Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 29, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1887
Page 1
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VOILICT^E 26. ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY BTJBNINGK MARCH 29, 1887. KUMBBR 257. The Importance of purifying tho blood cannot be'6'vdresUirintod; for wltliout pure blood you'oonnpt enjoy; gd6d health.' At .tMs'sbaiion nearly'every on6 ; nced8 a goddm'e'dleltip'to purify^vt^nll^c/iifttl enrich • tfie '"trioddr'nDd' \vo' ; a^k you 'to try .Hood's Pool i I la 'r 8arsaparli|!i.' 'it strengthens • 3 * >1 T'..,'! ''andJ»'ilds [ vp'• the system, creates an -appetite, r and tones the digestion, while it,cradjcates- disease, Tho peculiar combination, '• proportion,-and preparation ptjUwKSegetablS: rcmc^lesrtused.:, gtvo to Haod.'s'.Sarsaparllla'pecul.i: -i-_ ,ij._ 11 * lar: curative jpowers; 1 No' ' O;l;l56li otliormedlclnehassuchnrecordof wonderful cures. If you have made' up'your inlnS to buy Hood's Barsaptpilla do not li« induced to take any o%r instead : It" 'Is a Peculiar Medieln^, and is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sannparllh Is sold by all drjigglsts. Prepared byO 1. Hood&Co.,l;pwell, Mass, IOO Doses One Dollar Lines of Bargains IT IS I That ought to catch your We have lots : of them in GOODS, NOVELTIES, SHOES, CLOTHING; . : / HATS, CAPS, ' —AND—i We can't be beat in quality and prices. Ap the latest novelties of tlie season dai*- ly added, at one^price Af/TOJN. W. t\ ENS1MGER, Plain and Decorative ••*> AT OIFIOH AND 8BOP OK AI^CON, . , , CaniB. of.Barren'VlnGi> Professor,.Augur, >vholms mmlo a study of -questions pertaining .to Uio physiology of plants, • explains tho chief cause of bnr- rcnness b£ BOIUO wild vines to b« nnsoxn- nlity. Ill soiiio cases the anthers are defective, with a good .slfgtna, In which case planting a fertile vino which' Is perfect in bloom und tluit is bisexual, like tho Concord, will inrtuco full productiveness by cross fertilization*, If, us is sometimes tho cose, the stigma is defective, tho fertile mule pollen will bo wWilly inoperative an'd no influence of culture or pruning .will, reach, the; ease \ w^th uny certainty, and the vlna had better bo abandoned and a better one put in its place. / PucU. of GeiKirnI Interest. Cattle havo suffered terribly in Montana. The fruit trade of Boston asks for cheap fruit baskets Which need'not be returned. The average in sugar cane has been much increased in Louisiana. .It in clalipcd for tho Industry goosey- berry tliati it .will not mildew. Tho product of canned fruit in t880 was much greater than ever before. Tho prevailing idea is that the wool clip of as much as 10per cent, short. There aro 113 .farmers in the Coiinccti- cnt legislature. A recent estimate places tho cotton crop of .the year at .8,040,000 bales. The quality is superior, < Absolutely Pure. i'hlo powder never varies. A marvel ol purltv, strciiKtli whol"soraono88. More economical than the ordinary hinds, nnd cannot be sold in competition wltb the iimltUudo ol low test, short weight, alum phnanlm'e now- dprs. SOLD ONLY IN CANS. ROYAL BAKING PO WDEll CO., 108 Wall St., N. Y. ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BEAD LIST OF BARGAINS -ATC, A, Scjilueter's Agency, For Sale, cheap, cor. of 7th and Alton sts.; frame dwoilfng, l rooms and cellar, rents for $10 par month. For Sale or ExclmiiROO-lOO acres, 89 In cultivation,^ miles northeast of Foslurburg, at u baiguju. ' For aalw-Flvp -room brick house, story and n half, eorner Eighth and Mechanic street. Gun be uiid so, u bargain. Good property to rant. / Onu G-foom new lionsn, with cellar, cistern and • coal- house. Lot 60 by 110 on Ota and Market At*. For sale^-ono 8-room houso undone s-room house, »th;and Market sts. Lot'CO by 110; good- cistern and'coal bouse, at a bniijtiln. For sale—15 acres In North Alton with good Diehard) burn and plenty of water. For sale— 600 acres Improved farm with Kood house and stunles In Woodion county, KiinetUj. It. H. runt across (rom Fort Scott to Wichita,5 miles Irom county seat, Forsale—75 acrns partly bottom land, Improved (arm, near Oorsoy, with plcuty of gooO buildings on same. For. sale—10 pieces of valuable property Kith good housed, In this eltj. For sale or exchange—A nice little cottage In liotliulto, with pk'nty of ground, stable und good wulor on premises. Forsiilo or oxolianifp—Two flections of R.R. timber/land in So. Mugourl, 1M milus from St. Unite 011 tho Iron Mountain K,'Il., at a bargain. / For 4tt(a or oxolinuKO, 8 acres of grouit'l on Main bt.. adjoining Mayor Uoppingor'd on tho mat. • For a'alo or exchange—B soolloiia of,prairie loud In Urooliot uounty, Tejttis Will bell eliuup. bultublu for any mvmlng purposes. Thrpeacras adjoining Ur.Rnbai'ts on north. Five lots on Drv St., adj lining Thomas Big- glrs' raxlileiu'o on th>i u ist. Ouu'and a half lota in Uawtey'a addition. One and a hull lots In'ShnjIy's addition. Any <>C tho abuvo.uronuKiy oun bo bought at u bargain. \ I also represent the Buffalo German Tire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition- A. SCFLUETER, in ray New Building:, on Secoud street. mclil.lihv ItSOnUBBB, mill a new and uo o < """ l >' UUBE at v our owi) home, bv oi,e who vas deiif twentv«)tKht veui-H.. Ti'outi'd by innut of thu nnted upecliillstn wliliuut bunoiu. Ouvca Wmauii In tiiruu mftnvhn, >nid ulrcu then liundn d» of otbui'D, Fuji purtlo •'• ulura «ent on upnlleatlon. T. ie. i'AUlO, No. 41 West 31«c St., W. Y. city John Bright, one of England's most enterprising young Inea, is 77; Nineteen divorces were granted in the St. Louis circuit court yesterday. Win. R. Travers, the millionaire broker of New York, died - Saturday afternoon. Missouri takes the among the States for its money order and postal note business, bam Turner, one'of the proprietors of the Grand Pacific hotel, Chi cago, is reported dying. Auron Hood fell dead from heart, 111., 8unday night, in presence of his,family. Indications,aVe,that there, will be plenty of work for the.'.Inter' State 'Commerce Commission as soon as it ,01'ganizes, James Kearneyj- a New York attorney, is missing* and so is'about $S,000 iii-cash bclpligins; to the firm with which he was connected. • Secretary .-Whitney has, announced his. intention to retire from the Cabinet, evidently because he' failed to secure the Treasury portfolio. Gov. Warmpth's plantation in Louisiana has been selected upon which to make_ goveinment experiments' w'ith sugaj- can* this j'ear. F. G. Haggett, a mine owner,and two sons and a claughtei'jWere drowc- ecl in San Francisco bay Saturday, by the capsizing of a pleasure boa't. Thirteen of the arrested anarchist conspirators, who recently attempted to burn the city of Vienna, Austria, h-iye been sentenced to prison at hard labor. Gov. Marmaduke, of, Missouri, yester'ay signed the bill repealing the law (if 1857 under the provisions of which wine and beer could be sold on Sundny. John B. Jones, a lawyer, was fa|al ly shot by George Johnstone, on ex inember of the South Carolina legislature, in a crowded court'room, at Newberry, S. C., Saturday. • Mr. C. M. Henderson, the great boot and shoe manufacturer of Chicago, has accepted an uffer of $23.000 by citizens of Dixon, III,, to locate'his factory there. : The anniversary of the death, of President Lincoln will be observed this year in Springfield, as usual, by appropriate exercises at i lie-tomb .on April 15, under the auspices of the Lincoln Guard of Honor. Addresses will be delivered by Bishop Geo. K. Seymour and the Hon. W. H. Collins. • The two racing ocean yachts, Coronet and Dauntless, frdm New York, have reached Queenstown, the former arriving 29 hours ahead of the latter. T,he distance (2,949 miles) was made by the Coronet in a little less than fifteen days, and she encountered severe gales. QThe-greater portion of the village of Avoca, Steuben county, N. Y.. was destroyed by an iucendiafy fire Saturday night;-loss about 890,000. The Sanderson Steel Works a 1 ; Geddes, near Syracuse* N Y., owned by the Sandersons >.of England, were destroyed by fire Sunday; loss. ?2iiO,000. The Pacific Jtailroad Commis- 1 sion. AVASHINOTON, D C., March 28.— It is stated Iliac David T. Littler, of Illino a, ex-Governor Abbett, of New Jeisey, and i-x-Congressman Henley, of California, will probably be the Pacific Railway Commission. Secretary Eiidicott has revoked the appointment of Light Battery Lieutenants to Adjutant and Quartermaster's duty, recently made by General Sheridan. It is suspected that this action may lead lo some unpleasantness whun Sheridan i el urns. Mrs. Logan will remain here until summer, going then to Chicago. Ik-r friends say she will not consent to ihe introduction of another pension bill. . E.v-Sunator Warner Miller leaves hero to-day "for Cincinnati-am'. Chi- cugo, going thence to t-'oloi ado and |)urhiips' California. It is re|)orted that there is a plan for a Shurmun- Miller combination ou tho Presidential ticket, and that his trip has this in view. Snow Storm In Iowa. DKB MOINKS, lo., March 28— WhtvlhaHbeun ibu worst lulo snow storm in tlio west since 1867 abated vesterdiiy, Ujuviugmany deep drifis. Lightning Hushes wcru noticed all night, and telegraph service wua badly crl|ipU'd. .Street cur travel wus nuri.ittlly resiimert 'ycatoriluy afternoon and mimy sldo.»yiflfc.e 'are only passablo etuglo IHo, '-'.' ' ' i t .t» Ooium . WASHINOTON, Mui'eti 28.—The In teixState Commission ace going to lind themselves with about all the work they will want for'tho next few months?. The indications ore'that llifey will earn their salaries pretty thoroughly before they reach tho easy spot in their jol«s. There are now about 160,000 miles of railroad in th'3 country, running within ant through no less'than forty-five States and Territories, and to attempt to supervise and practically superinten dent J50,000 miles of road, enougl to go six times round the world, is o: itself a pretty tough job. Then thej •are none of them practical ra Irotu men, and however anxious they may be to do what is right in the matte! they will find the task of reaching conclusions a very difficult and tedious one. The railroad people are about the smartest the country affords and they hare evidently "got it in" for .the commission. One company, it is said, hns a list of some 2 500 questions prepared to be submitted to the commission for decision as soon as it gets in working condition. A good many others will come to tho front with similar requests for interpretation of the law. Takun. all in.all it seems that the lot of the Railroad Commission is not likely to be altogether a happy one. NASHVILLE, III.. March 28—What may prove a fatal shooting affruy occurred in this city this afternoon, the.pArtiuii-ante being father-in-law nnd spn-in-law. A. % S. Miller is n farmer living about twelve miles ao.,th of thU city, and John For< lives in this place. The two have been quarreling of late, and a separation of Ford and his wife took place recently, the latter returning to her fa her's home. Wilier am Ford m\>.t to-day, and after exchang inj? a few remarks, Furd drew a re volyer and fired three shots, one o which took-.effect, entering M'llf.r' chin and passing out at the side o his neck, the revolver usrd bemg-a 32-caljbre. Miller now lies in a crit ical condition, while Ford is in jail After, doing the shooting Fore mounted n horse and endeavored to make his escape, but was pursu- c by four deputy Sheriffs und arrested about four miles south of the city Baffled tlio I'liyslciains. BUUKE MKUIOINE Co., Qninoy, III: —I reeartl your White PIUB Balsaru, as a cousU mixture of very grunt The benelit dorived by my wife from its use, places it with mo fur in advance ol all others. For several years sbe had been seriously afflicted with a couah that much alarm; ithaa,baffled the skill of the physicians and cough remedies, until I concluded nothing would avail in her case. Directly after coming to Qainoy, on your recommendation, she eorntnunuod using your Balsam, and it has aclwl like a charm, quieting the cough, and removing entirely the soreness from her lungs. Wo keep it constantly in our house.— J. B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, Uusb villa* III. . Ufo Cressler's Wild Rose Tooth JPow der for cleansine.the toeth. Prino 25o. INKALLIBlyE CUBK.FOB COUGHS. Wo wonlrt most posilivqly slate vhBt no remedy has over met with >uch universal stuisfaelion or can be more triulifullv said is a positive cure thun Burks' White Pine Bulsam. SUGAR. A new discovery, Little Apricot, Pitis easier to lako than sugar and far more benelicial. Sure .cure for neuralgia, headache heartburn, dyspepsia and bad breath. Try them. For sale at Marsh's drugstore. mohl dwly Hundreds Have Been py taking tho CHEAT GOLDEN SEAL. Testimonials aro holiiff received dully TCgurdlniriu wonderful properties. Einliient. physleU ondorso It us Uio (freatost modleul dlscovivy of tho day. , Tha QUKAT GOLDEN 8IJAL Is u Nerve Food* Building up tho uorvous syaUm anil tho tlrod brain. An Anti-Periodic Or I'rovontnt Ivo ol' Chills, Fuvor and Muliirlii, An Alcoholic Andidote Overcoming Uio evil lUrcctsof exccsslvo ulcoliollo Indulgences. A Nonftlcoholie Stimulant If you aro just recovering froin sickness, no linuwii riiinudy ivlll (jl vo NiroiiKlh and health no last, l'rlc'0, ¥1.00 |>nr lioltlo at all Di-nngisla. THE GREAT GOLDEN SEAL DRUG CO., 54 LaSallo Av., OHIOACO, ILL. BAGS UIGGINS' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy jinrt Table Use, ln]14 Ib. lliM'ii HnokM and (SO II). aaolu, for »ivlu> by J. A.BYKIE. Velvets, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Two and Three Plys, i Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Oloths 5 lliigs and Jffatsj Has arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of i I am offering these goods at the very lowest prices to cash buyers. All are invited to call andsee the beaulif ul new goods &learn the low prices. ALTOW, ILL. A FOB THE BEST BUGGTC •: IN • " '•' THE WORLD! ;i; i! m AGENTS FOR THE Gear teal WARRANTED FOE FIVE YEARS; THEUHl,ElWV.fED Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engine^; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators and Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS, -Headquarfl tersfni- KUPIOtf and CARBINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and ^1 SIGNAL OILS: STOCK. WELL and CISTERN PUAIPS; fine it^f line of COOKING STOVES; the DANGLER and PERFEG--. - iffl , TION GASOLINE STOVES. See our SlO BU»Gr """"""' HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, §30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered :-;. to any part of tlio city.. EK, Cor. 3d and State sts., ALTON, THE BEST ON EARTH 1 BOSS FILLED WATCHED From f IS to,$50. Warranted BREECH-LOADINGf GUNS. From $16 to $30. H Rnmrw TJUE ^EADINI* « BW i ri, JEWELER, invlMwlv —GO TO SBELY" & SON HEADQUARTERS FOR J Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Hooks, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET, • • OPP. MLLE. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE ALTON m TEIMPH, lOc Per BJT mail or delivered, Only B,opublioau Daily ia jMaclisou bounty A^&-J!foSifou^

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