Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 29, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1887
Page 4
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A GBEAI MISTAKE hat hereurfofs been ffiade la tha troattocnt of thotttuatlsffl, D«orn)gt% r BtMl ttfertoiU or tried numerous so-called remedial. To v such Atlilopuoro; l« oflored^uB a mfe, «wy, and quick cure, lu success has been . nomtnal, and yet it Is not surprising be" "".^iiM^if 1 * 11 ^^^ ia IfaMo pflrtiti tthYlfttve Wen ''cured ty II. J. P. Mallclto, of the Mnlletta & Ray- niond Maniif.Co., No. 329 South Canal St., Chicngo. 111., says: "My wife lins been aKtcat •uflbriit'ftora'n^irnlgitt /or l ii ! |ot)g >TliUe, biirah'allfbotllo'of AtliloWioroB cured licr BO that elio has not differed any since. When it wns first ri«ominciidcd' to her, plio would not get it im she wns always opposed to taking nny kind of patent 'nictli- ctncs. But os ibo trentinent slip irnsuiiiler gave her no fSllcf I Insisted; on hcf trj-lng AthloplioroB. After' taking a half hottlo the neuralgia was gone and has not returned since." Dccatur III. • , I havo been nflHctcd witK 'flidurnatisfti for several years. During the past winter I ,w«C stricken J with a very severe attack, rehaej'ing mdaltnont hclplcs-sniul confining hie to luy bed. I tried various medicines and t<& prciwribcd 'for"J>y. physicians yrilh no aVftll.'- Firiiilly I '••via induced 'to try^ AthloplioroB. I was relieved and cured so quickly that words could not tell my surprise. I do not hesitate in recommending it to any ono suffering with that painful complaint, rheumatism, A. M. BIAKNEY, ""• """' CoV v ^n : lpn>nd;,Gj:CEij .Sts. Every drnggistBhould 1ce«p A'tfilophoroa and Atfilophorus Piily, but where they cun- " not bo bought of tbe druggist the AI phoros Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular' JSrice, 'trbifh • is"$l;00' per' bottle' foF Atlilobli'nros nhrl '50o' for Pills:' ' • For liver and fcldnoy dlscnson, dyspeiwln, In- weakness, narvoua {debility, flls^nSes toflstfpattpb! ? heodnohe, ttnparo iotoi'Pnls otfi uaoqunlcd." 8 pr woriiqn, (^nrt Wood, «c ."Attuo WALHffll! New and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. GLISS ty, from, Small to •feest' sizes. At the old reliable JJOUSE-.PAINTING arid DECORATING oatabjtbliuiont.ol ' NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, • foblldSm Havo boon unloyed by cltltonn of ovcry tnwn and - oltr--ln-the U. B. >• Mnrrelous Cuion liavn boon wit* noued by thounnnite ot people, whu cnn tonUfy tc THC WONllEKPtn, lIKAl.l.Nd POWEI1 UT Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Oatarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, Lame'Back, Still Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns. Fovcr JJores, Wounds, Qld Soros, Chilblains, Frpst Bites, Sore Nipples, Cak«\t 1 BrqasU, and All Aches and Pains, are quickly ruliovetl b; thin niimlciil renii'rty. Try It once nnrt you win never bo without It. For »nlo by druaglBtiir t>rln>tli9n. Our KINO HOOK free to till. Addr«SS : WI7ARn'OIL COMPANY: OHICACP BEALESTA^JCE FOR SALE OR RENT, Rudersnausen & Soautag. For Bale. A ronvonlont and pleasant home at a rea- Bonflblft'flgttre; bolnjl; u two-story frame house on Klgdth street, near Henry. *o> bale. A oholoe farm ol 320noien, with flrst clas» Improvements, situated 2>< miles east ol Brunawieb. Obarlton coi; Mo. For Bale. A one.story frame dwullmir houno In good condition, In Topping's addition to Alien. For Sale Cheap Tho residence oi Oapt. W. 1- oble; two stories and mansard roofi 12 room 1 balls, closets, cellars, eto.; B aoros of groan Mont desirable property. In the eltj-, "•'r»t Mali. 160 aoros of land near ultj^lmlts. 3:.<-Q ., two story brick and iramevwo. n oonse, both nltuated on theoua' o .i.ato street betweenflth and 7th ucots' ao the brlek •es on Seoon 'trout, between tld|e street • aown aslluntor't Fo. Male. , * .ilnif houso wlthiu one Dloofcs of the d t tor ta7&. 160 acres fgood larmmu: land, and tmothei tract oi :00 icres, both unimproved. Sluiati lu MM co., Kansas, at $10 and $16 per aert lX)spootlv«ly—one-tUlrd oasb',balanoo on tlmu For Salf> ( Alarm of 140 acres on oottom land, all lu cultivation, near Madison, in this county, A gfKidtwo-atory tr^toe dwelling Uot.uu on it. I>M|M i VO (HUI "* f -'*-'T .' -) .' pi VU. -. irrlOU M.UUU v -• ' '' ' ,. . A choice farm oi l*»" acres, situate ) mlli< couth of Ublpmuu, Uacouplu county, ill., ui Parties inlendlnR to buy Koal Estate in thi! city ol Alton or vloliiltv will Ilud It tn tliuli liuurost to call attheollloeof ItuduvuDiiuaun A SonntHK and examine thulrllst Oi propur- or sillo Us only pai't tuorcof Is udvcr- ' '•' EMPIJiE MILLS, BEOONLI STUKKT (Noor I'lit»u), ALTON, ILL FOH SALS : Ground Oatx, Ground Corn, Jiay, Onts, Ooru, Corn" ' Buokwlioat Flour, ' GrwJmm Flour.oto PBQIUTLYDELIVKIIKIJ TOANY 1'AllT Oh THK 01TV. '• M.WILIUNSON. 1v7 <1»» .Bf »' Patent?, To ny pentons wishing ,to_obt&Ui ie|^i in new Inventions, ItpprovoraontH-lo I will execute drawing* und sptidlff and make «pplloatlon» for Patemi ~ lpp*r»onprby Iftte , free DAILY Ul.) th« P, MM AND GAUDEN. KEEPING?.A RECTIVE COW'S TAlU QUIET- WH:LE MILKING. How unil Whon to 1'lnnt Seed* to Inmtro Good Crops—A Kiiftpberry of Promise. Somo I'nltitK About the Way a Garden Should bo Kltimtcd. T|io,vo2cta1d6 garden opglit never to be in nn orchard, or have tt'coa or shrubs within It, for best results. Tho vegetable rjnrdpn 0:1 a fnrra should be placed, when practicable.-no aa to'bo easily reached from the barn, to facilitate house cultivation. A gentle inclination to llio south and Cast in the warmest, will glvo the earliest vegetables, and bo best for corn, melons, tottiatpbs, etc., but It milters moro from r. spring or early Ml fro|t, because of I'c- colylns tho direct rays • of the morning Bnnl An incljnr.tioa to tho north and west is later, suffers less in a drought, and to tho Jurat .for peas, cabbage, lettuce, etc. in an advantage In a largo garden to have both these exposures, but for small gavd.enu a gentle inclination to tho south and orvst or a level surface is the best. Tho arrangement of a smull garden, •when most or all of tho work is clone by. :hand, is a matter of taste, but on the favmlt, Is quite -Important to have the garden so arranged that most of the work can be done by horso po\vqr.' : Golden Quocu Kuspuairy. Numbered with new varieties of fruit prominent tho present, season among fruit growers everywhere that raspberries can , bo raised is the Golden Qncei). This is bp a seed of the Ciithbert. The claims r.imlo for it avo that, while hardy and therefore adapted to tho northern states, it also finds favor at tho south, \7here heretofore only tho Black Cap.i 'have- succeeded well, the heat being too great for tho red varieties. Flattering reports, it Is claimed, have been received from Maine, and Minnesota to .Florida,Louisiana and Texas. GOLDES QUEEN RASPUKItliT. Vick .describes this berry us of large sba ami Koofl'tinality and golden yellow in color. The cnues are said to bo strong and productive. Mr. Theo. V. UuUer, formerly president of the Ncvf -Jersey Horticultural society, expresses himself as pleased with tho Golden Queen, which ho has; found will bear transportation with tbo'best of tho raspberries. J. T. I/jvotV claimn that it bears draught admirably,, and produces fruit in abundance. Ii seems to bu sufficiently promising to justify a trial, at least on a small scale. : • How and When to Plant Socda. Tho first important step tal^on toward tho cultivation of a crop is tho obtaining of good seed. Next conio considerations of soil and. depth of planting. Tho temperature and molsturo of tho ground have mofo to do with tho successes and failures .yearly recorded than is generally acted upon. r Wheat and barley, for instance, while they struggle through the ground at the extreme temperatures of 41 degrees and 100 degrees, germinate most rapidly, other conditions being equal, at about 84 degrees. Corn does best at say 00 degrees, though it will germinate at from CO to 1 lO.dogrces. Tho squash bean and pea i all germinate quickly ut about tlio same temperature as that given for corn. Clover seed often fails because sown at a .tlmo^of, Insutliclent moisture, while mil- lot, for instance, under similar conditions of dryness will secure a good catch. Every one who plants at all understands that the size of tho seed has much to do with tho depth of covering required,! and farmers with ono accord place corn deeper than tho smail grains, and tho small grains iloepor than tho grasses, but all farmero do not vary those respective, depths to suit the different soils Into whish. the seed are placed,' and yet It requires only a moment's consideration to seoithat a heavy soil which lies close to tho >ced admits of slighter covering than a shif tins, sandy ono. Many interesting experiments 1mvo been made from time to time in testing thy germinating powers of seed under differ*,, t depths of covering. In a table prepared by Professor Pctrl, allowing tho germination of wheat at certain depths in the ground, it appears that about tliree- fourths of tho seed planted will come up at a deptli of three Indus, and nearly nil ut from ono to two inches. Theao and similar fucfci point to tho importance of every planter's acquainting himself with tho requirements of the Deeds to bo planted, and regulating time, i\nd depth of sowing to suit the same. They' also explain ruany failures which Jmvo been laid to thu quality uf t!io need; but this should not lessen tho mil 'of farmers In their cmlviivpnt for UROO-.I, pure article. Drill I'l.uitliit— Slmllow Cultivation. It in nineteen years iilncp Mr. K. S. Carman Ilr;j|. begun tho ailvocauy of planting com in drllUi Inutcad of 'hills; of txuving forUll/.t'1-H oil tho liiirfaco and merely liar- rowing Ihoiiiin; of nurfaco cultivation—that U, shallow cultivation; and of keeping tho hind as level us possible—that is, not killing up. There wore then, as Indeed thuro were many yearn previously, advocates of one or (he other of Iheao method;), but iiono who favored all Blmul-, tnnoouMly. At the present time there arc many progressive farmm who have tried this method, and few, if r.ny, of them would return lo tbo old way, viz.; plowing under tho manure, planting in hill, hilling up and deep cultivation, until thu corn la harvested, Mr. Carman also says: All farmers who Imvo planted corn very early know that after the plants sprout and have grown two or three Inches thuro usually comes a cold (spoil, and tho jOnms stoi» growing ni|ii ot'ton niwuinQ a yello\v, sickly appearance. Is'tills duo, as la 'generally supposed, to tho cold weather altosothpr, or to the fact that nltrlflcu'.lon ceases? If Inquiring farmers would cow a little nitrate of soda upon n hiiiull portion of tho Held when planting, thus suppling nitrogen in un iiainwljiuoly AVAilflbtaforuVtt tnls&t appear, that tlto "stmidstlU" \Vua.i\tto tittlier totidollclaiu, of nltrotrenoua food than to the cool ct. ' " "' ' * Gorti will Keep well on' *lio cob, I! It fro* properly.. titled,: for" several yenra,lbttger tluiii.ivluni RheUcd. In buyliw.svedjCoriV W Billed, stlcel II possible .tnftt'wlifeti Is only one year old. 'Soinb seeds ore never, to bo depdnidcd,* On when inord 'thnft, one; old, as parsnips, oakms, and leeks; but If kept prppovly tn, ah : atnipsp)iero of oven tcntyerntnvp ivntV hun\Siuty, ^lioat arc good for a Ibnsei' tltiio. 'AnVoog thbsdsafo for only two y&t-rs'may^Wuiccl allkltida of peart and beans, egg plhnti carrot, oago, salsify, eplnn'rh, peppers and 'most -'of tho frrasscs, while parsley, lettuce, asparagus, radish, ct2., may bo relied on at three years old, and celery, tnrnlp, cabbago and cauliflower for at/leant four years. Squash, tomatoes, beets, melons, pumpkins and cucumbers retain thuir vitality from five to ten years, Tttntmrcn for Unrilun I'nrpnscs. For garden purposes there Is nothing better than well rotted stable manure, with which tobacco stems, bones, leaves or any refuse vegetable or animal matter may be composted with advantage. This should bo plowed in unless tho t>M is quite sandy and the aianuro very fine, when It may bo applied on the surface, and simply harrqwed orrnkediii. Plaster, salt, wood ashes, "guuno, ground bone, all are valuable and can bo used to advantage in cofoncction with tho stable manure. Plaster should not bo applied until the plants arb .well. up. Ashes and salt should not bo 'mixed with the other maimrcs, and may bo sown broadcast and raked in just before planting. Guano, .ground bone and superphosphate.. give better results if one-half is sown broadcast at planting and tho balance when the vegetables arc half grown. In some cases sand, leached ashes and peat on clay soils, and clay arid muck on sandy soils, will prove as valuable as manures. Occasionally a spot .which has, been used for a garden for many years will. 'become' "unproductive, in spito of liberal manurlugs. We know of no other remedy -than to abandon it for a garden, seed down to clover and allow it to remain two years, when it may bo plowed under, and the garden will bo found to have regained Its original fertility. Ont or lyiieut Straw. Thp question often arises among farmers as. ,to. 'the- relative vniuo'.'.pf oat and wheat straw for feeding purposes. To make an accu rn t e comparison ' Between theso s (raws it would bP necessary that ciich kind should be cut ht exactly tho same stage' of Mia- turity, while in practice oats are usually cut at an earUcr stage of ripeness than is, wheat.:" Wheat straw in nn average condition, according to the analysis of as high nn authority ns Dr. Volckner, contains between 1 and 2 per coat, of fatty matter, from 3 to 8 per cent, of nitrogenous com- poui)ds, 4. to 0 per. cents* of sugar and mucilaginous matter, soluble in water,. and about 20 per cent, of flbcr in., n. sufficiently soft state to yield to tho action of digestive liquids. Oat straw was found to bo somewhat similar in composition as far as tho proportions of oil and nitrogenous compounds nvc concerned, but it contained more sugar and extractive matter and a much larger proportion of digestible fiber. While in the case, of wlieat straw rather more than onc-foiirth of the total liber IB digestible, in tho case of oat straw considerably more than one-half ol the tlber is soluble. Oat straw, then, as n rule, is superior'in feeding value, because it contains a niucli larger proportion of digestible fat forming aud heat producing properties.— .World. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup has been before Ihe public for years, and is pro- nnnpced bv ihnnsarxls superior to all othnr articloii for the cure of coughs, polris.' influenza, and all pulmonary complain!?. • I used Salvation Oil for 'rheumatism ia t ho feet, arid aftor several applications was cntlrply relieved of pain and wwlrt walk as well ,ns evor. — Ann 11. Walking, Ualiimore, Md. ' Lst Irishmen Break Tlirongb Farlr ...... lines. They will, in time, when the American people beoome thoroughly convinced ih-vt they are no longer the allies of a single party, receive all the recogni tlon to which they are entitled. Enjoy Life. '' What a truly beautiful worfd we live in ! Nature giyos us grandeur of mountains, glens and oceans, nhd thousands of means pf.enjoyment. : ' VVe'.'ohfl.des.'rfi no beile'r yvheh in pertept health; but hiw oft-in do'the majority of neoplc feel like giving it "up" disheartened, \ dia- cnurngpd and t worn" out with difrpnsc, \vhon.therp is nn i occasion for thl^/foel- ing, as every sufferer can easily obtain sa/isf notary proof, I hat Green's August Flower,' will make tlieri) .free from (li-enRO, ns when born. Dy-pcpsni and Liver Oonipjaiin are the. direct causi's of >evpniy-iivo, per cent, of pueh mn'ftdiec a* I$iliou«n<w. Indigestion, Sick Hi'iid- '•chp, Costtvenpts, Nurvrius Prpst ration, D zzinosa of the Head, Palpitation of thu Hi-art, and (ithpr di-trcss|iii2''isTni|)toni.'>. 'Ihreq riospa of August Flower will P'nve its wonderful effect. Stunple bottloH, 10 cents. Try it. iniJ ilwpow ly v CommU-iionnr Morrison, of tin* Intur StutH |{i>ard, will apoly his "horizontal t irlff policy to the railroads, and favor a 20 per cent, reduction in rates nil around. — C/n'ca.yo Journal. Tho Uioo Coll Carnage-Spring give 0 a 'uipgy ihat ease of motion so dusint» b « in that vehicle TUl* sprinsr i» light. Dunt, durable and chcai>. No spring In 'ho world can mutch it in any particular. dwl* If v«U require a snrinp; medicine, If you iiro sufffrlnst with lungtior, dubllity, pjmplt'S, bolln, calunh, <<lironio sori'f, st'ioiuln, or liiKS i>f nppi-tiie, or nry UisuHse urljiloL' from impure blood, tithu 'd Stirsii]) ri.lla —the eofcs't . and econoiuiuiil oi all bloud puriliers. dvvlw THE Jersey County Democrat, con- tnlns ilm announoomunlH ol 14 cnndi- d itcs for town and city ollicera. llillUron Slarvfnif to Uunth On account ol tlicilr iimbility'io digest foud, will Iliul u moat mnrveilous food and rt'nirdyln 8cott 1 0 Emuleldii. Very palatablg unit pnslly ttigesu'd, Dr. S, \V. Oohon, o( WHCO, Texan, sav«! "I your Kiniilsion in infiintilu li not only ruHtotvs waslml , but givos struuxili.and iuorcasus theappetlto." P Trani{iliuiUiiK Nntlvo Tron*. Nureery srown twos ftiv^, ttH n rule, better satisfaction than do thcsp.tokpii up frpm their native localities. " amis prln- Cfpalif btvlnit to.'tud-tdcttbttti tho roots of plants erowmjj wiltlt'cXtcnd.Ovr.thtfr, Irom tho .stomp ,thunj,hpso,yu.ised in.nurflerieii, v/hcrc they ' haVc befeiY '6nco ' "or of toner transplanted. ' ^ct, ^vHfh' r 'a llttld ' extra care, native trees ;:nay; bo. .tmnsplantct] BUcccssInUy,. TJic American, Agriculturist advises Ihat spcclmelio gro'wMg in dry and open ' sll 'latlons Blio'uld bo s'dlefctcd. As many aud 'na. much of, the voata, icspeclally tho lino, fibrous, ones, tbfit can be dug up should be preserved, ' and" core must be taken hot (o expose these to tho sun and winds morp. than is unavoidable. The tops havo to Ixi tttt back soyoroly, rcmov Ing one-half ' or' two-thlrtlH of all thp nranchco, and this is host dono" before planting thq (rocs. Thp hplcu ehould have been dug previously, and whenever prac tlcabio the trees lihould bo taken up hnO planted on a cloudy or diimp day. . A CIIW'B Tu II. Wlillo A good way to keep a cow'o tail still while 'inllkins, says ti correspondent in Tho Country "Gontlcfhnn, is to provide a rope strap long enough to piiss ovev tho animal's hips and hang down over her tail, as shown in the cut TYING DOWN A COW'S TAIL. ' The rope may be ever so old, as otrength is not needed, but should bo thrco inches or more in circninference,,as it must have Vvelght.' It can be changed from cow to cow us f:ist aa you can walki "•"-' (jreatly Excited. * Not a few of; the oitizans of Alton haye recuntiy bepome grpatly excited over the ixstojiishinii facts, that several of I heir" friends wlio had bebn pronounced by their physicinns at mciiruble and beyond all hope— 'suffering vyith that dreaded - uoon^tur Const] niiition- have ;bpen cpmjilettily cured by Ur. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively euro ul I throat and lunsr diseases, OVugh^, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial- butihV free at -,E. March's drug stire, large bottles SI. Wonderful Cnrcs. W. D. Hojt & (Jo., wholesale and retail druggists, of Kome, G*-, »»y :. We have been selling L)r, Kind's "N«w Discovery, Elnctric 'Bitters and buckifii's Arnica Salve for two years. Have never, handled remedies that sell as well.or give si^ch universal sutisfrtctlon. I'her'e have been sotnu wonderful cures I'ffected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of .pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by USP of a few bottles of Dr. liinu's New Discovery, taken in connection with Electric Hitters. We guarantee" them always. SolU by E. Marsh. mohldwlru BnuKien's Arnica. Salvo. The Beat Salve <.n the world for cuts, bruises, sofes,;..08rs, salt rhonm, 'fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ai! skin eruption^, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give pprfsot satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by B. Marsh, Alton. Ill, -.-• tuohTdwlm Not, Hurt the JJuilroads. Aa far as the wor.king.of the Inter S'ate Commerce act la concerned, we cm not see that it is anticipated as an injury to 'railroad property. If this injury were really feared, there, would have been within the past two o'r three weeks a grand liquidation of stocks, instead: of the. very large onjjairopAontg cl money for long timeupon pledge of the same.. '••••' • • i; : '- •" • , • Two great enemies—Hood's Sarsaparilla and impure blood. Tho latter is utterly defeated by tho peculiar medi cine. •"•'.- j 'A sermon is always short tb'jhe xvomah who wears a hew bonnet i'for llio first time.— Ex. : . , ,-\y, 0. Tngeip, LnGrHnpe, Ga., wril. in 1 ;'about Dnrbys ProphylHCtic .Fluid, saysr "Ii H a priceleaa jawel 1 as a duiinfvoln'nt and dp.odonzflr. My; wife .itate< tor the henclit of young mothers that itj is a valuable adjunct to the' nursery." It is pquaily so to parents iravelling with children. Not only Is ihH Flind invaluable as a deodorizpr, but a fuw drops added to tho water in bathing will remove all eiuptions ( from tip skin, chu.tinvTi etc., and greatly refresh and soothe. tu tn s wk . f olwvomore qulckl y than any o(hc;. known re .rflijifjtsi • jxlyi' IDicdmnll'in, Nramlj * R o, I'lciirJy.v. ijoro.*. Kroj-t-hlti's, i«ikm.'U, Ouliny, Sort) Tlmmt , .. .. -, i«ikm.'U, Ouliny, Sort) Tlmmt 'l«ilfn. WomiilM, IIC4diiiilia. TiMitluvcho. fi|>r(tjnn, cto. 'H-Ico upeu. a bottlo. Mold bjr all nulmdn elcrnutiir-. A U. Mnyor 4; A> 'B'CIIO Dr. Hull'* ('iiiiuh Hvnm Hill cinV vmn I^oiitfh <•' • """ ('rlrn nitlv VA (.'tu. f, liollltt. , Kor n clii'ck lor JiO w« *til print ' n ion-lino advert Uumuiit In One Million Issues of luati- I»K Amvrlcun Nuwbpiipurs. '1 hU Is at the "ato of only onu (Kill ut itcont n lluu,for l.OKU'lrcu • Union! HID mlvoitlkumont will bo plnood l>uforu Onu Million niiwHimrler tiuu-lui-nr»--(ir KIVK MILLION ItKAiyiiis. Ton Ini'U will iiui'iuniiimliitt) iiOontTA wifi'ils; Ad- Uru«D with uopyof mlv Itiitl uliuck, orm-ml So I'ontj tor book ol 170 puuou. OKO. I*. HOW. BLL * VO., ID SprtlOU at., N. Y. )ul(S(llin MOST PERFECT MADE Propnrod'with strict ref-artl to Purity, Strongth, and ItenHUfnlnCBS. Dr. Price's Baking Powder contains no AmmBntait.lraa.AluntbrPhni'phtttes.Dr.Prlco b Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., aavor.dellclonsly. fff/Ce BWMGPmVDtRCO. WHIPPLf&SMLEli:, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UERRESKOTING THB FOLLOWING Firsts-Class Ins. Co»'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, ; * Franklin, of Plilladolybia; North BritiMh and . Mercantile, Loudoii; Com. Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Girard; , Glens Folia, Amercon tentral; '"'.' F.iremen'8 Fund»' '. Western Assurance Co AND OTHERS: A OA8H OAPIIAI IN THE AttGBEGATE OF $20,000,000. WJffi AiSO RKPKBBKNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bajik Gor. Third and State sta. Fine BoBliluuco for Halu. Thn late II. OoBo* honiaitnad, now owned by M. it: Umlor vand,'8lCuHted on Una of iiordu.rullwny,.in, Uj)iior- Alto.i; II ronns, bath room, furnaci), uuJ (rood otic bullillnud, two uoroa o! ground, will be sold at a bar- Kiiiu. Possusflion irlvoii nn oo-Mplotlnii ol /sale. • VVHIPPLB & SJULKV. " For Bent. Two-story hduae and good stable ou Com man street, uood fruit. ' \V1HPPLE A SMTLKY. , JTar Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and! repair, in Unpor Alton llesldBneeof 1). B. nollius, and kunwn astl)0 Merrill property. WHWLK & SMILEY, Al- toa, or D. W. Collet,' nppar Alton. ' ' lorlleut. A two-story brlok dwelling known as tin A. Platt hoinestoud, Lately pu- in uood re Pair. WniPlfLB & S ; Vor bale or neuc. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned bv Mra'S. J.'Dntro."" - ITor baj» The late residences ol J. J. and Vf. H Mitchell, on Mill St., two o; tt n best pieces o residence property tn Alton. Tue property known as''Tbo 1'avK, eastol above; li lot on Mill and Summit atroetu, an! a' number o ptt In MUlor * Mltobell's addition to Alton Anv or all of above at aterput bargain. Wf.lPPLB A SMILEY. . For Sale. A 7-room bil3k dwelling and nut building OB Thud Btrect, between Ob«rry and Vine. WHll'PLfc&SM EY. torn out. Good 0-rnom brick noueo with about4 acres of ground,Inchullnt' orcun-<i,in Upper Alton Former residence ol Dr. Humbert. • Will I-PLE& SMILEY. 35TB. DeBlrnble KeBideucei) tar Hale. A iwoetbry brick dwelling on'Statu street known ns A. Plutt Iiumesteadi lately nut lu good repair. A two story trumo dwoHInK on SI ul n Btroet, nintrly now, • -A two story oilck dwell I UK on Sovcntb street, all for Hale -a HBiicrldce. owner liavlnu decided to «r »•• WMIf'I'l.K ft«MII«PV For Hem. Late, residence ol M. J. Nponan on State itrpet, known as tho A. Platt place.' Oloodfl >'oom brick houvn. In Hrst class repair. WHII'IM.K * 8M1I,EY *or ouie. The Merrtman property on State Btree tn Sillier & Mloliol/'s add., to Alton, Itf 'story house, s rooms aud out-buudluKs; all In per feet order. Can bo bad at it bargain. WHIi'PLE for Sale. The Woodroof property. A 2 story frame boiiao ol 8 rooms, on fifth and Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on'Klttli • Jfor Hole. i & convenient tarai of 120 acres, moat all ID estivation; sltitated on the Bochaltoroad, •nil'" TiJin Alto;;, . For Rput. A twoslory brlck'dwullliiK known nstlm A. I'lutt hotneutuadi ldlul\ put In miod riMialr. Wllll'l'UH; « SMli.KY Kur M»le. A 1>{ story friimu dwulllnjf, corner Pearl unU Flltb BtreotH. Fur Sale or Knit. The 2-story i nimu dwelling with 0 rooms, noludliiK ; IOIH; wood bum am] One Units known us tlio Nlohnls liniiiPstimd.-Kituneed on l-.'th st,, In a dt'slraolci nitlulilini hood. ,K)HN BAUEK, PEAIJ5U JN AND MANOFAOTUUl^B' FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, . City Mall, Al/EON, IfcL, 1 • ^ : ^ All kinds of flue and common farultur con»tftutly on liaud. Also undertaker, etc.. n A AT On and Sunday. Nov. Uth, \ and tral« for Ohloftgo andthoJBasti,, UhleagoMall'... ..ii...V. d .. Chicago ACWlflinodatton*..,.... .sioop.'.n Peprla anultock island' FastLIneKSioo al'm "or iinoli»6niriU<)| KBOknWi tfnUhori ~Kaa, •M Cltyiand *11 pnlnU west. 'KatosaSOjiyiMallt'iw-.. .. >s..(.,0:00a,!n, l,lalitnJn«KxproB8*.... Siiria, n Ohiuago Accommodation*. .....,..9:!ina. n AlioifSpeolall , Mallt. .......... ........ ,. n.-ilOn ; LEAVB S1-. 1OUI8 U»tON UBVOt (760ft. m. (600p. <n. »4 60p.m. , *7Mp.m, (8 45 tt. m. Sundftyoohlyji > , Sup't St. Louis JJlvlalon OlJlOAtiO, BUttUiNQTOIt AK1> QD1KOV. Qinnie leuvo tho Union, Depot, Alton tollowe: doing Northi . , , Express, (except Sunday)... . 8:M a. m Night Exprustt i 7:05 p. at • ' W.W. Sore Eyes Tho oj-cs arc always In sympathy With tho body, and afford an excellent indox ot Its conditlou. AVlion tho,eyes,boco)uo, weak, and the lids InUsniod^pd sore, it is an ovidenoo that, the system lias, becoino. disordered ; by _ ScrofuiB,,.\ior which Ayer'a Sal-sdparilla f l» tho beat known remedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful In- flnmnmtion in my eyes, canned ine much sutlerinj; for a number of years. ; By tho advice of a physician I cownepeed taklnj} Ayer'a Sorsaparillo. After using thu. medicine a short timo I was completely Cured' Sly-eycs are now In a splendid oondt. tlon, and I am 03 \veU ami-strong as uvor. —Mrs. William Gage, Concord, N. H. ' For a number of years I wo* troubled, •with a humor'in my eyes, and was unablo. to obtain any relief until'I commence^ usiiiK "'Ayer'a Sarsaparilla.. This medicine- has effected a complete cure, and I bulievb'lt to bo tho best'of -blood purifiers.—C. E. Upton, HosHua,,lLH. From childhood, and nntil : with o.few. montlis,.! have been afflicted With Woafc •and Soro Eyes. I liavu UBod'for thesat complaints, with beneficial - results, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it * Brcat blood purifier. —Mrs, C. Phillips. " Glover, Vt. ' I suffered for a year with inflammation in jny left eye. Three Dicers,for,med on tbo ball, depriving mo of sight, and. causing'great pain. Aftor trying many other remedies, to no purpose, I was llual- ly induced to use Ayer's Sarsaparilla. By Taking thrco bottles ot this medicine J ho,ve been' entirely cured. My sight has been restored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or nicer ir. my eye. T-ICondal T. Bowoii, Sugar Tree Bidge, Ohio. My.(lauehteri ten years 'old; was affllct- nd with Scrofulous -Sore Eyes. During tho last two years she never saw light of pny kind. Physicians of - the ; hifthcst standing exerted their skill, but with no S erraancnt success. On the recommcn- ation of a friend I purchased a bottlo of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Before she had used •tlio-third bottlo her sight was .restored. Her cure is complete. — w. E. Suthor- land, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Dyer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr.J.C.Aycr &Co.,I.ovpell,HMD. Sold by oil Druggists. Tried $1; «U bottlci, $5. HAY-FEVER ELY'S GliEAMUALM Is not a liquid, snuff or ligicdtr. ' AppKtt into nostrils is guickly absorbed. It clearua the head. A llayg inflammation. Heals tta sorts. Jteitoi-es the stninte of taste and wnftt •ajfagjBS^jgjgjg, A. J.HOWELL, -DEALER .' IN r , FURNITDRE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND, i iAIA QKDEP FOU Neatly and promptly, ojeoutqd. Bollo St., bot. Thlrrt and JTourth. IK8IDBSOK OOn. 8TATH A BKVKNTtl 6T8 For Sate Cheap, iVitli. all tho Appllfinpee to Hun it. Everything In Go6d Order.

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