Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 2, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1887
Page 1
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'' : '" ALTON, ILL,, SATURDAY APJEtpL- 2, 1887. * \ * ' * KUMBBB 261. The Importance of purifying tho blood cannot be overestimated", for wltliblU pure blood you oann,P{JBnJpy.g(i?8 heattli. I -At ihip Kwson pearly,c\W- dne.needs a good mcdleitioito pUrtfirj vitalize, iind enrich Uio.liloodi jmtflwfl'astejFouito -try JETood's Pf*f*rjl!ai' S!lr( " l P arllIa ' rit9tr<m 8l hens! creates (in {ijipCtlte.'a&d tpires (be digestion, while It eradicates disease. The peculiar combJmitlqn.i.prtipprJlon,;; and preparation . cures. Jf you J^aye mnd§ up sour mlndHo huy Hpofl'sBftTsaparJOJa- do nofrbe induced' to take flny, other instead./ Utah, a Peculiar Medlcino,* audits wbfthy ypurysonfldence. Hood's Sarsaparula'issold by .ill (Irugglijts. Prepared by C> I.>Hood& do.,XcAvoH. Mass. ' ' MONTHLY For Girls, age fifteen and, under. IN MONEY AND ARTICLES, First Monthly Fair. The dis- tributjionj of Premiums,will be for 1 yard long, from 1 to 3 inches wide of Thread Crochet Lace Work: First Premium, Cash $2. 2d " " SI, 3d C"\ *v*"-^*' " «"F'f>T~T-' .;". J ' ^ -v *' •*•"*.«•• m- same day, or sooner, with Mfe&^|J!M|e ; |art^^ sehW^wlo? aaliclge with F •N, B.—IJao^^^oiith A,di^ ( r ent lme ; will to Jmientiohed, x FUREKft FINE SALT For Dairy and Table UHP, luJ14 Ib, linen sjxoUs and SO fb. Hacks, for sale by j. XRYRIE, Worth Knowing. Quo thousand, wotucn own nud manage farms In Iowa. All fowls that feather slowly nre, it Is clalmud, hardy. Too large, pots account for many fail- urea in'• flower culture. Tlio Herefords have proven a popular breed on the wodtem cattle ranches. Progressive growers no longer feed little chjcto) an exclusive diet of corn meat Finn butter Is «luxury and -vill always command a Rood price in every city market, 1'lio Augusta Rattlesnake water melon is favorably known in botlt northern and southern markets. Tomato, caUmgo ivnd other tender plants are often saved at time of transplanting by dipping the roots into manure water and rich earth mixed to about the consistency of thin mush. Profitable culture requires that care be taken in setting out plants to give sunny exposure to whatever delights in heat and sunshine, reserving partially shaded spots to plants that .will .thrive in the shade. No lawn can be long maintained in good order without successive rolling. Mowing alone will not secure a good bottom wlrhdnt that compression which the roller tends to give, Rolling ought to bo done •>arly, before the ground becomes dry. V. D. PUilbrick believes that soaking seeds, as a rule, does more harm than good, He says: "The only chemical stuffs that have proved useful, so far as I know, are the blue vitriol to destroy germs of smut, strychnine to destroy crows and blackbirds and«mearing of tar on corn- seed for protection from these birds." Absolutely Pure. This powdor never varies. A marvel o' purity, strength wliolosomeiiesa. More ooo joniioul tlian tlieordln'nry binds, and cannot 30 sold in competition with tl\o uiultituje ot ow tost,short wolgbt, alnm phospliaie now- ders. SOLO OHI.Y IN CANS. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 Wall St., N. Y, JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. » READ US.T..-OF BARGAINS —AT— C. A, Schlueter's Agency, For Sale, ohoop, cor. ot 7th ana Alton ets.; fmmo dwolllng, 4 rooms and 'cellar, rents;for $10 per mouth. For Sale or GxchaugAe—100 acres, 85 in cnl • itvatlon, 2W milos northeast ol Fosturburg, at 11 bargain. Vor sale—Five-ronra brick house, story and n half, corner .Eighth and Mochtiuto etrout, Oan bo had at a bargain; Good property to runt. One C-room new house, with collar, cistern and coul house. . Lot CO by 110 on Otu and Market SU. 1 For salp—6110 8-room liouso and one 8-room housa, Oth and Market sts. Lot' CO by 110; good olDtorn und coal house, atubuigatn. For sale—16 aoros In North Alton with good oinlmrd, uavn and plonty of wuttr. For sale— 600 acres Improved farm with stood house nnd stunlos In Woodson county, Kuiiuab. It. U. runuaoroaa'frpiu Port Scott to Wlohlta, 6 u>llo3 from county coat, Forsalo—78 aprns partly bottom land. Improved farm, near Dorsoy, with plenty of good bi>lldlng9 on same. • 'For Biilo—10 piocos of valuable property with good houses, In this oltj, For sale or oicuhanRO—A nice little cottage In ISothulto, wlili plenty of ground, ntuule nO good water on promises. For Halo or'exchange—Two sections of U.K. timber Innd In So. Missouri. 160 miles from St. Lou In outhe Iron Mountain 1U U., ut u bargain. For sulo or exuhaiiKO, 3 aoros of grouml on Muln at.. utljolnlDg iluyor G'oppinger'H ou the cast. , - ' For Bale or oxehaunu—6 Boullons ol pralrlo land In Orookot county, TCAUS H'ill sell ohoap. biiltaljlo for uuy funning purpnuoa, TlireoHorad adloliilng Dr.ltnbei'ts on north. Five lots ou Dry St., adjoining Thomas Big- gliV roii'louee on thn u int. One and a lutlf lota In Iliiwloy's uddltlon. Quo aim 11 halt tola In fihully's addition. Any of the uliovo property uiin be bought at a bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y,, one of the best companies in the U> S« And other good. Companies in addition- __ . C/ A, SCFLUETEE, Office in my New Building, / on Second street. mcllHtVw LATEST NEWS. Samuel Iteifer was t-un over by n switch engiue find killed at Springfield, 111. Win. Rice Ward, a Missouri pioneer, died yesterday at Scdalm, nged 94 years. Prof. Richard A . Pfoctor, the as- tronomor. is going to remove from St. Joseph, Mo., to Florida.' It develops that the latest attempt on the Czar's life was made by an army officer, who fired at but missed the '• monarch. The total debt of the United States is now 61,708,207, 513. 64> It- wad decreased during March $12,808,466. 71. Some of Congressman Springer's frieuds have lecommended hM' to the President for the vacant Soujth- v era Illinois judgeship. '''' At Hannibal, Mo., Eddie Burns. aged 12 years, accidentally killed "a. playmate named Holmnn Turner, aged 10 iears, by shooting. Certain Philadelphians carry heavy life insurance policies. John Wanamaker has $600,000 on his life, J. B. Stetson 85 J.5,000, and Hamilton Diss- tou 8500,000. After serving ten months of a year's imprisonment sentence 1 , "at Blackwell's Island, Herr M6st, the Anarchist leader, was yesterday released and returned to J%TP 'York,, city. "' The last opportunity for the opponents, of the Sd.' Louis Merchants' ({ridge Terminal railway bill to enter their objections was jgtven by ,,the house ,of delegates committee, yesterday. "•' Mr. John G-. Saxe, WHO, while in the p'rimi/qf life, was one, of the world's " greatest r hunTorists ' and brightest poets, died at t Albany, N. Y., Wednesday eveningj aged 71 years. Lord Wm. Scully has purchased, for §45,000, 1,500 acres of land n'eaV Cayuga, Livingston^ county^ -111. "Lord" Scully is the only Irish rack rent landlord in the United States., Robert! 1 . Lincoln his proposed to donate the Abraham Lincoln homestead, at Springfield, Ill.,tothe State if it will keep the house and grounds in repair. _ Lincoln's home should be as sacred a spot and as much 'of a shrine as Mount Vernon, Wirt Butler, a son-in-law pf Gen. McClernand, living near SpringBeld, 111 , shot, and killed an employe uamed Thomas Reeel-Cnursday. But- lea- is in jail at -fSpiingfield, He claims to have shot, Reed in self defense. The Next YORK, April 1 — Richard Smith, of Cincinnati, is at the Fifih' Avenue Hotel. The Tribune quotes him as saying yesterday : "We don't care anything about New York in the next, Presidential electipn. Sherman can carry Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. We can carry the three Southern States I have named on the tariff question, and opposition to Cleveland. There is no qupstion about it. If New York wants to fall into line she can. I understand t^at Sherman is well regarded in New York 'City. N.EW YOIIK, April 1 — A Washington special to th'e Kvening Post says : ' "A gentleman in this city -who has had especial reason to interest himself m the condition of ex-Secretary Manning's health, has received personal advici s from England confirming the worst reports; yet published. His •inform ant asserts that the ex- Secretary was not only not improved b} r his' voyage, but is decidedly worsei His friends have littjo .hopo of his' recovery. * «;« • Jamos S. Murphy, M. D., Company's Shops, N. 0., writes. — '•! soil n great dual 01 Dr. Bull's QJough Syrup, fur overy ono who trios it 'lites'it;? " ' "' •'•: "Thoro aru more things* (a heaven and 'earth, , Horatio 1 , .tli4n''!are dreamt of in your philosophy." Ofrcburae ! VVliy,tuos6 old duffers btif/vxetl libri'ibl y with iiuhes iind piiins, '(in^idlilri't^and I'ciuUlu't Know Unit '8alyiiition;0il would cure tli em. ''. ' ; '^ ..... •*(•.Fond mo'hoi' with (jiiiiy*— "fjo does look su liko Inn fiilhor, doesn't liu? ' Mr. B. -"YoB, hut I shuulrin't ramd that, as Ions: it's as he is heiiltiiy,"— KK. If tlio Sufferers irom Consumption, Scrofula nud Ronnnil dobility, will try S<!ou'» Emulsion of Pure Cod Livor Oil, with IlypopliosphUus, tlwy will Iind Imiucdiati' rolluf and a pnrmatioiit b«ii» ofit. Dr. H. V, Molt, Brentwood, Oal., writes; "I huvu uso'J Suou's Kniulsion wi'.h grunt udvnntnge in oason of 1'liilils Is, Sc.rofulu mid \VivsUnff DUmiaos geii* erally. It is vnry pohuablo," A nliglit gold often provoa tho forerunner of iv cpniplairit which • miiv bo filial. Avoid Uiia rostjlt by tuldng Ayer'a Churry Paotorkl, tlie bqi»t romddy for uoldu, coughs, and all tlnout'Htid lung d|8«ases. • '• s '"' ' "'avflW-^ SENATfc. ' ' SPKINOFIELD, 111., April 1.— After the readme of tho jdlll'nal resolutions of respect were ' offered tiy Senator Thompson to Senator' Gore and family, for the loss, by death, of their daughter. The resolutions were unanimously adopted by a rising vote. Senator Curtiss' bill relating to appeals from the decision of justices of the Peace in civil suits, by extending the time of appeals, was taken up on third' reading, and put upon its passage. Tlie' tall' 'was called and no cjUorurn voting, the Senate was called and thirty-ifive Senators responded to' tlu-ir names. Then, on motion of Senator Curtiss t further consideration was postponed until nest .Thursday .' Senator jFunk^s, bill amending tho : marriag'e^aw, byrproviding'that hereafter marriages "between p'are'nts and, children including grandparents and' grand-childrdn o'f eVery' degree', be-' tween brothers and sisters of tlie half, as well as of 'tlie'whole', 'between uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews, und between cousins of the first 'degree, are declared to be incestuous and void, and that this section shall extend to illegitimate as well as.legit- 'mate children and relations, was passed. The bill introduced 'by the Judiciary Committee revising tho law in relation t6 clerks of courts, by pro- viding'for the keeping of certain record'books, was^assed. " ' The Senate'th^'n "Adjourned until next Wednesday. ' ' HODSE. In compliance with the amendment to" the'rules adopted yesterday,' [the House met 'this trorning at 9 .o'clock. Mr. Decker introduced a bill amending the Practice act, making the time of'limitation in which , writs of error mny be brought two v years instead of-live, Mr. Messfck, a bill to prevent railroad companies from constructing lines of .roads along highways or alleys unless the consent of three- fourths' of the property holdeis is tii^t obtained, ' Mr. Kretzinger, instructing tlie Board of Railroad and Wareh ,use Commissioners to require,all,raijroad corporations whose Hues of road' are built in the State ^ to furnish, diagrams of bridges 'and tvestt'owork, stating location and time when,built, and dimension's and floor system adopted, for .the purpose of such bridges. Mr! Brown, of LaSallc, Drought in a bill to prevent cities 'from running sewage into dear streams of water or canals, thereby polluting such streams, and making,SIRh action on the part of city councils • a capital offense.iii case death, results from use of water so polluted. STUART'S UAKBOUO ACID TROCHES, cdrtaln cure for"sore throat, coughs; colds and hoartieness. Wait ono hour after eating before, taking one of the troches forldvsnepsia. "'' ' SJTIJABT'^ ARNICA SALVB, surest cure for cuts and burns, BURKS' Li$t$iENT curflo all pains. Pearly teeth and a sweet breath can be had only by u^ing Crossler'a Wild Bpse Tooth Powder, r COULD NO rSPEAK ALOUD. Burks Medioinn.Co.; "Quincy.'.lll.:— When in your store 1 was so hoarse I could notspp&k'atfiijd, ' Tub firat doso of yourtWbito Pino helped mo, and by 9 o'clock'! was entirely rellqrod. Twice siucu I have lost my voice, bub taking tuo Pine Balsam u few tioieV has given relief;; Nbthjpg .Wyer benfefiHed Bio like ibis has.—Mrs. (Judge) J. H.Williiims, 4U N. Oth., Ciuincy, r lll. ' CUKE ;FOK SICK jHK&DAQH*;. Of tho many complaints ''promptly reliuved by Little Apribot 'Pills, nonii has yielded quicker than' nervous and siok.hendache. ' Nine cases out of'evory len of headaoho aro caused",by Bluggish and inactive liver. ••'••'• • Shot through the throat by ^Burks' White Pine Balsam a ml killed a severe cold in threo ilnys. ' If ypu.don't behove it lust try it. Price- fiOo at ilrngguta. For sale in Alton by E. Marsh. ' ' " : : '""' npl (twlw When four women aro wulkmg abroMUm Uiu MdewHlk, they,will break ranks for nothing except a nmn with a piiint put. — Ex. '•' ' ' •'•'•• Tho most popular uarriago spring oa tho iiiurkm lodny is tlin Hlce Coll. All who try it pronounce U tho uioct suusis bJo Invention mitt U'o easiest rldor tliut was evar coucuivud of. dwlw •'1 lidvo ihroo u'ilnussca who will iiar that at tlio hour this mnn was robbed 1 w<ui at homo tutting care of my baby."* "Yos, Your Honor," glibly aildnd I lie prisoner's counsel, ,,that U strlmly true. We mm prove a lullaby. •Ex. What vou need Is a nu'dioino wlilcli Is puvo, olllijiunt, rellublu, Suoli'•••(loud'» aursHpurlllft. It nossc'sees peculiar oiuauve powers. ,- 0 SUCH AS j 5 Bo^y ai Brussels, I I ). ,' | ' and Three Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths,Rugs and Mats, BLa$ iir.rtY.e^' ^^ a very Choice Stock ol ^m/vpci cfifi/l i\ I am offering these goo,ds at the yec.-r^- ^Wc,est«) clish-biiy^rs. ' All are iiiyiteci,, . ' tqc^ll,and,,iisee^hel5eau1if!ulne.Wj goods &learii the low prices. ALTOW, ILL. A FOB THE BEST BUGGY THE WORLD. AGENTS OR THE AGENTS ^FOR THE * ^ llott ^f * Sieel te Biigije^l WARRANTED FOB FIVE YEARS- THEC/ELBBRATBD Belleville Threshers and Engines; Mioline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWIJfE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Head^aar- " ters for EUPION and OARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER anf SIGNAL OIL'S: STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; ftne' line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our 610 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $80*."'We keep tbe BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on | tap and delivered to any part ,of the city. Cor. 3d and State sts., • • ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EABTH! JEIMED WATCHES, $18 to $00. Warranted 20 Years, BREECH-LOADINGt GUNS, From j|16 to $30. J. THE LEADING * JEWELEB -GO TO& SON HEADdUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Bails and Bats, Crpquet Se^t?, etc, A! full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Reraeniber the place: THIRD STREET; - - OPP. BELLIJI. SUJ380BIBE FOR THE ALT01 El fflESW lOc Per By mi$ pr deliv§re4, On|y Eopublioan Daily Madison Bounty Kt-

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