Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 2, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY TKLEORAPH. mVt.T, SOBTOS, DOT, Third ana PtMa Strcot*, Alton, fll. SATURDAY EVE., APHH. 2. BEPUBUCAN TOWSSH1P TICKET. [Election April £lh. Snperriior: JOHN OOVT. Amis;ant supervisors: J. E. BUTLER, OHAS. IliNDEHSOS, A. F. HKTZ. Town Clerk: WM. M. QUIGLEY. Collector: JOHN P. KUHK. Assessor: ADOLfll 1NVEES. Hlflbwuy Commissioner: JAVHS Til HUSH. THE SITUATION. There are some good Republicans in Alton, men for whom the TELEGRAPH has the friendliest regard, who think that it is inexpedient to bold a Republic ID convention fur the nomination ol oityoffioars. Of course these, geuilt- men have the same right to tbeir opinion that we have to ours. We have no wish to influence them against their judgment, but do wish to have them clearly understand our own position ID the matter. First, tbe TELEGRAPH has »lways been 'a Republican paper, and has considered itself under an implied contract with its cubscribers to support the principles, platform and candldate^ of that party. It knows that it is impossible to carry these principles into action without thorough organization ol tbe party, local, state and national ;It believes that tbe Republican pariT uniformly puts into the field more cotn>. pelent men for office than the Democrats, and therefore secures beitei government for the people,. It realize* that without organization party demoralization is only a question of time. i> has Jearned from past observation that to allow local elections to go by default, is deleterious to local government, keeps tbe best men in the back ground and throws our local affairs into tb< Hands of reckless, selliah, mtfficien tnun, with no object to cram except theirown advancement and responsibh •to nothing and no one but themselves. This city is a victim to no "politics in local election" oar nresent Mayor anti Council are the direct product of scrul races. If any goud citizen is pleaseo with the result lei him stand up and say BO. Bub it is urged, the Republicans are in a minority in Alton, and » Republican convention may result in tbe Democrats also callings convention. True, but what of thai? Either part} will put more efficient men ia the flulu than those we now have, and the penpli will, in the. end, be the gainers. Isn't it better for the Republicans to offei the people a chance of good govern tuent than, to he down suymely and let the same old gang run over them? What if you are defeated? You are no worse off than you would be to mafci uo effort at all for belter government It is nobler to mate a fight and at leasi save honor and self respect, th^n to lei the hordes of corruption crowd you aside without resistance. If you pui 'forth your best effort for better govern- merit and are deieated, you are no' responsible for the result. OihorwiM yon are responsible and share in thi disgrace. Hut, some object, tbe convention will be manipulated in thi •interest of some factional favorite, or be controlled by politicians. This objection is simply unwarrantable. The call for tbe convention t.- open and above board. Every membi-i of the parly is invited and urged t" 'be present. The Republican busings- ,inen of Alton are a hundred time? stronger in numbers than those the) term "politicians" and can, if they si. desire, take things entirely in their own bands, and have "a new deal al! around." They have the power and it they don't assert theoiielves they will 'Jwre no one to blame but themselves. Farther, tbe Democratic party here i- not a unit. The oily government i> controlled by a class of Democrats who »te utterly repudiated hy the bctu-t element in that parly, and who, being interested in ibe future progress of tin- city, are aa eager as the Republicans in brjng about a better order ef things. Ii .i* easy to raise objections to anything. >TrVe do not want lo exclude them in this OMB; only let the objtctor bo consistent and suggest something better if he can. . This is the situation in brief. Tin TBLEORAPU would be untrue to itsell and to Ita party allegir.nco did it favo .any other course tbun the one it is now .purnuing, iliti same course, however, li lias always advocated. We are no mon interested in this matter than anyothei /citizen. Judging by the past we havu nothing to gain by tbo success of ifao 'party. If this movement fulls we will lose no more than any other Republican. Still, wo admit, that should the Republicans decline to lake advantage Of the opportunities now open befoie them, we should feel that fuither effort to maintain Republican organization in Alton WM tuoless. BERTRASD'i LECTOHt. The address o! Prof. Bortrnnd, of Park, Thursday night, at' the Presbyterian church, on "Protestant Progres« In France," was a rare treat and much enjoyed by the large audience. The Professor is a man ot rare eloquence and speaks English fluently, He was a pupil of tbe Great Adblpbe Modod, and ts a leader (n the Reformed chnrub, in tbe Interest of which he is in thiscoun- iry. He is speaking in tne ' leading cities of our country, but tbe pastor of the Presbyterian cburoh succeeded Jn arranging for a night, en ronle from Si. l<ouia to Indianapolis. Prof. Bertrand gtaphicaliy sketched the persecutions of the Huguenots, including the massacres of Merindol and Cabrieres, Vassy, St. Bartholomew^ day, and the horrors ioHowtnu the Revocation of the Edict ol Nantes, till the .-oil of France, in many places, was composed of the ashes ol Protestant martyrs, and the boast wa» made that Protestantism was exterminated m France. But God through ail these scenes of bloodshed had a cbuich in France; in caves and mountain glen.- and forests the little congregations met tor worship, tho. ministers general)} prefacing their sermons with, "Dear children, this is probably ihe last time we shall ever be permitted lo meet on earth." What mur<t have been then preaching under such circumstances. Now after ibe dark days of superstition that followed and the revolutions of the last century, France has full rel giou ? liberty and the way is open for tbtr Gospel. The horrid work and leach - ings ot .the past must be undone, ihen the seed sowing and tilling of tbe soil. In the 38,000,000 popula- la'ion are750,000 Protestant Communicants. The great mass of the peoph are not Roman Catholic at heart They are in the receptive mood. "They bate Ultra Montanism and the} fear Infidelity." They Bock by thousands to theatres, dance halls and pub» >ie balls to hear the lectures of ihe Keformed evangelists, and some ol ;hem sire won for Christ. Tbe work i- only in its beginnings, but a brtghtei lay is dawning, and now is the Lime foi he regeneration of France. England America and France should evangeliz- he world. As long as t'rance if- not saved she by her infidelity will itndo and binder the missionarj *orK of other lands. The address wa? interspersed with many interesting incidents of Prof. Bertrand's work. UPPER ALTOS. TOWNSHIP—By agreement among thi- candidates for Assessor from Uppei Alton, Messrs. Ball and Johnson have withdrawn from tbe rf»ce. Mr. Callahat leclines further canvas for Cumniission- •r of Highways. This leaves' Mr Seymour and Mr. Chesse'n the onl} candidates for Commissioner. Tin Hoard of Town Auditors at their meet ng ibis *week recommended that the lection, on Friday next, be conducted ny the Judges appointed by the County Board, and that at the •i, p. m. meeting the matter be brought up for settlement, so far the Town meeting may he able to settle ttie question of how many Judges sbal he nquirfd for Township elections in the township. BEREAVED — Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Swcutpnbam have much sympathy in the loss of their daughter, Ada. SCHOOL EXAMINATION. — Countj Supt. Suppigerwilt bold an examination heae on Saturday, April 16, for the •.locommortation of teachers living in this vicinity. PERSONAL—Mrs. Rev. Dr. Read, of Waterloo, la., is visiting her sister, Mrs C. F. Kendall. Mr. .Joel M. Williams is reported at 'tu£oved by bis stay at Hot, Springs, Ark. •> Prof. J. C. C, Clarke is absent on a rip through Nebraska. Miss Rose Daily is visiting relations n Alabama. M'<aa C'assic Ground,who accompanied her parents to Florida lately, has been . erv sick, but is reported as out. ol danger. Prof, P. E. Harney has removed to tho Atkins.housesdn Liberty street. Rev. C. M. Brown has finished hi» year at Divinity school and will be here now continuously with rooms at Dr. Tiib:e's. Enjoy Life. Wha$ a truly beautiful world we IIVP in! Nature gives us grandeur of ninttii- ntins, glens and oceans, and thousand' of mt-ans of onj lymenl. We can des-rc no betli-r when in perfect health; bul li-uv oil m do the miijor ity of people fro' hkii giving H up disheartened, dis- I'liurngcd »nd worn out with disease, when i here is no occasion for thi!) fueling, as every suffunir can easily obtain w.isfaotory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from disease, as when horn. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct cuust>a of leveniy-iivtj per cunt, of such ma'adles as liiliousnesH, Indigestion, Sick Head- tolip, Coativonen, Nervous Proatration, Dizziness of ihe Head, Palpitation of tint Heart, and other distressing symptom*, Three dosow of August Flower will prove Us wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. jaa dweow ly t ? U t< _/' >J6W"-—" ~ ,S±£:&*1. \ 1 •••• . sovereign people will hav,»"another opportunity to exorci«& tbe privilege of freemen at tne >,JU add every Citizen who appreciates he importance of good government (hotild improve that opportunity. The Icket put in the field by the convention, composed of Republicans and others willing to work with ihum for the public weal, is » good one, worthy thi- •upport of all and a vindication of lho<t who were in favor of the movement. It shows that "party" nominations . are •*lmo«t invariably better than -'no part>" nomination'. For Supervisor, Mr. John Dow, om- if our bot known business men, a quii I unassuming gentleman, is ably seconded hy th« candidacy, for Assistant Supervisors, of Messrs. J. K. Butler, A. F. Keiz and Charles Henderson. The.*" gentlemen are well qualified to perform the township business and look aftt?i Alton's interests in the County Board. Of Mr. Wm. M.'Quigley's abilities, and qualifications for the office of Towt Ulerk wu scarcely need speak. Uc ha.- had the experience to enable him to perform the duties of the office in question to perfection. For Collector, MV. John P. Kuhn if 4 "good man" and his clerical work foi years in the Post office peculiarly til* him for the position. Capt. A. Inveeu has all the qualifications essential for a successtul Assessor and the people c in rely on having the arduous duties well performed if entrusted to his charge. For Highway Commissioner Mr. Jas. Thrush is named, lie has held tbi- office and by acceptable sarvice proven that he is equal to every requirement Vote ihe whole ticket. uieansed, Purified and Beauti lied by tbo Cuticura Remedies lf..r cleansing the SUln and Scato ..t Dlsnn urlnp Hnuiois, Ic-r a)l«>lngitcbtne. burning <nd Inflamnmtion, lor cnring the flrsl symn innn ol Eczema. PsoriaiU, Milk Crust, bcal> Hi-ud, ^crmi'la, and oth r inherited Skil unu Blood I leases, Outlcura, thnjfrpat Skii Ourp, and Culicu-a Soap, nn exqutsiieSkli Beaut]fler,e»tnrimlly. anrt Cuilcura l{«»o v- Hiit, th« now Bli'Od Purifler, iu'ernnUy, u mfalUblo, A OOMVLKTE CtlRE. I have suffered atlrny litewitngkin disease nf different kind", unit Imve never found permanent rel^f, until, by the advice of « ady Irlend, 1 uwcl yosr ra UU>>)B Uutlcnn Remedies. 1 linvo tliom a tlmrouirli t i«l uMng six b'.» ties ot Hie t;ntlcura Keanln-m two rrfjxes CuMcura an' 1 seven c kes ol Ci t i-araSonp, and there uli «a-< Juot what Iliad Uetn told It would be-a cmnp Me cnr- . HKI.I.K WADb. Kluhiiond, Va Reference. G. W Lattimir, Diuggist, Kich inond. Va. rUREn. T was troubled with Sa t Kim nn for a nnm her nti>ura,Bn that the »k>n Piitlrely camt ..ff oni-ot inv bands from the flnuer tips " the wrist. I tried remtdle* and Oocfirs' prt-Bi-riptioiis to no purjioee nntt 1 J coin menced taking Cutteurn Heinedlrs, and u..« I atn entirely ctue't K T. P 'HKKK. S7S Nortliatnptou St., bo-tun. ^cr uRTjnOISTS H.SDORSK THEM. " ITave sold a quant ltyo[ your Cuticcr.iRom I'dlia. One ui mv cuatninvrH, Mi». IIvnr> K ntz. who had t eft trim her hands w> MII-I an e.xt-nt us to c«ns« the ?kln to peel off. KIII or piitlit years HUB suffared umuly, wa^com plotejy curej Iiythn II-BO! >our mcdl inee C. N N YE. Druggist. Canton, Ohio ITCHING, OVAL.V, PIMPLY. For the last year I liavu ha'i a -]>eoieB o itcblnK, g«a!y and pimply hu-nors on my IRII ro which 1 have applied n Rieat u.iiny ineili •d» o( treatment wltnout9uoce3<. ami whlul * aa speedily an ' entirely cured liy t;n»-l -nra 31 K9. ISAAC I Hi- LI'S, Ravenna, O. We have <old ynur Cnticnra Homedles lo ihe last i-U icni'd, and no medicines on ou lvffl give be'tpr natia'action. C. F. ATUEKTON. Dru iclat. Alba-ay, N.T COTICORA REMEDIES am sold i-vervwhere I'ru-e: Ontlcura,50ct'>it-;Rpso!vent Jl; -imp •M ct>. Hrepai-ed hy the Putter I rujf nnd Uhcmical Co., llostoii, Maae. si-nd lor "lloo o ''nrt> Skin Dti*fiH8t'H." r»»»TTTi« Pimple.", Skin Rlorolehrs, i... ,Uubj- Humors, cured by Uutl curt Soap. Catarrh to Consumption I Catar. h In Its destructive force stands nex to and undoubtedly leads on to consumption tt Is therefore singular that those afflicted with tuUftjarful disease should not make 1 the object of their lives to rid themselves c it. Dtceptlve rcmcdlei concocted by ixno rant pietenders to medical knowledge hxvi weakened the conftdenca of the meat inn lories In all aivurtlnca remedies. Ti.ey Uc come reiitKned to a lite ot ini^crv rather thai toituru thenntelves with doutitlul palliativeg Bin this will lu-vfr do. Cntarili must be met at every stave and cionliattod will) H' our mltiht. In niHiiy cases tho nUi a»e hu» Hatiumed daiiKOions nvniptoms. The bonex and carilliigc of the nose, the organs of lieur- IIIK. ot beelMK and of tasting so ntfected as ti bo us»>lBi<8, the uvula no t-lon/HleJ, the threat •o lufttimeil and Irritated HH 'M prouuco a eoiistHiit HUB cUtiea-lmr eoui'h. Sanford'a IlKdlcpl 0'iiro meet* every pli of Cistarrh, Iioui a blu>i,lu ht*aii ciuil totlu most loathfuimeand d. otiuctivettuKc.s. It <s ucal Kiirl conoil utlonal. ln«tunt In rollcv ng, periuanent In x-urlng, sale, econoiuic-ul a il never tailing. Each pacha«n contains one boillf ol the UuuicHl CUIP, one box • f tlic C itarrhnl -olv cnt, and an Improved fuhnlcr wlih ti endue, PltCHjt. 1'otior Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. KIDNEY PAINS Anrt tliftt weary, lifel* sn nll-gon sensation ever prrsdnt with I hose nl InttHincd kidneys, weak i'»ck nnd loliiK. achlni; hips and slrtrt overworked or wornuut by dl'euso, deolliiv or UtKSlpatlon, are ri'llxved In ono minute and upvcdlly c-uled by the outluurH Anti I'aln i luster, a new, origin"l,eh'«ant an.I Infallible nnttdotc to pittn and luflaiuinitilon, At nil 'IruKffli-tf.-.Ou; flr<iforSI; or of i'oiter l)ruj Co., llo-ton. WM. L. KLDNK DNDERTAKER, AND Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robee for LAdles, Gentlemen und Otuldron. Office and Shop on State strent ovorUarl 114very HUDIB.\WI11 attend to Job Work ana . „ I'ElthOSAL. Thursday last, the 81st nit., w&s tho 8lst birthday o< Mr. L. J. Clftwson. It ound him bale and. vigorous, nnd in he fall enjoyment ol Me and Us actwi- les. , • Energy will do almntit anything, but t ennnot exist K Uie hloml la impure and nnres sluyuishly in the veins. Tliaie is nothing si> good for rlemi-'iiig ihe blood anil Imparting energy to tho svsteui as Ayci'd anrsapunll*. Ptice 91. Hi* bottles, 96. Sold by diujfiilsls. dwlw Tho Dolphin p.tssud down nt 11 s30 with barges loadt(d with wood in tow. The rait steamer Cluipman was at Uie landing this morning. _ Tho Spread Engle will be up Ibis evening and run hereafter in the rt-gular trade. Tho delay in her case his been caused by tbe paint not drying o.i account of ihe inclement weatbur. The boats to leave this evening are the Hudson and Kpread Eagle for (irafton; Bald K-.tglo for Clarksville and thp Calhoun for Petna. Jtfing to the heaviness of floating ioe at Dubuque, where ihe tuercury was two degrees below zero the first of the week, the Mary Morton could not leave that port on lime and, consequently, will not leave hero until Monday for uoinis up the river as far as navigation open. OYSPEPSIA — THE - BEST TONIC * I completely <. ... -.. ..- r — tfurlbnrn, Uclchlng, Tii»tlii(f Ihe Food. etc. It enriches and parifiee tbe brood.Btiinn- Ute* the spretite and Aids the ««mmilntioD of food. RRV. J. T. KOSSITKR. tbe honored pastor ol UM First B*fofn»J Chorcb. Baltimore, ifd.. sa)*: ** Having o*ed Brown's Iran Bitten for Darcpepsii and Indigestion 1 take greit pleMKie in nvcm- me&dinp u nimbly. Also consider it a splendid touio and inniorator. and v«7 elreOfitneninjE.* 1 HOS. JOSEPH C. Son. Judge of Circuit Ooort, Clinton Go.. Ind.. says: " 1 bear most cneerfol tocti- monr to tbe efficacy of Brown'0 Iron Bitten for Drspepela, and as a tonic." Gennine basabore Trade Uark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other. Made only by BKOWN CliEiUCAi. Ctf, BALTlMOlt«. SID, KASK1N E (THE NEW QTJIMXtS) . Mo bad effect No headache Ko nausea. .NO ringing ears. C ure8 quickly Pleasant, f 1 A POWERFUL TONIC. lliut the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALAiUA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PUOSTHA.T1ON, and all tioi m Dl9onBP,s FOB COLDS KAsKINE HAS UEfcN FOUNO roBK ALMOST A SPBC1FIO bupeilor to gulnir.e. UellevueHospital, N. Y.: "Unlvoi-sally sue ceBslul." S "Everv patient treated with Kasklne lia» been uioclutr(,'i'd cured." Key. Jaa. L. llall.Chiiplulii Albuny Pt-nlien- tiai-y, wrltfu (liut Ku-kinu liua cured liU wiiit, ufttr twenty years tufFoiing trom iL'Blirta und ntiivous dyspepshu Write him lor pitr- Urulanj. Si. Joseph's Hospital. N. Y..- "It's use If con-tilei'eit tn<1i»p<-iisuu!a Uacwpeftectly." Pro:. W. F. iliilcniuliH, M.D., SI Ea»t«*lh at., \.V. (lute Prol. la N. Y. Mud. Col.ego)'write*: ^Knsklnti In superior in quiiiint*. In Hd ^pec.fl p »tver, unU uevur prndui't*:* the BtfijhteHt in juiy to thu hearing or condtliutlon. Thousands u MOM iliou^unds write that Kns- klnu haa cuibd. thrui all or ull other inmll- ulnea hud fut:eil. Write lor book ot tusii- 7 mtXT THING r. 'LUOKOUT HERE! THE CEI.EDU.VTED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! . v . In Kara or Soft, Hot or Colt! Water. Ii'S JLAliOU. TJ.M.K aiiit SOAP AMA .V, imU i!ivcc universal -intl»r«cUoo. y, ricb or jwwr. eioul'- l>e without It. ••t, KKW VO«K- KAQLB PAOKST COMPANV, SPBING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer U. E. Itosa POWBI.I , ED. Bt-OOK, L)laf<». On nnd a'ter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread atflf* »'!< run HH tollowa, TtKt LEAVING ALTOH FOB ST, LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louts on retnn trip at 3 p. 01., dally. And leaving Alton lor Portaao, Jersey Landing. Ora'ton, tyid waj points every evening «.t 5:30 o'clock. «3,Tlie WhltUe will bo noauded fifteen minutes before starting for St. Louis. To ST. Lctns, KOUBTB TBIP - 1*WBKTT IUI1BB' - - - - 5 W n W. HTLL. ABPTU. Fast Freight & Passenger Lit.e THE ST. LOTJIS AND^CENTUAL ILLINOIS B. R. <3»y3 PALACB 81E.1MKK J. K. ELI.lbOS, Commander, Kl». ASSnUTZ, (hlorka TUOE DODGE, j v -'" Jrss On and after Ttiurselay.T'eu. Kth, will leave Alton dolly For St. Louis at 7 a. ni. Rctumlne, will leave St. Lonls (foot of Vint at. ) at2:15 p.m.! Leayini? Alton at3:!TO p. m. for Portage aud .lerscy, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., connecting vrUb fsstesprcss on St. Ix>uls and t/eutralDllnoU ttallroud lor Jera^j-vnlle. Wa- veny, Sp.tDKDi'lUtiud ull potuta north ami FARE. ToST. LouiB.alncleirip, . . . 50<r. " " vuii'l irlp, .... TSa •• " twenty riiiB ticket,. , IS.OO HENRY O.TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FIsllUK, v.en'l .Uunug-jr. leildtf A MEDICttfSS, #09 mgh Authority.' Hop Bitters is not, in any senw, . alcoholic beverago or liquor, msd tiot not be sold, for use, except to Jpereon* desirous of obtaining medicinal bitters. GREEN B.'lUtJM, , U. 8. Com'r Internal Rev. WcuMngton, D, 0., Sept. 24, 1&4, Dsnr Sir— Wbytlon't yoa get a certlfl.. cato from Col. V?. H. W., or Baltimore, chowing how ho cured himself of drtitik- t-ness by the help of Hop Bitten. His U n wonderful case. He is well known in Hochestor, N. Y., by all the drinking people there. He is known in title city, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York-, in fnct all over the ^country, os ho has spent thousands of dollars for rum. I honestly believe his card would bo worth thousands of dollars to you in this city, and Baltimore alone, and make thousands of sober men by inducing the use of your bitters. Prttfttilice Kills. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the caro of several of the best physicians, who gave her.diseaso various names but no relief, nnd* now she is restored to us in good health by Hop_ Blllcre, that we had poohed at.iwo'years before using it. Wo earnestly hope and pray that no one else will let. the;r sick suffer as wo did, on account of prejudice against BO good a medicine us Hop Bitters,"— The Parent* ~Oood Templart. f Milton, VeL, Feb. 10, 1880. Having used Hop BItlcrs, the noted remedy tor debility, nervousness, Itttll- cestion, etc., I have no hesitation in saying that it is indeed nn excellent medicine and recommend it to any one as a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, REV. MRS. J. H. ELLGOOD. • Scipio, N. Y., Dec, 1, 1884. I am the pastor of the Baptist church here and an educated physician. I am not in practice, but am my, sole family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over n year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters. to my invalid -wife, who has been under medical treatment of Albany's best physicians several years. She has been greatly bennOtled and atill uses the medicine. I believe she •will become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. We both. recommend them 10 our friends, many of, whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. WARREK. UENTJSTtl*. I>K. O. M. KOJLCLAtfD, Dentist, IS TBU2D ST'VEET, ALTON, ILL. Ofilc« Hoar^-8a. m.tolSSm.; 1 tolp. i> f«h<1»i\ G. A. BIcJULL-LEN, Dentist, DVEB BHUEOGEU vNX'd CIGAR feTOKE SEt/'ONU ST. AMtt SUKUEOn * Dit. B. Physician ana Murgeon, .IKFIOE & ND RESIDENCE, COB.FOUKTt AND IIKNfcY ST8. W. A. Physician and burgeon, ST., ALTON, ILL. otflce hours— 9 «. w.\ 1J to 1, and 6 p. m Tbo underal(n>cd Hare opened u new stjru at tils corm-rioi xhird uiuiria uiuiriaeasts ORGANS AND PIANOS! of. ithe [finest vorkrnanshlp for sale at reasonable price;. Uall and examine our instruments belorepurchiisiug elsewhere. FLOSS. & BABE. FOtt SAT.B AT J.HOFFM ANN & SON'S STOVES ANJ> HAKDVl'AHE Alao Out»id« Wovk ;i BUeelKlty. Uoolliiy and Ualvunlziiil Iron Worn. AUo lindertiiker's Supplies At,WAV»tlN IIANO. COB, B1CCUMO AMD A1OJY 8TB. WILSON WASHBOARDS. These WashbonrJt ace made with A Itcnt-Woad lira. The Btroug- , e-tbostdaund bent \fasueru in tho | world. For »ule by all dcnlcrs. »Take nn other. I NA<aiVA\V WF'O CO., Mlclilgau, !•<>.' i"n-cr/*I>.n<]r«tiliii.l,. .tr.l rnclii! i-u'. rtf|iiiT.irl'.uiU. i'v! |.Hr.-». . "l"1i - .. v F. KN SIN GER Decorative VL. 1 , WUItK PKOJUTI.Y A'l'TKNUEO TO XT LOWKST TBItMS. " o*jrJOB AMU Hnor ON ; SECOND ST., NMR PIAS> ALTON, . . . ttt," I / * CurctZ of "A young frieudof mine was cntcd of an insatiable thirst for liquor that had so prostrated his system that be was unablo to do any business. He wits entirely cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It alloyed r.ll that burning thirst; took away thu appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady;, ' nnd he has remained a steady and sober man for more than two .years, anil has no desire to return to his cups, and T knoyr of a number of others that have been cured of drinking by it."—From a leading R. B. Official, Chicago. IlL Lucas Pfeiiienberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND 31E«HANICAL DRAUttHTSMANs Office on Third sti,ODe door west of Pla ga, U>lrd floor. "TSUTTERiSONT" BS FINE A3TO'I FURNITURE. A. Fall and Complete Stock Al- wayg oil Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING; • iUB FUBNITUBK BOOMS ASK ON State Street,' opp, Third, AiTON, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KPTATE of Eleanorl'. Guild, doecated. Thu uiulcr^tgnt'O, hnvlii{{ been appointed Adinlnistra-or ot ihe estate of Eleanor P. Un<IU, lute »f thu county of iUadlerm ml &tat« ol Illinois, deceased, hereby gives noUet) i hat hti will appear befoiv 'he county court of Maditoii county, nt the court house, m KdirardavtltP, at the May term, on the ' thl-d Monday in Sluy next, at which time Bit persons having claims against said Estate ure notified untl vt-Qiiestoil lu ottvnd tor the purixiae of having the enme adjusted. All persons indented to said Eitnte are requested to inuke immediate payment to tbe uuder- elni'd. lltli dnv of March, A. D., 18ST. 1'KULh.Y B. WHIPPLB, ^ _ • ___ • _ Admln!strator._ Hundreds Have Been CURED By taking the GHEATOOLDEN SEAL.' Testimonials are being received dally regarding 1U wonderful properties. Eminent ,-byelolana endorse It as tho greatest medical dlsoomy of tbo day. Tha CHEAT GOLDEN .SEAL la 8 Nerve Food, Buildlug up tho nervous syetcu and tbo tired brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Prcvcntutlvo of Chills, Fovor and Malaria. Au Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tuo cvl) effects of cxcosslvo alcoholic Indulgences. A NonAlcoholic Stimulant Toning up tho outlro system. If you are Just recovering from sickness, no Known remedy will gl ve Btron«th and health BO nut. I'rlco, $1.00 i>vr bottle ut all OrugirUU. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUB CO,, 54 LaBalle Av., OHIOAQO, II.L._ LIVERY STABLE ITUONT HTItUKT. BETWKKN

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