Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 31, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1887
Page 1
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lIJfe.TlflffSJM.% DUMBER 259, The Importance of purifyMgtWDlotid cannot, bo overestimated, for without pure blood ''''' AtW«'*ead6'n''neaVljf' < cVcr/ l ono needs a Oodme'dltifeC'tA'ptt^Uy/Vttailii, dttrfeOTHth 1 !' the WoW^ilfM' W dslt W'W tr? Hdofl's ' ll^«;,flnil'l5Midk l 6'i( v flia'8^sfemh creates an'app'otftieiitna'tonesthSUlgestldB!-" whllis' It'-'e'ridlt/atSi d!so'ifc# l -TTiis pcoullnr combination^ propottton~ and preparation tt' give to Jai 1 . . .. otUertSie'dteftia'tiils Btteft a t ecord of wonderful'. cures! tf^!NKi lf liaVe ffiliasvjipbyfttir taM'tS•>• buy'II(iocl%M«Si)M ; flUilo'nbt l b6'lnduc'edto- take r !tfi|ir'3Mr IflsfeW.. W B' a'-Fccu'littf - MedlilhevHhd'Vs' tfertlfcirVo\ir'confldetice/ : ''-••' Ho8ll ) 9 SawAp'rfrlHiif^olil lii'sll'drug^sts. rrej^^d^^r^^^^-'LoWcltJMaafc^ IOQ Doaes : One Dollar Lines of Bargains 1 ; i i J-|f.; $"'± That ought; to catch •.#H,/ :- i ..--•' ' We have lots of them in DR¥ OOOM, NOVELTIES, SHOES, -AKD-i Wia. can't toe toeat in quality and prices. ALTOJV, and Decorative '!f>Bl tj'>">.»«M'-.« ,*' 'tl.) If.':' Ilamtiomn Very hniidsortio ittro soino ilowly lmi>orted CMneso Angora nig« oi ft rich, creamy white, tlio b'alr.-very'UiUk;. fine, Mlky aiid wated, Tbcso mcs, 0 liy B feet in dimensions, cost nometlilug llko (8 each. ' Smaller once, In sqUurcs, .'cost about) fl.75, olid arc very liaiidsonio to lay boforo book shelves or cosy chairs. Tlio larger ones arc very liaudsomo for the fireplaces and for tbo pollsliwl floors ot halls. It Is claimed that thcso nigs ily» beautifully and clean cosily. Ill now Bmyrnas 6( domostio mmiufacture o novelty,iu designs is tho wotou iuiltatlou of an outspread lljer skin on a garnet gi'duud. At a short distance tho deception is very complete. J • > ; • ••::•.-• ,.- Eoonamlcal Itolls. Take any cold ttiush mndo of com meal, oat menl'or hominy; and knead into enough giiiham floor, not, too coarse,'to form a dough Jiist'Btiir'onbuKh to handle with" plenty'of Dour. Make into rolls from three to four Indies long and nearly an inrh 'thick, then bake in a Uot oven frdm thirty to forty minutes. ,'J'hls braid la best eaten when warm. • Down Un»t Puildlng. Stir together onopintof molasHes, one quart Hour, otio tablespoonful salt, two-thirds cup of suet, chopped flue, one tcuspoonCul soda, Miroo 'pints bluckbeiTies,' blUoberrlda '"of (.•hoppcn'fupnlo; boil three houre and «ervo with rich sauce. Common bruwu bread-tins ttx'ain quicker than solid uicluu uioldx. Save tliu Feathers. Do not throw liwtiy he'll olid turkoj- feathers, but strip up the tivo side plumes from tho stems, throw into a bag, close the mouth of the bag and ru b hard between tho hands <Jr on a Wnsh'bonrd.': The> (stripped plumes will mass together forming a delicate downy mibstanco, with« a aufauioiit-quantity of^wtich van be made a light worm quilt, as acceptable as • regular eider down one.' POWDER . B - ,. .,.-<M,r- . .,i^ ...^-sg^.rfi »,;-f j Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies. A marvel o purity, strength wbolPsomeneas. More eoo nouiioal than the ordinary hinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude ol low test, short weight, alnm phospha'e now- (Ipra. SOLD ONLY IN CANS. ROYAL. BAKINQ PO\VDBUOO.,lO«WaH8t,,K. Y. ' ,• • ...... janSdwly REAL ESTAE BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS ' '" -ATC. A. Schlueter's Agency. For Sale, cheap, cor. of 7th and Alton ets. ; fraute dwelling, 4 rooms and cellar, rents lor $10 per month, , ,•• . For Sale or ErclmnRoo-100 acres. 85 in cul • tlvatlon, 2K.niUes northeasc of Fosterbnrg, at a Uargutn. . ' ..••,*• For sale— Flvo-ronm brick houso, story and n Imlf, cornur Eighth and Meobanlc street. Oun be had ac a bargain. Good property to rent. • One 6 -room new housn, with cellar, cistern and coal house. lx>t fiU by 110 on Ocu aad Market std. For sale— one 8 -room houso and one 3-voom house, 'Oth and Market sta. Lot BO by 110; good olutern und coal houso, at u Inn gain. For sale— 16 acres In North Alton with good orchard, barn und plumy of water. For sale— WO ncres Improved larm with good house and stanlos in Wood-inn county, Ivnnttaa. U. U. rum across from (Tort Scott to YVichlcu.fimllu* from county peat, For sale— 7S aoi-ns partly bottom land, Ira- proved (arm, noavoorsuy, .with .plenty of •-•For Bale^lOi'ptoocs ol valuable property iWlth gOOd UOUDPjJ, in thtS Clt). •., :. .t •' P6V sale o'r OXOIHIIRO- A atoo little cottage lu notlmlto, wltli pluuty.of'Ki-oundi stable und good wuloi- on premjlAes. -.. : •.:<,: •PorflaJo'br exchange— Two sections of Tt.n. timber land In do. Mlaaourl, IM milea from st, Louis on the Iron Uuu ntuln It. It., at > a bargain. •••...- .... . !.:. - : , . '", :. •. .! For sale or exchange, S acres of gmuul on Main ot.: adjoining Uayur OoppiDgur't) on the oiiut. ,-j , . ••' ..... '••"'•• : ' - . '\ M-- 1 ' FOrsalooroxohan^o— 5 soolloiia of prairie land in urnckut ominty, Ti'xiin Will hell cheap, , bultublo for. any turnimg purposes. Tliiooitci'os adjoining Dr.ltnberos on north, Five lots on Di-v at., itdj .inlng Tliomos lllg- gli »' ru-l<leui'u on tlm o wt. .•,,- • > Ouu and u half lots In llawlcy's addition, Unouud n bait iotn In Bholly'n addition, , Any ol tlio ubovu property cun lie, bought atuburgolu. _.-..,:;,', ,\ t..y,, ;..',.-: I also represent the. Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., companiesifc"tjif?1ff.» Sv' other goott'CompauieB in ad(ii||p|j : ' iy ^ ! ' c. ir " Office in ray, Neiy Building, on Seopi.d street. ' -, '. '-^ 1 -. '. T -, ... •«>.%, Another attempt was made day to J kflrilie Cziit of RUsWai' : Cnttieiii'ihe" Texas drought dU- trio arc reported peHshiag' f 6l"ftdter. The Inter State Commerce Commission will 'di'gaiilze; at WMilbgcdn "' •' '"' '' , The will of the late Capfc. Jntnes B. Eada .was yesterday probated at ^ - y " --^^•.-- . -.. wohiidw Chas. M. Hay has been nominated by the Democrats for Mayor of Sprlirgfk'ld,-ill:—-— -••'— It il understood that a United States Minister-toAustria is to ' be appointed• soon. •- - • Gi eat excitement has been caused at Hamiiioiicl, Wis,**hy the discpveiy of gold on a farm^iear-; that pltfiJc. 'rlie"Euipt>ror AViiliam hal fieen twice told by fortitne-idlers that he wuuld'live"to be 'Jtr^elsrs old; •'* Investigations made by the gSvern- «ient show jin' alarming'state of-facts regarding food adurWration. "^ Those Democrats'who are 'trying to throw GongreVsman'rEandall overboard are mistal^n as% wW ia the Jonah of the Democratic party. The Jonah is a free'trader.' " "' ''' *' In the Haddock trial at Sionx City, Io., .yesterday', Albert Kosehniseki, the ihforme;', gave testimony detailing the plot and murder'"b'ftlte tdm- perunce'preacher,'" '• - ' The owner'of'the Coronet offers her for sale' l! in England. "Now here 1 is a chance. If "the English really want td'lie'attin ArWrica'n"yacht let 1 them buy 'the C'orouett'j-'do it with. It costs a trifle over a million dol- la s a year to run the Bull Tcleplioud ( ompany arid 'its i-ariVings ai'e tip- wards of three millions/ 'Until th>? company can'do better than thM i' r is of coui-se useless to expeo'tra re-luc-' tion in telephone rates."' "' ; -"'' ' A iiiilliona-i'-Q rap'rchant of St. Petersburg has been assassinated; by a Nihilist because he relused'to coni tribute a large J anibunt' 6f.'money tb the Nihilist fund Other Russian capitalists >re'threatened With a like fatei-if they refuse tb 'coutrib'ute to "the common cause." Geo. W. Cable, the novelist,though born and reared in New Orleans',^ d New Knglander in: sentiment. This is'explained by Ihe fact that all his school books were made in New England, ami all his 8 teaM|i$p with one exception, and 'he : waB'^'om* New Ybrkj'"were LeglHlatnre.* ' SPRIKOFIKLD, Hi;,'" March 30.— The Committee on the J&dicial Department, through 'Mr./:; Miller, reported back Brri^Ociim's joint resolution pi'bposing'to i-efdrm i.he judic ialsy'stem"6f'the' 'State, and recom- mended'its passage. Mr. Fuller introduced a resolution to change the time of opening the session t6 9" b'clbck; and moved" a suspension of tlie 'rules for its consideration. The motion was lost by a vote of 73 to 37; :; it•' i-equiring' a' t wo- thirds vote to carry the pioposition; On'motion of Mr' Brown, of Fayette, tlie''vote ! by which the resolu tion to re-group coinraittees into fourteen grotips' in ordeV'ts reduce the number dfclerks and janitors was passed was reconsidered, and the res-olution laid on the tabh. Oii" inbt on' o'f" Mr T 'Fulleiv the Hbuse proceeded to the order of bills on third reading. 'Mh Fuller's Interest bill, fixing the legal rate at G per cent, and contract rate "at 7, was passed by a vote of 8fi to 31. Mr FullerV bill amending tlie practice act so as to prevent the entry of judgments by confession in vacation was passed. Mr. Johnson's bill providing for special verdicts by juries in civil proceedings tipun any mateiial qu s- tion or q'lention of facts, wlu-n so requested by any party to the action, was pus.-ed. Mr. Archer's bill removing the disability of women in administration of estates was passed. Mr. Jones' bill transferring the unexpended balance of $881 now in the Stute Treasury credited t<> the delinquent tux fuiid to the general revenue fund was passed. ' Mr. Neely's bill fixing a penalty of $200 for keeping houses of prostitution, and tho same penalty for leasing houses for such purpose was A resolution was introduced by Mr. Fuller providing that when the House adjourned on Friday it adjourn to meet the following Wednesday, in order to allow the members to vote at the local election was adopted. SICNA'1 1C. Immudiatti'y ufter the reading of the journal, ' Senator Shmt'ft State Fair bill was taken up on special orders, but a number of ^tbO' friends of thW'blll beihg ribseutj 6n motfon of Senat6r ! 8uutU v furthei* consideratiori was pbstponed until -two A 1 message from the House stating that th'at n bc»W'had "j^sea 1 h""j61rit resblutioh 'that 5 wh'ofai "the 'tWo HottseS adjcM-'n rfci^'Pri'day 11 (hey ^laWd Mfo j b u rtied u ri til r hei't * Wiid n'^sd^,' 'ati'd asking the concnrrejibd ( 8f th'e''Seta- ate'. w'ds' immtdtately'* acted • Upon and'amciiddd by-"' Irnakfha it !it "-—" by tlie ^H the Senate? '"" thy <y lb tt p'ebple ! ,"a J d6|itt!a 1 c'dncurr'ed'iti' by • "' '"NEW BILLS. Senator Bell introduced a bill to allow cities to levy; taxes 1 of 1 mill for the purpose o£ stistainiug libraries and reading room's j'by Senator-Gar^ rsty, prohibiting the adulteration; of yeasts, baking powders, etc. 1 ;' by Senator Pearson, to purchase ' additional land .• -at Jojiet . for- the,use of haH,.' restricting"^pawb'brofterVfroni charging more thaii 2 per cdrit.""'pier' month on monty lent and'." If 2"" per 1 cent, for" insurance. •" : " ' ' '•" ! . Mcha^or'.Mc$ralh''s bill making the pay.of bfflbersof'toe Illinois Natipn-; al Giiard/Uie same na' provided'By law for b'fflcers'of the rega'ar.'army,' when in actual service for ihe~e"n-' fiircement of the law, and all enlisted men to '-'receive 82 per day for each' day's service, was passed. ' Senator Cochran's bill providing that whenever any wire, pole or cable used for any 'telegraph, telephone,' electric light or other t'lectri- pur : pose, or for the purpose of communicating, is, or shall be attached to, or does, or shall extend upon or over any building or land, no lapse of time whatever shall raise a presumption of any grant of or justify a pro 1 sentative right to such attachment oi- extension, was passed. Senator Strutton'Sj bill providing for the payment of special assess; ments in installments when the asses- ment exceeds in the aggregate the sum of §15,000 was passed. Senator Streeter's bill prohibiting the selling, giving or buying tobacco in any form to or by minors under the age i f. J6 t years, was passed. ' Senator Gore's bill/providing that the Superintendents qf any insane hospital .in ,''th'ei State shall make a so hi-annual report to Clerks of.Co.un- ty Courts as to the number of pa- Clients from-their reapectiv& counties their'condition, etc., was passed/ ! Senator KJdloy's bill giving County Courts power to sell'' lands 'the same'as Circuit • Conns, was read 'a .thii'fftlraef and 1 passed; '• '••" • ---''• . Senators Bell's bill amending an act eh'jiblingussociatipns bf k |iei f soiis to become' a'bbdy'bbV'pdraie to' faise funds to loan' bnly to members .pf.suc'h .a»8boi'ai,I6ns, and exempting their stocks and notes from taxation, 'was'passed.' •-• '••• • ' <- ' Baffled the I'liyslclaius. BUBKB MEUIOINB Co., Quinoy, 111: —I retrnrd your Wfaite: Pine Balsam, as a coiiffh' mixture of very greM The bortoflt derived by my wife from its usei places tt'with toe far in advaouu of .all others. For 1 ' sfiVeral years' shB-' bad bean seriously afflicted with-'a'cbiitli that gave UN much alarm ;• it had bafllfjd the'sUiH o(<tho pUynicluns and- cough remedies,-• until I oouoludod nothing wouW' ls aVail in her-•• case. 1 -' Direct- :ly after 'coming to Qoinoyl''on'your recommendation, she cuminunccd using your Balaam, -and it has acted like : a oharm, quVi'tiher iho ooufth, and lerabv- intr i-ntirt'ly tho srtfenoBS from her lungs. We heoplt c6n*aariily'~th'bhr hotlse. 1 — J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, Rush- VlUo, III.'.•:•' ,-••-.. •) ;,' ; ^J^u Creaslor's Wild Hose Tooth How* der for cloaiifline the tooth. "Price 2fio. INKALLIBI^' CURB FOB COUGHS/ \V«) would 1 most positively staid that no remedy-<has ovor met with »uoh unlvoi-Biil siuiafaoilon or can be nioru truthfully said Is a positive cure than Burks' WlntV'Pini! Balsam. '"••• SU(3AKi ' A new discovery, Utile Apricot 1'ills easier to luke than su^ur and fur more ",- Siiru 'cure '-tor nsUruljria, heartburn, dyapepsm and bad . Try tbum. Fur sale ut Man-h's. drufiotoro. molil dwly HAVO you a cougbP Sleepless nights nfed no longer trouble you, Ayor'a Cherry PfOtornl will stop tlio cough,' allay tho Inilimmation, iind-tiduce roi'oso. It will, moreover, heal tho pulmouary organs and give you hnalth. dwlw 200 BAGS BIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Table UHO, Iu;i4 Ib. liitf n Hnck» and 00 Ib, ; <••• * «ackfl, for sale by JT. A.RY1UE, SUCIAS ¥ekets 5 Body and t-"-",l I ,',. V: ~'i . ,-f i aM Thiree Piys, Stftir Carpets and Mattingp, Oil: Cloths Jluj>s and Mats, Has } arriyed. Also a very Choice Stock of W •' "* I ani^ ofC^'lns these goods at the very lowest — ees^itocasli buyers. All are Invited to call and see i h& beaulif ul nevtf ! .^^•n^*.^i^**.•>. low prices. ALTOff, ILL. NEERMAML FOR THE BEST BP^f m THE WQRtp. AGENTS FOR THE Jit WABS,ANJTBP FOR FIVE YEARS. Buggy Go's , Thr.eBhers and En- MbliiiiB- tlpw Go's Flows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. ! -•*••:•-••• • • EMPIKE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquarters for EUPIO.V and CARMINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and S'lGNAL OILS: STOCK. WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line Of COOKING STOVES; tlie DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE STOVES. See our 810 BU >GY HARNESS. NEW HUME SEWING MACHINES, ?80. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered to any .part of the city. M. Cor. 3d and State sts., - ALTON, ILL. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS EILLED WATCHES, From f 18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years- BB;pCH-LOApI]VG GUNS, From $16 to $30, H RnnTH THE . n. D\J\J i n, JEWELER mVWdwlv —GQ TO— & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Crojliiei'aets. etc, A full line of School ' B66ke, Scratch Books and School Supplies Remember the v place: THHID STREET^ • • OPP. BELLE. S FOB THE , lOfi Per mftil or delivered, Only Republican Daily in f »'2«»u'( ! .v.,'.' • w.?utn.\\tin\\ couuty

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