Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 26, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1887
Page 1
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ALTON, ILL., BATORPAY zi>a>y, I ^hd'fcfettblniktloh oHho remedial agents used. • . T1 >UP*>P9rtt&nil4'whti}h tlia roots, * herbs, barks, etc., arc uiijecl. ,' ,«j| i| Tim ptbccsS ty'wblcli thfJ'ncHve' 1 *Jf fj'S >«'dlc!riai pWpetfieS Me' secuted. ' . •arid citHtlvtfflower, which cffedfe cures hire(More iroB^ttlleaJ^nesep^cuHttritles belong.! atttMiia, and a» Hood's Bartapaillla Is ittJsp'ateil %itt»\the reatest skill and ;caro, by pharmacists ot edlic(itlo4ifenal(m5-eii)erienCei ; '-Hence it is a. •iitfUr «rora<scrofulA, saltithbuic, try n . Hood's .Sareaparilla " "I tecomjaend Hpod's-SareapartUa to all my'*fffenUsUast the but .blociaipurlDer on earthl'l ! t< «OOl*«-MI»JTO^»|«JHU« JUOB UlUCUllliCilU AUrDI^n! • utbutfihamcfr,'flnd/donanne.wntldsiof-^oodn Socrocatyship of the Sol, diors 1 Homo. Sp»nroFiBi.D 111., March 25—The death of Colonel Shepherd, Secretary of the Soldiers' Home at Quinoy, creates a vacancy. Already the names of E. H. Gerry, editor of tho Comrade, Chicago; Captain Horace .Chapin, of Jacksonville; Captain Daniel L. Ambrose, of Springfield, and Captain Edwin Harlan, of Marshall, are suggested by numerous friends for the vacancy. The Secre- taryship was originally tendered Col. 'Phocion Howard, of Danyillo, but he declined. The salaiSv is $1,500 a y,ear( and subsistence. SUNDAY CLOSING. Judge Green and Mr. White, of .the sub-Cornmittee oft the House Committee on Judicial Department and BraoticeV met,tOHclay.and<ngreed upon* favorable report; o& the-committee substitute for Mrr'Dwyer's WUi providing • jfor <-: closing: business hcmsesson Sunday. q?h« Mpo>t'will be made t'6 tii&Ml "'doHtfilttcr ; 'thls afternoom andsvther bill -will- probably ™X*..'?.^ *-•_»" JJ.1-:.^-; frr --••>' •••-•-. -...,..: ...>, ,. •*! _ f . • ,-. <* Bargains Absolutely Pure. ' This powder never varies. A marvel ol purity,- strength wliolosomonesa. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot & 8 ^.te^^l^:a o6 ^^! , janSdwly.. REAL E§f ATE FOR SALE. BIJAD LIST OF BARGAINS C. A, Schiueter's Agency, • For; Sale, cheap, cor. of 7th and Alton sts.r framo'dweilfng; 4r6oms and'collav, rents'for . f 10 per mouth. : Foi-SaleorErolianffoe—100aorea,85in oul- ) tivatlpnj:2X> miles--northesjfit .of'/Fosteiburg nh:ii'KnV»atM .'. C :•:':>' ' .-•• ->-.' -.^-.- • ' > L<A'i;JBST <NEW8. Mr' Blalho has startcd.on n tour of tho west. Carter Harrison positively refuses to run for 'Mayor of Chicago. ' Nine men were killed in a railroad accident near Liberty, Va., Thursday. NewTork parties invested large sums in St. Louis real estate, yesterday. Amos Johnson, colored, was legally executed yesterday at Memphis, Tcnn. T. W. Todd, living near Nevada, Mo., in boring for water struck illuminating oil. * : Only one suiffor divorce Was filefo in the< Circuit Clerk's office,. St. Louis, yesterday. ....... >••'"• Tli& gr'eabbVerfl^of thi;Milsouri r^er^a| ^marcll|iind.itlcinit^, in ns byll St. ' " railway U was Louis i?6'uncil,last n'i & Waddell, ofvNew ,Yprk,.,..have ,fail(ja. Liabilities, 8200/000; assetejpfothing. J' The/bill to- pt^ishsm^fcdjBJJ'b'ji hangjj ing failed to p a ^theSMipliiga)i leg^ islature yesterday,,liy^"one, vote. • .Bitter illtfeeling/iiasjbeen renewed in f French papery- : pn rjthe^EjnperOT/s birthday ajd ; k>ndred 7 topics. War . Castle Garden registers 6,000 more . for March, |886. ' European ^publicists have' Witteh tio s'uch 1 'elbft commi6nt ; on European policies. New 0rleans''es;pprt8 in the month' of ^Eebraary'V;:reached''M^t!?ip86,, nedrty, dcrutle either Boston 1 or ' more for tihe same in'onth. AcEansas City: man hasutti J th'e; ! ,pro;p'erty -of Mirth'' It'has: a portrait- i the age : df-l , iuc i:icsj,u«u\<,,,u»8 uppoimeu im. i Oscar Strauss; -a 1 -'German Jew 'and 1 ' ai merchant of Now York-City,.as ,TJ;..'SY Minister to Turkey, •" ; ., \ r ienna, the capital of' Austria, isi excited over the discovery of a-frus-: trated plot by a band of anarchist conspirators to fire arid 'destroy?.the' SHOES; ttATS, -AND-, For salO^Flve'-TOote'brlclrhouBOj story and n balf, corner-Eighth- aud-M"eoliaulo street. Can'bo had ac a bargain. Good iproperty. to runt. • ' One 6-rooin new houae, with cellar, cistern and coal houao. -Lot 60 by 110 on 9th and Market sts. JTor sale—one 8-room house nndjone s-room house, 9th and Market.-sts. lot 60 by 110j good cistern and coal'-house): At a baigaln, "Forsaler.16 aotes to Ifartti Alton with gpbd .§Frif_8aler-(Wj: acres' Improved farm ,^Ith Kansati • n. ft. ryus^aeross fronv FortfSoot^to Wichita,(imllosfi-omoQunty scat, , • Forsale—VB aorna partly bottom land, 1m• proved farm, near Dorsey, with plenty of good buildings on-same. • For sale—10 pieces of valuable property with good houses, in. this. city. ^^^^^&^Sa^&- and good water, .on premises. ' For sale or exchange—Two sections of R.R. timber land In So, Missouri, ISO mUes from Bt, T "Ais on the Iron Mountain R,' R;, at a bar.-,-.- , , . .For Bale or-ttsoliungfi, 8 aoroa of ground, on Main n., adjoinlna Mayor Oopplhgor's on the cost. be beat ties u or Tilie'season 1 daily a4aed, at one-price cash house, ,. . advoitlssmont In One AllHlonUsuQS-.oi .Jflodi »»« Aau)ripanow»p»i>BM.Thta JB at tHo rW« nftuxn wot fi.\[w,tot 1,009 qlr^u . iidvortisomuiit' will bu pluooU lloiV -•^ For salvor qjcohantro-o sections of prairie land in JOrbokot county, ToxA ••>, Wfll - sell onoap. Suitable lor any {arming purposes. ; Tliroo acres adjoining Dr.Hob'orts on north. OWye-lotB on Dry at., adluining/rhomas Biggins' rosldonoo on tho east. One and a half lots in Hawley's addition. One and a half lots In Sholly's addition. Any of tlio above property can -bo. bought , at a bargain. • I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y. , one of the best companies in the TJ. S> And other good Companies in addition- C. A. SCELUETER, in my New Building, ou Second street, VfaU paper I* k*pt on We nttbeolpoe of DVERTISING GENTS FBEE \ttfjftsivoii SON'S mm, «Ax. A *fr if 1 . -V ^ ,< , .-J / . , J"^W...{, ti **\t ; Mr. Geo. W. Childs is having a portrait of; the late*Gen; .Grant pajpt-' edijfor the West'Point 11 A'caditny, • copied from^a picturestaken iff 1866' that Mrs. Grant regards as the best photograph of him ever < .|nade. The the ' ,-iSENA.TE. ' SpRiij(jFi!5i,D,> Itt. : , March In the Senate to-day, • immediately alter the reading', of --the^ 1 . journal, Senator Eokhart, by > unanimous- consent of the Senate* .'called =mp the Me^er House billj >• had ifc Toad ft second 'time and > advanced ''to -third reading. , The. House bilH-'giving Wabash county another-term "Of -coiivt was advanced toithird' reading, -as'was also the; bill of .'Senator 'Washburn making the terms 1 of 'County Courts for all - probate "business ; commeriee on th'a first Monday^ each ttonth j The i bill, making ^appropriations for-.-the 1 Illinois'-'University wittR"ad- vancedion -the calendar,' 1 after: tauitag $750 from the items in <the<imeas-i ure. bill w^as,ohaiige'd' lii'se^eral r ; gipe,( att'd made the/y^Bcial Hfddr'ftifr'nc Tuesday; "• Senat6* : Funk*s b'ill dSclariti^ flie- gal mamageubetween. Jlrst cbtisins iWasnadvanced tO!;third)-,readingi- as ,was also fthej^ill * tofrais 6; to :the ; sixth from : the 'seyenth ;olas8-, inriAdininis- jtration,cases^the!TCttges*of laborers.. '< • The, billfof Senator :Bacon,pf, iWjli,! empowering County; •''- ! for thfe pwpqse"of ' 'day-evening'at 5 o'clpcki ; . •' •. '/i HOOSE." =^ A .brief ebate of tlig; a^liiiil ycpinMtt^ei^ agp.Oifl^d tbtcra8ider.ihebiH^Tel&ting' to aliens holding ; jceal, estate. U ;-ThS u cb.iani!tted recommended <MiV PierCC's -- bill'pro- viding that aliens— who have not dfer ,clared,-'tMil' i irit^tjbh 1 ';bf ''becoming " ^citizens 1 bf-tthe" take.arid .hold land". by .:' devise": aiid /will be at Ottawa. Hon. Sam. H. TreaJ, Jiidge ; of the! U. ; S. District;:G6urt? for*i'Southern IHinoisi is cdnflned,> to],his home at; Springfield-by serious illness, and! his recovery is thought to be doubt-! ful. Judge'•Tre'at'was'appointed to his - present);<jpi9Sii3idn'<-by f ?President Franklin Pierce4n"i'854r';"'• • *' :. Mi-s.'RuthiSiaith; a wealthyi'i lady of Bridgeport, Ct,, Jiyes,. in, a. room composed entirely of'blue 1 glassy into- whioh'the*Bttnli^ht -*- i ~— ~~ iL - —^--< it-- only^, : .' and ;may convey <tbe same 'any. time, within; three years th'er'eMter, and no .,longer;;:and'all lands,.the/legal oi' : eqiiitable ; title: to i^hich ••shall ^remain i,and beiin'any alien of aliens,;atrthe r expiratipn of three years from ihe .passage- of this a(ji'feball escheat to. ! ahd •.Become ;tho property, of '' ,theT i'State v of 11 lipois; The ;bill was:advflhced;:t6, third Vead- .iMr.l'Messick i.dnliroduced a resolution iiftstru/jtiing^^he^ Auditor, of Pub-^ . lies Accounts': to'issue^ino'omore 1 .) war- Ipipestry Brussels, s and Mattings, Oil Cloth^Biigg and Mats, Has aived. Also a V&j?$ Choice r Stock i>f illlil I am offei'ingtbcse goods at the very loweet u *~*ci^| i/p casp;]bii|yiQl?Si All are*ijavited ' '• to call and see the beautiful new goods Mearntlie i^r 'ftfttm. BEST mmm 'IN. THE WORLD. AGENTS TOE THE . Studebaker Farm Wagon, e; Ttoesliers aM En. gines ; t Moline Plow Co's Plows :and"Ctiltivators an4 i«jntire; day; wearsr;. blue ...... glajs. ,.speotacles, dresses in blue"-6ilk,;-and5ihas. her meals;" dishes sleeps' and'liyes. ; ^ f 'She i has >i:: nOt been out of her s! g\a|s"ro6m' more than ten' minutes at a time in eight!years',dur-i ing which; period she .has' never felt a' puin or an ache, jf 'it takes' all that' to avoid pains and aches, the majority of poor mortals will have >to endure them.> , j.:.?' !; ;. . 'Oo; for 'public printingcan;i;instruot- ing Treasurer of-the State to cash tio such warrants 1 uiQtii v a" 1 spfefcial cpm- ^liiittee v'ap^oJiited-tojmV^feAte: 'the p.nriting '(joatractf • h!|id; ;repbirt.ed|flnd 14 ings ihvthe ease. ^ The ieabiuiljion, was adopted,.,' . . . i- Mr. H^rflngipjn: intrpduced a bill amending, thd originftl:'i;;6ganr,Mflnu- ment,' ; bill','-,4athpti2|ng ;:; 'the y imissiohers, of ; the ii'parfc trseleotedi'by; r ]M[rs. Logan fofth^b.uti^.pf Qbnbral .Logan to ' . eeti i;ap"art a'ilot fjjjfi b\rr|al and thc.-erectioa olmonument. ' J,u.dge8., r of,,,giv{!uit;.,Cpi|rts. to . point : 8hortrliand,.j!eporters >foiv their •respective sicourts^'was; advanced'to •third'- 1 ' rea'ding 1 '' with' ;i unittiportant amendmiihts,., and ''the ! House -'adjourned^ EMEERE TWINE BINDEKS, DROBPERS AND MOWERS. Headquar- r-; ters for'EUPION-and (JARMINJE) OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDEE and ''SIGNALOILS; STOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; line ' linje; of COOIONG STOVES;( the DANGLER and PERFEC- ' TION'G^SpLINE STOVES. ' See our' 810. BUGGY ' HARNESS. NEW. HOME SEWING MACHINES, S30. We,keep,tho BEST GASOLINE and BURNING OILS on tap and delivered 1 to any part of the ; city. K and; State sfe HL. ^»^r-^^^ 1MB BE^T! ON EARTH! On.account digest l food Baffled the Physlclains. BOEKB MEUIOINE Co., Quincy, 111: —I rejcard your White Pine Balsam, as a cough mixture of very great value. Tho benefit derived f>y my- wife from its uso, plttcos it with me far in advance of all othera. For sevoral : yoora she bad been seriously afflicted with a cough that gavo us much alarm; it bad bnfllod "the skill of the physicians and'cough remedies, until I wnoludetl nothing would avail in her caso. Dircol- iy after coming to Qnmoy, on your recommendalion, she commonood using your Balsam, and it has acted like a 3harrn, qulotmir tho cough, and remov- ng entirely tho soreness from her lungs, We koop it constantly in our house.— J. 13. Ford, Pastor M. K. ohurob, Rush* ville.Ill. Uso Cresslor'a Wild Uoso Tooth i j ows dor for cleansing the tneth. Price 250, INFALLIBLE CUBK FOR COUGHS. We would most positively stale that no remedy baa • over mot with «uou unlvornal satisfaction or can be more Ttithfuliv said is a positive cure than Burks' White Pino Balaam. SUGAR. A now discovery, Little Apricot I'ilU easier to take than sugar' andinr.njoru joaodoial. Siiro euro for notirnlgla, Jach^ weWlbuiSh, ;dy SpvpSjft ^nd ,ftact ftthi- Try them. For sale at Marsh's drugatoro. njohl awly , and romody Ini Scott's Emulsion.' 'palatable 'and; easily 'digested;-" Dr.' Si uj '' ' have:used iiypur ^Emulsion • in• anfantile ; wasting.; 1 ;. I»: nptrbtily.: reatpres • ^a»tfi(J tissues; but give* strengthiand inoreases the appetite." Hav& you a;cqughP Sleepless nights need ho longer' trouble^'yon. Ayer's Cherry .faotoralr will-^top.the cough, allay-the :< inflamniatibnf a*hd induce f'pnrkbn.'" Tf ' «iil1 '-"•• mnxA r A'rr/ik* llGfll *^ A WATCHES, t6i$50. Warranted 20 Years, BREECIMOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. THE LEADING JEWELER, myllWwlv TO— ^.PpSo.;"', It ,.. il .,,, , 7 ., nr -. VT , pulmonary organs and giro HEADQUARTERS FOR n J Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Croquet Sets, etc, A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the ' place: !, STREET; - - OPP. BELLE. FOR THE lOcPer or4eUvered, Only Bepubliom Daily in Madison county

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