Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 31, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1887
Page 4
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MIBTAKB h*i lM*eloforo been mndo in the trofiltnent of rheiwati«Bi,.B*iur*|rin, rtnd nervous or jSfctf'HMilacHe. ^his I* evidenced by tin; tikilureon the pnrliif tliousnmlnof sullferiTS -lo find relief, even though the); liuvc ex- •'liauBted the skill of variou.i physician? ami tried numerous so-called remedies. To . midi Athlophoros is offered as u sn/c, sure, und quick cure. Its success Im6 been pile- nomciml, nnd yet it is not surprising be- OUU9C it will do nil tlmt in claimed for it. The Alhlophoros Co. will gludty refer uny who ddsirc to make an Investigation lo re- liivblo partic* who liuva been cured by it. J. P. MullcUe, of the Mallcttc & Raymond Ainmif. Co., No. 329 Houth Canal St., Chicago,lli;,8nyn: "Mywifeli«sbectiagre:il nnllcrcr from'nciirrilKia for a long while, hut n. half bottle of Athlophoros cured her no that nhe has not millered any since. "When it was lirsl ri-cotmnemk'ii to her, oho would not get it nit hhc was nlwiiys m>- posed to taking nny kind of patent inuifi- ernes. Hut us tho treatment she wiisunder gave her no relief I insisted on her trying Athlophoros. After taking a half buttle the neuralgia was gone mid has not returned since," Decatnr 111. I havo been afflicted with rheumatism for several years. During the past winter 1 was stricken with a vory severe attack, rendering me almost hclplcssnnd confining mo to my bed. I tried various medicines and was prescribed for by physicians with no avail. Finally I wn's induced to try Athlophoros. 1 was relieved anil cured so quickly tlinl words could not tell my surprise. I do not hesitate in recommending it to any one suffering with that painful complaint, rheumatism. A. M. BI<AK»EV, Cor. Union and Orecn Sts. Every druggistshould keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but where they cannot bo boualit, of tho druggist the Athlo- plioros OoJ 112 Wall St., New York, will send either ^carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Alhlophoros and 50c. for Pills. For liver and kidney dlneuscs. dyspepsia, Indigestion, weakness, nervous debility, diseases or women, ronntlpntlnn. licudarite, Irnjmro blood, &e.. Athlophoios Mils are uncqualcd. 8 DAILY TELEGRAPH. (icntcr««l M 8«<>ont1>clain Biatt«* M the P. * '. O. at Alton. III.) __ THUtWPAY EVE,, MARCH 31. 1ALL Now and Beautiful Designs just arrived nnd arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS: A Specialty, from Small to Largest sizes. At tbo old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DEOOEATJNG establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. ' feblldSm ^LJBgii JBrSffjl'iS5gB^. '^1^ ^ ^•i'^f f^'»^ Have bean unloved by clUionn of every town and city In the U. 8. Miirycloiis C'lfcn hnvo been wit- neefiod by.tliounanil» of pooplo, wliu can testify to THE wnMUBHPUI. IIKAUNO 1'OWEIl I)K Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache', Earache, Catarrh, Croup, Soro Throat, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bites, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, aro quickly rellovnrt by thl« miiulciil ronnyl.v. Try It ouc« ttnrt you will never l>o without It. Kor milo 'JJ* REAL ESTATE FOB SALE OB BENT, -UY- Rudei-anauseu & Sonntag, For Sale. A convenient nnd pleasant bomo at ft reasonable figure, bolna at wo-atory frame house on Klgutli street, near Henry. Dor bale. A ouoioe farm ol 320uciea. with first class mprovemeuts, situated aM miles cant ol Brunswlok. Oliarlton eo., Mo. For Sale. Aono-Btory frame dwollinB house tn ooutlltlon. In Topping's addition to Alton. Far gale Cheap The residence ol Oupt. W. 1 J oblo ; two fetorlos and maneard roof) 12 room 1 hulls, closets, dollars, eto, ; 8 aorus o{ gron'i MOBI desirable property In tho city. Far Mule. 16Uaoresot land near city limit* Scavo ., two story brick and irame (Iwo: n UOUBO, both Bltuatucl on the OHM' o i.uto stvoui between titb and 7th -ucote* BO tho brluh block of stores on Socon .-uroot, between and Uldge street nowu im lluutor't A small frame' 1 ..IIIK house within u m olocks of the d it lor $376. 100 acres f good lorminK land, and unotbei tract ol -00 .icros, both uiilinproved. 8ltual< In Mot' CO., Kansas, at $10 and {16 per ncn TeBpeotiveW— one-third oaah.btU&noo on tlmu For Half. A larin ol 140 (icrou on oottom land, all ti cultivation, near Uadlson, In tblB county. A good two-Htory frame dwelling IIOUMI on It Price J3.WW Vnr Sale, A choice farm ot 1211 uuroa, altuate l milt south of Blilpmun, Mauoupln county, 111., ui n lo rartlosiniondliiB to buy Koal Ketnto in the cllyol Alton or vlclnliv will Und It totheli Iniurott to cull lit llieotllcool Ituduruliiiiistm A Honntin und ejiumlne their Hut 01 pi-opui'- tles for eulo OH only part tliercol U udvur- tl«e<8. 8KOON1J BTltBKT (Nelir 1'liua), ALTON, IIJ. FOIl 8ALB : Ground Outu, Orouud Corn, liny. Outs, Corn, Corn Monl, Uuckwhcut Fluur, Grnluuu Flour,«tc PnOMITLY DKUVEUK1) TO ANY 1'AIIT 01 THK 01TV. M.WILKINSON. 1y7 n't/ Patents. To ny peraouH wlslilnK to obtain luttoi patent on new Inventloua, 'mprovomonta o de8lg»», I wUl execute drawtnua and apecin oattoqt »ud make Rppllcatlona (or 1'utonu All oouiwtatlon. In person or by lotto , (roc LT3CA8 HI. MAT SHALL WE WEAR!, OREAM OR WHITE VEILS ARE THE MOST BECOMING ONES. About tho Now ITnti and IJonnoU for Siirlnir Wear—Short oi] Frank* with I.OIIR, Full Sltlrt* for Till]' Girl*. With the near approach of Easter, women's thoughts turn naturally to the consideration of spring nilllliiery. Few, it any there bo, who would willingly RO without a new bonnet to nn Easter Kuntliiy service. Tho shops oro full of i;iiy hnwl cn)>otos und hats of one stylo or another. It may bo truly soul of the majority of tlicso confections Umt tuey ore unusually attrnctivo and becoming. BI'IUKO BONNET. The stylish bonnets and bats represented in our cuts were designed for Iliirper'a Ilnzoar, nnd uro pleasing examples of Now York fashions in trimnioJ millinery. Tho French capote shown in the first cut Is made of black tulle puff I'd between rows of jut bends. The brim Is edged with black straw loco dotted with flno jot beads. It Is slightly ncMiod In the top of tho front, and tho trimming of Charlpsi X. pink silk is drawn through tli's notch on tho hair. Tho flowers aro clii-ysnnthe- mums of tho samo new pink shndo. with some groin leaves. Black ribbon strings with picot edge. lIILLINEttY FOP. YOUNG LADIES. In tho serond cut nro shown threo stylos admirably adapted for young ladies. Ono figure represents n rough straw liat, with Eros grain ribbon and a standing cluster of Bowers to; 1 its trimming. A second flguro shows a straw liat of cm color, with upright bluo ribbon bow and cuds anil brown ostrich tijB for trimming. Tho romainhiir model represents a brown Milan straw hat trimmed with bluo gros grain and pinl; roses. Short AVulfitod Frnnlts for Chllilren. Short waisted froclts, with long, full skirts, will continue to bo worn by tiny girls from 2 to 0 yeare old. Colored Gingham, lawn and white dresses nro made with yoke waist, log of mutton Kleovo and full skirts, hemmed and tucked. Tho yoko and sloe vox of colored ginghams nro often made of white muslin, tho yoko daintily tucked an I feather stitched, with embroidered edging set along tho loivcr odgo, tuvnnd upward. TUo bolt is of insertion, and n sash of tho colored material, about six inches wide, trimmed across tho ends, in fastened at tho Miles of tho belt and tied hi a bow bohinil. A bins puff of tho colored material is sometimes placed across tliu shoulders of tho yoko, suggesting a separate giiimpo. Heavy corded white, pique, whito houreUo striped cloths nnd smooth striped cloths in two shades of gray or hrown will be tho favorite materials for walking coats for tiny girls tho coming season. linnnotH and Tholr Trimming*. French milliners havo dosreod that a ladies' bonnet must nutrlj her cojtiiino, and whilu many Amerl'.'aii women will not observe this rule, it will doubtlose prevail to somo extent. Tho new straw bonnets already i:i tho shop windows have evidently been mailo with a, vio\v to miitchlng costumes in color, an thoy nn< nut in nil tho now shades scon in dress goods. Bonnets of black laco and black beaded Bpanisu not over tho foundations of primi'oso, ])ink, soa grur-n or chorry sitin uro worn by fashionable ladios nt tho pivsont timo. LOOJB of velvet of tho darkest moss given ai'o us"d to trim sonn of the now bonnets, and thcso aro lined with spinach or applo grnen satin, tho llower.1 used with thesu trimmings being palo green hops and pink roses. Pointed ofVoctn uro noUi<l in tho productions of both milliners mid ilros-tmahors. This H achieved by trinnnin^ being so folded us to form u point at tho top. A woman who knows rays: I wonder when, if over, wi>nu>n "'ill Hud out tlmt cream or wliito veils im> th« unly bcenmin;; IIIRH. A woman with liny Intelligent, regard for her eyes, as n imittor of eoiiiM), w«ir« nu veil at all. A coiiselniilioiis re;;nrd for nun's coin- plosion is tho commoner form nf intelligunca, liowuver, and this at least hliuulil dictato that soft, colors set olf pretty filiiiw bettor than brlglitur ont'H, whllo they lay lesa unplunKimt emphasis on defeets. and diamoiuli uro a combination for flngvr rings now especially In fuvor. Black nudnssed kid gloves arc now tho only Icind Vtld to bo "strictly mourning." French boils aro wild to UoQiitlivly out of fiiHhlon o.vcT|>t nniong tho bc'lK'sof tho foe- tory awl tho kltvlustt. Heliotrope 11 proclahmxl far and near at tho fushtonnble spring color In nlmost i'Vcry< Vhing." flladi! satin, ijalking skirts with cloth Jncltofs ftiii etipcrgh scon to 1x3 regarded as fashionable. Several sinull combs aro worn in the hair Instead of ouo good slxed one, and they nro tucked In arir-areiitly otrnin'om. AUU AflOUNO THE HOUSH. Cp Stair*, Down Stulrn, In Hllolicn ftnd lu tho I,adjr'» Tovlor. A vory protty ncd cffestlvo v.-ftll covering may bo mnib of cliints. Tho dccornUvo cSoot proihiccd would lx> (specially tnitnfclo for bod- rcwxYi lii c)joosl:ig tho design co)oct u pat- te:-u that brmito simplo. For n bedroom, o pattern of light ground, with smnll palo bluo fiowore, would bo good, ol', If bolder figures oro pi-cforred, floral designs of neutral pinks nnd yellows oro vory appropriate. In n general way, Upright and lateral &'.rlpes should bo avoided. When n light room is not desired, tho designs In chintz suggesting topcstry will do extremely well. Tho coloring in these- Is usually good. A safe wny of hanging tho chintz Is to stretch It on frames, us upholsterers do tapestry; but if the amateur decorator docs nor,caro to go to tho trouble nnd expense of frames, tho Gluff, says Art Amateur, may bo tucked on tho wullo, using ornamental nails and glmp.1 to secure tho points. A dado, wall covering: nnd frlezo may bo mndo of three different, using 'practically tho samo colors throughout, tho dado being tho darkest and plainest of tho throo. Instead of gimp and ornamental tacks, strips of bamboo split in half may be used to break tho joints, and might lie employed nt tho top nnd bottom of tho wall covering, in order to finish it neatly. Hints fur ICaxter. It is taken for granted that overy mother In tho land knows how to color eggs for Easter, but if by chance ignorance on Ibis subject does exist, it is suggested that nnoline dyps—for sale- in all drug stores nt small cost—bo resorted to. Directions come with theso dyes. In localities where even these may not bo obtained tho eggs may bo decorated by tying up In bits of colored calico and boiling until tbo color has left tho calico to mako its impress on tho eggs. Tho "Martha Washington Easter Souvenirs" delight children and nro easily mado. Draw on an egg shell that has been relieved of its contents a face. Next paste on a high crowned bonnet made of tissue paper nnd finish tho bottom with n wide plaited high paper collar. A pleasant surprise to children consisls of n. blown egg shell filled with tiny chocolate und cream drops or other confectionery, tho opening of tho tops wbero the candy is putiu being sealed over, with a colored picture or a ribbon bow. Another Easter delight consists of smnll cakes in form of eggs merely frosted over with icing. Filtered Water. Filtered water is usually regarded as a luxury, vet it would bo well if it were included union'; tho necessities of overy well ordered household. Much sickness, of which tho origin seems wrapped in mystery, would undoubtedly bo averted by the use of none but filtered water. Water-may bo most inviting to tin) oyo nnd a.trecablo to tho tasto mid jet contain tho [jortns of diseases that may terminate, our existence or mako it chronic misery. When it i.i not practicable to filter the water used for drinking purposes, if llicro ia nny doubt about its purity, boil it and lot it cool before using. Less than bnlf a bottle of Dr. Bull'.-! Cousrh Syrup cured me of a seven- bronchial nffeotion. II. S. Hudson, 40 Hanover St. Baltimore, Md. Don 1 !!—If a dealer offers you a bot lie of Salvation Oil without labels or wrappers, or in n mutilated or defnced package, don't touchit —don't buy It nt nnv price. (jpltins a perfect, unbroken, genuine package, Price L'5 cents a boitlo. NICE and light—-Cuslomer(to baker's boy) — ''Is vour brend nice nnd li«h'. sonnyP" Baker's boy (confidentially) —"Yes, ma'am, it, only weighs ten ouuces to the pound." Tlio peculiar purifying and building up powers of Hood's Sarsapanllu tnukf it tho vory best medicine to tako at tin- season. 4 "UiVE an example of an immovable obstacle," said tho teacher. And the smart boy at the foot of the class suggested three girls on the sidewalk. The teacher, who usually had to walk in the middle of the street herself, sent bim right up to the htnd of tho class and told him to stay there for a week. Tim llico Coil Carnage-Spring gives a buggy that ease of motion so dusirn- ole in that vehicle This spring is light, ncnt, durable and cheap. No spring in the world can rautcb. it in any particular. dwiw If you require a spring medicine, if you are suffering with languor, debility, pimples, boils, catarrh, elironic sores, M-roluhi, or loss of appetite, or any disease arising from impure blood, take Aycr'd Sarsnp inlla —tho safest and most economical of all blood purifiers. dwlw Baked HOIIUN Three 'limes n Week. A resident of anoiher cily than Boston, who, us a dentist, wiiies professionally, says that nothing is suporhir'to Boston brown bread for bone and tooth building, and that baked beans should be on tliu lable, hot or cold, at Inns! three times a week on uucoirit of their supply of lime and pahs.- -Ex. Enjoy J.lfo. WliHt a truly beautiful world wo live in! Nuturo gives us grandeur of mnun- niins, glens timl oceans, nnd thousand* of menus of ciij lyment. \V« can dos'rc no bctlcr when in pmlect himlih; bin how oil in do the majniitv of iicople feul 'ike {living it up disheartened, dU- ('iiunii.'cd and wo:'n out with ih.-riisl', when them is no occasion for thU feeling, as uvvrv fiiffiirer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Flower, will make them free from diFQiMO, as when born, Dvpep^ia anil MverComplaint aro the direct causes of sevenly.fivo per cunt, of such nm'ndles a^ Hiliou-noss, Indigestion, Sick Head- iicho, CJoBtivom«-s, Nervous I'rostration, Diz/iness of tliu Mead, I'alpitation of ihu Heart, and other digressing symptoms. Three doses of August Flower will piove its wondciHil tffc.ul. Sum pie. boU\08,10 ounis. Try it. ji>y dwoow ly A • IJotiviwtotit NtifM'ry Tnblp. A nursery taliln thnt Ityommendti Itself, being at ono ami tho smi* tlmo convenient and decorative, is described in Tliu Losson. Tho lid of tho table—represented In the cut aa open—when closed" down covers tho bath from sight mid converts tho arrangement into an ordinary dressing table, Y TAJILK WITH IUTII. " Thl.rfcible, with lid and balh snt In, may bo nmdo of whiro inside. The height nf the tiiblii hero illustrated is 2,'-.f feel, tin) length Is ,'))-j feet and tho width a little IOSM than " feet. Au cd:;e 2 inches high coos around tho top of HIP taiilo. This nnd tho top ilsclf nro covered with sine cut out 'J feet .">)jf inches long and 1 foot \vido in tho middle, to hold a bath 1 foot !!% inches deep. Tho water in tho bath can bo let out through a hole in tho bottom Into a tub or other vessel placed underneath and stopped with a cork when required. Tho lid, fastened to tho table part with hinges, mny bo turned down when the baby has had its bath; mi a mattress placed over this tho child can bo laid and partly dressed, the rim of tho table, 7)4 ir.chca high at tho hack and S% inches on each siile, preventing tho mattress from slipping oil". Curtains drawn through brass rods fastened on with rings screwed in nnd each 03 inches wide and 27% long, edged with frill of tho samo material U inches wide, looped bae!; with cord, finish Ihs lower part of the table. This convenient arrangement may be made- as plain or decorative us is desired. Greatly Excited. HNot a few of the ciWswns of Alton have receiuiy be.como greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronoun- ced'by their physicions as incurable and bevond all hope— suffering with that dreaded monster Consumption-have been completely cured by Ur. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure 'nil throat nnd lung diseases, Ci'iigh 1 , Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial buUlo free at B. Marsh's drug stDro, large bottles §1. Wonderful Cnres. VV. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and relail druggists of Home, 0:i., suy: We have been selling IJr. King's New Dis« covery, Klcutric Bitters and buokicn's Arnica Salve for two years. Havo never handled remedies that sell as well,or give such universal satisfaction. There havo been somo wonderful cures effuoieil by these medicines in llits city. Several cases of pronounced Consump. lion have been entirely cured by USP of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Dis- ciivery.laken in connection wiih Electric Bitters. \Vo guarantee them always. Sold by E, Marsh. mchldwlna Duuuievs Arnica Salve. The Best Sale,; in tnc world for cnts, braises, so res,'-..Mrs, salt, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail SKIU eruptions and positively cures piles, or no pay required, [t is guaranteed to give perfect sails- faction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill vnchTdwlni FutST Act'ir—I see Mrs Brown-Potter shvs she i-t going to elevate the BtB Second Actor—So I see. She mint ha been sitting behind some of those high hats. Children Starving to Death On account, ot ihelr inability 'o digest food, will lind a most marvellous food and remedy in Scott's Emulsion. Very oalatable and easily digested. Dr. S. W. Cohen, of Waco, Texas, says: "I have used your Emulsion in infantile wasting. It not only restores wasted tissues, but gives strength,and increases theapottite," WAY out in prohibition Kansas there is a traveling dramatic companv pl«V' ing "Ten Nights in a Drug Store 1 ' with great success \V. O. Ttigele, LnGrange, Ga., writ ing about Darbys Prophylactic Fluid, says: "It is a priceless juwnl as a disinfectant and dcndonzsr. My wife siaie«.Hr the, benefit of \oung mothers that it is a valuable adjunct to the nursery." It is equally so to parents travelling with children. Not only Is ihu Fluid invaluable as n deodorizer, but a few drops added to (he water in bathing will remove all eiuptions from the skin, chuting, etc., and greatlv refresh and soothe. tu tn a wk "The QreuU'at euro on Knith fur ruin." WIJI rclloviiliiorpqulckly Hum nny ntlicr known mm"'ily: KhiMiimiil*!'!, KeiiittlKln, Hwi>lllii|ii), Stlir t-Vrk, linilM'S, tliirns, Sfa'd'i, Cult, l.tiint/a- l:o, I'lcuriiv. i ! ,,u :. Kr.f'l l,iu-y. U'i,,|.-ii"lii', i.'uiii-.v, '.i IK' Tlirnut, llrlniU-il,, Jli-ailii'-lil'. T.n.lluu'lu', . : i|,i,iUi-<, vti'. I'riiM !-'- : irr.,. a b,,t(l,'. hold by nil lvtt'.'RlHis, (',iiitl>'>n —Tin* ffyn- I"" ><i/™//,,,, d/i I,,"I.M 1,1,r "IOC I** 5 ' l-lrlali-ivM lr. l il|...Mark. null <,Ur fin-ilnill.i Klunntiii-. A ('. Muyop K < " tiulc VC'prli lnr.l, JlnlMn.i.r", Mil., U. H. ,\. Ilr. Iliill'j <:iiui!li Hyru'ii will run' yniu C'c,ll«ll ' I'rli'C nlilv 7.1 I'l: , hlltlln 1'Vir n clii'ok lor fJO wii will print u ten-Una liUvi'i'llxciiii'iil In (Mm Million IHMIIOS o! luii'i- Inu Anifilciiii N'(>\v»p'i|mrn. 'Mil' U M ilio Mite olcm|y ono lllih nl nccnt n lliiii.dir I'.OiOclii'ii liilliinl Tliu nilvcitUi'incnt will liu plucoil lifilinn One Mllilini uiri'KiiKSI' n>'WHHHii|,r imii'lm-i'nr-nr KIVK.MII.I.IU.N IIKAUKIIR. Ten llni'M will mv»iiiiiin<lHlu icbuni 7,t wuiilH. Ail. lirua« wltU wijiy o( mlv mill chuoU, or K'lvl M emits lor book ol 17U puuou. UKO, I 1 . ItOW- KU. & 00., !0 Sprue* »(.-, N, Y. J;U5Ulni CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE The United States Government Places Dr. Price's at tho head of the entire list. (Soo NATIONAL DOAUD or IIUAI.TII DufcLETiN-Supptcmcnt *To. G, page 33, Washington, 1). C.I The Canadian Government Places Dr. Price's at tho head of the entire list. (Soo report to the COMMISSION™ OFINLAND HEVENUE DKPAtmiENT.Ottawa (seat ot Bovcra> tnent), Canada, April Crd, 11183.) It i J tho purest and strongest. Free from Ammonia, free from Lime, free from Alum, and is recommended for general family use by the* Heads of the Great Universities and Public Food Analysts. Persons doubting the truthfulness of this can write any ot Uio Chemists named. Prof. K. S. (}. PA TON, Lnto Clicniist Health Department, umcago, 111. Vrof. JOHN M. ORDWAY, Mass. Institute of Technology, postpm ' Prof. H. A. W1TTHAUS, A. M.. M. D., Unlvorslty of. Uuttalo, N. Y. Prof. A. JI.SAB1N, State Cliomlst, IJnrllngton. Vr. „, . . , _ , . " * «—•"'.«"".. . . ». '.r ^. ,prof. Cheniistiy ttnd Toxicology, <ju«mistry,Hutgera College, New BrunswIck,KJ, . Chemistry University of Pennsylvania, Piiila- WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, liURUESENXING THB FOLM)W1NG First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of Nortli America; Hartford, Phoonlx, Franklin, of Phfladelyhljv; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Cnion, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Girard; Glens Fulls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Go. AND OTII.BRS: A CASH CAPITA! IN THE AGGBEQATIE OF $20,000,000. WE AI.8O BBPKB8KNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, M. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident IIIB. Co.,Hartford. Office: Over AJton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Flue Uoxliltmco for ijale, Thn late It. lie How noiun^tna'l, now ownoil by M. II. Under • anil, sltuntud on lln« o( tiorsu rullwny, in U|>i>or Altai; 11 ronni, bath room, funiucii, unil «ooil one Imil'llntfs, Iwo iicrus ot ui'ouii'l, will bo Hold ut u bur- uulu. ^osauusloii iflven on v-t tinlia<ou ol attle. Wllll'PLE & SMILEV. 1'or Bent. Two-story house nn<l «ood stable on Com mou .ti'eut. uood li-nli. Wllll'I'LE A SM1LKY. Ifur Hale. Sevan lots with g mil brick (I'.vcllliiif and oiilbulldliix.-.lii KO->I| repair, In Unper Alton. Ktiaklonci-of n E. Hniilns, and known us the Merrill property. Wlllt'l'LB ft SM1LBY, Alton, or 1). W. Collet, iTppar Alton. 1'or Iltut. A two-Btory biick dwollliiB known as the A. I'lutt liomuutoud. l.utcly pu* In uood re- p.U'. For sale or nent. A desirable tenement on Blulf street, owned ov MI-H S. J.Uutro. WHIPPI.K A8MIT.KV. fur Biu> Tho late residences of J. j. and W. £1. tlltchcll, on Mill St., two o. |_ r bast places ol i-esldoiice nroperty In Alloi . Tbe propurtj tnowu as "The I'nrit, ountot above; If lotion Mill and Htimmlt oti'oew, an U u number ol ott In Mtllur * Mitchell's addition to Alton. ,Uiv or all o! above ut n Ki(-ut barttalu. ____ Wl .II'I'LK *_MMILBY._ K ( ,r Sniff. A 7-room bil^kdwiilllni! and out bulldliig- 011 Thlid uticut, between Ohi-rry uud Vlun. ____ _ __ WIIUM'bu. ^«JU _ICY. for 1C sin. Good fl-moin brlch house wllh ab»ut4 iicrot »f Ki-ouiul, Including (jicuii"", In Upper Alton. fonnt-r roi.hlt'iico 01 Dr. lluniliiin. _ ___ __ _ WlHrj'I.K ASMII.ICY. ?,tt UuHlrnbln ltunl<lvnvvH fur Snle. A twoHtoiy brlc-k dwelling on SliUD Btrcol known na A. 1'luit liuiiii-sii ad, lately pin In Kond repair. A two ftory Irumo dwulllujj on Miilii HI rue t, neurly new. A two HUIIT ui Itli ilwcllliiu on Seventh ulioin, all tor null' ,i u uiicrlilod. ownnr Imvluu dcculoil to i/r «'• WHII'l'I.B A sMII.KV I'ur Uiiiit. Lute reildnnt'o ol M. .1. Noonun on State Hi'i'et. linovn an the A. I'latt place. Uoodll I'oom bi lull hoiifii. In Hi-tit i'liiM» i ijiiulr, ____ _ ________ vviljj'l'UC ft »M I LB Y for nine. The Morrlman property on Stnto Btreo In Miller & MIoliolI'H add., to Alton, IX Htory IIOUHO, 8 rooms uud out- building; all lu vui footordor. Can be hud at u liiirguln. Vor Halo. Tho Wooilroof property. A 't story frame IIOUHO ol H rooms, nn rittn und Alton slrvcla , a 4 room (rume houuu nu C'lfili ' A twoutory brluk itwullluu known nutlut A, 1'lutt liomeuteud: laleU put In uood ri'imlr, li & CATARRH ELY'B OllEAM HALM Is not a liquid, snuff orpoicder. ~ Applied into noHtrik in quickly absorbed. It cleanses tho bead. Allays inflammation. Seals the sores. Restores tfie sensee of t(t»te and smell. KOccnlaat Druggists; by mafi t registered, Wccntt. ELY BROTHERS. Prnggists.Owt-irn.1VY. -DEALBK.5 IN- FURNITURE! / "-' • -i ~A Full and Complete £ Stock * CONSTANTLY ON HAND, ALL OBDE» FOB UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth. —ALSO— • .'.?;•>!'••;-} 'j'P'if yro T UNDERTAKER. RESIDENCE COR. STVTE& 8EVRNT1I ST8 JOHN BAUER, DEALKU IN AND MANDFAOTURBBI OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, IJLL. All kinds o( lino und common (arnltur con-auntly on baud. AUo uiulcrtJikor, utc., apMJwlw ."i>r ihc iifo^'i-v'filldii of Mliliiulu ami uielfil rood*, ''I'livUrivliii'ciii'liiiiil. fvr nrlra'»,w<ldiw»«). l.i:-!'!!', .1 CO., (inifriil ABrnlm <lj»8 H «t . i Nt-» tJlili'ngu, ur Al It'll Igini For Unit. A oonvenlont liirm of ISO aoros, moat all In O'alttvutlon; sltrtuted on tbu IJethalto rond, llrtf 'rom Alton, • For «nle. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pearl und fifth Htrcot*. Vor Hale ur Kent. The 2-story I rume dwelling with 0 rooms, neludliiK 7 t«U! KOOd burn and tine tiulta known tt» tho NtohiiU Uouieuwud, v on uth.t,, i

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