Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 30, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY Tin,EQKAPH. BT W. T. MOHTOW, Cor. thlrt ana Pl»»» street*, Alton, IU. WEDNESDAY EVE., MARCHloT" TUB 4>rei«nt Illinois State Journal Company was not organized until January of the present year nn'd never had any connection with the old Spring* held Journal (Jo., which la Implicated in the State printing steal. As the appointee for U. 8. District Judge to succeed Judc;o Treat wilt be a Democrat, anyhow, the TKLEOIUPH hopes thnt Judge J. J. Phillips, of Htllaboro, will bo the lucky man. Gen'l Phillips was one of the most gallant soldiers Illinois sent to the war, and, If his friends keep quiet about his military record, Cleveland may appoint him, A Flood Coming. At Kansas City much alarm la felt over the faot that the Missouri river is rapidly rising and threatens to repeat the overflow of last Jane, when part of tba bottoms was submerged and stock yards flooded several hundred feet from the bank. The snow and rain lately • followed by a heavy thaw have filled to overflowing the creeks tributary to the Kuw and Missouri rivers and within the last six hoard the rise has been at the rate of an inch an hour. SPARKS. Unsatisfactory alarm service. More volunteers needed and less spectators. Our factories must. have more fire* water plugs around them. And the City fathers must put them there. Because it is the interest—the beat interest—of the city to have these factories going; the interest of the workmen who labor in them. We'must have moro hose, twice as •much aa we now have in use. We must have a complete and perfect alarm service—or insurance rates will increase, and the laborer suffer through the Kip Van Winkle actions of the Council. In order to secure this absolutely necessary change of base, we want less of the politician and more of the business element in the Council. There were too few streams of water for such an intense blaze. The firemen could not Hi and (ho heat, although they did well. 'The moral of this Are suggests the quo 0 lions: "How many tir "plugs are there around the Hapgood t>w factory, and how many streams cot (d be pluyed on the building at one time?" The same question may be asked of the /.Glass Works. If we are ever gotug to rise above the level of a village, let our City Fathers wake up, tajte off their night caps and wander around long enough to take in the situation. Lot the voter who is In constant menace bj this "JasBitudinal" Council remember u at the coming city election, and vote for men of business capacity only; complimentary voting for friends and good fellows should end right now. . H1VEK " This evening's packets arc the Hudson and Gem City, for Graf ton; the Bald Eagle, for Ularksville; the Calhoun for Puoria. ELSAH 10WKSIIII'. Proceedings of the Mass Convention. Tlio convention assembled at Town Hall InKlBRli, nt 3 p. ra., March 20, T. F. HaiiBoll, Chairman; 0. 1). Doron, Secretary. It wan decided not to nominate any body who wont into tlio Domoorntlo primary us a candidate or a voter. Then tlie nomlnutlon o[ candidates (or the various township ofllooa bolug in order. J, M. onieraou was nominated fur Suporvlupr; 0. B. Doron, Collector; John Wingor, (present Incumbent) A»ao»»or; E. M. Pinny, Clerk; Al. VVortbuy, (present incumbent) Trustee, dill term, uud Ilov. U. M. Smith to mi vacancy (or (wo yours; Highway Commissioner,Geo. Spangle; Constable, to fill vacancy, Hem y J. GtuToll. The nomination* were nil unuulmoua. On motion It was decided that tlio beat way to gut the object of (bo convention uud the ticket before tlie yotora of the township would bo to print (lie , proceedings of the onnvcntlim In the Jersey- vlllo Jtep.-Xx. and Alton TiiLKQiurif and order copies ol each paper teut to voteru who are dlsuutUflod with the present order ol tilings. J. U, Ulbevaon, tho candidate lor Supervisor, Is a capable, honest, business mini, and 1( elected, will make a faithful, palim tuklnu officer; though ho lias never souxht olllce So. Is well known to tlio people of the township. All tlio other onnjldatoii ara honest and worthy men, deserving the support ol the people. The people all over tlio county aro becoming tired of Kng rule, one man power und fraud, and an rfltrt must bo made to elect a Board of Bupo vloorti who will bo gnldod by the -willof the mi.) >i Uy. The management ol tlio poor house lun long boon u dlugruoe und lias long culled for tin luvunUnniUm, but investigation HUH been stilled in the llourd of SuporvUora, A mulorlty on the llourd ol budn men as llurtlott, of 1'luiui, and Vorheos, of Fidelity, would give the county u clouu und economical administration of utfuiru. Let Blsah do its part In electing such a Hoard by voting for J. U. Ulboi'con, It bus long boon apparent to those votoru tu BlMli township who took Interest enouuh to read the printed reports of the llourd of Supervisors Unit fruudulont oMras.wltuout u nhudow ol right, b»vo been allowed from this towinlilp. jc hut IQDK been a|>p«.r<.ut tluit aleotlatu were Illegally and unfairly conducted by the party In powoii TIM vtttrra to whmn this rnny tomo HIM riTi-pitti'.iHy nftkud tn coll con Mdwr tlie»o U)l.i«» b>-uir« uuntuiK tuctr Imlluu onApilIStM. By order of Ma « Convention. THIEVES OF THE PRAItttES. Cojroteil nud WoKc* the Vc«t» at lb« Mon- tnim Cuttlctn«n. The stockmen nnutmlly lose more from these pests limn they do from all other causes combined. Mi'. John Churchill, who hns n 1 urge sheep range on the .''ortli side of thv .Yellowstone, near here, a short time ago came to Miles City and reported the loss of 600 sheep out of a band of 2,000. The greater number of these were slain by coyotes and wolvct.. 'Thesheep strayed off in bunches, were caught by wolves in packs, and slain -wholesale. One lot of twenty-five were discovered lying stork mid' sllfl' on the snow, to nil appearances uninjured, but upon examination the death-wound their deadly onciny, the wolf, was discovered—always an artery in Homo part of the body severed, the wolves sucking at tlio veins until nntiftfictl, and then attacking the others In the same way, leaving the flesh to rot. There are throe kinds of wolves in Montana—the gray wolf, limber or black wolf, and buffalo wolf. The first and last species nro closely related, bo- ing much of n size and color, only the latter has hybrid blood in his veins from crossing with coyotes, while the gray wolf is somewhat of a clear breed, like the old timers found in the states long ago, >vhen those same states were teiTitoHcs. The big gray wolf is a dangerous customer to tackle at any time, and even the most experienced .plainsmen and hunters hesitate to attack him unless armed and in company. With the coyote it is MMy different. Ho is a sneaking, cowardly cur, the "thief of the prairies," and under the most favorable circumstances will'run away from a fight rather limn risk his worthless skin. At one of the military posts on the frontier, sonic years ago, the gray wolves got so bold that they actually entered the garrison. One big fellow ran along tlie hospital porch, bit an officer, jumped 'on a dog and tore him to pieces, and then had the hardihood to attack a wintry on post. In this country a gray wolf breeds but once a year. The young aro born about the first of May, and tlio whelps, inside of six weeks, have n thick fur coat of n dark grayish color. When grown the gray wolf has an instinctive fear of firearms, and but comparatively few arc killed in this country by means of powder and ball. They run in pucks of nine or ten, and when in such force will not hesitate to attack a full-grown steer. They even bunt deer and elk, managing to get on tlie windward side while the latter are lying in bed, and then creep up, catlike, only to pounce on the big animals before they can make n bound. Very little is known of the timber wolf, lie is a Canadian subject and has no right on this side of the lino. If a specimen recently killed on the Maria's will servo as a sample of the rest of the family I must say that they should bo classed with the grizzlies and other dangerous customers who inhabit this section. George Lane, foreman of a cattle conipany in tho extreme northwest, while riding bis range looking after stray cattle came suddenly upon twelve timber wolves and opened fire upon them with bis revolver. Ho dropped one which was a regular-monster. This fellow measured six foot from tip to tip, had nails liko a tiger, and paws as large ns a man's hand. Wolves arc very sagacious, but the civltlo aro, beginning to understand them. In tho eastern part of Montana a lino rider not. long since cuvmo upon a bunch of cattle apparently closotl in a knot uud moving rapidly and excitedly round in a circle with horns out. Perceiving that Homulhing extraordinary was in progress, the herder approached as near us possible without being discovered and watched dovcloumonta. Four or five lingo black wolves were | running swiftly around tlie steers, on- dently with the intention of stampeding them, but tboy would not stampede. Like tho old-time infantry squares repelling u charge of cavalry, tho circling steers remained unbroken and presented on oveiy side a bristling front of bnynnitt horns. Tho wolves would make a dash, but .some big bull would ninko ii uuuntor I'lmrgo, ecatlor- Tlio Importance of purifying tho blood cannot bo overestimated, for without pure blood you cmmut enjoy good hcnltli, At this eeason nearly every ono needs a cood medicine to purify, vitalize, end enrich the blood, find \vo usk you to try Hood's PASMillar 8ar«ttpnrilln. Itfitronijlliens rCL/Ullcll Blu i imjiiis U p (tie system, creates an appetite, nml tones the digestion, while It cnidta.les disease. Tho peculiar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies uaod give to Hood's Biirauparllln pccul- T— I tea If lar curative" powers. No ' " * 15611 other modlclno has such u record of wonderful euros. If you have rondo up your mind to nny Hood's SWBapnrUlu do not bo Induced to take nny other Instead, It U a Peculiar Medicine, ftnd Is worth; your confidence. flood's B»rsapr.r!ih Is sola by i-.ll druggists. Prepared Ly C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. 100 Dosea One Pollar .i l.lic fMK;lliy 1ll;i« cl .ill', lilill llll»l buck to the piuti oting circlu buiure l)u- hig attacked individually. After n wlitlo tho wolves grave up tho battle and skulked ofl 1 Into tho timber defeated. Tho wolves nnd nondescript dogs Boem to be on very friemllj terms. Around every Indian village in the territory are scores upon scores of mongrels, who ure neither dogs, coyotes, nor wolves. They are, in short, nondescripts, mid part nnd parcel of ono or all of ttic above. An Indian will do without d wife, n tepee, food, clothing, or anything else, tint ho won't bo without dogs. They nro 'never ilo- incsluMitud, cxwul to The Indian, nnd nro just ns savage nnd us licreu ns their cousins—Urn wolves. A large dog «t Mingsville, n fnw miles below hern, nnd (in enormous bulVnlo wolf Imve formed ,a joint. partnership for tho destruction of all the choice 2-yoiU' olds in tho Had Lands. The 1 Und Liimls Cow Boy says: "They Imve dragged down and partially eaten live or six head that were found on the pvnirSu, nnd there are doubiliws many more not yot discovered. If allowed to continue their depredations unchecked it is not at nil unlikely that they will kill $50(1 worth of cattle before spring. A tenth or even a twentieth part of thnt sum ottered as a reward for the sculps of the two would doubtless result in their death within n. week. It would pay' several outfits to join issues in ridding the country of these pests.— Fort Keogh Letter, in New York Times. Well Protected. Elderly Masher (trying to scrape an acquaintance)— "Charming day, ma- diinj. Traveling nloneP" Lady (vivaciously)—"Oh, no. I'm going down to Newport, to be tried for bigamy. Those two gentlemen in the front seal are my brothers, those in the rear aro deputy sheriffs, and my two husbands ure in the smoking oar."— TtdBiti. Takes a Mighty Engine. • At n Chicago wedding tbny use a oitapult to throw the slipper after the bride: -Ex. • • VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- rTpIIBOUGII tlip medium of ono of your 1. books received through Mr Frank T. Wrav.DrnisEUt, Apollo, I'a., T boonmo ac- qnaliitcd with your CUTICBKA KratKuiEs.niid tulte this opportunity to testily to you that their u*e lias permanently cured ttio «>( one ol th» wnrs' cases of blood pnlaonlnv, In con- ntiotlOM with ery»lpnlu', thatl linvut-vorsoen, and this after having l>e*-n pronounced Incur- iiulo by notiK'Ioi the best physicians lit ciur county. 1 take Hi-eat pleasnio In forwarding 10 vou tills testimonial, unsolicited »B It 1* bv JOB, tn order thai others from similar main•lies nniy ' ooiieunraged to give \ourCUTlcu UA REMKDIKS a 'Hal. -P. 8. Will rUXOGtt, Lccouburp, Pa. Reference: FHANK T, WKAV, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. SCROFULOUS ULCKB8. JamesB. lileha.dson,Custom Hougo, New Orlemis, on cuith my a: -'In 1670 Serofulouh Ulcors broke out on my body until I was u inuss <>f corruption. ISvbi-ythiiiK known to tlio medical luoulty wns tiled in vnlr. 1 b« ctuno u. wreck. At times could not lift my liimds to my head, could not turn In bed; wa» In constant pnln, and looked upon life a.« curse. No iclicfor cure in ton yours. In I8SO 1 heard of the Outlcura Kemeule.-), used them, nnd was perfectly cured." Sworn to bolorc U. 8. Dam, J. D. Crawford. ONJE OK THK WORST CASKS. We Imve been selling Your Cuticura Remedies for years, and iiavo tlie first complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. Unu of the worst cases of Scrofula I over »aw was euro' 1 l>y the use of five bottles ot Outlcura liesolv- nnt, Outicura and Cutloura Soar. The Soap takes the "cake" here n» a medicinal soap. TAYLOlt A TAYLOR, Drupgists, Frankfort, Kan. SCROFULOUS, INHERITED. And Contagious Humors, with loss of hair, and Eruptions ol the Skin, nre positively cured by (Juticura and Outlonra Soap externally, when all other medicines fail. Bond for pamphlet. UUUGGISTB USE THEM. Wo have obtained satisfactory results from the 1160 of the Cuticura Remedies In our own family, and recommend them beyond any otner remedies fordlseusos of tho skin and blood. Tho demand for them grows as their merits become known. MCMILLAN & CO.. Druggists, Latrobe, Pa, areaold everywhere, frlco: Outioura, the Great bk!n Cure, 60 et«.; Cutloura Scap, an lixttulslleBenutlllor, 2!> cte.; Outlcura Rusolv- ont, the New Ulood Purlnor,$l Potter Druu and Uhemlofil Co., lios'On. r>lr */f ri.KS, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes IT JLJjJL and Baby Humors, use Quticurn sonp. • ; Choking- Catarrh* ITeve you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all tlie horrible ncnaaUons of an sin clulohlnK your throat nnrt pvt'swnir tin llfo-broatb from your tightened cheat? Have vuu noticed th« InnKUur iinJ. dubl Itv unit "ucccedod the olfoi t to clear your throat nnd head of this catarihal mattur? What a d ( - preitsliiK Influence It exerts upon the mind, c-loudiiiii tno motnory and (Illlnc tin; hnad witli pains and ntranice nolue-l How ditllcult to prole>'t the sybtem imulnst Itn f nither proKKiss towards iho IUHKB, llvor uii' 1 kidneys, all pbyalduna will ndnilt. It Is u terrible disease, and cries out for relief and cure. The remarkable curative powers when all othor remedies utterly tali, of Sanford's Cure, rro attuutod by thousands who Rralefully recommend It to follow Hufforcri" No statement la mitdo rogardlUK it that cannot bo auhatimitatoi) bv the most roopeota- blH gnd reliable I •olornnoen, Kuch jiuekut contalna ono bottle of the Radluiil uiu-o, onu box of Cntarrhnl Solvent, nnd un Inipiovidlnh'ilur, will) trmitlso and direct nun, and Is sold 'iy all Ui'UKKlstn for $ 1. I'OTTKH Duuo it Oni;iiiuAi. co., UOSTON. HOW MT*BIDES ACHE. From tho bench and the oonntor, from lliu loom ami scvvlou imicliluo p thu cry > f pain and wcak- iinsa. AulnnuUldt-fi and Hack, Kid noj and Ulerlno ''aliiB, diralnx and __ Weiiknu»t>,<)oui{bs,CuliiHuiid Client , anU eviuy pnln ami nohu of dally toll rtilluved In oi-.ti nilnum Uy thu () Anti- ruin I'lastor. Ni-w. oleuant, mid Infu Ithlo. At (Iruitaluts, 9t>c.; live (or $1; or of I'olter nd OhBmli'UlOo., Hojtun. WM. L. KLTJNK UNDEETAKEK, AH1> Ready-Made Coffins, qTetalic Oases, Gaskets > And Burial Robe IfW Lnillim, iioiuluinun nun Office and Shop on State etrefti Overdftrt • l.lvury stable, Will Mtend to Job Work and lioi>ultm« l^nrnltvu*. (is A QUESTION AiWUT , : Browns Iron Differs ANSWERED. Tho qaosHun has Dt«b»bl»,bi»n Ml-»d ftunuiuia't of tlmw "Hotroi>n DKntn's Iron BlttMscmxierary- thlnn f " Well It dwnti't. But It d(»» f nro any diwiro fur wnloh » rcpoUMo pbjstolftn wotild prescribe IUO.1 Plu»lcl«a9 recottnl'.o '""1 f U» 'w«t twt«ytl»B ntent tnoivn to Uio profralon. nod Inqiilir ofnw tc»l flrrawffl «ub«wniljto tho aswrtlon nre m»ro prepnirntlon!) of Iron tUAn of any tnnct nsed In medicine. .Thli •hmra con. thittL M 3a"»'& tliiit 1 'l*nJn~ia «kmmJ«iBo<l"tin)«"th» T miwt imnortant factor In saocomf ul inoilit m ptactlc*. It Is. hovroTor n remixrkiblo fnct. tlmt mjnr to the dJOTor. oreof BROWN'H IRON 111TTl!R8no perfectly wtMtetorr Iron combination n u over boeu found, BROWN'S IRON BITTERSK;SS SPRING AftEANQEBCENT. Tlio Steamer H=5 -**««**«»fc t?Sl 03 I DQ H. LffiTHK, Ma?tfflT. CD InillgcNtlnn, l!lllouine«H,U'<'nkill'sn, I>y»l.Bl>»li\. JIalnrta, ChlllH anil Foveni, Tlrccl FecllnMJenrrp.l Drblllty.Pnln In tho sidci llnnk nr I .linbu. 1 1 nmliiclic »tiil Noiirnl- «lft— tot »H thono nllmcuU lion U prracrlbod dally. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS.SoTSlH inlmito. Hko nil other thotouith maillolnes, it «ot<i •lowly. When taken l>y inr" ifio Hret nrmptom ot Iwnollt ta ronewnil onorny. Tho mUK-los tnon Iwcijmo flrmnr, tho dlcntlnn Iroproym. tho liowoln aro ncllvn. In if om«n tho olloot In unnnlly inort'rnpiil onfl marted. Tho nyna IwK'n. nt unco to brlghlcn : tho skin cloara up- hcultliy color comofl to tho cheeka: nervouBnoas ' ilLiappmnt (mutlonal daringomonj* become «wi- lur, nnd If n nnrninn mollim-. nbimunnt mistflnnnce l-i iiunplhol for OM <ihlM. tlOTiipmher Broirn's Iron •ftitli-ni in tho ONljY iron medicine thnt iH not 'ortauo, Jersuy Lhn'dlnp. Hratton. and waj loints every evening at 6:!lfl o'clock. ta_Th« Whtitle will be nonnded Oiteeu minutes before stai'ting lor St. Louis. 1"« Ocnnlnolnfi Tpiln M.-.rk nnd i l rod linos RASKIN (THE NEW QTJININM) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears. C tires quickly 1 Pleasant > f nre A POWiiBKUl. TONIC. that the most deltonto atomaou will bear. A SPJEOIFIC FOB MAX.A1UA, RHEUMATISM, STEKVODS PKOSTKATION, and all Germ Olseuses FOB COLDS KASKINE MAS iJBBN FOUND To UK ALMOST A SPECIFIC buperior to Quinine. Uulluvue Uoepltal, N. Y.: "Universally successful." ("Even- patient trcnted St. Francis IIos.N. Y. ] with Kusklno lius been (" . ] w ( iii Kw. Jaa. L. Hal), Clinpliiln Albany IVnltcn- tlary, wrltra tlmt Karklno has onrea his wlfo, ttiiur twoulv veai-d euffc-rtiiK Irom lualiilu und neivous dyapepala. Write ulin tor par- tlnulara. St.J.mepVs Hospital. N. Y.: "It's use Is conMUored lncli«pcnBUiile Itftctiperleotly." Pro:. VV. F. Hnluoiulw, M.D., 54 fiUMtgtth »t., N.Y. (lute Pi-of. In N. Y, Mud. Colie«o) write*; "Kitskine Is supoi-lor to quinine In lis "Deo flu pnwur, and never produces the allghtest In jury 10 tlie'huarlnK ot- constitution, Thousands unoii thousands write that Kas- Ulne has cured thrm altur all other ineili- clnea Imd {al'.eil. Write lor book o£ tcntl- . Kiwklno can bo taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per boitlo. Bold l>y or cent by nmll on receipt of price. KASK1NB CO., 61 Warren st,,New York. lua-wlm LOOKOUT • HEEEI THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! FOR SALE AT J.HOFFM ANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES ASI> HABDTv-AKB Alan Outsldfi H'oi-K' a specialty. Booting am Galvanized Iron Worn. Also undertaker's Supplies AUWAYSUN HAND.. UEl'UHLlt'AN CITY COKVKNTION The Republicans of the several wards of the ciiy of A'lon, and all- voters Uoairing to co-opcru(o with them li secuniifi; a better, moro efficient anc raoru progressive admiofstrutloa of city affairs, are requested to meet in pn- iiiin v meetings, at Oily Hall, on Thura- citiy-evening, April 7th, at 7:80o'clock, to nominate candidate? for Aldermen in their respective wards, and ulso to appoint dtletiates lo n, City Uepubhoan Cunveniion lo be held at the same pluue, Friday evening, April 8th, lo nominate candidates fur flluyor, City Clerk, Cuy Truasurer, Oily Attorney, to bo voiutl for at tb<! raunioipal election April 19th; (lie several wards to bo L'ntill.;d to Hit- following ropresoatution in i ho city convuiitioh : First wnrd, 8 delegates. Second ward, 0 delegates. 'I'hlrd ward, 8 d Fourth ward, 8 Filtii wiiru, Hixili ward, U dulc^ntus. Scvi'iiih ward, 7 cielo(jales. Totitl nuiiibur of delegate*)), 61.* And lo tfiinsnnt sueh olhor business ns may prupmlv couio bcfnro tho meeti m«. cius. IIOLDJCN.JB, J. K. UUTI.KH, (iKO. I). IJAYUKN, ll.O. M'I'IKJi, S. K. CONNOR, 11. S. IUKKM, JR., F. W. MOIM'K. 11. U, BTAIUI, lleimbllttuu Central Committee. IS. HOSS FOW.8tt, ED ULOOIC, Oiorr». on nnd n'ter Monday, Fob. 11, tho spread axle »"V ninn»loUows,vtit LBAV1NG.ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS To ST. Lcou, Kotrao TBIP TWBNTT w. , , XOT A Hop BHtcrs Is aot, lu ony , i nlcoliollc boverngo or liquor, and could 'tiofbe sold, for AISO, except lo jporsoau ilasiroua of obtalnlu/? ttedlolnal bitters, Fast Freight & Passenger Ike T/1B ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL - R. R. CO'8 J. F. ELUbO.V, Oomuiandor. TUBB UODOE! j oiorKs. On and alter TtrarBdRy.FeVi. 17th, -wiUleavo Alton dally For &t. Xiouis at 7 a. m. Returning, will leovo St. Louis (foot of Vine - '• i. tn.'. L,eavJnt{Altonat5:3O p.m. for Portage and .Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. ua., connecting with fastaipresa on St.Y,ouIs and Uoutral Illinois Hallroad lor Jersoyvillo. Wa- veny, ap.lnKfldldand all poiuts nortU and Uttatl FARE. , ..-.' TOST. Loois.sliiRlotrip, . . ... 52°' " " mund trip, . . • . ioo 11 " twenty rlau tl«ket, . , ifi.'JO HENUY O.-TAT17M, Uun. A«t. Alton. H. A. Flail IS 11, non'l alitiiugqr. fulldtf . tJ, B, Oom'r Internal Eov, tfatUngtm, D> C. t Sept. S4,1884 Denr Sir—Whydoft't vpu got ft certln- onto from Col. W. H. W., of Bnltlhiottf, oliovrlng Ivov? lie cured Wtnaeltof dtuuk' CUC33 by tho lielp of Hop'.Bitten. Ills Is n wonderful case. He w well known In Ifocliestcr, N. T.,. by all the drihhlng people there. Ho Is known m this oily, Otncinnall, New '-Orleans, Now,York; In fact njl over tho oouhtryi orliohns spent thousands of dollnra for rum. I honestlv believe his card wduldbo worth thousands of dollars lo you in this city and Baltimore nlono, and innke thousands' of aobcr uicu by inducing the use of < your bitters. , , J, A \V "KIMS; "Eleven yours our daughter, suffered ou n bed of misery under tho cure of scvcrnl of the beet physicians, who gave jicr disease various names'but no relief, nnd* now she Js restored to us In good health by Hop Bitters, that wo had pobhed at two years before using it. Wo earnestly hope and pray .that no one else will let the'j- sick suffer as. wo-did, ou nccount of prejudice agalndt so good li medicine ns Hop Blttors."— The 'Parent! — Good Templars, Milton, Dei., -Feb. 10, 1880. Having used Hop Bitters, 'tho noted remedy tor debility, nervousness, indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation'in saying that it is indeed an excellent mediciuo and recommend it to any one us a truly tonic bitters. Bespectfully, \ Mns. J. H. BLLGdOD. DR.C. JB. KU1IJLAND, Dentist, 13 TH1ED ST/iBKT, ALTON, ILL. . Office lloors—8 a. m. to 12 m. j 1 to 4 p. a. f«bdwlv G. A. - Dentist, OVBB BttUEGGESlAKN'S OIGAB STORE 8KUONU ST. 1fl»3 rtt! ANU DK. E. U-UJSJjlUUt Physician ana Surgeon, OFICIOK AND RB8IDKNOE. OOB.rOlUlTB AND HJENfcV SIS. 1a5-dwly W. A. HASKJSLL, M.D., Physlciau and Surgeon, OITF10.W—SEOOND ST.. ALTON, ILL. OtHco o oura—8a.m.; 12 to 1, and 0 p.m ' Tho nnderiilKned have onened a new 'muelo Core at the corner {of llilrd and Flaaa sta store ORGANS AND PIANOS! otltlio [Uneat vorkmunatilp for aalo atrea< aoridbio prices. Oull und examine our instruments before purchasing; elsowliero. PLOSSj & RABE. mcli22dwem WILSON TheaB Wnnbboarda nre mode with ft Bent-Wooa ilm. The Strongest boards and teat wasuors in tli« world. For Bale by oil dcalera. M'FT. CO., MIolilgnn. SINOL.B Domil'E. B Sa«rlnn.W, 100,000 ACRES CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING AND In NORTHERN WIS- 'CONSIN foi'iwle nt S5 AN ACRE on long time. Tho most prosperous and promlslnR Held tor nottlement In tlio U. S. Pull fc-Cormutlon with goad nmp free. Adilrctn IAJD CM.2ISS10SIER. Vcoinln Central ft. K., Mlltrtnliee. WIs. JOSJSl'JU JAKK12TT'» LIVERY STABLE FBONT STKBBT, BKTWKEN AiBY AND KAHTON, ' M.VOT . . I1XINOI Scipio, N. Y., Dec. 1/1884, I am the pastor of the Baptist: church here and an educated physician. I am not in practice, but am ray solo family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over a year ago I recommended yovir Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who lias , been under medical treatment of Albany's best physicians several years. She has been greatly beuefltted and still uses the medicine, I believe she -will become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. We both recommend them to our, friends, many of •whom have also been cured of thoir various ailments by them. REV. E. II. • Cured of .JDi'iffHinff, "•• \ • "A young friend of V^mine.was cated of nn insatiable "thirst for liquor that had so prostrated his system that lie was Unable lo do any business. He was entirely cured by tho USD of Hop Bitters. , It allayed all that burning thirst; took away the appetite for liquor; made bis nerves stoutly; mid he has : 'ijemaiued a steady, and sober iran for moire > an two years, nu'd has uo desire ; to return to' his cups, and I know of a number 8 of Others that, have been cured of drinking by it."— From a R.R. Offlcial, Chicago, 111. Pfeiflenbergei 1 GENERAL 8UPEEINTENDENT AND MECHANICAJL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office 011 Tliird St.,one door west of Piaea, tblrd floor. ~I^TTEUtSON?^ DKAJlKRS.rN FINE AND COBIMON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Always OB Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. «;uu F.UENITUIUS sooiis ABE ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILn, apsdwiv ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor 1>. Guild, deecased. • Tlio iindorBigndd, having been appointed Adminlsti-a'or ol tlio estate of Eleanor P. Uii'KI, Into of ,tlio county of WadiBon mid stntu ol Illlnniu,<l(ie«aaed, lioroby gives notice i lint ho will appear before'be county court of Miidlnon county, at tho court liouao, in Kdwardavllle, at the May term, on the till- d Monday in May next, at which time all persona havlnp: olalins aaalnst said Estate are uatlded and veqiiasted to attend lor the purpose of liavlnx the name adjusted. All peraonB indent od to said Estate are requested to iimke Immediate payment to tue unuor- Iiatecl this 1HU day of March, A. P., 1887. < 1'EU1 J KY B. WHIPPLB, 22c34 w Administrator. ALCOHOUCANTIDDTE ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES //VO ALL NERVOUS DERANGEMENTS, An ImmedlaU relief for proBtrntlon co,u«od by ALCOHOLIC EXCESSES. A Stimulant wblob, when tal'.onVlth Boda; Vichy, AiwIllnarlB, Soltzor, or any Bparkllnir Water, will supply the Graving, for Btrona OrlnU, -without Itn disastrous retulta, tbo avHtein rofresliod and Invlvarnted. rrouarcd no u HEAVY BYBUP, moat agreeable to take. non-alcoholic, it commends itself especially to Physicians, Lawyer*, Ti-nohuw, Clergymen, Merchant*, nnd othors following nodentury oocuvatlona or imvauUs, rcqulvlbg noi'vo ouorgy. CHICAGO'lu. U-B'A

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