; H lott- on Mill tuirt Summit utrouts, an ;1 a uumbor ol ots In Miller * Mitchell's addition t<> Alton Kor Sale. A 7-rpoin brisk dwelling und nut buflUlugi ou Thiid Bti-cet, butwumi Olu'Vry und Vine. •WIIII'IM/K* S»l BY. nn K2iit. GoodO-rnom lirlolc liouso wllhulVMitl acres of Ki'nund.liu-ludiiiij oroiui-'i.ln Upper Alton. Ktirmur ro»UU:nco ot lit 1 . Uuuibon. Will'-PLK& SMILEY. For Uoui. Luto roBldnncu ol U. J. Noonaii on State iti-«^(it, known us tho A. ''Intt plauu. Uood II i-oum brick liouyn. In tlrut O|»HH i opulr. Wlill-PLB & KMLKY. for nuit>. - ' The Morrlmun proportv on Stato strno In Millor & Miohulf'H add., to Alton, IK story bouati, Sroouia and oat-uui.'diiiKBi ulllii Detract ordar. Can bn bad ut ti bi'a-Knln. WHU'l'LKjStjiMILKY. Kor SlUe or Hunt. Tlio 2-story Iritniu dwelling wltb 9 rooina. InoluUliiK 7 lnt»: wood burn und llnu Units known as tlio Muhnls bomostcnd,-Itimtuii on 12th 8t,, in a dcslv-jolo nulitliboi-liood. Wltll'l'UE A !HM1I,KY For 8nt«. A oonvonlpnt tarni of laoacrus, tuoBt ull In Cultivation; eltaatoil on thn Hnttialtn mnd, n 1 " • -»s»m Mfov. • A lit Htory aud Filth atrii For Mile. fruinu dwulllng, ooriuir I'i'iirl iH. WHU'PLK&aMII.K' for Hill*). Tlio Wondroot pvopuity, A 't Rtory Irnnu hoiiHii ol 8 room.'), on Klftli ivd Alum strc.ota u 4 room friiuiu houmt nn KHtli « Wdll'I'l.K ASMI1.KY. For limit. A two Htory brick dwelling Iniown nutln> A,. Plutt lioinuijtuiid; latoU put In u<iod repair. Wllll'l'LK A .SMll.KY lloHlrnlvlu Kt^Hltliuic^H for Sulo* A twoitKmy brlvk du'iiiiiii|j| on Stum Rtrnot kno'ui IIH A. I'liitt liuini'HtL'ud, lately put lt> iti««l ropulr. A (.wu Htovi triune <lwullli>ii OM Slain Htnift., ncnrly now. A two stoiy. Oilck dwiMlltiK on suvniith btrunt, nil lor fait; n 11 sui'i-lll««. owimr liuvln^ 'ii'ddml t" *r witll'l'LK * «M1LKY J.SUTTEB&SON, its FINK ANJ> COMMON E* CRN I TUBE. A. Full mill Ooni|.l<!«> Stock A on lland. DO NOT FALL TO GIVK US A CALL KHKOBIfi 1'UUCHASING. >r,.'ll FtHlNlTUIlK HOOMH AHBON Srate Street, opp, Third, apBdwlv i/, '' i I t,i iO '*, MBBAii fABJB, 1878, WurronUxl ulmolulely pur* Cocoa, from wlilcli the eicwn o( Oil hiif bten removed. It \uutthrte times '.he strength of Cocon mhwl with Stnrcli.' Afrowroot orBnpr, ourt In therefore fur more economical, tuxttng tfM than one cent >z cup. It lu delicious, hourlehin;, olruusllicnluf?, easily digested, nni mlinlmbly. mln))t«d for Invalids as well us for j)erHOti«_in ht'ftlth. tioitl by <irMorH every ulioro. Day and Night During aa acute attack of Bronchitis, a ceaseless tickling in the tliroat, and an exhausting, hacking cough, afflict tho sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great prostration follows. This disease Is also attended with Itoarueness, and sometimes Loss of Voice. It Is liable to become, chronic, involve tho lungs, and tunninato fatally. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral affords speedy relict aud euro in cases of. Bronchitis.. It controls tho disposition to cough, and induces refreshing sleep. I liavo liecn 11 practising physician for twenty-four years, aud, for the past twelve, liavo suffered 1 from annual attacks of Bronchitis. After exhausting ull the usual -remedies. Without Relief, I tried Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. It nfferted a spocdy cure. — G.. Stovoall, jSI. .13., CarrolllOii, Miss. Avcr's Cherry I'cctoruUa decidedly the best remedy,. wii.liiii my knowledge!, for chronic lironchh in. mid n.i-1 hint; diseases. — M. A. Kitst, Jl. J)., .South Paris, Mo. I was attai-l;r:d, hist; wjiitor, with rv severo Cold, \\ liids : girtw \vorsn nnd wittled on my Liitics. .n>-mi«ht. sweats I was reduced almost to u'sUelcton. Jly Cough was iuccfi.saiit, und J. frequently spit blood. -My physician told inu to give U|> busilieas, or I. would not livo ft month. After taking vitrlotis remedies without relief, I 1 was llnally Curod By Using two hottles of Aycr'a Cherry Pectoral. I am now iu pcvlect bi-alth, and alilo to reauino tuisineis, after having been pronounced ini'iirablo with (7nTisnmptlou.— V S.'P. Henderson, Sdnlsbnrg'.i, i'cun, For years I was in a di-clino. I hail weak 'Uiu"s, aud, suffered from Bion- chilis and Catarrh, Ayei-'H Cherry 1'oc- toral restored inti to health, and I h.ivo been (or a Ion" 1iino ro-.npavauvely vigorous, In caso of a Riuldun eohl I always resort to tho Pectoral, and find spew relief.— ISilwnrd K. Curtis, lUUland, Yt. Two years aso I sufforod from a severe Broncliitis. Tlio physician ixtlcniUpg rao hecaino foarf n 1 that tho dlsonso wottlil terminate in Pneumonia. After trying various medicines, "without beuelU, no prescribed Ayor's Cherry Pectoral, whicli relieved mo at once. I continued to take this ihodlcino, and was cured, — ISrnqst COlton, Logausport, Ind. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer Si Co., Lowell, M»«., Bold by nil Druggists. Price »1; »lxboUI«»i*&' ISLY'ti C1WAM It wt a It'/uU, viw- tort*. et BO Mnt» a t U EU BROTHERS

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