Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 31, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1887
Page 2
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Alton DAILY TELEGRAPH. «t W. I. K0BTOS, Cat, *M*a +OA FUM Strvctt, Alton, ttl. THURSDAY EVK., MAKCH 31. The i&it of March U » fine put ol the month when YOB can get the "fin*" In. All daj Wednesday the bemtlta flakes were whirled, pitched and tossed In perfect fary,- biggest snow of the month. SWKET—Mrs. H. G. Stall received - from New Orleans, nbox of flno ora"hgi blossoms and beautiful roaes j they were fresh and "as sweet" as the dt>y they left.) "We nns" wore the recipients^! R part. Mrs. N. W. Waldo left last weak fer Black Bnwk, Col., where she goes to visit ner daughter, Mr*. Pine. Mr. N. J. Stratum and wife arrived in town las; Friday from Maryville, Mo,, bringing a carload of H. H. goods. II*has come to stay and has already lateen bit place in the bank, of which he is President. Wo extend a hearty welcome. MUi Emma Drew and her mother, who bare been quite »ick, were attended by Dr. Gaelicu, of Alton, Tuesday. Mr. Rudolph Bppler died last week and was buried last Friday Election is coming; candidates have come. Only five at present for Collector, beside the others. We hope our man will win. EX-CANDIDATE TOR FRJBIDKKT.— Belya Lockwood lectured last evening 10 a few ol our citizens under the auspice? of the "literary." Owing to bad weather, or nUrh prices a few extra shekels had to be provided. Her lecture was rather entettaraing'and m- slrnctive. BOLD ROBBERT—Last Monday morning Mrs. J. Butler and family were about to xtart.fqr Nebraska an- she was purchasing tickets at the C. & A. office when she laid two 820 bills on the she). and stepped inside the office to sign her ticket. When she came back, bet money was gone. A colored.boy was seen to run from the depot, and was tracked east as far as the timber and lost sight of; next ho wcs heard of at Shlpman, where he bought a ticket foi Chicago; a description was given the conductor, and at, Bloomtngton he wa-- arrested and SS2.50 found on his person . Two men went up and identi- . fied him, and the railroad company will push the case nght along, which u commendable. Our matrimonial Indicator says. W. of B. and P. of G. are the next weddisg initials: Mr. W. G. Smith, our jeweler, with his family, are making preparations to move to Beardstown, he having accepted a partnership in & jewelry house there. Sorry to lose them. TheW.C. T. U. are preparing IOT a lecture previous in spring election. Potatoes and "garden suss" HID t ni> et. VEDi. •twwt Str. *. T.-fcwim on which to beir new ctmrch. itoe Ideation l» on Sow m»n stnwt. We ba*e no* learned parties-. «•». ' "" * ' Bogws 4 Co., the totetrtrs, wbo started ft meat market h«re a few month* agv, lia« •oW out, acd will move tn a tew day^ to Mar- llo coontv, Indiana. • ;- »tn.Cba».Andw»b«sretnroeiJ from a recent vM\ to friends at Coulnsvllle and Lebanon. lion. A. N.Tancer.of Banker HU1. «t> attorney of consldfTable calibre, was litre Monday on some legal Un«'ne<». Mns. Gto. Col* n.wbo Has been visiting her parents, Mr. and lira. E»fm for the part week, hai rrtnrncd to her borne at Mattoon Mr. W. F. Netsier returned 8un<l»V evening CromhlstrlptoSouthfiin Kancaf, Ho crank- In glowing t« tms of the bcom there, and 1* ia»on«blj-lmptfl*»cd vlth Hie little town ol Sjilvt-v, Kinsman county, tic made no pn." ef'ft»e I lib tilp. Messr-. Geo. Flala nnd John IT. Kinw>. t<ro of Mr. UtrgW* light hand mm, leave thl* week, Mr. M»lg RO< a to New Tfotk and Mr. Kruse toCald«fll. Kan. j The Odd Fvllova of BelBalto lX>flB6 SO. j 733. will InatHl! (.nicer* »t their hall on Toes- i Uay i venlpg nfXI, Apr! 1 6th. Itcv. Win. hr c;e will preach morning nnd evening ft ilie C. P. cnuieli, this vl \w,™ xt Sunday. GIMLEF Blalne'H Eoropenn Tour. NEW YORK, March 30—The Sun ibis evening states tbat James G Blaine has completed alibis arrangements for a European fur. Mr. t Blaine will sail in June and remain j abroad for over a year. ALTO* MARKET. TEtEORAPB OrrlCl!. j AWOX, H.L.. Marcb 31, IS8(. f FUOUtt. la AAfirit ->•• -. .. J ™.-«• * *•* Spark, . So. 2 «VhIte, . per lOOks per " . tVnolesale, per ton, balled aetaU Wholesale, per ba ~ Another Express J CTICA. Jf. Y., Mareb SO.-—"Trio* trraph Huvt, nt Albany, tnat I have been shot and robbed." These were tbc words uttered by Express Messenger Lake, .njnuing on train j 56 on the West Shore road, vrbicn arrived in Utica at 11:16 to night, when be was found in bis car bleed* ing freelv from a wound in Ins shoulder." While tbe train was making tbe run between Clark's Mills and this city, which on'y occupies seven minutes, some men boarded it between the baggage anrt express ears, shot tbe messenger and attempted robbery, but with what result, or ho* severely the roan is injured, could not be learned, as stop of onlv three tniputea was iuft<te here, and all was confusion. When the train reached Frankfort, Dine miles east of here, Lake was attended by a physician. The would be robbers escaped, but it is believed they secured no plunder. The local expressman coul.i not open tbc door when tbe car reached litre and his suspicions were aroused. He forced the door open and found tbe messenger wounded as slathd. Later information is -to tbe effect that there was but one assailant. He entered tbe car and demanded the messeng- r to throw up his bands. The latu-r did not hear what be said, and the robber shot him. Hrflhen gaggpd and bound htm and rifled the safe of its contents, but the amount secured is not known yet. • Boy Dragged to r>« ah. BLOOMISGTOX, III., March 30.— Albert Denter. aged 12, son of 'armer of Hudson township, this jounty, was killed in a h .rrible manner this morning. He was lead- ng a horse when the animal started tOTun. The lad was entangled in the halter strap and dragged a quarter of a mile. His head was crushed and he was otherwise mutilated. ,r. PACKET COM PANT. SPBING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer | ra ?> oq _ '-THE _ BEST TONIC. .3 B.L.THE,IU«r. OnandntwMomlnr.Fob. », ttnif • '! mn n» roUowa, vizi UKAVING ALTON CD *ji Spread FOB ST , LOUIS Dtoewt to lleJi o" Entr^r. etc.. it has no equal. CB- The e«nn!n* hns abnvj trnrte mark am) UQCS on wrapper. TaVe no i.tlK -r. -— — • , , Hr.p Bitters is' not, ju nny eepso, an oJmllc beveraKe or liquor, and could ins lw sold, for use, cicept to persona desirous of obtaining medicinal omen, GREEN B.KAtJM, • U. 8. Com'r Internal Rev. WatMngttif, D. C., Sept. 24,1884. Dear Blr-Wbrdon't you «t aeertlfl' cato from Col. W. H. W., 0? Baltlmprc, Fhowing how lie cured Wmselfof drttik- cness of tue help of Hop BltteM,, His la a wonderful case. Ho Is well known b Wncucrtor, N. Y, by all U»e Drinking people tliere. Be is known.In thU city, t'inclnnnti, New Orlcuns, NeW.York; In fact all over the country, - . tf .1_1,__« ir«w H.. point* every evening «t S:3s) o'clock. ft«,Tb<t Whl.tle will ?>» BOimiled i.iiiuMjsbfc.'onsatartlnKlor ot > """*• .FAKKl TO ST. ixrois, .•--•• : HIM and _ U-oor EVoio-ht fr Pa«tjP"eei' LlLB K aSb rreigut'O. rdtbB ^ ct • Uluo KA.SK1N-E (TUB NEW QUIMXB) . No bad effect No headathe nausea. 10E ,-T. I.OUIS ANO CBSTBAT, ll.UXOli P.- 11- C»'S Clo\-er Seed, per bn^who nmotby. - WUolesale, pei bn. ^^ ........... - Perbale Betafl,M ewt POTATOES. t Chicago. CHICAGO, March. 30, 1387. Ontlie afternoon board wheat sdvaneed ft ttitt.: an-1 then Umhe 3i cent, under li-avy selling by scalpers. Corn and provisions 9 So^S Wheat-May *oi<1 st 3I«««I-V7«ndSS i-enw nnd closed »t &IX<S?2K c-fnis, June ai SO'te-'I.V crnis, July »t tOJ.£*Sn!f eenw. An- aii-t79«t-ent^. September *1S'8* >«' cents, lK-cru»i«:r S X cent. — closing at ni»Iiii- : Uorn— May SS'ie B« cents, June iO;,S*0,H c"iit-s July VlS**!, 1 ! cents. „._,...,... ,, Oati— Apnias uems. May 25,S«2SX cents yet. BETHALTO. ^. WESSPovK-May «nd June Ml. L*rJ— May »7 «, Junf jT 50. Junn ST- 2 Short KIlA-MnV ?e.S: OTHEK MARKET*. The leading outslio whoat raarkelu were tronifor aid closed .'«• to K cent nlglier. Cera 'corn'closed for M«v nt-New Tor* «3£ cent-. St. LonU la »?,' cents. BaUiinorc. •.. Wheat closet! Jnr M»y t>t-\>w York 9S« cento. St. l-o-o* 90S' cents. DetroitS3}, cent!-. ToWnSJKcenisi, Unlutu 79« e«-nl». Mllwsu- - .ntj. Baltimore 015J ctnti. 33O5 BEST THUfa EJfQWK roa w ^jfcH^ IT^ »"*—•— "— la Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water, d SOAP ST. LOXJT3. ST. LOOTS, March 30. WnEAT-FInn and «®S'c l.lgher wltli l"!ek trading in AUBU-I ; Su. 2 Hrtl f-yl» .. «YT*4 I^AJ3OI\* TU*>* alia »t*.-*~r **~"-**^z tid«l"* r*ciio~ jTf~r, e*3ou!n '-G wittocSit. K M W »n n^-en. REMARK "J^g? 1 ^: ^fwf 8 ^^^'----^ ^ll^r 1 * BETUXLTO, III.. KtxcTa 28. "SI. Since our last communication nothing ha> tranapln-d here that 1» calculated to t-xclu tbe mind* of tlie reading I ubilo to any grea extent; 'tis true tbe President &1UH havi started on Inll time, and our merchants hav had quite a ttooJ trade. Toe coal operator hBTe Rood sa'efor their products and tn farmers Uavo b*en lavored with exoilleu weather for seeding. The Pcorltt and S Ixmls Mr lino baa not reacted u» yet, 'jut « rnirely expect It will. H "»"* ul •"'• POUTlCXii — The McHeuient in townsul, elections U getting up to MtfU wate-r mtuk. UandldaMo art) becoming 'I" 1 " nuroeixiu and every vicinity htw not tuo best umu foi tbeofflce. We have but one candidate auu would say to our Upper Alton I r. tbn-u in ul- beball to bundle wltn ciie und let hltn down easy lor he la Glau, and iliouxii tuadool goou truck ho la liable 10 bunk. Mr. Ul»(w la » candidate lor -Ajiewor ul Wood Klvci. l» well ooallflod for the offlcoand U elected wil. make u Kood.laitljfulnetvunt. Mr. August S.ymour, o( Alton Junction, was In town last Saturday. He Ua cundlduU for re-Klectlon totbe offlce of Hlnhwny Com- mUaloner, a place lie bBJ fllleu v«iry acceptably lor tbe pas' three yvurs. Mr, W.T. Uallahwi l»a)»o a camldite loi CotumUaloncr and, no doubt, will pou «lame vole. Mr. 1'.H. MonlKQuiery, of Alton Junction, Collector of Wood Jtlvtr, w«s bete last wec.k maltliiK settleuient with bcnool Troasuiei lx>ula Klein, ilutnp. lias muda » goov. ofBcoi; llNVing luaa delinquent persoiul tax to report than any ol Ins picdvcc»sors. and upon the whole a larger p«r cent, col looted, Ilu ha» auiely served ihe people wi-1 In calling on them aliaa aud Jo»eivn i hemty support torre-ulcctton. Mr. \V, W. lave, of Upper Alton, prcfen A«»f»»or ot Woodrlver, vraalaour vlUnge tlil» week Interviewing tbe voters. Mr. l,owe I") » candidate lor Collector this year, and havini. •erred the people vrlih ability lu the past, hu no doubt, will polls very lar«o vine. Tin flgut between him anU Mr. Montgomery l« wMtnKwann.andM^ihl 1 "'* lileixlo tlini are working hard, uellher cunleel v. ry eon 'Bfleut, and to luitt eud tbetr filcnda wilt Impatlrnily airalt Ibo counting ol the votes nextluosdny eveolux. Wo understand tbat Mourn. W. U. I'reultt and W. U Estabrook ar* candidates for Sup- ervlnor of Fort UnsMll. Uoth are «ood n.en aud « ellUer Is aucc«c*tul the township will be ably reprenenlod in the next County Board. Ciusoes—Mr. liatzeDbuoiiK'rhaa removed to Mr. H.J. Hentlch'ii property on 1'wlrU- stroot. Ur. OhrU. LaoKborst has taken np lite residence b) tbe second morv of Mr. Fulkeubnig** brick on Main street. Mr. John Butberford now occupies Mr*. Ann DL'yeu's bousa on Mill street. Toe U. E. (oiks bavo secured ft splendid ou ac. Mav » 4 c a,k,.l - PKOVISIOSS— P-rk dull; lrrt-gui»r In email lota, «l". LarU, JT-SO. , ______ BAILWAV TIME TAMI*. OHIOAGO AKL> A1.TON. On a-nfl alter Sunday.Nov. Hth. \it«, trail .n the Oljlcigo Rnd Alton rallrosd, will leav she Union Depot, Alton, standard time, a, ollowa: for Chicago and the Rjutt OhleagollaU* • I : S? E ''' Chicago Accommodation* .1 ^',' feoria andliiocte island Fs,« ? iii>et.»:'(» a.« far Jacksonville, Keokuk, Qalrwy, Hun , >a* Clty,and aJl point* west. Kanaaii City Mall* 9:00 a. n Kansasdty Express*. .... ?:<!' P- • Denver Erpiesat ' :C *P- n Jacksonville Acconjnodatlonf... /:U5 p. n or . UxbtnlBK Express* 6'-* 5 °" " Cbluago Accommodation* 9:501. •Alton Speclall 12; ^ p ' " KansasbityUall* 8-W ( p.. lXAYR'SI'.'' LOOTS'UNION i>EPO'. FOB ALTON, t7t»a.ut. !600p. U). •4 SO p.m. *^ lip. m. (8 48 a. m. Sunday* only) •Dally Sup't. 9t.'fx>«lB Irtvislo'n O. G. NOBBlf. Tlalft Air'.-nt, CHIOAGO. BUBW.NUTO.N A.S-DQUISOY. leave the Union Depot. Alton unday) ... . 3:J5a. u- 'lolog North: Eipr««a Klgb ringing ears, quickly i Pleasant, t nre \ TONIC, tbtt the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOK MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, KEityODS PROSTRATION', and nil Oetra DlM-sacs FOB COLIJS KA?KINK HAS UKbVTOUMi .\"BK ALiiosr 'A si-Etirio tupenor to Q «iilevjieUosi>I.taJ,N. T.: "PnlTersBlly snc- cesalut." -Everv patient treatfd St. FrancisDos-K. T. \ with Kaakme lia- been ( Ul*tluir)£eU cnreu- Rif. Jas. L. llall.CliHplnln Aibiiny Jvulten- Hary, writes tlmt Ka.-kine hiia rarea Ms »UB. Htc»-r twenty \f-ara t-uffeiii»K iicm itaiiiia and nlrvoos dyspepsia. Write him lor PKT- Unalar*. ..„.*,-*. ..r,.= «»» «« St. J.>sepli's Tlosplial. con-iderfd lutlUii^nsanli Pro:. «'. F. Mulcotulxt. 51-"- »>&»--» K.Y. (iKtu Prol. in N. Y. Metl. Col etje) ••Ka»klneUsui«i1or»i.qaiiili.Plri 1= --- - n-.»er, anil nwvr pttwlucea the siis"tc>t in jury 10 tlie i caring o^ constiiunon. J. v KLi.i'O.v', Command*!-, fci- ASS.HUTZ, j c)e!l . s , TBVIB ixjimu. i v '° On ana slier Tliurjday.Feb. 17tb, wtl ( leave Alton tiatl} For &t. Louis at 7 a. in. ReWmlnsr, will leave St, 1-ouB (foot ol Vine at.) at 2:15 p. tn.: LeaviuKAllonato:30 p.m. for Furu»ue aud .Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 P- »»•> conneounifTCHh tss-texpress on 5«-,^O"-- ^ ucutml Illinois lUllro«J lor Jerseyrille. Wa- ver.y, sp ln«ai-ia ami all points uonu auu FAUE. TOSr. Loois.slnalc trip, . . • ?*• ' : n ^.vv^tiuto..;.^ &>\ HENRY C. TATUJ1, Gt.-n. A«t. Alton, j H.A. fI?U(S«, -un'l iliinayjr. luilJM DK. C. Dentist, la THIRD ST1EET, ilTON, ILL. O'Hice Hoorv-S a. mu to 13 m-j Q. A. Deutlst, OVKB BaUEGGEil V-WS CtGAE STOBE K tioa^na u,«n .-. kineliaacintd alter »» «t»er tiieUJ- cjnea !;.aU falle-l. Wiite lor boot ol t«^-U- "K^lline can betaken wlthont W special medical advice. Si.W per boiile. Sol'''!? or wnt by mail oi> receipt of • KASK1SE CXJ.. 51 Warren at • :x « Hundreds Have Been CURED Dy taltlntr tho GUEATOOLDEN SEAL. Testl- iiKnihil.H aro being received dully r«pnrdln(r Its wonderful properties. Etuluent pbjnlc'aos endorse It as tlio grcutcst medical discovery of tho day. Tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL Is u Nerve Food, I)ulldln# up tho nervous sysieu and the Urcd brain. An Anti-Periodic Or Provontatlvo ot CW11&, Fever and Malaria. An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming tho ovfl effects of excessive Hkxiholio lndu!«oncc*. A Nonalcoholic Stimulant Toning up tbooutlro system. If you arc Ju»t recovering from »lcknc*», no known remedy will give strength aud health ao (lit. Price, 11.00 per bottle at all Druggists. TME6REAT80LDEN SEAL DRUB CO., ' 04 LaSallo Av., OHIOAOO, ILL. Sore Eyes The eyes arc always in sympathy with the body, and afToril an excellent index ol its co'mntion. 'When the eyes become •weafc, and tho lids inliameJ anil sore, it U an criUenee that tho system has become disordered by Scrofula, lor which Ayer's Sarsapariila b tho best known remedy. Scrofula, which prodnced a painful inflammation in my eyes, caused uie much BuffcridR for a nniul^r ol years, ly the advice of a plivsioinn I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsapariila. After using this medicine a short time I was completely Cured My eves are now in a splendid condition, and I nin as well anil strong as ever. — Mrs. William Gage, Concord, JS. H. For a number of years I wsj troubled with a humor in niy, ami was iinahlu to obtain any relief until I i-tminipiu-cil usinc Aver's Sarsapariila. This nu-ili- cine lias'effected a cotunleto cisre, and I believe it to lie the best of bloml pun- fl ers ._C. E. Upton, >'aslitia, >. II. From childhood, and until with n few months. I have Ix-en afflicted with \\ t-ak and Sure Eyes. I have used lor tlij-su complaints, with beneficial rcsiilis, Aver's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a preatblowl puritier. - Mrs. C. I'hilhps, Glover, Vt. I suffered for a year with inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on the ball, depriving mo of sight, and causing creat pain. After trying many, other remedies, to no purpose, I wasltiuu- Jy induced to use Ayer'u Sarsaparilla. By Taking three botlles of this medicine I have been entirely cured. My sifiht has been restored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or ulcer lu my eye. — KunUal T. Uowen, Sugar Tree Kidge, Ohio. Mv tlanBHter, ten years ohl, was nfllict- n\ with S<'roftilous Sore Eyes. During the last two vcnrs «Ii« never saw li«bt of anv kind. 'I'hysi.'iftiis of the liishcst i Bta'ndins exerted their skill, but with no ! ™rmiim-nt success. Oil the rcepmincn- I tlatiou of a friend I purchased a hoi tic of 1 Aver's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter j commenced taking. Jiefore she had used I the third botllo her sight was restored. 1 Her cure is rompltie. — \V. E. Slither' laud, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. LUuKOUT HERE! TBE CELECKATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove I I>K. E. Pbyaician JtTlCK and surgeon, RE5IUSXCE, COa.FOUKTjj A-KDHEJIKY ST3. W. A. HASKELtn M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFJOS—5£C<3^fD ST.,ALTOS, ILL ifflca b ours- -t a. :n.; 12 to i. and 6 p.m rtr^J.rft»* -~-ij • The unrtcralancd liave opened an<"w"muslc store HI tue cornwr »ot '/UirU anil Piusu ats ORGANS AND iPlANOS i f>Utlie [finest yortmanshlp lav sale atroa- HianUlo i/i-iuu.-. (Juil and o-vamlne oar mstru- aient« butore purclmaiug elsewlicro. l)Cli(!VC hiS Cflfl* «UWIl»a.w .. v. *» . — ,-,..-,—.—._ of dollars lo you in this city and. Baltimore alone, ntid make thotwands of sober men by inducing the use of your bitters. J. A IT Prejudice Kills. ' -Eleven years' our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under tue ^caro of «evernl of tbe beat physicians, .who gnvo licr disease various names:put no relief, nud* now site is restored to; ua In good health by Uop Biltbrs. that W Uad noolied at two years before using it.^ Wo eiirncstlv liopo nnd pray_ that, no ono else Avifl let tbe'j Bick suffer as-we did, on account of prejudice against so good a medicine ns Hop blttgn."~TtoPlminU —Good Templan. ,;, Milton, Del, Feb. 10,1880. Havini? used Hop Bitters, the noted remedy %r debility, nemuM m<U- ucstion, etc., I buve no besitation In Kfty- HIE tliatit is indeed an excellent medicino ami recommend it to any'one ."as a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully,, REV. MRS: J. H. ELLGOOD. •Seipio, & 7- .'Pec'ri;' 1884, « I am the pastor of tue Baptist-church' here and an educated physician,. I ani i not in practice, but am my sole family iplivsician. and advise in chronic cases, 1 Over n year ngo I recommended^.your Hop Bitters to my invalid -wife.,who bns I been under medical treatment of Albany a I best physicians several years. .She lias I been greatly beneflttcd nnd still uses the Uedicfne. I believe she will hecomo i Uiorourfily cured of her vanoimcompu- i cated flisenscs by their-use. We. both ! recommend tliem to our friemls, many.-of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. *• I REV. E. R. WARREN. I Cured of Drinking. "A young friend of mine was cdred .of aninsntiable thirst fur liquor that••haclEo prostrated hi* system that he was unable to do any business. He was entirely cured bv the use of Hop Bitters. It aJlayed nil tiint burning thirst; took away the apre- tite for liquor; made his nerves Bteatiy; and he has remained » stendy and sober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his cups,- and 1 Know of a number of others thab have lieon cured of drinking by it,"—Prom a lendlag R. R. Official, Chicago, HI. Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL, BRAUGHTSMAJT, Office on Third st.,one door west of Piaba, tl»ird floor. OEAUSE8 IS FINE AND COMMON FLOSS; & RABE. FOR SALE AT J, BOFFM ANN & SON'S 1 pa!trsiu STOVES AXP H ARD\VAltE Ala-> Ontsldp Work ft specialty. Hoofing and Galvanized Irou Worn. Al-so . I'ndertaker's Supplies KKI'CULICAN CITY COSVfcXTlOS'.' The Republicans of tbe several wards of Uie city of A'lon, anJ all voiers dtrsirin<; 10 co-opornie wit^h ilium in ^t-furinj: a better, m<>ce (fliuiunt nnd mure proart-^su'e juliuinirtralKin of citv i.f/airs, art lequesled in meet in pn- inai v im-euniis, tit llity Hull, '>n Thur-f- tiay ovi'iiirtj, April "ih, ai 7:80ii'clt«?k, lii iiiinilii:t;u I'liiiilulali S for Aldeiuieil in ilit-ir ru-pfctive wards nnd wl-o to W9LSON WM^idSROS. 'hejeWashbostds ore mnda with ^cnt.Woodiim. TheStrot,g- n 8 . For sale 1>T A Fall and Complete Stock AI- •waya ou Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. .,Ult FUKN1TOKB ROOMS ABE OS ! Slate Street, opp. Third, ALTON, _ 500,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING llri NORTHERN WIS- 'CONSIN f-..r ,alf »t $5 jvrt ACRE on lonff tim*-. Th* m^*t prt^pcrous and promising field for Ketll&mi>nt In tijc C. & Pull L'formatlon v-ith so<>d map free. AdJrvrs HID WV^lSS]OSEl,?*«<»!)<!a Ctxlral B. S., Mil»uk». BIs- JUSlSl'll d AKUBTT'ts LIVERY STABLE' FfiOXT STKE£T. BETWEEX AI^YANUKASTUS, APMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. * ESTATE o( Eleanor V. Guild, decoatod. Th« undcralgnftd, huTlng be«i appointed Adintnlstra'or ot tho rfXMB o* Kfejuipr P. On Id, Into ••( ihB county :of - Uadlson unUstnt«ol Ilitnnls. dfrssufil, herobv gtves i.oilcu tlmt In- win appear bofora -lie county i-imrtot )lMdl»on county, nt the court boute, in Kil»-«rcUvlilp, ut tlie Mny terra, on Hie ilii-d Mnmliiy In Miiy next; lit wblch time all persons Imvlnic t-lalini ajralnst said Kstat« are imtlflt-a nml rrqueated lo attpnd tor tbo uurnosc ul liavins! tho *ame adjusted. All l«;r««i\* Indo-iteil to aalilEitttte ui-e requesttea tn ni.iku launudlato payment (o tbe unaer- Art mini »tra tor. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared \>j nr.J.C. Ay«rfcCo.,|jnrfH.«»M. BoU l-y »H I)ru«gl»u.- OltiC- m b« Wffi. L. KLDHK UNDERTAKER, " ' AMD URAL** U» Ready-Made Cofflue, Metalic Cases, Caskets, And Burial U OeutluuiBu nun ObU flrt ' Office and Shop on State str«*' «—. . .. BtaWfc, WUl »ttonO lo Job CiiiiVeiiinni to bu hitld nt lit* 1 s-aiuu |)l«ci>, Kruiay i voniiiir, April 8th, to i iioiniiiuiL 1 cuiiiliili«tea fur Mtvor. City Olerk, Citv Tr.'tisurer, Cuv AHurnrVi tO bO Villi'll for Hi tll^ IT)UlllCII):ll tion April 19U); '.he M-vural entillrd 10 Vie lolliiwiiijj io HID ciiv ccnvciiiH'n: Firsl w»nl, 8 ilt-lc^.ite tif-C'iiiil wunl. 0 Thud ward. 8 il Fi'tiflli wnnl. 8 t'iltti ward, 8 dclojr»t«J. Sixih w.tid, U iii!li'K»le a . Scvt-'iiih wnnl, 7 QulvsiMe*. Tutal number of iliMi-gHies, 51." Anil to iran.oani such oiht-r business ns tuny propu'lv COIIIP hef»rp tho iucet» H,. CUAS. 1101. 1'KX,. lit, J. K. HUTI.BK, CiKth \). UAVUKX, II. G. MTIKK. S. F. COXNUH, II. M. KtKKU, JR., K. VV. llOl't'K, 11. H. STAItH, Republicua Ceoirnl Uorniniltee. •THK __w«9t«iii5!C' ALCOHJDLIO ANTIDOTE «S» Now •ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AM ALL HfKVOUS OCRAHCCUEMTS, An Immedlif) relief fir nrortrotlon cauud br ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant wblcti, wbeo taken with Cod*. Vichy. ApolllnarU, 8elu»r. or ony Bparklln* Water, will supply «h« Cravtna fw eucca Driak,«ltliO«.vtlt»dl«attrou»re«ult». IMVIBR tjo a.stem reYrc^hcxl and Invigorated. Prepared u » ttKAVT BYKUP. i *-- OMtV i»Y • Bfing non-alcoholic. It commends Itself e«- peelaDy to Physician?, Lawyers, Teachers, Clergy- wen. Merchant*, and others following §edent*ry occupations or pursuits, mjulring ntrvc wwiW- aecv. CHICAGO-lu. | U'B'A* ^oRSIO 0 - 0 PERDOZ. v. l(Hllt , ItHHMIIII'HH'

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