Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 4, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1887
Page 2
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i < \f ' 14 , 0 llttOM DAILY TELEOKAFH. OT W. T. SORTOK, PhlM MCI Flaw* Strwu, Alton, HI. MONDAY EVB..APH1L 4. :PUBUUAS TOWSSIIIP TitKtT. [Election Apnl 6ih. Supervisor: JOHN bow. AMtntant supervisors: J.K. BUTLER, OHAS. HENDERSON, A. F. UK1Z. Town niork: WAI. M. QDIOLET. JOUN P. KUIIX. ADOLPit ISVEEJf. lllgliwry Comml'Slonor: JAMB4 THUUSH. Driving Out the Witches. Screws of slcol-bluo smoke curled g r upward from wigwams of the Indian ffireservatton in tin- <;<>ld, clean frosty '" ' early yesterday morning. Six p, successive reports of as many „, 8 had awakened the ecUoes and pttbe Indians a half hour earlier. Ihe J^yblleys were Jired by six watchers Klielected for that purpose, who hud ns- fgtsetnbled at the great council-ho:jse in IfeStbe green where the alarm was sound- iffeed. • Instantly the whole reservution pi-turned' over on its right side, and Abounding out of bed fires were kindled •fptarltbe Indians began to deck thcm- tHrselves in their gaudiest attire from IjJjmoccHsin to war plume. Chiefs, ifffbrnves, squaws, maidens, children, nnd jplpapooses were soon wending their con- pliycrgent ways over road, street mid S^Vrridle path to the great council-house, »'•:,. wag to (^ partaken the morning of maize, benns, and pork that Si x»..~ seethed and simmered in wash- lltoilers on stoves until the food man ^pronounced them well done. It was Jf an odd spectacle. Beads, feathers, and !i fei>ucksktn made up after the never- gfipbanging fashion-plate of the unim- s ,|«-jproved red man constituted the mu'ic ^attire, -while liberal daubs of green, IpfrSd, and yellow paint gave the face al- Ifsnost any desired form of hideousness. "" ~ vvs and maidens in blue.moccasins white beads, their best dresses, #.,,, Is, many-colored and of the biyght- |t^t lines, drawn tightly over the head ||i'of; the wearer, and ribbons of all the Deplore of the rainbow tied at available %J.Bpot8,'. constituted the dress of the Blaek Sen fleet, and the S!befiit« fleet It c«npH9B9 setentcon son-going iron- clnds. OCheso uro not, liowovef, of tho most rewmt ponstwicti'jn. But there nro now building for n?e in tho Black Sen throe Very powerful Ironclads. These are equal to any, iavo perhaps one or two, that carrv/ the British flag. In the Caspian Sea Russia has sixteen vessels, nnd in tfic Sea of Aral six. These nre gun-bearing steum-jw; so they afford ample ifeeans of transport of stores and troop? to the Afghan frontier. About hnlf-yay down ou the west const of the Caspian is Baku, which i* connected bv rail with Southern and interior Russia. Directly across on the opposite coast is tort MicWloflski. Thither by rail to Baku nnd the Me by sli'iirntr, or by steamer from th«' mouth of the Ural in the north, reinforcements could l>e conveyed with case and speed. From this fort, which U a grand strategic point, an extensivi; railroad runs southeast through Persia and to the East, During the last six months every militarv post along the line of this railway has been greatly strengthened; and between 40,000 and 50,000 men ure now distributed between Fort Miehaeloffski and Samarkand. In the other garrisons of the Caucasus there arc 10U.OOO men, so (hat if war were declared to-day a large body of Russian troops—100.000 if needed—would certainly be in Afghanistan and almost at'the gates of Herat by this day fortnight. The first vietory., consequently, would almost inevitably be Kussiari. And all students of Asiatic warfare know the peculiar value and prestige to be thus .gained. England could not reach Herat within a mouth from thu time of Russia's arrival at that point; and by that time, even on tho supposition that the Afghan? still continued loval to the English, Herat would probably have fallen. Thus, if Russia actually doe.« intend to go to war in the spring, it scums *s if she would hfive pretty nearly./e'verytMng her own way in Afghanistan. That there would'be no sort of justice ic such a move is, of course, evident, but that it would b« the expression of i very wise policy of statecraft is equnllv plain. 'We need uht put much confidence in the statement of the Polish paper Czas, to the effect that war in the spring is acertiiiuty. But there is no question that it seems altogethei probable, and'that if it does come the. lighting'strength of Russia will be. uT. but invineiblo. The question why should Russia light is, for various runtions, not difficult of uriswe?.— lios. <vn Advertiser. fT'ty' 1 \.,_m.E& SMILES, INSURANCE, ., .-. REftL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, BAOLfc* orprodoMconiwp»iio°—"•"" •• ..--.."-—- - ~ Q. H, BuntiKt, * le*dlng phrdo»«n ol BprlWf etna. .or«low«m THE FOUX)W1N6 f hm-Class Ins. Oo.'s Ins. Co. of North Amettca; Hartford, PhoentK, Fraiikllu, of PWIadolyhla; Ueriuau AmcrlcuQ; Nortli tirltiuli tind MercHiittle, Loudou; Com. Union, Loudou i L/nncashlre, M»uche»U5r, Bug.' Coiitiiicntal; Uirard; Ulentt Falls, '•'••'' Amercan central; : Plremen»8 Fund, Ansurance <•«> AttEANGEMENT. Tho Steamer ra n ••$ [y On and »ter Monday. Feb. tl, tho Sprea" HKII- »-l "in u» lollowa, vSi: LKAV1NU Al.TOiN FOB ST. LOTUS Hop Bluets la aot, iu any .setae, «n nkoUollo boverogo or liquor, nud could not Da sold, for use, except to WOTOIW desirous of obtaining medicinal bftttn. GREEN B.RAtM, ;. TJ. 8. Com't Internal Ret, . ira»Mn#on, JO. 0,, Sept 24, '1884. Dear Blr~mr don'tyoujret a certificate from Col. "W. H. W.,. I'ortftjo. «>lntf nveryeveiitiiu «9.Th« WhUU« will "« .!"> ra ''''" d flfuse " .iiiiutws before starttng for Bt. Louis. FAUBt To 8T. U:tns, •'• U'JDHD TRIP CWKBTT (UDC« •ppetlle, gin* (treiwth and improTM iKgttUaa. . ; KASKINE (THE NEW QUININB) . • Mo bad, effect No headache No nausea. KO ringing ears, C"™ 1 quickly (Pleasant,?™ A POWKBKUI* TONTC. that the moat delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJLAJilA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOOS PROSTRATION, $20,000,000. WK AbSO 1UCPBK8KNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark- N. jr., and Traveler's Life and Accident IMB. Co..Hartf ord, Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor. Third and State sts. ast Freight. & Passe ger Li e •THE ST. LOUU AND ILLINOIS U. It- CO'S !• At A OK 8TKASIKK ,£• J, K. Kl«H*»OS, Oomumnder. Kr> AN3HUTZ, j Qjerks. TllOB UOOUK, ( U1B ""' On and alter Tburjday.Fob. nth, will leave _j was a great day, in the estimation the pnguti Indian, as the annual of the witches was to be under. There is a tradition nmong primitive people Unit sickness ! is brought the malev- ntiuenue of witches nnd evil , and the only antidote is to ''lent out. A "priest known in ,,. -times its Kilzineuke, who *nt tut the Great Spirit hud less to vith %, W orhl than with these imps ,,j , -. -.1 elfs, v» s the head center of these ^invocations f ca sU, aud tires. According to this old tribal custom lie Indians, -hen their morning meal ,«,. , ' n due irocess of assimilation, Informed,themsorca into figures on the : of the coui..,il-house for the dance, y beat theiisolvos, leaped about K,J,,. V ...I hideous noisiand \ow\ eaterwuul, Kinyoklng--. the Grea^ Spirit to cost tho ?& * ! "•'" —)irits out of U0 m for the year. •^ .,,,,—.. this ceremoiniuid ended a .pro- |¥eeS8iomil march wiu made to all the ~" ~-;wams of the resrvation. Priest I chiefs, who alone Assess power to iKiK;?"— J ' s ' 1 witches, were iiyitod into the Sglwjgwams' of pagan Imjans, aud by Ij-struiige incuntiiiiohs in Jtuliun tongue ^'frihe:witches were driven >ut. Some|^|4 times the witehes muko a tubborn re- ||j- iiiataiice, ns WHS the eiiae in tie last ill- if*' : i»css of "Aunt" Cynthia Fariiei-, when |Si;jv lire nud smudge were ke))i up for ' '•"" i ,ek« nround the house and dfirs were irticd «» 11 pehee oUViring, bu\ ; all to Ss; iio'.avaik As a rule only n few ninutes .! occupied at each house or wig.'uni, ||U : >'but the gi-cuter part of yesterday was si'i'icpnsumed by. thu exercises. Meditirie 'p'.iVlan Weboitei'chiinted tho weiiil bitnhli- King song aud another big chieftain n i?a set, invoontory inldress, both in tli •^Indian tonguo, uttered the final wonl PtjlHt emised the witches mid the evil ;i'ines to fold their tents and silently i; away. j '••••.. Last night the elimax was capped '••by a grai;d powwow, that ended only : ?;when morning 'dawned. A big log fwood fins was lighted on the green, i and all the ctitiilugiie of national , s; :, dnncoH was exhuut-ti.'d for joy over tho ';/ diiy's success, 'which the Kil/.ineuku |j isaid was greater than that of any pro- feVyjous yi;:ir, though what. ineuiiH of - ineuauroment he hud was not made ^.aitacll.v clear to i?ome of his hearers. FOR COLOS **n^*»...« .... —CUBIC ALMOST A 8PEC1FIO bapeiior to ^ui'llevTieUospltnl, N. Y.: "DnlverfiOly euc- ceastul." /"Even-patienttreBted •*t. Francis Hos.N. T. \ wliu Kawhino lia* been t dloolmrui'd cured." Rnv. Jas.L. llBll,(:liHpi»ln Aibiiny P.-iil;en- ilttry, writes tlmt Ka-kini- Ima cnro'l III" *»•• liter twenty veum >uffprliiK Horn ivnuri» ,nd ne.voub dyspepsia. Write him lor pur- "st'Jj^fsepliV Hospital. N. Y.: "It's use to on-lderrd tnilUp-uaanle It a.-t< pi-rtei-ily. I'm;. W K. Itiilcjiiulif, M.D.. 51 E»*t'2>in »t., M.Y. (Into I'rot. In S. Y. Meil. ( ol.fne) write-: Kiifkln« lH»u|ieriiir i» quinine In nf "i-t'C nr »i wer, and never produced ilm atlsjhtwst In imytn tliHliuurliiKOi eiiimttiutlnn. . Thousands iii«>n tlnmt-KUds wrU« hH8- kini- hM8 cured tbi'in altar Kll ntlier liiudl •uiudliuil fui:e<l. Writo lor buck ol U'-tl- "Kaaklnenan be taken without iny smsclnl udvloe. $i.OO pt-r Im'tle. Sold liy or »«nt liy limit on receipt ol priye. K\SK1NB CO., 51 Warrtu »t .New \<>rl< Floe Residence forfiale. ThH late R. Deliow noiumtead, now owned by M. U. Umler • ood, altunted ou Itno o. l.orao railway, In Upper Altp.i; U ro.«m». batli room, lurnacn, iind good ouc buildliins, two acres ol ground, will be sold at « bur Kalu. Po S8e » S lon For Bent. Two-story house and Kood stable bu Coin AI Coninn-»nK Monday. April «h steamer UudKiin wlllte-veS.. Loula lor Alton, Porl- *u>>. Jersey, urulton und all pulntswii M. L 40 I. K. it., dally, except SunJuy. nt 8:3'i a. m.,HrrlvlnKHt Alton at 11 a. in.; ,"" lu ';" 1 "' will leave Alum tor st l.ouis at 5:45 p. in. • rrlvliiK at St. Louts at 7:3i)ln utnp.o tlinn for les lo attend ibtatras, etc. ParllwB pur- - for Sale. Seven lota with good brick dwelllui! anil go id repair, In Uoper Alton. Kesidt-Hcrol «). E,_'.!pllln ? . and kn : .wh as tli;. JleiTlll ton, oHUes o ae , . ChHslnsvouudU-lptl ketswill b« im-nUlied state rooms without tatra cost. Uound «ilp nekntiol BUiuiierSpreHd Eagle i.r lluoson wlll.bfl honored oy either l.oat «"'/»«>"' P'lssa^c. Uoat will leave Alton lor St. Louis at,,ouud»y. oinniTtinK wiih lH»t«xprcs3 on St. Louis and Uenti-al Illinois Itallroad lor Jersey ville. Wa- vany, Sp.luKflnldaiid. all points north, -and eaat - FAUE. TOST. Loots, sliiKle trip, . . . 5^•• " r..un<l trip, . . . • ' 5 ;> «• • " twenty Hoe itukot; , IS.OO IIESUY 0. TATUAI, Gen. Ant. Alton. H. A. KliUBB, non'l .Uanajpir. lelldtt ifiicco . . , iTlll property. WHlfPbK * SMILEV, Aln, or D. W. Collet, Uppsr Alton. A two-story bilek dwelllnK known as tli>- A. Platt homestead. Lately jsood re p j r \\H1P1-LE A SMlLb^. For sale or nent. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owntv iror 6iu» The late residences ot ) j. and W. H ultchell. on Mill at., two o I. r best pieces o residence pn>pertV I" "AHOi . Tne propun> tiuiwn as "TTheParg, eastoi above; i lot DK. O. JB. KOJJCLAND, Dentist, , . 18 THIJtn STREET, ALTON, ILL. Office Uoarv-Sn-tn. tolZm.j 1 tot p. u fnhrtwlv G. A. McMlLLEN, DeutlMt, >VKB BBtJEGGEM V.V.V'S OtCJAK STOBS xnv or all ot above » The Importance of purifying the Wood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At Hits sciwon nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's * o it Sarsaparilla. Itstrengtbens rGCUIIcir all( j builds up the system, creates an appetite, and tones the digestion, while It eradicates disease. The peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsuparllla pecul- -r n Ifcplf iar curative powers. No • w lioou other medlciuehas such arecord of wondetlul cures. If yon havo made «;> your mind to buy llood's Sarsaparilla do not bo induced to take any other Instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and la worthy your confidence. Hood's S:r5arar!:'.n. la scld by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Uood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar LUJKQUT HERB! THE CEI.EBKATEp QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! for Sal*. and out bulldttiK Good 9-room brlek house wllh ab'-utl acre- it'ludlnrf oic..B-".ln Upper Alton. « o, For Kent. Late residence ol M. J. Xoonan on Star- •ivMt. known us tho A. ''law place. t.ood i biiok Uoui ' "•" " '" DH. E. Physician aud Surgeon, JND RE8IUENOE, OOB.FOUBTn' Atf D UENbY STS. UlUU liwiu ww*» i.« *-• '; • f-^r»*^*^ showlnu liow he cured himself of -.-«.»- ciicas by the belp of Hop BltteM. Hi» la a wonderful ca*c. Ho Is well known i n Rochester, N. Y., bv ftU tw drinking people there. He !s known In this city, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York; lu fnct nil over tho country, as lio Ima spent thousands of dollars for rum. I honestly believe his card would be worth thousands of dollars to you in, and Baltimore nloue, and make thousands of sober ineu by inducing tho use of your bitten. J. A iV Prejudice Kills. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on n bed of misery under tho caro of several of the best physicians, who gave her disease various names but no relief, and" now she is restored to Us in good health by Hop Bitters, that We hnd noohcd at two years before using it. Wo earnestly hope and pray that no pm> else will let the j sick Suffer as Wo did, on account of prejudice against so gooa n medicine as Hop Bitters."— The Parent* —Good Tern flan. • , Hilton, Del., Feb. 10,1880. Having used Hop Bitters, tho noted- remedy for debility, . nervousness, indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation in saying that it is indeed an excellent medicine nnd recommend it to any one as ft truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, REV. MBS. J. H, ELLGOOD. Seipio, JSf. T., Dec. 1,1884. lam the pastor of the Baptist church here and an educated physician. I am not in practice, but am my solo family physician, and advise in chronic cases, Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who has been under medical treatment of Albany's -best physicians several years. She has been greatly bcncfittcd and still vises the medicine. I believe she will become thoroughly cured of her vaTiouBCompU- catcd diseases by .their use. We both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. WARREN. Cured of Drinking. "A young friend of mine was cured of an insatiable thirst for liquor that had so prostrated his system that he was nnnble I to do any business. He was entirely cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It allayed all that burning thirst; took away tho appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady, and he has remained a steady and sober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his cups, andlki.ow of a number of others that have luien. cured of drinkinpt by it."—From a leacwg R. R. Official, Chicago, 111. W. A.. UASKKLL, M.D., Physician and durgeon, OFFI'0«!-SECOND ST., ALTON. HJ- •tflcw* h ourn- •» a. m. : ; H to 1. and 6 ^M •*1. : W* FOR SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S I'eolers in STOVES AND UAKD\VAttE AlsoOutsldH Workaspeolnlty. Rooting and Galvanized Irou Worn. Also undertaker's Supplies tor eiu«. Tlie Merrlman property on State stree n vllller & Ulchcll's idd.. to Alton, 1« =iw>n louse, S riKiuia and out- buildliiK» ; all In pe • «ct order. Can be had at a biJ-aain. _ WUii'fLfc. a. a>U.Lli.Y. Kor Kale. The Woodrcol pruperty. A t story Irani louse ol 8 rooms, on Filth and Alton strcetf - For Rent. A two story brick dwelling known as the A for Sale. A convenient larm of 120 acres, moat all lr eUtiv&rton; sU.iatod on the Bethalto road, «ilf * Tom Altov.. For Sale. A 1« story trume dwelling, corner Pearl ana Fifth streets. ml-' Military of Russia. la view of tbe present Kuropeun di».„. intent nnd the warlike aspect of for- H^elgn affair* n vuiieise account of tho »Jjiiy.)oiit military siri'iigi.h of Russhi :!%9[ill be of Interest. j;$£':-By. an . imperiiil ukn.-f) of Nov. 4, fV'5.870, every HiiHsiiiii stibji-et is liiiblo to Ij'twenty years' mllitury si-rviee, tlio ;|vporiod of liability beginning in some if|-;piirts of the Empire at 18, in others ut " £0.' The infantry of the active army 'comprises about' 783.3'Jii men, with !;:iJ6i620 horses and 8,8Ui> currln^es. Thu K firtt infantry re»«rv« Una it stivngtl* "f ''; ;627,I76 men. Husides them are six v f local 'bntUlions, so' imlleij, ntnnhcriug |f;!in all 5,494 men, mid six' "spuciiil ro- SkiierVo battalions" In Aslu, numbering ^' : .»,024'mou.. The jiniss tot-nl of tlio "IvfiugsluMi infantry, uetlvo and ilrst re- liiwrve, is 1,466,3-17 mow. When to thla addod tho cavalry forces mid tho ies in tuttse." it. uppeuri tliat Uus- if nocd In', could defend herself .,w«-^ over 5,500,000 men, all of whom have received t>omo niililary training. 1 AS lor tho navy. This Is divided in- tlyee divldloun—tho Baltic iluot, tho REAL, ESTATE FOK SAUS OB RENT, -BV- Ruders&ausen & Sonutag. Vor Sale. A <*»nvBnlont and pleasant home at a rea- jonaUe tlyure, belna aiwo-slory frame house on KlHjtli street, near Henry. For 8Me. A clictce (arm ot 320 aoiea, with flrat claa>- n.provcnonta, situated 2« mllea east ol lirunswlet. Obarlton co., Mo. For Hale. A one story frame dwelling house In gooo condition. U Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Cheap Tho logldeice ot Oapt. W. t oble: twr; torleaand inmsard roof) IS room * tmllB ulooeta, tollars.ete.: 8 acres of gron-i Mom leatrable propertv in thu olty. Far Male. Itioncreool UnO near city limit* S...u ., »a story brick Bud trame Uwo n nouJf. ,oth nlruutod on tlweu; o i.ntc alvnu- lOtween fitb and 7th 'icots- ao the brim ,loek ol atoroa on ?econ :ree% betwee 1 linn and itldge Htrtet aown aa Hunter*- fw. Foi IjHle. a nuiallfranje' 1 .ilr.u bonne wltliln n D< .mcUcotthc'l i tor ins. Idd ucrax t K.XICI taroiiDK land, and wnothi-i uiictot 00 ,«rea, both ut.luiurovud. SltuiK- :n Mdi t o., KuueiiH, ut f 10 nnd J16 pur aoi roapwtivulv—ono-tlilrU uu»li,biUanv«on tliu> Fur SfU*. A iiuinot UUacreb on uotioui land, all li •uulvuttou, utiar Madtuoti,tn tills county A ^.lod two-story' truiuedweUtnis hin.uo on li Price JB.DUO tor B»l<>. A choice lann ot )4n utrca, i<ltuatn ' mile fouth ul shlpman, Wticoiiplii county, 111., at H lu\y " -".•.. ALWAVSON HAND. COB. 8BO».Nn AND AI.HT BT8. wm.i. ONDERTAKER, AMD DEALER IP . I'artloalniendlnf; to buy Itual E»tato to the i-Uy ui AUon or vlulmtv will nnd It to their (merest to call at the oltlcoof UuderBhuusi.-n & HountHg and e^ainluo thulr list 01 properties tor Hale us only part thereof U advertised. JOSttTpH JAttUETT'ft LIVERY STABLE STKKKT, BKTWKKN IIXINOJ Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Gases, Caskets > And Burial Robe for lAdles, Gentlemen and Children. Oiface ana Snop ou Slate ati«» ijv«rU»H a l.tvury st« urn. Will attend to Jor< Wnrimni 1 U«nsii!n«r Kn™'""" '"* WILSOST" WASHBOARDS, ! Tl,«» Wa.l,bo«d._ore a .u»d B ejitU A. Jc HO WELL, —DEALEU'IN— FURNITORE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OKDKP TDK UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth The undersigned have opened a n"W maslo stjre at thu corner (ol Third and Plasa sts ORGANS AND PIANOS! nf the (finest vorkmanshlp for sale atroa- •unable price?. Call and examine our instru- iient>, before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS, & BABE. mohKdwtim W.Jb. JEUNSUNGER, -ALSO- SLATE PAINT UNDERTAKER. UE81DESCRCOR. 8TVTBA 8EVK.NTU ST- «IOHN BAUER, PEALKR IN AND MANOFAUTUllEB OF FURNITURE SECOND STREET, , Opp. City Unll, ALTON, II.L. All kind* of ilnu and common farnltur oonatnntly on lnui'l. Aluo undertaker, etc. "i Diiinx . A twonlury brink lUollliiK oil Slum Htruei &na»n IIH A. I'lult liuliii-nlVHil, lali'ly pui tii nnod ippulr. A two ouiry iriiniH dwelllrn. on tliiln utrwt, imuriy now. A two mor} Sovnnth »tro«t, all lor •aU' / TO ADVERTISERS F'ir H I'lii'ck lor f.'O wn will print a ij'M-Hno iilvi'i'ilbPiuclit hi Onu Million ln'iieu of tuii'i* IHU Aiiirrtniii N«w»p ipmn. 1 n|. la ill. 'lio 'Ht« if only onu tlltl> «l iiocnt H lhu<,(nr I.Oidclicu . linuni! Tim Hilviutli-i'ini'iit will lio pluct-d llUlOIV Ullll Mllllllll IIIKFKIIKNT III'WHIllllll'I- pui'vliu-i'Vtc-orr'lVK.MILLION IlKADBMH. Ten Ilih'H will HOI uinniiiitiitii iiU»nt 7% wotd», AM. Urusa wltlitopyol mlv miu ohiHilc, or vund an cent* ior book ot 176 puuuu. UKO, J'. HOW- KLLAW.,108prucout.,N. T. Plain and Decorative U WOBK PROMPTLY ATTKNDKD TO il LOWEST TEIIM8. OBFICB AND SHOP OK SECOND ST., NEAR PJA8A AI^TPON. . . . iFjT, Lucas Pfeiflenbergev ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Oflico on Third 8t.,one door west of Piasa, tl>ir<l floor. J, SUITER & SON, IN FIKE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Always ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. .iUUFUUNITUKK ROOMS ABE OK Slate Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILju. «p8dwlV ADMINISTRATCE'S NOTICE. KSTATE of Eleanor P. bulio, oeecatqd. Th« undurslKiK'd, ImvtnK been' appointed Adtnlnlstra'or ot the estate of Bfeanpr P. tin'ld, Into i>f tho county Ot Madlsou i-nd .•jtatwol Illinois, deceased, hereby gtvea notice that ho will appear before <be county cnurtof Madison county, at the court home, In GdwardHvllle, &t the. May term, on tho tlil-iJ Monday In May next, atwhlon time all persons havlne Halms against said Estate are notified and requested to attend lor the puvposu of Uitvinri tho came adjusted. All persons Indo'iicd to said Estate are requested to inuku luunudlate payment to tho. uuder- BllJIll-'U. l/atecl this 31th dav of Maroh._A.n.. J887. X'EULhY B. WHIPJ'LB, ' AdmlnUtrator._ Y .r*af9*aUK**, -w— ' ALCOHOUANTIDOTE NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERAHQEMENTS, An Imnudlito roUof tor prostration caused by AIX30HOLIO EXCUaaES. A stimulant whlcb, when takaa with voda. Vichy. Apalllnarla, Boltzor. or any Sparkling Water, will supply the Craving far Btrong Drlak, without ItuduuwUouareimUt. leaving tVu ovBtem refroabed and InvlKotated. Prepared t» a ItBAVY BYHUP, moot agreeable to tako. • Helnft non-alcoholic, It commends itwilf OB- peclally to I'liyslclaiiB, LuwyerH, Teuohors, Clergymen, Morc'limitH, anil others followlntt sedentary occupatlona or pursulu, rcqulriDK norvo energy.

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