Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 28, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1887
Page 1
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".< i""" ' 'f \> r '' " li * ? -"'' "'"J- 1 ' .<^ / jt ,^'l W ' ) | f ' 1 'tl J T T 1 T ' ' •VOlitfME 26. ALTQN, ILL., MONDAY EYENIKG, MARCH 28, 1887. UNFAILING 'SPECIFIC FOB Liver isease ..Bitter or bad t„ o coated ( ! pMn In _,- mistaken lor &LSefflSSSi,'PS! P'jSPRjgto • .•'i wvAuuvuiLjr. vWDIflYU'IMIUi 4UJV i' UUUUIIUJH? •' MJtta UI ,'/tneraoryViWlUi;iva>alnJul;»on8»tlon( of Imflng ..laUed to do somotlitngjWliloli ought ,to. llavo ^Artn fflhet; r dpWW •',W %r(*s! a thick. •,cdry>cougli;;fever.; rostlos8ness;;tho urine Is • lt i Scanty!'aiid.HIghpolpreU,' nnd, ,if allowed to btana, aeooaltu a Bodlmout. . . Simmons Liver Regulator i;OB BenmsaDtt'ttsfia la tUtfBouth'to ttwmse' the ';jitor«ld(lty(jri'*».jilisaltl»jr,'a*ptlon.- Itacta with i»xtr»pruinary,cffloaoy o^ t)m . .iousness. Jmindlce, .>;cttu«;»; :• .'. i Bowel Complaints, ,. .. ... Kte.ilito. . :; ;,En4ot8ediby:tlio.u8eof seyenitnilllong of uot- jH$s,_as ,.-,.; •.-... ' ' < ^hunily ^Medicine ; ittoBQUrBni for AauJhivaiuUorjthe'Aged. , Safe tp.take.ta any condition of the sysMm I ;Ji H;'<!ZeUinft4fc ClOii Phila, Pa '' Solo proprietors. . Price $1, •-" '.'.' " •••-• • ; inyM iriwf wkly FOTJllBS & CO., StJOOKSBOBS TO 1. B. MOKINNEY *' CO., Hi^est Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. B STILL SLOP FOB SALE. '2«a sep7dw6m Lines of Bargains IT IS That ought to catch your have lots in J^VELTIES, SHOES, -AND-. MILLI1NERY, We can't be beat in j quality, and prices. All the latest novel- ties**f <the season daily added, at one-price cash house, ALTON, * 'abOBAGBHIGGJCNB' FUREKA FINE SALT for sale by . AiRYBDB, Will you ploaso state who Is Inml commlsatoncr for the state of Michigan, and his nddrcas. • Can I bdmc^tcnjlanrtinMichigan? EDWJM B, Roseau D, Bix, Lansing, Mich. Any citizen of tiioBtalo.over 81"years ,old, noli, ali-oatly owning forty acres ot land, limy homestead not to oxcued ulglity acres of wliat is known as swamp lands, and may buy an adjoining eighty ocrcM. Clltlliiy. To wljat country cloea TcnnyHOU refer when he gnysi "Better, fitly .years qf Europe tUan a cycle of Cathay!" EMII.Y. Cathay, was an ancient iiaine Cor China. i The Capitol. How dld.tho District ot Columbia and-, tho city :o£ Washington derive tbeirilaiaesr'i ' :• $. SI. In 1701 a•cothmlMtan' was au'riolntcvi for the site of the Capitol of the tjiiltcd States. This' commission directed Maj IX'Enfant, who was designing i maiia of. the, district,, .to -call it Columbia and the city Washington, Anno llrndstrect. ' Wlio was the first American poetess? O. The first published volume by any iCaa-jvas by,3Irs/- ; Anno.,Bra4strwtff the ^ijiinpbn T B!rjidjtree^, ,one^.^arly governors/?? tlje pojony ,6f .llossacliiusetts. The volume was'published in'London in )6DO. ; A more complete edition was .• published in Bosn ton in -1(578. I<ee!8..Surrender. Did Gen. Lee siirrepder under, an, apple tree? Did he give his sword to Gen. .Grant? O. A. Gen. Gmnt'gives an/account of the surren- ,der, in his' memoirs,', stating', that the, ngree- mejit>vfls.Big!iedJn : tho.hQiiseoC a Mr. McLean, at or.near...Apppmattox court house. There is a story that. Gen. Lee offered his, sword and;Qon.=Grant;declinod to receive it. There is no truth iu the story. , Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel 01 purity, strength wholosomeneaa. More eeo- nomloal than tlie ordiuary kinds, and cannot be sold4ncompetition with the;multitude ol low tost, short weleht, alnm phosiihato powders. SotD OKLY IN CANS. EOYAL BAKING rOWDEBOO.,106 Wallst.,N. Y.. JanSdwJy REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OF' BARGAINS -ATC. A. Schlueter's Agency, For Sale, cheap, cor. of 7tu and Alton sts,; {ramp dwelling, 4 rooms and collar, vents ; for • $10 permonth. •',, yor.gale or Exehangoo^lOO aorMf.<3li. l (n oul-; tlvatlor\, ax luillos northeast of Fostorburg, at'a bargain. For sale— brick house, story and a half, ,oornar:Bighth. and Meohanio street. Can be had ac a bargain. Good property; to rent. One 8-room now bouse, wttn cellar, cistern and coal houso. Lot 50 by 110 on Oth and Market atu. For sale—ono 8-room houso andjono 3-roora house, Oth and Market sts. Lot 60 by 110; good, cistern and i coal house, at a bin gain. For sale—16 acres in North Alton with good orchard, barn and plenty of water. For salo-660 acres .Improved farm with good house'and'staolos In Wooilson county, Kansas, R.U. runs across from Fort Scott to Wloliitn, C miles from county seat, Forialo—7fiaorns partly bottom land, improved farm, near Uorsoy, with plenty ol gopd buildings on same. Fer.Bftte—10 pieces ol valuable property with good bouses, in this city. For solo or exchange—A nioo little cottage In liethalto, with plenty of ground, stable and good water on premises. Vor sale or exchange—Two sections ol 11-II. timber land in So. Missouri, 160 miles from St. Louis on the Iron Mountain It, It., at a bargain'. For sale or exchange, 3 acres of ground on Main at., adjoining Mayor Ooppingor'a on the cast. For sale or exchange— S sections of prairie land in Crocket county, Texas Will sell cheap. Suitable for any farming purposes. Ttaooaorca adjoining Dr.Huberts on north. Five lots on Dry St., udJuinlng.Tliomas Biggins' residence on the oust. One and a half lota in Hiiwley'a addition. One and a half lots Iu Bliully's addition. Any of the above property oau be. bought at a bargain. • I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N: Y,, one of the best companies in the U> $; And other good Companies in addition. G. A. SCFLUETER, Office in ray New Buildiqg, oil Beooud street. '^ mound w • \OAa'JBST»N-JBW8. „. A Belleville man has o hen with a bull dog's head and a mouthful:of teethi Anthony ^Kullom, of St. Louis county, was dangerously shot^by his son Saturday. Russian naval-vessels are being held in readiness to obey < active orders^at a moment's notice. Straightout'-Republicans--complain that the two Republican members of the Inter-State Commission are mug- wumps . Hon. J. B. Messick has officially .notified a citizens' committee-that the would-not run for'Maybr of-'East St. Louis. " ' .AffaiVs'in'the Balkan • region wear a,stormy and threattaingiaepect, but it'-may 1 - be' due only to the; irritating March .weather. '; Gov; Oglesby^hap pardbaepi David Munford of, Raldolph cotfjxty, 111., who was convicte^w embezzlement. He is 71 years oldi : Canadians are considering the idea of* haying- fishing >< vessels registered as English in^jirder to throjf on England : the res^bnsil}iij!fcy.,ofvprotection against the retaliatory measures iof tne United States., .., .... ' j. News comesfrom ; 'W"ashingtQn that English .syndicates! are, organizing! to build flour,,,mijls«;in .Brazil. It 1 is,at Baltimore^ that .the ^success bf the scheme will 'taa'terially injure Baltimore.and St, Louis (milling interests. The New York legislature has determined to put more money into the. 'Erie canal. Every dollar of the millions thus; expended: has been returned tenfold to the people of the •Empire State. The commercial supremacy of New York City-dates from:thecompletion of that -great waterway. Democrats of the 'New York Leg-i islature -want saloons > and sample rooms convenient. Only a single Democrat in the House voted for high license, The New York-organ of the party made a .touching appeal not to compel "the workingman to walk squares from his home" to enjoy his toddy. The bridge building industry; is unusually active. There are two bridges projected across the Hudson; six across the Mississippi; two across the Missouri; a $10,000,000 ' bridge over the .'Potomac, besides a large number of smaller bridges. The bridge works are over-run with work, and are unable to accept all the business offered. ,.'.';"' Senator Sherman's speech at Nashville emphasized the,-fact ^hat he possesses the: highest 'qualities of statesmanship. It was 'hot an oratorical effort, but a masterly review of the record of a party, and of a history. The more it is studied the more it will be admired. A New York Democratic organ says "it was an artful speech but there was no. magnetism in it." Senator; Shermampredicts an extra sessipn:, of Goneress-rrand the -^pre- dictionycomlrig from'so experienced .a statesman: and .ex-treasury, official, will probably carry weight 'with it. No 1 bi 11 was,pa98ed at the Jate. session to reduce-taxation and ,thei,unneeded surplus in the treasury is, therefore, constantly; Increasiner—it a has been as high .as4200,000^000—"and the result," says the Ohio Senator, "is that we wjll have an estva session to relieve the stringency of the money market." The following is the inscription on a brass tablet, -which has recently been placed in the window in the south transept of St. John's church, Washington: "This inscription in memory of Chester Allan Arthur, is placed hero by the vestry. He was the twenty- first President of the United States, a worshipper in the church, and in 1884 erected the window to tho memory of his wife. He died November 18, 1886." During the year 1880 Dakota built and ironed 679 miles of railroad, and graded ready for the,ties 341 miles, in all 1,020 miles. Her total valuation of property for taxation in 1886 was $132,063,905. That is greater than is shown upon the tax duplicates of Alabama, Arkansas. Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, or Vermont. But it was uot enough to move tlie soul of a Democratic Congress. Tho votes wore not right. If iho llvor and kidnovs are sluggish and Inactive, Hood's Saraaparilln will roiiHC thorn to prompt and rejnilar luulun. Talco it now. 13 II uvo you a cough P Slueplesa nights need no longer trouble yon. Ayifr'a Charry Pootoral will stop the ooiiKli, tvlluy tho InlUmmuUon, unil induct) i'i«p0n{i< —vli, will, , raoroovor, Imal itio pulrapnrty organs und glvo you boaltb. ', /,, <1 \w Demise of Judge Ham'l H. Treat at 8prii>gA01d, 111. 111., March 27.-T Judge Samuel H. Treat of the U. S. district court, of Southern Illinois, died at his residence in this city) this afternoon, after being confined to the house for the past ten days. Judge Treat was born in New York and had he lived until the 21st day of next June would have been 75 years old. Four years ago his wife died. They never had any children, and the only surviving relative is a sister, residing m Laporte.Ind, Judge Treat.was elected- Circuit -Judge by the Legislature to succeed Judge Stephen T. Logan, who resigned in 1888'or 1839.." He-was'made a Su*. preme Judge .of. Illinois act of the, legislatuf^' in 1840 reorganizing the-judic'iiry|ina^at'the 1 firs't election undeK'tho; constitution • bf« 1848 ! he was re-jilQOted.a ju«gev6f. ! the su- premelcourtof'tbe;$tate,rin which capacity' i he*Bej > ved'until 18t>5, when, through ? ';the ,-j;influehce ' of; Senator Douglas^ withlwhom lie had served on the supreme'b/hch, he' '"was appointed 6ii; the .8cl r df'March; of that year United States'Y».district judge forjthe, Souiherritdisifibtjofi Illinois, which position hew;{ias*$isoatinuoii8ly ; held for'ithe.'past'.thfri^two years. It^was in •1853-that'iilinois i was divided into:: two 'districts. , (Southern and Nbrthevn. ; Judge Treat being the; first j udge f or the, f orttier, Judge Drummond, A who;had.^presided over the district for the whole-states taking the latter,;ahd remdving all the records, etc., to Chicago. Judge;Treat-was an.-.upright,: able and honest-judge, beings, a natural- born jurist. His decisions were al* :ways conscientious arid'to the point and: while'a supreme Judge were noted for their brevity and ileainess, seldom * writing j an .-• opinion longer, than'oneprinted : page bf the-reports. 'Ha always bore the reputation with the bar as one of the abliiijt' and purest judges t on the bench. The ;Great Ooeau Yacht: Race Won bv the Covonet. LOJTDON, March 27—The Coronet arrived off Queenstown at ll':30 o'clock this morning.- Nothing has been seen of the Dauntless. The Coroneti passed • the winning point at 12:50 o'clock,-/.under.-a full* press of canvas,, the wind at that hour being .west northwest and fresh. In passing : the.given ;line^Roche's Point —the .victorious 'yacht ; fired- .-five guns, arid,the. time was at' once taken by the i; Secretary' and members' of the Royal. .Cork Yacht :CIub, who had been on the • lookout for her-arrival.' The club -then rhoisted aVsignal anriouncing tlie' Cpr- .onent's arrival, .the .various "stations answering! the pennant. The wind was blowing hard and the Coronet 1 entered : Cprk "harbor in spanking .style,:with!all.sairset and hugging the western "shore. From the'start 'to -the .:finish;.> the ^Corpflet expeHen'cod 'strbng,-jjales withitremendous'seas.' On Tuesday ;jand -Wednesday• .-las^'sh'e. ifor several hours /each,, and'' made only ninety miles in the forty 'eight hours.; , Her'.aVsrage:run during the passage varied from' 230 to 260 miles a day. Poor Old Gabblers. NEW YORK,-March 26.—Twenty- five thousand dollars' worth of ganl- bling'Utomils were'burned at. poiie'o headquarters this moruing., ••, A lapge number of local /-politicians -stood around with sorrowful faces ! an;d watched-the'tilings that, had been captured during itho raids on 'the gambling houses during the past 1 two years, consigned to the 1 flames. BafBed the Plirslolains. HUHKB MEDJCINK Co,, Qutnoy, 111: —I regard your White Pine Balaam, as a cough mixture of very i?ro»t value. Tho benefit derived by my wife from Its use, places it with me far in advanuo of all others. For sovornl years'slie had boon seriously aflllotod with a cough that gave us much alurin; it had bafiled the skill; of the physloSanB nud cough remedies, .until I concluded nothing would avail in hor 09.90. Direot- ly after coining to Qnmoy, ,on your rcoornmondalion, shu oominunuod uslog your Balsam, and it has acted Jlko a oliurm, qulotintr tho cough, and mmov- \i\K entirely tho soreness from berliings; Wo kcop it conatantly in our house,—J, B. Ford, Pastor M. K. ohuroli, Kush- villo, 111. Use Cressler's Wild Koso Tooth ^ J ow>. dor for cleansing tho' tooth. Price 260. INFALLIBLE OU1JK FOR COUGIIs. Wo would most/ positively stale that no remedy has over mot with such' universal sutisfaction or can be mpw truthfully said 1 is a positive euro than Burke' White Pine Balsam. ' SUGAH. A now discovery, bltUo Aprloot I'ills oasior to lake than sugar and far moro beneficial. Save euro for nourftlgla, Doattaohe heariburn, dyspcpsm und bad breath. Try thorn. For sale at Marsh':\ KtTMBER 256. SUCJ5HAS , Body afad try Brussels, Two and Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil Cloths,R«gs and Mats, Hias arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of I am offering these goods at prlCes'tp ca»li l bilkers. All ar6 invited to call and see the l)ea.utif ul liew goods *fcleani the low prices. FOB-fHE BEST TfflEWOBID. WABEANTED FOE tTVE TEARS. TUEOELEUilATED Studebaker Farm Wagon. Belleville Threshers and Engines; Moline Plow Go's Plows and Cultivators a : nd; Pulverizing Harrows. EMPIRE TWINE BINDERS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS. Headquarters for EUPION and OAHMINE OILS; ENGJISfE, CYLINDER and. SIGNAL OILS-STOCK,'WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of COOKING STOVES ; v tbe DANGLER and PERFECTION GASOLINE ST0VES. See our 810 BUGGY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, $30. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OIL'S 'on tap and delivered to any part'of the city. and State sts., AIiTON,II>L. THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, u tdf 50. Warranted 20 Years, BREECH-LOADING GUNS From $16 to $30. J. THE LEADING » JEWELER) myiWwlv —GO TO— &SON B HEADaUARTERS FOR 1 J irjLUUUII K/JUUUUWl "I • 1 T\ f* I Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Chromiet Sets, etc, A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: V THIRD STREET, - - OPP. BELLI?. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE W WO TPIPliBAPH Ifln U]!l'' ( Mlir;ldUuuJll:ll, lUb By mftil or delivered, Only Republican Daily in Madison county n " C >,

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