Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 28, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1887
Page 4
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» has horsUi/ar* been "*«*• In th*> tMttBMDt • i«b(.*J ThiMMOTflfctfM bj-tht 7i« part of thoiuiodiof S*rff«r«n -.- ..relief, even, tfamgk ..JbfSLJjmy!*..*** !i"ic»lrj Ifie jkillof TiHouI pKyiiaunj and"' tried noiatrotu tooJJed remsdiet. To such Athiopboro* U offettd a* »«/«, ««,. and gairjk cur,-. lu nxceii hu b*«n pfa*.* unnvenal, and yet it u not f urpriaing bt- Tiif Atijiophnro* Go..i»i]l g]«]Ijrrtfet any i«)io (i««ire (o otalf an t jh»»»tigaticn to r«- .'-i»!e partita who have been curid'bj' it. J. P. Mailett*, of the Mailette & Kay. r,d Mannf. Co, No. 329 Soulh Canal St » * . . * 11 »."k * .... T AtTOf PlitT ** F. . for -, i<ti a half bottle of Alblopborot cured her o tliul she ba» not differed any nfnce. Whoa is was first rKx>tnmencled to her, tli- ttwM m»i gel it u she was altran op- i-1—.i io taking any kiwi of patent 'm«di- < in-.-". J!-it a.& the tnainientshc wannnder --> vc her ni) reliuf I bmtlmLon Jjcr trying .\ tiiio|i>wrr«. "After taking • a half bottle ths ri'^i.-aliria WM gone and has not ret T:;t ! sin'-'tv' , , , pccntarlJI, I )-.37<> t;«M-j a(Hict«J with rheumatism f.*r «ver,il ytars. Daring the jMurt winter I tnujrirk-icentwith ST?^ «*«** attack, - reifM-inz R»«alm<Mt helpless ancf confining mo to. mr bed. I tried variotu. medicines . . rn.ii»jw prwcribedfoi byv no avail. Final!/ 1 Va» fed need to try Athfonlinrof. I wa* relieved and cared «o «j«:U'l;ly I but word* eotjld not tell niy surprise, I .io noi hesitate in recommending :t In any one suffering with that painful i&nijlaint, rbeamufriB. A, It BiautsEV, 'I Cor. ITnioio And 6r«en 5t!. Every druggist ibonld keep Alhlophoros and Atbiopborot PilU, botjuicia tk«/,csn- o/jt be bought of the dwripait/ttei Atbid- pboroi Co., 112 Will St.. ^tw "York, will iend either (carriage pai4) «a,ree*jpt.,(ir W l j* r $*?*< ?*»<*» ^U < Jo/Aflilbphoros and . For Hver and. tMDejr dtatM*. - , c«,B4«eke,taFW Wood. Ac.. Athk>pboro« Pfllj «ie naeqnsled. « ILL Jfew and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. f GLASS i A .Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At the old reliable HOU8E-PAISTIXG and t> ECO EATING establishment of NEFF & GBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st, feblld&n YOUNG FOLKS' COLCM. A CUBIQUS ,PUNT,j THAT GROWS. 4 Pw I nJefci «11*8«- "«&,*yoa kuinr, ' Aiftl tfceo tcj.fc«d wouM toon be ts»t Tl» o*ffodil i« tt* tower «!• Jsskwn •» this SPMOO in Locdcn. FTarists' wiadow* «r* Sltai with ;«tlqw tgajges' of ' < fe« ' tgfytttag ttf QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. •cr»p* of S*l«nw." Biitory, All About Bobo, the Two Hotted Rbtnorero* From Africa, and Now la . , C«»tr»l P«rfc _lTb»t «he Eat* and What She Urlnkf. OD6ofth»J*a4inf attraction* in tt.- aeerie at C-n?ni/p«i fe Botra, trie tW) homed rhinoceros, wbifh came all the way from Africa. Bof ore her arri ral in Sew York dty Bobatad tiraTeJed in *'"circns wagon from t9*wfe> town .for, nearly «r> quite one year. Notwithstanding her joorneying arrow the conntrr In this eoligkt«i«i part of Uw worid, Bohn rf«uaii8 gait* «Tage, and at potts frigbtra timorous rtitcrs by Jbealjng against the fork of h«r cage friib * force that mate* it r*Uh. Will rc-j ic=«" .WbT.ittb«|ttj>i "fcfifir'am", . to tbe fc ^»!itiiiiii!!)i{itjH»i»i|t»iiiinin Tn her native borne', in the wilds of Africa, Sohu slept during tbe beat of the day and re- rested hereof night and morning by eating- •fiftves. siid succaifst bu*be&. In her present |Barteis *|ie jets, two meak a day, each of *Ju"co,£oasutK oCa bushel of bran and cets nixed. She washes this ration down by 'en-palls.o£.iraier.—,AOTp-. , HEAL ESTATE FOB SALE -BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. A oonviroient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being atwo-Btory frame boose on Klgbtb <treet, near Henry. War Sale. A cbolM farm ot 330 aerei. with Orst claai Inrprorementa, ultuatetl 2>i mile* , east ol Bmnswlek. Gbarlton co.. 310. TOT Bale. Acne-story frame dwelling house In KOOO condition, in Topping*! audition to Alton. For Sale Cfteap The residence of Cape. W. ¥. ttorle* and mansard roof i 12 room S 1 55 e ^r. t * na:ra ' etc -i 1!acresof K r on 'leslrable property in tho city. ' . JF«r n«le. UUacnuof land near dty Umlts, 3^uo two Ktory bnck and frame 'due: ru no, both situated on the eaa- o Jiatc street between 6th And 7th 'itceH- BO tb». brick block of sttata on Secon -rtreet, b«w«en flpini- andBldge street aown as Honter-s n?w. rar Sale. A «naU frame •» .Jng houae within n ne Dlockjolthad <jor|S5. ; laoacraa f(toodlanmiiH land, and another tract ol SIX) *crap, both -nntrnprcrved. aUoAte InMor co., HanaaB, at flO and pfl per acre reipectireir— one-thljrdciah.balanoe on ttmo. rorBtlt, " A (arm of iMacrn on ootiom land, all !• Tfttton, near Madison. In this cottaty . A two- «ory frame dwelling houe on it. ityot harisfcept ccnistantly on hand both or food and bedding: How to Train p«t DogE. A Sef yfafa&f faoclee giraj the f oltow- Ingruk* about training dogs: ^?fe4U!>« traJBtee, « tx^iWe, when the dog4i|nkoat fsur .imontfo; old, ! and let tto lessons be given in a quiet "pUoe with no one present but tbe teacher. In training your dog, endeavor to mate Ijini bend to your wffl by kin4n*B, at t£t 00,30 |ime *?ii^,fijm and decided in all that yim underfaie. Use the whip sparingly and never use it in anger. Tq feich a dog to I^ipfece a string of six or eight feet in Itiigth around bin nect. Tbe -dog will endeavor to rri*<aie liirowlf, and you mart stand still until be has ceased his struggles. Tbk will t«?acb -hini jthat as cannot get away, and then you can fafsach him to «Jme to you, Stand off the length of the string and say '(Joine, 1 or 'Coma here,' using the same word or words every tim*, so as not to confuse 'hint When calling him at tte same time pull on tie string genUy. He will soon com- preh^nd the meaning and obey whenever the words ; ore, used. JVhen giving the lesson always pet and etnas the dog whenever he does as yoo wish. It is also advisable to teach him at this time by some word or gesture which will indicate that his study hour is over. To teach a dog to go or stop, place yourself In or near some place where you know he de- «ifes ||(>._go, and say 'go,' urging him on by calling. }Vhen lie has gone a part of tbe dig- twic^ calJ 'stoni' at tbe same time puliteg on the string and repeating the command. With patience and kindness you : will very soon make him fully understand and bis" obedient The -time required in his training ^ varies ao- coniinj; to the sagacity of the, dog,' usually being from one to two weeks. Sever let the M*™ occupy more than half an hour, and when through have some choice morsel to ^e rhtntnyVhile -inajking; him fear you y rtertmess, teach him to attach himself to •A 4. IWd ShifcSpfar* tttHstl to. retmsni the madam ot Hiojlrt t« rtal w feixced! M. U F. X. To* principal . foondatKfti . stoni? oif Compte's pb.'Jorophy utfea train cannot know cauMs, god it only abte to refer pbecKKnena to' their general laws of existence or succession. He overioofced UM religious or sentimental side'of 1 tntman hattufe—in other words, consSd^red only th« positive. 2. Kant reMotted faith in Odd, freedom aodimipoztaUty, tbe DeK^birth.Uiroogii the Saviour, but. made the moral element supreme. . a There can be no estimate pot opoa tie followers of any philosopher, in tbe United State*. 4. Commentators bar* debated this quw tioo for yt*r».: Ko oo» tat U»initarof U» play cook, answer it. Carotin* Hcracbel. bte aboot ber character, OosvTJjtr REAncx. 'Bom in ! Hanover^ 'March Il$,' ? 1750. 'Ditd •4feer0.^kiv l&^ISISL * -In bet^9id^Peta^cfak4FBat to,Bn«Jaod ta joinhffl- broa>er,8ir Wflliam Hmchel, and assisted him in .astronomical calcaUaoos. Batwwn 1788 arid 1805 she discovered ei^ht^ometerlxiag.tie CrettAearret of five. • Sim oentnbotod- largely -to her brother's works, in i>)i»-name/making tbe original otserv&tlotti of several 'remarkable n*bute tn • his catalogue, and cetnpated th» places of 2,500 nebnlre. In 1798 she jmb- Ushed .her catalogue of stars taken from' TTamstead's observations. After her brothert death she returnad to Hanover. In 1826 she completed ; a catalogue,of -stora and.!nebnto observed by her brpther, receiving therefor a gold medal from, and an election to the Astro- noraical society of London. •• fihe- iras "modest,( patient, devoted to « filed,purpose, and to bar brother, to whom she was ea necessary at bom* as In the computing room. •Old Ten. The following is taken from «n orf manuscript: "January 4th, 17TI, then reckoned with £—O M audio balance all oar accounts and,(hereirna due him in old ten £9 Ms. 9d." Please tell me what is meant by "old ten," sometimes, though rarely, written old tamor? Os«ui. At tbe commencement of the last century, owing to overvaluation of silver in.Francs, the heavy silver coins rapidly disappeared from circulation in Great Britain, only tho light and worn ones (often 35 per cent below tbe standard) remaining. The •'government undertook to reeoin the entire remaining and worn silver, and to raako it full weight without rasing its valna This only .facilitated its export and rendered its circulation more difficult, at home; the real value of the coins being so unoertaih that the .guinea fluctuated in price, as measured by silver, from 21s. ,64 to 30s. It was thereforo, in 1774, declared that silver should no longer be a tender, except by weight, beyond £25. The amount due, as you have stated, was to be paid without reference to this, or in accordance with the old tender. Tb* Ibc ,ri'q»r«f tt»t , . . . -.,,. Ancital fciMcnoni qmetioa tfee««i«*noe of . •.. ) . |l h l «(«« betbrt t beJUrt r Ain»K(a w-ra ditcovered, in Ibe TOuhlrr adjoining the Caocaias. ,.A n«- tton ot torn c«H"^ tbe U4^W«n»,iali|ibj«ng «n ad^iinlhc country, wp»rat«d by a -range of mountaiia, were tbe tatberitvf tbVtfchQ- dr»n. tbtyjeot their male childr«i to the 'Omr*9rgB«t«. «f p«tb-m todrwUi thefe- amttcfcOinn were (rained io war, , b&ntmg, ri«tuis»nd »griculture. : the Cake. Th*re to s «l«ajc pbr««? tiiwd to npre$s eicH- I»DO?. Vten northing is n\?anled T«T ftne, it is oo«m«q In ding {variaace to tay "Ttti tat«-s tbe " Win you plf«se eiplain how tbe , UK! wki . Among tbe coforeil |KO»]« at l»oUs and breakdowns it ft customary U> introdnce what b calk»l a cat* walk. The men choose part- nenand the conptes walk orouitd. the room infusing into- their motions all the grace and elrgance for which tbe negro race is noted. A priie of a cake b awarded to the pair which it pronounced by. the Judges to have walked the floor tn tbeinbst nimble and artistic fash- km. Cl»r Eater*. Are ther* «oy snch people as d»r raters in th* world, wtitliestonr olf peopieeaiicg clay* myth! S. B. In U» southern states (principally, in Jforth Carolina} there is a class of people who eat clay IB Japan tie natives mate clay into •ados, and fry i t and eat it Free Lane*. •What ts the origiVof the (erm free lance? P. , joujhy . kindness. To ; t«ach hi <n; !m.ilpwn,':put j-ouritond on blsbact; and command him to 'charge,' at the same time placing him in position with his head between ..bis fore paws, A few, lessons will soon make him uudeEStond. We have heard many of our own friends say that Salvation Oil cured them of rheumatism. Those who have not tried it should do so. Our druggists wlUt lor 25 cents a bottle all the time. Why suffer with a bad cold when one bottle of Dr. Ball's Congh Syrnp is sold for 25 cents per bottle by ill druggists in the Doited States. A Profltlegs Inquiry. "Say, do yon think it's true that red headed girls are quick tempered? 1 ' "Una—ah—suppose yon a£ one of-them about it?"— Ex. .g-oug m the Crusades hi some stich fashion as ilosviy or Joan Morgan fought in> tins' war o£ th«-tcbel- lion, : Jtu^after-the Crucadea they.vdid not , the partisan leaders at. the"=outh and 'become' good citheni "They sold their »r- Ttees to the robber barons dfftbtjniiddle agea. Greatly Excited. «Not a few Of the citizens of Alton have recently^ •become greatly excited over the astonishing -tacts, that several oMheir.friends.ivhQhad been pronounced by _their physicians as incurable and beyond all hope— suffering with' that dreaded monster Consumption— have been; completely -cured / by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the ''only remedy that does positively cure all throat and lunsr diseases, ;Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at E. Marsh's dru» store, large bottles $1. " Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hoyt& Co;, wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Qa., soy:JWe : have been selling Dr. King's Now Dis« covery, Electric Bitters and Bnckten's Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well,or give sneh universal satisfaction. There have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles, of •, Dr. King's New Dis- coYery,taken in connection with Electric Bitters. We guarantee them, always. Sold by E. Marsh. mchldwlm MOST PERFECT MADE Pr?ptred«rtlh strict ipgatd to Pority, Strength, and . UealUifiUoew. Dr. Prke's Baking Powdereoataln* no AmmBal»,IJme,AJKiii or Phf«phMe«. Dr.Price's Kitiscl!, VsalUa, Lemon, elc^ fl»Tor delWodBly. >ac*ta,i>*o ST. tun. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE,! LOAN AGENTS, KKERXSKXTDfQ THB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Oo.'s: Ins. Co. ot North America; Hartford, Phoenix. „ Franklin, of PhUftdelylila; Gorman American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Alanchester, Eng.; Continental; Girard; Glens Fallg, s Amercan Central; 'Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. for Sale. A choice farm ol 120 acres, situate 1 mile sonth of Sblpman, ttacoupin connty. 111., at alowflgnnu 1'artle* intending to buv Real Estate In the rity ol Alton or Tlclnlty will flndlt to their Inurreot to call at^heoraeeot Kuderahftvuca * Sonnttg and eiamlne their list of properties lor gale as only part thereof Is adver- OF PURE'GOD E Almost as Palatable as Milk. Th« onlr piypanJUm of COD UVT.R Oil, Uut can lie t*kea rc«dl)^uul Jol«ialod for a long time by d«Uc»l« iUmi«li«. ..... ' A miltar ;TORj COX AXA _ S<:UOt-'l'lXJI..S AXAEIIU, . . , KB A I. UKB1UTT. fOL'UIIS AM> TllliOAT At'- VOTiOSfl. '...I .II WAffrlS'u fatfcftfthBltt OT ^'iht.DKk.V It l» mimUomTn- lu raailu. lT(!»,crlb»<l »nd enilorted by Ibo but MjjiicUn* ID Ibo-coUHtrlai p( itio world. . EMPIRE BKOOND STIIKKT (Hear Plosn), AI-TON^ ILL ITOll 8ALK : Ground Oats, around Corn, Hay, Oats. Corn, - Corn OleaK t , Flour, . That, Feed on Caterpillar*. Among ,tha most' carious productions of New Zealand, St. Nicholas tells boys and girls i*4i>a singular .plantcaltod^mlrush OBterpU- Ur. Caterpillars live upon plants, as our readers know, but here comas a little seed that seems to say, "turn about is fair play " andjodgasi on this wrinjaet! heck of'tbacater- pillar. It sends forth its ttay.JKreen':gtem, dra«is iu 1% from tie helplesii.c«t«ri)illar and not only sends up its little shoot with tbe bulrush stem capped with a tiny cat tail, but fills with its roots the entire body of it* vic- ttriv, chaiigtng it into a white, pith like substance. sTbi-'S, however, preserves the exact lhaje of jtue caterpillar. l-KOMPTLY DKLD'EBBD TO ANY PABT OK '- M.WILiaNSON. Patents^ To ny ny personi wUhlng to obwln I* t on uoyr Inventloos, <mpMvenUn IIKAVII.V IICHOKKKD CRAWLERS. TUB illustration hero reproduced gives a very good idea of the curious sight afforded by the*) heavily burdened caterpillars as trwy move slowly oloug with the luumer that announce* their _doom slowjyjlooting above them.- FOI-. nlicni a yoiuif; caterpillar U*an this grow Hi ii|»iu iis brad it heralds the (.low butrerUiin dratli of the over landed worm. SUGAR LAND. 1 wlnh tlwrr wait a Japd of «wfet«, VVh»-f«,laave«i of lugar iiaveU the otre«U. iAeii*ODI aiek their tolll|>o», The Kice Coil Carriage-Spring .gives a boggy that ease of motion BO desirai. ble m that vehicle This sprine is light, neat, durable and cheap. No spring in the world can match it in any particular. dwlw If you require a spring medicine, if you are suffering with languor, debility, pimples, bolls, catarrh, chronic sores, scrofula, or loss of appetite, or any disease arising from impure blood, take Ayer's Sarsapanlla — the safest and most economical of all blood purifiers. dwlw AH oysterman wnose "saloon" used to be on Main street was the slowest man m the state. One day be died, and soon after a citizen said to £rastus, the oysterman's son: "firastus, your father died rather sudden, didn't he?" "Well, yes," said Erastus, "sudden for him."— Ex. ct-p wells In autfur wnd. Ami scoop it up wltiiin my hum); I'd ait on hllln of i-uranifl Ami watch the synip octaii Dwell. I'd mluit n sl.'iidiT candy cme 'fliat 1 criiilil nl8bli«. When the ralu or li-i)u>ii»ilf,uud unuig« ]u|c«, Krf' pourln; dawiv ii'«nf V lx>o» UKf lion to Cure a Boy of Croup. Mrs. Samuel :Nutt, of South Haven, Kansas, tolls how she .saved the life of her boy. I have been using Allcock's Porous Plastere for tbe last ten years, principally, for a wesk back. Not lone ago I found my son very,much inclined to croup. He had a bad croupy cough, and a whizzing sound in his lnng» every time he breathed. .He nearly died from the obstruction of the throat. £ covered him from the throat to the pit of the stomach with Allcock's Porous Plasters. In two hours the cougb ceased and his breathing was much easier. In a few days be was entirely well. I kept the Allcook's Porous Piasters on him six days. Since then, whenever he is affected with colds in the throat, I never tue anything but an Allcock's Porous Plaster, which-cures him immediately, without any. inconvenience. They are tbe best preventive of the croup ever known, and-1 would not ke without them for any consideration. Bnciien-a Arniea Salre. The Best Salvo w the ^rprld, for cuts; bruises, ; sqrea,v.sers, salt rhenm, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail sfciH eruptions, • and positively cnrea piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to c^ve .-perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cemts per box. Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton, 111. mch7dwlm Office Uoy (to Boston Editor) "There's a gent outside, sir,.. withifringe on his pants, what §»yg he wants to see the editor." Boston Editor—"Never say gent or pants James, and tell the gentleman we don't want any poetry.','— Puck. Enjoy Life. What a truly beautiful world we live in-! -'Nature.'gives-us grandeur of monn- tains,»glens and oceans, and thousands of means of enjoyment. >We can desire no better when in perfect health; but iow often do the majority of people feel like 'giving Jt np, disheartened j dis- coaraged and worn out with disease, when there is-no occasion - for tbis^feel- ing, asflvery sufferer can easily obtain Balisfaotory proof, that Green's 4flgnst Flower, will makV themi free;; ; froin disease, as when born. Dyspepsia and Liverepmplajntare the direct .pauses of •eventy-five,.per cent, of such -maladies a« Bjliousnessj Indigestion, Sick ^Bead- ache, Costiveness, Nervous Prpsfratipn, Dizziness of the^Head, Palpitation of the Heart, and other distressing symptoms. Three-.doses.-df August :iFlower, will p-"ve its -wonderful effect. -Sample bbtttes,'10 cents. Try it. ja3dweowly DreuLL's §20,000,000. WB AbBO BKPEEHENT3TKE Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's L,if e and Accidentlnu. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat Bank, Cor, Third and State sts. Fine Residence for Sale. The late B. DeBow homestead, now owned by M. B. Underwood,.situated on line of horse railway, In Upper Alton; U rooms. Data room, furnace, and good out buildings two acres o* ~——* —••* »-- --" -- . ° • gain. Posse sale. — —-•- --—-v^u| • ((...^.^fl-wf »uu f^vrvru VUU ULkAlUAIlKS. two acres of gronnd, will be sold at a bar- ission gtren on completion of ' WHIFFLE & SMILEY. For Rent. Two-story house and good stable on Common gtreet. Goodfrait. WHIFFLE A SHILEY. For Sale, brtok dwelling and » m brick dwelling known as the A. Flaw homestead. lately-put In good re- WH1PPLE 4 SMILEY. . . . For Sale or jvenc. -jfijesirapletenementon Blnfl street, owned oy urs b. j.Dntro* WHIPPLB A3MTLEY. forb&l* .cA"? H 1 * 0 residences of J. J. and TV. H. Mitchell, ,o» Mill ^t., two ottfen best pieces ol residence property In Alton. The property tw ?KS Bfl -!rP lopa /* : ' east of' abOYe; U lots on Mill and Summit streets, an 3 a number o! at* In Miner* Mitchell's addition to Altoa. Any or all of above at agreat baixain. . WTUPPLE * SMILEY. For Sale. A 7>room brick dwelling and out bnlldlnga OB Thlid strtet, between Cherry and Vine. WHIPPLK-&BM EY. JTorKent. : Good 9-room brick house with abonU acres of gconnd.inclndtng prchavd, In Upper Alton. Former residence ofDr. Humbert. ' WHIfPLE A SMILEY. 828. Desirable Besidences far Sale. .A two story brick dwelling on Statq gtreet taojm as A. Platt homestead, lately put in goouTenalr. A two story frame dwelling , nearly now. A two wory on Seventh street, all for sale , at a sacrifice, owner having decided to WHIPFLK A S ""«'• For Sale. ' oorner WHIFFLE A 8MILEV ' "'OHtOAQO Akn AMTW. Oa and nftvr SnudKy. Kor. Hth, UM. tnint ou i^ca«<>|«o^^Al^.ato^ai^«J pet, Alton, «t»tnls.t3 tlm«, (g . Union mpc rarChlcMo muA lira CMt< : Chleagofiall'... ............ Cbleago Atcn7rmoaatson».. ., ]7 60a.m. WOO p.m. •* 40p.m. A»p.m! (8 tS a. m. Snndaysonly}. " •DaUy tKxcopt Sunday. 87D, ., O. G. KOKRa. Ticket Agent. OH10AGO, BORLiMGTON AJrt>QtfDfny. Trains leare the Union Depot, Alton follows: -,••..-.- QolnK North: , Kxpr»fs_(exc«pt Sunday}. .. .;•.. 8rfiSa,jn Night Express Sore Eyes The eye« are always in aarmp^hy '.yttib. the body, and afford an excellent index; ot its condition. Wljea the e7M\becoiB*, weak, .and theUds inflamed, a^d tan, it is an .evidence that ..the ijatem has become ...disordered, by, Scrofnia,'^ for which Ayer's Sarsajpariiia ~i» in*' T>«t tnoirn remedy. ' .,--••*".-•... '• ..",-• Scrofula, which prodnced a pjtSnftil h». flammation inrnT-eTes.'cattsedjiieotnuch. suffering for a number of year*. By the> advice ol» physician I common o«d takine Ayer's Sftrsaparilla. After niSFthS: medicine a short time I- wiu completely •' •' • .Cured : ' ; - -•. -'•• : \>'. My eye* are now in a splendid «mdi. , -Mrs. -William Gage;Comior , For a number of years I wa» trttabled with a humor in njy eyes, and, was unablft to obtain any relfel until 'Icommenceol nsinK Ayer's Sarsaparilla. . ^Thia .wedi. cine has effected a complete core, and I believe it to be the best of bloc& pnri* flers.~C. E.;TJpton, Ka&hnajJsr.H.T From childhood, and.until 'wiltka f«V months, I have been afflicted with 'Weat and Sore Eyes. I have us«d for. these, complaints, with beneficial resniST Ayer's Sarsapariria, and consider ft » great blood purifier. — Mrs. C. PhillioaT Glover, VL " *'• : *^ I suffered lor a year with inflammation in my left eye. Three ulcers formed on the ball, depriving me of Right, and causing great pain. v Alter trying man v other remedies, to no purpose, I was finat ly induced to use Ayer's Sarsaparilla, By Taking three bottles ol this medicine Ibave been entirely, cured. My sight his been restored, and there is no sign of inflammation, sore, or ulcer in my eye.— Keodal T. Bowen, Sugar Tree Bidge, Ohio. My dangliter, ten years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Sore Eyes. Daring the last two years she never saw light of any kind. Physicians of -the hfSiest standing exerted their skill, but with no permanent success. On the recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which my daughter commenced taking. Before she had used the third bottle her sight •was restored. Her cure is complete.— W. E. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, M BoldbymllDruggUta. Price »1; ilz botUui, SYRUP far Beat. residence of U. J. Noonan oa State TI as tbe A. Platt place. Goods LOUW. Inflm olass repair. JTor osle. WHIFfIJi A for Hale. 3B9& a 4 room frame boose on Fittli street. ' For Rent, !? c ? d «'Blli'iB known as the A. ad; lately put In For Sale Cheap, iig.yQiiruini»iaup. a I'd tn»ko my mou}b into a cup* Ami »» allow erery drop of It; Ob, I uliould tHivertplll a bill My v»lo» » should be ipongy cake. J'erh^pj they'd keep uio wide awakt) -ONE— . ce B tto*. ma-VenuUa Dr. eu't tiuh syrup la «oU onlj in ite all tn " ?•"/"" * «*""* •»»*J»'»*»W*MWUh WUJ UU Uj belore One Million PIFFKBBNT nawsVapef purchaser* i-orFn-B MILLION UBADEHS" fen lines wlU jwiooinraodaW about 76 words. AU- dross with copy of ad v and check, or send So oonto-lor book ol 178paaeo. GB6. P. KQW- KlAi ft UQ., 10 Bpruqe a' ^ " •.'--'.'>"• .L KLUNK UNDEKTAEEE, We -do not '• manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterine, or any;kindred truck; we do not 'first squeeze the fat and oil out of ouratook,and*hen convert the refuse Into a worthless soap.. We are not near-atoqk yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased ™ ( }%2? animals or refuse material. BILVEB. SOAP is made of PUBB TAL- *^».byaplean process,emd can ba used freely without dahiset-of navlns the skin'diseased or poisoned, • 'ASK TODB.OKOOEB 3POB IT EMPIHE SOAP CO, STVI.O.U 1.9. A. J. HOWELL, urn PBAUCB n i With ail the AppJDiwoM to Run it, Everyt^ng in (fatf prder. - A. T. ' Ready-BIade Coffihe, And BWlifKoiee Office and Shop on State etreet FURNITURE I A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND, AU, OHDKP _____ ' FOK * . UPHOLSTERING Neatly anil promptly BelJo 8t, fJt^Pti dweUtaur with » roorai, bftm andfln* hol

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