Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 4, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, April 4, 1887
Page 4
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f ^ext of tho Ottllom-Retigau Act as Passed by Congress, DEFINITION' OF TEEMS, tog and Short Hauls and Relative Compensation Therefor. f — i Mijdtnl>lh»tlo>n» to Prevent Continuous C»r- ' rtn'ge Prohibited—liability for Dam- •gei—Interntnte CnraiiMireo Comml*- •ion—How Constituted—Its Powers. s;Comp!alntS"»Frop»r»Uon t>y Carriers, i Appeal* to Supreme Court—Tlio Com- mutatlon ami Vans Questions. 80 much interest has been manifested 'in tho new Interstate Commerce bill, 'which goes into effect April 4, that wo ,, t Herewith reproduce it In full. Shippers, J£*mttnmd men, nud business men generally, f Will find it worth their while to preserve 1^4* .#«. *«4li«wi*inn 'PllA TtnTTin« flf-'tllO COU1- appointed tinier the provisloaa such coramoii cftttier may, itf special cases, after investigation by the commission, bo authorized to charge Jess Jor, loncter than 'for shorter distances for transportation of passengers or property; and^'the commission may from time to time prescribe tho extent to which said designated common carrier may^be relieved tfom the 1 operation 6t- this section ot this act PoolinR of Freight*. Sec. C. That It shall be unlawful for ny common carrier subject to .the pro- Moris of this act to (inter into any con- ract, agreement or edmblnatton with nny other common carrier or carriers for the pooling of; freights of dltfereut -and com-' leting railroads, or to divide between them ho aggregate or net proceeds of tho carn- ngs of such railroads, or any portion thereof ; aud in any case Of an agreement for tho pooling of freights as aforesaid >/itffor reference. The names of tho coin- "jnlssloners have already been given. Se it enaaicd by the Senate and House of fteprtsentatives of the United States of Aintriea in Congress attrmlilcd: Provisions of Act—To Whom Applicable. , That the provisions of this act shall ap- l tl ply to any common carrier or carriers on- f< ( gaged in the transportation of passengers jK or property wholly by railroad, or portly railroad and partly by water when both are- used, under a common control, ff- management, or arrangement, for.rf con*'• tlBUous carriage or shipment, from one ""elate or territory of the United States, or tho District of Columbia, to any other state or territory of the United States, or 'the District of Columbia, or from any place in the United States to an adjacent foreign country, or from any place in tho United States through a foreign country »to any other place iu the United States, and also to the transportation in like manner of property shipped from any ' place in the United SUites to a foreign country nnd carried from such place to a port of transshipment, or shipped from « foreign country to any place in the United States and carried to such place from ;, port of entry either In the United States or an adjacent foreign country i provided "' however, that the provisions of this nci shall not apply to tho transportation of passengers or pioporty, or to the rocciv ing, delivering, storage or handling o property, wholly within one state, and no 'shipped to or from a foreign country from ' or to any state or territory as aforesaid. Terms "Uallroart" and "Ti nnnportntlon* DefliKtil. The term "railroad" us used In this act * shall include all bridges and ferries used or , operated in connection with any railroad,; ,• and atsd all the road in USD by any'cor-.. ' poratiop, operating a railroad, whether f owned or operated under a contract, •i* agreement, or lease; and the term "trans- '< portation" shall include all instriimon- ' talitles of shipment or carriage. .t Reasonable iincl Jnst Charges. All charges made for any servlue ren- for tho pooling of fretgllts as aioresmu, each day of Its continuance shall be deemed a separata offensn. . Kclicdnlos of Kntfld to Be Printed and Made Public. Sec. 0. That every common carrier »\ib- |ect to tlie provisions 'of this act shall print .aid keep for public inspection.; schedules showing the .rates/and fores; and .charges' tor. the transportation of passengers and property which any such common Carrier: has established and which are in'force at tho time upon its railroad, as defined by tho first section of this act. The schedules printed as atftresaid-by auy such.common carrier shall plainly state the places upon its railroad between whic)t property^and? passeiigers;-will bo carried, ! 'and ; shall cOri- tain the classification of freight in force xipon such railroad, and shall also state separately the; terminal^ charges and any roles or regulations -which' in any -wise change, affect Or determine any i>art ;6t• tho aggregate of snch aforesaid "rates and fares aud charges. Such schedules shall be plainly printed in large type, of at least tho size of ordinary pica, and copies for tho use :of the public shall be kept in every depot or station upon any such railroad, in such places and in such form that they , mon carrier is situated ,» wherein such Offense may be committed, and it sticii (common carrier bS n'foro'gii 'corporation, Ju the judicial district wherein such common carrier accepts truffle and has an, a"ent to perform such service, to compel compUtinca with the aforesaid provisions Of Uils section! and such writ shall Issue iuthettdtne of the people of the UnKed States, at the relation > of > the 'commis'' sionera appointed under the provisions of this act; nud failure to comply with its requirements shdll be puhlslmtile as and for a contempt; and the said commissioners, as complainants, may also apply, lu any such circuit cbtirt of the United States, >for a •• writ of injunction ngaltist such common carrier, to restrain such, common carrier from receiving or trans- poHtUg property among tho several suites and territories ot the United States, or between the United States and adjacent foreign countries, or between ports ot transshipment and of entry In tho several states aud territories of the United States, as mentioned in tho first section of this act, until such common carrier shall have compiled' with the aforesaid provisions of .this section of this net. • , • Combination* t<> Prevent Contliiuou» C»r- .'. rlago Prohibited. Sec 7. That it shall be '-unlawful for nny common carrier subject 'to the provisions of this act to enter into any combination, contract, or agreement, expressed or implied, to prevent, by change of time schedule, carriage iii- different cars, or by any other moans or devices, tho carriage of freights from being continuous from the place of shipment to tho place of destination; and no break of bulk, stoppage, or Interruption made by such common carrier shall prevent the carriage of -froighto from being and being treated. as one continuous carriage from ., tho place of shipment to 'the place of destination, imless'such break, stoppage, or Interrupt lion; was -mode in good faith for some ; iieccssary purpose, and without any intent, to avoid or unnecessarily interrupt •'ench •continuous- carriage 1 ' w ; to'' evado any of the provisions of this act. ; Liability for Hatnaces. Sec. 8. That in case any common carrier subject to the provisions of this, act shall dp, cause to be done, 'or permit to be done any act, matter, or thing in this act dered or to bo rendered in tho transports tlon of passengers or pioperty as aforesaid, or in connection therewith," or for .' ceiving, delivering, storage, or handling of such proberty, shall bo reasonable and just; and every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service is prohibited aud declared to he unlawful, fljieolal Kates, llelmtns, Drawbacks, Unjust Discrimination.. Sec. 2. That if any common carrier subject to tho provisions of this act shall, directly or Indirectly, by auy special rate, rebate, drawback, or other device, charge, demand, collect, or recene from any licr- son or persons a greater or less 1 compensation ((% auy service rendered, or to be rendered, lu tlio transportation of passengers or property subject to tho provisions of this act, than it charges, demands, or/collects, or receives from any other person or persons for doing for him or them a like and contemporaneous service in tho transportation of a like kind ot trufflo under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, such common carrier shall bo deemed guilty of unjust discrimination, which is hereby prohibited: and declared to be unlawful. tfuduo or Cnrcultoimblo Preference*—Interchange of Traffic. See. 8. That It shall ho unlawful for any common cantor subject to the provisions of this act to make or give any \uidue or unreasonable preference or advantage to any particular person, compiiny, firm, corporation or locality, or any particular description of traffic, in any respect whatsoever, or td subject any particular person, company, firm, corporation, or locality, or any particular description of trafllc, to ' any •undue or unreasonable prejudice or .disadvantage In any respect whatsoever. Every common earlier subject to the provisions of this act shall, according to their respective powers, afford all reasonable, proper and equal facilities-for the interchange of traffic between their respective lines, and for tho receiving, forwarding and delivering of passengers nnd property to and from their several lines and those connecting therewith, and shall not-discriminate in their rates and charges "•between w toh connecting lines; but this shall not lie construed as requiring any such common carrier to give tho use of its track or terminal facilities to another carrier engaged In like business. J<on0 anil Short Haul—<lr«fttev Compensation for a Shorler Tlian a Louser Dlntnnro. l-'nrliliMeil. Sec. -1, That It shall he unlawful for any common cavrlor subject to tho provisions of this act t« charge or receive auy greater compensation in tlio aggregate for the transportation of passengers or ot like Hjnd of property, under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, for a shorter than for a longer distance over the same Hue, In tho same direction, tho Shorter being included wlthiA the longer distnnor i 4 but this slmll not bo construed M «JWwrt»tftff«>y common carrier within tSe teKOB-of this act to charge awl receive 1 kt)ou for ft shorter M for I •• ~ J»OW9W,I &*W can be'cpiiyenlently. inspected, Kftto» to Foreign Countries. Any common carrier siibject to the provisions of this act receiving freight in the United bei carried through a foreigriicbnnjry to any place in the-United jStates shall also lu'liko mannpriprint and keep for piiblib'inspection, at overy depot where such freight is- received' for ship- .inent, schedxilcs showing the through rates established and charged by such, common carrier to alT-pointe in Jto;yfilted.v States beyond tho foreign countryto which. 'it-accepts freight.for 1 siilpiriont; and any freight shippfid'from 'the: United States through n foreign country into "the United States, the through rate on which shall not have been made public as required by tliis act, shnll, bcforo it is admitted Into the United States from, said foreign country,' : bV subject-"to-customs duties, as If said'freight were of foreign production; and any law in conllict with this section Is hereby repealed. Ailvnuooa in Hates—Ten Bays' Notlco. Uetlnctlon In Kutcs. No advance shall bo made In tho rates, fares, and chorgesswhich have been established nnd published as'aforesaid by any common carrier, in compliance with tho requirements of this section, except after ten days' public notice, -which shall plainly 'statei the.changes proposed to be made in the schedule then in force, and tho time when tlie increased rates, fares, or charges will go into effect; and the proposed changes shall he shown by printing now schedules, or shall be' plainly Indicated upon the schedules in force at the time and kept for public inspection. Reductions In such published rates, fares, or charges may be made without previous public notice; but-whenever any such re ductlou is made, notice of the same shall immediately lie publicly posted and tho changes made shall Immediately be made public by printing new schedules, or shall immediately bo plainly indicated upon tho schedules at the time in force and -kept for public inspection. No Variation from Published Katen. And when nny such common carrier shall have established and published its rates, fares aud charges, in compliance with tho provisions of this section. It shall be unlawful for such common carrier'to charge, demand, collect or receive from ,any person or persons a greater or less compensation for tho transportation of passengers or property, or for any services in connection therewith, than is epecllUHl in such published schedule of rates, fares and charges' as may at any time hb'iu force,, . Copies'of Schedules Filed with Commls- dlomii-s — Contracts aud A£rcoment« •with Otiior Compnnle» to Ho Filed. Every common carrier subject to the provisions of this act shall tile with tho commission hereinafter provided for copies of its schedules of rates, fnres and charges which havo been established and published in compliance •with tho requirements of this section, and shall promptly notify said commission of all changes made in tho same. Kvery such common carrier shall also flle with said commission' copies of all contracts, agreements or arrangements with other common carriers in relation to any traffic affected by the provisions of this act to which it may bo a party. And iu cases where passengers and freight pass over continuous lines or routes operated bjMilore than orio common carrier, and the several,common carriers operating, such lines or routes establish joint tariffs of rates or fares or charges for such continuous .lines or routes, copies of such joint tariffs, shall also, in like manner, be filed with said commission. Such joint rates, faros and. charges on such continuous lines so ftled: as aforesaid shall be;Jnado public by such common carriers when directed by said 'commission, in so far as may, In tho judg- (ineut of the commission, be deemed practicable; and said commission shall from tiuio to time prescribe the measure of publicity which shall bo given to snch rates, fi»\s and charges, or to such part of them; as ft may deem it practicable for such common carriers to publish, anil tho' place* in which they shall be published; but iln common carrier party to any such jolnt\arlff shall bo liable for tho failure of aim other common currier party there- to-to'observe and adhere to tlie rates, fares or charges thus made and published. FnllurJlo Fllo or 1'ulilUh JI»lo«—l'«n»Ij ties For. I( auy such common carrier ahull nog- >eet OIVWIUMI to (lib or publish Its schedules o-.V tariff*, of rates, fares, aud chargca as provided in this section, or any part of the same, such common carrier shall, In addlt'ion to other penalties herein pro- Borlbed, be subject to a writ of mandamus, by any circuit court of the , , iprohtbited or declared to bo unlawful, or shall oniit to do- aiiy act, matter; or thing in'this act required to bo done, such-com- ; : mon carrier shall be liable to tho.porson or, persons injured thereby for the; full •amount of damages -sustained in consequence of'any-such; violation? Of the provisions of this act, together with areoson: able .counsel or attpmey's fee, to be fixed 'by tlio court lii every :case of recovery, which", attorney's- fee -' shall • bo' ;taxed and 'collected as part of the costs in the case. . ; Cpmpialnt to Com>nls»lonor8 or Action In Cotirt—Toiitlmony Compulsory. "Sec. 9; That ; auy person or persons •claiming to^be damage'di-by any common! carrier subject to the provisions of tins act may either make complaint to the commission, as hereinafter provided for, or may ;bring f suit in his or their own behalf for. the recovery of the damages for which such common carrier may be liable under the provisions of this act In'any district or, circuit court of the United States of competent jurisdiction; but such person or persons shall uot havo the right to pur- sub both of such remedies, and must in each case elect ; of the.-two. methods of procedure herein provided for he or they will adopt. In auy.such action brought for the recovery of damages the court before which the same shall be pending may compel any director, officer, receiver, trustee or agetit of the corporation or company defendant In such suit to attend, appear and testify in such case, and may compel the production of the books n'ud'- papers of such'corporation or company party to suit; the olnlm'that any such testimony or evidence may tend to criminate the person giving such.evidence shall not excuse such witness from testifying, but such evidence or, testimony shall not be used against such-person .on the trial of any criminal proceeding. , Penaltjr for violation'-of. This Act. Sec. 10. That any common carrier,subject to the provisions of this act, or, whenever such common carrier is a corporation, any director or officer thereof, or any receiver; trustee, lessee, agent, or porson acting for or employed by such corporation, who, nlora or with any other corporation, company, person or party, shall will fully do or. cause to be done, or shall willingly suffer or permit to be done, any act, matter or this act prohibited or declared to be Unlawful, or who shnll ald-or abet therein, Or shall willfully omit or fail to do any not, matter or thing in this act required to. be done, or shall cause or willingly suffer or permit any act, matter or thing'so directed or required by this act to : be done not .to bo so done, or shall aid or abet any such omission or failure, or shall be guilty of any Infraction of .this act, or shnll aid or abet therein, shall be deemcd guilty of a . misdemeanor, and shall, uponconviction .'thereof In any district court of the--United'States within .the jurisdiction of which • such offense was committed, be subject to a fine of not to 'exceed llvo thousand dollfirs for, each offense. •"-,'. . •-.. Iiilin-Bliitc Commwno Coiiinilsslon—llow Constltiiled: ' Sec. 11. That a eommifcsiou; is hereby created and-cstabllshed to be known as tho Interstate Commerce ' commission, which shall be coi»ix>sed of live commissioners, who: shall, be appointed by the •ball-have power to requlse the atteuds.rtce and testimony of witnesses and the production of all boolts, papers, tariffs, contracts agreements and documents relating to'nny'matter nndfcr inVefetJgatton^hnd to that end* may invoke theinid of any court of- tho United Stales in requiring the attendance and testimony of witnesses and tho production of bmfts, papers nnd 'documents under the provisions of this section. tternsal to Testify tiefore-.Commission, Aiid any of tho circuit Courts' Of the United' States within Urn 'Jurisdiction ;of which,-such Inquiry is carried on may, in case of contumacy or refusal to obey a fmbptfcna issued to any common carrier subject to the provisions of this octroi- other person, issue • an ; order requiring Biich common carrier or other pcruon to appear before said - commission (aud produce boolts and papers if so ordered) and give evidence touching the matter in. question i and any failure to oboy such order' of tho court may bo punished by such court as a contempt thereof. The claim that any such testimony or evidence may tend to'criminate the person giving ,--'such evidence-'shall not. excuse.such witness from testifying; but such ovldoneo.or testimony shall not bo used ((gainst, such person on the trial of any criminal proceeding. - , '• • Complaints to ComiulKslon—Kenarntlnn : ,.'' by Common".Carrier. •••• Sec. 18. That' any person, firm, corporation or association, or any mercantile, agricultural or manufacturing society, or any body politic or municipal organization, complaining of anything done or omitted to b« done by any common carrier subject to < the provisions ot this not .in contravention of thp provisions, thereof, may apply to said commission by petition, wljch shall'• briefly state the facts; where-., •upon a statement; of the charges thus made shall bo forwarded by the commission to such common carrier, who shall bo called upon to satisfy the complaint or to answer the same In writing within a reasonable time, to bp specified by the commission.. If "such common carrier, 'wttWu the time st>eclfled,"shall ; mnke reparation for tho'injury alleged to have been: done, said carrier shall be relieved of Ha- 'billty to'the complainant only for the particular violation of law thus complained iof; If such carrier shajl .not satisfy the icomplsiiivt within the time specltlcdi or •there shall appear to' bo any reasonable iground for investigating said: complulutf It shall be thp duty, of the .commission to 'investigate the matters complained of in 'such'manner and by such meiinsaS'it shall deem proper. ,investigation byCommission. ',Said commission shall in like manner investigate"any complaint forwarded -by the railroad ; commissioner : or railroad i commission of any state or territory at in question 1m* t**u violated or dHoboyca, it shall be lawful for such court to Issue a ot iniuuutlon or other proper pi opens, lato y w othorwiso, to restrain such common mrriorfrom further «'Utlnulng inch violation or dlhobertcneo o such order or icquiromoMiOt Raid vommlits on and enjoining obedience to tho same)- and ivcasfot &y.dtoolHiuHmco of nuy such writ of injunction or other proeproofs, mandatory or otherwise, It s.mltbo la v fill for such court to issue writs of nlfc.u-U- tncnt, or any other process ot sal 1oouit incident, or applicable to writs 0 ''J« n £ tlon or other proper process, maiidatmy or otherwise, against, mich common cai^ lor, and If a corporation, against; o no or nioio of, tho dircc'tors, ofllcers or agents of. tho saine, or against, any ow''^. 1 ^';..^ toe, iccelvcr or other person fHllilif? .to obey such writ Of Injunction or otlicr proper process, mandatory or otherwise, and said court niay, it It' shall think fit, make au order directing such common carrier or other person so disobeying such 'writ of injunction or other proper process, .mandatory or otherwise, to pay such sum of money uot exceeding' for each carrlci 01 person iu default tlio'sum of five hundred dollars for 'every day after -'-a day to bo named in the order that snch currier 01 other person shall-inU to obey such Injunction-or other proper process, mandatory -or -otherwise; • and-such-moneys- shall bo payable as the court shall direct, either to the parky complainmg -or uvco court to abide the ultImnto decision of the court, or into the. treasury; and payment thereof limy, without-.prejudice :to any other mode of recovering the samo, be: enforced by attachment or' order iu tho nature of a writ of cxocut!on,.ln like manner as if tho same had .been-'recovered oy: a llunl decree in personam in such court., Appeal to-SuiKowe Court. When the subject in dispute shall be of the value of two thousand .dollars- or more, either party to such proceeding bo- fore said court may appeal to tho supreme- court of tho .United States, under tho satno-regulations now. provided by hw in respect of isecurity for siieh appeal; but siir.h appeal shall not operate to stay or •'supersede the order Of' the '.court or tho 'execution of any writer process thereon; and such court may, in every such mat- tor, order tile payment of such costs and counsel fees as shall be deemed- reasonable. Whenever any such petition shall be filed or presented by-the commission it shall be tlie duty of tlie district attorney, under the direction of the attorney general of the United States, to prosecute the same; 'and tho costs and expenses of such prosecution shall be paid out of the ap- bf business tttt__._- Dratinttiiwd otlvcr BXponaoat tho, wv of profit' nhd loss; nud u aommw e of thoiiiitittclnl oporfittonft«f thd/ each yenr, including nu pmwul » , sheet. Snch reports riiftU P»o coftvjvm mtch.itit'onmHinti In relftnoji <o jAWBi dt or agreements 1 . rtri'i'<ijl'''"i' 1 "t«ior tohl?aet» With otiioi'uonurton ta»>low, ft« trie cola- mission ronywqWre; niid'(lw«MdI'6om- mission mny, within Its di9oretiot|j)f0Mh,ot purpose of enabling Jt the bpttoi 1 to carry, out the HUi'i-ow-jol tliliaot, proscflopMif in tho opinion ot tlio eiiiniiiiwnbn It 18 " practicable-(o 'iu"Ui'0 »ue]i itni|orraltjr president, by 'and \vith tho' advice • and consent of: the senate. Tho commissioners i Jlmt apiwlnted under this act shall cou- tinuo In ofllce for tho term of two, three, four, five and six years, respectively, from 1 the first day''.of January, anno dominl eighteen hundred and eightysevon, the term of each to bo designated by the president; but their successors shall 1 be appointed for terms of six years, except that any persons chosen to All a vacancy: shall be appointed only for tho unexpired term of t)io commissioner whom ho shall succeed. Any commissioner may be removed by tho president for Inclllcienoy, neglect of duty; or malfeasance in olllcc. Not more tlihn three of tho commissioners shall be appointed from the same political party. No porson in the employ of or holding any iitftcial relation to any common currier subject to the provisions of this act, or owning stock or -bonds thereof, or wlio i» In any manner pecuniarily interested therein, shall enter upon the duties of or hold such ofllce. Suld commissioners shall not engage in auv other business, vocation or employment. ?>c vacancy in tho commission shall impair the right of tlio remaining commissioners to exercise all the powers of the commission. I'oirera of tlie Comnilsriliin. Bee, Vi. That tho commission hereby created shall have authority to inquire Into tho mivmigemcnt of the business,of all common carriers subject' to the pror visions of this net, and shall keep itsoU Informed BB to the manner aud method In which,tlw iftinete conducted,and,BhftU have the right to obtain from such com* the request of such commissioner or corn- 'mission; and-- may institute any inquiry 'on its own .-motion in the same manner 'and to the same effect as though complaint had been made. No complaint shall at -.-any time ibe dismissed because of .the jabsenco of direct da'ihace to Iho complainant. Findings of Commission Pi-lina Tncle . Jtividenco* • Sec. 14. That whenever an Investigation shall be made by said commission it snail-be its duty to make a report, in writing hi respect -thereto, which shall include • the!- findings of -fuck up. on which, the conclusions of tlie commission are based, to' gethcr with its recommendation or what rsparation. if any, should be made by the common carrier to any party or parties who may be found to have been injured; and such findings so inartc shall theveafter in nil. judicial proceedings, be doomed prim !tcle evidence as to each nnd every fact imind. Kcports of Iilve8tI(fatlollB. All reports pC investigation made by tho commission shall bo entered of record, and a copy thereof shall bo furnished to tho party who may- have, complained and to any common carrier that may have been complained of . . Notification.. to Common Ciii-rinr of Violation of Ant. ' Sec. 15. That if in any case in which an Investigation ulinJl be made by said commission it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the commission, either by the testimony of witnesses or other evidence, that anything has been done or omitted to be done in violation of the provisions 'of this act, or of any law cognizable by said; commission, by any common currier, or that. any injury or damage has been sustained by the party or parties complaining, or by other parties aggrieved- in consequence of nny. such; violation, it shall bo the duty of the commission to forthwith cause u copy of its report in respect thereto to bo delivered to Huc.h common carrier, together with a notice to said common carrier to cease anil desist from such violation, or to make reparation for tho injury so found to have bcun done, '.or both, within a reasonable time, to bespeci- tlcd by the commission; and if, within the time specified, it shiiil be made to appear •to tho commission that such common carrier has ceased from such violation of law, and lias made reparation for the injury found to have been done, in complimieo with tlie report and notice. of tlio commission, or to the satisfaction of tho party complaining, a statement to that effect shall bo entered of record by tho commission, and- tho' said common carrier shall propriation for the expenses of the courts « .» IT/ '«i_.i Tij..j»-. "T^ii-H t-l-in TMiiTincioci •thereupon bo relieved from .further liability or penalty for such particular violation of law,Petition to Uiiltiirt gluten Courts—Henr. Init of Campluiut* Against CiiiTlerH. Injunction. Sec. lf>. That whenever any common carrier, as defined In and subject to the provisions of this net, shall violate or refuse or neglect to oboy atiy lawful order or requirement of tlio commission in this act named. It shall be the duty ot tho commission, and-lawful for any company or pel son Interested in such order or requirement, to apply, In a summary way,, by potltlon,i to tlio circuit court of the, United States sitting in equity in the judicial district in which Hie common carrier • complained of lius Its principal .odico, or in which the violation or disobedience of such order or requirement shall happen, alleging such violation or disobedience, as tho ease may-be; and the said court Khali have power to hear and determine the mailer on s'uoh short notlco to the common carrier oomphiiucd of, as the court shall doom reugoiiablo; and such notice may bo son-mi on such common carrier, his or its oniccrti,-agents; or servants, in such manner as the court shall direct) and said court shall proceed to hear and determine the matter speedily as a cbu'rji of equity, und without, Iho formal pleadings and proceedings ptmlicnblo to ordinary suits in equity, but In such manner as lo do justice In the prmnNes; and to this end tiiivh court nlmll Imvu power, it it mink lit, to direct and prosecuto. in such mode and by'sucl. persons as It mny tppoiut, all such' iuriulrlen OH the court of -the United States. For the. purposes of this act, excepting Us-penal provisions, tlio circuit courts of the United States shall be deemed to be always in session. Mannor of CoiHlHotlUB nusiiiess. . Sec. 17. That tho commission may conduct its proceedings in such manner as will best conduce to the proper dispatch •of business'hud to the ends of justice. A majority of the commission shall-constl tuto a quorum for.tho-transaction of business, but, no commissioner shall participate in any hearing, or proceeding in which he h»s any pocnniary- Interest.. Snid commission may, from liiiio to time, make or amend such general rules or orders as mny bo rctruisita-for the -order anil regulation'ot proceedings-before it, in- cludltig forms of noliciis and tlie sorvlco. thereof, which shall conform, ns-nearly as may be, to those in usu in the courts o'. the United Slates.. Any party may-np pcnr before said coimnission and bo honru, hi persoji^or by attorney. Every vote auc pfficlal act of tho commission shall be entered of record, and its proceedings shall be public upon the request of cither party interested. Said commission shall, have on official seal, which shall bo judicial!}noticed. Either of the members ot the commission may administer oaths and affirmations, Cominlssloiici-n' Salarlon,••Kxpcndiw, Etc, • Sec. 18. Tlfat each commissioner shall receive an annual salary of seven thousand five hundred doHurs, payable- in tho- same manner us the salaries oi judges of the courts ot tho United States. The commission-shall appoint n secretary, who shall receive an -annual',salary oi three thousand five hundred dollars, payable lit like..manner. Tho'commis- sion shall have authority to cmploj 1 and fix tho-compensation'of-such othei employes as it may find., necessary to the proper performance of it8 duties, subject to the approval .of the secretary of the interior. Tho commission shall be furnished by the secretary of tho interior with snllablo 'offices.and all necessary office supplips. Witnesses summoned before, tho commls- ftion shall b« paid the same fees and'mile- age-that-are paid witnesses in the courts of the United States. All of tho expanses of the commission, including all necessary expenses for transportation incurred by the commissioners, or by their employes Under their orders!, in making any Investigation in any other places than In the city of Washington, shall bo allowed and paid, on the presentation of itemized vouchers therefor approved by tho chairman of the coimniHsion and tho secretary of the interior. Citmerul uml Mpcclul Sessions. Sec' 10. That Die principal olllco of tho commission slwll be In tho c.ity of Washington, where Us general sessions shall be held; but whunovcrihu- convenience ot tho public or <iC ihe parties mny be promoted or delay or expense prevented thereby, the commission mny bold special sessions In any part of Iho United States. 'It-may; by one or mure of tho commissioners, proat-cnt; nny inquiry necessary to its dutii!!), in any part of tho United States, into nny matter or question of fact portuiuiiifi to the buNiuoHs of any common carrier/ subject to the provisions of this 'act. Annunl KrpmU from Common Currier* anil SVtiat Tlioy Sluill Blioiv. Sec. 20. Thai tl 8 funinilssion in hereby authorised to ix-ijiiro amuud reports from all eoniui'm curriers subject U> tho provision's of i Ids act, lo Ux thu time- am! pri'scrlbo the innnnnr In which such re- porlii »hall ln< mw'u', mirt to ivnulro from such wuTJersHpcciiic nuswiirs Co nil questions upon which Iho commission may need liiforuiiiliiiii. Such annual reports shall HM'IW i:i dt'inlV tho amount of capita stock illicit, th(' ) mounts paid therufoi and tlie iiiaiuu!!' of iiaynient for the sumo the dividend* pnlil, the surplus fund, I any, niid tlio number ot stocklioldera; (hi funded ami floating debts and the liiterps paid tliercun; tho <:oist and value of th currier's property, franchises ant equipment; tho number of employe* and the salaries paid ouch- class the amounts expended for improve mcnta each year, how expended and tho character of ouch improvement*; of time within wl.luli nil uommou cah.i subject, to the provl Uoiw of tJilft aot Shan have us i» v iir us nwy bo, a ttmfprni eys* tern oC nwoiluls. aud IHO mamier Ju whioU Biich arcouut 1 ) ftlmll lii- l;e|»l. H!OU or t'omiiiiiliiilon 'J'lhbolswI'BMes uiid 1 i-oo 'i'i-n»nioituttoiu ' Sec 22 That uolliiiiR in this act shall apply'to tho currln'jo, MorftKoofhamUIng of properly froo i>r ill rwlrtwil rates for tho United ijiales, htaU- or niilnii'lpill Kovom-. mcnt«, or for charlHiblo purposes, or to or from fairs nnd o:fpositions for exhibition thereat, or the lusiuiiice Of mileage, v excursion or commutiitloii imoseiiger tickets; noHilnp I" this m:l shall'bo construed to in-ohlhU auy commun carrier fTom glv- inc reduced ritten to ministers of religion;, nothing In tin-* fl'-l, «ha|l be construed' to prevent, rnilriHuls fn"n glvijig fi*«o carriage to tlicir own oiilccrs and employes, or to prevent, tho principal oHICdrs'of auy railroad company or companies from' exr chnngiiiK pawsew or ticket with other railroad i otiipaulus for theK' olUcers and em- 'ploves; and nothinvt UUUln Wt'cbfttaiued 'shall iu miv way abridge or alter the rem- "edles uo\v i'Xi.^ims nl fomulou law or by statute, bill tho prov felons of this act aVo lu addition to purh romedlea, 1'rOvlded, 'that no pc-.idiug llll.ji.tlon s,lmll in auy .way be affected by t'jia uet. •Uv'noi't )>v Oommlsifloil lo Seorotury o£ llii< Interior. . Sec. 21- '1'lml tint commUnUm whall, on or 'before tho ill at ila> Oil December in : ewihycar, maUivrcpurt U> Uiosftcretary oE the interior, which ."bull bo by him transmitted to i-mtijiv-s. und copic* Of iwhlch shall bo dlninUiteil as nrfe theother 'reports issued Irom the interior Sdepart- 'meut, Thlswpiirt nhnU eonUUn such In- ' •formation nnd data coifectetl byihecom- misbiiin as miiv l-n foundered Of value in ! lhodctermliiiiilmi oC questions' connected '••with the regulation of commerce, together with such ivpomiuendutlons'tts to additional leglslatiuu relating thereto as tlie' commission may deem neccasnry. A]>i«:oj>vlatlou foi- t-ho Act—Wlipi, Act Tiikos KlltiCt. Sec. 23. That the sum o£ one hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropriated- for tho use and purposes of this act for the fiscal year ending .Tune thirtieth, anno • dominl eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, and the intervening time anterior thereto. Sec. 2). That the provisions of sections eleven and eighteen of this act, relating to the appointment nnd organisation of the cpmuiihslon heroin provided tor slmll take effect immediate^, and the remaining provisions o£ this act shall take effect sixty days after its pas'-n^e. Manager* ou tlw part of tho Senate: ' S M. OULLOM. ' 1SUA.M (I- HARRIS, Managers on the part ot tl.e iloujo; JOHN 11. "REJVjG-AN. CUABLKS V. OH1SP. A. ,T. WEAVER. A prudent man, "according to Ho-yle,' For cut and bruise, burn and boil, Will use at onee Salvation Oil. '•Nuver was heard such a terrible curse," as the man got ,qff about his stubborn cold. Ooald it be possible that lie lived in civilization and, had not heard of Dr. Bull'Cowrh Syrup!. Let him take the'old reliable ;• and . stop swearing. Price 25c. The Bald TrnlU. Death lovos a shining mart. That is why it kills and clears away the hair on a i old man's heitd.-—JSs. "Can't'eat a • thing-.?V H,ood(?s ;,8ar» saparilla is • »• wondorfpls medicine for on-atinp an appetite; 'regulating digestion, and giving strength. < A Kolcmn Warning. " .A Connootiout man dropped dead in, toro where ho had gone to pay ft bill. ..The most popular carriage spring on 10 marfeeti, today is the Rice Coil. All rho try it pronounce it tho most sensis le invention and the' eaMust' rider that vas evor conceived of. dwlw Aollonablo. We read this mornine about "Maine's argest Schooner." Will Neal. Dow nsist that It is a gratuitous calumny r How to Get Kid ot sirtottchc. Who has not Buffered from sideaohe? We ail bad it when wo ran races at school— we havo it whonj we overwork ourselves at any age. It courts on, as everybody hnows, Buddebiyri i 'By 1 u8tn'g one of Alloook'a Porous Plasters-it goes away nearly as quickly. P. . Rpessner, of No. 550 \Vest fiSth street, N0wYork, It is with plnasure, 1 wnto» these lues in testimony to tho powers of Allooek' 1 } Porous Plasters; d have been wimowliat annoyed with perious pains n my sides, for which soyoral medicines have buen proioribi-d, bu't to no avail, and through the advico of a friend 1 tded two Alloook's Porou« Plastprs.nnd the teliof they havo given roe is both aiivMnotory and nRtonishlng' 'lo nny annoyed with pains those plasters tiro a certain ronujdyi from »»!>«*) on hw 'IOBU isi»«vo«i. thneitlie ttrani/ft of Coeon nii««l wiih BUiroli, Att»«frw* orSuwf. and |» ilit-'rptorB far woru uwnsj"' 1 eal, wrtlrtj lt» than 4M «»< •* t»u, ll ll dolloloun, wmrl»lito»i wluil wull Hold )»r nnSiw ««rHiM« f. BAKER » •-co.! Jorctoter. * * * . i I ili*li^ f fi S ',!&«& S, ,v> \'lL&'.^&^i^ A M^i . >i*v>rfjt:^v/^,;U ''J&&4&W&&J&2& The Inoludlui? 1 Jot* known, '«»tU "

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