Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 28, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1887
Page 2
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AIAGN DAILY TKLEGBAPH. KAOLH PACKET COMPANY m Vf, T. SOBTOM. Oat. Third and Ka»» StrocU, Alton, ni. MONDAY EVE., MAKCH 28. Heating Hallway Com. An important report hat been presented by the New York Board of.Rall- road CommlMioneri to the Assembly o! that state upon the question of the heating of railway oars. The report holds that, as a means of heating railway oars, stoves are out of date, and that an endeavor should be made to abolish them as speedily as possible. In the opinion of .the Board serious objections exist to the use of any kind of safety oar heater Inside of or attached to a oar. They do not remove the element of rink, but only lessen its percentage. On tbo other hand doubts as to the practicability of heating cars by steam either trom the locomotive or from a separate car aro rasi]being dissipated. The board has arrived at tho conclusion that it would be well to require the use of steam or hot air (or heating purposes. Regarding the extent to which legisla-. lion upon the subject should go at present, the board declares that the system of steam heating has been sufficiently tested to warrant the statement that under all ordinary circumstances trains ot from three to seven cars can be heated with steam from the locomotive without serious apprehension ol failure from the inability of the engine to furnish steam enough or fron tbe danger ot freezing at the couplings. Safe Blowers at Edwardsville. EDWAKDSVILLE, 111., March 26— Last night at about 10 o'clock the safe at Wolf Bro's. coal mine was broken into and the contents, some $9 or $10, take». The work wag evidently done by professional burglars, as a very neat hole was bored a little to the left of the combination lock, powder inserted and the door blown open and torn to pieces. The charge was very heavy, and the watchman on nn engine lying on the switch of the Toledo, Kansas and St. Louis railroad, about 100 yards away, was awakened by the shock and noted the time, but was afraid to investigate further. Undoubtedly a large sum of money was desired. "Wolf Bros, having a large number of miners whom they pay twice a month, but they do not keep their money in the safe at the mines. To this the comparatively small loss is due After they had finished tho safe the burglars broke into the T. K. & St. L. H. R. station, and, opening the safe there, got the largo sum of 65 cents. Opening the ticket case they took a large number of tickets of that road. There is no clew to the perpetrators of the crime, except that three very suspicious characters were seen louflug around the olllcc at the mine yesterday. A reward is offered for the apprehension of the criminals. Book Notsi. HARPER'8 Magazine for April opens wtth an article on "The Southern Gateway of the Alleghanies" by Edmund Kirke, and Mr. Warner's admirable descriptions of "New Orleans" and hfl Aeadwn Land." "The Comedie Franoaise," which is Acknowledged to be "the. first theatre of the world," in the subject of an ex- ceedlngly attractive article by Theo. Child. Kathleen O'Meara'i story of Kusslaa life, "Nurka,." progresses, through the fourth port with great dramatic power. In connection with this no.rel a specially Interesting article appears, entitled "Through the Caucasus," Parti," in Which U&lph Meeker narrates bis tour through that region of Southern Russia. The illustrations are by Frank D. Millet. "Tho Stubblefleld Contingent" Is an admirable story sketch, by R. M. Johnston. Blackmore's novel, "Springhnven," comes to an end in this number with the victory and death of Lord .Nelson. A remarkable contribution to the enlightenment of the labor problem Is Lee Monwetber's account of "How Workingrnen Live in Europe and America." The tnird instalment ol W. D. Howell's novel, "April Hopes," continues to portray Cambridge sociuty life. Charles O. Warner describes his recent tour to the city ol Mexico. A curious little story, "Back from tho Frozen Pole " by Ellen L. Dorsey, will interest lovers of tbe marvellous. The departments are tilled with choice reading. Tug 8t. Nicholas for April comes laden as usual with bright, spicy articles which will afford information and recreation for all its readers. Tho serials 'Juan and Juanita," and "Jenny's Boarding house" are continued. "The Story of tbe Merrimac and the Montor," by Gen. Adam Badcau is both Interesting and instructive. "Cross Country with the News" shows off the newspaper reporter in a very humorou- light. There is tbe usual number ol beautiful illustrations, which with the shorter articles, poems, puzzles, etc. make a pleasing variety. The Century Co., No., 88 East 17th street, New York. Captain Ringi author of "The Colonel's Daughter," in his 6roc/iwe entitled "Cntnpnignlcg with Crook," tells nn amusing and characteristic anecdote of Colonel Royal), now com*, manding the Fourth Cnvah-y, but.-then- Lieutenant-Colonel of the Third. He says: ' "A story is going the rounds of the camp which dwjs us all good even In thlsdismnl weather. Colonel Royall ordered one of his battalion commanders to-put that battalion in camp on tha other side of the river, facing cast. 1 "A prominent and woll-kuqwn habit ol the subordinate ollluei- was a tendency to split hairs, discuss orders, and, In line, to make trouble whore there was a ghost of a chance of so doing unpunished. "Presently the Colonel saw that his Instructions wore not being carried out, and not being in a mood for indirect action, he. put spurs,to his horse, dashed through the stream, and reined up alongside, tho victim, with, -Didn't I order you, sir, to put your battalion in camp"along the rivur, facing oast?' " 'Yos, sir. Hut this isn't a river; it's only/a crook.' " -Creole, sir! Crock, sir! What do you mean, sir? It's ;\ 'river—a river from this time forth, 4y ortkr, sir. Now do us I loll you.' "Thore was no further delay."— Harper's Magazine. Edwardsville Forging to tbe Front. EDWAHDSVH.LK, 111., March 26.— Edwftrdsvillo is Having a "boom." Yesterday $5,000 stock was uub- scribed by enterprising citizens lor the purpose of erecting a creamery here. The project will undoubtedly bo successful as this county is a good dairy country and milk is plentyi, To-day the company advertises for bids for the location The company of St, Louis business men boring for gas here will undoubtedly ,' be successful, as in the opinion oi I the experts engaged in the work they will find plenty , of gas and oil in a short time. The well is now about 400 feet deep, and they expect to - "strike gns next week. In consequence of these a.nd other improvements real estate is advancing in value and people are jubilant thereat. UEPUHUCAN CITY CONVENTION. The Republicans of the several wards of tho oily of Alton, and all voters desiring to co-operate with thorn in securing ft bolter, nioro efHoleut and more progressive adnnuiBti'titlon of city affairs, are roquustod to tnoat in pri- ' morv meetings, at) Oily Mall, on Thursday evening, April 7th, at 7:80 o'clock, to nominate candidates for Alderman In their respective wards, and .also to * appoint delegates to a City Republican Convention to -bo hold at the name place, Friday ovoninir. April 8tli, to nominate candidate!) for Mayor, City Clerk, S • City Treasurer, (*•»- f City Attorney, to bo voted for at tin: municipal eleo- , tion April I9i,h; the several wards to be ' entitled to the following ruprosontation in tlie city convention: ' ' First ward, 8 delegates. ' Second ward, G delegates. Third wurd, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, S duk'nates. Fifth ward, 8 dolu^atos. Sixth ward, 0 delegates. "' Seventh ward, 7 (lologatoH. Total number ol delegate?, 61.1 And to transact suoh other business as may properly come before the moots ing. CIIAS. HOLOKN, JR, * J. K. 1MJTLEH,' . t UEO. U. HAYUKN, 11. G. MTIKB, S. F. CONNOll, /, H. S. BAKBH, Ju., F. w. aopi'ij, H. B. STARR, T Republican Central Committee. } .'i A uoimon in always short to woman who wears a now bonnet the flr«* wwe,— f AJLHAJHBRA. ,ALIUMBRA, Ills., March 23, '87. Boom I Boom! I III Alhambra coming to tbo (root In the lino of booms. Real estate advancing In vulue. Important improvements are being made, and all things considered, we arc enjoying quite a season of activity. Many o( our business men, and gentlemen of leisure were In Edwardsvllle this week. Moasrs. J. Am man n and Adolph Ru«gger,o( Highland, were in town on 23d Inst. looking up real estate. Col. Doerge has moved Into bis late purchase on State street. lie la now comfortubly settled, and ready for tho entertainment ef his friends. The Colonel was very fortunate In bis selection and purchase. We think, perhaps, there are parties from tho east who are making purchases here owing to tho Indications of coal and natural eta existing. Another harbor has come from Germany to locate In our booming town. Work Is progressing rapidly on the new railroad, that is to pass through here. An Important property changed hands here last week for a good consideration. O. Harlug being the fortunate purchaser. Oar farmers are nearly through seeding oats. temperance movement la flourishing and will be can-led on despite the efforts of rum. J. A. Leof, one of our business men, pur ohiued a rival to Maud 8, last week, and will place his "fleet foot" In training Immediately and then look out for interesting "turf notes," Candidates may now arise and proceed to say what the Governor of one state said unto the Governor of anotuer:-'ix>ng time between drinks." Tho Wide itaage School closes to-day. Miss Louisa IHlger has proven a very successful oachor there. Mi-. Franklin, of Pennsylvania, made oar community a ihort business visit last week. Wo understand that Uncle Tommy King will remove to West Alhambra, whore he has bemi missed for some years. X. * WONDERFUL DISCOVERY I A South American Plant, Combining Four Distinct Properties, Discovered by A Chicago Gentlemen. His Account of tho Discovery >nd Whaj the Experiments Made Have Proved It to be a Remedy lor. About a year ago a gentleman happened to overhear nn Interesting conversation In 1'rof. G. A. Mariner's laboratory between two minors and the 1'rot'cuBor. Tbo miners had just arrived from tholr minus In South America and bud called to have BOIUO gold ore assayed. During the conversation that ensued they spoke of tho wonderful virtues of a certain South American Plant u decoction ot -which tho natives wpro In the habit of using as a nonalcoholic stimulant and for the cure of chills, fever and malaria, and which they also used to counteract tho evil effects of u too free Indulgence in tholr favorite alcoholic drink. After further Investigation an arrangement was made with these minors to forward n supply of tho plunt, and u preparation containing an extract from It was gubtnltod for trial to a number of dlslntorustod parties suffering with nervous troubles of various kinds, who have pronounced Its effects truly wonderful. Us characteristics closely resemble those of tho HiKlnwHi Canuilciista, or Golden Beul of North America, but combine the properties of n Nerve Food or milkier up of tho nervous system and tho tired brain. An Antl-Forlodio or provontutlvo of chills, fovcr and malaria. An Alcoholic Antidote overcoming any ovll effects of excessive ulchollo Indulgence, and n Non-Alcoholic Stimulant and Tonic, which will tone up tho shattered system and surely euro dyspepsia, urinary difficulties, derangement of tho liver and stomach, habitual con- stlimtlon, and all norvu troubles. A name was to txi selected and owing to Its groat medicinal properties It has boon called r Tho Great Golden Seal." Especlul attention Is called to tho pleasant and agreeable form In which It Is prepared. It furnUhca tho system with a harmless, yet powerful tonlo and stimulant, which will free tbo mind from earo, improve and build up tho digestion, give food 19 tho overworked brain andtoromico that bouyanoy of feeling characteristic of perfect health. U will be found n valuable remedy for mental exhaustion for wakeftilnoss, hysterlmnorvoiis depression, low BplrlU and general debility. It will glvu vigor and renewed strength to tho system when tiermigod by sickness or overwork and should bo uaoil by all convalescents. 1'reparud as u heavy syrup most agreeable to take. Tlila valuable preparation Is for Halo by all druggists nt $1.00 nor bottle or 110,00 per ease, of ono dozen; and will bo sent prepaid upon receipt of price by the proprietors THE QUEAT OOLTH5N BBAL DRUG CO., In IM SoJIe Avenue, Chicago, Illlnoli. The Importance of purifying the blood cannot be overestimated, for without pure blood you cannot enjoy good health. At this season nearly every one needs a good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich the blood, and wo ask you to try Hood's Do/Miliot* Sarsaparllla. Itstrengthens rcCUIIdl all( i builds up the f||8tem, creates an appetite, and tones the diglbtlon, while It eradicates disease. The pesuliar combination, proportion, and preparation of the vegetable remedies used give to Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- "T n ItCPlf lar curative powers. No • V» IIOCII other racdlclnehns such arecord of -wonderful cures. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not V>o induced to toko any other Instead. It is a Peculiar Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists. Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar BROWN'S IRON BITTERS Conblalar IBOH wltfc FUBB VS»EIlBtS TONICS, aoleklr and coupltUlr CLKAN8KS and ENRICHES TUB BJMH)D. OalAcni tie Mtlon of the liter indKldnejt. Clear* tho taJBf* tt« teeth, tuat hoaJaeht, orprodaMooB- nUpaUon-AUi OT1IEBIBON MKDICnfKS DO. Phjriclani and Prutgfata uratrwhOT recommend It. DA. N. 8. Rooauei, oTUarion, MM*., uni "I -'* "-"-H'S Iron Blttora M a TiUutble tonta blood, and rumoring oil iljipeptio • not hurt tie teeth." J30J, Remold*. Ina., •»»•: "I Jrown ? » Iron Bitten in Minn of ad blood dtoeuwi. «lio when » tonlo tru id Itliw pwrod thotoaibli SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer H. LETHE, CD . HOH POWBLI, ,D. BLOCK,Ol«r» 8. On and a:ter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread FOB ST. LOUIS needed, and MB. WM. Brass, 9681. Marj Bt., HowOrleann, La., "Broro'e Iran Bitten rellernd me In a cam andI boattJU commend It to pnnner. _ AiuH.TuMumbla, Ala..san: "I troubled from childhood »lth Impure ' emotion on mjr f«oe—two bottlei of n Bltton, effected a perfect cur i too highly ot tali nluable medlol Genuine hu abore Trade Mark and craned red llnea oo wrapper. Take no other. M.deonljbj BBOWN CllEMlCiL CO, UAX.TlMOItK.MU, at 7 o'otook u, trip at 8 p. in., and St. Louis on return dully. And leaving Alton lor . •» trip BIB p.m., uuny. auui D ™!"'» •" Portage, Jersey Landing, Oral ton, ni points every evening at 6:80 o'clock. tSJTho Whittle will be sounded fifteen minutes before starting for St. Louis. |TABBl To ST. LOOM, ROUND TRIP TWUJtTT BtD«»' BO . . TO - - B 00 W. HILL. Anont. Fast Freight &Passei!ger Llue THE BT. LOUIS AND OENTKAL ILLINOIS B. U. GO'S KASKINE (THE NEW QUININJS) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears. Cr e9 quickly Pleasant,V ure VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured byCuticura. T HROUGH the medium of one of your books received through Mr. Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apollo, Pa,, I became acquainted with your CUTJCURA REMEDIES, and take this opportunity to testify to you that their use has permanently cured r=e of one ol the worst cases of blood poisoning, in connection with ery sipnlao, that I have ever seen, and this after having been pronounced incurable by somp;ol the best physicians in out county. 1 take great pleasure in forwarding to you this testimonial, unsolicited as it is by you. In order that others from similar maladies may he encouraged to give your Ooiioo BA REMEDIES H trial. F. S. WHirUNGBR, Leeobburg, fa. Reference: FRANK T, WBA.Y, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. • SCROFULOUS ULOBB8. James E. Rlchai dson, Custom House, New Orleans, on oath says: "In 1810 Scrofulous Ulcers broke out on my body until I was a mass of corruption. Everything known to the medical faculty was tried in vain. 1 be oame a more wreck. At times could noi lift my hands to my head, could not turn in b«d; was in constant pain, and looked upon life a» a curse. No relief or cure in ten years. In 18801 heard ot che Cutlcnra Remedies, used them, and was perfectly cured." Sworn to before U. 8. Com. J. D. Crawford. ONE OP THE WOBST CASES. We have been selling your Outlcura Remedies for years, and have the first complaint yet to receive from u purchaser. One of the worst oases of Scrofula I ever saw was curort by tbe use of five boulca oi Outlcura Resolv- ent, Cutlcura and Cutlcura Soar. The Soap takes tho "cake" here at a medicinal soap, TAILOR A TAYLOR, Dnitfglsts, Frankfort, Kan, SCKOFULOUtj, INHERITED, And Contagious Humors, with loss of hair, ana Eruptions of tho Skin, are positively cured by Cutloura and Outlaura Soap externally, when all other medicines fau. Bend for pamphlet. A POWJfiRFUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, BHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases -._._ FOR GOLDS KASKINE HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Quinine. BellovueHospital, N. T.: "Universally successful." . . ("Everv patient treated St. Francis HOB.N. Tf. { with Kosklne has been (discharged cured." Kev. Jos. L. Hall, Chaplain Albany Penitentiary, writes that EaBkTne has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him for par- ciRulars. St.Joseph's Hospital, N. Y.: "It's use is considered indispensable. It acts perfectly." Proi. W. F. Holcombe, M.D., H EaatMth St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kosklno is superior to quinine in Its specific power, and never produces tho slightest injury to the hearing or constitution. Thousands upon thousands write chat Kas- kine has cured them after all other medicines had failed. Write for book of testimonials. . . Kasklne can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mall ou receipt of price. KASKINE CO., M Warren St., New York. JOdwlm PAIAOK SXKAMEH J. F. ELLl&OK, Oommandor. EP. ANSIIUTZ, On and after Thursday ,Feb. 17th, willleave Alton dally For St. Louis at 7 a. m, Returning, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine sto at 2:45 p.m.: Leaving Alton at 5:«O p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., : ' Central Illinois Railroad lor JersoyvJlle, W»- verly, Spilngfloldaud all points north and ett8t ' FARE. To ST. Louis, single trip, . . . Me. " " rnuna trip, . . . . j«>. n « twenty rlae ticket, . . , $5.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton, j H. A. FI3HEB, Uon'l Manager. lelldtf UMMTIBTHk. DR. G. J*. BOHLAND, 1 Dentist* 18 THIHD ST BEET, ALTON, ILL. Office Hours—S a.nutol2m.:ltotp. m febclwly G. A. McMELLEN, Dentist, OVER BRUBGGEU ANN'S OKJAR SECOND ST. STOKE dtf FBY8IOIAMS ANT) HUKQKON » DR. E. GlTELltm, Puysiclan and Burgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENOE, COR.FOXmTH AND HENKY STS. High Authority. HopUlttera la not, In any wage, on alcoholic beverage or liquor, and could not be sold, for use, except to persona desirous of obtaining medicinal bfttera, GREEN B.RAUM, U. 8. Oom'r Internal Rev. WatMngton, J). O., Sept. «4,1884. Dear Sir—mydon'tMu ni ftcertift. cate from Col. W. H. W., ol BttUJmpw, showing bow be cured himself of drutik- eness by the help of Hop Bittert. HU la a wonderful case. He Is well known In BocboBter, N. Y., by all tho drinking people there. He If) known In this city, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York; in fact all over tho country, as ho baa spent thousands of dollars for rum., I honestly believe bis card would be worth thousands of dollars to you in this city and Balt|. more alone, and make thousands of sober men by inducing tbo use of your Jbittora, J. A W Prejudice Kills. "Eleven years pur daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the care of several of the best physicians, who gave her disease various names but no relief, and* now she is restored to us in good health by Hop Bitters, that wo had poohcd at two years before using it. We earnestly bope and pray that no one else will let tlie'.r sick suffer as we did, •on account of prejudice against BO good n medicine as Hop Bitters."— The Parentt •> —Good Templars. . "• .. • Milton, J)el., Fob. 10,1888. . Having used Hop Bitters, the noted remedy tor debility, nervousness, indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation in saying that it is indeed an excellent medicine ana recommend it to any-one as a truly tonic betters. Respectfully. KEY. MM. J. H. ELLGOOD. Beipio, N. Y., Dec. 1,1884. lam the pastor of the Baptist church here and an educated, physician. I am not in practice, but am my'sole family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who has been under medical treatment of Albany's best physicians several years. She has been greatly benefltted and still uses the medicine. I believe she will become thoroughly cured of. her .various complicated diseases by their use. We both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their -vari-. ous ailments by them.- , >. , x ~ ^ RET. E. R.'W,ARR£!N: Cured, of Drinking.*' "A young friend of mine waa cured of an insatiable thirst for liquor that; hod so prostrated his system that he was unable to do any business. He was entirely cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It allayed all that burning thirst; took away; the appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady; and he has remained a steady and sober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his cups, and I know of a number of others that have been cured of drinking by it."—From a leading R. R. Official, Chicago, 111. LOOKOUT HERE! THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Stove ! W. A. HASKELL, M.D., Pbyslciaii and Surgeon, OmOJB-SEOOND ST., ALTON. ILL. Office u ours—8 a. in.; 12 to 1, and C p.m nurt-dwt ened a new (music and Plasa eta FOR SALE AT J.HOFFM ANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HARDVTAJttE Also Outside Work a specialty. Hoofing and Galvanized Iron Work. Also undertaker's Supplies USE THEM. TVo have obtained satisfactory results from the use of tbe Outlcura Remedies ID onr own family, ami recommend them beyond any other remedtea for diseases ot tho skin and blood. Tho demand for them grows as their merits become known, MCMILLAN & CO., Druggists, Latrobo, Pa. are sold everywhere, Price : G'utloura, tho Great skin Cure, BO ecu.; Outlcura Soap, an, ExquiBlteBeautltler, W> cm. ; Cutlcura Resolv- ent, tho New Blood Purlller, Jl. 1'otter Drug and tihomloal Co., Boston. T3T 1\/t PLE8, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes Jr AUti. and Jlnhy Humors, use Outiauia Soap. _ _ Choking Catarrh. Have yon awakened from a disturbed sleep with all the horrible sensations of an assassin clutching your throat and pressing the llfo-breath from your tightened chest? Have you noticed tho languor and doblltty that succeeded the effort to clear your throat and head of this catarrhul matter? What a ilo- pressing influence It exerts upon the mind, clouding the memory ana filling tho head with palun aud atranxe noises! How dlfiloult to protect tho system against Its further proKTOfui towards tlm lungs, Hver and kldnovR, all physicians will admit. It 1s a terrible dl»oasOt and cries out for rellof aud euro. Tho romurkaulp'onrutlve powers when all other roinodlei Utterly fall, of Suoford'f* Radical Cure, are nttbstod by thousands who gratefully recommend it to follow sufferers, wo statement Is nude regarding It that cannot bo substantiated by tho most respectable and reliable roiuroncoa, Each packet contains one bottle of the Radical uuru, one box of Oatorrhol Solvent, and au Improved Inlmlur, wltb traatUe ana directions, and I* sold by all druggists for }1. 1'OTTBU U1IUO A OUKUIOAL OO,, llOSTOS. ALWAYS ON HAND. GOB. SECOND AMD AUBT ST8. W. k\ ENSBSGER, WAT4TKD (Mm VJItl'l lMJ * lltl iuifl, laVji. ETO. ' "fy* 11 ' »»0«iwtIoD % mva- i 8)11 OrMUwar, */ C. The undersigned have onene •tore ac the corner |of Third ORGANS AND PIANOS! of 'the (finest M orkmonsh) s> for solo at reasonable prices. Call and examine our instruments before purchasing eUewhere. FLOSS! & BABE. tnch22dw6m Lucas" 1 Pfeiffenbef ger ARCHITECT, GENKRAE SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL . DRAUGHTSMAN. Office on Third st.,one door west of Piaso. third floor. ,, J. SUITER & SON, WILSON WASHBOARDS. Th«ieWaihboord» are mudo with » Bent-Wood rim. Tlie Strong- Michigan. it $9 AN ACRE on long time. The most procperonH and pmmlnlDR field for nettlement la tbo U. S. Full irrorm«tlon wllh good map free. Addretn HID COKasSIOSEB.r«eoiula CentralI R. K., Jlllwuukee, ffU.^ JOSKl'M JA.KKfiTT'8 LIVERY STABLED FBONT STREET, BETWEEN ALBY AND HASTON, . , AL.YOC . - > IL.WNOI PINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Al' ways on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO *' GIVE US A CALL BEFOBE PURCHASING. , : OTOFUKNITTOB BOOMS ABE ON State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILu. •pSdWlT ADMINISTEA.TQR'S NOTICE. ESTATE of Eleanor P. Guild, deeoaeed. Tliu undei-fllgned, huvtngil)oen appointed Admlnletraior of the estate of Efoanor P. Guild, late of (the county of Madison and State bt Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that ho will appear before the county court of Madison county, ut the court hoan, In Kdwardsvllle, bt the May term, on the third Monday In May next, at which tlroe all persona lmvin« claims against said Bstate are notified ana requested to attend for tbe purpose of bavlnit the same,adjusted. All persons indebted to said Estate ore request»4 to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Luted this IHh day of March, A. D., 1887. FERLHY B. WHIVPUt, 22diw Administrator. and Decorative ALCOHOLIC ANTIDOTE ALCOHOLIC WORK PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO AT LOWEST TERMS. OTYIOB AMD SHOP ON FOR DYSPEPSIA, URINARY DIFFICULTIES AND ALL NERVOUS SECOND ST., ALTON. Au immodlat* rellof for proitratlon caused by AIX30HOLIO EXOEBBKB. A Stimulant which, when taken wlVh Bocta, Vichy, Apolliuurle, Beltwr, or any Bparkllmr Water, wUl aupply tbe Craving 1 for Strong Drink, without Its disastrous retmlti, lea vlnv tlioi Byntem rofreehiHl and InvlKoratoa. Prepared us a HKAVV OYIIUP, uiont agreeable to take. «IO1IN BAHEB, Being non-alcohollo, It commends itself «»• pocfally to Pliyslcluus, Lawyers, Teachers, Olsrgr- uien, Merchant)!, and others following sedentary occupation* or imrsuiu, requiring nerve energy. DKALEU IN AND SIANtTFAOTUKER 01' FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Uftll ALTON, ILL, All kinds of flue and common farnttur coMtautly on hand. AUoun

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