Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1887
Page 4
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t YSEnstat. _ Few persOos., rcftliie how thdhnlgiilr the tieatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, teittic»>*twl HwdioJi* JiM-bwrn-bp«on» outward application, and, therefore, without stopping to think that the origin -o( these troubles mutt, fifcm necessity, he internal, the weary sufferer continues to rnb, rub and find no relict^thJophorosif taken atrtd ought to convince the incredulous. ' . ( Baleigh.Ill. /_ ^fr wife had inflammatory rheumatism in ils worst form, ftnd after being treated by i #o6d physician imTiising several remedies ! with no good effect we tried Athlophoros. The first dose gave instant relief, and she was entirely cured by the use of three bottles. I have recommended it to my friends and it has given satisfaction in cvcry.jease. It gives tat pleasure to make this uriso- licited testimonial. Uso it as yousec proper. L. B. &CRICKUS. Donnelbson. Montgomery Co., III. Was suffering from sciatic rheranstisro for some time; procured a bottle of Athlo- phoros and was relieved after using half a botthf and have not been bothered since* My ease was very bad. D. F. DAVIS. .Mt.Carroll, 111. I: have b«en afflicted pwftH Hifuiuatlsm for two years, especially in one shoulder, and tried other remedies with no help. Having heard of Athlophoros I obtained one bottle took it according to directions and found immediate relief, and I can recommend it to snfferars frbin' tlie same complaint. LBWIS Bus* ? Agfe 78. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and AthlophoroB Pills, but wherqthey;can- not be bought of the druggist the' Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will ,send»either)(carriage paid}?on. receipt of,, for Athlophoros and COe. for PiflsT ui wuniuD, rounipauon. acaaacne, impure blood, iic., Athlophoros Pills are uneqaaled. a •A 3IYSTERIOUS LEGACY. WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. aptnin— er6 clnMint/61 tiflMtle, like jthoi *fnteMien i« ^thef jlpk«!s jnnd the coast skippers who never get out of sight of land, and who, if they got there, coald never get back — but a genuine "old .«alt,"f trained 'from boyhood. nmlc-r a, iarpauliit'lint; »ml as familiar with the "paths of the sea" as a shep-' herd'is.wftui tljosetcf . a :«heep-w»lfc." Spendfrig hf# life ! dn* eftten^hM vcf^ages,: he wa.s seldom nt home long enough at a time lor the salt spray to dry on his woather-beatcn cheeks f, atid there was harilly a port on thft haliltiible globe In which he could not shake hands with. an old acquaintance, civilized or sar- agp- Of course his history was crowded with curious incidents. "Most of these, with "Which Ait Childish fear "tingled and my eyes dilated, have become so faded ia' frierribry as "to bd*inciup»ble»bf Mftol- erable narration. The folloS^ng; however,, made a niore lasting, impression: During' the ^calnv bAw|en? .tnef |ald French war and the American Revolution, a large ship was lying at a wharf hi* thc;t0wn of New i r otlr, Joaded with a'Tiiluable cargo and ready'to sail for Liverpool, .and thence to whateKer ; part of t|ie globe;:th« chances ol -'ootilrtiSrce would dictate. .. Th^s'was njy. grandfafther's shi-, only jv4.>Ji|g^?r hcj-j^perf nnd*ti fair wind. The papers were soon 'ready, and short- the ship. It.wpuld have*required but alighten- coiirtigerueiit from their official to ,induce thert 'to'pav nini the sable tiofepli- te'firt th'at 1 the r -sanoT9 of Jopptf pUS to Jonah , on-a • ^milar-occasion. nd» was ly pttfjr them came «/ resently, ' A,Specialty, from -Small .• Largest Sizes. to At the old reliable HODSB-PATNT1SQ and DECOKATDiG establlshJaent of NEFF & OBERMUELLEH, Fourth; ewrt "of Bislle'st. leblldSm, F0B SALE everything on lioara. vifas in-active 'motion — the easting oft" and coiling of ropes, the unfurling of canvas, and the ruijiiing up pf-sailcirboys along the ratlines like spiders ion their webs, while thiysharp, iin£*T»tSi'e orders of the mate and the hearty "yerhoy-ye" of the cheerful" cre'wreehoed over the rippling waters of tho harbor, which looked in the rays ot the setting sun as if it was covered with a cream of liquid gold. f Jusfc'Jbfcfior^' tlie'Jast, plaiik -^ras hauled in af.-^tl'aiiger ^ stepped' hurriedly on bonird^aud: iiKjtui-ed for? tjie':; Captain's stateiwom. :; Being copci^cted thither he entered, and, with a slight bow, accosted the captain, who sat writing at his desk. -.; -, ; -, , "You -are lor Liyejrp<k>l; 1; beli^re, sir?" — BV— Rudersnausen &Sonntag. Tor Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being atwo-slory frame liouae on Kighth street, near Henry. . • ... ------ ..... Xoz Sale. .. - ..... A choice farm of 320 acres, with first class Improvements, situated 2« miles east of Brunsvrtok. Ohariton co., .Mo. For Hale. A one-story frame dwelling hoove la good oondltton. In Topping's addJ&on tft'AUbn. For Sale Obeap The residence ol Capt. W. P. oble: two itoriesand mansard roof | 13 room t halls, closew, cellars, etc.: 8 acres of gioan lloit desirable proportv In tho city. F»r Hale. 160 acres of land near oltyllmitst Smvo ., two story bnek and Irame dwe! n^ oonse, both situated on the eas' • o .Jtato: (treat between 6th and 7th -a cots- so the brick block ol stores on Secon .dtreet, b«V«e6a Bemi and Bid 50 street oown aaBnnter/e row. For Sale. ' A imall frame ^ ^.InK house within n ae oloeksofthei) <t lor J4 1 75. 160 acres' f good turmiiig land, and another . lo ilor- , . co., Kansas, at po and ?10 per aort respectively— oue- third ORSh.balance on time. For 8Me. ' ' - ' A lirm of 240 acres on bottom land. all. In cultivation, near Madison, la", this cdnAtft A good two-story frame dwelling house* on It. ^^ For Sale. A choice farm of 1W acres, situate J tnlle south of Shlpman, Maconpln county, 111., at a low figure. Parties intending to buy Real Estate In tbe clrj- oi Alton or Tk-inltr will find it to their interest to call at tbeofflceoi Badenhiuuen A Sommg and examine their llit of properties for sale as only part thereof la advertised. . ' • - • BitTe been enjoyed by citlKnii of every town uid city In tho U.S. Slarrelom Cures Imvo been wli- H9Mea by tlmuHind* of people, who can tettlfy to TUX WOSDIHFLIL IICALINO rOWKB «ir Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Karachi, C»VrOr<>up..$P«>iTjifMl, . "J kni ih?poor health, and intending to spend the winter in Italy, wish to get passage in the first ship'that sails for Europe, Will you take n passenger?" •'•'Yes;' sir, if my accomodations will .suit you." , "JSb tuatter about the accomodations, Captain. I am an old sailor, and know how to accoiuodatc myself. Besides, ; the trim of your ship attracts my eye." : The alhUion to ; his ill health attracted ray gvumlfaihi'r's scrutiny, and the introduction of himself as an old sailor touched his heart. On noticing him more . particularly, he was .-jtruuk- with an undefinable feeling of curiosity and sympathy at his appearance. 'Tall, 8traiglit,;':and; rather slender, he was dressed in line black broadcloth, withV sort of Sjwuish qloak of the same coloi and quality. A two-edged sword, common on shipboard at that time, and iui- ; proj)erly called a cutlass, was partly covj- ; ered by 'his cloak, and hung by'liis sidif without a sheath. His hair was quite jgray. and hi« manly features would have been baudsome had they not been so -emaoiated as- to - givo unpleasant prominence to a luilf dozen ^leep spuK -pu • liis ! face. His oyes ' were/hlii^ niid ^-fiill 'of 'expression, but'restless at times, showing a sudden abstraction. The Joose.ness of one of .his ., black . gloves gave evidence tliat ha had lost a ttrigar .or tfvo fyoui ,his left,-hand. -.Thesp ob• s'efyations'Weve < matte by tlie . Captain while the stratiger was looking at a beiuitifuljjs.xtaut.oui the table. Tiwn- iug, as if startled at his forgelfulness, he resumed: "Name the price,. Captain, and I will pay it now-" MjigrattrtfatheKhaci already tfxed^the price' in lii»,niiiid, anu-replied: "You are a sailor, sir, and sick. The accotuodiitions of my ship, as well ns my own services, arc at your free com- .'But on the tehth, .night, just sis the Captjiiti vras re¥dy id 'ansHvW a sUm- inons to visH-rtie -sick'!n»nV twttbvthe »tdrm."'cpa<ed with,* suddenness^ that was 8tartHug;,lhe, wind was entirely .lulled,.and no evidence .of .its Jury,remained except theiong'sjyeilingiMHows. of f he' sea—the ' deep* afterklglis i- oif ; its mighty passion. The midden: stilling of the tempest and tluvniiiuriiful creaking of thcispars now audible.for tlie .first time formiany days, forced a shade of melancholy,, over my gtttttdfnthcr's spirit'as he hastened downr the gangway-at' the call of the stranger. ; As be soAted himself,bfcside the-berth the sick man fixed, his brilliant eyes upon him and said calmly: "Captain, I am dying!" "I hops not, my dear sir; this dreadful gale has ; weakened you. It is all over now, and you will soon be better." ."No, Captain, 1 Vho,-repeated, "I : ;am dying! The tempest, I know, is over; so is that other tempest in ,my breast! This ship has .'long; been..• tossed, -and beaten'Bbont by the fury- of. the waves, but-it has .been sunshine and calm compared with that tempest, Captain! .-But it is all over now, for I have forgiven him—he has long been in the grave— but I have forgiven him!" My grahdfathw thought he was :de- liriouS; but a second look at the deep intelligence of his eye, and the smiling- calmness of his' features, forbade the ^conclusion. He-.gazed at .him a- mo-, meiat, with mingled compassion and curiosity,, anxious tolearrtsonlething of a history Ihe closing scene 'of ; " which was so dark and -mysterious,Uut unwilling to ask it. His look, was' inter-, preted, aud.the. stranger jeo.nUnued: . . "I told you I was a sailor. .Of thirty-five years I have not ;spent~o'ne'upon 1 the land; * : 'But-this •was not my choice. Like a ship, Captain,!! knocked from under me, and; ! launched upon,tiie ocean, My father; •was an English merchant in Cadiz, es- clrisi vely engaged in navigation; He lavishly provided for my education. Having traversed the halls"of science I left Oxford; ;and returned; to Spain at the age of 20. This Hrst.year of my freedom from school I spent in rambling over the mountains of that enchant- ed-counrry. In a deep inland dell'shut out: from the world, 1 where'the earth was always, green and; the sky always blue, 1 met one day a beautiful young 1 shepherdess—and Joyed her. " . i . "I will not describe her charms,.Cap- tainj'for you Save been young, and a heart ; that has loved • heeds not to'be told;that-to the eye -of; true affection its object has no defects. : "ily ; father learned my secret—but 1 knew it not. I had a life-long secret afterward which ; he ,,never learned. He came to me ; one morning, smiled, and said: '" ' : " 'My son; do you want to Cuba?' : "I .eagerly answered in-the •• affirmative; for it had been a cherished but hitherto forbidden passion with me to closed forever. In the nfteanobn the "Burial Serirlce atSenjV 4hal tubst solemn of sea scene;, was.perftfrmedi and the ,8hrpuded ,bo(ljr of the ..pirate/; with a gentle' jilunge, broke j tilCjgiassr. Eur- facBof"ihe 6c«<,ah, and Slink 'swiftly to ! the toysWrlou* depth*. • It wasTOftny Jtbnrt "ftfteWard tfiHt my grandfather bethought himself l 'Oi the* paper in bis pocket. • He opened .it and Jread as follows: K- CAPT. L.VSE: On the enntern point of Nan-. tucket, at bljrli-wator murk, Is a fall, alsfp. cliff. AouArtrr jen^uo .\Jiio wpet from that' cliff ts ft lair?, rmincVtwne, and hoar lh'6'stone a lhoni-bu«u. .That bush grcm-s in a rent rich < soil. The duties of his station kept my grandfather a long Htne' abroad,- antlj when: he wasin Bo»lon'aboMt-t»vo : years aftenvard, and having a fe.widays; of leisure, he was thinking nlwiit -ifeting upon the hint of the enigmatical paper,, when his eye happened to fall 'on -the following paragraph in the old -Boston Messenger: Vrosrittmjr, DIJSCOVBRT.— A* »16hn Rogers WM brrakltir a. pl«co of pasturo-troimd on the east shore or -Vantuckot aboil t 'u BiontB ngti his plowshare turned up a stout thornbuih, jtlck- ing to the roots of Which Mr. Koirers ^plcd f e»- eral SfwWfh dollarn. Upon this. ho went to dlirglnir liiBtily. and dM riot give up till he had hauled out coins.chlefl}- Simnlsb rto\ibk>on«, of more Uiao ftS,«00 value, Xo doubt it .was burled by- Gapt. Kldd or sonic of his pirate kin. ;*'No doubt," thought miy grandfather, as ho put down the paper- with a slight nervousness. In a, week he-vras again facing the storms of the ocean. Enriching his employers by his skill and toil, till infirmities drove liinvhigh and di-y.on ithe shore. -Th«i-e. in due time, he died of old .age,, leaving, -little to his family, except the\ pirate's cutlass, which three generations of boys have used in -their juvenile "trainings/' . and which, rusted and ' blurited. : may now be seen inithe- 1 office .of his great grandson, a lawyer of ;New York. BAH/WA* MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regsrdtoPnritr, Strength, and Ile&UMalness. Dt.Ptlca'B BakingPowder cqttt»in« no Ammohln,Lime,Alum or Phosphates. Dr.PrlCe's Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flifordeUcloualy. SttMiMCLJSr, turns. " Not a fetr 'of the- citizens of 'Alton have recently become 'greatly excited over the ;a8tomsliimr facts, : aiat several of their friends who had been pronounced bf their physiciaiia as incurable and beyond- -all -hdpe-^ Buffering- Wrth that .-dreaded monster 'Consumption completely , cured, by. Dr. King's" New Discovery for Consumption, the' only remedy' that does positively cure all i-throat -and Irin2<- diseases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and BronohlUs. Trial bottle free at fi. Marsh's store, large bottles $1. go tb Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, ^-?SSVV^^'er« h 1^,V 0 %%.T^ i|0 , ILL EMPIRE MILLS. BEOOND 8TUKGT Wear Plasa), ALTON\ Ground Oata, Ground Corn, Uay,Oata, Corn, , , Oorn MeiU. ; Buckwheat Flour, '. GraluuuFIoar t et« J>BOMrTLYDBLIVKRKD TOANY 1'ABT'OF THK CITY. M. WILKINSON. ; The la^nTuago of a sailor's heart cannot Tje misunderstood and knows no interpreter, and the strangor knew that' remonstrance would bo ungenerous on his part. He made no reply, but eagerly. extended his hand, and my grandfather, as he shook it, thought he savr a tear iu the stranger's eye. But noble hearts are impatient of exhibitions of gratitude, and he quickly added: "I am ready to sail, sir. Is y baggagfjoii bitwn}?" Patents. To ny parsons wUhlng to obtain .-,— at on now tnventlons,improt«ipon&j< fU,ltrtUmmtt drwirtrgrs anlTspeotfl your "This Is nJl'niy,; b^jigix sir," he replied, showing Uinti^uH black satoh- ^l| under hie cJoakL leading him to a state-voom the Captain left him and went on deck and found the ship already under way, the sails filled with u stiff breeze, the wharves, warehouses and sp«otetors fast growing small ii| thedistAube.S At length, as darkness-shut in iho view, tho wind increased to a gale, and from B g»le to a tempest, and for ten days and nights the noble ship which had plowed the seas of every latitude, from Spitzborgeii; to New Zealand, uuijer- weut siic'li tt>*ubnll|iebwith tiio elumynts as she haiUiwvei: before encpunteriBd.During: all tliis.tlino the otnuigcr had tieeii oonflu'ed below with an apparently rapid consumption, which rough weather had swiftly matured. "IJiiHiig tho *torm Iho duties of the Captain wore so urgent that he could only make snatches iiud,hit«ty, visito, to tha sick (Ulan; juiil, iiltluMijrlriliev oblild travel. '"One of my vessels sails to-morrow,' he said v 'and you may go.' "This short interval allowed Trie no time to-bid farewell tb'myshepherdess, who was fifty,niiles distant, nor .even to ^inform'her. of my departure, but 1 said aloud: 'Pll soon be back,' and many-other consolations I whispered to my heart the next day while bounding over the-Atlantic. "The i«hip iarrived in ; goo<l time 'at Havana, discharged :her i cargo, reloaded,/and gftiledjior-T-Caloutta! I was B prisoner on my fatlier's. ship, ,-and, Jai five long years'i Avas kept from home-^03 if all the -waters-of;sths: ocean could wash out my love! : "I escapod atrlongth,<fram; .the prison- ship whilo; lying a4=Rio. and i took pass-' *age in ;i prenohJbark for^the-Gnadala-' quiver. No -icu'ctminavlgation *of the '•globe was Over fl'o-long-as;that'v6vago'. I straihed my^ eyi-s ; everj- ; day ^at^hnig forHSibralhir^wluch t'knew was thpus,- aiulS'of' nuUes'off; and.-eyery night ] dreamed, of,''mountain."rivulets^.snowy flocks,, aadlna. ' 1 »AmvJng at last at ^SevillBj-Ishasten- ed over, .the,Nevada, and .-nought-the sunny.'dell' where - -my:, affections <-had long nosHed, and there found that-the idol of-my,heart w-as 'the-Svif0 of-" an Andalu3iaii«8nepherd! - She had-been told that-I had'deserted her, arid afterward that I was dead. I'did not weep for my heart.was turned to stone.; OMy father.' said I, -shall never know oMiis victory!' I,did not go. to^ce him; it was wickpdt I know, butv burning .with Wonderful ; W. Di. Hojt & Co., ' whblesala and retail drugttists. of Rome, Ga,', say-JWe have been selling Dr. KmgJs New Dis. cbvery, Electric Bitters and Bricklen's 'Arnica : Salve> 4 for • two ; ; yeara. 'Have never handled: remodiesr that sell as weU,qr give snch ; universal -satisfaction. There, have been some wonderful cares effected by these inedicmes m this city. Several cases of pronounced' Consump* tion have : been entirely cured by use of a f ew.bottles of Dr. , Song's . : iSew ; - Dia- coveryjtaken in connection with Electric Bitters. AVe guarantee thfim always. S0ld : by Ei Marsh. mchldwlm Arnica salre. The Best Salve in the world for cnta, bruises,' sbres,u.aers, salt rheum 1 , fever sorer, tetter, ofcapped hands; chilblaina, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. ; Price ; 26«rFor'sale> by E/iMarsh, I1L . . mch7dwlm ; ,THg News-Dempcrat fears that Hon. Jehu Baker, M. C.V willfail to redeem promises made, and ; that * sncn failure will be fatal to this future pretenstous. pon't distress yourself, neighbor. All promises made have been, as far as time permittoai fOlfilled, and- the ! -"otd tossiiv ja/ia betjer-tnia- to fnltill "in- taresV than the gentleman whom he laid up in * quarantine for repairs.— BellevilJe ; Advocate. •j The: Rice Coil Carriage-Spring ;gives a buggy that ease o£ motion so deaira*. ble in .that vehicle. This .spring is tight, neat, : durable' and cheap. No spring In the world can^matoh it in any WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REALtSTATE.1 LOAN AGENTS, BRRBRSKXTGTQ THE JOLLOWIWG Fii*st-Clas8 Ins. Co.'s: InHi- Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhlladelyJiia; German American; North Britlah and . Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; ILancashlre^ Manchester, Eng.- ; : Continental; Girard; ; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. OA8H OAMTA1 DfTHB A6GEEGATB OF ; $20,000,000. WB ABSO HEFBEBKNTdRTHE Mntnal Benefit Lite, ol Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat -Bank, Cor, Third and State ets. Fine Residence for Sale. The late R. DoBow homestead, now owned by M. a. Underwood, situated on line- of horse railway, In Upper Alton; 11 rooms, oath room; furnace, and good one buildings, two acres ol, ground, will be sold at a bargain.- Possession given on completion of sale. - WHIPPLB A SMJLEV. For Kent.. Two-story house and, good stable on Common street. Good fruit. .. WHIPPLE. & SKLLBY. JTor Sale. Seven lots with'good brick dwelling and outbull( go->d repair, .in Upper Alton. Kosldeuceof O. E. Collins, and known as the Merrlllproperty. WHIPPLB A SiOLEy, Alton, or D: w. Collet, Dppsr Alton. IforBent. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead, i I*telypnt in good re- Pair. "WHIPPiS & SMILEY. For Sale or . ; w A^deslrable tenement on Bluff street, owned by Mm 8. J.Dntro. WHTPPUS aamuiT. For bmi» The late residences of jr. i. and W. H. Mltohell, oih Mill st., two ol «m best pieces ol residence .property in Alton. Tne property known as • 6 nieParfc, castor above; It lots on JdUl and Summit streets, an 1 a number of ptsln-MUler* Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of above ataereat bargain^ SiHLEy. particular. •dwlw coiild" ItriA-o hoped for llttlo" sympathy from any of tho crow, who, wit|i tho easy tendency to the superstl«i tipnjpocullar to their class, had elated hit prei<euce with the *«a«i,aMNMwur,l faint,. Captain, and oannot pnbloug,my task. In six months I was master of p fast-sailing'tessel—you haVe seen tliat vessel, Captain, but never in port, and I have of ten'seen you, and kuow'yom name t»v«uty vaars, «go. But no matter about:that, .Aty, futhui: r continued to.fraight^is; ships and semi them, tc diffureiit. parts, of tho world-^hut.; he never knownhat I sniiorintended: » large- part of-his business, nnd ; tliat many of his cargoes' found a' sale in ports to whlc-h thoy had never beep consigiu'd. His agents sometimes failed to report. - "I.havu said enough,.Captain; beforet to-morrow's sun^sou I shall, bo iu the caverns of tho deep. But I hare forgiven him and do not, coiiinlaln, '.'Bu't.'I have o..fortuno in the Bank oft Buglandt biit with it is deposited u will, and the orphan son of Ina i» iny.hpir. You have- been kind to me Cnptnln. and in token of'niy gratitude I bug. you to accept ju wiitch mid cutlass aiul.tlijsj •' you will qarefully pruservu. If,you (Taqnire a spring medicine,, if yon are suffering with languor, debility, pimples, boils, catarrh, 1 chronic sores, scrofula, or loss" of-'appetite, .or; iny disease -arising from impure blood, take Avar's-Sarsapaqlla - the., safest, and most ecouoiuical of all blood purifiers t . ing, he luM.out » folded aorap of popcr, which .my. gn\iidfutliui-, put' into;. Ws> P^oJcet. . of, Bridgeport. Conn., celebrated his 93d bittfiday re cently and over COO of his fellow towns* men called on •him, amone them- 20 p«t8ons over 90, years old.--N. Y. Htin. A Beraedf Iff Kidney Affection. - "My kidneys were so affected I- have been compelled to get up as much ; , as ,Len times in one.night.. I had pains,.in my side, back and left shoulder, and when down could hardly ns«. I was unable to bend my body without -great pain. I tried Simmons Livor Regulator and mv condition has improved so much that I hardly ever foel any of my old trouble." W. Johnson, Express • Agent, Uacon, Ga. tu tb a wfc IT looks as though hotels would nevejr ibe thoroughly ffre-proof;until they are built, with itnelr. elevators; in the baok .yard.—Philadelphia Press. What True Merit Will Do. < The unprecedented sale of Bosohee's German Syrup within a few years, has astonished.,the world. It is without doubt the safest and best remedy ever discovered for the speedy and effectual cure of Coughs, Colds and the severest Lung troubles. It aota on an entirely different principle from the usual pro- soriatlous given by physicians, aa It does not dry up a cough and leave the disease stall in the system, but. on the .contrary removes tbe causa of the trouble, heals tbe parts affected and leaves them in a purely healthy condK tion. A bottle kept in the house for use when the diseases make their appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long spell of serldus illness. A trial will convince you of these facts. Itlspog;- by all druggists and __^ lD«f* * bottleo. For Sale. A T-room. brigk dwelling and o OB Thud street;between Cherry WHIPPLE out buildings " and Vine. *SM EV. irorltcnt. , Good 9-room brick house with about 4 acres of grormd.includicg orchard. In Upper Alton. Former reaidonco ol Dr. llnmbert. . HVH1FPEE & SiQLET. an. De»lrable Itesldenceg t er Sale. '-Atwostory brlok dwelling on State Street known as A. Platt homestead, lately put In good repair. A two story frame dwelling onMaln street, nearly now. A two story brick dwelling oil Seventh street, all for gale at a sacrifice, owner having decided toKC For Sale. COrner Peart WHUPLB & 8MILE1- For Beat. Late reildenoe of M. J. Jioonan on state itreet. known as the A. Platt place. Goods room brick house, ki first class reoafr. SMILEy. it. known as the A. Platt place. \ brick house, lii flm class repair. WgfrpJLB A SMI For oaie. " Property on State stree in . > oelfsad4.,to Alton, 1« story house; Brooms and out-buildings; all in perfect order. Can be had at a bargain. , WHIPPLK A 8HHET. omoAoo AW> AUTOK. ~ r,8nntlay, Noi AltffllAiloni . jpoti Alton, i lUows: »or tlklcftjro mad the l&itt • . OUcagoTtSfl'...^^^.;..... •»:««.« moaaoon',...,, > 5.6UX) island JfaWlJiit'tisibc £'S *«*. ,y ., ...... &:6o a. m, ' r >. m , M*v*fciv'.» .Kansas ,,, DenverKxm«»st.....'... s ...".. .V.V. Jacksoiwille Accommodation r..."' For Ht. Ix>nl« i ......6:^ i. M ••••• •»-'2J».m .....ll:Mp. ni lianBaauivyBiRU'.....,....,..,,... ,.S;W ObloagOMallt... .."<5!80 MIAIN8 LEAVE ST. .J^OtHB UNION •»: y OB " * " . KhtnlmrKxpress* ......... . Ohlcago Accommodation'. Alton specialt.. ........ <.... tt 60a.m. *4 I" ro I BO p. ffl. .... (8 46 a. m. Sundays only). •Dally fE*cept Sunday. ' 8. D. Kl Sup't, St. Lonls 15t vision O.G.NOHBli.TlokotAccnt. CHICAGO, BUBUtfOTOfc AND QTHNOY. Trains leave the Union Depot;' Alton follows: •-..•:,, Going North! V-". • Express ' (except Sondav)... . 8:35 a. ffl NightKiprosa 7KWp. m Sore Eyes Tha eycsirt always: In sympathy .wtth, , the body, and afford an excellent, index of its condition. "When the eyes "beiome •weak, and the lids inflamed' and sort, it Is an evidenca that the sy«tem has '• become disordered by Scrolula, lor which Ayer's ,tho...bwt known remedy. ,, • , Scrofula, -which produced 4 painful inflammation in my eyes, caused m« much • suffering for a number pt-years. - By the. advice of a physician I comnienced taking ; Ayer's . Sarsapartlla. After milng >thfi medicine a short time I was complitely 1 Cured My eyes are-now,in B,splendid oondi. tion, and I am'as well and strong as ever.' — Mrs. •William. Gage, CoBeotd,<H.;H. . . For a number of years I wa» trouble^ with a humor In my eyes, and was Tollable, to obtain any relief' until. I commence*! using Ayer'a Sarsaparilla;." Thil'' medicine has- effected 'a complete crae/md X •rbelieva it to be* ol,blood puti- fiers. - C. E. Upton, MaJihua, N/S.- ' . From childhood, and Tintil'w^th^ few; and Sore £yos. I have used for tnesQ complaints, .with beneficial resalta, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and consider it a* great'blood purifier.— Mrs, C.':BbUUpa. Glover, Vt. ." I suffered for a year with infJAT^^^ tion in ay left eye. Three ulcers formed :on the •'ball,- 'depriving'Die of .sigbVsnd: causing great, pain. .After trying many other remedies, to no purpose,! Wa» finally induced to use Ayer's Sareaparilla,.-... , By Taking three bottles ol this medicinel naVe'been entirely cured. ! Myiiight has been restored, and there is no slgnoMnflamma- ,t.ion, sore, or ulcer in iny eye.'-^- Keridal T. Bowen, : SugaT Tree Bldge, Ohio. •.. ; My daughter, ten years^ldj waa afflicted with Scfohilous Sore Eyes. Dnrine the last two years she never saw light of any kind.;; Phvsioians of the highest standing exerted their skill, butf-with no permanent success. On the recommendation of a friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, which mj; daughter commenced taking. Before she had used the third txntle her sight was restored. Her cure is complete. —W, E. Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky. « Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Prepired by Dr. J. C. Ayer fi Co;,LowtlJ, Jkttu. Sold by all Druggl«e.- -Price »1; ilx boulo, »5. ELY'S CR&AM.BAJ,]Jl , , r . It not a, liquid, .tnujf, or wuxkr. ,< <A»oKed!' . the head. nora. - f Allays injtiwmation. n vBn ELY BROTHERS. «"or Male. Tne Woodroof property. A 2 story frame nous* o{ 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets. a 4 room frame house on' ymn street. ' r or . A oonvenlent larm oi 180 acres, most all For Kent. [? b n ^ d T ellln ar known as tho A stead; lately put In good repair, WHIPPLK & SMILEY WM.L. KUJNK DMDERTAKEK, 200 BAGSHIGGINS' ~" FUREKA FINE -SltT For Dairy and Tabl6 UB*i Inn* lb. linen sacks afld 60 lb~^ sacks, for sale by ., J. A. J.:HOWSJLL, AMD DKAUIB HI Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robee For Ladles, Gentlemen tout Children, Office and Shop on State street Jtock CONSTANTLY ON IIAND. TUB UP50LS Neatly and promptly] bet. Third qq -AX180- ALL OBDEP HKSlDBKQ|{OOK..a'CATKA 8KVHNTU STB F (raaie dwelUn»'wlth 8 rooms, . j ^._ « .r jTj^jj- --'

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