Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 4, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1887
Page 1
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... .1 .1,1 u ... . i,) x . ., , ,.,. ^^^t^ir.i- i.:.. , i .... : '.""'__ ILL., MONDAY EVBJKLKQi APRIL 4, 1887. .NUMBER 262. V Up to afow wcoltshero'l oouSlJtprod inysolf the ohumptott Di'spopHBdd Amoftcuv During the yours lirfttilMinvoi'lj&animmictou 1 ilmve tiled nlmdeo oVdrjlHlnfe crijUmdillto'bsJ'a spa- clflo for •Dysp«pMtt'--in'fflo-'lidpoiof finding ller. I lia'd about mudffttp inyTinnd to'aoan don medicines when I nottce'd'a'ilcnUoiBO- ttout of SimmonBl/h-di'TltigiilRtovby a prominent Georgian; ft Jurlsk whom Tluuiw, and aonelu<Io't"tf) tty l1 it((Scifct>^ fii'my *dse! I hare med'btit iW'Mmets 1 Uiid JI «ui' ' riattrifKra ' that t ha'ye'SWueir'Wirf'tfsiitftftng' ar-'ait. 'I felt, It i t)on6(Ioiiii 1 dlttjMa l i(iibW-i 1 ni(ncll*Moly: '' J '' n|*slmllilv Unlik'e'nll hind no Npocl'mlnetitiifctlohB is retiulrca as to want »irib'^tmlroir'Blrali'fa6teirt J This fact alouo onxHt to,commtsiHV"lt to all tioublod with- dyspepsia'. "• J. K. Hor.MES. A regulnr, habit, oi;, body cu'n bo flocmrod wltliou* ; ohangl;ig,tho cliot .or dlsorganiclng the svetem, ' See , • pared ' ;i{, ZKlLOSt * ,C6., Pro- , Pa. MONTHLY For Girls, age fifteen and under, INMOflEY AND ARTICLES, First Monthly Fair. The distribution of Premiums will he for 1 yard long, from 1 to 3 inches, wide of Thread Crochet Lace -Work: First Premium, Cash $2, 2d 3d and " oilier " SI. Article Goods, AWARDS WILL BE MADE EVlSR'i'' 2d» SATURDAY* IS EACH MONtfH, CaMMENGING SATURDAY, APEIL 9 next, between 7 and 9 p. m. Goods'entered >for comp etition must jbeiaejatiii by 3 o'clock p. m. same day, or sooner, with name and age of maker attached,-so they can properly be returned to Miss Mtddie,Bartlett has con- as • Goods. -of" ),l<IUpif st, Alton, Tito Might I'f.opln Dnii't H«nt. Tho Obaoi'vor llstciieil to two bright wotnen Ulsi'UsS tlto qlicstlftn the otlioi- dity, and tbo younger Bitltl; "'I'lio great trouble with BO- cioty, the reason large pntliorhigs ore notsuo- cessCul, Is tlittb in tbo circles I know the right mim and the right women don't meet." • "Oli, tlmt isnlnn>«so. 1 ncvor knpw any circles in wlilfcli Ihny did," snid tho other. "But it is tlroodful," jwrswlcrt niiw, "It li nilmnl oullm one sfdo UN on tlio 6ther; the bright tnen who won't exist would cetUiuily^be glad to knpw tho womuiV 1 know, but-, this, .women I:know meet for tbo most part only i-esponslble old duffers nncl boyi at tlm literary receptions aijd evening* they go to. I Biipposo," she eonHwiod, "Um1i it 1<* bettor in tliouxtromely fiuiUlOtiublo frivolous society that it'is frequented by tnnk'fl and femalds of the same sijpfius," Sho hud bwn rendirtg Cbailes lleuili), you sec. "Not n Ut .of It,' 1 rejoined mndninj "I wag tol'dng only ibis week to a young-womniv •nlio moves in Hint society, and who is so tired ot it that silo h all but ready to run away with the coaoUman. ' Why don't you haVo n 1 good'tlmo? 1 1 said to hei-. 'A good time,'replied this daughter of sixty iniHIonS, 'doos any one suppose I hdVo a fioojl time? Menl, don't I sou nice men! I never see a man! Snips, snip*, 1 1 tell you, aro all that over comei to these balls.' "—New York Graphic "Observer," A Famous Dinner Dnluty. In blissful ignorance that the i>wicool: w as esteemed a famous dinner dainty by epicures before Paris itself was famous, a correspondent in Paris writes tlms: "Tho most'novel feature of the ctiterlointnent v> as the appearance of a ioaslq<l peacock, docked In lUI i(s feathers, a beautiful and decorative object to look at as well ni a very delicious bird to eat Tho introduction of the peacock ns the course of game at grand dinner parties is the newest feature of the season, and one can only wonder why a fowl of Mich delicate fleJi, as well as of such superb plumage, should have been so long neglected! by gourmands."—New Orlean* Times-Uenioi'ral ODO of Uio Inte-t gastronomic fnncie 1 ! is Ice cream served iij'Uio I'orm of eaHlfv* Absolutely Pure. Thm powder never varies. A marvel o. purity, strength wholosomoness. More oco nouiioa) than the nrdluary liinds, and cannoi bo sold In competition with tlio inultltudp o low toat.short woislit. Rltmi nho»pha'o now ders. - SOLD ONLY IN OAKS. ROYAL BAKI POWDEtt CO., 100 Wall St., N. Y. JanSdwly W,A. lit B • T ^lEfl[OftJ|!HOifav.Q. ft fllffOT* ent line willbe mentioned. 2WBA.G8 FiHf REAL ESTATE FOR SALE READ L.IST OP BARGAINS —AT—C. A. Schlueler's Agency. For Sale, cheap, cor. of 7C1) and Alton sts.; frame dwelling;!rooms and-coLiur, rents lot |10 per month. : For Sulo or Bsolmugoe—100 acres, SS <n cultivation, 2}( nilles nortnoust ot Fostorbnrg at n bargain. Jfor sole—Five-room brlok bouse. Btory and n hair, corner Eighth and Mechanic street. Can be hud at a bargain. Good property to runt. Ono 0-room now housn, with collar, ctstern and ooul lioueo. Jxjc 61) by 110 ou 9tli and Market gtti. For solo—ono S-rooin house undone 3-room house, Dili and Markut ate, Lot 60 by 110 good olittern and eoul house, utaliuiguln For sale—16 aovea In North Alton with good oiuhard, burn und plenty of water. For sale— 580 acres Improved (arm with gooil hoUBii and stanlos In VVoocUori county KiinuUb. U. II, riiri-« across Irocn fort Scott to Wichita,5 miles from county teat, For sala—76 Horns partly bottom land, 1m' proy«(t fn.rin.nour Dorsuy, with plenty ol good b Illdtotfa on BUUIK. For'salii—10 pleoop of v«luai-lo property withHOUil houiMM), 1» thta ott . ; • • ,For sale ur axch IMRO—A :t>ao little cottagn In Bothalto, wlih piunty nf Hi''miiil, utubio and good waier on pri'in HOB. •"ForHalooFOSQliftntifl—Two stiotlnnsof R.R UmWr lund In'He. MluBburl, 160 inilou from St LoulB on the Iron'Mountain K. U., ut ft bur gain. Kov sale «»• osoUiinso, 8 ricvos of ground 01 Main ot, iiOjolnlnif lluyor uoppingor'n on tho oust,For ualo orox«tifin'<e—fi 8»o'.l<>n9 of pvutrlo Innil In OIIIRKOC viitinty, IV.vus Will nel chuup. • aultublu fur any liumlug purpnuus. Tinoo loro-t aOJulnlng Hr.ltoljai'ta on north Flyo lo.ts ou Dry Bt,, udj'iintntf Thomas »!«• on ' Use, lnJ14 For Dairy and TttWe Use, ln MUOU Hftcihe ana ae n>I ii,i for Hftlo by Ouu und u imlf low Jn iruwley'H iiiidlDon. One und u Imlt lots in S|iul)y'8 uddlilon. Any ol'thu abovo iivonutty o*n boi bought at ubArgiiiii, I also represent the 1 Buffalo Geyman rire Insurance Co- Buffalo, N. Y;, one of the best companies in the'II. 1 S. And other good 1 Companies in addition. _ C. A, S(jSiTIETEE, Office In my New Building ' street LAT1581" NBVV8. Dr. Chas. Biuil. bf Avoca, as been arrested and Jailed, charged vith wife poisoning. Tlii ee Russians who attempted«to ssassinatc the Czar, on March 13, ave been hanged. Work on tne guns Tor cfte new war- hip« H being pushed at tho Waah- ngton ordnance foundry. Reports of terrible suffering for vimt of food a'nong the people come " om Atascosa county, Texas. NEW Yonic, April 1—A Waahing- 011 special to the Evening Host says: 'A gentleman in this c ty who ba- lad especial rcaso.i to interest hirn- elr in the condition of ex-Secretary Manning's health, .has receive'! per- onal advici s from England -confirming the worst reports yet publisned. s' informant: asserts that • the ex- secretary was not onlynot improved his voyage, but is decidedly vorse. His friends have little hope f his recovery. A successful test of the Terry grip and cable system was made Saturday at the stables of the. Citizens' Railway company, St. Louis'. , The Hotel de Monte at Monteroy, ! al. the handsomest watering-place lolel in America, costing $350,000, burned down Saturday morning. A son of asoldier named McLeon has lieeu allowed llie largest pension ever [jaid a private soldier or, his cleseeo- dants, ^12^-188. This amount is now in the hands of a pension agent at Des Moines,' To. The Civil Service Commjssion announces that it is with difficulty that it is able to supply the departmental demands for male stenographers who are also type writers and suggests that competent persons outside of tie Uist let of Columbia,who contemplate passing a civil service examination in stenography and type willing do so at once. Salaries in this branch of the public service range from $1,000 to §1,800 per annum Henry Ward Beecher hud no inten lion of defrauding the man who pah him in advance, for the "Life o Christ" that was never written, bu the money was never refunded; am it does nut seem that any provision have been made for refunding it. Mr Bt-eclier always intended to do some t'jing to, right the wrong, but he wni a ways self-indulgent and improvi dent. So death found h m still it the possession of money hat was no his own; and, unless his relatives arc prompter in fulfilling his intentioni than he was himself,the entire trans action will stand to his reproach. 8ttit«>-of Trade. NEW YOUK, April 2. —R..G-.. Dun & Co., in I h.eir weekly review, say With three inches of-snow in Virgin ia, roads in many sections altnps impassable, and Canada railroads I'locked by drifts, the distributioi of products is difficult. But for tin extraordinary demand to anticipati the interstate act and its change o rates this retarding ' weather wouli have bv-en more Borionslj^felt. As i is, dry goods and*boot jand shoi dealers complain that from icgioni buried in.snow small orders'cOmefo summer.-clothing, and deep mud an< bad roads in many Slates arres 1 movements of .produce. The bust ness of the past month has been re ma kubly large, not only at New York and Boston,, but Chicago ro ports a phenomenal record, and oth er cities as well. Larg-ly this busi ness has hcen in anticipation of de mands-for thirty-days to come, o more. Hence it is scarcely possible Unit a- noteworthy unseasonable reaction should not be felt. The opin ion grows that the the interstate ac will help the railroads rather th i commerce. Its evident tendency is 10 cause lower charges on local traf lie, wbich'is the smaller, and high< charges ou the long thro gh tnifll which for important roads is tho laV gcr. Neither uncertainty nor notivi ty iu markets, under such circiim stances, indicates much for the fu tiiru. Success It is tin! duty of ovnry person wh< lius iifbd linaclioe's linnrmn Syrup to lot its wonderful qunhtms be known U ihmr friunds in curing ConBiimptioii sovoro Cunttlis, Croup, Auilimu I'lit-iiinoina, und In (act nil thruat an' miitr di cii-ea. Iso uurson oan u^ without immuUiiiyio roiu'f. Throu iluse will ri'liuvu iiny otiso, und wocoriHtdiir i I.IIB duly ut' all dmugihis to ruoummunt it to Uui poor, dying conMiinpuvc, u least to try ono linitlH, UH 80,000 dozm Ijuttk's wuip Hold hint your, Mid no on <!I[SB whnro it, failed wns ropoittd. Sttol a modiohui us the (iei mun Syrup cumin IHI too widuly known, A«k you .1nii.'t;i-t utioiii U. Sniiipli' houk'8 to try • ulil ui 10 iti'iHH, Kvftntnr nizu, 76 oi<ntH sold ,i>y u 1 diutfglki* dim Uiiulors, null United tjuius mid Uwiiiidu.; jn3 dw oow ly of Rock III., r April -3.-i.Bqn ,,he',well.kno.Wn,.pro'- , vl tWi;p i or',Hou8e, died tUls abouKi'o'cIook. <aftor ,ft ' liu ;criDg,illnes8.. > Che Story of .Hew .Disaster; lutus out to bo ,,,., :.„April 8,-—The rc- jorfc tof the wreck of 'the steamship' Scythia was erroneous. She arrived ab her dock t safely soon after. 6 o'clock to-night. The story of her destruction last Eigh'',, created a trc- rnflbdoufc secsation-ihthis city, Owing to tho fact that tehgraplne~.corn- rnunioatioa' with the^omh 'Shore,-,had been interrupted by, •, th.c'l;storm^«' it was impossible last oiglifc- citlwEih to confirm the rumor d»,tc( disproVe'it. The circumstances were 1 ko peciiljar- )y favorable to a belfef«in ^the'ttruth of the report, however, i tliat Agent Martin of the Cunard company,, rather than endurujiis natural suspense, determined to charter a special train-and gO.jlt'once to the locality of the alleged -wreck.. ^ The train lbft< the-Old CoUrn^ > statio» ..t 3:16 a. ni, with Mr. •• Martin . and ihiriy reporters'on boardji. and'.ar^ riven at Sciluattv at 4:15, Then the; party ^ trarnpeij • through three miles of spo.wdwfts, to the beach, where, the sun'baving-rfeen, a clear view of the long stretch Of c'oast was obtained. 'J'he'ie was no sign of a wreck in any direction. The sea was tremendously high, the wa es breaking over the' tops of the cliffs, fifty feet'high.- Having-been convinced of the falsity of the rutnor concerning the Soytbiaj the party re- turned-nt onte to Boston, Excitement. In Texas. Great exuiiemetu has been cuu«ed -iu the vicnniiy ot Pane, Tex. hv thw re- mnrkabie recovery of Mi. J. E. Corley who was so hulplfts-i ho could not turn in bed, or rmse Ins head; every bod \ said lit; wan ilyins of Consumption. A trial buttle of Dr. King'-i Naw Dncov> ery was sent him. Finding relief, he bought a large bottle mid u bos of Dr Kinir.'sNew Life Pills; by the time he had taken two boxes of Pills and twi bottles of tho OiscdVHry, ,he was wel und hud gamed in llesh thirty-six pounds. 'I'nal Bottles of-this'Great D'IBOOVP.I for;Consumi>tion frea at E. Marsh's Narge Bottles $1. Ap I d wlin The Verdict Unanimous, W. D. Suit, Drutrgift, -Bippus, Ind testifies: "I can, rocomnwndiiEloctric Hitters as the vervibest remedy. Every hoi tie sold has given relief r in ever' case One man took six-bottles, anc was cured of Rheumatism" of 10 years standing." Abrahani• Hujre druggist Belluville' Ohio, affirms: "The besl selling; medicine I have evar.handled in my 20 gears' experience, -is Electric Bitters." Thousands of Others have added their testimony, so that the Verdict U unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the, Liver, Kidneyi or blood. Only a half dollar u bottli at E; Marsh's, lirug. Store.' '••' ' . apjldwlm BncKien-s Ariiiea salte. The Best Salve \n,'the: world- for onte bruises, sores.u.qora, salt rbimro, feve soresi tette^chapped-hapda, chitblaius corns and ail asm eruptions, and posi lively -cures pjjes, op no. pay-required It is guaranteed • to e;ivor perfect satis faction, : or money r^fiindisdij,i^Prico 2i cents; per ,bqx;' For i Baler by,- E. Marsh Alton. 111. mchTdwluj ,J. VV. ViNSON'bas boon 'seriously il with poisoning'by alkali"water.- "He has boon traveling through Kansas fo some months and his system being irregular tho water caused - a poisouou condition of the blood. His whole bund looUa as If ho had boon scalded a ml blood often Hows from his cars. I H thought bo will recover, as he is im provins a little.— Jersei/vMe Democrat STUAUT'S UAUHOUO ACID THOCHES , curium euro fur sure tlirja', cougtm ciilds und lioarsunt'ss. \Vuit ono hou alter eating bufure'taking one of tin iroiihea fur dyspepsia. / STUAUT'S AllNIOA SAM'B, SUf09t CIKO for (tui.H and hums. • BURKS' LiNiMicNT euros all pains. Puarly tuuib and a sweut bnmth cat he hud only by u>lnc; Crosslor's Wild lloso Tomb Powder. 'COULD'NO I 1 SPEAK ALOUD. Burks Mudioinu Co., Ciuincy, 111. :— When in your store I was HO bourse" could not speak aloud. The first dom of your Wliilo Pino helped me, und b' 9 o'clock I waa entirely rollovcd. Twim xlnco I have lost my voice, but taking the Pitiu BHlsiim a few limes has glvoi roliot. Noililntr uvor bonolltiuil me liki this has—Mrx. (.JuiJac) J. H.\VilliainB •141 N. Oth., Qmnoy, III. CDHB. FOW SICK UEADAGI1K. Ut iliuMnnuy vomplninu prouipll; reliovud by, Little Apnoot • PI)|H, noiu bus yioUlud quicker.. lltau. nervous um siulc liuiuliit'liH., Nino <iu8i)« out of ovur ten of huuduchftnro'cttuiiud by sluggisl and iniictlvu liver, Shot ihrouuu Uio thront by Burks Whim Pino UuHum und klllud a suVur cold In ihroo dnV't. If you don't belmvi U |i)it try it. Price &0o ' ut druggist^ For tale m AlUin by E. Marab. - , apl ttwiw SUCH AS Velyets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plys, m Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths, Rugs and Mats, 1 Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of I am offering 1 these goods at the very lowest* prices to cash buyers. All are invited to call and s»ee t he beaut if ul new goods &learn the low prices. ALTON, ILL. A NEERMANN. Headquarters FOR THE BEST BUGGY IN THE WORLK AGENTS POll THE ss* steel (Jear Buggie/l YEARS. Stuttebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville-Threshers and Engines; Molrne Flow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE 1 TWINE'IUNDERS, tors for EUP1OV and O ._, SIGNAL OILS: STOCK; \VKLL and CISTERN V$Wi fine 1 * line Of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and TION GASOLINE STOVKS. • Sec our $10 / HARNESS., NKW II >ME SEWING MACl/NES, $30j We keep the BEST BDBN1NG OILS ou tap and deli\/ed to any part of the city. t *i-»-,-"4 ERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS/ Headquar-' Jj (CARMINE OILS; ENGINK, CYl/fDER and , ,.J 2dSndvState sts., - -/ALTON, ILL. ;| THE BEST ONySARTH! : BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $J08 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. From 16 to $30. J, H. BOOTH, THE LEADING JEWELER MlVlMWlV —GO TO— > Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Croauet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLE. SUBSCRIBE FOB THE . TELEM, IDc Per By mall or delivered, Only Republican Daily ia Mudisoa county

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