The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor II, W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Baillei. Inc., New York, Chicago, Pe'.Ml, 61. Louis, Dallas, Kansas tMy, Me;nphis. Publldic-d Every Afternoon except Sunday. Enleied as second class matter ill lilt fff-t vlSicv at IBi.vtheville, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBbUHlI'TfON, HATES By carrier in the City of'uivUii'vilic. 15c |«r week or Sij.50 JKT yfar In advanrv. By moll within ;i radius of 50 miles, 53.00 IHT year, $1.54 for six months. 85e for ll.rtc months; by malt h: po:ial colics two to elx, inclusive, $G.50 per year, in /ones .seven and eight. 510.00 per year, payable lit advance. The Old and thz tlmso worn on. ii>s which niiuli' .Mr. Ilc'iiiT I'M Vi flu: Kmpuro) Kaiii: 'iVh seem l<> luivi: IIWH ;in odd mixture of Hit 1 very old mid lliL 1 iiM-lo-ihilc. All tho tinu--h(jii(iri'i! fuvmuhw uf (ho inci'odilily .'iiK-icm oriental dyimsly wciv 11*01!; llu'i't 1 was t^u'i'li'iivs :it tin 1 ;ilt;ir, remnnnhil nibcs lilii 1 liy Gentilii.s Kliiiti, mul •<» )3u( tlioro al-o wurc sinm'l .lii|i: in iiKfit-modiT!) inilil:iry di-iplny : were fdivijfii c«invs|>f)iii.k'iits wui till? nvi'iiinj; itri-s-! of the 1 v.'i'sl ; when llu- cerctiHiiues uiuU'd. tin- iMii|it'i'or got iiilti mi u|!-lo-duk> liullcl- pruof jtnlo It) y.o l>;u-k lo liis pulittv. All tliis is mere in- IPSS .syniliolii-'dl' tliu itnai'lii'oiiistic i'])i]iii't_ l til' M;ii]f]iiikiin ilsi-lf. 11, tod, is ;in mid niixtinv ol" I In- old and l!ic new. Whatever I']:H> one may Miink of il. it is li;ird l» sc!u in il the vilalily, tin; riispoiisivuiiuss to a pivssiHj; tmcil, Hull CHU make it Irnlv o Y- ' Work 7ie 1 car s Tilt, 1 t'uiuUinii.Miliil tlid'i'i'L-'.ici; President. Uuosuvcll ;iml soi 1 in llui Wliilr- House i.s llial Mr. Hnospvoll )ji.'lii!VL'.s thai stnnctliiiit; c.m lit 1 (lone about our ouominiic troubles whereas Mr. Hoover was .sntislit'il llial if nothing w-.'rc done to iirevcnl I hoy would rijfht thoin.sdvo.'!. Mr. Hoover's disciples, ol' whom it iipliuars there slill uve it number, niiiku the claim now wim'.pver improvu- r.icnl Ints oec'.imsl in UM- I'. 1 , months of the Uoo=.-«vell iiilmiuistration lias been in spilt; of the. iniiiiinislnilion'.s activities, not hfciiiise of them. There i.s probably no v.-ay to refnli- that conlciilion with niiillieniatical eon- chisivciicss. N'obody kno'.vs \vhal would have been-tlu; result of unof IHT year of the Hoover policy of letting tlie depression run its coi.irsi. l! i< probably a very I'orltinal.e thin;; liial liis policy never v.-.-is siibmilted to tlie ultimate Icsl. Ki'ciuisp (lit .\r>vrir;ui pen- pie were beginning to lose I heir patience. If ilic condition of .many of them has not as jx-l lii'cn niateriully ~impi'<ivcd under Koo.-cvelt I Key have at least been K\<:Z;\ the hope uf better things to con;?. And llial is tnonifh to make Ihe 'liil'erenee iiKivn'M |)alienl w« of hardships that seem OUT OUR \\-AY temporary and violent rcbi'Mion a no gri'iili j i - Ivinl.ships from which no other ini'.'ins of ostapp seems possible. Doubtless nti one knows ijelter than Pi-esitlejit lio'i.-i'M-ll ifial the lifilil I'M not yel won. 'I'hi-r: \':c-' not even been devcl(i|ied a c'liujilc'lu plitu for earryinj; lo a siti-vi'.-sfui and in'i'iiutll- i'i)l vii-tuj-y tlii.s war for a belter ami bajipier life for the American people. \\'e are, uf iiei'M.sily, vonturinjf upon new ^runitd, and nro^ress mu^l largely )><.'. made by (he slow ami costly method of trial ;md error, lint our leadership is inlelli('ei)l, far sitrhtt'd, and sincerely committed lo the publie welfare. K merits Kllpjmit :<.i;;tii!Kl those radit-als who ar<; impatient because miracles arc mil aci-ouipli.sbed over- m'tchl, and , lljo^e reactinmiries who, riTuven-l from (he fear.s of KU"- eral (.'I'l'iiomi-. 1 i-ollapse lh;it ofjses.sed them im! su many inoiillis ago, are lieuiiiiiii]^ In ris':. in arms a(;atust any measures dial t'nreat,.Mi i|i<;iv individual rights ID [H-oiiis Iliimjih ihey may lie earitetl at )ht> expcn.-'e of the general welfare. Fortunately ihe prcside:il still holds (lie confident-.• of tlic "real majority, from fai'!ili'il indn.slrialisls, who know llial IJIK business call only (Ititir- ish where is mass puix-liasing liower, In delil-ridden fiinin-rs and jobless working men, who rcc'ignize llial ill a jreii'iiiie ell'ort i.-; bi^'nif; made ill Iheir lit-liall'. A Slep Toward Peace I'assaKe. by Die Seiiaic of the bill wiiicli H-iMild Kin- I ne rir'-'sideiiL power lo det'lafe an embai^o on Ihe ship- nieiil of arms from the United Slates In wan-inn' nations leads on:- | a wonder .i"s| wbal world history miehl liuvu liee:i like if such Inw had been in force buck in l!il-l. It «oi!s without saying thai the story of the World War would have been vastly dill'erenl if no munitions of war hail been shipped overseas by American manufacturers. (Jim i.s .instilled in feeling that .the United Slates oven mij{hl have been able lo keep out of dm ccmllict :dlo>rethor. And tlml jfivi-M a notion of the potential value of this law. The way Lo stay out. of a v.-ar, evidenlly, is to have nothiin,' whatever lo do willi it. IM-OIU being involved commercially to beiiiK involved with Meets and iirmie.s is not ;i very lonjj slop. This embiii'co hill, jf t i-'ed wisely, ousihl to be :i lonj; step inward main- leiiuik-e of peace. £0:1:1? ihit-k a rovolntir-n ti:\: been tuklnB place, tin not sure but ilmt it bcwn vith Hie Louisir.iv.i ]m'.-.-liasc, wlicr. the foundalion was laid to: -,i great empire. - Dean Itacoc Pound, of Harvuid Luw Sjchoot. I'u< stopped. ' Having H'.iy hope tlial we've fount! the lait of Uie j-cutulriloiK, Indecent. dishoni'M. criminal, thieving conditions prevai- i/ni dunus tiv '-ast nrlmmiMriillcui. —Mayor I'. II. I.aGuniiilii 01' New YOIK. 'flic Blur F;n£lc lias i^n — C'lL-n. lluylt Johnson. to [unction. Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation • « • Reviewing ihe Crash—One Year*After poet writer and artist, born-. with orators. "We liumbly ask (he lilcuini; «i( Cod. May He protect each mid i-vfry one of us." A Jiailoii IN lened «Ilh baled tircalh as (he IIIMV president delivered liis Inau gural address. 19th and 20t Days, March 4-5 liV WILLIS TIIOKNO.V NKA Service Staff Corrrspmiitent Before the diiwn on K-.ilurday, March 4, n year ago, iurtlu-:- hank moi u lorlum.s were declared in Iowa. Missouri, and Muinc.soia. Before 10 a.m. II was kno'.vn thai neither Ihe New York .Stuck Ex- tiije nor the other markets ol the country .would open thai day. l-'r.mklin noose-veil wen', first to St. John's church for prayer mid a brief service. Then he drove to Ihe While House, picked up President Hoover, mid drove lo Ihe Cr.pltol. A Intye crowd uf pcrlv.ips 100,- Ol'O sliiod watting in the plaza before the east, front of Hie Capitol as. nl 1:08 p.m.. Franklin'- velt. resting his hand on an old Dutch family Illblc, repeated alter Chief Justice Hujhes his oath ol oillce.' Then, wcm-ing no hat or overcoat he swung into his ncldrcis while a nation listened, breathless. "The people of ' ll'ic United Stales have nol failed . . . They have asked for discipline and tli- rcrlion under leadership . . .In this dedication of a "nation we humbly ask Ihe blessing nf Gotl. May lie protect each and "very one of IK. May He guide me in the days to conic." Early Sunday morning, March however, Sccrclarj; Woodin al- reiuly was nslir, meeting his own assistants and Republican former officials at the Treasury. The cabinet met for ihe first time In early afternoon, and Con- ireis was summoned In special session March 9. But more conferences followed, it was nearly midnight when the presldenl-of less Ihan 12 hours announced a national bank holiday from Mnrch ti to S. NEXT: Starts. The Bank Holiday 5, IS SIDE GLANCES CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. Barbara Ocar Aunt: Archibald says you arc unduly excited about Junior, and 1 can understand why you cmilil yel v.orked up as you never have raised children, sntl boys especially, but we have a wondeiful ^ccloi- and hy says in a lew •inys Junior will won't know that liapiwiicd to him '•his worry you for be fine -.inythiiuj ever I so don't lei! il "Oh, Mr. Jiirch, why can't you |H> «.._ ave (he hoti.s'j you're looking for.' is nothing Of course! 111111 - t(l Ike you think it is. '.v- are going lo watt a few ilay.s! "lorning services to the ns Juilio rmay . have measles orjtKird. Archibald sav.s he does not I tii.s plan aV snys thai It won't " ~ ' Id wi iner sets in. I niiimjis or something and llic riot-1 think much of for snys thai It won't matter j;.>me of tlic bo.-ud members may Elioiilcl we wail unlil spriny «i-a- not appreciate these finer things iner sets in. I am glad yon are i:i church services am! he says iolna lo present the matier of | 'm you to only talk to them whether or not von may con-' -nd even if some of tlie at llic I should insist on yon i church for incm put iliem ofl r-vcn though it be a .'iocs nol sound so well \ij a few for an audience, ctulrt be ilm they iire lj Irap yon. so be careful. Uv -Williams ,' NWHUT— QUirT'N' ? PLAYlhi' TH 1 BOOB, HAH? VOU DION' NOTICE ANY O' TH' OTHER KIDS QUITT'N', WHEN THEY WAS TH' SNAPPER ' OM TH' END OF / VEH, BUT IT / o words brought -to many perhaps not confidence, but r.t least hope where hope rapidly had been ebbing. Banks in 45 slates' were closed—Coloiatifl. youlh Cur- I ohna, mid Delaware ^lone had I iKen able to wltlistand the dc- "IBP. Tlic president relumed lo the White Itouse. the cravd dispersed, and Cllixeti Hoover took the train for New York. At 10:30 the president went, apparently untroubled, (u bed. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Kc-is ims been authorized to tlic following as candidates for n:,bUc ofticc. subject to the Dciaocrailc primary next August: For Member .>: Confrresy CUNTON L CALDWELL Fnr Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE U. WILSON For ne-clccllon for Kocond Term For Coimlj Ttrasurer ROLAND CiFlEEN JOE B. DILLAIIUNTY For Circail Cnutl Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON &.\HTI[ For County four! Clerk FRED FtEBMAN For Re-Elcciioa lor 2nd Term For Assuror R. L. (DILLV G\Cs'ES V>. 0. (IKE) HUDSON Far C'uislnlilr of Chirka.savh;. Tawnshtp JACK ROUER7SOK FOR CITV OITICES Election Tucoday. April 1 For City Clerk S. C. CRAIG it. L. MCKNIGHT HOSS JBL'AVERS For Cilv SAM MA.NATT THREE GUESE mxi.v 111:111: rouAt rAIH.ITO. n hnniliifiiMe I7-7rar. t-'l,,,1,1., k',,nir «l mllllrmnlre Jill I'll,' .,,n .il n Illlid Kn^lUliHiiin Nnrt it ..rrtunt clrl. I'nhllln bnnti* nnllilnt: ol hi. t inrrni». (Vkrn M jriirji old hf r.nn nsv»y Irtim .\.%I,I,I,A. tho hfiirllrM* nlil frnmt In >.h,..r nirr »r »»» Ictl. llnfr ,\'!Vi:s' r^mrMrrlo'a.'^IMu'MBnl uhu hn« nrrn hriicc dnyi. K;rM"« (,»lr:inLT<l wllr nnd (fcplr ititnumrr. r.srr.i.i.t:. n IT i»t m UN- l.-|,,rl,ln l,,, mr . Pohllln >rr. K«(r1tr nn.l nlmn.l HI onre full* In love tilih b rr . M>«- CD n> ivrrii riin.sTOnv CHAITEU IV AT tlio ilcor or his wile's rooms l-'ielil paused an<l knocked. A n'viiil Ire mncmlieral artmlltcil him ninl. ns slio vnv.- him, her lace crew hanl nml clilll. lln heard her mur- nun somctliiiis utirviu seeing if M:;ilani« conlil see liim a art he n-iiiicii In Uii' VM-.IJ- BUI! silver slt- II »s rnnni ri u tew moments N'irma apiu-aicil and KctUctl her- sell i;i ,1 inn- clinir. Flclil pulled ntimticr close lo hera ami dropped Illln U. "I «.inicil to tell you. Norma, ll!:!i I a|ii:rcc!aio yjur .ttiitmla to Slie nrtvuereil In a level nudnr- in^ic. IIPI i-yi-s en llio rug nl ber tec;. "I w:mi to iirescrve (or her .is ion:; ns |in=slble," slio Eaiil, "all H.e illush,i:s ihm make life hap- p:cr. Then. loo. you were not Uicre-am! I was. 1 couliln't Tory »'i;M saj nujlliiug III o( you." Ho iliil utit Cully understand Hiis K'.if saw it and smiled a Irille nanlr. lliat. iln >nu'.'" G);O qnesiloiied. i "I stn -»hat you're gelling at all rlBiit. 1 t:p ar.stvored Isonestly, "but I Ihirik ifj Uunk!" | "It li oslj decent." j He pnlii nr> aticntlon to tbia but | trick, he rcalirol: ih« trick went on. "Xornia—are you goine I making nlm feel isr l.oncath hor. lo tell her now?" I "Datnn II!" lie llin:i.;hi, blinking Slie stiffem-il. ticcomlnK creel and | ln tba .8i"i«Bhi. U«t Jhcio was « leas", "it wuiiltl kill nil tliat 1' reason lor him lo endure II nrw. l:nvt, dnaa iuy Lest lo nurture In Tll ° reason w « a flcnder E irl who board | Read Courier News \vnn| 4 KATHARINE HAViLANO-TAYLOl © WJ4 )i£A S6CV.CE. l.'JC It was a bllurtly aimed praa only eorl she could say noF Ing to believe fa much of niJ She had caretl a creat d| Jim Field In her pillabljl years, slia reall7eo. SliaJ Estelle would never caro oiao quite so much as sh for licrsolf. Again anJ again Pablilo jo with her father. I'nlliio woiidc/ed rpHAT afternoon - 1 - Eslcllo and Jim Field first ot their many ritica In the "Silver Dait." Estc| stirred to silence, by Hie color, the salt languor of the blazing yellow and th| grcenoess oC the shore. "I think," she said slt»v]J I have never seen any beautiful!" As she spoke 11 rested upon Tablito and. him. she knew suddenly 11] had never seen a young nil was EO fine In form and fan dill uot mention this. SbJ only wisli, witli a new lliat they migbt lie frieni was sure this youth with il eyes and straw colored hair ho a friend wottli liavin.:; Tlie tnen la tlie boat sal nolbins and no one else.) watched her steadily with stuilo lifting anti Eotleiu| some times cruel lips. eyes followed her with a awe. He saw her as a rare il of child anil woman. She dirtily, unusual la America whicl) made her at times so] beyond her ycjrs. At olhcrl with the faict shov.'ing ot | trustluluess. site- younj. Appallingly young, thought, knowing Kieid. "She knows cvcrylliing of] lie decided tenderly, "iind if evil." And for a , moral hcail turned cold as ho wdj wirji lay before her. F-.'siclle's soft brown hail ' aurt color caKie inlo ho-(l v.'bicli r:i;rc a lltl!e thin '" . s=!ie Lart been growing so (| • cn-ild run Iiclp watching I nmst slcatlily. And ns^l too rk Pare" liar." 5 ]ie ,-iuswercil with tlie first sliow of the old wariuth and feel- Ins lie hail heard ID bor voice. "We win have i o pretend a great many tilings that aren't (rue and tuat I know DOW uover wera trua." "'''I try to niabe It easy for yo-j." lie piomiseil a Irifla tblckly. Ua found hlitseir close to unsteadiness from ilie relict ber <vortl> bad uiought til in. "Jim." she began slowly and less ronfiilemls-. "win >- 0i j promlsa ma ti be c.-ueful about tho ihirgs. tb« people-women I meaa—whom shs 60C3?" "My \orma, I ora less the psllsnt now. 1 am GO," ha an• wend blutitly. She no*led. ber bead a bit high her eyes surtdeoly chill. Tbcn Bhe stood up with lha nunner or roy- nltj at ihe moment of a dismUsa). Presnitif Kletd founn hlmselt out- sl'ln in iba glare of llis sunlight. 1 'is nay Is'orm.Va hp.iii couliJ Hit. "> proudly, lud fllw sya raa rt e him f«el himself lo bs ci jtle and rongb. TliIf. with tier dlsllka ot «cenes ami iier wiihtlrawals luin silence, liail maile bltn more crude ami Sba ou iiui cipib!» ol ths tama lool ' eij •b« had married licr a bit." as .Vorina had VOI(M.\ I--|KI,n =tcr,ii in [lie pray . aqahi he touud ber *' .iiiil silver sitting room Kheral Ms' v; ay. in;i..:n her The ham ot tlie niotnr swl ' sh of water as It bro Ii3 r .l lefv her, remc-.n lo tarns her and 'lirins her liown ! f' i:i ° !hc af ^rmatli ot ou« of J 1 their early estrangements. She had I wlnte-churiicrt frolu Kepi been s;ric!>cii b; lemorse aad ro- [ fr " m Hearing n ' ucl1 th ^ 1 lurneil to liini. cxpcclins io iinrt ! ''in one <iiicsli«n of Fieli linn ovcu-.ial '.IT ^M nvcr hi-r .i» 1 Ins world for "Im beeaj AT tb» «nd of 'a ** slretclied loog aa. ilork wtiicli ' blai'k la tlie plrtllrc al:t , a; '7 srlet over tier <le- 1 >;if. He ha r l, ru the ! ' her cl^e. out » fishing boat. He saw Iba eacaanlluE blue or tnj water nnd the sway of the tall pslms figainst l!ie iloplha n: >a almost i:or slo-.o! Then j'.i* dress - voil " A7 lor 5'0'| that'. 1 " :el!c answerl aky. would no <lc«h; At- ' light In sued thins.. .» h-r mother ; hsa bofore Her rim camp had amawtl bcr. Well. Oicro was ro other like it, ho dcctdsri cor.i " sa she Ont1 i:nl >' an ' 1 vih slio sml "trylnsl o^aii:." Si:e i c:iic;r.bsrei3 lb€ j Si: iK5Cs ^hii': bad conic. O'lilly f enough, fr^ni promises Hint ivcrc • as V.C.I-K as \\atcr. After tb3t— i pomo 11,110 after that—slie liod bo-1 n "ir.,i:i or girl h:;d ercr cmno (.!,! nml lost her M'l iip->n • hl:n M »™ »"le-'3 'f 1 " 1 " 1 , Impe ami nt last the wnrsl nf his ivlll! 1: " lift ol Ufa. vna ! sins wcic hul pallid beails In tiic followeil tlic rtork which: Inr.c. dark tliain that made her of seaweed and sali anil ( Ll£!i;s ami days. (Via always darkened and da nip. 1 Slie In:] heon like Eslcllc once., - from spray and when he was near; she rc.iii«tl. physically and mcn.]^ 0 " be Vr ' cw klasnew Ho Eon o! InyiuUtia. A I tire font l»y who gul drunkard does not hold II ll;.U oreus doorways Into Ml Pabilto ha spoka to bim. laity. Ucntte lo rain, liaal In de"Mc« day. Smith." fending others from It, Kind lo Pabilto ftood erect- "Yes. sir. <Hl:ers cut sinrti with hcrsolt. The Fine." b« agreed. wnm.-in she hail become let l:er see "Lord, jou're E good-looklog I Hie child slie hart been. A lovely specimen," Field thought. Ha said ! child—tte child Kstelle echoed. aloud, "You usually ruo tbd '311 ' .Vonna field stirred ami moved difference in smiles and e.e| as R n bc.iutifal an ncu« io his >i thoUfibt, "I lo™ J" 11 t'fd puppy Etuff. VOU'IFJ beauttfl kind. I lova you!" ^ ver Dart. 1 doa't you? lo II later." "TtB, sir." .. ... toward ber dresslup mum. ,'i'.i!jil. "I dnnt «li uucb She !" 1 " 0 bui— cb, S* rauil bs taielul!" . |D * , lb ».fld e«lv \'l'o Bs C

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