Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 1, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1887
Page 2
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— ...T. »OBtOM. Oct. third iu>4 JPUum StnMU, Alton, ttl. FRIDAY EVK., APK1L 1, BBPU0LIOAN TOWNSHIP TICKET. Election April 6tb ( Supervisor: JOHN DOW. Atilstant supervisors: J.K. BBTLEJl, OHA8. HSHDEUSOH, A. F. BBT/, Town Clerk: WM. U. QUIGLEY. Collector: JOHN P. KUUN. Assessor: ADOU'U INVEEN. Htghwny OommlBStonor: I JAMBS TIIUUSH. Fruit Prospects. Through the sjreat fruit belt of South era Illinois it is said that the freeze 01 March 28ch, did thousands of dollar worth of damage, killing nearly all 01 the earliest and best varieties of peaches and other early fruits. Prior to thi> storm the peaches were not damaged to any serious extent, except some of th* earliest varieties which were too fat advanced for the season of the year. As regards this Immediate locality th> prospect seems good except as to peach- -es. Mr. E. A. Rjehl says: Prospector peaches: None. Prospects foi strawberries: As good as ever. Pear- and grapes: All tight yet. The outlook ior everything. except peaches is a> gbod as can be. Mr. J. Albro, of Brighton, saya: Peaches;all right: strawberries, good: pears and grapes, good; other fruits, good; vegetables, good. ViETYS OF A BUSINESS STAN. ALTON, April I, '87. Editor Telegraph: I see it stated that in other cities in this State, at Springh'eld, Jacksonville, Qntncy, &c., it is ail a matter of course that political conventions should bt held and party nominations tor municipal offices made. If that plan is followed in these cities why not in . Alton P ; Other Illinois municipalities are quiu as well governed as Alton, so that, il their example is worth anything, we will not be any worse off than we are now. But I believe we will bo better off. I lift my voice up from among oni business men to say this because I heai of some opposition to the convention plan in this city anil it seems to roe thai the men who opposo it are not keeping pace with our progress. it is said thai U will "drag our municipal matters in the mire of party politics." That sounds very dreadful, but, even if true,"party pohtios"can 1 tbeany worse than the irresponsible "mire" wu have been sticking in for some time. Now the fact is for years past we have always had two candidates for Mayor, one a Democrat, the other a Republican, only they were put forward by somi- self constituted "caucus" and not» regular convention. And will a Mayo be any more apt 10 drag our affairs into the awful mire of party politics becausi- •he happens to be selected by a conven ton working in the full sight of al> citizens, rather than by a well cbosei. O tucnd of bis political friends P I tbinl- ntt. lam opposed to these "caucus'-, n iminees. Give the people, give th businessmen. who don't attend thi caucuses a chance to express tbeii cUoice. Again: the convention mus' 'nominate a good man. That man, ii elected, will be responsible to the purl} t)t his good behavior. It is hard!) probable that if we had scrub races in our Congressional contests that our VV. R. Moriisons and Jehu Bakers woul<> o <me to the front. Can't our local convention bring out equally well the besi men in our city? Party need not mean partisan. I am not in favor of throwing onr city into a convulsive party conflict, but I do believe that the only way to induce theso good men, that we all, irrespective of party, deiiro so much to make the race, is to have a reprosen- t Hire convention call upon them. A timid Republican friend urgo- tbat his party is in the minority and that it would be a fatal campaign for that ticket. Not at all. It the public really demands "goon men" and the Republican convention fills the bill the Democracy rnuet present equally good citizens to be successful Whichever won then the city would have "Xood men." " I think, Mr. Editor, the people can be 1 trusted. They can be relied on to vote for the best men, If thny really want the "good men," as these gentlemen say, and the only question is how to induce such to run. The best medium that can be devised is a reuresantntlve convention. "A BUSINESS MAN." and oth Add. Alton, $1,076. Ed. Pzengolewskl and wife to J 1 . Landolt, w d, e pt nw 1-4 ne 1-4 see 4, 4, 6, $2CO. Dietrich Lampe and wife to H. A Stroot, w d, e 1-2 ee 1-4 sec 86 and 80 acres In ne 1-4 sea 86, 8, 6, $6,060. H. Li. Strong and wife to Adelaide Mathews, w d, lot 16 blk 6, Comb's and oth. add, Collinsville, $190. George Lanolin to Fred B. Suppiger, q c .1, ne 1-4 nw 14 sw 1-4 9.6, 3, 6 and land in Clinton county, $1. Louis Banderol to Louis Jf. Vulllet, q c rt, lots 11 and M blk 36, Highland; $400. . , , ., Isaiah DeUssus and wife to Louis K, w d, «w 1.4 nw 1 4 BBO 18 and ,i.. 1-4 ne 1-4 sec H, 8, o, $<MW. John J. Trible and wife to Philiplna Meyer, q c d, till in 1 1-2 ao.os of •land ,,ff e pi sw 1-4 no 1-4 so 1-4 sec 8, 6, 10, $50. . Thos. Brige's heirs, by master, to H. Helscher, d, sw 1-4 nw 1-4 and nw 1-4 -w 1-4 and n ptaw-1-4 sw 1-4 all in sco 34, 6, 6, $2.860. D. D. Collins and dotlieb Shroppel, w d, lot 2*, Darrow's add, UolliHsvlllR, (this deed w»s made in L866) $100. Geo. 1. Barrett and wife to John T. Ewan, w d, lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 .,lk2,t'. C. Cox's 2d add, Belhalto, $1,800. Eliza Robinson and husband to Salmon Templm, w d, n 1-2 nw 1-4 sw 1 4 sec 2, 8, 6, $300. Lora Hartman and husband to Martin Brede, w d, 20 ft off e side lot 2 blk 7, Uollinsville, $1,600. j. W. Caramon et al to Sallie A Baird, q c d, lot I blk 14, Troy, $300 Martha Mornss to Aug. i'. Morriss e al, q o d, 8 1-2 sw 1-4 and ne 1-4 sw 1-4 ABO 17 and pt s 1-2 sec 18, 3, 7 and se 1-4 sec 18, 3, 8, S—• Aug. Y. Morriss et al to Martha Morriss, d, land in. sec 18, 3, 7, 8— Ely C. Johnston and wife to Eliza A VVilfong, w d, s 1-2 ne 1-4 and so l-< sec 1 and e 1-2 ne 1=4 and pt nw 1- ne 1-4 sec 12, all in 3, 9, (subject $16,000. Mary Salway to Harry Salway q c d, lots 26, 26 and 27, Mounter's 1st sub div nw 1«4 sec 2, 5,10, SI. \Vm. H. Fitch and wife to J. &• Worden, w d, lot 12 blk . 4 ' A o K Dusenburv's add, New Douglas, $25. Ernst Schulze to Conrad Stahlhut, w d, undv 1-4 e 1-S sw 1-4 se 1-4 sec 31, 6,8, $266.66. Conrad Stahlhut and wife to J. H. Stahlhut, wd, nndv 8-4 e 1-3 sw 1-4 se 1-4 sec 31? 6, 8, §800. Alice Mead et al, by master, to J. C. Meade, w d, neJ-4 nw 1 4 sec 14, fa, », $920. Wm. Green and wife to Jacob w. Terry, w d, n 1-2 lot 63 and 40 ft s side lot 5*, Terry's add, Edwardsville, $255. C. Freiburg heirs, by master, to Walter Roman, d, n I-?, sw 1-4 sec 19, «, y, 3,$996. and buffed' Mixed with rettuleor mettt it inultts a good soup. They often cut thrir lish raw. Of course, they freeze Kolid us soon as they nro taken out of the \vnter, and the native, particularly if ho Is on tho road, cuts them off in Blmvliigx » s thin ns ow whipped beef, and cats them raw. They are pain- table, and-1 Imve lived for days at a time on them, with a cup of coffee, made over an alcohol-lamp, by way of variety. The greatest luxury they have is butter, and they will oat lt_ by the povuul ns out- people cat confectionery. A poor sort "f butter is made from tht! milk of iv nutivu oow, that looks and r-astiw more liko choose, and they prize it above nil other classes oi food. •'•»«, ••The amount of butter a native will cat when ho can get it," continued Lieut. SchcuWe, "is astonishing. A friend of mine in Siberia told mo of a man who nto thirty-six pounds in one rvy, nml then divln't get all ho wanted. Tliny have a AVUV of poumling up a edberrv am\ mixing it. with butter, vhieh gives it a bountiful pink tint and improves the flavor. Their drink s the Russian vodka, almost pure "h'o- icl, and they will tnitle their shirts for The liquor is sen ITU but expensive, s.0 they are necessarily a tcmpcrato w;ople'."— Cincinnati Sun. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS . WILL CURE HEADACHE INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA NERVOUS PROSTRATION MALARIA CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELING GENERAL DEBILITY ' PAIN IN THE BACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION / FEMALE INFIRMITIES Mi&£ Bl RHEUMATISM IWBNTT KIDBH' NEURALGIA ' KIDNEY AND LIVER TROUBLES FOR SALE £Y ALL DKUGGrSTS The Genuine has Trade-Mark and erased Red Lines ot wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. KASKINE (THE NEW QUININK) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. SPRING ARRANGEMENT, The steamer CD H. umiB, MMW-r. | {y»» ^TJ^ , On nnd ft'-tnr Monday, Fob. 11, tlio Spread BKli" »'!' run im lollows, vlit LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. in., and St. "'""^""..^'"im Trip Stap...... 'l«'ly. ..VIH loavliiKA ton lo Pot-tano, Jersey LnitdliiK, " IU '. to . n ' , IU1U wa3 points every evening HI 6:!W o'clock. tS-The Whistle wlU bo Hotiniled flftoe) minutesbefore starting tor Bt. tiouls. K . . i «. V. ringing ears, C ureB quickly iPleasant,f nre 'ast Freight. & Passenger Li TUE ST. LOUIS AND OENTUAI. ILLINUld K. H. OU'S FAX ACE STK.lMKtt ' Ilc.n Bitters Is not, In toy wnso, tin tloohollo bovorngO or liquor, nna could iot bo sold, for use, except to persons leHlrous of obtaining medicinal bitters, GREEN B.BATOI, ••'<,--. U. S. Com'rInternal Jlov, Wathington, J). 0., Sept, H IBM. Dear Sir-Why don't you. net ftcertlfl. cate from Col. W. H. W., of Bftltlraor6, showing how ho cured hlnwolfof drttuk- cnoSB by tho help of How Bitters. His la a wonderful caso. Ho 18 well known in. Rochester, N. T., by nil tho drinking moiilo there. Ho Is known in this cltyt Olncliinntl, New Orleans, New York; In fact all over tho country, ns lie hw spent thousands of dollars for mm. I honestly bclicvo his card would bo worth thousands of dollars to you in this city find Baltimore alone, aud make thousands Of sober men by inducing tho uso of your .hitters, • Prejudice Kilts. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on ix bed of misery under tho care of several of tho best physicians, who gnvo her disease various names but no relief, (imf now she is restored to ns in good health by. Hop Bitters, that, wo had poobed at two years before using it. wq earnestly hope and pray that no oiio olso will lot the'J sick suffer as w0 did, liife iu AVild Sibafla. The Importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, tor without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purity, vitalize, and enrich tlio blood, and we ask yon to try Hood's n ~.,\i n r SarsaparlUa. It strengthens rGCUlla.! an d builds up tlie system, creates an appetite, and tones tho digestion, while it eradicates disease. The peculiar '" combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- -|- n If eplf lar curative powers. No IOII&CII other medicine has such n record of wonderful cures. It you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to take any other instead. It Is a. Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparillais sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO DosesOne Pollar_ Heal Estate Sales of Record. Transfers ol real estate hied for rocor in'Ueoorder's office of Madison county, Illinois, for week ending Mm oh 26, 1887s k iVed. Pausoh and wife to trunces Madison Lod^e, No. 43, I. 0. O. F., w d all int in 32 ft e side lot 7 and S3 ft w Bide lot 8, blk 3, Uolllnavllie, $1,000. JSanoy C. HeinHtoad and husband by trustee to Geo. Leah, d, lot 6, Tim Brown's add, EJwardavillo, $617. Margaret Mounter's hairs, by master, to J. A. Noimnaor, pt blk 9 Hunter's N Lib add, Alton, $300. Dnulel Huudy et al to Christian Kuh- nnu.wd, lots 9 aud 10 bik So.Uigbland. •1. Katharine Walter et al to Frank S. Walter, w d, w 1-1 nw 1-4 nw 1*4 and w 3-4 swl-i nw 1-4 sec 20 and o 11 ' uores ne 1-4 ne 1-4 and e 3-4 so 1-4 ne l<i and pt no 1-4 soil.4 see 19 all la 4, 6,11,820. Trustees village ot Betbulto to J, U. Starkey, w d, a strip of land in Bethulto lor extension of Walnut street, 91. Mallnda Sohaafer and buiband to JJary V. HnrriB,,wU, lot 6 blk 9, Pope "In each cabin is the large fireplace, which is iiseil for both heating and cooking," said Lieut. W. H. Schentze, who has traveled in northwest Siberia. "There is seldom, more than one room in these cabins, and usually the owner's cattle, if he has any,' ', occupy one end of the room in which he lives, being tied or prevented from trampling on the babies by a bar. The houses are commonly very comfortable, hut are very dirtv, and smell—there is no word to desej'ibe it. Often, until I got used to it, I would rather lie. down in the snow outside, with the thermometer 50 degrees below zero, than sleep in one of these huts. But you've no idea what a man can stand when he has to." ' « "Have they windows in their houses?" "Yes, ice windows. They use ice as we use glass. A clear piece is selected .about five, or six inches thick, mortised in the window-opening iu blocks two feot and sometimes as large as • four feet square, and with water is made solid. Th<3 water is as good as putty. When the window becomes dirty they ' scrape it off with a knife, and when it I has been scraped thin they substitute a new pane." "Doesn't tho window ever meltP" "Bless you, no; it is freezing cold that far from tlio fire. If tlio , room ever got warm enough to melt the ice tho Yi-knt couldn't live in it, and would have to go out doors to cool ofl'. At night the tiro is allowed to go out, as they have to economi/oiii fuel. All they have is driftwood, gathered on tho banks of the Lena river in tho summer lime." "Ho\v do they sleep? Do they undress when they go to bed?" , "Always. They strip'to their shirts, which are made of a tlu'ck sort of Russian cloth, as heavy as our canvas. The men and women wear the same kind of garments, and never have more than one at n time. I took up a lot of thick lliinuol for thaw, enough to last the rest of their lives, and it will be a grcrit deal inoro (•omfortablu than the uiitivn stuff, tiltluiiigh t hoy don't likoit at linu. When they undress they get into bunks built 'in the side of tho house 1 , sometimes a man, his wife, and all his children in tho same bunk. Thoy havii reindeer skins under ami ttvt>i' tlu'm, and vurtuius of the sauio hanging beforo tin 1 bunks." "Do iht'Y ever lmthi>?" "Ncvi-r iu their llvos. They haven't unv word for bathing in their Inn- WM.L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, A POWERFUL TONIC. that the most delloato stomach wlllhenr. A. SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA,' RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and nil Germ Diseases . _^,___ FOR COLDS KASK1NE HAS BEEN TOtFNT> •ru BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to u'eUeviie Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally successful." , "Every patient treated St. Francis Hos.N. T.) with Kusktne has been (discharged cured/' Kev. Jas. L. Hall, Ohnpluln Albany Penitentiary, writes that Kaskino has cured his wile, dfter tweutv veare suffering from njaUrla and nervous dyspepsia. Write him tor pni- ''Stl Joseph's Hospital, K. Y.: "It's use Is considered In dlspnusai>lo « »?£ P^rfeotlj . Proi. W. F. Holeouibe. M.D..M East2Jth St., N.Tf. (late Prof. In N. Y, Mod. College) writes. "Kasklne Is superior to quinine In ,Jts power, and never produces tlie slightest in jury to the hearinpr or constitution. Thousands upon thousands write that Kus- Mne has cured them after all other medicines had failed. Write lor book of testl- '"iCasklne can be taken without any special ujedioal advice. $1.00 per bottle. Soldoy or sent by TD nil ou receipt of price. KASKINE CO., 51 Warren st.,Now \rn\i J. F. KLUhON, Commander, EP. ANSHUTZ, (oiorka THOU DODOB, ) On and alter Thursday,Feb. 17th, wllllcav Alton dully For St. Louis at 7 a. n». lletnrninK. wlllleave St. Louis (toot ot Vino 3t.;at2:JOp. m.: Leaving Alton at 5;ttO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Graiton at 7:45 p. m., connecting with f netexprcaa on 3t, Louis ami Uontnil Illinois Htillroad lor Jersoyville, Wu- VHny, Sp. IngHfllU unrt all points north imd Uftat> FAKE. To ST. Loots, single trip, .' • • -. jjjj-' •• " twenty Hue ticket,. , Si'OO HENRY 0. TATUM, Gun. Atst. Alton. H. A. nautili, uen'l Jlunftgor. lelldtt DJSNTIbTtl*. DR. O. -H. Dentist, 18 TfflKD STttEKT, ALTON, ILL. Office Hoarfr-S a,». to 12 ra.; 1 to tp. n. G. A. Dentist, .)VER BfltJEGGEMANtf'3 OIGAB STOKE 8KUON D ST. In"*! rttf- AMD DHALBB H» Ready-Made Coflans, Metalic.Cases, Gaskets, And Burial Robev For Ladles, CteBtlemen and children. Office and Shop on State etree OverHart s Livery Stable. Will attend to Joli Wnrknni" BntiRlilnp Ft-nil*"'"' w» LUOKOIJT HERE! TUE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! THE DIBKOT ANDZFASTIJNB TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore. NEW YORK and the EAST. 4 SOLID DAIl/V TKIN8 to Cincinnati and XionisvllU n TEN HOURS, with Through Day. Palace Cars anil Palace Sleeping CoacneH. Nt/ ham e of cars tor any class of paasiingerg._ DR. K. Physician and Surgeon, AND EESIDENOE, OOR.FOUBTlj AND HENtT ST8. lai-dwly W. Af HASHJBt.1., M.D., Physician and durgeon, OPFIOK-SEOOND ST., ALTON, ILL. )fflce hours—9a.m.; 12 to 1, and Op.m .i The undersigned have opened a new 'mual tore at the corner jot Third nnd Plasa eti C180 W1H 1VU fcU^^ DlO.fc WWM.V. «M .. w ».», on account of prejudice against so good a medicine ns Hop Bitters."—27(0 Pairtntt — Good Templars. Milton, Del, Feb. 10,1880. Having used Hop Bitters, tlie noted remedy for debility, nervousness, }ndl- cesvion, etc., Ilmve no hesitation in.Sfty- fnif that it is indeed nil oxcnHen$ medicino nnd recommend it to any ono as a truly tonic bitters. • Respectfully, REV. MBS. J. H, ELLGOOD. Sripio,' N. T., Dec. 1,1884 , I'am the pastor of the Baptist church here nnd nn educated physician. I,am not in .prnctice, but am my solo family physician, and advise in chronic cases, Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bittevs to my invalid .'wife, who has beeu under medical treatment of Albany s beat physicians several years. She has been irrcatly bewefitted and still uses tho medicine. I believe she' will' become thoroughly cured of her various^pomnb.- cnicd diseases by their use. Wo both .recommend them to our friends, many ot whom have also been-cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. B. WARREN. Cured of Drinking* 'A young friend of mine was cured of ra insatiable thirst for liquor that had so jrostratcd his system that be was unahlo o do any business. He was entirely cured by the uso of Hop Bitters. It allayed all hat burning thirst; took away the apne- iie for liquor; made his nerves steady: and he has remained a steady and sober man for more than two years, ancl tins no desire to return to his cups, and I Know of a number of others that liave^bueri cured of drinking by it."—From a leading R. R. Official, Chicago, 111. ' _ ; jui Lucas Pfeiftentoerger ARCHITECT, GENERAL 80PE1UNTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third St.,one door west of Piasn, third floor.. ORGANS ANDLPIAHOS oflthe [flncst workmanship for sa!o atrea suable prlcoi. Call niid examine our instra mentu before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS, & BABE. mch32dwBnj J, SUTTEB & SON, gu'ugo, null till) impossibility of kooi>- ing fltniuis oniM)f tho givutwtt liiu-d ships of Ai-fltii lifo." , "What ilu llf<.\y ••at?" ••lloiiulitor lui-at, buof—thcy hnvi i-owH, ([lu-or-looklii^r nnlinnU abou hnU us luvfji! us our*, with a huuuuoel tin tlu.'it 1 backs llku a i-anii'l—lish, br 'juiulu ofbinuk rye lUmv, l«», uiul i\i iinportt'il food iniiclo "f uhojipeil b«u volli'd into bnllK about tin; si/.i) of tuurblo iiuil foven-tl with a dough These thity pound up mul nuiko into I soup. Tliea thero is a wood that ,1 I • vary viiitrlUous whun it is gwuud « von SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND Also Outside \Vorh n specialty. Rooting and. Galvanized Irou Work. Also i indertaker's Supplies To Washington In 28 lours.' To Baltimore in 29 hours This 19 FFVE HOUES VJXJ10KKU tnan the fast oat time by any other line. THE DAY EXPRESS runs entire train COD Istlnc of Day Ooaebea and Fulace f looploj oars from St.Louis to Washington. THE MOTH EXf HEbS has sleepers throuRi without change. No other line from Si ouls offers a Dally Through Tralu servlo 1 to the NATIONAL CAl'lTAI* Palace Buffet Sleeping Cart are run by this line on night express from ST. LOTJIS TO NEW YORK -DAIU*- \Vlthout chanuo In 87 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WTOTEK UE8ORTS IN Til« SOUTH EAST, Tuo Double Dally Linos of Parlor Cars an<" Palace Sleeplnu Coaoliea by thin Road from St. Louis to Cin'ti.& Louisville making direct connections at both J»lnn with uiornlnK and evenlim Kxpress Trslnf•. havlBK Valftoo Hotel undBleentng Cars to OlmitunooKn, Atlanta, Savannah aud Jaot • gonvllle wUiiout change. No Ferries or Trunsfers by this Kowte. 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The Republicans of Uie sovoral wnrdB oJ tbo city of AHon, and all voiera iriiiK to co-operate with tbern fn securinj; a boiler, more cflicient, and more proarensivo administration of city nffairs, are requegted to meut in pn- uiarv mceunKs. iu Guy Hull, on Thursday evening, April 7lh, at 7:80o*uli>ok, to noiuinntu cnndidfttes for 'Aldcrnion in tlieir ruspcutive wards, and nlso to uppoint delegates to a City Uopublionn Conveniion lo bo held at the same place, Friday evenine, April 8th, lo nominate candidates for . auyor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo voted for at tlw municipal election April 1'Jihj the sovoral wards to be entilU-d to the- t'ollovvini; representation in tho uitv convention: First ward, 8 delexatos. St-cond wurtl, C (lulOKalos. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, S ilu'vmtiee. Fiftli vviirtl, B dulu^iitus. Sixlh ward, (5 dnlu(,'tit«s. Seventh wurd, 7 uulujiatos. Total number of delegate?, 61." And to transact suoiv uihor buiiuess as may proper I v cmue before tlio rueoU inc. CU,VS. HOUlKN,.lu, J. K. 11UTI-KK,' OKO. U. HAVUKN, II. G. M'l'IKK, S. V. CONNOK, 11. M. 1UKKK, Ju., F. W. liOl'l'E, H. B, STAWKi Central UommUleo. WILSON These Wn>hbonrd» uro nmao with Bent-Wood rim. The Strong- tiavlnaw, 900,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING chigan. [in NORTHERN WIS- 'CONSIN for »-Jk. at S5 AN ACRE on lonif time. The most )irn<>p«roua and promising fipld for wttleincHt Iu the IT; 8. Full 1,-fonnntlon with good map free. Adilreiw I.IJD COidSSIO!Er..V i <»us!uC«ilnl K. B., Hilwaokee, WU. ' JOSKfll JArtltfiTT'S LIVERY STABLED ,T . yEONT STREET. BETWEEN AI^BY AND K AflTON, IS AND COMMON FURNITURE. A full and Complete Stock Always on Hand. • DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. » x*UK FUBNITUBE KOOM8 ABE ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTOK. I^. >PMWIT ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deeoacod. . The underalgpod, liuvlns been appointed Adiniul8tra'or"5t the t-Btate of Eleanor P. Gu'ld, Into ot.tlie county of Uadlgon ! Hinl utnte ol Illinois, docoasotl, horoby gives I notice that he will appear before the county 1 court of MndUon'pouuty, at the court houie, in Edwardsvllle, :'at the May term, on the tbt cl Monday lii Jlay nest, utwlilon time all persons huvlnpr claims agalnat Kald Bstaw lire «otlCed and fequeswd Uj attend tor $h8 purpose of having tho same adjunted. <All persohji Indohtod to salil Kstato uro requested to niukB Iminudliuo payinont to the under* Jjuto j this llth day of March, A. D., 18ST. ' PElUvKi' B. WHIPPDB, 22d4w AdmtnUtrntor. ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE JLJac*. , NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS. An Immediate relief far prostration cuu«ed by AIX3OHOUO EXOK8BK8. A etlmalaut which, whan taken with Uoda, Vichy, AiwlllnarU, Boluor. or ooy Sparkling Water, will lupply tb» Cravlnn for Strong Drink, without ita dl»aatrou» renulU, loavina tbe evateni refreaned ond InvlKOrutod. Freporod a« a HEAVY SYRUP, moit agreoablo to take- ONLY BV TUB BOTTfcB.-«<*— Bolng non.iilcoliollc, it commonda ttsolf es> iwciully to Physlolans, l^nwyore, Teoohurs, Olew men, McrclmhtH. and othura follpwlng:»odent*ry ocoupatiun» orlpursuita, roqulrlDB iJMve euergy- 'accv, ,. CHICAGO-lii,

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