Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1887
Page 3
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*' 1 * ^ { ^ ' i I ' J I ' I X * ' ' ''I*" V „ I V ' ' * % ? i( v<«. t/ WB ask, you to carefully read this Column,— H, J. Bowman « Co. BEST quality of Hhlrttag Prints In pretty, new styles ore Oo, at H. J. Bowman & Co*a. YARD wide heavy Penan^s in 40 new patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Oo'a. Ws are showing some very pretty styled, medium and dark dress satins at 12 I'Se peryardt-- H. J. Bowman & Co.; ' • _ . -• .;; . SPRING stylos of those very popular Century Cloths are now on sale at H. J . Bowman'.* °° V____ JPoBTV pieces Crinkled Seersuckers In choicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Go's. ' *\' "•_. ' __ '.' • ' PALMER Seersuckers, Toili Dn Nords Kress and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J. Bowmanjfe Oo'a. .We are showing a complete stock ot Spring Woolens for dress goods.includ. ing double width Cable Twills at 15c;40 inch cashmere at 26o; also Novelty Fabrics of both foreign and domestic rH. J. Bowman &Co. IN OBR silk^epartmenTwe are showing Surahs, Gros Grains and Khadames in every new and popular shade. In Black Silks we are offering <some splendid values in Gros Grains, Surahs, Rhadames, Faille Francaiflo and Bro« cades.— H. J. Bowman & Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Frelze Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Plustes in every shade. Plain and Striped Velveteens, and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. —H.J. Bowman & Co. WE CALL "special attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been made to this Department during the last two weeks afid we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric and many novelties.— H. J. Bowman & co. .'; .. • __ __ , IN OCR Flannel Department can be found every quality and" width of White Flannel in all Wool and Uomet, also many pretty styles, Striped Saoque- ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.— H. J. Bowman & Co. WE ABE prepared to show a complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many now lines. In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered .backs, dressed and undressed.— H. J. Bowman &Co. '_..;'• ' • -:'IN OCR Shirt Departmentyou canfind a real good, white shirt for 50c and the best made for $1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated 'Dress shirts, Night shirts and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.— H, J. Bowman & Co. _ HO trf\T TVDWa Sooond street,neav vfO HOLJ/JaJl B» corner ot Henry -.-,.•• —FOR— HNE : STATIONERY, •-S«.8SB&PfeW Sagged Ed*e, »"*« Kogged BUKe.Jalraorftl Linen. Griffin's Lineni Turkey Laid Linen, Pe"o¥ Blow? Mikado, dbarred Edge. Oream r Note, and a large assortment and Decorated Stationery. ** 8ett18 - ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. J8ATDRDAY EVE., MARCH 20. NOTICE TO AJUVKRTWEBS, for tu» year l»Vj w* ! shall chars* tnefoV- lowing rates (or transient notices to put local columns'. '•.•.'.<•';'••' ' '•;•-•.,•.. .; • " '' ' Single insertion 5V ',, . -,••». - f '' ]Oo»nM. Three to flye UwtettoM, • * 7 ,' ; 3Uc to twelve insertions, . ' ' .' •' B " EATESOF ADVBBTtSINQ: TRjLHtl-Rtn.—FtFTr cents t>te Inch first Insertion, and TWENTr-ftrS cents p«r JnoJi (or each subst quent insertion. - J3 por Inch first mouth, $1,50 per Inch leaoli month thereafter. -, ; " LEGAL ADVERTISING: %\ per inch (or the' tost insertion, and 00 cents per Inoh for each eubsoquonl Insertion. *3- Above rates will bo stilotly adhered to. THE DAILY TKLBGBAPH 18 delivered by carriers to all purts of the olty of Alton and Upper Alton, (or ton cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $5.20 per year. THE TELEGRATH has tho largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and la the best medium (or advertisers. OOUNBH THIRD AND PIABA STREETS. TELEPHONE No. 36. , Go to Connor's for fine Fruit. It BELOW zero weather is reported Manitoba and northern Minnesota. Choice, new stylo Ginghams, Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co's. INDICATIONS (or Illinois: Fair weather, followed by rain, becoming warmer; easterly winds. Wanted—A first class girl for general house work. Must be well recommended.—Mrs. T. Li. Fansler, State street, near. Seventh. • t 26 21 A complete line of Spring and Summer Goods for Gorit's Wear, lately received by H. C, G.Morltz, Third street. , rnohl? tf THE , Knights.i Templar : will have service at St. Paul's Episcopal church Easter afternoon at 2.'30. Sermon by Bishop Seymour .assisted by Archdeacon Taylor. " .• ...... •'_ WANTED—Man with $150 to handle special line of goods in Madison county; < no competition. Investment will pay $76 per month. Call on Carr at Kirwin's Tin Store, State street. It* PROPHETIC—A river man some time ago remarked that it would be a "cold day" when another shed was built on the.levee. Work commenced on the warehouse for the Hudson this morning. _______ Just received another lot oi those desirable Crinkle Seersuckers.—Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. It The man that couldn't tell the difference between a mule's ear and a lemon, can plainly see the advantages of buying his clothing and shoes at the Globe after examining the goods and learning the prices; • 25 2 MR. M. Mahoney's announcement as a candidate for township collector appears to»day. He made a good run for the office last year. He is an old soldier with an excellent record and is a successful business man. oVIUuna PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CaEAP"FOB OASB ON TIME PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tnned anofrepairea Sew,-«•«. «ffl—% fttee a^SupgUe^oraUUa- ' opposite ecadwly WATCH AU kinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit and OrOr s en tgopos.Hoods,TobBggan8andMtts.Mens Bcwrt and Fascinators at very low prices. Also DressmaWng, Plain and Family Bowing and Stamping Dine. Oomo and give us a call. Don't totfcet the place. decBrtwly ~ -OALL AT— C.M. CrandaU'B Crockery Store ; , FOtt THE LOWEST PRICES; Good Clips and Saucers, 80opei- set. ,Good8-inoh Plates, 80o per set. Meat Dishes, 5q to 50o each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c each. Pitchers, 5o to 60c each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c par set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20o per set. Fruit Saucers, 15o per set. Fruit Dishes, 5o to 75o each. • Assorted Color Cologne Sets, 50c per sot. Beautiful Decorated English Dinner Sets, $16. Best quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.60 oer set. Triple Plated Forks, 81.SO per set li you're slightly befuddled or very much muddled or some disconcerted that goods aro too high, you can cease being fearful, feel happy and cheerful, for the Globe is the place where you all can buy Dry Goods and Clothing yet not pay too high. ________ 252 BOOKS OVEN.—Mr. J. F MoGinnis this morning received the' certificate of incorporation of the Alton Improve ment Co,, from the Secretary of Stste Tho corporators are Henry Watson, Henry R. Phinney, Wm. Armstrong, Juhus H. Raible and Chas. W. Milnor. The books are now open at tbe office ot .IMcKinney & Hewitt for subscriptions to the capital stock. A universal remark by every smokei of cigars: Reminder's Fig and Blagno Ha aro the best cigars in the market. Money to loan on improved rea estate. Apply to Rudorahausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf PARTY—About thirty < SURPRISE Frank P. Shaw's lady and gentlemen friends walked in upon him at hii home last evening and took htm entire ly by surprise. The evening was ver; pleasantly spent, as only young folk, know so well to do, in games and amusements. A very pleasant featun was the refreshments served which al seemed to appreciate. Having resumed operation the Spark Milling Co. will furnish customers with their popular "Electric Light" flou at $1.76 por barrel, delivered free tc all parts of tbo olty. SUPPLIES. Oils, Neediea, and Parts of all ^ all Machines, We have now the B.fc G.Howe Shuttles. Also Turkish Bug Patterns and Machines E. H. GOUtWNG. mldwlm JMI'KOVEMENTS —The HuntOl'StOWl Baptist Mission Is being enlarged by ai addition 16x36 feet, which will be con neoted with tbe main room. It .will b used tor the infant class. Tho addition will tflvo seating capacity for 100 uddl tional pupils.',) Mr. J. A. Ryrie Is building a tw story addition to his residence o Seventh street. Tbe Unitarian parsonage is to be re titled, repainted and papered in firs class stylo. The Now York Oyster and Oho House on Belle street la opened agai by L. Roberta, late of Godfrey. 36 2 wit Miss Etta Hymen, of 8t. Louis, U the guest of Miss Ida Yager. Mfss Oarrlo Rich is visiting for ft fow ays at her home In Bloomington. Mrs. E. S. Billings returned from londa this week where she spent the later.' ./..• , :; : :' : -. .-•/ • '•' Miss Nellie Brunner Is visiting In eneyvllle at the home of the Misses penoer. ; .•( Mrs. W. C. MoPiko returned to her omo in Atohiion, Kansas, early in the '«ek. • ' • ....;'.;... Mrs. Barlow is entertaining her lend. Miss Mollie Himrod, of Rook, ort, 111. Mrs. Luoy Edwards and children, of t. Paul, are visiting at Mr. Blair's in Middle Alton. Mrs. Chas. E. Burroughs, nee Miss dna Birdsall, spent a day at the Hotel ladlson dunng the week. , ; The. ladies of the Round Table will e entertained by Mrs. Dr. MoKinney, ils afternoon. The High Noon Cooking Club were ntertamed by Mrs. J. N. Drummond esterday. Mrs. W. E. Ftnckard is preparing to move to Kingman, Kan., to join her usband. Mrs. D. S. Hoaglan was the guest of er daughter, Mrs. Jos. Pogne, of Ed- wacdsville, this week. Miss Hattie Armstrong Is home from donticello Seminary, accompanied by er friend, Miss Ferris. Mrs. A. S. Barry, who paid a visit of few days' duration to Edwardsville, uring the week, has returned to the Lotel Madison. Mrs. Dr. Fogue, of Edwardsville, ave a reception last Wednesday eve- Ing to her guests Mrs. D. S. Hoaglan, nd Mrs. A. S. Barry, of this olty. Miss Trenchery regrets not being ble on account of pupils, Wednesday fternoons, to attend the Mendelssohn meetings. However, she will entertain tie ladies of the society some evening u the near future. The meeting of Unity Circle last eve. ing at the residence of Mr, C. H. lapgood, was well attended. A very leasant and instructive time was spent n the reading, study and criticism of lie second act of Shakespeare's Humel. The next meeting will be in two weeks at the residence oi Mr. Wuerker n Prospect street. The consideration )f the play will be continued. Sis handed euchre with progressions s becoming a popular manner of giving lard parties. Mrs. Ridgway gave a very elegant entertainment of this do- cription on Thursday afternoon. Over hirty ladies were present and the games continued until six when a delightful upper was served by the hostess, who s noted for her skill and taste in this particular. THE MONTICELLO ENTERTAINMENT. Owing to a misapprehension in egard to the returning tram, only a ew persons responded to Miss Has* kell's polite invitation to witness Mr. 'elham in his renowned impersona- ions. As the bills announce Mr. Pel- hum is humorist, poet and elocutionist, .u appearance, manner, and speech the gentleman is distinctly English. The mimltic sketches, with varied facial >xpression that characterize his per- ormanco are wonderfully rualisuo and rrosi^tibly comic. The first of the evening'^ entertainment was a take off of an English parochial literary society. One in the December of his years began the exercises. After some pre- iminary remarks and admonitions to imall boys, he read Tennyson's May Queen, as well as his failing sight and general nervousness would nllow. The next sefeotlon, The Deserted, wa» recited by a victim of unrequited affection and influenza. The bandaged, head and simple,expression, were in humors uus contrast to the . doleful refrain "I'll dever see her bore." Lady Clare Vore de Vere, by the Honorable Pros tdentof the organization, who left his book m bis "carnage" . and made unavailing attempts to find it .about his person, was also amusing. The song, Betsy Nubbing by a rheumatic scrub woman, caused, i possible, more laughter than an} preceding number; Mr. Pelham'a soprano being of tho most culMvuttn order was equal to the hnal trills ant cadences that completed every voroc The Bolls, by a gentleman with a lisp wus another funny selection, after which, the President asked a beautlfu young lady to sing. ( , After sundry nr raogements of imaginary drapery and frizzes, tho young lady sang "Father dear Father, come home," In a feohnj. manner to a fohno acoompammen supplied by a oat that had gotten into the room. Godiva, by a disappointed tragedian, who was interrupted by sora sheep passing by and dogs sef upon them. Two recitals, A Boy's Lesson and the Steeple Chase were of the melo dramatic order, varying the programmi and sustained the author's reputation a a poet. Oilier imitations of English stree characters with som« "delightful pic lures," illustrating a song, were given and tho entertainment closed with a imitation, of Artqmus Ward, Mr, Pel ,ham made up In tho preeenop of hi udltort for thw purpoio. The oontonte fa small iatohel that bo culled his wardrobe, or his Artemns wardrobs, olng used. The resemblance to Arte- raua was completed with tho assuming a light wig and mvutftohe fcnd pphcatlott'of painti and crayon, Those ho had ueen the celebrated humorist ecognlzed the likeness even to the slight oarsenessof his voloe and the sug« estiqusof naial tones m speaking. 'The Lecture AmOng the Mormons" as given with some amusing para* hrases of Mr. Pelham's own, such as 'When I arrived here thlit evening I rished that the inhabitants of Godfrey ad thrown a little electric light on my athway between here and the depot. I on't expect to make any money by his lecture, 1 don't care for money, ut if I can only make enought to get o St. Louis I will feel that I have not ved m vain; I don't want to live in ein I'd rather live In Godfrey or Al. on." Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for hildren teething, Is the presorption of ne of tho best female nurses and phy- loians m the United Slates, ana has eon used for forty yean with never- ailing success by millions of mothers or their children. During the process f teething its value is incalculable. It oheves the child from pain, cures lysentery and diarrhoea, griping in the iowels, and wind-colic. By glvlne lealth to the child it rests the mother 'rice 26o a bottle. la 16 m w s wk B1VKB Tho boats to leave this evening are he Gem City and Hudson forGrafton, be Bald Eagle for Clarksville, and the 'alhpun for Peona. The Spread Eagle has been repainted, ,er hull caulked, her machinery over- iauled and everything put in first class rdcr, at St. Louis. It is expected that he will again commence running next Tuesday. It ia reported that Cap t. Ellison, of lie Hudson, Will resign that position nd become St. Louis agent for ths St. ,. & 1. C. R. E. Co. ' A meeting of the officials of the Eagle Packet Co., and the St. L. & I. . Co., was hold in St. Louis yester* ,ay at which a compromise was effected ietweenthe two lines. A freight and lassenger tariff was agreed upon and n arrangement was made by which Fe Hudson, commencing Monday, will eave for Grafton in the mornlng,going o St. Louis in the evening, the Eagle 'acket running as before. This arrangement will, afford better facilities' or tho people from Alton to Grafton. New goods m all shades and colors, which will be made up m suits at reasonable prices.. All goods out and made by the New York Fashion Review. We guarantee a fine fit,at Brueggeman, tho Tailor's. 15 dwlm ADDITIONAL Iscal matter on seoond| page.. ___ A good boy wanted at the New York York Restaurant, Belle street. It Dr. Bull will put in an upper or lowej set of teeth for $8. Office closed Wed nesdays. d s wtf ACCIDENT.—A lad named George Vintress was struck by a C. & A. switch engine near the Uniou Depot, yesterday afternoon and considerably bruised. His Injuries were not serious, however. CDDKUH NOTICES. (To tecure insertion, notice* under thit tteadmutt Ithandtdinlfjortlla.m.) M. K. OBOBOH.—Senrioes at the usual hours The pastor. Rev. Dr. Mlnear, has returned and will ooouny the pulpit. 0. F. OBDBOH—The subject tor the morning service Is: The Power of Goodness, for the evening the subject is : Charity va. Ing. All aro cordially invited to attend. ST. 1'ADl/a CnnBCH.—Holy Communion 8 a, m.; morning Service and Sermon 10:80 a.m 8. 8. at 0:30 a.m.; even gong and readings 7:30. Regular and curpllced choirs. Ushers at tha door. All cordially invited to attend. BAPTIST CncucH.—Kev. !U A. Abbott, D.D. pastor. 1'reaohlng to-morrow by tha paitor Sunday uohool at 9:80 a, m.; Huuteratown oliapel S. 8. at 1 p. m. Voung people's meet lug ut 0:45 p. m. All interested are cordially invited to all services I'UKSDYTBRIAN OHDucn.—Thero will be a Obildren's Borvtoo to-morrow morning at 10:45. Songs by the children, and a "01)11 dren'a Sermon." The subject by the pastor Bev. A. T. Wolff, at 7i80p.m , will be "Be hold the Lamb of God." Everybody la cordially invited to those services. Voung poo- pie's meeting at 6:80 p. m. 8. S. VjlO a. m ExtraJUablllty to Malarial Infection FeiHoua whoso blood Is thin, digestion wouti and liver sluggish, are extra-liable to the at taoki of malarial disease. The moat trldlnn e> posuro may, under inch conditions, inleet u system wlilob, II healthy, would roolst tho mlaimatto taint. The, only way to seouro immunity from malaria in localities where 1 is prevalent, is to tone and regulate the system by improving weakened digestion, enriching tbe blood, and giving u wholesome impetus to biliary secretion. These results aro acooiu plUhpd by nothing so effectively as Jlostot tor's Stomach Hitters, which Ion* experience has proved to be the moat reliable, saftnuard agalntt (ever and ague and kindred disorders as well as tho best remedy for them. Tin Dlttorif are excellent InvlKOrato o( the oranni of urination, and an active do puront, eliminating from the blood those no rid Impurities wliToh originate rheumatic ailments. ANNOUNCKMKNT. We authorized te announce ADOU'H IN VKKN as a candidate for Antoisor ut tho en suing township election. Wo aro authorised to unuounco JOHN V. KUIIK as'a candidate (or Township Colleo- tor. Election, Tuesday, April6ch. ' \VK aie autUorksd to announce Mr, H, MAHONET as a canJIdRtc (or Oolloovoritt t bo ensuing township election Dress Goods! We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and GOLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS DP. And all at Piersi 1 Can D. G. Co. READY-MIXED PAINT, white andlcolors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. Largest and Most Complete. Assortment of Hard and Soft Goal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also HOOFING and GUTTEttlNQ and JOBBING done at reasonable rates. Call and ezsmlno my stock before purchasing elsewhere. 532 East Second st n ,5thdoor west of Henry A T . J . G-OLDand SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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