Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 5, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1887
Page 1
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',"TW»" n-fcT^M,. , ,• I,, r , , ^t , , t >. , , , «,..,,, f ; , r i- , , i, • (• , i ' •• ' ^ * '»"•" ' * •< r<l ; ^*' • V*c>a 4 >•* * '' 26* ALTON* ILL., TUESDAY *VJffi*ttNG. APKIL 5, 1887. KUMBER 263. , The importance of purity lug the blootl cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you caiittot eftjoy'good health. At this 6cas6a nearly every one needs 8 goodincdlciuo to purify, vitalize, andeurlcb the blood, nnd wo ask you to try Hood's D^/oiilioi* Sarsaparllln. It strengthens rcCUIlai nn d builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones toe digestion, • ' wjiilo It eradicates disease. The-peculiar comblnntlon,- proportion, and • preparation of the vegetable /remedies used give to Hood's SawapariUa peeul- -r— |4. ea |f Inr teuratlvD^powers. Ko IwlloOII' othermedl(!lnohaseuch,arecordotwonder{ul cures. It you'have madd np your mind to buy Hood's Snrsaparllla do not lie Induced to tatco any dthcr instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Bnrsaparlllaissold by* all druggists, ' Prepared by C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar MONTHLY Fair For Girls; at and under. Moaning of "Sublime 1'ortfi." • , A <plirnoe often scon in dispatches from Constantinople'is thus explained; by M,*JttHiftvd In hta orticlo'on -Lifa. Borionth the Crescent," in the March" Cosmopolitan: The building of the porle, called sub* lime* is, or WUB, a kind of long, low barraekSj without, style and without jwuty. A lire destroyed parb of it "some yenrs ago. Tho phrase "sublime porte" is np'- plied to both the building and the administration, two things that lire important, but neither the' one nor the other i» sublime. This wor»l has, however; a very aneient'origin.- *When the Turks, long" before the conquest, were orily itonles bf',Tur,tara' and nomads, their chiefs or sultans Were in the habit of 'fltepending' justieo 'at ithe<door of their tent.. There the cadis 'Hssembled , •and'hdard" the-compluint andi.the defense. 'The* sultan uppwrredrupoti the 'Spot only at the conclusion of the' trial to'getthe opinions of tl« l judges and •to render his decision. To go to the pprte wui for the Turks the' equivalent of seeking justice at • the hands of the sultan aud'Ms cotinselors. As to thej pompous J epithet, ^'swb- ;Ume.' r cplipleu ivith this ^por'porte, it •is one of those.) oriental -'speeches that the flattery .of tlie weak has bestowed voluntarily,-upon the, tyranny of the strong. TheTurkish language abounds •In these ; qualificatives-T-l)iglniess, bxcel- loncei divine,i celestial, sublime—which in our day atid in the westr offpnd the dignity.of those that receive them, and of those that bestow them, but which one in the east can freely bestow upon high personages without laughing or making them laugh. IN MONEY ^first ^Monthly JFairi The dis- 'tyibution of Premiums will P *be for l*yard long,-from. 1 to ?,, 3ti inches 1 ,*wide of Thread , 'Crochet Lace'Work: irst'Premium, Cash $2. " " SI. "Article Goods, BE MADE EVERY 2d SATUEDAY, IN EACH-MOJflH, ^ COMMENCING SATURDAY, APRIL 9 next, between 7 > and 9 p. m. > 'Hoods entered for comp etition imxiet be'seot in by 3 o'clock p- -m- 'flame day, or sooner, with name and age of maker attach' ed, so they can properly be re-, turned to owner- . ' POWOE1 Absolutely Pure. Tliu. powder nrvor varies. A marvel o purltv, strcV'iztli wliolosumencHa. Mni-o eoo nciuifcal than the ordinary binds, am! raunoi ho solil In computjtlon with tlie multitude nt low test, Hliort wp'jfht, alum nhnRpl<a'e:j)Ow flHre. POI.D ONLY IS DANS. ROYAL' BAKING POWDEBUO.,100 Wall st..N. V. JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC. A. SchlueterVAgency, For Snle, cheap, cor. of 7th and Altnu uts. ; frame dwo.ltnjj, iroouiB and oel ar, rents for $10 PMF montli. .' /Frti- Sale or Bxclmnprao-lOO aeires', 85 In eul tlviulo i. 2K mlios northeast ol rented to act as Judge with •^assistants, orj^' Goods . '.Department of W. A. H!LOEBBAND,Prop, ti 'Alton, For sal«—Flv«-ro'>ra brick hous<S story and n Ualf, rprnerEighth and Mechanic stroot. Gun be hud at a bargain. Good property to On'u 0-room now UOUSH, with cellar, cistern and ooill bouao. I«ot 60 by 110 on Ota nnd Market strf. For sale—one 8-room house aud<> IP S*room houstvHtti and Market sta. Lot!60 by 110; good cii.torn «nd oonl house, atabainu'" ' For eato—16 acres In Nnrtli'Altori with good orchard, burn and plenty of water. .For. sale-SCO Bcroa.lmpravod itarm with Kood lii)U9i'nnd stit'ilos In WoinUiHi county, Ktmeiu. U. R. ran* aorosa (K>ra t'onSoou to ;Wohlta,5inlIo» from county bout, VPorwlo^-75 aorna'partly bottom' land, tra protedmainv.'.ueat* uorsoy, iwltli* plouty of : good bi'lldinaa on tmmo, >For 8alo-ilQ l jp(Bboi? s of isvaluttblo property iwitligooUliouaoai-tn thtflcitv. <-ror,8iilo or exohanaQ—A nlou little cottage lu .Uetliulto, with-plenty-of ground, stable "uJ ijootl wmor on iwm'uoe. CftRiiftlo pr qxpliangp—TwpisootlbnB of U.K. ..mbufUn'diiifio.'UleaQrttll'lbOmilea from St. J,oul» ontbolron Mountain B. It., at a bargain. ; For salo or dxalinnge, 8 acres of grnuu'l on Main Mil utljolrilng Mayor Ooppingor'a on tbe east.' . , . ..., . , jforsaUi or exohamto—« Boailona o£ prairie laml-UV-Orookec oouuty, icoxus i Will null cheap. Suitable for uny fitrmlng purjidsos. TliMsoiujreu adlotntng'UrUtnberta oil uurth. Iflvo lots on Orv Bt. 1 , aOJuinlng Tlioiuus Big- *•; N, B.-^Eaoh- month a- differ ent jjnb will be,mentioned. *Lticas TOiftfeixberff er ' 4ABOHITECT, GKNEHAL 8UPEIHNTKNDENT AND 'MECHANICAL DHAUUHI'BldAN, Offloe on Third Ht.,ono iloor west t]bir<l floor. -> LATEST KfiW/J. ''Govi Hill h.w uomtnAXoil a K if'Lftboc tind ii Grangdr for thj fork railroad cohimiBsiou. , Miss, Catherine -'Wolfe, h vfe\\- tnown wcaltby.'and charitable lady of 'New York oily, died yesterday. • News from Afghanistan indicates hat a bloudy civil, and perbaps tur-national, war is not far distant The salary of the White Hall post- nasler is $1.!?00 pur year. The loo house olllcu pays 81,100, and ,he Cnrrollton otBee SI,700. Twenty-fou^ buildmg-t w re con suited ' y a conflagration in the biis- ni'ss portion of Omkaiille,' Tenn.,' Los9,.§2oO,000. . . ... low In Hrtwloy-a addition. "One and n half low'ln Slielly^a adUUIop. <Any nt tUo above propm-ty oau bo bought at a bargain. I also represent 'the Buffalo German ?ire. Insurance Co., ; Buflfalb, N. Y,><0!fte of the best , companies in the U. S. And other gooa^ Oompanies in addition C. Ar Office in ray New Building, on Second If iherp is'a Democratic lawyer in Southern Illinois' who U not a eandU dale for United Biates Distriot Judge the faot has been kept very quiet. 'Iwo men were -killed, one fatally. mjtfred, and one* badly 'hurt by the Bursting of a boiler on i he- steam boat 'barley Bowen, near lli<jkman,'Ky.f Sunday. s sv GuernseyiBaker, a farmer of Har / inonsburg,' was Jelling, timber Saturday •, a falling* tree struck his Uplifted ax- «nd it was buried in his brain. John A. Logan. Jr., and bride are spending ( their honeymoon'in iFI&ri- da. 1 They will (return to Youngstown, Ohio, via the Atlantic coast, b}' the middle of-April. Trouble has arisen between'"England and Venezuela, and England is concentrating 'naval and ' military forces in the port of . Caracas, the Venezuelan capital. II S. Canfield, the reporter who was imp'isoned at> Austin, Tex., by order of the Legislature, has sued the members of the body for (damages aggregating $110,025. The journeymen car 'enters of Chicago, some 5,000 in number,' went out on a strike yesterday. They dfmand 35 cents per hour for eight hours a day. The fact, that the later-State Commerce act forbids discrimination against colored p rsons on the railroads takes i iff its sugar coating' for tin) people of the South. One hundred men took J. ! IT. JIo- Kenzie, the murderer of 3. II. Riggs, from jail at Corning,' Iowa, and hanged him to a tree Sunday morning. •William.K.- Rogers, a wealthy citizen of -onoma, Cal. ,is said to he the notorious William Kissane, who was indicted for forgery in New York in 1854. Dr. Charles Brine, a prominent physician of Avoea, WU.,,is >jail at Du'dgeville. Wis. charged with killing his wife to secure an insurance of $'10,00u on her lif',-. Admiral Porter is said to •; have realized a'bout $60,000 already from his naval history. (>f late years it iuiv be truly said that the warrior's pen has. been mightier than his sword. 'They are "erecting ouildmgs for nine different colleges at Wichita, Kas. If the-.nine were coiiso'icl i <ter into onesa* great deal of, jrood 'brick w»uld be saved and the .-duuationa fiicilitlfs of the institutions vastly iinproved.'•• mill ilam at Ingersoll 'Ontario, was carried away by a frebbet'yes- terday and vhe'flood caused thereby s.w pt 'away a'tenement-Mouse occupied by four families! Sixi persons weve.'dvowned,, v , • • Secretary'Whi ney :bas decided to order'.that the historic battleship Kearsarge, be repaired, at Ports- m^uth, N. H., .despite the;'f»<:t that the old vessi 1 is almost worn put, This decision enoouvagfS naval oflV cers to hope that the Hartford, another of the famous wooden vessels will be kept afloat as long • as possible. Judge-'Crresham, of the Uniict States Circiiit.Court, has appointee Hon. John MoNUlta. 01 Bloomingtnn III, as receiver of the Wabasb 'Rail r ad, to succeed- 'Judge Cooley, o: Michigan,' recently a|ipointod a mem bcr.of ibu'Upited/'Sttttes l,utcr-Siati Com'moroe Commission. ' Genera MuNulta. was formerly a member o Congress from the Bloomlngtou dU trict. Motor I3«i>i)rlmentH NEW YOIIK, April 4 —The Connul ly Mo'or company of No. 177 Broad way gave an exhibition t'odity on tin tracks of the Coney Island railroad of a new motor for propelling hoiw cars. This was run to-day wlthuii Ore, steam or lUmu of any kind simply by dec riclty, iyid the spuoi is us Jiigh us tun inili'Miui hour. Slop pages are uwiio within A car Iciigih Thv maohinury is snnplo and inex- pensive, eanba attached 'to ovdinnry street cnrs any<v here, ts-envncd on ni front platfo in imd retitiires ho' iceiisefl engineer, the cost 1 per hour of 'tunning averaging 5 eta. The Training; of Out- Tho caroful oml judlciov\B in every station of (life, will tljink soriouslv lunv slie CUD lie^l train her young limtirhU'ivs to a prnctii'iil ktioxvl- c«lg(i of Uii'n' lliin^s Viiih'b \\ill'mosl (iunli'ibulo to tlii'ii' tuturu uM-fillncsh and li!iiipiiH"5<!. A }(iinig girl niay hare a 8))«oial ,UiBlc or ca)),\i'ity whii-h she should l)o encouraged to develop, uut not to the exclusion of all other anehes of education; nnd though while under the mother's eye, perfect- ness may not be attained in any, depivHitient; tt"\vise/ training of tHe s powers will U-nd towards a>hjlrmoniou8,' »ind',,hhppy dvrejwpuient of character and- abilit'ie" in after-life. No mother, therefore, ehoiiM excuse, heri-Telf-from giviug her daughter suitable * histwiction iiii those lionsehokl duties :which so- mnelt affect the comfort of n-family, "Whatever position in life she-'hiay (locupy,'the,knowledge tUnp gainedj nnd the- imperueptible in- lluence on the character,* jiot merely of the knowledge 'itsolf,' but of the early impressions of its 'importance, are genuinely valuable. - lt x is by no moans necessary-to keep your 1 daughter in the kitthen<half the time to accomplish (hosft results; nor ib it essential i that Mie shottkl'be nkiJUed oa her marriujco, d.ay in ' eV-crj kind of 6ookei\y, and be /ahlo to get up'a flrat- clasSp dinner on .short nofii'o., This should not'bn cxywted any-more than that she-should j?o to the Blackboard, and unerringly demonslrnh' the forty- seventh propo«ition of Kucliil, three or four years after s-he has- graduated at some excellent M-ininitvv: If the elements of doniCBlic knowledge arc thoroughly mastered, and n suitable amount of pr.tct ice given iu important details, the intelligent girl \\M11 know'ho\vto, order her hnua"hold nright-whcn tlie proper time comes, nnd lo puttier own hand to labor if there be occasion. Mothers uho mo UicniM'l\o > > jri'uuine- ly !n.l?rcsted in tint management of their own hoiibcholdi wid, /iinl but little troublf if t'lc.^ woulil ,f\ ail thenifulvcs of theii.itural hnii«ti\i'ne—-of rhildrcn. The little ones like to lx> n,eful, if they ROU othi r-> avotind them u.'-eful; they like to follow the mother about the house under pvutinihf of helping, -though oflcii hindering iier. We ]\nu\\ a cljild of only HK years— and thcM* are nuuiy others in quiet home* all over the coinitvy, e\i'ibiting simibvr tastes—who iilreadj bids f.viv lo !)o (he nicest litfle hmi'-v'kccpcr iu the World. JS^er simv '•he has ucen oul enough to 'understand her mission— throe Nt'Ui-H at k'ii'jf—she has been eager to do what -lw fanoli s is useful to other*. S'ie lake- her linj duster and llounshe.s it mer tlie c'ni'ii^.and so v,ith posi'iM' I'c-jiilts. Atttr breakfast she Uemuu'ly gathera u'i» tho toasp«o!i^ trout the tuljlo, nnd dunks it very nice to wipe (hem on the Mjft cloth sifter they are washed: and nothing MII(J» her better than to make niininturc' pie^ nnd hate them actually put upon the dinner lable; \\ith her lltll/j brooin she forestall*, tiio M-rvant, nnd s.wet'p-' down vl»s front door ~(up before brenkfiist in the morning.' Slu; put-, a pnrtionhir room in order every day, niul finite ot her own nceord has I'.-suiiK'tl -t> much care ot her father's wiinlvoUi 1 . joi'.iifi, us ^ l u' i-., that her mother will griidiiitlly btvHnpjilaiited ill : lhal duty. Most all. youir some small house hold 1 .duty coiuniitteil to their i-iiro: and if tills cUwJjbkitioii Hlipuld be fosK'.rud, iiistwid of being (lisi'oiiriigeil, '. us 'ii,-.(il'wn. is,''On the ground thai, they cmiiiol do tlie'thing us well ns'an'<il*lcr puiviin, i.hey 'would, with TUIV (!Neeptioii.<, groxv up -with' srillicit'ii't' kuowleilgo • at home 'matteiv, iiiid 1 ' iiiUT'M in vlinm, uboul which iiow-a-dnys' "there is so much conijiliiint llidl'Vi ling hulii'S know so" little, and earn Juss.—•-•«;•«. ' Q. JJull, in Ooml Hunt- .irls delijrhtlb have •. STUART'S OA.UUOLIO AOID THOCHKS, certain cure for sore thnat, coiilb and hoarsimcss. Wait one hour a'ter eating before taking one of the toichcu for dyspopsift. STUAUT'S ARNICA SALVE, surest euro for nu 1 .-* iiii<1 burnM. rtuitK-i 1 LINISIENT cures all pains. Piturly loot I) and a xwout brnatli, can lie hud only by u-ine Crosslur's Wild Hosn Tooth Powder. eOULV) NO I' SPEAK ALOUD. BurUs Mudloinu Co.. (iiiincy, III. :— When in your store I wus so huitrae I could not. spnak aloud. The lii'Ht do.-u of your VVIniii Pine holwud me, nnd by 9 o'clock I wa« oniiroly rulliived. Hincu I have inv volcu, but taking thu Piiui IJnlfluni a few tinini bus ruhui'. Noihiiiu' nvur boneflnc-il -mo like tliUluiB 1 .—Mr*. (.luditu) J. H.Williams, 414 N, 6th., Quinoy, III. OUHK KOll SICK HEADA.CHK. Ol iliti niany couiplaints promptly niliuved by Litile Apricot Pills, mum Ini" Vio'ded quicker than ne.i'VouN and niuk headache. Ninu <IHHO< out of t-.vtiry ion of lieadiiuiii) ari) cau^ud by and Inaciivii liver. Shut ilirouuti the throat, Uy Wldtii Pine Dul-ain and lulled a >.»vnr< uitld in thruo il^yt. If ym> -loo'i b»'ljnv<- b |.i»t try n. Prico fiOo.B'. ilroK^ibt^. Vue (tale m Altun by Ji. Maisli. \ upl uwlw SUCH AS Velrets, Body and Tapesti'y Brussels, Two and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Oil Cloths,Rugs andMatil Has ailiyed. Alsoavrry Choice .StocK of Matting! am offerlng-tliese g-oods at the very,lowest prices to cash buyers. A/11 are iuyited .< 1 to cal land see 1 he beaul i£ul new •>' ' goods &leam the lo w prices: • , AliTOtf, ILL. A SEEB1UUSN.' TOR THE BEST BUGGY IN THE WORK AGENTS FOR THE Buggy Co's WARRANTED FOB F1YE YEARS. Stud&baker Farm Wagon, Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWIXK HINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS.' tors for EUPIUN' and CAR JUNE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER SIGNAL OILS: STOCK. WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES; tlie DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOA'KS. See our §10 BUUGY HARNESS. NliW II >ME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURMNG OILS on tap ^and delivered to ai.y part of the city. Cor. 2d and State sts., • • ALTON, TUB BEST ON EARTH J BOSS EILLED WATCttES, From to $50. Warranted 20 Years, eras,; From $16 to $30. ( l-I J. H. THE , JEWELER^ mvlMwlV -GO TO & BON1 HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames. Brackets, Base Balls and Batfe Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies. Remember the place: / THIRD STIIEET; - - OPP, MLLI, lf * - ' *" ') < •* * < ( n ' ' ^ * "" ' A -.; ; J> L ' ' A- .v ,- SUBSCRIBE FOB THE 71 [Him Ifln jn&ifl, Jub mail 91- doliv^rod, Oaly llopublican Daily itt \ MadiBon county

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