Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 5, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1887
Page 2
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AUOH Dim TEU30BAFH. B* W. T. MORTON, Cat. Third and fUutm HtreeM, Alton, I». TOWNSHIP TICKET. Election April Oth. Supervisor: JOHN DOW. Assistant supervisors: J. K. BUTLEU, OHAS. HfiXDEUSOS, A- F. BBTZ. Town Clork: WM. M. qCIGLEY. Collector: JOfIN P. KUUK. Assessor: ADOLMl INVEEJf. Hl(?hway Commissioner: JAMBS TIIIHJSU. THE SMOKE PICTURE. A T»«iw. Enny, unit Suggestive Method ol Making nin<*-aml-Whlte Work. HORTiCUJ/rUBAt. me«e«n»t ot the Alton^ontberi llllnoli Horticnltnral Society lor April. The Alton-Southern IlllnoU Horticultural Society met at the residence of tho lion. J. H. Yager, In Alton, on Saturday, April 2,1887, J, S. Browne, presiding. The residence ol Mr. Ywser Is beautifully situated on the corner ol Ninth and Langdon streets, on ground well laid out and -well cared for. Nature seems to have aided the owner lit his •Iforft to Improve this splendid piece of property. On tho President calling the meeting to order he stated that E. A. Klehl, Secretary, being unavoidably absent he would appoint Wm. Jackson as Secretary pro tern. The absence of the Secretary was certainly ^srr unfortunate and was tho more noticed from thef act that, with a single exception, the Chairmen of the several standing committees •were absent also. On motion tne reading of the minutes ol the la«t meeting was dispensed with. OHCUAKOS. Mr. Yager stated that Mr. Nichols', a neighbor of his, was going to have name poaches, and, In reply to a question, he stated that the trees were budded trees. On examination of a peach tree by the members, on Mr. Yager's ground afterwards, they found that there were quite a, number live Irull buds upon It, "but a. general feeling seemed to prevail that there would be but a small crop of peaches. Browne-In discussing tho prospect for a crop of apples said that 7ft per cent, of the apples could be saved from the ravages of the codling moth by spraying the trees, at the proper time, with ft preparation of Paris green: K oz. of Paris green to 3 gallons ol water. Browne-All pruning of grape vines, If not already done, ought to bo done at once. On the subject of tying up thoro seeuiodtobea diversity of opinion; some recommending tying »p at once, while others thought It best to leave them alone till tho buds had started. Jackson-rreforrod to tie up as seon as through pruning or about the present time; thought there was not so much danger ol destroying tho buds now as when they wore farther advanced. The Goethe grape wa» 'especially recommended. SMALL FHOITS. Browne-Wai through planting strawbor- rleaa; principal plantings Were Capt. Jack and Sharpleas. Jttckion—Had not begun to plant yet preferred to plant after the fruit stems had de- veloped.plantlng and removing the steins at the game time-.thought that It was somewhat of ft «BTlng of labor. lu'reply to a question, be !«tated that he would plant largely ol Jersey Queen, Sharploss, Minor, Champion and Backer State In about the order named of newer kinds would plant Ontario and Indiana. . . HynuHmn-Had not begun to plant and would not plant many this -year. Hollard-I am planting Fay's Prolific cnr- rant as fast as I can propagate It. 1 think it Is the best currant we have. The prospective fronts of small frolts In general and that of strawberries In particular were discussed at considerable length and the Secretary, contrary to his usutil habits ot modesty, talked a groat deal, this was the cause of much comment as at the beginning of the meeting bo had stated that the Secretary ought not bo allowed to talk much. UlXNKIi was now announced and the member! as n body were well able to discuss the good things sot beloro thorn by their hospitable host and ho»»08s, whether the President was absent or not during this good time deponent cannot say, but If ho was thoro, he must have boon Ir. Home corner. VKOBTAIItK*. UUlard-Wus going to plant a collection of / potatoes that ho bought at auction ut tbo meeting at Mr, Juoknon's last year. Browne—llecommeniled Lee's Favorite potato. Jackson—Had several good k!nd», hardly knew which was best; Intended to plant over au acre of potatoes. Browne-Spoke in favor of tho Essex Hybrid squaih and got into trouble lor hl» pains. 8otno of tho laJlos presunt stating that the squash was not good for anything. (Concluded to-morrow.) THEY SAY IF OUIVBELOVKU DKAD. I'BINTBD I1T W.yUICBT. They say if our belovnd dend Should sock the old familiar place, Some stranger would bo thoro Instead, And they would llnd no welcome place. I can not toll how It might bo In othor homes—but this 1 know; Could my lost darling coma to mo. That he would never llnd It so. Oft tlmo» tho (lowers have «oino and gone, Oft times tho winter wliidx have blown, The while his peaceful rest wont on, And 1 have learned to llvo alone. Have slowly learned tram day to day In all life's tasks to hour my pnrt; Hut whether grave, or whether gay; I hide his memory In my heart. Pond, faithful love has blest mv way. Aud frluuds are round mo true and tried j They havo their place—but his today Is amply as tho day ho died. How would 1 spring with bated broath, Aud Joy too deep for word or sign. To take my darling homo from death, And onvo again tu cul! Ultii uiluu. 1 dare not druam—the blissful dream, Kllllii my heart with wild unrest; Whore yonder cold, while marbles gleam, lie still must slumboi—Uod known bust. Uut tills I know; that thoso who say Otirbnst beloved would flml no place Ilavii nover hiingorud overv diiy— Through yours and years—(or ono Hwcet face. Mouoy to loan on improved farm Dtouortv. For particulars, apply to p v * WUIPFLB* -**• Painters are proverbial inventors. They were more so in old times than a* present, for at that time nothing wa> established and every painter had t» make his own colors, canvases, and sometimes the implements he used Nowadays they are still an invcntiv* clftsa, for to secure a, method of paint ing which shall be distinctive of blown work only a painter is obliged U try new processes and combinations o) processes until he reaches one whicV thoroughly satisfies his desires. Tlu results of such research are sometime* seen in our exhibitions, especially ID black-and-white work. The monotype. a painting made with printers' ink 01 a waxed paper, is one of the more rec. ent inventions of the kind. The peculiarity of the monotype was its facilitj of handling and a certain rich quality of color which compared well with the etching. The first monotype waa made on ti copper plate, and then -was transferred to paper, having been apparently suggested to tho author^ by the "rubbing" process in etching. Only one impression of such a plate could be made, and the experiment has proved practically useless to the arts. A still more recent invention, and with more novel and valuable effects, is Mr. AV. Hamilton Gibson's -smoke picture." Several of these smoke pictures were recently shown in the room? of the Authors' club, where they received very general commendation foi their broad and striking effects. The "smoke picture" appears to be something entirely uew. It may be briefly described as a black-and-white made by a gas llama upon a cardboard or paper ground. In Mr. Gibson's first experiments he held the paper before a horizontal flame, and bj passing'one part after another across the flame secured masses of lampblack, which he found he could manipulate afterward to great pictorial advantage. In this awkward manner he was able to evolve a landscape of decided suggestiveness. Later he attached a rubber tube to his gas-fixture, and with a suitable nozzle at the end was able to sit before his easel and manipulate the gas pipe as he would a brush. After this innovation he was able to obtain greater accuracy and to study better his effects. After the paper has been coated well with varying shades of gray and black it presents perhaps the suggestion only of a landscape or figure. Detail may then be put in with a brash, with the finger, or with any desired implement. Where the removal of the black by this means leaves too white a surface the gas flame passed quickly over it -will subdue it as gradually as may be wished to a deeper tone. In its present state the smoke picture is in its infancy, but it is certainly a promising one. Led to it by a desire to secure some relief from tho excessive detail of his ordinary method, Mr. Gibson was astonished and charmed with the results of his experiment. Every touch of the flame seemed to suggest a new theme. The whole was broad, yet marked with graduations so delicate as to be inimitable by the ordinary method of black-and-white work. Meanwhile the bold and intense blacks assumed a rich, velvety texture and depth which seemed remarkable. Unfortunately, the quality disappears under a spray of fixative, the liquid apparently forming a solution with the lampblack, which loses its character by the displacement of its particles. Could some other method of preserving it be found it would add to the sum of our knowledge in art a new black by the sides of which the ordinary ivory and lamp blades would appear light. Tho pictures which have thus fur resulted from Mr. Gibson's experiments are above all broad and suggestive. Tho process is so rapid that its value for sketching purposes is already assured. It shows itsolf furthermore capable of giving remarkable "qualities," being capable of the softest and smoothest of even surfaces of the most bold and broken, according to the im plements used to manipulate it, the texture of the underground, or peculiarities of application. Mr. Gibson hopes to carry his experiments still further and to test the value of his smoke picture for illustrative purposes. Meanwhile the process is so easy and material so cheap tua» numbers will doubtless try it for thorn- Bclves.—A'ew York Commercial Advertiser. at the Executive Mansion in February. He was pushing through the crowd unaware that he was drugging along the lady—who did not want to ruin her expensive jetted sleeves—at the end oi his conltall, and she implored him to stop in vain, for he did not hear her. Finally he became disentangled as to the coattail, and went off not knowing that a bright colored bow of satin ribbon was flaunting from one of his gilded metal buttons in the rear. He had not felt her pulling to free hot sleeve, because the pressure of the crowd all around was so great that o tug or a shove more or less passed unnoticed, and the noisy music of the Marine Band drowned her voice. Another army oflicer, whoso uniform •was now, had tho coat riu'ned by one of the tails being torn off at an afternoon tea in another officer's house. The button on his coat had become entangled in the dangling beaded tassels on a lady's dolman, and the wearer of each pulled in opposite directions, am 1 the tassels 1 proved, strange to say, the stronger, aud triumphantly carried ofl a section of the coattail, which was torn' in such n way Unit it cannot be mended so as to bo wearable at all.— Washington Letter. _ OH! MY BACK gAOKK^COMPAJKY^ SPRING ARRANGEMENT, The Btoamer The man who tries to please himsel) has an rasier time than he who tries tc please everybody.— -A'. O. Picayune. Shorter Hours For Women, „, THE ° BEST TONIC ? .rcngtbcos the M""^,., the NerTB8< Enriches the Blood, Given New Vigor. tfimuiBu «' 111" j- Bitten entirely i a~*£££?*<^S^^&^ nM^<SEMicALCo.:uai.TmouK.»iii. B. UOSS I'OWBT.I . E]) HM , OK( y lor « I. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Kagln will run as follows, vizi ISA VINO ALTON TOE ST. LOUIS points every evening »t5:iOo clock M,Tue WHlstle will be sonmled fifteen minutes boioro sturtlugfor St. Louis. rnt To BT. Lows, KonwTKn' TWBBTt 75 (THE NEW QU1NINK) . _ No bad effect No headache No nausea. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CBNTIIAL ILLINOIS U. U. 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TJIUE'DODOB! j er * 3 ' On and after Thursday .Feb. 17th, wlllleave commenMnKonnv, April ttb. rtcamor Hudson wlllleavoSt. Louis tor Altoi lort- litre, Jersey, Griifton aud ill puluts «u bt. L . tc 1 1! u'duili-, except -Sunany, nt 8:30 a m arriving at Alton nt 11 a. in. Keturntng will leave Alton (or St. Louis at 5:4;i p. m arr vln« at St, Louis lit 7:30 In ample time foi parties to attend tlientrss, etc. 1'artlee .purchasing round trip tickets will »>««»"£<>*»" state rooms without extra cost. Round ti ^ tickets ol steamer Spread Eagle or Hulls ^ will-be honored by either boat for rotuin passage. Boat will leave Alton for St. Loul nnl«.«r on St. Ixmls « Uentval Illinois liailroiid for Jerseyvillo. \\tt verly.SptlnKfloldaud all points north and east ' FARE. TOST. LOUIS, iliiKle trip, . - • 5*? •• " round trip, .... '•>•> i- " twenty riae ticket, . •.. *? l0 HENUr 0. TATUM. Gen. Afit. Alton H A. 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Joseph's Hospital. N. V.: "«'! .J" 0 '. 1 ! onsidered Indispensable. I* JfWP 0 /,'?^; I'm* W V Holcotnbe. M.D., M East Join St., ALIM. ,T . * . """"" *r «»..,, O»*llrtrr«l\ WMtflfl' , ^., *™ **~w-——- —. >f.Y.(late' H. Y. W College) writes; "Kaskine is superior to quinine lu .J' 8h ^ff !l1 " < : power, and never produces tho sllghtust m jury to the hearing or constitution. 1 Thousands upon thousands write that Kas- kine has cured them after all other inodl- elneshad failed. Write lor book of tosti- TtaSrfne can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., M Warren St.,>ework. . C. U. Dentist, 13 THIKO STREET, ALTON, ILL. Offlco Uonrs—S a. «. to 12 m.j ' G. A. Dentist, OVER BRDBOO|gl^| T _ CIGAR STORE 1o°J rttf PBTSICIAJfS AND ueeu tolflt would be-a-mp^ cure y& _ Reference, G. W. Lattlmer. Drugjflst, Rich- JOHN BAUER, I was troubled with Salt Kheum for a num- berolyeors. so that the skin entirely came off one Tmv hands from the finger tips to tho wrist. I tried remedies and doctors, s prescriptions to no purpose until I commenced taking Cutlcnra Kemcdles, and now I am entirely cured E. T. PAKh-LB. i ura WIUKJIJ 3 _ u Northampton 8ti( Boston. JJlimBGGISTS BJiDORSE THEM. Have sold aqnantitj-of your Cuticura Remedies. One ol my customers, Sirs. Henry Kmtz. who had tettnr on her hands to such an extent as to cause the skin to peel off, and lor eight years she suffered greatly, was completely cured by tbo use of your medicines. C. N. NYE, Druggist, Canton, Ohio. ITCHING, SCALY, PIMPLY. For the last year 1 have had a species ol Itching, scaly and pimply humors on my face to which I have applied a great many methods of treatment without success, and which was speedily and outinely cured by Cuticura. ' MKS. ISAAC PUKH'S, Havenna, 0. Wo have sold your Cuticura Remedies for tho lost six vears, and no medicines on our shelves give better satisfaction. • C. F. ATUEUTON, Druggist, Albany. N. Y. CUTICURA REMKDIES are sold everywhere Price: Cuticura, 50cents;Resolvent $1; Soap, 25 cts. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass, send for "Uow to (Jure Skin Diseases." , . nUTTTJC Pimples, Skin Blemishes, and \X JK>U HD .Baby Humors, cured by Cuti- cura Soap. DEALER IN AND MAN 01*A' OF FURNITURE, SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, All kinds of flne ""d eommo^farnltnr constantly on hand. Also UIIUP "lA30KOUT"lERET THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! DR. K. GXJK1.1UH, Physician ana Surgeon, QUICK W. A. UASK.1SLL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFKIOE—SECOND ST., ALTON, ILL. Offlee hours-Ja.m.: 12 to 1, tt«4R p.'.a - '"*" White House Crushes. Ono hears—now that the season it over and there i» an opportunity to recapitulate tho experiences of one's sell and friends of both sexes in the "crushes" at the White House and elsewhere at "tho height of the season" —of some most ludicrous incidents. The tulle dresses, whose, owners knew no bolter than to wear them into a crowd, fared the worst, one might say, if oven tho stout cloth of which gentlemen's coats are supposed to be made had boon able to withstand Uhe close contact with the clothing of ladies which a crowded reception necessarily involved. Whole widths of lovely tulle gowns, worn for the first time when they met this fate, wore soon clinging to thu velvet toileto of other ladies which had 'swept pant tho diaphanous gurmeiils; or pieces of the tulle or embroidered orapo were lefl hivngiug to tho buttons of gentlemen'* coats, tho wearers of tho tulle and th» coats being wholly unacquainted in spite of the close juxtaposition. In this old fairy tale pearls and diamonds fall from the lips of the fortu- natoly endowed damsel, and in lieu ol tlmt poiu-ls and crystals have showered from the toilets they hud garnished when worn at unterlainiwmts in Wtvsh- ington. One l*dy had Iho jot of her beaded lace sleeves caught in tho button on the coattail of an army officer's full 4reBS uniform at u card reception Catarrh to Consumption. Catarrh In Its destructive force stands next to and undoubtedly loads ou to consumption. It Is therefore singular that those allllcted with this fearful disease should not make It the object of their lives to rid themselves o It. Deceptive remedies concocted by Ignorant pretenders to medical knowledge havo weakened the confidence of the great majority In ail advertised remedies. 1 huy be- como ronlgncd to a lire of misery rather than torture themselves wltli doubtlul palliatives, lint thin will never do. Catarrh must bo mot at everv stBKO and oombattod with all our ml«lit. In many cases tho disease has assumed dangeions symptoms. The bones anil cartlla«« of the nose, thu organs of hear- Inu, of seeing and of tasting so alfected as to bo useless, the uvula so oloiuDto:!, the throat so inflamed and Irritated an to produce a constant ano dlstiusulng coui/h. v sanford'8 Hiidlcul Ouru meets every phiipo of Catarrh, from n simple lioaU cold to tlio most loathsome and destructive stiigen. It is local mid constitutional. Instant In relieving, puraianent in'curing, salu, economical aim novur fdllliig. , , . .. , Each jiaclcago contains ono boltlu ot the Itadlcul Cure, ono box c.f thu Cutarrhal tiolv- ent, and an Improvud Inhulur with troattse; P l'ottor Drug and Chomlual Co., Itoslon. The -undersigned have opened a new fmuslo store at tho corner Jof Third and Plasa sts ORGANS AND PIANOS! of /tho Iflnest v. ork'manshlp for sale at reasonable prlcea. Call audoxiimine our instre- monta before pnrchaslnu oUowbero. FLOSS; & RABE. mch22dw6m W. F. 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IM/ ,f itxmciitfyfrox'&&&ttr&i lligfiAitthnrlty, 'ton UiOrnt lu not, m ftny sonsc, <ui !••;>!;'II'.: l>i-vrru<;e or liquor, and could •nt l>i' >-did. for ime, except to persons ,1 ; i••iir. uf obtn'tninK medicinal Wttcra, GREEK B. KATJM, U: S. Com'r Internal Rev. Wnthington, J). C., Sept. 34,1884. . Dfnr Sir—Why don't you gel nccrtlfl- no from Col. VT. II. W., of HaHlmore. Klio\vluc how he cured himself of drunk- mcHs by tho help of Hop Hitters. His Is 11 wonderful case. Ho is well known in UochcsJKr, N. Y., by alt t he drinking iH-opIo there. Ue is known in this city, linctnnatl, New Orlenns, New Yorkj la act nil over tho country, as ho has spent tiousnuds of dollars for rum. I hoiifstty , idievo )ii3 card would bo worth thousands >f doJlftta to you in this city and Bnltl- inire alone, and make thousands of sober utu by inducing the use of your bitters. J. A W „..„......-'.»««. •'Eleven yours our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the care of -cverni of tbo best physicians, who- pavo lii-r disease various names but no relief, ii nil'now she is restored lo us in good licalth by Hop Bitters, that wo had unobcd n! two years before using it. AVe •iirncstly hope and pray that no one else vlH let the.r sick Buffer as we did, • on account of prejudice against so Rood iv wtdiv.iiie as Hop Bitters."—2/ie J'arents •-Uood Templars. Milton, Del., Feb. 10,1880. Having used Hop Bitters, the ho'led remedy for debility, nervousness, incli- '•(•stion, etc., 1 have no hesitation In say- m"- that it is indeed oil excellent medicine ami recommend it to any-0110 us a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, Kuv. Mns. J. II. ELLGOOB. Seipio','lf. Y., Dec. 1,1884. I am the pastor of the (Baptist church here and nn educated physician. I nm not in practice, but am my solo family nhvsician, and advise m chronic wises. Ov.:i' n year ago I recommended you t lion Bitters to my invalid wife, wnohns iceu under medical treatment of Albany s jest physicians several ycnrs. She lifts >een greatly benefitted nnd still uses HID. medicine. I believe she will .become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. Wo both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailmcuts by them. REV. E. R. WARBEK, C tired of 7>HnA < ffip. "A young friend of mine -was C .redof an insntinble thirst for liquor that had so prostrated his system thai he wits uunlib to iio aiiv business. Ho was entirely cured liv the use of Hop Bitters. It allayed all il'iut burning thirst; took away the appetite for liquor; made his nerves -steady; and bo bus remained n steady and sober itian for more tbun two years, and lias no oV'siro lo return to bis cups, and I kmw of a number of others that i.avo ' cured "f drinking by it."—1' rom h I" K. K. Ollicial, Chicago. I !1 ^____J Hundreds Have Been CURED By tafcing tho'6ltEAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials arc being received dully regarding Its •wonderful properties. Eminent physicians endorse It us tho greatest medical discover}' of tho <luy. Tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL Is a Nerve Food, v Building up tho nervous sy sten aud tho tired brain. An •,*'•• Anti-Periodic Or Preventatlvo of Chills, ^evor and Malaria. An j-.' Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming the-cvll offeets ol excessive alcoholic indulgences. A NonJUcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho entire system. If you are Just recovering from Btokneaa, no known remedy will give strength and health BO last. Vrlco, fl.OO per bottle at all DruggleU. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO,, J54 LaSalle Av., CHIOAOO, itt. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTKJE. ESTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deeoaeed, . Thu undersigned, huvlng been appomtea Adinlnlstrator ot the estate of Efeanpr P. Guild, late of |Uie county of ^Madlsoa and State ot Illinois, deceased, horebv Btvea notice that he will appear before the county court ol Madison county, at the court honw. In Edwardavllle, at the Hay term, on the thU-a Monday la May next, at which ttmeall porsons liavliiK claims *agalnglX88ld flfltare are notlflod and requested to attend ipr Hie purpose of having tbo saiao .Adjusted:. AU persona Indebted to said Estate ore requested to make immediate payment! to tho undersigned, .ir Datoa this llth day of March, A. D., 18OT. ' 1'EULBY B. WHIPPLB. 2i!d4w "• Administrator., GJR.EAX fK _r~* l *i¥i$t}1l&fttu. ***-"~ '— ALCOHOUCMjIDQTE FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANQEMENJS. An Immediate relief for prostration caused by ALCOHOLIC) EXCESSES. A Stimulant wuloli. when taken with Soda, Vloliy, A|X))lliiuria, Boltzor, or any Bpnrkllna- Wator. will Bupvly tb» Cnivlnif for Strong Drink, without Hu dlnaatroua roiiulti, leaving nivnif or rong r, tbo Byotom rofroeliod and Invleoratod, SYRUP, most agreoablo to take. , Prcparod as a UKAVY OttbY BY TUB BOTTLB.-< Bolns non-alcoliollo, It oommonils lueU eg- peclally lo Physicians, Lawyers, TouohorB, Olergy- riion, Morclianls, and othore followlntf Bodontary ocdupatlons or pursuits, requiring norvo onervyi CHICAGO-lu. | U'S'A- PR $ 10 S9. PER Doz/

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