The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS •ITVO cents a word lor first Insertion and ono cent » word Jor each subscqutut tiiser- tloii. No iKlwrttocment taken for less Hum 50c. Count tho worclj and seud the eash. Phone 30b BLYTHBVILLE. (AUK.) COUUIEU NEWS nnr y NEA SERVICE Inc.: OUK BOARDING HOUSE By Alieiru ERNEST LYNjsl FOR SALE FOB SALB-Baby Chlcis. Custom hatching each week fro:u now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 26rt- -I Our iwllcy of selling Vised Cars .strictly al lo. us, is your as. suraiu'c uf more Dollars for Uol- lar value. All makes anil models] lo select from. j 11130 Model I'ord Turlor Sedan SHS 1330 Model Ford Tudcr Sedan SlOjj 1IK7 .Model Cliryslcr Coupe ??IO j 19?.'J Model Ford Stand. Coupe Sl'iO ; ID? 8 Model Chryslyr Sedan.. S375 j !Di3 .Model 1'crrt Kuadbicr S295! 11128 Jludtl Foi-d rick-un— !j2(i5i 1928 Mod. I'ord Business Coupe ?2'J5 j IMS .Model Fcid '1'iidor Sedan $235 j I0-;(i Model Dudge I'lincl Truck S 93 | 1028—Model Chevrolet Cuupc ?0li IM9 Model J'ord I'lmclon.. $.'M | Sec uur sluik today and make | yiiu r selection, ytiur car accepted! us parl iiayinenl. [ )ii:iii\ man- 'rouAy 'l'lirikui;h n Ifllcr Ihnt tit: rr- rrlrtt trum a rrlruJ 1» .N^« York. ni:r!u \\rlu-r nuj former N*« fi-imi Ti:l*n. Ohliu to * r y < l » Mf* cilra ""rk In tUe uiuvlri, flnilx her chnrmluc niirl l;iLi.% :i drf[i lulcreal In brr. Sh<- Iriinis trum him Ilint br ivorks al Conlhirulul I'lrlurci. Sfct hn» \\nrkcil unly unc dnjr n« mi cvlr.T lier&rlf, hnvliiK lieeu (here ljul ;i clmrl time, Imt II lew dnya aflcr (ln'lr mcvIlM),' »lie KMii »Mr:i \ntrU al <;r:iml 1'nltcU. Ih-r llrsl H:iy Ifarri- »ln-« :i tirl nuuu-l! MIlN'A J1OUII l>ll\. iluil ImmrilJiilc-lv ltl*CN lirr. >]nn:i N Hi hie nllli i:'v,\ IIAII l,i:i, mid Amir llvcx uluiit*, nttd Muttti «UK- ^rvl» [li:il the Ihrf p w.'CUl>y n Tmn- cnlinv lh:il »hc nnd L?v<.! hnvr Tli'rj Mi, (lil.. WliiMi I):in e:ill« nn A llivrc mii: evenlnp lif Jtjiriis ft,.,., llmia llml liAIIIIY M.tlAN. llic fuiuiin* illrcrtitr. nr- (n:illv h:ix iinti.-v>l Amir, untl "hi 1 m:i>'lie Rivi-n n "liH." IJan. n«il HUNK SliKin. alOxillKlt lir hni* HPUT nvlli:i!!f ""'I 1>1"I. <« :1 ll1 ' P f .NOW CO ON WITH Till: S'l'UIIY CHAPTER IX thishcd through llorl uiiiid llic- iilcliire of! i ., .. .... i A T IIICV'M Dept. Used Car PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Aullicri/cd Ford Dealers t: 511 TODAY FOR SALE—1927 Cinysler 52, U,MO miles, liv.2 new tires, practically new, 5325 cash. I!. S. Gatti, call G03 Leforc 0:30. -11*11 FOU SEN'I lOR WUNT-1-VonL licaiooill MI- joniini- bath, privalo liomc, call «0-W 'I"* 8 FOR RENT—Two downstairs front 1 bedroom?. 119 W. Ash. WANTED WANTED — rurally Washings, i WH!,licd and ironed by comiic- tcnt white woman. Mrs. Brown, •iOl S. Lake' SI. 17ct:-lf WANTED—Esj-.ericnctd girl sleno- Ki-iDlicr Telephone tiO, Luxora. •Ick-li _ I WANTED—Room aud Vwai'd in I private residence for couple. Art- < dio:s Uox U, Courier News. 5pkb scaled al a restaurant table; aii'l | Johnny Kiddle saying: "Sylvia's a swell girl: but Sylvia's ambitious — and K!IC can lie diplomatic." Aud Dan wondered it Sylvia 1'at Icison would Irt slarrlns wHli Crand Uuilcd it she had clioMii nol lo lie diplomatic lo Sloan. Perhaps llic t!iou(;hi was not exactly fair lo Sylvia, though: the Rir) had au uu- dciiiahle talent, and a rare, orchid- like licKuty, and her fan mail, Kiddie had said, was aiuons tho largest in Hollywood. I'crlians, Sloan or no Sloan, 6lic wi>i;hl have souo far. And yet, it- nicinUcriui; liuw "ho had sat there siiiilin^ ut liiiii willi cyca and MDS lislenhiy with natleriiiE allculivc ness as the brawny director Eiuokcil and lalked, Dan found II easy to think thai iierhans Sylvia J'alteisoii felt il was less to her i-lioicc than lo her intcrcsls lo feed Uarry KIoan':i vauily. Aiitl Dau resented him. Anne Winter said, "1 may lie doing a bil in this nicl^ro ycl. U soui:rt3 almost loo good lo be Irue, 1 know; bul Sir. Hloan himself InlfciMl lo me today aud they may tJvc me a fe\v lines." "Alia sirl," Uan paid encouragingly. "Didn't 1 tell you y "//oiu do i/on tiling il f? month, even?" R OIllMiill smiled. "I wish Utck Charles covld hcnr you lalk, Anne. • I'm suro he'd bo surprised ,t your humility, lie isn'l used to It. Dick says: 'Give an exlra a bit and ho automalically Ihlnhs he's a bil player and doesn't <vanl lo do extra work again.' Aud 1 suppose he knows as much about It as any casting ilircclqr iu Hollywood." lie \vcnt over to her and took her hand in Ilia and palled It. "You're soing lo so over, Anuc; 1 know it. .There's nothing cad slop you, because—well, liecauso you've now than WANTED—Practical uursinff by lady with fourteen montlis experience" with trained nurse. Vine St. . d |gol more ability right. , , , . . ., " " nine-tcntlia of Ihcn). Wait till lho> knock em dead if you got a ^ you 5ing Havo you BUOg [o an w. GESTKY COMING BACK INDIANAPOLIS. IUP)—'\ vc'~- rran showmnn has beea searching lor stage talent in Indianapolis with which he hopes to revive one of the most famous "big top"shov:s of past year. Four pudgy. faced jiocdlr-s of thu city dog pound will help Henry V. Gentry, retired .showman anri owner of tl:e fainon:- Gentry Doc and Pony siiow. to again take liis plnce as the king of ticg trainers. diauccV" Ualhcr abrunlly he asked, "What do you think of Sloan?" "lie's j-alher womlcrtul, Dau." .Anno sot m> from Ircr chair dud look a few nervous slciis toward one of Ihe front windows. There K!IC stood, ga^iug into nigbt and nolbiUnnt'Sa for a minute or two, and Dan iicrecivcd, when she turned her face toward him again, Ihal she was highly agitaled. Ho said, "I'm nothing but a clumsy idiot to no staying when you should be resting. Tomorrow may mean a tremendous .lol lo you. and I'm kceuing yon from bed. | You're a liltle nervous; yon ought | lo have some hot milk and 50 TUUTI.i: SNATCHliK St.YVANIA. Ohio. (UPI-J. Dal- | las Strohl, c.siiert turtle catcher. : recently capturwi 40 moss back j Unties in a week's hunt. The tnr- ; t!cs haci an aggregate weigh', of 300 pounds. Strohl doesn't fish . for his tnrtes. He catches them j barehonded. He once got one j weighing 42 pounds. j MULES For Sale f. Lu J5 ye:irs oKI, good coiiiliLioti Phillips Motor Co. right lo sleep." Antic said, "Oh, Dan, you talk a-; if I were a baby. Tin goiuir lo have cundwichcs and coitee, and so are you. Tin — I'm just a little silly, 1 sup;ioHC. Only, it dues mean a tre mfrulons lot lo me: you were right And it shouldn't, ot course; EL hi is nnly a bit. alter all—I'm only fouling myself if I think il mean: iiiiy more. A week from now suppose I shall be looking for any kind ut c.xtra ivork aim liiiukin myself lucky K 1 get il." Ibeni yet. Anno?" Anne said, "Of course nol, silly." and slio laughed. "Why, I'd b Tightened to death to sing' to !arry Sloan." "You sang for me." Dan remind :d her. "I know, bul I've such a (in iltlc voiue, Dan." He told her Ihal she. did nol hav ,o shout over Ihe microphone. "! .here any caorus singing iu 111 liclurc';" he asked. Anue said there was not, and sh proceeded to tell him the story o [he picture. lt= working title, sh informed him, was "Married i Slay." "Sylvia I'altcrsoii has asvera songs, aud Kaymoud Marliury. An Pat Slanlou and Mary Kills ha 1 one or two. But Ihere's no choru Kinging. Mr. Sloan, though, has wonderful male quartet in iL Au he's building up one ot the seen —just before tho'cjuartel comes o It's one of the house-parly s qncnces—wlioro we all wear «po clothes. You know? Aud ha wan lo givo some lines lo one or two AlwooJ talks ho sounds as lie ban just ImJ his volco muni- cured. llc'n that correct and pro- cite." And pollco reporlcra, ho on to say, didn't talk llko actors. "They (alk llko police reporters." "1 llko tbat crack," Moim Eitld, "about Iho uiaulcurod voice. , . . Aud what nil! you. do aflor this picture Is llulslicd—wrllo anolher one?" lloviiucr 3^1 lil ho supposed to. "I'm tut a lllllo niorq limn flvo months lo so bctoro they can lin> me," liu said, aad ho laughed. "That's a great break," sulil Mona. "How would you llko lo shop aroiiuil for jobs by llio day; lion- do you think it wonh! feel. Kvu, lo liavo a. Rleady Job— for a moiilli, oven?" Aud to U,m 6ho »i!dcJ: "\Vo Ket our checks nt the end ut Iho ilrty—-wlien wc'ro working. And it thoro'a a Job to moriow you'ro lu luck.' Hiirluy tnld.. "And how•!" She t.iia it iinjiiillln^ty and, Hull incv thought, a Illtlp hillerly, Ho mado his oxcuucs a few mliv ulcs laler and departed; and wlnni hs not back lo his hotel ho felt Blr.iiigely al war with himself; tho evening, despite Menu's attempts to put him al hln ease, had not cu Irlbiued lo Ills pcaco ot mlud. Ho irlcd to tell himself Unit Anno Winter's \\clcouio had been as warm na usual, hul ho thought: "Tho girl wauls to bo lett a-louo." Tho prospect of lied was liirly uncheeriug, so ho sal for a whllo In ono ot tho lobby dlvana, his hat and coat In Ills lap, and watched tlio party-goors drift him to tho dancliis room, luo wo men. expensively wrapped and coiftd. chattering animatedly; tho men following iiioro quietly. In din., ner cults llko uniforms. Ouo ot llio Iloosovelt'j "dress tchcn auuoimced loudly that cot-1 nlfibls," llorhncr Idly supposed, aud and sandwiches were, ou the Brought his gaze to rest on Iho en- ay, and she nnd Eva followed a trance lo Ibo Blossom Itoom, where oincnl liter with trays. >' 0 ""S wo "«" '» "lack, nnd lu "Anne can pour the coffee," Mona b ', is , ht co '« r '' a " (i l ," I' asl , clB ' , , aid. and she dropped gralefnlly c f for lMr . e ™«\ ^ a . 5m , ukc ' 1 id noisily Into a chair. "No sugar "8«<*'> ^ swaycrt their shoul- inc. Aune, dear—and I IOTO It o. too," she sigheil. She turned Dan and said, "Wouldn't it be tJOHlMKU llioughl ho recognized •oudcrful lo have a figure like Al ono or two among tlioin an uuo or Uv;i? They con cat rfs movie actresses, but he was uot ccr- mch as they want and never add I tain. Ho Ihonghl: "But lliey'd all n ounce. Uul me!—gosh, Dau, ll'» like lo lie mislakeu for uiovlo ac- ivful!" tresses"; and, rcmcmhcring an old Eva Harley. passing sandwiches English racc-track (inolalton, Ihal i Dan smiled "How Is your pic- "On Iho lurf, or nuder tho turf, all ire coming along, Mr. Rorimer?" meii are equal." he felt that them SAV,CAP, I. CAMS- UP TR : OM "ROOM AkJ 7 WE. A ^UART *. LEFT -T^lO Keep us ^AlHAT''LL we pa, st4LJ-T if orr A/J 11 ^RlF-T -^OR 1C.5S -T»4' -frl& QiJART OF GA5QLII46 OUR COOK '(»rl — J or icrc I como In'." Mona's cheerful voice from Ihe I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES i HOOUAY! By Martin ha asked politely. D AN was a liltle surprised at Ihe queslion. II was Iho firat time ic had heard Eva express curiosity ibout anything. Moua said, "What's tho idea ot :he Mr. Rorimer, Eva? Hia name is Dan." "Well, Dau, then." said Eva» "That sounds a lot better," Dan said. The picture, ho informed them, was proceeding s a U a t aclorily enough. "Bul It's nolhins to rave aboul. I saw some- rushes today, and Collins seemed lo be satisfied." "And what kind of a newspaper reporter Is Frederick; Atwood?" Anna wanled to know. Iloiiiner grinned. "Just loo nice for words," he said. Jlona eaid, "Tbat doesn't sound so hoi," and Dau admilted tbat perhaps he was danmiug Atwood wilh hint praise. "lie's a good aclor and a good the unimportant guests. And thit'i hllow," ho eaid, "hul every timo was something equally democratic: and leveling about tho sceue beforo bin. He went upstairs presently, and took a took wilh him, and read himself to sleep. His led-sldo lamp was burning and tho hook was be- sldo him on tho covers when martial strains from Ibo Hollywood High School banrl, almost boucalli hia window, rouaed him in tho orniuf. In his balli ho lold liimselC determinedly thai there would he no moro visits lo Iho bungalow without a-direct Invitation. To jrovo to Anuo that ho was interested In tho outcome oC tho day at Grand United, and lo salisfy his own curiosity, ho called her up that evening, and learned that she had been given the greatly-coveted "bil." Uul ho said nothing about seeing her. Another 10 days passed, during which ho heard nothing from her at all; and then ono day, In tho restaurant on tlio Continental lot, ho ran into Eva llarlejr. (To Uo Continued)' 'tT 5 ' NOTICE From May 1 lo September 1 ™ r dental offices will be closed >ach Thursday nflernoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis- Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 210 3-8 Aviation 57-8 Chryblcr 23 3-8 Cities Service 28 Coca Cola 175 Fnx -. -15 1-U General Elcclric 70 1-8 General Motors 46 Grigsby Onimnv 15'i 1. T. and T «'i Montgomery Ward 34'.Packard 14 3-4 Ratiio -12 3-1 (Simmons 2t 3-» United Gas :.... 35 1-8 U. S. Slcel lCfi!-i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AS l'L,AIN AS DAY! ES...A^O DID YOU S££ "WAT SCRATCH ON HIS LEFT SHOULDeR"? New York Cotton \ V. R. WASIIAM—Transfer Dally Irips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight nnd packages anywhere. Special cates oil carload lols. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 I WERT llic Makes 'Em Set; NEW YORK. Aug. 7. (Ul')--fJol- (on clofcd steady. O:wn High Low Close Oct. o!cl 13CC 1320. 1310 1318 130:i 1310 1287 1343 135(5 1333 1325 1336 1309 1346 1354 1336 1331 13-11 1320 1350 13GO 1334 13GO 1372. 1352 1377 13fft 1356 Ocl- .new Dec. old Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new Mar. ... Mav .... July 1235 1337 1314 1311 1323 MOM'N I'O THE ;iwne KS 05 TO DO IS To 60 SIRA'.SWT %A t \ -i;. t w-'->K. ^LM_I-.-4^4!^ n'l i'-i \ ,\lr 1 i--\ You eaew HORS6 DO-WM 1U6.QC...NOT Ol.OTOHi...TVie OTV4SR. ONS TrlAT Loa^ . UUS HlfA ? •SrrV. _ no \nx& HAS &ny CMS 6LSS ...1 S£flT UIW. IXWJW TO TUS \!M.l_P_V TOB A R6ST.'. 1 T WATCHFUL WAITING excuse youee "WAT HORSS OP Vouas MAS Been Riooet-i AM' R.IDDEM MARD,TOO..- 1 :By Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Fhonc 52 Ingrain Dldg. Blytncvlllc, Ark: Spoto closed al 1315, up 2). New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Ainj. 7. tUI'i — Cotton closed very steady. Ocl .... 1233 "18 12TO 1300 . H"C ..... 1322 1337 1309 131S j™ .... 1331 1339 1326 1320b Mar .. 1348 1360 1333 1330 May .... 1361 1301 1356 1358 Snols closed steady al 1280. up 'JO. KINAM.Y .COJ1PJ.BTBI) INDIANAPOLIS. (UP)— A crazy • quilt 75 inches square, representing 44 years uork was finished this wek by Mrs. P. Griencr of Indianapolis. tXV. BET ViHE.ll T HO','1 LOUU'SOIAC 111 THt PAP'CW VOU TWHK cont. AO Stvi Mil IF uc CW10LT UOMC HCXV- COME. TCCuRUJ DGYJN TVtt 51RCUT SO 1 FAST HIS 10MG11C VJ1LX. BC «M4G\UG O'J I DOVIM TO HIS

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