Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 29, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON DAILY mr w. T. NORTON, Oat. Thtrt MM PUMB Bt.rfttf, Alton. 111. TUESDAY EVE., MARCH 89. •BM. 8HER3AN ROT A CANDIDATE Tho Only Thin* Which Might More llim to »e*k t'irli llouor*. AD articlR hnvlne appeared rerentlj in tbe Nut* Ynrk Herald sutiln/z thut iht removal of (Jnn. W. I', Sherman fron St. L-MIIS to New York was mado to an him In hU plan to capture tho I'rem denov, (ion. Martin.Ik-urn ol Cliien»?i wrote him on the t>ulvject and reeulvod the following reply: « NRW YOHK, March 2,—Dear Oen Seem: Your letter with iuivvi*|i.i|<i-i slip u nmtJived. I believe I huvu nuvui watered in my determination never u become a candidate tor any civic oflk'c that of Pra*ldunt Included. Nor do I think \ Ivivu Intimated oil). erwue unless In a recent nutu 10 H Sen ator about allot* ing mo a cleik, th> appropriation fur whluh wao tincknii from the army bill by (ion. UnipK m tin deolitred purpose loluaeit ilio munu n the Sundry Civil bill not ret passed. ami ibont ih« details of which I unnnot learn. In that letter 1 recounted tin anecdote of Gon. Grant whun by hi- victories of Doaolson, Shlloh, ami Vloksburg be began to ft-el Hi flattery of the pre»s, which predicted oivlc honors—be said the onl> office tu which be aspired, win to be Mayor of Galena, so that ho might have tbe sidewalk leading to his home repaired—and HO I might have to run toi some civic office to obtain a oluik t» answer my thousands uf old sold e correspondents. But I trust the Heiu is on tbe Appropriation bill or that tiiv Secretary uf War rmy find soun warrant for tbe pay in the'conungenuief of his office ac Mr. Lincoln did. . One thing you rniy put down a- eertam, that tbo newspapers by thuii guesses and hints will fail to draw nit- out, as they have fuilud '.o obtain tut- letters which parsed between Bluineand me in 1884. John Sherman in Inflnitel*, better qualih'ed for tho ollioe than 1 am but I doubt whether he will ever again allow the use of his name, for the olliui- is a thankless one, with little honor and profU. I am, ol course, proud of tlu lore and affection of the old Union soldiers, and with that, secure I um content. With groat renpec*-, you. friend, W. T. &Ht,UilAN. ELSAH: ELSA.H, March 28, 1887. A large number of our citizens have mude garden anil planted potatoes, but it is too cold for vegetable life anil activiiy. C. B. Dot-on, our popular and talented electrician, has just, received a new set of 'electrical call bolls, which he is to place in, and adjust, for the various apartments of Mrs. Ames' house. The Germans will remember that S. B. Force, D:raoeratic candidate for Siipervls T, is the man who boasted ft few years ago that he carrietl them in his pocket. • It is a pity that in the work on the •Assembly grounds all the pivtty gracefully twining und trailing vines should be destroyed. It seems to 'us that this work should be ilom- only under tbe direction of a landscape gardener. When the sale of bts begins a great deal of natural beauty, that many buyers would love in a site for a summer cottage, will bjgone. * The Republican committee having decided that it would be, for tbe best interests of'the township not to run a straight ticket a mass convcm- tion'met at the Town Hall on Saturday, March 20, and nominated a full Sit of township officers. We have just learned of the very sudden and unexpected death of 1 Mrs. Thomas Segrnvcs and Mr. An- 1 drew Weber. Mr. Weber wus found dead in his yard. We have no other .•Particulars. A. II. S. TUB Easter issue of tho Chicago Current will consist of a ernatly on* large d number, of wlnoh 100,000 cople.- will bo printed. Following is the listo contributors: Mcrze, the llrnt chapter of n serial by Marah Ellis Ryan, Thoreau and John Brown, by Professor David Starr Jordan : All in tho Easter Morning, by Mrs. Elm W. I'euttloj Exponents, Positive mid Negative, bj Charles Moronu ilarger: Margaret, » Pearl, a Bkttoli, by Eugene Kieltl; Tlic Druidlo Origin of Easter, hy \V. Farrand Felon: In Bethany, by Virginia F Noble; Hecent Methods in Astrononiv. by Professor Daniel Kirk wood; A Lawyer's Stranjro Experience," b\ Judge Cyrus F. MoNmt; The Kffonts ol bumula'nisnn ihu Uody, by Professoi La Roy F. Griflin; Fior-ulica, a skotcn by A. Tresizo Saunder-", James A GUI Hold, by Donn I'mti; Jnck Lantern, a dialect story, by Ulehard Lo*\ Dawson; Rlutorical Dipcords, by Brown Korosterj Tho Literary MOVO raent at Sandy Mush, by till) Nye. Plnturwque Dante, l.y U«vid Swinjr; A:i Office Idyl.asketch, by Uany B.Sn.iili. Home Decadence, by Ja > per Luu llnni : Where Book* are Made, by John Wnt- bold; Two Sermon.", by Agnes 1'n'tei Mairee; Travols in Siherni, by I'rof HeibHU llnrilutt; Tho Soloneo uf I'o'i tlox. by I'MII. \V. It. Ilonghion. Also A choice E'.ister garland of oiiginn poems by tlm bust iiuil-.orc. Contrihu tlons by E. Hough. I'rof. (} W o. \V. HUSH', Wm. M. Stanley, A. W. M«oy, Senator WUIard, iinu others will appear, but he titles are not announced. night* AyurV Have you H umighP Sim plcs need no longur tr«nhlu jmi. Cherry PfOturnl win stop tlm allay Mm Influuinnii'in, and mdnoc ruj'OJO. It Mill, iniirciirtir, Ixml ihc pulinouury orgaus nua give yu himlth, dwlw •H' Vngiu-len. For want of n better place, n ro- portor sought n sodudud nook in Bowery clgrtr store to dnsh off two o throo paragraphs. Whllo ho wns pro paring his copy a well-known coined inn, who is noted almost n3 much fo his smoking propensities na lie is fo his funny ways on the stage, came in and, throwing down a silver dollar asked the dealer why ho didn't tilwny give him the same brand. "I do," replied the man behind th counter, rolling out a hiindf til of seal brown beauties on tho glass case In front of him. "Take 'em away," said the actor pushing tho proffered cigars bank "Thesis are not the kind 1 iistiallj smoke— give me .something* different. 1 ' Then, selecting eight, Htimiilatiiig inor sola from another lot, put seven o them in his ease, lighted tins eight! one, and, pulling a cloud of smoki upon one of his own lithographs thtii adorned the window, lie departed, say* ing: "I know a-cigar wlieii 1 sue it.' "There goes another," said the deal' er, talking to himself; but the reporter thinking tho remark addressed to him asked: "Another what?" "Another man "with more imagination than taste. lie is gone off wills lied that lie i-t smoking a new brand o: tobacco, while in reality ho got th< same article ho ha? been using for year, except it was taken from a differently labeled box. Ten to one, tho next time he comes in he will ask for the same as he had last time and say: 'They are something like.' " "Why didn't you tell him " "And lose his custom? O no? ] couldn't retain his good will and question his judgment on the quality ol tobacco. Such cases happen every day. Scaacely one man in a hundred can rely upon his taste for smoking. A weed that tempts to-day will to-morrow be positively distasteful. There certainly is a broad distinction between cheap seed tobacco nnd that cultivated to n high degree, but beyond that criticism is a bollo\v mockery. I know you will sneer when I tell you that tho mark of distinction between an imported cigar and one of domestic make is really tho 'snap' smell that fastens to the imported article, but such is the case nevertheless. A first-class- Key West can be sold for an imported cigar ulmost any time. • "How about tlw Henry Clay?" "Well, the Henry Clay is protected by its shape, which hits never yet been successfully cnnntorfcitod. Almost anything else, however, that is consigned in ship cargoes can bo palmed off as imported stock. A smoker's vagaries iiri! beyond comprehension. A retailer can make a reputation for a cigar and tho notion of the smoker will ruin it." What do you think is the best cigar?" 'It has yet to be found, tho names and shapes vary so mtic-h. There was i great run on the Figaro at one time, !>ut it was not duo to tlm superiority of the s'toclTnscd in them, for it ranged in price from $ln to $75 pyr thousand. The Figaro represented not a brand but u shape, in which any quality of ..obacco might, be worked up. "The lluina Victorias, Es Panoles,, Conchas, |/iirtiig«s, Hugnlias, Jiargarita, and Loiidrcs arc other specimens of tho same elass." "The quality of cigars: can be tcld, itiu it not, by its color?" "No. It is folly to select a light- cohm-d cigar under the impression that it is a mild one. The darkest-looking cigar is known as the -O.suuro,' and the is the >Claro,' Thy shades between thosenro tho 'Madura,'. 'Colorado Madura, 1 'Colorado, 1 and 'Colorado Ulnro. 1 'Tho fact may bo that all, or ilmost nil, of those s'hndos will bo 'ound in one lot of tobacco which may bo used wholly us wrappers. In that casu the color would signify but little, 'or the filler might bo entirely di.'Verent—either lighter or darker. Cigars are all made up together and assorted iiftonvard, purely as a matter of looks. The dlfltti'cnco in color !H accidenlnl, JJy that I moan that the* samo tobacco leaf varies in sliiulii.-tlnit part imarest tho ground lining nlwuyu tho darkest. Tho discrepancy in shauVs moans nothing, but it is turned to account by dealers in selling the .same cigar to mon of all tastes, HW you saw mo do just now."— A'ctv York Mail ami £x BU'UBUCAS TOWNSI1U' TIO.V. cosYEN- ALTON, 111., March 28th. '87. The mass convention of Republicans aid those desiring to co-oporato with t cm at the approaching township o > ution, met in the Council Chamber, - the City Building, on tin' date and was oallml to order by Central Commit- t, Clias. llolilon, Jr., at 8 p. m. Ihu object of the convention, as set f<Ttli in the ofiiulal call,' was staled by Mr. llnlden. On motion, llon.C. A. Herb was made ( ha'ruian, and 11. S. Baker, Jr., Sec- ta'y. It wai moved that the list of town- ip oflicers bo o >lled and that as called nnmlnitiionx bo mane therefor and further, that a committee of one from eaoli ward and ono from North Alton, said enninnliee to he selected by tho oliair, bo th»n appointed, which com- raliti-n was to select a ticket from the li.»t of those nominated and report, to the mass convention. Tho motion was *i'cond«d nnd adopted by the convcir lion. And. thereupon, tho following nominations weru made: F.jr Supervisor— 1. H, Handle, H. M. Oarr, John Dow, M, II, Hunts. For Assistants—.;. K. Hutlur, Charles Henderson, A. F. lioU, Jonathan Qimr- ion. F»r Town Clerk— Win. M. Quigloy. .For Collector-John I', Kuhn. F->r A-fesfor—Adolpu Inveen, Wivi. M. Qultflpy. For Highway Commissioner—James Thrush. For Justice of tho Toaco—Goo. F. Berth. Tbe columittee solcotod by tho chair I'ir.-t W:IM|—\V. N. 01-halt. ,S|'t'iilnl —(I. II. HiiMl.-n. Tnitd, -Frewit Fi»l« r.; Fourth—9. S. Foster. Fifth—Chan. Holden.Jr. Sixth-James Th ru«h. Seventh—Jacoh Kuhn. At lanre—A. Neernmn. The Committee n tired and upon returning m»dH report, by us Chair m«n, Ofu. l,\ Haydi-n, as follow*: Huprivisof—lohn D iw. Assi.«Mirit Stipei-vUnr.o—J, K. Butler CliHp, llenili'r>on, A. F Heiz. Clcih—Wm. M. Q.ii«l,.y. Collfctor—Jiihn I' Kuhn. A^esBnr—Aduljili Invi-en. Hil2l)WHy Cotlimi'Sioiicr—.l Jn-liceof the i'eiiuu—(i. F. Uanh. On motion, the n-pmt ot the crimnilt ti'e wns adopted and the piuxms naiuer therein dcclKrcd tlic noniini'e.i of Hi 0'invcniinn for ihu respeeiivo ullici-s On iiiiillon, iho TuwtiBliii) Cenira Committee WHS empowered to fill nnj viiCHiicies which nii"ht occur by iht declination of any oercnn nominated b ih« Convention. On motion Convi-ntioi aiij.iorned. C. A. HEItH, Cliairnmn. 11. S. PAKEH. Jv, S THE JBEST THING KNOWN FOB anii Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. WAVES XABOR, TIME and SOAP AJIAZ. IN'CLY, nnd r.ivca univoriuil satlKfucUcn. uu I tmtly, rlarx or poor, abould bo without it. •fcl.I hv nil (rrnoare. BEWARE of imitations IfsU doBlKned tc ua.^"sr "*"•_« '"l^OTK la eni I>N£,V SAFE .aix..- uu «ius vum)x>und, and »i vayvbcarn tb: -bnve symbol, and nn,mo ol VITIATED BLOOD Scrofi'lous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured ' by Cuticura* T HROUGH tlip-medlum of ono of your bonks rt'culviitl tliroiiKh Mr Frank T. W'rny, UriiKdint, Apoll.i, I'n,, 1 bRcinnn nc- qnaliiK-d wltliyoni'CUTiounA H;';.Mi:uiKS,and lukutlllaoppoi'tvinlty In lenity ti> you lluu ;nulr u-o lias ponniiiiKiitly unruil TT.U of onvol HIM wora ( ar«'8 (if blood pcilgollliiu'. In con- neutlnu w'tii uryi-lpnlu-.thiitlliiivocvMrsecn, und this after liavlnj,' iiei-n pronounced Incur- ible by HOinc*|oi tho best physicians In nui- county. 1 tulte ureut pleas no In forwardln** to you tlilH tcBtlnionlai, miso lulled »a It li liv 5 on, In ordoi that oihvrs from similar innla- lies imiy ' ci unconrtiijcd to ytve vourCuTicu UAHE.MKU1ES It -llnl. P. 8. WHin.IXGEK, LPCChbiifff, I'a. HefoionceiFHANKT, WitAy, Dnuisist,, Apollo, L'n. SCROFULOUS ULCKKS. JameaE. Uleha Uxon, OuMum House, New I'lenii3. on onth ni>b: "In 1S70 Sci-ofuloub Ulcers brnk'i out on my body until I was a Miswiif corruption. hvurytlilnit known to tho medical luculty wastilrd In vulr. 1 bu eanie a mere wreck. At tlmca could urn lift y hand* to my head, could not turn In bed; WUH In constant p»0n, und looked upon life u.- i curse. No 'fbufor ouri-In ten years, in 880 I lica'd of the Uii'luiim ltt>nn*uiea l used Sworn to boioru U.*i. Oimi. J. 1>. Crawford. ONU UP TIIK WORST CASKS. We huvi'been 8'llirnyour Oiuleurn Home-. lius for years, nnd Inivi- the first ciiinpliiini yet to rt'ci'lve fruiii n pnruli'iaer. one of tin- worst uilhlis of ••croliilul cver.-wiy wtMCuru'*' )y the line of live boitlui ol Ouilcuin llstolv- int, Cutlcnrii and rutltu'rit Koar. -jlm Mm|> akfs the "titku" here in- n medicinal xnim. TAVMIU • TAVI.OIt, Dnn'L'lats, Fi-aukloit, Kan. , INHERITED. And ContiiKlous HUIIIOIH, with loan of hnlr. inu Erupti'Mts n( ihu Skin, im< iM^ittvuly cured by cutleui'it and Outlcura Soup exter- lady, when all other medicines fall. Send or pamphlet. DKUOUIiT* U-ETITEBI. Welmvu obialm-d sallsfiie'ory resultsfrom ht-nf-eof tiioi'ntieurit Itemedl, s In our o\yn ainily, un<l reeomineinl tht-m be>ond uuy >ti>er iei»Kitleij lor dlHuha M ol tlm skin anil >loou. Th« dtMnwno for ih' i m ur \v» us iheii uerlis become known. MoM ILLAN & CO.. Ui uuKldlu, Latrobe, fa. KEMKDIK8 'ire anlcl evur.\ wheie. filco: Uiitlcura, the ,'reit fldi CUM', fin ct-.; Outlcura S"ap, tin .xqulslicDiMiitllliir. 2i cts. ; (Jntleura HuMilv- mi. tlm New Hlnoil l'urlt)er,$l J'ottur Urii(j :IUl U'llOlllll'il O'l.. IIO4 01). r>| \/l I'LBs.IJlackheuds. Skin Blemishes L JL.1.TJL ana llaby Humors, use Cuticuia CO.NVfcJmuM. The Republicans of the several wards )f the city of A'ton, and all voters eniring to co-operate with thuin in ucurmg a better, more i-lhVmnt and noru progressive administration of oiiv ffairs, are requested to meet jn pri- uary meetingri, at City Hall, on Thursday evenintr, April 7th, ot 7:80 o'clock, >o nominate candidates for Aldermen n their rospeutwe ward?, and ulso to ppoint deleghtes to a City Republican Convention to be held ut the same >luce, Friday evoninir, April 8th, to lOininato candidates for Mayor, •. City .Clerk, " Cilv Treasurer, City Attorney, o bo voted for at the municipal oleo- ion April HHli; the several wards to be ntitlud to the lollcnvini; represontatiou n Hie citv conveniton: First ward, 8 delegates, Second wurtl, G rt»!o«uu*s. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, S dok'cates. Filtb ward, 8 dologiitos. Sixth ward, G delegates. Severn h ward, 7 automates. Total number of dolt-gate?, 61.* And to uuiiimnt such uthur business s may propoilv conn 1 hoforo iho mctt- ig, CHAS. IIDIyliKN, ,/u, K j. K. lurn.Ku, ' UKO, I). IIAYUJiN, II. O. RI'I'IKK, S. F. C'O.N'NOU, 11. S. IUKKU, JR., F. W. HOI'I'K, U. «, STAKtt, llnpnblican Contra! Cnininlltee. MOW MY SIDES. AOHE. From tho bench and tlin cnunlor, (nun the loom iiti'i uc wlnu imiehi'.e KIIU» up I liu cry ' f pain and wiik- ni'Bu. Ai'lilm-tild-tiind Hack, Kid- ni'5 and U'uilm' ' aliif, M ral'ii aiid Wiiii|iliii»y,(ji>tigliM,i:i>l'i«niid Clio-t HIM. t'Viny |i'Ui ami iidhu ol uiilly toll ui M oMf iiuiui i< i,y tin- fiiiiu ra Anil- lns er, NI w I'lurfani, and lulu Illilu. ^ibia, 860. : II vu lor SI; or oi Totter d QliaiulQixi do., ilodtou. alii I t vodlna *renc«i»l.*<M*ngU>> «* whonotfer fmm UBmltleti/ peculiar to tki'lr lex, Mioula trf THE BEST TONIC, This mcdlcino cnmblnos Iron with pure tocntublo tonk'H find Is invnluhhlo for Oif-tituwn )>ccullar to Woint'n. nnd all who land Mrientary liven. U Mil- li'lH'N nnd ritttflVN Uiu Hlnnil, tho Anni'dd', Strt'U«lln'ti'* tho 1 llns<'IOH nnd Nrrvos-ln fncl. thoroughly ItlVlcoralc'M. OtonrH thi* cntunloxion ntidmakofl the skin smontn It do-as nut iilnuken tho tooth, ammo hwtdiicho, or pr«rtluco ccillPtlpntion— nil ntfitr Inn, 1^t•^iicin6^ do, Miifl. EtizABETH BAinn. *4 Fnmoll ATO.. Mllwan- kce. Win.. anvH utidvr duto «f Oeo.2tith 18*lt " I hfiTO imotl Brown's Iron Bit tons, nnd It linn been more than n ducturto urn h living cured nin ut tho wonkneiM Udluti IIHTU in Itfn, /- tao curod nio ot l.iv- 2T Oi)»i]ilntnt nnd utiw my cnmv'cxi»» in ctoni* aim (rood, llnr) 'ilqo boon bonuHcfal to my chilurun," Mns, LouiaA 0 HiuanoN Knrt Luckfiort, N.Y., Bnyfl: '' L havo Bufferod untold tnlnflry trom Foinnle Oumplftlnttu mid could i.\<lnln ruliui fn-m not li ing eicopt Brown's Iron Ulttnrs," Genuine ban ftboveTrndo &I»rknndcnxisedred HneC on wrapper. Take mi i.tlirr* Mndg only by ' CHEMICAL *0. HAL.TlAtOltK.MD RASKIN E (TUB NEW QUININE) . Wo bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears, (T e8 quickly Pleasant, t" A POWERFUL TONIC. tln.t ilio rnoet Ocllonto stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALABIA, RHEUMATISM, NEJRVCnjS PROSTRATION, nnd nil Oortn Diseases FOR-COLDS KAbKINB HAS KKEJN FOUND TU Bid. ALMOST A Sl'EClFiO bupoiioi* to Qiilnlr.o. . T.: "Universally sue- i "Evi>iT pmlfinttreiitt'd wtili Kusltlno Imx Vieen (ilsclini-Ki-'d cured." - . R 'v. Jus, L. llnll, Clniplnlii Albany IVniten- tlai'.v, wrlifH ilutt ICui-klne liuu vnrad Ills wiln, .iw-i* twui:tv M itrs mircrliiK Iroin .lualaiin ml IKMVOU-I dyopupsiu. Write htm for piir- li'iilnra. St. Ji-sopli's Ilospltnl, N. Y.: "It's use is nii-iUeit'U liKltHp. iittiinla 'Unntxpurlcutly." I'm.. (V. P, llcilcniuljt*, M.D., 61 EiiHfJuli ot., N.Y. (Into I'rol. In S. V. Mod. Col eye) write-: •Knsklne IsKiipurlnr tiiqulnlnv til Us "t'l-o flc ii.nur, nnd nuv.ur proilufua iho ailglilttNt In iiiiy to tlutlit'iulni- of const liutlon. Tl)nii--uiid.i iii'iin ihuuxunds wrliu tiint Kus- ;lnc IIHH uuicil Hull) alter all niltur inudl- cnuia Uml fut'.uil. \Vvttu lor book of t<--»tl- iiinnluN. Kanklnonnn be tnlten without <my special iiieilicul ndvlcu. $i.OO ncv boitle. Sold by or sent by until on receipt of prlue. KASK1NUCO.,6I VVurrcii at , Now York. ludwlin LOOKOUT HERE! THE CEI.EBHATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! FOK S.V1,B AT J.HOFFM ANN & SON'S 1 caltrB in STOVES AM> UAltDWAUB Also OntRliln Workix specialty. Itoollng an" Ualvanlzed Iron Worn. Also i nidertaker's Supplies ALWAYauN COB. 8KOUNU AND A 1.15Y STS. WM.L. KLDNK DNDEBTAKER, AND DBALBB IV Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Oases, Caskets, And Burial Robs for LfttUou, Qautlemen ami OhUdren. Office and Shop on State street >y or Hurt a l.lvory Stable. Will attend 'o Jol' VtirhtinC UtuiHiiinv Knrnl*"**'. *<•*> Catiirrli. HKVO you ittvukimed from a dlsiturnedsleep vlili all the horrible "I'usailonn of an nssus- tn flulchliiK juur ilirnia and III-OVB-.HK the Ife-bruuth from your t^hlonrd chcxl 1 llav e noticed tip. IniiKuur uitl ili'bl Hv thut Hudinl HIV irlfort tric-liiar your ihroat anil lead ul ibis eaiiirihal nmiuti? What u ill- in^r-liiK liillnuiife It uxuriH IHIOII Ihu mind, kindl-i^ tun memory and tilling Hn, ii'inl with |>Hlua and -traiuti nolsi' ! flow Hllrult 10 |ir.mi t tlm synicin aualnst In intlnir priiiiiisM tnwitnln th<> IHIIWH, llvm 1 and l(lni.'\s, nil iiliyslchnif *lll nilinli. li ma inrible Utaiiitsi', anil ci lus out for n-liof and Hit!, Th" reiiiiirkablu oniallvo powers whrn nil tlitir rcmiMlloi iiltmly fax, of 8it> lord's (ad tail (Jure, > ro atio-Kul hy tlmii8un''*< who laiclnllv ri'iniiiiiiiu (I It 10 fi<||i,w «uiruriu>. n r-iiiti'iii''iit I-mulii'I'nunlniii it Hint inn- ot Im niiii«t>,miatii'l b, the nioitt ruip"utu> '!" .(Mil I'll IllMll IKl'.'nMIUI'H, Kiich piiiki't t!iii,niliM <IIIM hniilu ot ilio linik-.l i:iii'i>,oiii*ln,.\ d| i solvent, ml nil liiipio.', d Inn ,1m', wllll tniatl-n uml Dim, ami U Aiilil 'iy nil Urii«)(li,lH (or H. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TlieBteamor t t r& -*^s^*»-fc fel CO On and a tor Momluy, Feb. 11, |io Spread BHKI>* "'I run UM follows, vizi USAVING .VI.TOW FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock u. in., und St. Louts on retnrii trln at S p. in., rtally. Anrt liiuvliiK Alton lov I'ortnlo, 'jei'JiHy UiT.dliiif.Uni'tnii. iinU wuj imlnlf every evunniB HI 6:»u o'clock, *B,Tlie Whistle will be nuaiulnd flttOOt) iiiliiutes before sturtliiK for Bt. Ix)ul8. ,1'AltKl To ST. Urois, - - - ™ UOCHUTRIP - • Fast Fright. & Passergfer Lii.e IIIK ST. LOUIS AND . ILLINOIS «. It. GO'S J. V. KLI.lSON, UoiuiUHUtler, Kl> ANSHUTZ, (fii 8,1,0 TKUE UOUOK, i clellj9 On and attec Tliurdday.Feb. 37th, willloavo For St/JLouls at 7 a. m. Retunilnir, will leave St. J.ouls.(foot of Vine bt.;ut2:46p. m.! Lenvlnn Alton at 5: SO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Oration ut 7:45 p. m., oonnoctlnnwith fnstezprcsa on St. toiitB and Ueutrul llllnola Ruliroaa lor Jersey villo. Wii- veriy, Sp.lnKfliiiauiid ull poiuts north uml UUst. FAHE, To ST. LOUIS, eliiKlo trip, . . . 60e. " " round* lH|), . . • • 7f>o " " twenty rluu tlukot, . , ^5.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Uun. A«t, Alton. ^ H, A. FlaUKIt, (•un'l .Uiiiui««)r. lollUtf DJR. C. Ji. KO1IL.AN1V Dentist* 18 THIRD STHEET, ALTON, ILL. Office Hoartr-8 a. in. to 14 m.; 1 to ip. B fflhrfwli G. A. McMlLLBN, Dentist, BBUEGGEMXN.V'S OIGAR STOKE SKUO.NL) ST. FBYHltIAr(8 AND DU. K. Physician ana Surgeon, • )FFIOB & ND RESIDENCE, OOK. FOUBTh ANI> UifiNKV 8T8. W. A. ilASKKLL, M.D., Physician and ciurgeon, ST., ALTON, ILL. tillco h ours— B a. m. ; 12 to 1, and 6 p. in - The undorslgnod have opened a npw inualc asoro tu tUe cui'tun- tot 'rhu'd and Piasu. BIB ORGANS AND PIANOS) fl the [finest v, orlcmanslil f for solo •oniibtb iiftcu,. UuU mid examine, oar uisttu- mould belorepurehaslnt; e FLOSS. & RABE. WBLSOM W • K-W^V • m vf*f ^af •»•»»•.•• ——- ~~r — These WnshboarilB oro nmOo with allont-Woodrim. Tho Strong- ctt boards nnd be»twttsnors in tlw world. Tor aalo! by all dealers. 'itl'F'O CO., \ Bllchlgan. 500,000 ACRES CHOIC HARDWOOD FARMINO AND I 1 ' 1 NORTHERN WIS- 'CONSIN foi-TOlnnt $5 AN ACRE on long time. The in nnil proiulMnB nclil for Krltlcmcnt la I.Tormntlon with good niun frnfl nn\.*,G<]<».-nn nv . _ .' "*'•". usln Central K. n., JOSKFIl JAMttBT'T'S LIVERY STABLE" FBONT STKEET, BBT^v ALBY AND EASTON, A urar ILf.INOI .4 jtfis'Ul t'J.TJB, JVOJF ^ Dltir, J Jllffh Authority. Hbp Bittota la not, In any sense, na nlcohouo bovorhj^e or liquor, mid eoalS not be'Sold, for uao, except to iporoona desirott* of oUatalnR medicinal blttera. GREEKS. RAUM, tJ. S.Com'r Internal Rev. WaiMngton, X>. O. t Sept. 24,1884. Denr Sir—WhydOn't you' got ft coi-tlfl. cnto from Col. W. H. W., of Baltimore showing how ho cured himself of dniulc' eili-ss by tho help of Hop Bitters. Hie is a wonderful case/ Ho is well kno\vn in Hocheslor, N. Y., by oil the '.drinking people, there. Ho is known'in this city Cincinnati, Now Orleans, New York; hi fnot nil over the 'country/ as liohas spent thousands of dollars for rum. I honestly believe his card would bo worth thousands of dollars to you in this city and Unlit- more alone, anil make thousands of sober iiieu by inducing the use of your bittors J.A W Kills. "Eleven years .our daughter suffered on a 1 bed of misery under the care of several of the best physicians, -who gtrvo licr.dlseasG various names but no rellof and* now sho is restored to us In good health by Hop, Bitters, that wo Iwd poohcd at two years before Using it. A7 0 earnestly hope and pray that no ono else will let the'r sick suffer as wo did. on account of prejudice .against so good a medicine as Hop Bitters."— 2'he'Parentt —Good Templar*. , Milton, Del., Feb. 10,1880. Having used Hop Bitters, tho. noted remedy Tor debility, nervousness, indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation in saying that it is indeed an excellent medicine and recommend it to any one as a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, REV. Mns. J. H, ELLQOOD. Seipio, Jf. T., Dec. 1,1884. I am tho pastor of the Bdbtist church here and an. educated physician. I am not in practice, but am iny solo family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife,- who lias boon under medical treatment of Albany's best physicians several years. She Las been greatly beucfltted and still uses tho medicine, I believe sho will become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases,by their use.'vWo both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. WARREX. Cured of Drinking, "A young friend of mine •was Clircd of nn insatiable thirst for liquor ,tlmt had so prostratod his system that lie was unnlile to do any business. Ho was entirely-cured liytheusoof Hop Bitters. It allayed all tlmt burning tliirsfc; took away tho appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady; nnd lie lias 'remained a steady and sober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his cups, nnd I know of a number of others tlmt.have ln-ca cured of drinking by it."—From a leading ' B. R. Official, Chicago, 111. ' Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAIS DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Tbird 8t.,one door west of PiaHa, tliird floor. J. SUITER & SON, IN PINE AND COMMON A Foil and Complete Stock AJ,-* ays 011 Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFpRE PURCHASING. <>UU FUltNITUIlE BOOMS ABB ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi,. •pSdwlv ••ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE, KSTATE of Eleanor 1'. Guild, deeoaeed. Tlio unOevsi«ned, having boon appointed Adnilnlstl-a'or ot tho estate of Eleanor P. GirlO, lute of .ihu county of JIudlBOn iindatatool Illlnot-j, dnroused, hereby gives notlcu that h» will appear before 'ho county court of: MudUoii county, nt tho court house, In KdwAidsvlllH, ut the May term, ou the thl-U Uonilny In May next, ut which tlmiuill persons liavlnji Halms neulnst said Estate are luillllud and requested tu attend lor tho purpose of having tho Hume adjusted. All persons Indented to said Eitato ore requested to niiiku immediate payment to tho under- sijnied. JUiitea tills llth dav-of March. A. P., 1887. PEULKY B. WHlPI-Lh, 22d4w ' AdrolulBtrator, ALCOHOLICANTmoIrE €&» NON-ALCOHOLIC FOR DYSPEPfelA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES NCHVOUS DEMNOf/UENTS, f f)r l^ostTfttlon caueed by ALCOHOLIC tilaut which, when takon with toda, Vlohy, Apol inarlo, Bolt-wTov tmy eparkllwi VfRter, will »«»ply the n-" lor Btrona.forinU, without lli dlanstroim rosullii. leavlna ond inviuoratotl. Pi'opured RB tt HEAVV msot itg»d 0 ble to take. Kolns noii-ulcohnllo, It coiuiiionda Itself os- , clully to Vliyglolims, L,awyor8,T«injherB, Clersty en, IMcrelmntB, anil otliora following Bodontury pursuits, requlrluu nerve ouoruy CHlOACO'llt. U'S'A'

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