Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1887
Page 2
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AUOH DAILY BT W. T. KOBTOH, On. Third and PIMM 8tr*«M, Alton, HI. SATURDAY EVE., MAKCH 26. KKFUBLIUA5 COHTEHTIUH. The Republican contention to nominate candidates for township officers meets at the City Hall on Monday evening next. There should be a general attendance of Republicans both from Alton and North Alton on this occasion In order that there may be a (all, free and nntrammeled expression of opinion as to tha best men to present to the people for their stiff rages at the. township" election. The committee called this convention in order that every Republican in the township might have an opportunity to express his preference and have his wishes consult* ed, as regards every candidate pat in v nomination. It Is of viUl importance to our tax payers that men should be sent to Ed- wardsvillo to represent us on the county board who are able and willing to look out for the interests of this township; to see that our rights are carefully guarded as respects taxation and that all benefits to which we are entitled are secured. tfor Collector the party wants a candidate who has the .lull confidence o> the community and who is eqnal to the grave responsibilities of the office. The position of Assessor is the most important one asjfar as the comunity is , concerned. It should be filled by a man who will see that every citizen is assessed fully arid Impartially In proportion to his possessions. It is a difficult place to fill with justice to all concerned and t»o much cart cannot be ex- eroised in bringing out a man qualified to perform its onerous duties. It should be remembered that a full assessment means light taxation because all then bear their share in the public burdens. If any escape assessment the remainder have to bear extra burdens. At this mass convention let there be a full representation. The people are directly interested in these matters and all .should bo present and take part in the proceedings. PEUSONAL. Real Estate Bales of Record. Transfers of real estate filed for record in Recorder's office of Madison county, Illinois, for week ending March 18« 1887: ' • • ,••.,. .. 'V ..-, v' R. VVemheimer to J. 0. K&pfli, w d, all lot la sw 1-4 ne 14 and 8 1-2 hw 1*4 ne 1-4 sec 14, 3, 6, $1. . JotmGMtell and wife to H. W. Meyer, w d, lot 17 and 18, David Starkey's 6th add. Bethalto, 9100. Lnke Brennan, by Sheriff, to J. H. Yager, d, 80 acres off s side e 1«2 nw 1-4 and 60 acres off n side o 1-2 nw 1-4 sec 6, 6, 9, 9— . Geo. W. Cnrr and wife to John E. Coppinger, w d, unv half int in pi w 1-2 swl-isec9, 6, 9, »112.60. ; Chas. Lamb to Ellen Lamb, w d, all int in o pt so 1-4 nw 1-4 sec 30, 6, 9, 9160. John W. Koch and wife to D. G. Tomlmson, w d, pt sw 1-4 sw 1-4 see 16, 6, 9, *16p. ' L. C. Keown and wife to Nathan Dozler, w d, s pt lots 16 and 17, Kilter & Hnnicke's add, Edwardsville, $376. Eliza B. Heal and husband to Fred Kohl, w d, 2 acres of \ land in .Survey 604, claim 637. 3, 10, $207.90. J, H. B. Willoughby and wife to Ernestine Wendler, q o d, a tract of laud in S, 8, $1. Wm. E. Hill and wife to Timothy Merigan, w d, 13 1*2 acres of land in se i;4 sec 26, 6, 9, $406. Phil Wilbert and wife to Aug. Keiber, q c d, all Int in w 1-2 lot 2. blk 4 Dais row's 1st add, Collinsville, $1. , Louis Motto et al to August Kleiber, w d. w 1-2 lot 2 blk 4, Darrow's 1st add, Colhnsville, $6,000^ H. G. M'Pike and wife to Elizabeth Boyd, w d, lot 8, blk 28, Hunter's ' N Lib add, Alton, $100. James I. Dilllard to Martin Brede, w d, lots 10 and 11, Reed's add, r Collinsville, (except coal, etc.,) $400. A. T. Dusenbury and wife to Wm. H« Fitch, q c d, lot 12, blk 4, A. T. Dusenbury's add, New Douglas, $1. Behrend Uetken to Bernard Oetken, w d, pt ne 1-4 and pt se 1-4 sec 11, 6, 9, $4,840. Andrew Scbien and wife, by trustee. to Oath. Nendeoker, deed, n 1-2 sw 1-4 sec 22, 6, 6, $3,100. Ohas. S. Gillespie to Edward M. West. w d, lota 3 and 4, Gillespie's add, Edwardsville, $400. John Neudecker, deceased, by executor, to Cath. Neudeoker, q e d, 61.30 acres in se 1-4 sec 17, 4, 6, including lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, Varwig'a add, Marine, $1. Cath. Neudecker to , Charles Neu« decker, w d, same land as above, $4,000. Tariff at the South WASHINGTON, March 25.—A good deal of interest is felt in the tariff fight that is bound to come up again in the next Congress. It will be the ne*t time even a more "irrepressible conflict" than it was in last Congress. I was talking with a prominent Southern Democrat a day or two ago—one who has been a leader among Democrats all his life, and found him very blue about the tariff question and its effect on the next campaign. I'Our Southern people," he said, arc becoming more and more protectionists every day, and if we don't look out vre are going to lose a half dozen of our Democratic States in the South on .this very question." "In what way?" "Well the people down there look upon trie internal revenue tax as great burden and an unjust one. They think the internal revenue tax ought to be removed before the tariff is touched. The manufacturing interests and the iron interests there are growing so important that they feel opposed to anything which proposes to take away any of the protection which has helped make them so valuable. If the revenue is too large, and they admit that, they argue that it .ought to be reduced by a removal of the internal revenue tax, especially on tobacco. Much opposition is manifested throughout Mexico to the national administration's tariff reductions, which are believed to be exceptionally beneficial to American enterprises . Two hundred and sixty tramps were burned to death in a temple in a village of Hsia-ahib-Chen, in China. The inhabitants inveigled the tramps into the building and then set fire to it. BROWN'S Mr. Geo. Thorp has lately moved with his family from Delhi to Alton. Drs. Armstrong »nd Weir, of Ed- wardsviHo, intend removing to Birin» ingham, Ala. Mr. Chas. Newman, late of this city, is now located in his profession at Yates Centre, Kao. Mr. C. H. Poale, one of our thriving merobanlcs, intends moving to Arkansas next week with his family. Mr. Sam'l a. McCorkle of Edwards* villewasin town this morning on his way to visit his relatives on Missouri Point. BITTERS GonMilnt IBOS ultfc VOVt TBBCTABIJ5 TOKlC8~*»teUr •»« cOBpletolT CUUK8EJ HCBICHES THE BWM>D. ««»<*«• KA01.K PACKET eoMEAtt*. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer ew,e», -Tu. OTttEB IBOH MEDICWES BO. Fhytidu* and Drof I toUOTWTwlw" rwommroa It. H.LBYKE.HaiMT. ( f^jfuin^OUft » On and after Monday, Feb. 11. the Spread Ettcle win nm us follows, vtei LTSAVTKQ.ALTOH FOR S$, LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on rotut-n trip at 3 p. tn., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Oralton. and waj polnta every evening nt B :30 o'clocfc. M.Tha Whistle will be sounded fifteen minutes before starting for Ot. Louis. iTABBt TO BT.I/OOI8, • ' • .-•••• S KomroTmp, • • -. . . „ • • .13. TWBBT RtftM' e V HILL: A - g<m B,M Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. 1XHJI8 AND OKSTBAt ILLINOIS R. B. CO'S FAXAOB STEADIER High Authority, Bop Blttors U not, ;jn »ny wane, m alcoholic beverage or liquor, and could not be sold, for use, except tojpewona deilrout of obtaining medicinal bitters. ! GREEN B.RAUM, itf, S. Com'r Internal EOT. Washington, D. O., Sept. 24,1884. Dear Str-Whyjdon'tJKpujpt a WH|£ cate from Col. rf> H.-Wi,-or Baltimore, showing how he cured Wmselfof dnmk- eness by the help of H6p Bitters. <• Hla la a wonderful case. He is weU known In Rochester, N, Y^bV dl: the drinking people there. He 1« known in this cltv, Cincinnati, Now Orleans, New York; In foot all over tho country, as he has spent thousands of dollars for rum. I honestly believe Ms card wouldbe worth ^ousanda of dollars to you In this city and Baltimore alone, and make thousands of'sober men by inducing tho use of your bitters, J. A' W. Prejudice Kitti* . ,"/ v <v "Eleven years our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the care ,,pf several of the best physfclr *" "" K ASKING ... (THE NEW QUININJS) . No bad effect No headache No nausea. VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- rpHBOUGH tne medium of one of your J. books received through Mr. Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apollo, Pa,, I became acquainted wfib yonr ODTICOBA REMEDIES, and take this opportunity to testify to you tbat their use baa permanently cured sie of one ol tue worst casea of blood poisoning, in connection with eryaipfllas,tbatlaave overseen. ringing ears, C nre " quickly PleasantVr 10 " 1 A POWERFUL TONIC. that tbe most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, TO BE ALMOST A SPECIFIC. Superior to Q BeUeTO8 Hospital, H. Y.: "Universally successful." Every paMent treated BEPUBUOAH TOWH8H1P CONVENTION. The Republicans of Alton township and all others desiring to co-operate with tnem at the election Tuesday, April 6th, are requested to meet in Mass Convention at City Hall, Monday evening, March 28th, to, nominate candidates for the following offices: One Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. One Town Clerk. One Collector. One Assessor. , One Highway Commissioner. / And to transact any other business properly coming before the mooting. • CHAS. HOLDBN, JR., J. K. BUTLER, GEO. D. HAYDEN, H. G. M'flKE, S. F. CONNOR,fl U. a. BAKER, JR., F. W. HOPPE, H. B. STARK, Republican Central Com. REPUBLICAN C1TI CON VBNTiON. The Republicans of the several wards of the olty of Alton, and all voters desiring to co-operate with them in securing a better, more ofiloiont and more progressive administration of city alfalrs, are requested to meet In primary meetings, at City Hall, on Thursday evening, April 7th, at 7:30 o'clock, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in their respective wards, and also to appoint delegates to a City Republican Convention to be held at the same place, Friday evening, April 8th, to nominate candidates for Mayor, City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Attorney, to bo voted for at the municipal elec< lion April 19th; the several wards to be entitled to the following representation in the city convention: First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, C delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. , Fourth ward, 8 delegates. Fifth want, 8 delegates. Slttb ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegates, 61.; And to transact such other business as may properly ootue before the moots ing. OUAS.HOUMiN.Jn, B J. K. BUTLER, GEO. U, HAYUEN, H. O. M'PIKE, S. F. CONNOR, n. 8. BAKER, JR., F. W. HOPPE, H.B.STARR, Republican Central Committee iv to loan on improved fiwro For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE A SMUEY. Be sure and call for Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, if you are troubled with a bad cough or cold. Mr. L. B. Kiefer, of Lancaster, Pa., wrote us: Having a sprained leg of almost thirty days standing, and after trying half a dozen advertised preparations in the market without satisfactory results. I tried Salvation Oil, and in less than three daf s my leg was all right again. There's nothing like it. . "The Law's Delay" in Divorce. The abuses of the law's delay are notorious, but Vermont 'presents a striking exception to tbe rule.; In 1884' a statue was passed requiring a; delay of at least six months between the filing of an application for'divorce'and the hearing of the case. .The' result has been a marked decrease in the number of divorce suits. Humors run riot in tne olood at this season. Hood's Sarsaparilla expels every Impurity and vitalizes and enriches tbe blood. 12 ScmiBNEB's magazine for April contains; Portrait of Wm. Makepeace Thaokeray, frontispiece; A Collection of Unpublished Letters of Thaokeray, with an introduction by Jane Octavia Brookfleld; "NoHaid Pawn," byThos. Nelson Page; The Story of a New York House, IV, by H. C. Banner; Modern Aggressive Torpedoes, by Lieut. W. S. Hughes, U. S. Navy; Fortune, by Eliot ^Id; The Uesiduary Legatee, or, the Posthumous Jest of the late John Austin, by J. S. of Dale; Remembrance, by Julia C. R. Dorr: Reminiscences of the Siege and Commune of Pans; The Quiet Pilgrim, by Edith M. Thomas; American Elephant Myths, by W. B. Scott. Tne Old Earth, by Cbas. Edwin Mark bam: Seth'a Brother's Wife, by Harold Frederic; Tedeaoo's Hubina, by F. U. Millett; English in our Colleges, by Adams S. Hill. to you tills testimonial, unsolicited aa If 1st by you, in order tbat others from similar maladies may be encouraged to give your OCTTIOD Hi REMEDIES a trialT P. s, WHirilNGEB, Leecbburg, Pa- Kef erence : FBANK T, WHAT, Druggist, Apollo, Pa. SCROFULOUS DLCBBS. James E. lUcnaidson, Custom House, Now Orleans, on oatb aaya: "In 1870 Scrofulous Ulcers broke out on my body until I was a mass of corruption. Everything known to the medical faculty was tried in vain. 1 be came a mere wreck. At times could not lift my bands to my head, could not turn in bed; was in constant pain, and looked upon life a» n eurse. No reliefer cure in ten years. In 18301 heard of the Uuticnra Remedies, used them, and was perfectly cured." •worn to before U. B. Com. J. D. Crawford. ONE UP THE WOB8T CASKS. We have been selling your Onticnra Berne- dies for years, and have the firet complaint yet to receive from a purchaser. One of tbe worst caaoa of Scrofula I ever saw was curer" by tbe use of five bottles of Cuttoura Besolv- ont, Cuticura and Cuticura Soar. The Soap takes the "cake" here as a medicinal soap. TAYLOR 4 TAYLOR, Druggists, Frankfort, Kan. SCROFULOtJti, INHERITED, And Contagious Humors, with loss of hair, and Eruptions of the Skin, are positively cured by Cuticnra and Outioura Soap externally, when all other medicines fau. Send for pamphlet. DBUGUISTS USE THEM. We have obtained satisfactory results from the use of the Outioura Remedies in our own family, and recommend them beyond any other remedies for diseases of the skin and blood. The demand for tbem grows aa their merits become known. MCMILLAN & CO., Druggists, Latrobe, Pa. CCTIOCBA REMEDIES are sold everywhere. Price: Outieura, the : Great 8Mn Cure, 60 ots.; .Outlcura Soap, an EiqulsltoBeautiflor, 26 eta.; Cntionra Besolv- ent, tbe New Blood FurlUor, $1. Potter Drag and (jUomlool Co., Boston. -T»T IV/f PLE8, Blackhead B. Slrfn Blemishes J7 JUScL and Baby Humors, use Outioura "Every paen r 8t. Fr&ncla Hoe.N. Y. } with Kaskine haa been ( discharged cured." Rev. Jas. L. Hair, Chaplain Albany Penitentiary. writes that kaskine has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him for par- Is Hospital. N. Y..' '•"'B. considered Indispensable. It acW perf eotiy. Prot: W. F. Hofcombe, M.D., 64 BastMtti afc, N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y. Mod. College) writes. "Kasldne id superior to quinine In Its spec no power, and never produces the slightest in- Jury to the hearing or constitution. Tnousanda upon thousands write that Kas- kine has cured them after all other medicines had failed. Write for book ol teatl- m Kasklne can be taken without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail ou receipt of price. KASKINE CO., M Warren St., New York. 10 dwlm J. F. ELL1&ON, Commander. KP.ANSHOTZ, j clerks TKOB DODOB, 1 ulerKB> On and after Thursday ,Feb. 17th, wilUeave Alton daily For St. Louis at 7 a. m. Returning, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine at.) at 2:45 p.m.: Leaving Alton at 5:SO p. m. for Portage and Jersey, awivmg at Gratton at 7:43 p. m., connecting with f asterpress on St. Louis and Central uTinols Ballroaaior JersejmUe, Wa- veny, Spilngfleldand all pptnts north and ' FARE. _. ;v% . «£; twenty riae ticket, . , $8.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FIdBBK, Ocn'lManager. UKNTJSTKk. DR. C. «. ttOlCLANI>, Dentist, IB THIED STREET, ALTON, ELL. OffloeHoorb—Sa.m.tol2m.; 1 to4p, n. febdwly G. A. MeMELLEN, Dentist, OVER BRUEGGEMANN'S CIGAR STORE SECOND ST. dtf FHYSIOIAJ9I8 AHO 8UMOKON"» DR. E. GUELlCtl, Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, OOB.FOUBTB AND HHNltY 8T8. las-dwly her disease various names but no rcller, and" now she is restored to us in good health by Hop Bitters, that wo.-had poohed at two years before using it. we earnestly hope and pray that no ono else will let tbe> sick suffer as we did, on account of <- prejudice ^ against .BO; good a medicine as Hop Bittorfl."— Tht Paftntt —Good Templart, • '-> f Milton, Del., Feb. 10> 1880. " Having used Hop Bitters,'the noted remedy lor debility, nervousness, - indigestion, etc., I have no hesitation in Baying that it is indeed an excellent medicine and recommend it to any one as a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, , » ' BEV. MBS. J. H. ELtQOOD. 8cipio, : N. T., Dec.l, 1884. lam the pastor of the Baptist thurch here and an educated physician. I am not in practice, but,sole family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who has been under medical treatment of Albany s best physicians several years. • She pas been greatly benentted and still uses the medicine. I believe she will become thoroughly cured of her variouscompli- cated diseases by their use. <; We-both recommend tbem to our friends, many ol whom have also been cured of their various ailmeuteby them. .. ;•..;'.. * REV. Si B: DARKEN. . Cured of'J>rinJeing, "Ay.bung friend of mine was xsureii of an insatiable thirst for liqubr, that had^sb prostrated his system that he was v unaD]e to do anyibusuiess. He waBenth-ely.curcd by the use of Hop Bitters.- It allayed all that burning thirst; took;away the appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady; and he has remained, a steady; and sober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his' cups, and I Know of a number of others .that have been cured of drinking by ifc: w —From a leading K. R, Official, Chicago^Dlsf W. A. M.D., LOOKOUT HEREI THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE-SECOND ST., ALTON, TLU Office h onrs— » a. m. ; 13 to 1, and Op. A.Qff9-O^ Lucas Pfeittenberger 1 m wt Tbe undersigned bavo euened a new [music store at tbe cornnr |of Third and Piasa sti ORGANS AND PIANOS! of'tbe|finest v.orlnnanBhip for sale at reasonable prices. OaU and examine our instruments before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSS) & BABE. GENERAL 8UPEEINTENDEN T AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third st. jone door west of vPiasa, tbird floor. • Gov. Marmadukc will issue his proclamation calling the Missouri Legislature together in extra session May 11, pros. Choking Catarrh. Have you awakened from a disturbed sleep wltb all tbe borrible sensations of an assassin clutching your throat and pressing tho llfe-breatb from your tightened chest? Have you noticed tbe languor ivn-1 debility tbat succeeded tbe effort to clear your tbroat and head of this catarrbal matter? What a depressing influence it exerts upon tbe mind, clouding tno memory and filling tbe head wfth pains and strange noises I How difficult to protect the 'system against its further progress towards tbo lungs, liver and kidneys, afl physicians will admit. It Ua terrible disease, and orles out for relief and The remarkable curative powers when all other remedies utterly fall, of Sanford's Radical Ouro, nre attested by thousands-who gratefully recommend It to fellow sufferers. No statement is made regarding it that cannot be substantiated by the most respectable and reliable references, Each packet contains one bottle of the Radical Cure, one box of Catarrh al Solvent, and an Improved Inhaler, with treatise and directions, and Is sold by all druggists for f 1. POTTER DKDO 4 OUBMIOAI, Do.,BQBTOH. FOR SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES AND HABDVTAUE Also Outside Work B specialty. Booflng and Galvanized Iron Work. Also i indertaker's Supplies XEOS BEST THIlfQ KXQWN FOB Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. AVKH LABOR, TIMB and BpAI* AMAZ. NOI.V, uvl givon unhrerial natUfnctioa. l\t Ltully, rien or poor, ihould tw without It HOW IIY nUarocjrjij, JJKWA^K^MmlUkHspl [&y0 bourn tb-> W?ovo Jyuibol. *ml n&tae 11'Vi.K. NKW VUltU- I* I" * C M FO <» 1IS Cannes, Mid a new and DEAFNES$; 0 r — S^ 0 * 8 .* A e # twenty-ol : (uooouiful OU11E at your o ' ' ; n homo, by one t yutu-8. Treated ...eolaUBt* benefit. Ourod blmsolf In throe Bin oo then hundreds of otberu. by rooBt of the noted Jpeclallsu wiflTout Oat<xi blmsvlf In throo months, *ud HOW My SIDES ACHE. From the bench and the countor, from tbe loom and sewlngmaohlne goes up tbe cry of pain and weakness. Aching Sides and Back, Kidney and Uterine Pains, Strains and Weakness, Oougbs.Oolds and Chest 1'aluu, and every pain and ache of dolly toil relieved in one minute by the Outioura Anti- Pain Plaster. New, elegant, and infallible. At druggists, 2fto.: five for $1; or of Totter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston. ALWAYS ON HAND. GOB. SECOND AMD AIOJY 8T8. W. Jb\ ENSEVGEB, Philn and Decorative Paper Hanging WORK PBOMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT LOWEST TERMS. SHOP OK WILSON WASHBOARDS. Thef»Wail>boara«iu:.e mado with aB«n.t.Woodrioi. The Strong- J, SUITER & SON, OBAQKU , . Full purtlo ulam 10111 on application. T. 8. 1'AQ E. No. 4 1 Went HUt It., K. Y. pity VINE AND FURNITURE. A Foil and Complete Stock Always oa Uoud, DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A GALL BEFORE PURCHASING. v)UU rUKNlTURB KOOM8 ABB ON State Street, opp. Third, 4.LTON, ILL, SECOND ST., ALTON. NEAR . . ELI/ JOHN BAUER, BBALKU IN AND MANUFAOTUBEU' OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. Oity Uftll, ALTON, ILL. All klnda of flne and common furnltur" oon»t*ntly on hand. AUo undertaier, etc.; . NORTHERN 'CONSIN rormlont AN ACRE on long time. The most pn»peroas and jvromlslDB n«ld for settlement in the U. 8. Pull !rformation with good map free. 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For full particulars please address, at onco, OEESOBNT ABT CO., 19 Oentral St., Boatou, Mass. • Boz 8170. - ' • BOOKS Thrilling Oeceotlve Storiei, H»me Cook , and Doctor Book, How to Make Foultrr Pay, and Bobingou Uriisoe, tllBOO 4 boobs BOIH free, on receipt 01 1 cents for, postage, with agency terms, also our paper Borne, Faim and i'actory, 3 montbs on trial. »S-For JO cents wo will place your ad- uress in our new Agnnta' Dlreoiory, wbloh will bring ;im over WO books, papers, letters. oireiiiara, uaraplei, Ac. HulbenPub. Oo., (W Emlllie Block. 8t. JXHil*. Mo. . '/ a ,.• IlHi CURE % J)EAf Peck's Pat. Improved Cushioned Ear Drums, HXEBFECTLiT KE8TOKE TUK HEARING, no matter whether deafness is caused by colds, fevers, or injuries to tbe natural drums Alwavi In position, but invisible to others, comfortable to wear. Mualo, conversation, oven whispers heard distinctly. We refer to those using them. Send for illustrated book of proofs yiiKi'.. Address F. U18COX, 819 Broadway. N. Y. , 10-4 ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. E8TATK of Eleanor P. Guild, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Administrator ot the estate of Eleanor 1Y Uulld, late of |tho county of Madison and Btate ot Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice tbat he will appear before the county court of Madison county, at the court bquie, in Kdwardsvlllo, ivt the May term, on the third Monday -in >lay next, at which time all ixiraona having claims against said.MstaM are notified and requested to attend tar, the purpose of having tbe same adjusted. All persons indebted to said Estate are requested to .make Immediate payment to' tho undersigned, Uatod this llth day of March, A. P., 1897. I'EUUSY B, W1UPPUI, AdmlnlBtrator. ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE, Kstuw of Herman Itognlmann, debtori Tho undorulgiiod herlbv gives notice thai Herman Regolmaim, of Alton, in the ««ounty of Madison ana Stato ot Illinois, did) on the 12th day ol Fob., A. D. 1887, transfer to tbe undersigned, a* assignee, all his property, real and personal, for the benefit of ma creditors, according to the provision! of the not concerning assignment** j ,{'• . .. All persons having olalms ogain«» tbo sold Herman Kegeimann tire hereby notified to proeent nuou olalins > under oath or anlriW; tlon, to me at my (tore, on the corner of Third and I'lasa Htreett, Alton, in sold county, within throe months from this date. Dated Fob, 16th, 1887. JOHN DOW, A«BlKn??i. JOUN J. 11BKNHOLT, A«y, «., In Olare. circular fe». lftrtm9W,T«.

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