Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1887
Page 3
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^TiF^wr^^ ; v , r i *' \ 11' ' ' »' ' i •' f' V, * f, 4 "B»w qtthlltvof BMrting Print* tn jjfetty n«w tttlei are 6u, at II. J. > wide hedtf Penangs ID 40 new potterns, nt H. J. BoiVmau & Go 1 *. Wft are showing nome very pretty style*! mtdium Hnd d»rk dress taiin* rt 12 1 2o per yard.—11. J. Bowman* Co. ijlo.t of tliiisu vury popuhti Centui.v Ulirth* nru now on 1 salts at 11 J. Bowman & CoV ' FORTY plnccs Crinkled Seersuckers In ohoiouot patterns. at II. J. Bowimin & ' 'PALMBR SeorBUukerc, Toll! Du Nonl> press and DoiuubtiL 1 (Jinjthums In gioat variety, ut 11. J. Bowiuun & Uo's. Wit are showing a complete stock ol Spring Woolens lor dreiw uoodn.ineiud. ing Uimble width Oublu Twil is at 16c ;40 inch ottshmeie at 25«; also • Novell* H»tt#lcs,,ot both turuticn i*ntt douie»ti(! '•lit OUR Silk Department we arashoW' Ing Surahs, Gros Grains und Khndaiiiei- In eveiy new and popular shade. In B)auk Silk* we are offering Bomi eplendid values In Gros Grains, Surnhn, Kaadarues, Faille Franeawu and Hro- oadfls.— H. J. Bowman & Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to i-how Stripes upd JTruizi; Novehler, Plain hilt. Velvets and Pin-hen in every shade Plain und Striped . Yelv«teens and now colors In tho popular Ureas Coiduroya. — H. J; Bowman & Co. ' WE CALL special attention to ou Black Goods.. Large additions bav been made to this Department durin t the Ifti-t two weeks and we are prepared to 1 show evory real good standard tabri< and many novelties.— H. J. Bowman 4 Co; '"'•• " • ____ . • !> -• ' ' . •Ik PUB Flannel Department can bi found «very quality and width «< Whit- Flunnul in all \Vo->l and Ujmet, ala« many preuy hlylea, Striped Saequo- ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all tb popular shades.— H. J. Bowman & Co ' "WK ARK prepared to show a coraplet line, ol Spring Hosiery. We have re lained all th« old favorite* aud addeu m tny new 'lines. In Fabric and Kn Gloves wo show all the popular umue including plain and embroidered back?, 'dressed aud undressed.— H. J. Bowm.ti & Co. 'j ;. ._•__ , -•iNiOUB Shirt Uepartineritynn can find .a real good while shirt for 60u and tin best mude for $1.00, also Puiian'K hlnru. fine pleated Dress shirts, Nigiit shin- and A" 8 > z «»? '" Boys' Lmiiiel . 8>hii' Waists.— H. J. Bowman &Co. Seutmii » uuruwr or lluury Ut» I JflNE :; STATIONERY. bui-li H8 Oriine'ii Flora . Wliltinn'a Stmiauru I'aiwru, llui'lbut'a Ifreno'i LIIIMUS, hcll|jB< Uujufd EU^u, Kllto IdiKgod liiJ«u, Uulmurui Li lion, Unfflu'a I.IIIHII, Turkey i.ul'l Lniun. P-iul) Blow, Miktulo, Uliiirruii Kiln«, Ccuuiu • taut. Mom uln* Note, tin J v luivu Ua-oruiiBu. 4'r'Uluujiiiut«a ana U.vtiraud xtutiuiivrj Uemiibou'u WuX and buuld. bvhuol Tulilutr aiid_Stuttuuory. PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! O.JBAP FOIIOASII ON TlMa l'A\iltKT l*D HOB aixt Oi'KHDH tunod nn-l i-Bpulix-d 8. w in« tlni-lilnei) ropuired i-ui'SHInn icir nil MH a..TnoB.-\v- ' ;N. l». LAUnllKUX. Munlo Ueiler, Third strunt, uuaiiv OIIIHI-U . IJelle, Alton ill. _ • deuedwly "~ ~W TCH MB». I>. UlCIIKAMf'S, AU kinds of fancy. Hand Hindu, Knit andOro on t'gocui. iiiJodB.TobitgKHnH and Mils. Men' Bcw.'fl and Fosclnutora at very low piloen Alan DregimHKIng. I'Uln undFRinllySowInK •n't btumplnn, C'nino and glvo UK H Cftl!.' Dou't torguc tlib p ave. doi«<lwlv ' —HALL AT — C-M. Crandall's Crockery Stort FOB TUB LOWEST I'RICEH; Good Cups and Saucers, 80c per set GoodS-incb Plates, 80c per set .Meat Dishes, 6e to 50c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5u to 50u each. Pitchers, 5u to 50c each . , Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15i- p«r set. Drj'stal Glass Goblins, 20o per set. Fruit Snufere, 15c per act. Fruit Dislies, 5c to 75o each Assorted Qplur Colognu Sets. 50i Beautiful Decorated English Dinner Sets, 815. Bent quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50ner set. Triple Plated Forks, 81.50 per, set SUPPLIES. Oih, Needles, and Parts of all Rli Machines, We have '•%owtheB A, G.Howe Shuttles. Also Turk• and llachxuea B. U, GOULDISG. For tlw lowing (««•* to* **!* *« cbuft* tl» fol noUo»i In eur loo*l „. ' ' PtrtAnt. JJnul* f bMnrtlon . 4 , Thrwi to five insertions, '. . aix to twelve In'Mitlntiii, . . HATES OP Al'VEftTWGt ftM&HWri~FIFTTt <-i n'» t.vr Inch drat In lur enoti iulw ijut'iii Inwntun. $3 |*>rlti..h ilrai, mouth, |150 per Inch eacl niuml) tliuiualter -.-. . . , , x I.KOAI. ADVEIITI&IVGt: >' $1 per Inuh for I ho Unit ln«>rii.,n, and 50 oontH PIT Inuh lor each bubsixjuiml Insertion . W A HIVU ratiM will buxf luily adhered tn TIIK OA1LV•TKLKUtt.U'il. la ilullvuiud >>\ (•Hi'i lui'a to ull piirtHnf ilidvlty ol Alton inn lwr illon, for tun cents per wroh. Mallei to any nddru«n nt tho ruto of $5 ZU pi r your. T111S TbLlSUItsril liHgtlinlar(rU»tftn>uiu- tlon of nny impur In Alton, aud in tlio beat uit'dluin tor advui'ildura. 'loKNKIt TIIIHU AND 1'IASA 8TKKBT3. TBLE I'HONE .No. US, Checked Dress Good.-", so popular now, new titmdings—Piuruon 4 Uarr Pry Uooila Uo. • it THE Browns defeated the IVIuklj AbU utne at fet. LouU y«»l«rda> 18 to for the opening ot the base ball A lot "of lobotson's buauiiful Easier Oaids ha^e been received at Hal Jewelry and Art UoodtMsuue. S»cute the tti-Bt choice. 23 8 TUK case of OflicHr Vnioe, charged with Itio murder ol cx>Mayor Bowman, or Eact bt. Louin, was called at HHlte- Ville vtbterday and reset for April 11. A complete line of Spring and Simmer Goods for (ient'i Wear, lately re- cuiT«d by 11. 0. U. Moritz, Third Rtre«-t. if TUB Young Woman'H (Jhmtian Temperance Union will meet tomorrow afternoon, at two o'clock, at the room* of the W . C. T. U. on Second street, Fancy trimming Braids for rimminjss— full line of colors— Pier^on & Carr Dry Uoods Co. It t'Tbe man that couldn't tell the diffet- cnce between a mule's ear and a lemon. can plainly see ihe advantages ol buying his clothing and shoes at the Qlobf after fxaminlni; the goods and' learning the prices. . 26 2 MR-I. Kice-Jarle) 's was works, the cuU-ibrated, ^ettuiue, orin'uiul, large a- life aud fully as. natural, a charmiiif! group, will appear at an enterlaiumeiil at the Pi ebby terian church, Upper Alt->n, next TuHbd*y evening. Just Kcceived — Those much sough' for and perfect biting Boys' and Children's Suits, at the Clothing store ol & Suabtlobeu. 11 12 THE Bunker Hill InizMe now come.- tu Uiiatinsixco'uini) (\<\ trio. U was haul 10 improve the Gazelle, wh'ich we have always regarded as a complete louul newspaper, but this change will add t'< i ho variety un-J amount of its reading matter. If you're slightly befuddled or vetj much Hiuddltd nrsoinHdi-noiicHrt^d thai nuods are u>o hmli, you can cua-iu tu-iixi ffHiful, feel huppy n:i(1 cheerful, for tl e (ilnbe i» li'O plnt-« when- jouall can tiny l)>y Uoods and Clothing yet nut p iv t> o hiyh. 252 A universal remark by every Smoker f cignrrt: NumiuKerV Fig and Magnolia are the beat cigars in the market. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Ituderebausen & S mntag. Third street. dtf TUB boom epidemic is striking raanv western towns and cuieB, and real estate prices are something fabulous. Look out for a crash, belore many m'inihs, for these booms are laignly speculative, founded on fiolltious vaiue- and cannot la-t. The best '-boouip" aru those that are well founded, somewhat slow, but permanent. L >w prices on colored and black -.ilka.— Piorson & Carr Dry Quods Co. ___ U Having resumed operation the Spark* .Vlilling Go. will furnish customers with ihe»r popular "Electric Light" fl >ur nt $4 76 per barrel, delivered free l< all purls of the city. uil dwln New goods in all shade* and which will be made up in emu HI leatfonahle priceR. All gooda cut am 1 mude ly the Now York Faction Keview. We guarautxea tine fit,at Brut'ggeraan, the Tail )r's, _ __ 16 Uwlm DlK!>~Mrs. lili»abtth Mar«h<ill, if .liil'xev county, (lied on ihti 18ln ICHI , at the hame of her t.on, Mr. J. O. Marshall, near Fidulity, at the age of nearly 87 years, bhe was one of ill" pioneer lettlera of lursey coun'y and a Indy wide'y OHteciued fir bur many virtu- a shu was born in New Jersey in IfeOO. The funeral NorviwH took place Sunday mornmir, March 20, 1887, Uev. ,1, U. iloii.'tp, pastor M. U. church, ufliuiat- Nice eating Hpples at Pttvrdlng>. H Mouoy to loan cut improved proverty. For particulars! apply to VKt Chop flome on Bell* rtr«et ' I* opened agnin by L. Koberts, lute of dodfrey. Ms. fi, El. Ooulnme, th« northwest corn»r of Third and Vlana Btre.-t*. advertises Scwlue MachtneK, maohinn H. 'hfampr, pfcstof «< th» Flint M. fi chinch, returned Inn »•» "ing from ArhaoHas Mot SprlDgt, much imomvmi in hcmlth. He report! tb»t Mr. R L. King, who'll »t tbe 8prlnjj», U gaming Irrhealth and strength Market and SulderVKutchup, at Connor's. Children's Shoes In Morrlssey Bro« ASSAULT CASK - hronght H all style?, at l.ohno has Oi-o. Kiroch fur $1,000 drtnmB«<, for assault and batteiy, and Yagur, attorneys for the plaintiff. b'u tried in tho City Court, : \Voikinj; Shoos for men and hoys at lowed prices, at Murrissey Uron. It —The horses attached to me of Mr. It. Nooimn's empty wngons Parted yesterday evening from Brunher & Duncan's foundry, Waltzud down l'ia*a "ireel and brought up at ihu oor- IIHI of Fir*t mid Piasa t-treet*, one of thi mnawayii lodging on top ot the hlj-Ji •(id. walk at th it, point. Other thtui ;hu breaking of a few i-poKcs of one o 1 he wheel* of the wagon, and the shor-k .•t the feelmg-i of the horses by the «u4den tt ipp'tge, no damage was done. OKATOKIOAL CONTB«T.—The «ixih inuiial ^Palmer prij! < oriiiorieiil ooiite* of Bliitikburii Umvers'ty took place a larliuville last evening. ; The first prla *l6,wai won by J. E. MdClure, of Car- inville.; the second, ftO, waft awarded to W. H. ktngle, of Milibnriue. N. C. flito judges were: Rev. At I'. WJolff. J) >., of ihi* city; L. H. Cimpiri, Brigh "u: Prof. E F. Bullard, JackMOtiville )r. Woift returned from Carimville his morning. A Big Ituuiii lu Mioes. S<K) pmr L-tdies' Domjoia, Kid ami ioal $2.6u hntion slmes all .width*, al il 76 at No. 14, City Xnoe Store. H TlJE Sentinel did Supervisor 4'irtuti great injuaiide yesterday in chnVginfi iioi wnh neglect of duty'm uut riiuiuv- ug a wounded man from the calaboose o the hospital. The Isu-t is, the 'Squue ayo, tlmt he knew m.thilig of the iuui- «r until Wtdneodiiy morning when wo ladies called on him at his office, nfoinied him of the facts and naked hat the man be sent to the hospital. Ie told t hem that be knuw nothing about be matter, but that he Would go und ee the man us soon as he could leavi us i ftice, and do what was neuesitin \ li, .1 It he wns able lo be uiuvtd tin aw it quired him to send the paitetit to tlwHiU-villi) as . the ijupurviboir ' j cted to paying bills lor pi - bn;g at the hot-pital. About II Vlock i hat mornini; Mr Qiinrlon nau ie went to the caliibooi-e, UB lie prom.- -til, and found that the Indie* him akeii the matter into their hatida ami nl ih man to Ihu hospital. I'liia win- t-ry kind und pra^uwoilhy on Hutu nut, liut the Sentinel s cen.-uro of Mi. [imilon in tlie uiattur nt, JS'., iiidur-lieartud mun hv«» linn he, aim n would never allow a fellow being to uffur it lu Ilia poyvur lo relieve liuu. L idles should i x i mi no our great lin> f line bhot'H.—Morrixsiy Bios. It LlUllTtbN VKAKS. The trial of Pairick and Francis Me. ee, for burglary, toon place in the Circuit Court, al Edwardsvijle, Tuesday lid Wedaesday, Siates Attorney Mb- Vuity. ast-lsted by C. P. Wise, for the rosecution, C. Happy for the defense. 'ha jury returned a verdict yeste^da) iving each of'the offenders 18 years m he penitentiary. 1'he wiHeno^ was H vei'K one but only in accordance wnh lie aggravated nature ot the ormn itmmitted. Several months ago the 1 leKee hoys vloiKjd the residence <d Mr. J. H. Will.iughby, of CollinsviMe, or the purpose of burglary. When bevm-tr-red the 4leei)ing roiim of Mr nd Mrs. Willnughby the noisi wakened that gentleman and tb urglars swing this mude an attack n him ami bis wife, heating boih ol iem terribly. Finally Mr. Willuughb} •cured a revolver find opened ti e wiili at which the bdrglu.d hurriedly The mam reliance of the was a young man named iavU, Mr. Willou^hby's nnphow, who '»H an sccomphce In thH burglary. He einained outniile'on ih«waliih while th> wnr« engaged in rmiMHokiiig ie house. D.vls tuinel Sut^' evi- ence and his tea'lmony deelihd the use, as the viciluH of the assault and attery did not reoogniz < the burglarn, wing lo tho darkness. Mr. Wine JHY» ie prosecution aimed for a 20 ycart.' •nlenuo. They Hourly accniiiplisheil leir purpoi>o, despite the able clcfum-i' f Mr. Happy who ooti'iirtud every inuh f ground. An exccn.i of annual fond and a par- al nlo.tiiifc' of ihu P.OR** uf thn ><kin, tiring tin* wilder inunihx, CHUSH ilu m to hei'iMUH Illlml with Impurities e can bn rein ivi d and die hlooil untied and uivigomtiid by taking Full Hnpft of Fo tooab'0 Goods not* 1 in stock.—Morri-My Bros. It Wontlcello sppolal, I train will leave <» »dtroy for /Hi»i) nt clii'n of entertainment nt the Seminary tonight, about 10.16. Trains leave Alton 0 p m. and 7:06 p. tn. Uound trip, 27o.-0. G Horns, Agt. dll The Hnenuti Hill. The St. l.nui* Republican has a very able and timely article thN mornine on Urn report of the Illinois Revenue Co-ei. mis<ion, which wo commend to the consideration of tho members of "the Legixlaturo. It concludes a« follows: It niiylii not IIM amin' to puegc^t to honorahln gentlemen upon the Legislu. tlve Uevenuu ciimroittue.i>, whiiothey a>e cutting nnd slashing the nipurt of the c'linnii-rtion and puving the way under the dictHti'in of «>orp<iiationi> for a cons tinitiinc'H ,jf the present hystem. hy which the land • owners of 11|. IIOH p»y almo-t a million dollata of annual r<v«-iim which tlip,o»r« porati IIH would piy under tbe (•roposeJ law, tHnt ihn taxpayer* <t Illinois mitfhiseetit to bold them re- •jponmhle. The report'muy not be.and, vety likely, is not perfect in all re- •PCCIR. hut its adoption will at once meuMiruhly reld-ve properly which now riHiam* more than its nhare of ih« | ub- iu burden, and the people who own thni properly all over the State may 8'inn time ask honorable gentleman some awkward question-). RKPCBLIUAN CITI COSTtSTIOH. The Rptmblicans of tbe peveral wards of the city of A'ton, an.! all voters 'letiiring to cn-opprttte with them in ••curing a better, more »ffioient and more protrrewive administration of city -.ffairs, ate req'temed to ntuet in pn- omiy meeitniTs at. ('nv Hall, on Thui*<> •IiV evenipir, April 7ih, at. 7:30n»cl<K3h. to nominate candidates toi Aldermen u their respective ward-i, and nNo t ippoint deleKates to a City Republics Convention to be held at tbe *am olace, Friday eveninK, April 8th, to Moininate uandidates for Miyor, City Clerk, City Tr'a-urer, Ci'v Attorney, to hu voted for at the municipal elec- ion April 19 h; the several wards to be •null d to iIm following representation u 'he cilv ronvenlion: Firm ward, 8 delegates. Second wani. 6 delegates. Thud ward. 8 delegates. Fourth ward, S deU'tfates. Filtli warn, 8 delegates. Sixih ward, ti delegates. * •Sevi'iHh ward, 7 aele^ates. Tot'il number of deleealep, 61.' . And lo timisHnt such other bn*inPB« iw may propeilv come hcfnre the mett- .ng. CIIAS. HOI.IIKN.JK, .1. K. IHJTLKIt, CiKO. l>. IIAVDEN, H. G. M PI KB, S K.I OVNOR, II. N. IUKKK, JR.. F. \V. liOI'i'E, U. H. SIAKH, R.'i nblican Cuntrtil i AT We PKEL and KNOW wo are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANBABD GOODS of all Itinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FRQM TEN CENTS UP. And all at Piersil Carr D.ICo, KEI'L'BLICAN T(HV.\8IIII' t'OAVEN The lie-publican-* of Alton unit all nl hern de.-.inti(r In oo-operati with tlu'ui at the elecii .n Tuesday, \pril 6 h, are n q'lH-tt-il to mew in Ma-s Conveiitinn -it Cry II ill, Mondnv HViiiiiiiir. Mnich 28 h, to nominate can» did.ttH- for ih« loilowmg offices: Onn supervisor. ' Three A^Hisiant Supervisors. OHM Town Clerk. ^ One Collector. One As"es"or. One Highway Commissioner. And t>> iran-iaot any other bu>iu< properly cummi; before the meeting. CHAS. HOI.DfcN, JK., J. K. BUTI.ER. GEO. D. HAYDEN, H. R AI'PIKB, 8. F. CONN K,3 H. H. ItAKKK, JB., F. \V. HUI'PK. II. B. 81'AUK, Republican Central Com. Free trade. The reduction of internal revenue and (betaking off of revenue stamps from propnetaiy mediuinex, no doubt, ha- largely betieUtted ibeoopsumerH, as wel n» relieving tbe burdeu or home maim (aniurers. Eipuuially is this the caw With Green'H August Flower ahd BOH- obHe's Uermitn Syrup, as the reduction of tliirt>.six wiit-i per dozen, has been added to increase the hiz't of tbe bottle* . thette rumrdiex, tbereb\ i-tiiih more medioiiin in the 76 cent »izo. The Auuu*l Flower fm D>^peuMa and Liver ouuiplaint and th (iurmun Syiup for uouxh und lun^ rouuies, h«vn, perhaps, tho largest aalf of any raudicmeti in the world. The tdvunUge of increased t-lze of the bottle will bu gieaily appreciated by the ick and btHirted, in every town and vi Him e in i.'iviiizrd coumrltiii. Sample iH'tUes for lUouuU remain the saute mze. j,t x 8 dwlw eow ANNOUNCEMENT. W<t luilliorl/.ivl tn aiinounco ADOU'll JN- VEEN us a oiinJldute lor AcBessor ut ttia en* 1IIIIU U)WII'lll|l I'jBUllllll. ,JlsU VVti uro uu lior uml lu uutinuDoe JOHN P. KirilSiuneiinilldatu (or To*iulilp Oulleo- tdi'. Kin, Tiio»d«y, A READY-MIXED PAINT, white and.colors. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned wiih oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS. ALABASTINE, WHITING, gnd GLUE, Marsh's Dru« Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and.o't Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stov«-d The Celebrated • EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They hove no equal. Also HOOKING and yijrTElll.VC) and JUIIIIIN'U Unue at reauonublo rates. Oitll ai.d t-z mine my ..nick before purohaBfiuvUuwlittru. A I n<acyonHarHf > 532 East SeomdsC r\.*j. QOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, Mm Hum, I- rtm ti \ <• inn) Mind Im l.f>T TI.MUI 11.1,. Aitil FOE Pub- llvui on-, vltli Mii|)K, d«i.crll>- I"K viiiniiiioia, .North Uukotu, iO, VVushl m< \\ Una Ori'Kini.l hi- ixoiilii.rn I'lullu country. • , <a AKIN t H>d The best for the Money, .IH n|.|.u( ( i»i.|t A<t.l IBS. t tuuU Com, M. f. U. K, ut. istui, Minn.

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