Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1887
Page 4
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Few tlie treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and headache linn been by some < oulrard application, and. therefore, wmi- out stopping to think that the origin of theso trouble* nSM'tt^bffj^^^^fflf^ n ''^ rub arid uad po relief, ;Athl6«horbsis taken! internally, and as a'proof that llns is'lhe correct principle, it cures surely and quickly. The statement of those who hare been cured ought to convince the incredulous. .. -atom. FKII'AY BVK. MAKCH 26. .., ,< My wife had inflammatory rheumatism in il« worst form, and nftcr being treated by a good physician and using several remedies witli no good cflcetwe tried Athlophoros. Tlie first dose gave instant relief, and she Wiis entirely citrod^by the use.of Infee hot- lien. I have reCpmmcbded it to tny trleiids and it has (jiveft" satisfaction tn every ciise. It gives jne pleasure to make this unsolicited testimonial. L'ec it as you sec proper. L. K. SrnicKMS. ; Donnellson, Montgomery Co., III. Wa» sunering from sciatic rheumatism ; for Sdm6 time; procurcd.a bottle < of Athlo- piiordsand was relieved after using half a bottle and have not been bothered since. • My ease .was very bad.-. D. Y. DAVIS. ;, Mt. Carroll, 111. I have been afflicted with rheumatism for two years, especially in one shoulder, and tried othor remedies with no help. Having heard of Athlojphpros,I obtained one bottle took it accOrtling.Mf dijfections, and found" immediate relief, 'and I can recommend it to suflerers from the same complaint. LEWIS BttSR /Age ;78; • Every druggistBhould keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but wheie they cannot Wlbd'uiht of.-the druggist;th>'Athlo-; phoros dof, 112 Wall 8t./N«w York; will: send either (carriage paid) on receipt ol regular Wice,i Which ,:ifi |l'.CO per bottle for AlhlopluWari'd W*r'.^ for Pills. 1 " For liver and kidney diseases, dyc^r* 1 ! 1 . In- dlaestlon, wcaknees, nervous 'IchllUr, dlwases of women, constipation, hcadaohc', Impure blood, .to., Athloplioros Plll« are imequalcd.f•; ; * ff. -t? i ••..i^. Now and Beautiful Designs , arrived and arriving for the , Spring Trade. .,. H WINDOW GLASS A Specialty, from Small to Largest At the eld rei'ablo HOU81E-PAISTING and DBOOEATING oitsblisUlnent^i: ;;; . ,•', ,;, NEFF & OBERIYIUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st; KEA1, ESTATE FOB SALE OB RENT, Rudersnausen & Sonnteg, ... For Sale. Aoonvnnlentand pliwutnt home at a rea- eonable fltjurc. being n two-story frame hous«- on Eighth street, near Henry.. *ur sale. A choice f anno! suoaoies, with first cli Improvements, situated 2X miles : east ol Bmnswlek. Ohartton cot, Mo. For Hale. A one story frame dwelling house in. ROOD condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap The lealdonoe ol-Oapi. W. V oble; twi stories and mansard roof) 12 room 4 hftllb closets, Dollars, etc.: 8 acres of gronn MODI •leslrable property tn the city. ; , r*r Hale. IbORoresol land near city Umlte, S'.o.o two story brick and trame awtr s n aonse both situated on the eue o j.ato atreei between 8th and 7th 'iceta- ao the briol. block of stores on Socon -.reet, betweei Uoni and Bliiise street nown as Hunter 1 HOW TO MAKE COTTON DRESSES FOR SPRING AND SUMMER. ''i t> , I >; ^—t ^Tit-f ' ' Prevailing; Styles In Broocliei «nd B»» rIn«—A,. nn«quu llodlc* } With tValittcont TliNt May Be Wfcrli With Any Stylo of Skirt. ttwjtrt bodices are exceedingly fashionable, •t';,tbe pl-eaeiit: tlme;""especlally when worn With n waistcoat of contrasting material and' color. While confined to no certain ago, these bodices are most largely worn by young girls and young ladie}$JV)*> " i --, ; . . .. ,...,, Aimi&llframe' 1 ^tmrhouuo within nn< ulookaolth'o'i t lor $878. 160 acres t good tarmtntc land, and Rnothe tract of 00 ,ure«,botb unimproved. Bltuat. In Moi u)., Kansae. at »10 and 116 :per acr> respocnvely—ouo-tUlrdcttsh.baleuioeon time For Sal*. A iarm ol 140 acres on oottoua land, all ti cultivation, near Madison, In tnls county, t gmwi two-story trame dwelling house on it Prloe $8,BOO tor Sale. A choice farm ol l-t» uoros, situate l mil- south ot Htilpinun, Uaooupln county, 111., a a low tlgum. <: lV rartloslnlendlnx to buy RoaKEstate. in tht; city <>l Alton or Ytcliiltv will find It to the.i imurust to call at ila-olll eof Uuderabuuauii & HouutHK and <u uuilue their llat o propur- ties for sale us only part tuoreol Is advur- ' ' OF PDRE COD LIVER OIL 10] Almost as Palatable as Milk. ThA only propiritlnn of COD I.1VKU OIL tlmt 1 cw bo taken reulll>%ua tolerated for K lung tune b] delimit moumohi. AND A8 A IIKMKDY FOlt BCKOKtiLOtS AH.RCT10K!i, ANAEMIA, JUKX- t'UAL 1)>.HIMTV, OI110II8 AND TllljOAT AF. yKCTIU.Mtt. mid »lL y ASTlMr DlgOBOT B8 OV t'UI ILDBEK It U m«p-cllQU« In 1 1» r^' 1 '*- Prracrlbcd >nd omlont 1 by tho beat i'by tloUn* in the coiuatrli't of tbo world. FOR MAI r wv 1L' II»««<50I9T«. EMPIRE MILLS. BKUONU HTItKKT (Near Ilaaa), ALTON, ILL FOK 8ALK t Ground Onto, Ground Corn, Uay, Oat«. Corn, Corn Mea>t • " Buckwheat Flour, Grulmui Flour,eto PROMPTLY DKLIVBKKD TO ANY PART Ot TUK 01TV. M.WILKINSON. IV7 rtt« Patents. The bodice hero seen and reproduced from The Seaion has »- short basque- at tbabaclf and may be worn -with a skirt arranged in any style. The waistcoat of plaited cream* surah, which is made, with the front' port of tbo nock band, on a separate founda- tfefwcahibfe itSingWl wheiidiesiiijBiL The lower paft*jif JBej Ifiistfoat, doled in thomiddlo wittil^oola'Wd lyes, u.5Hi&<l|with surah. tlie ^keMb^^Wc^dMiei *ide and 2% inches long; tfit revere a&4^ inches wide above. Tbo sleeve cuff* are 4 inches and the neckband 2 Inches wide. The bodice here represented^ «fei fSn>46| ^ *&<•*$$ 'l^? 1 ^ choTiot/witfi triidmiiip bf*' rctf bri»t»n : plush, large passementerie buttons and harmonizing _ n ir«. llroooh and Har Film. v 'The bixxjch or round pin is fast gaining popularity; indeed, it is now the most fashionable form of .neck, pins made, although the loeSorfiarjiin—as the long pin is variously termed—is'alsoln style. A pin to be called a brooch nowadays need not conform to any reKn!af>lk<!'or form, so long as it is short and broad riither tliau bar shiipOfU it is a brooch. In our illustration we give tliree popular patterns in neck pins, two being brooches and fa ' wry " tucked above a hem, or with rows of insertion ' "4cm Instead br'sckUbpt— fiartwrV r.t t/jjt'Htjaii ; .wheUiw " AROUhP .THE- >HOU8g.n i An excellent way to dust a . •with the walls. Pin or tie several thicknesses of 'cloth over * broonfatta; «weej> the: -walls down.. thorouRbly, leaving nt(,the same- time all, the doors ..and, windows open, Tbls.jiiatter of sweeping tho'walls is dh Important 'one; if you don't buliove it examine tho cloths after the cleaning has- been done, fho walls swept'ilext'lh-drter to wipe oft withi* damp* cloth .tborbacks of .Bll, Uio picture frames ai|d the tvps,ot,.tb,e door and, window frames. At least once every week get a good draft; which 'Will carry tho dust out of the window; thun shake the ihirtains and beatall fbe upbolntcrod-fui-fliturp, rQr.thes^.arfl prime sinners in tho matter of harboring dust. , 'TUo window sash, sill 'and glass might' nil to receive attention.! Remember that a room is not thoroughly dusted i i)ntSl alUthe.furni- . tnrovrwood /tvprk and •gas.flxtures,, b«ve . been .•cleaned.!. .Rooms ^ : tba<i j>ra. thoroughly 8W!«pt, aud dusted (once etfeiy iweak (Ssfl"":^ ,but,lit-. MO, extra labor;,wh,en,,that grand and very troublesome household upheaval, known as "house cleaning,^ occurs,, . .,,.• ,)., i . l ..Tp» , , The, present, fancy M curtains, is, , /or, , the various styles,. qualities and. patterns that' come uride'r .the, gleiieral 'be4d;of.,''itodrns goods." : '8oW'br u the' l?otv- crpp*; Madras gbo^shavofino^tijis«l iii'the tinipst ( flecjts, but 'thisfc not regardedf aSlii ohy-sehss'a wive:Hy t •It bivinijIttppeaireU'lastseasdii 1 .' 'fMarninge- • nient of the inotel is somewhat riovel-, and for> this afid for -the o±qUUite combination and blending of the ipany tints .the, new. goods are worthy-of the highest p'raisey :*>n .. -iu i j •Tnfl./ttvorite colors Are,of>! a somewhat tab- • dued order. ..Browi»t4 u Jolmost.ovcrjjrtiade,' the entire, range-of. olive, myrlle and sage, greens, «9PBer, in^n4arinf«nd f>Yfry, ^^> P*. yellow, a very little light blue, dashes of red .mostly., yei-ging" on garnet,,, rosewood andi '' ' ' ' 'inaro^n; old rose, 'or jf^ded.,' roie, lijs'it.i^ called,. 1 brick Jcolor an'd all 'of ihejariatioiVs'of these shades 'are ; found : in^^the best 'assortments of tbpse'goctdsthat aris no'wcomlttg from foreign 'i.'sjK. new.flfty indVatt'sflt grenadine curtain staff .in- fancy weuve'iis-attractingde*«rved tlte'ntiou. V Iti is<, tbe gold and eoni tints being the,most desirable. vSilk brocadiug ;iu. ilodraavreenve, on i»crjmi,and, grenadiue ground is shown in'all popular colors and pattei'ns.--Decora 1 to^*nd .Furnisher. There was an exceptionaily'elegantf dinner party in Vanity Fair one t ;nighti las); ,weet Tbo tablecloth was of ^Wte satiiy edged with iaco, and across the ceuter^^qrming^an X, were blue plush scarfs Tyith |riflge of gpM.' Four silver stands with branches on, all Sides; whioh, however, were' not symbolical of amily trees Or genealogy, held fruits qr^orpu- ent candles, oh ""which"..'ware' colored'' silk hades. Tho china, glass and silver ware was- ixquisite, possibly remnants o£ Eugenie's pantry, and at each plafe.was a "favor" that :amo from. d" mosti noted • silversmith and eweler.' There was music by an orchestra, •concealed," as usual, behind a screen of ux- pensivo flowers,-aud when tlw finger .bowls came'they yvere-iof •hammerod silver, filled with perfuwo, aU,flowers, vioietBl .Subsequently a. < !h'irod l W9maii".rcad poeti-y'Vi'lieii thtt company had adjourned : to the dmwing rooms, ami large bouquets of cut flowers .'wbro brought for tho ladies to carry homo with .them:' "It cost 81,000 if it cost a cent," snjd a man of calculating turn of mind who wflg niese.ut '..'. ,., ,A . ' BROOCHES AND aAB One simulates, with small gems In a gold netting, a star and crescent, which, by the by,' is a vory'popular design. Tho othor brooch :conBista of a gold horseshoe with a clover l«af in the center. This is also'a favorite design. Tbo.rcmalninB trinket is-o. bar p(n set with 'small brillianta. If a lady can- afford hut one style of pin it is advised that she select u brooch, as Uio probabilities are that another season the bar pin will be nearly if not quite out of 'fashion. ' ;••! Cotton Dremes fur Spring.? : ,f The cotton•'dresseSri beinjf •prepared', for spring and summer wear are mostly i of .Scotch.ginghams, satteens, Jawns and n 'is- liu«, trimmed with embroidery, velvet a. d tbo corded and looped edge ribbons of smooth silk in preference to those of satin or velvet.' Tho waists of these dresses, are -basques; or elso.,round waists gathered to a belt,'->vhll€ some of thu- French 'niodcls-are polonaises. The b'asqlics'are" shaped* like th6fl8 ll ot stud dresses, with darts and side forms, though not made, to fit so snugly, and are lined throughout, sometimes with the dress ma. toi-lal (b«ing m.erely doubled), or in other caifes Wjth ;a plain, solid color of that material If the goods are at all transparent, whilo the close Ratteens have colored satteer or thin silesia linings that are sometimes supplied with whalebones, and finished, ir •every way as a silk or wool dress woutii bo. The gingham and lawn basques ore 'nmdo with reference to the laundry and may bo without lining or with it, as tho wearer chooses, and should have tho seanix prcasec open and overcast. Tho shirred basques wll IMJ worn again, with shirring just in front o the thront, or else along the shoulilei-s, and again at tlio waist ilnu In back and front. Plain hasquef ar4 Bh'oi't|:all around, buture ipolntod'ln fr<|ntf uibfllllttM Jwp ;pox plaits be- ;ibjnd. t'Thelri ti'ibliD^igf ¥t^p|n pattemec embroidery', sot oh as a sle'nuer V vest, with narrow i-evers of the embroidery beside it. The collar is turned -over ani straight, as are the cuffs of tho coat Blooycs or the wristband of the shirt sleeves, wblcl are aguiu suggested. , Tho edge of? UMJ basqui has In It" oi'nbroldeix nlmpod to'-!n pjplnt Ii frbnt, wider o» tho liips, and Iqiilte'wide 11 tho back, where it passes under the )x>s- tilion pleats. A short square bow of ribbon is on tho luf t Ma of thu collar, and A larger how with ends lu on tbo waistline in tho back Bmnll pearl buttons, nearly flat, with eyas Ii the centre , »':; ' •'•': '* : ,*. j i' :• * Tbo Kkirt'iiiid I's drapcry;aro attached to onoNll; thiinlclrt;oi'e<l as any foundation skirt Is, hommed' ( plainly, or finished, with a foot pleating, nnd has a dushlon hustle am stools, if tho ii|i[X'urunco of a full skirt desired, there is a fall of tho material, or o deep embroidery wwiil with scant gathers o plaited around this nklrt, and the drapery Is long enough to conceal tho upper part of thin fall, which may bo half a yard de«p, o deopw, if • rcflujred. The ( over»ktrt;of th 'dross goals fitllslii a Iprig jiolnteil ain-oa, wit tliu jxiint turuud diideraeatlr,' and has square or rounded bacx breadths, with the top droop, ing down from the belt hi points or burnoo* f^>Jil«, TUo long, round ovorsklrt will be won again, n« It,a!ways is, simply hemmod, am caught up on tbo kldea to null the figure or th weMvr, dther In long slender 'unuol ibapet Pl»lt«,crfpr»illgUtflgw'# wltUfull The Time honored 'Jlotre Dame, Bal iqjora, M(1','.W« have hud ample op- anriuriity tt convince ourselvps of the ffloaoy of Salvation' Oil. We chPer- tilly pubmit our'nWtnpa to the public HR reference. K a »pt'Cifullv. Sisters 'ot Notre Dump, Atequiih & Eager, sta., Baltimore, Mdl ; ' '' No wonder people \have confirtenoe when the nest physicians are prescribing Dr. Bull's CouEh Syrup.. SILK is again 10 become worn a* it was -'berbl-e jute and othe nefarious admixtures '»hook otfr faiih n and mreferenoe for this elegant ma-, terial. The price of silk is TUtin'g fivst and it is ufHiii»llr 'announced that il will he many seasons before; the J brands of silk and satin oan'be purcbas »>d at the miracnlonsly low -rates ai which they have been sold during ttu iimraeaaons " IbM . "the „,. .. fa'air.; i without exposing tho inmates to., Nail or screws neat strip Of wood ----••— •• tne . tKTvn the wSu'uow. Upon the top o a«l«n apleWor "wealBef'strlp; 1 * so> will be formed au air tight jqint betWB«n,tlw_ weather strip and the lower sash of tho win- oW, Whether tho latter 5s ijlosed or'rniSod an' neb or two. tho lower cross plooo of, the sash Idiiig on the rubber of tho weather strip as be sash risei .With this fixture rthnlower «ash may bo raised enough .to admit air Iw- ween the lower.aud up|«r.sashes without admitting the .least, air .,at, the Jjpttom of tho window.. The ah- thus •entering is thrown upward nnfl has Its' "chlll'takon off" hefore descending upon the heads of the occupants of lie room. ••.. -,- .-,— •.'! t/.- , :Notafew of the oit'zin^i'of Alton wye.recently, tje,com,e greatly, excited )Ver the, aston^hlna facts, that several f their friendd who h'a(l 'been proniJun- by "their pbySioinns »<» Hicurable and beyond all hope-suffering with hat dreaded monbter .Consuinption-;- lave been'* completely. :cured':by Dr. Ling's Neyy Discovery tor,Consumption* he only reruedy "that; does,. posiUyely. ure 1 'all throat' arid luticr'' di8eas>es, Ci'Ugh 1 -", Ooldsi 'Asihmii and Brbrtchltis. ?rial bottle 'free'at B. Marsh's drujj^ tare, large, bottles f ,l. ; ; ,' Vk'on'derfpl Vnres.\ ' "•".'. ; ,f. ^; H'«jt'i£"'Up.'i"'wholesale'" and retail diuggisis'of ttomp, Ga.j ? ««y: ; We lave been selling .Pr. KingJs Nuw Dis^ overy,, Elegljrio JtUters, anjj bucklPii.'e Arnica Salve" for'two 'years. Have, never handjed rempdies''t'hat"sell as well,op giwraucti^^iyersal patisfaoilon, fhtiTe, have been some' wonSerfuljcures ffecf'ed 6y"ltie:se rae'dicines';in_tKis city. le'veral cases of 'promhincfed 'Cfinsntnp. ion. have been entirely cured bttuse of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Di<- co7ery,taben in connection with Electric Jitters. \Ve guarantee IbBtn always! Sold by.B,.'Ma,i,sh,. , ni , (jii mjjhldwlm For-ease,.-comfort, durability, <vnd >implicity.'6f oonotiuotlon, the B'ci- Coil Carnage-Spring cast all oih»r^ into the shade. -Thousands of test! tuonials prove this. . ^ dwlvy ; Ayer.'e Hair, .Vigor blimulates the hj»lr K, a vigorous growth. It contalns^l that can be (-applied to make the hair beautiful >ind abundant; 'removes dari- •Imff, and renders ihe : bair flexible ano giopsy. 1 ' °'' i ; ! ';-"''""' 1t " y '•;,":' " " . - , LecUlatire Uallroaa tassfls. j Both the railroad .nuenjuU ..ttnd the public interest will be. m H bft'er COD dinoD when legislators will be found it session without railroad, passes stuffed into iboir pvckf ts. : .,,,;,., What 'true Merit Will 119., -, The unprecedented; sale of Busoheo's G«rman Syrup wllbin a tew yearn, has astonished the world,,, It., is withou doubt ibe Rafvst and best remedy uvt dii-covered for the speedy and, effyctuu cure o( Coughs, Golds and the suveres Lung troubles. It• acts on an entirely different prinoiplo (rom the.uxual pre scriptious civon ,,by physlciaps, as I dooi) not dry up a ooush and leave th disease still In the pystem, but on th contrary removes the cause of ih trouble, heals the parts affected an leaves them In » purely healthy ,eomli tion'. A bollle kept in the hqiise for us when the dl^ea^ex make ihoir appear ance, will save.dobtgr'a bills an^A long cpullof sorious Illness.,, A,,tW; -\ convince.?.')!} of these,fiota. It is pi lively sold .'iy all druegixtM nnd i?enerH deal* rs in the land. Prim-, 76 <;is.. larg bottles, • j^ JO dwlw eod I *,f.i»I««;»«i'«>«5»«l''j«'»r» ••»,« urn aaclu and 00 ib. •aoWt '"r Hale by j. A.RYKUE. • ' ]lre»kfo»t Good Housekeeping tells how 'to mate ireakfast mufTliis: To make breakfast inuf- ins,' sift with twelve ounces of flour two leaping, teaspoonful*, of , Ilumford's yeast jowder and one teaspoonful of salt; add tluolly ni'iip and a,balf pt mi Ik, ; and two unfes of nutter, incited',, but" 'allowed to cop! before ailding.' Mix smoothly with n'wboddn spoon or.tbti bauds. •' Beat whi os and yolks of two\eggg separately,; add.,yolks, thdu whites. " Bako immediately in muffin rings. ?his makes about'orib dozen delicious mutllns. rwf+n* nr| M ^-Mf I T.I A Of ?*, >«M :*Siwcuiaj.ii»jif «*'' fr_ £;>• *<K *fc"* RAILWAY. «»» di «bd «ft5r Bt>nday£» on the Ghiopgo «nd Alton the Colon Depot, AUon, follows: • r '**" '"••'•'--- - rot* Chicago and UmeaKO flail'... oav* tlnw, H( essf.... • < 7:05piia, (Vccononodirtlont... Y:05]t. t& MOST PERFECT MADE 110 Amraonl^Llme, AlUm 6r PhospUatea. p>.Prlc6 b Extracts, VanUlsi l*monjoto., flavor delidottsly. AWCf BIKING POWDfff CO. -rt'/e<ga'J«gjJE_fgag INSURANCE, v ttKHBKSKNTINa THE FOLLOWING ••-•..••I!M .'>'.i'.V 'lu.M'isti i<i '.:>(-.. -Hii'i i ' First^Class Ins. Oo.'s: Inn; Col bf ifo'lrtli Ataerloa; Hartford, Phoonlx, s'v *i Franklin, o« PWladelylUa; OflrnittnAiiierican; North' JBrttlBU> rtnd'' ' Mercaiitile, JLqndoii; -, -; • - Com. Union, London} Lancaslilre, Manchester, Kng.: Continental; Glrard; na Falls, j ,.•,„,,. Amercan Central; Flreknen'n Pond, ' ' ' ' Assurance Co. AND OTHERS: A CASH OAPMA1 IN THK A^IG^KQATK OF Anuca saif e. • ! , ,«p the world for; cuts, ',. soreB,i,.£era,, salt, rheum, fever ores, tetter, chapped bunds, chilblains, corns and ail skin eruption*, and r posi- ively cures piles; or rio pay required. i is guaranteed to give perfect satls- action, or, money refunded. Price 26 CPBts per box. Fr>r sale by E. Marab, Atton, 111 mchVdwlm ,^.. HANDSOME,Vonng hnde was oh- « be in,deep,., riftVcttpn on th. norning of her wedding Avf. One ol i«r bridesmaids observing her in tin* brown siurty, ii-quirml thB>-uhj.-ct of h«> meditation*. '•! was thinking," shi- polled, "which of mv «»I'J bnnnx' I wni'ld niarrv ID case I should become a Widow."— Ex. . Two Millions Restored. Brandrein's Pills'ar«'a ce'i tain curp or every dise'iitej'ttiey purify ihe'blriorj, which in iis turn uakes n pure, healthy body, During the last, ttftfon jeai", hcv hnve restored lo pprfpct health and jnjoym'erit two millions 'off 1 persons The secret 'of theic PucoeBS Is ihtir bree i fold pffects, invigcirntinK'. tl e 'lim'aiion, 8timul«ting the liver, aid Dowels, and purging away,the,worn ort [iartioles of the hiVdv arid'all'sped- of ili»eB8e. -One or two Pills lakeri'e'very night, for a week or two, .will ajwajs CUrp'.'- ''•' '"''•' 11 - * '- ! i<' .-••-->!'.•. u . Jffintaal .Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Uartford. '] *.V ... ; • • - . >' ' • ,.:.:;.•-:'.-.;•; :. " : . Office: Over 'Alton Nat Bank, Cor. Third and State ste. ' ' Fine Roaliluilce for Sale. Tho lute U-'OeUo* no'iiustnail, now owns 1 by U. B. Uiuler ooU, altuatod on Una o| liordo.rallwiiy; In Upper Altoi; 11 ro.inu, Inuh room, (ur.uion, nil t goo I ouc buil'llii^, two uorua ot urouml, will bo nolil ut a bur uulii. Fooaeadlun i/lvon nn <•/•< npl«tlnn ul oale. •- •WUiri'bB & SMILEY. For Bent; Two-story house and uood stable on Coin tnou street, uood Inilr. WUIPPLE & ITor Sale Seven lots wltb ){.>ocl brlok dwolllni? and outbuilding,-,In go <d repair, In Uopur Alton, liudxlenci*ot U. E. 'Uillliid, and bn >wn iw tin Merrill propeity. WUPI'LjK & SMILEY, Alton, or D. VV. (Jollot, llppar Alton. ... ,'•:-;- i...i . lorReut. ..„,.. i ' A two-atory bilck dwelling known as tlie A. Plutt homuDtead. Lately pu- in uood ru- p ir. WH1PPLE & 8M1LKY. . For Bale or neni. A desirable wnetnont on Bluff street, owned :>v Mrs 8. J.Uutro. • WHIPPLBARM1LRT, DrBULL'S r i I SYRUP J. SUITER & SON, FINE AND COUfMON For balv The late residences ol 3. ;• and: .W.. B. tlltcbell, on Mill at., two o. t. i• best pieces ol residence 1 property in AlWt.JTne property known as ,' r ThoPar», east ot above; U low on Mill and Summit streets, an U a number oi ots in Mlllor A. Mitchell's addition Hi Alton. Any or all of above at a great bargain. t»PLB* SMILEY. . : For Sale. A 7-room busk dwelling and • out buildings OB Thlid istreet, between OhMrry and Vine. r WlHPPI>h.«8M BY. > ,..)...;;!!. i, ,,.«'oM«ent. ,..:,.;; Good a-rnom brick bouse with abontl acres of ground, Including orcua-",ln Upper Alton, Fornmr renldence-ol llr. Humben. _ WUlfl'LB & SMILEY. •;^> . Deilrable K«sldeiice» f»r Sale. t , A twootory brick dwelling on State street known ati A. I'lutt hutnvutead, lately put ,!u giMKl repair. A two otorj trame dwelling oti Malii streot, nearly now. A two story Oilck dwelling on tfuvnntli street, all lor.Ba.f it a sacrtdcu. owuer Inivlnn decided to iff •f. WHIPPLE A IK story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and Hltb streets. _ WI1IPPLBASHII.K' .:',:. f ifor lieat. .'.'.-. '.. i. .i** ! , Late residence ol M. J. Noonan on State itrpet. knovn as the. A, Clattplaue. sVioodp .•tKjui bituk bout>«. In Oral clans tepalr. >WH1PPLK » BMH.KV 'I iror aaie. | , ., The MarrlmRu property on State streej In Miller^ Uloliell'a add., to Alton, IX story bouse, 8 rooms and qut-bmldlii«i); nu In perfect order. Can b« bad at a bargain. ' . WUU-i'UI! « SMILEY. Vor ttaie. ; The Woodrool property. A Si story frame DOUBO ot ii rooms, on Plttu aud Alton streets, a 4 room frame house on ~ - " - ••I;.;-. ..i .i,-. •fi.JTqr WU«.| : ..... ,;- ..•... A oonvenlont tarui of ISO acres, moat all In ciltlvatton; altaated on the Bethalto rpad, nil<" *n>m Alton. • ' A. Fnll and Co|tiplete Stock A)ways on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE DS A CALl. BEFORE PURCHASING. ifUU FUBNITUUH BOOMS AUK ON . State Street, opp, Third, A.LTON, •pSdwlv ASSIGNEE'8 7 NdTlCB. ""' K»taW of ll(irmnn KeK"ln ana, debtor: T'<« undersiKnud buieb<-glvs noilau tlmt HorniHii U«K<'l'"i>nn, nf .Mton, In lb« county i>l Uudltton and Hint n of \UnitiU.iHit.iinllu liihdayni Kuu., A. U. 1807, tia nfer to the i ndoreUneU, a» usulKnt-e. all bis property, pal and personHl, lor tbo !)• ncflt ot JI)H cr«d. HOIK, Mocordln- to the provmlnna ol tlie ant . ;.,'•' ,, All iieisiinoliitvliiKuUlinH aKdlnst tlio said Herman'lt' gi'imHlm ore hui-eby notitliirl to i rfiuiu »uon clHlrne under I-HIU or wlllnnH- tlon, to ii ft M m\ iH r«, on tli* oorni r ot I'hlrd Mild <-uuif tre4M., Ipt'in. In vald county, wtlii in thre* innnthHlroin'uUdH'.u. • " •/. IMMM •i • ,, FOP Ueut. ,. : A two story brick dwolllcig known RStho A. I'lutt boitieutoud; lalcl\ put In uood rcimlr. WlllHl'I.K ft Mblli.liY .i,Hj« . m _ K •»*.>»•»»« .... •••...» •••••WI1HI O. m Oliluayo Acoommoaatlon*. ........9:50a. n Alton Special t.... ...lS:Mp. m KansHuCity Mall*. ..«.5^<0i>. m rhleaito Muilt , B:80ii.-n ^ W -8&'AV8SB OT ?9t| 1 ^'» WM.L. KLDNK DNDERTAKEB, 4MP BKALEB IK •. , i . • HI 'i'H! ~: I ".-'..,- .,:, ... , . rt 80a.m. . ., •4 60 p. in, *7 M p. m. (8 45 a. in. Buuday»only). ' •Daily * rKxoept Sunday. Bup't. su'liouls Wvisloii 0.0. NOBttlC, MChiit Aiftnt.'. UHIUAUO. BUUliiNUTOlS -AND I)UU40V. Irniiih leave the Union Depot, Alton oUows: •.'...-, ! ,, Hulng North: * Express (except Sunday). . ti . SiWa, in A Common Cold •Is of ton tho beginning lions <of .the Throat and. Lungs. Therefore, the Impoirtanc* of early and effective treatment |canno» be overestimated. A.ver't 'Cherry pio- toral may always bo rolled iiJKm fat tho 'speedy cure of a Gold or Cotu|b^ii .<..,': Last'Jannair.v'1 ww «tabk«d*«rtth' a severe Cold, which, by neglect and fre- niifirit exiwHUresi-lmL'ame'iiircir**, fliially settling on my lungs. , , A terrible cough soon followed, aAcomnarilell'V fklosln. the cliRHl, f rbnr wliuih <1 sliffereil'lutuiisa- ly. After t.rylng..variouir«ii)«dle». without obtaining relief . I oomnnilK'eJ taking Ayer's Olierry Pectoral, ami WM,. Speedily Cured.. a I am satisfied that this remedy saved my lite. — J no. Webster, 1 Pawtucketf B, I. ; !•' contracteil ! fc" >iev«r« "cWliM'Wblcb. snildiMily devnlopeil inio i; rnennionU, prnsiinnng dangorout anil 'bhilitiita nynijit6ms. '•' Mr'phyillMan>'oTd«rM'Uui u'sn of 'Ayer's Cherry I'oetpraU,. Ills ,ln- atnictioiiM wore followed, anil the result was a rapid 1 and 1 |iermttnpnt "cure. — 11. E. Stinipson, Rogers I'raine, Tex.j Two years »RO I suffered from asovero Cold, Which icltled on luy J.nnijr. Jtcon- nultiMl varinun pliysiviaus, anil took tho * rnsi.-rtbeih tm't> recelvtitt onlytnini>orary rrliof." A friaml induced iJiKto trv Aver's Cherry Pectoral. 'After "taking two bottles of this mvilfclnB'I'Waa cured; Sincuthun I> havo Riven-the Pectoral children, and consider it The B.est Remedy for Colds,. Coughs, and. all .Throatf and Lung diseases, ever used in, my family. — Robert Vaadc^iol, Meadvllfe, Fa. ' Some jiiho'ago I look a sllgUt'iCoW, Which, licinpf nnglected, grew.worHO, ppil settled on my Lungs. I had a ha'cKlnt; cough, and was very weak. Those who knew me best considered my llfo to be in great danger. I continued to suffer until Icouinienced using Ayer's Cherry Fcctonvl. -Less than one bottle of this valuable medicine cured me, "and: I feel tlmt I owe the preservation ot my : life 10 Its curative jTOwers.'-^Mr*. Ann Lockwood, Akron, New York. , . Ayor's Cherry Pectoral is considered, here, the ona great remedy for all diseases of the .throat and- lungs, and Is mora in demand than any other medicine of Its class.— J. F. Huberts, Magnolia, Ark. * Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Pr.J.C.AyerfcCoi, Lowell, M»M. * Prlc«»l; *U t>ottlM,»&. .. We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any klndrad truck) we do hot 'first squeeze tho fdt and oil out of our stook, and than- convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are nqt ( near stock yards or slaughter house's; buy Vio diseased ordoad animals or rof 1480 )riater:al. BILVEB SOAP is made pf jPtritB *At- LOW, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without dangeeof having the skin diseased tor pplsoned. > ASK TOTjn OKOCEB FOB IT. '''"'*"'' l ' ST. tieady-Made Coffins, . -Metalio Cases, Caskets , And Burial Robee ror Ladles, Qentlemon and Otiildren. , O^ce an<r,^b.op on State street' • Li Stable. Will «(taad 'o Job « '*J it A. J. HO^ELL, • : i ., ...-.•.. —DEALER'IH- FURNlflRE! AFullaudCoinpleto Stock / CONSTANTLY 0«» HAND. . ALL OBDB» . • ; ^..j,; .. f ;*<Mk;,\al*£nrii,<:- TJPHOLSTBEIHO ; .., NeHtly ; un'i promp^y i^|outjd» Belle at., bet. Third and Fourth. tTNl)BB'|'AKBB T UK81DEVOB 00$: 8T VTB * 9BVBM'/n ™

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