Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 30, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1887
Page 4
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' Y -^'Y^^':-Y^r..v ^.•-^»i^*.-'''''**r-"r^^ two nwty In ,th« treatment ._._. _______ by the failure on the part of thousands of sufli»m» trffrt\1^8l^e^^V^K-"ihWtefe-W-" limistfirt tbo skill of various phynicSntw nnd tried numerous so-cnHed remedlem To Biioli Alhlophoros is offered its n »qfe, itite, and yiifk cure. It* success has been phe- 'npifiRiml, nnd yet it is not surprising be- Mdse'It tn'/i do hll that is claimed lor it. The Athlophorw Go. will gladly lefcr any whd dcelro to thttke aii investigation lo reliable parties who have been cured by it. ,T. P. Mnllette, of the Malletto & Kay- Mond Alfinnf. Co., No. 329 South Canal St., (.'lilciigo, lH.,eays: "My wilehasbeeiiEgrosl MiffcixT from neuralgia for a long while, luil a half bottle of Athlophoros cured licr s;> that she has not mineral any since, When it won first recommended to her, B!IC would not get it as slio was always on- jioftcd lo taking any kind of patent inali- fines. lUit as tlio treatment BMO win under ^it vii her ho relief I insisted on lier trying Athlophoroij. After taking a half bottle the neuralgia was gonu and has not returned ainco." Dccatur 111. I have been afflicted with rheumatism for several years. During the pant winter I wns stricken with a very severe attack, rendering me almost helplesH and confining >u6 to my bed., I tried various rnodicinca and was prescribed for by physicians with no avail. Finally 1 wna induced to tryV Athlophoros, I wan relieved and cured so quickly that words could not tell my surprise. I do not hesitate in recommending , it to any one Buffering .with that painful complaint, rheumatism. _ A.' M. BLAKNEY, Cor. Union and Green Sts. Every druggiatshould keep Athlophoros and Athlophoro8Viy»,butiwlierothoy cannot be bought of tlio druggist tho Athlo- pboroa Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will • send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price,' which 13 $1.00 t>er bottle for Athlophorofl and GOc, for Pills. . For Uvcr and kidney, dtecawB, dyspepsia. In- Weakness,, nervous debility, iHscn dlgedtlon, . or women, ramalpatlon, hciulochc, impure blood, &c., Athlophoros rain unequalcd. New and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. : GLASS! A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At the old reliable "itOTJSE-PAIjmNG and DECORATING establishment of N1EFF & OBERMUEILER, Fourth, east of Belle st. OF PORE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. "Tho only preparation of (JOI) I.1VKU Oil. tlmt cui bo tnlioii r<!.v1ll)V>ml tolumtcd for a long liiao bf dollcatD HtoiimrhK. AWP A8 A UKMKDY FOU COXSCTlPTIQtt, AKKKCTIOXS, AX.tKM IA, OKN- IIM1IUTY; <!OTOI1H~AM) y l'llmUT AF. FKCTIOAS, iiiil all 1VAOT1JHU IHSlHtPKIIS Of <!1II1.I)UKN U U i»i\rgflloun in IIn rosnlU. l anil nmlorwJ by tlio beal I'bynlaluu aof(howorld. ' F nv fi.1.' ' ESTATE F<OR SALE Ok IRENT, Ruders&auseri & Sohntag. For Bale. A oonvBiitont and pleasant homo at a reasonable tlguvo, being a two-story (rixuio houao on Kfghtk street, near Itanry. If or 8»le. A choice farm of 320 aoros. with first class Improveraonta, situated 2M union east of Brunswick, Oharlton CO., Mo. For NAlo. Aono-story frame dwelling house (n wood condition, ifitFopplng's addition to AUon. For Sale Cheap Tins residence ot Oapt. W. 1' oblo; two f-toriosand mansard roofi 12 room t hulls, closotn, collars, olo.: 8 aoroa of gronn Most 'loslrablo property In the city. For' HtUe. 1GU aerosol land near olty limits, S'.a-n ., two story brick and frame dwo: n. uouno, both ul'.uatod on tho oas' o juito strooi betwoon tltb and 7tb -iicotB' no Din brtoh block of storoo on Bucou <!trwot, between Houi> and llldgo street nown UK Hunter 1 !) JVW. For Sule, A muaH Irauio'' -ilui! IIOUBU within n no ulock» of thod >t for $370. IdO acres f good tarmiUK laud, and another tract ot ioo.icros. both uiilinprovod. Situate In Moii co., Kansaa, at |10 inul |1B per aero respectively—oivo-tlilrd oaah.balRnce ou tluio. For Bull'. Alarm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, uow GUulleon, In tills county. A good two-story frame dwelling lioune on It. ' Fnr HlllB. A oholco farm of 1'JO acres, nit ante I mllo south of Hhlpmun, Maooupln county, 111., at u low llguru, ParttoH Intending to buy Heal ICalato la tlio olty ol Alton or vlclultv will llnd It totliolr Interest to call atlhuolllcoof Uudorahausoii .t Bonntikg and oaumluo tholr lint ol propor- ttes for Biilo as only part thoriiof IB advertised. "iBMPIRE MILI^,~" EKUUNl) HT11KBT (Near liana), ALTON, 11,1, FOIl 8AUC : Ground Out*, Ground Corn, Hay, Onto, Corn, Corn Moult Buckwheat 1'Monr, Graham Plour,oto riioMlTLY DKLivKitkn TO ANY I-AUT OK TUK CITY. M.WILKINSON. ______ Iy7 iltf Patents. To uy persons wishing to obtain lotto: patent on uow InvontlonB, improvewonttt\> de*lgn»iIwtlleiet)uU) druwliiK" utd upoold oftUooi ana make application* for I'uumw : Ajlooiifultatlou,loper»onor by Utte , free HJCA8 , Hi. DAlLT_3JRIJBGRAPfl. tKnt«T*<l'oii"8«D(>mli)(i»« Matter 6t the F : -.W.«.«i U^itt 4^U>n > aJi4_ i., " •' : WEDNESDAY'EVK5? SCIENCE AND PROGBBSS, A METHOD OP MAKING SANDPAPER t WITH PUUVERIZED QLA33. I>ont>t Thrown Upon the Cnrern Theory ol HwOiqoftkea by Profesnor O'llellly. An Intoreittng Kipoilment—Capillarity «nd D«ntlty of Ijlqolila. An oipwiment that anybody can try, um! ooo that may bo utilized In a lecture course, is Olustratod in the accompanying cut. It Is an exporimcnt ou the capillarity and density ol liquids. The Bciontlllu Aincrlcun gives the toUonlng directions for 111 jwrformanro: AN EXPKUI1IENT ANVBODY MAT TRY. Take two glasses (clarot glasses, for ex- amplu), of exactly tho name diameter at tho rim, and Immerse them in n pnil of water. Before removing them from tho liquid, place them rim to rim. so that both shall remain full of water, as shown in tho figure. Wo shall thus have two glasses full of water and containing no air. It will now be easy, by acting with caution, to separate them slightly so as to Joavo a small spnco between their edges. Mow take a third glims containing wine, and pour the latter, drop by drop, on the foot of tho upper glass and allow it to spread over the latter's surf ace. Upon reaching tho lino of separation, the wine, instead of continuing its descent, will be seen to enter in straunlutfl between tlm two glasses and rise slowly in tlio upper 6118, owing to the difference in density of tho wind ami water. It is possible in this way to color tho water in tlio upper glass entirely red without tingeing that In tho lower one. The wino keeps to tho upper glass through the action of capillarity, and rises therein, as before stated, by reason ol tho rtitltirenco In density of the two liquids. Wo must add that the two glasses should bo placed on u tray, or something of tho kind, in order that tho excess ot wins may be caught, siuetS considerable trickles down the lower g!n»3, while but a fraction of it vises in tha upper one. 1'nlvorlzcd Stnntito for Willis. Rocent accounts make it appear that pulverized sloatlto is coining into use quite satisfactorily as n finish or covering for walls and ceilings. It is simply soapstone; It tnkcs a high polish, in pearl gray in tint, is sjiid to present tho host possible surface lor painting, either in oil or water color, and, what IB very desirable, will nuiUior crack nor cbip. It is claimed for it that it is a non-conductor. and non-absorbent; that it can be washed without injury; nails can be driven into it without damago; when subject to heat, moisture and chemical f times, it gives no smell; and it doe* not turn yellow with age. It is thought to bo epeoiolly adapted for hospitals, fac- tarieH, cellars, markets, etc. Bnntl I'lipur Miulo with Powdered Gliiss. Sin id paper is at present made with pow- dorwl glass instead of sand. The American Artizan tolls how it Is dona: Tho glass is VeiulUy pvilvevl/.ed by heating it red hot and throwing it into water, and finishing the powdering iu uu iron mortar. By the use of sieves of dili'oront sixes ot mesh, the powder i bo separated into various grades, from the finest dust to very coarse; and these should bo kept separate. A strong paper Is tacked down and covered with a strong Biza of gluo, and tho stirfacu covered with powdered ifliuu of the desired ilmmexs. When tho gluo i» dry, tho surplus glass is sunken or brushed oil. Muslin is bettor than paper uud lasts much longer in use. Cnv«rn Tlioory of Eurtli<iimlcc«, Some doubt is thrown upon tho "cavern thpory" of tlie minor earthquakes by the publication of frof. O'Rollly's cataloguu of British earthquakes and its accompanying map. The duta show that during tho period embraced In UIB view, Ireland has Iwon loss subject to carthcmakes than England and Wales. In tho face of this revelation ia the fact that Irohmd is remarkably and excessively undermined by cavernous formations, so that if they really giro rise to earthquake shocks, it should linvo suKorod moro from them than any other country represented. OrlKln <>f Cumuli. While ngveptng in general with tho theory lunt comotH have their origin Iwyoiul tlio limit* <>f tho solav system, I'rofiwsor Daniel JCirkvvoud Hilda proof, he livers, that some of those ot tthurt periods aro minor planets, whose orliitH lit tho asteroid zono have been changed through tho perturbing influence of tlio Inrgo plaui-tfl. Tho thii-il comet of 18ttl, for instance, scoins to have bi>on drawn from tho Ablwolds by Jupiter in May, 1675. Ailiiiu<ratloii of Whlt.i I.mul. To usccvtiuii ill whit/i load has boon adulterated by pi-rmanent whito or sulphate of baryta—the commonest adulterant, boll a small (jii/intil.y of it in n glass tent lulo with nitrio arid diluted with an equal measura of wdtt'r. Tho whlio lead dissolves, but tho baryta remains as a whito residue. This nhniild bo nllowml to settle, tho clear liquid poured oil' nnil tho deposit again treated with nitric acid and thon boiled with water. IX'nlcciilnl Ilodliii l'ron\ Dakota. Five bo<ll(!s taken by u minor from a cave In tho Dad f.iuiilK of Dakota anil sent to the HinltliHtoiiiiui iniit Itut ion, ara simply dried up, not, They nru, however, in a re- luiirkabln Kioto of (n-ixivrvuMoii. Bclontlflo jiicii wlio have HCVII thuni say llioy belong to ii.rai'O which oxl.4e»l *J,UOOytuim ago, This \villbo u very important, Hddltlun to tho col- lodion of d'wlccalcd hodics now on exhibition in tho national museum, llow Vulture* rinil Oarrlon, The mot hods by which vultmx'i llnd carrion It illw:lo-ii'd by their habit of distributing thoimulvos Hiui Hoiitinelt over wills tract* of country. Tiiclr 'lti-0'i oyes, as 'tlioy drclo oror miles of territory, wan. ovary inject, tolo- graphlng .to tho adjoining sentinel, mfthjr miles' nway. the discovery of prey. In this way, during tlio Crimean war, it is said toa the vultures of northern Africa fivclted li scores around liiu coiitcmling armies, cpmln| from thousamU of nijlcs.^ PHYsToLOQY AND HYGIENe, Tlu'Oilon mill l;j]iurlui<!ii(8 In A iiunilxj]' of disinfectants for householi use oro generally clntscti to^etlier as nbon 'equally good. Bui as eaclj 1m? n nioro or less Bpociflo action, It may bo expootixl to servo some particular puruoso wllh bust pft'oct Following aro a fow 0.1111111011 dislhfccUinta and uses nscriljcd totheini Quickliinu, to ah sorb .moisture and putrid lluidp. Use fresh limo, scattering it about dimly powdered, am whitewash with llmo. Charcoal powder, to absorb putrid gases Tlio charcoal should bo dry and fresh, mixed with lime. ChlorUlo of limo, to give oft chlorine, to ah sorb putrid effluvia and to stop putrefaction Sulphate of iron (copperas), one pound ills solved In one quart of water. I'oural dowr waste pipes this will destroy tho f oiliest nmell. A quantity in an open pan will purify tho air In rooms. _ Tho Weight of Women's Gowns. "What is the normal weight oC a gowur This question was recently asked of a New York modiste, by a Now York woman and was answered with tho aid of tho scales. A black silk reception costmno that glittered with jot sequins was first put to tho proof* It tipped tho beam at thirty-four pounds. A companion gown, like unto tho first, but ro- joicing in a train, and yet moro brilliant with jet, owned unblushlngly to au avoirdupois of forty-nine pounds. An examination into tho mystories of thoir construction was resorted to in order to discover ^ust whore this weight camo in. It lay somewhat in tlie draperies, eoniowhat In tho multitudinous bones and steels, to some extent in tho balls of lead that were deliberately hung to tho bodice and concoalod about tho skirt to hold its intricacies in place, and most of all in tho jet ttiat mado of the whole array a full defensive panoply, bullet proot Walking dresses wore also tested with tlie following results: A tailor made gown oC fine wool, with kilted skirt, but wholly without adventitious trimmings, a rery Cinderella of a Lenten robe, weighed twelve pounds. Fifteen, seventeen and nineteen were the figures of three others respectivoly. Wo kind of a dresa was found that \voigbed short of ten jxranils, and yet fnshionablo women who wear fashionable gowns are seldom bcowa to complain of the* weight of a- dress, though their doctors' bills pro vehoiv serious are the results of such unnatural and uncalled for strain upon their nerves and strength. Keep tho llands Soft. Tho roughest and hardt-stof hands can be made soft and whito in a month's time by doctoring them a little ot bedtime. A little ammonia or borax in the water you wash your hands with, and that water just lukewarm, will keep the skin clean and soft. A littla oatmeal mixed with tho water will whiten tin; hands. Many people use glycerine on their hands when they go to bed, wearing gloves to keep tho bedding clean; but glycor- iuu makes somo skins harsh aud red. These ppoplo should rub their bands with dry oatmeal and wear gloves in bod. Tlie best preparation for tho bonds at night is whito of egg with a grain oE alum dissolved in it. ''Diseases, desporato grown, by desperate appliances aro relieved, or not at all." The point of wisdom is 10 otieck thorn before they roach so fnr by juytng u, bottle of Salvation Oil.' Price 25 cents. "Conspiracies no Booiini 1 should bo formed than executed," and n cold should no soonev be taken, than a bot- ,1« of Ur. Bull's Cough Syrup should bought and used according to directions. Irish WH. Borne friends of mine, arid among them, a disciple of Bergu, says Chauncey M. Dopew, were walking through Cork and saw a boy of 16 beating; a donkey. Said the member of tho Society for tho Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: "Boy, stop beating j-our jrotuor!" and as quick as a flash the 3oy answered: "I won't, father;" Enjoy Life. What a truly beautiful world we live in! Nature gives us grandeur of moun ;ains, glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. We can des'ro 10 bettor when m perfect health; but inw often do tho majority of people feol 'ike giving it up disheartened, dis- jouraged and worn out with disease, when there is no occasion for this fuel' ne, as every sufferer can easily obtain satisfactory proof, that Green's August Slower, will make thorn free from disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Avar Com plaint aro tho direct causes of seventy-five per cent, of such maladies as Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Head- ricbo, Costivonoss, Nervous Prostration, winess of the Head, Palpitation of the L leart, and other distressing symptoms. Three dosos of August Flower will >rovo Us wonderful effect. Sample bottles, 10 cents. Try it. l'na dweow ly Strange Sounds In Western Ears. A western lady visiting in the oast 'ciuurkod recently that it seemed very trange to hear so intiuh about cowboys tore, as she never hoard them men- ioned at home and never saw one in lor life.— Ex. Hood's Sarsiipanlla is peculiar to tself and superior to all other prepa- atlons in strength, economy, and meilioinal merit. 2 A Meat lllrfhUay Present MOJO . Sehuurnburg—''Did you' know lot my daughter Uepecou was engaged P ko Bilverton — "l^h dotsoPShu has never told uio noridings aboud U." Tvo vonder. Sha don't know it yrt Iruady horseluf, I vill surprise hor mil a pridegrooru her nuxt birtud'.y on. lovasanico \m\ns man, vurt moro lone torventy unwind toilers."/iU 1 . Tho Hioo Coll Carriage-Spring gives * buggy that euso of motion so ilo.smu jlo in that vehicle. This sprinc is ight, neat, durablo and cheap, No prtng In the world can mutch It in any ••articular, dwlw If you roquiro a spring modiolno, if •ou are suffering with languor, debility, >imp)oH, bolls, catarrh, ohromu sores, iTofulu, or loss of appotito, or any isoasu arising from impure blootl, tako Ayer's Sarsapunlla -the Bafqst and uost economical of all blood puri/lors, SOCIAL'JTIQUETTE. Afnnnera and Cuntnin* 1'rnotlcotl In l»n. . ntv Society, •Mnnj' n' weriry guest tind equally weary host or host ess have sat up long past their usual hour for gf'ny to bod Infuse each feared" to : «*ppt«r making the llrst move to rotiro.'. The guest is porhat* fiitlgucil, by « journey and really*ulTors, but strives to endure ntul bb ngrewblo. Tho hostess, wo>'ii out with th6 Btl-iiiu of ontartaiiltngi ttllles hor ynwns. Both coiltlnuo tho, heavy task of striving to nrnko conversation, In tho-.hopo thnt chance will solve tho difficulty that neither knows how to grapple with. Tho trim rule to be followed, Wero thc3- but certain of it, is a natural and hospitable onn. Tho host or hostess takm tho Initiatix'o and says an appropriate word as to tho lateness ol tho hour and Iho desirability of retiring. . Ktlciuott.) «f tho Hut. Tho well bred man raises his hat if be posses a lady, though a stranger, in the hall of a hotel, ou the Blair, or if hs docs bei' any little service such as restoring her fan or glove, or If bhu makes au inquiry ot him or ho of her. A gentleman walking with an acquaintance, raises his hat to those persons whom his acquaintance salutes but cloc-s not bow. Gentlemen remove their hats in hotel elevators when ladles aro present. A recent Writer ou etiquette considers that this Is not demanded by politeness, at tho best, and is •besulo so inconvenient to cto when the elevator Is full, that it might well bo Abandoned altogether. Tho inconvenience mentioned uu- doiibtolly ocelli's at times. Nevertheless this is » pleasant custom and wo havo not so many acts of formal courtesy that it is well to dispense with any of them unnecessarily. A gentleman lifts hig hat to his wife, mother or sister upon meeting them in a public place as deferentially ns to any other lady. A well bred man also removes his hat upon entering a place of amusement, while ail ill bred man will often toko his oil' only when he reaches his scat, though that may bo fnr from the entrance. GrenlJy Excited. PJ Not n few of the citizens of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronounced by their physicians as incurable and beyond all hope- suffering with that dreaded monster Consumption— have been Completely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, tho only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lunar diseases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis, Trial bottlo free at B. Marsh's drug store, Inrgo bottles SI. Wonderful Cures, W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Ga., say.' We have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and bucklpn's Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well,or give such universal satisfaction. There bave been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this cit.y. Several cases of pronounced .Consumption have been entirely cured by USP of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Dis- covery.takun in connection with Electric Bitters. Wo guarantee thorn always. Sold by E. Marsh. mcbldwlm Arnica Salvo. The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores,i..38rs, salt rboum, fover sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akm eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, ft is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. ruch7dwlin WHEN you read that one Kansas City man has struck a great bargain by purchasing of another Kansas City man for §10,000 a certain piece of real estate, netting a profit of 89,000 to tho latter, this moans that tho purchaser has paid $50 for a thirty days option to purchase, and that he will 1 ' spend just thirty days and nights trying to lud somebody to tako the deal off his hands. From tUe*Uou. B. F. Manierro. No. 2G West 2-Ub St., New York, Feb. 16, 188G-1 iind Allcook's Plasters ol inestimable .value and do not like to without them in my house. I have used them with marked benefit to rheumatism, neuralgia, coughs and cold and pains in side arid back. I consider ;hem the beat external ''remedy known. Will bo pleasod to answorany inquiries. -li. F. Manierro. 0«r«5 Cough*. Colds, TToarsenenH, Croup, Aoth , liicI|jlontCotiBU tion.rml . inrauin in P.UvQuced etdges of /«i tlltcftxo, I'rlao tflc'fs. Can- Hun, Tlu Ocniilna /Jr. ftnll'a dm oh t-'uruit id BoM only in H'ltttti i'-:''i;>rm. mul hcnrs our r.-_-i' 1( 'ft '1 Tt'fl<i,s-M«rUs t o wit . A IW9 tlcwi in a CJJVfr.a \'iilfo)i'lAi-'Ci, nud tho it i 1 -- 1 mii-Jrit'Tinturosott/oAM IK, '"H *1* A. ('. Mrw <fr (*u., Solo 'JHM", imHI-iiorij, JW., V >-A« TO ADVERTISERS For a check lor .fin wo will print a tun-lino idvertlsemunt In One Million Issues of lead- UK Aincrlonn NcwHpn])era. ThU ia at tho nitu of only one fifth of a cent a line, for l.QUOolrcu • allot) ! Tho iidvoitloomont will ho pluced jofoio One Milllo'n i>iri'i;i(KNT iiinvsoanor nuuhttoora:— or KIVB MILLION HKAIJBIIS. Ten Ines will accommodate iibout 7ft words, Ail« Irons with copy of adv and check, or mmil 30 onw lor hook ol 17U paKOB. 0150. 1'. HOW'•1,1, » l"l I'lUn-iii'o ar. V V, In Mil I m 200 1JA.G8 U1GGINM' FUREKA FINE SALT- Por Dairy and Table Use, lnJ1 II). linen saokM and 56 Ih, HiicltH, for Halo by J. A. RYltlE, MOST PERFECT MADE I'topund with strict regard to Parity, Strength, and Hoiiltlifulntifls. Dt, Price's Unking Powder contain^ noAmniowln,r J |ra«.AliiraorI > liosj>linto».Dr.Pj'lco'6 Kxtracte, Vimilla, iomun, etc,, flavor UBliciously. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, THB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: I nu. Co, of North Amorlon; Hartford, Plioenix, Franklin; of PhiladolyJiia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.-. Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's ' Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND : OTIIKK8: A OA8U OAP1TAJ IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,OOO,QOO. WE AftSO RKPBESKNT TIUS Mutual Benefit Lile, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co., Hartford. Office: Over Alton Hat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Flue Residence tor Halo, Tho lato It. DoBow homeatead, now o\7iiod by M. B. Underwood, situated on line of horeo railway, (n Upper Alton; 11 rooms, bath room, furnace, and good one building*, two acres ot ground, will be sold at a bar- Bam. Possession given on completion of sale. WHU'PUS & SMILEV. Fi>r Itont, Two-story house and good stable ou Common street. Good Srait. WHIPMJS.4; SMILKY. JTor Sale. Seven lota with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, in good repair, In Upper Alton. Uostdeiicoof O. E. Collins, and hnown as tbe Motrlll property. WHIfPLE & SMILEY, Alton, or I). \V. Oollot, Uppar Alton. 1'or Iteut. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. 1'latt homestead. I/atoly put In good roil 1 - WHIPPLE & S1ULEY. For Sale or neut. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mrs S. J.Putro. WIIIPPl,!? &SMILEY. .1 •i)ii>nr»M>rvtttinni)T uliluuln »ml luolul mnfii. Fur ii<> hvlwrnil ur rjirldml, Ki»r iirU-oi, mlilivi>sO (ill.- .IIHI'IK. A CO., UtnrralAciuiu, •««:! JVwt Van turvu hi., Culvuvo, ur MU'Ulu mi Lumber vu. For bnl. Tho late .residences oJ J. i. and W. B. lllteholl, on Mill at., two of U.u beat pieces of residence property In Alton. The property known us "The Parfc, oast of above; It lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a number of ota la Miller *, Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all ot abovo ex a. grout bargain. •WftlPPUffi & SMILEY. For Sale. A7-roomb)l3k<JwolUng ana out buildings OB Thud street, between Cherry and Vine. & 3M KY; jcor Kent. Good 9-room bvtoU house with about! acres of ground, inoUulina oronard, in Upper Alton. Former residence o£ Dr. Humbert. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. 3tn< Desirable Kosldouc.os for Sale. A two story brick dwelling on State street known as A. Platt buini'stead, lately put lu good repair. A two story frame dwemnii on Main street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling on Sovonth street, all for sale ut a sacrifice, owner hnvln» decided to ac v "»'- vVIIlPJ't.K &SMILKY For Itoiit. Late residence ot M. J. Noonan on State jtruot, Irnov-n as the A. Platt place. Good 0 room brick housn. in llrst class repair. ' & SMILEY. For oule. The Merrhnan property on Btato stveo In Miller & Mlchell'a add., to Alton, 1>{ story house, 8 rooms and out-bulldlntts; all In per- foot order. Oau be had at K, bargain. W11IPPLK * SMILEY. For Sale. j- 1 ur ofii<7. The Woodroof property. A a story frame houuo ol 8 rooms, on fifth and Alton utroota, a 4 room frame house ou strnot. For A uoiivunlunt farm of 120 acres, most all In flulttvatton; sltaated on tho Uuthulto road," uiljcr 'mm Alton, For nont. A twostory lirleh dwelling known us tho A. Watt homeaioad; 1-itols put In uood rnnalr. Wllll'1'1,15 A SS11USV . Tor Unle. " A l>f atory frumo dwollliiL', corner 1'ourl and fifth Htrnou. For Sale or Hunt. Tho 2-Htory Iramo dwolllng with 0 rooms, InohulliiK 7 lots; nood barn and linn finite known IIB the Nichols bomnutoad, bltuatud on I'-'th at,, In a deulr'.ioln noluhborhood. . WUII'l'I.K&HMll.KV. , . AjJww, * •O« aitdiitter sundfty, Now MtH, mo^ u UK. on thftOhiongo nud Alton rauroldT wm !,;, 1 too^on Depot, Alton; itSSrVtteo, M fo>' l/blcftnn and the ttaati ' LlhlcngoUAll' ........ ... ...... .,,. « no n .„ Ohidagd Atoommodatlon*;...'.. .fl.'m,,'!" LlKutnlng BxpreBS' .......... .....,,. H • M «' m f aoria nntf ftduk island 1-aitiAniKftVoo ovS For JnohionTlUe, Keoknk. Qntncv. !•«« Olty.rthd Mil linlnU *e»«r r> Kansas 01 ty.Mnll* ..... ;,. ., ,,,„, KansilftOityEiproDii*, ............. euuiiesa....,.....ii v,,..i.osn , Jfleksouvillo /Vccommodtttlonl... V:06 {>.' IS; LlRlitnlnM Bxpreaa* ........... , , , , ,n .45 B .„ Ohleago Accommodation'. ... (i ...o':nOa.' m Alton spoolalt... ...... ( ...... .. i..lj'0»u m KansasbltyMoU* ......... . . , TS'Wn'S Ohicajro Mallt .......... . .i ..,..' .. o'.jon' 58 ff USAVE 8'1V 1.0OIS TJNIOK DEt'oi t • tj 50ft. m. •4 60 p. in. ij Bfln )M (8 i5a. m. Sundayn only). •Dally rKxoept Sunday. K /l **• m, 0. 8i NO«RM, Ttoket Agant. (JHIOAGO, IIOKl.LN(STOi( AND QUINOY Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: Ooliiff North! Express (oxoept Sunday) ... . 8:Sft u. u Nt^K^ss...^..^.....^^; Sore Eyes The oycs aro always In sympathy with the body, oiul afford an excellent hidex of its condition. When tfio eyes becomo, vrcalc, and the Hds Inflamed arid sore, it Is an evldonoo that the ByBtem has. become disordered by fiorofflla, for •which Ayer'a Snrsapniilla is tho best known remedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful in- flanirnation in my oyes, caused me much suffering for a number ol years. By tho advice of a physician ^ commenced taking Acer's Saraapavilla. After using tins medicine a short time I was completely ' Cured My eyes are a splendid concli. tion, nnd I am as well and strong as ever — Mrs. William Gage, Oouuord, N. H. For » number of years I wa» troubled with a humor in my eyes, arid was unable to obtain any relief xuitil I commenced using Ayor's Sarsaparilla. This inedi- • cine has effected a complete cure, and I believe it to bo tho best of blood purifiers.—C. E. Uptoii, Nashua,-N.-'H. From childhood, and until with a few months, I have been afflicted with Weak nud Sore Eyes. I liave used .lor thcso complaints, with beneficial results, Ayer's SaisapayiHa, and. coasider it a great blood purifier. — Mrs. C.' Phillips. Glover, Vt. I suffered for a year with Inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on the ball, depriving mo of sight, and causing great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I was finally induced to use Ayer's Sarsaparilla, By Taking throe bottles of this medicine I have been entirely cured. My sight lias been re- • stored, and thoro is no sign of fnflamma- tlon, sore, or ulcer In my eye.—Keudal ' T. Bowen, Sugar Tree Ridge, Ohio. My daughter, ton years old,"was afflicted with Scrofulous Soro Eyes. .During tlio last two years she never saw light ojf any kind. Physicians of tho highest standing exerted their skill,, but with no permanent success. On the recominen- datlou of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Tiefore she had used the third bottlo her sight was restored. Hor cure is complete. —W; B. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Aye'r & Co., Lowell, Kail. Sold by all Druggists. Vrlce |1; «li bottlei, »6. • We do not manufaoture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not hear stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or doad animals or refuse material. SILVEII SOAP is made of PCKE IAL- tow, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danger of having tho Bkln diseased or poisoned, ASK'"TOUR GROCER FOB IT. EMPIiRE SOAP CO, ST. LOU IS-MO. A.J.HOWELL, ; IN- FURISHTtJRE! A Full and Complete Stool JOHN BAUER, DUAI-EH IN AND MANUFAOTOKKK OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Jfall, AXTON, IJLL. All kinds of lino and.common fnrnltur coimtautly on liand. Also undprtakor, uto.i OONSTANTLY ON HAND, ALT, OllDEP 1'OH UPHOLSTERING Neatly am) promptly oxooiitod. Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO-

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