Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1887
Page 2
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ALTW _ •**.*. „ Oak. ffeiM sma PIMM TKL£6liAj>H. KHIDAT BtR., MAKrn ?*. EUrVAm.SriLLE. KmrARbtmtt, Mnrch n 'ft. With Sprtnj Rlwftvsenmra a time (u t.fer.r . towu to snrace up B littltj and tskf a new lomo of H(«. There »m cotni Indication* , .1 n llttlo bnom here. WoniJoily A Co. will bare 1» miners ut woik In their lulu n in n sunn tlms. Tlim ther« »ro several residence* and a bu*l«o»'hmnoor two to be erected and n un uher moro undur conteinpluilon. with aiHlr prnipuct of HI mo i.elni(uon»tiuo ted. A» uu Index of this wo will »IHIU ihm HIM D(it.dhii( AMiicliitlon sold 1 s money on tho evon iu of the 10th, 1 ut thu following inioi: JliOnt 12\ per ci-nt, |3CO, ut 10 PIT cent., and I o.l, ul lo pur co ,t. Tlien thure will bo n number of turtn lionee* und baru» erected In the vicinity of KdwurdaVIIln Inlhe next few inonthi. Let the tfooJ work KO ou, spy WH. Vjuuous—A man, nropo, and various knot- tied by ni'VBnil ImllvlduuH, lurnmlieil Hmuuv- ment (or it crowd of r lu men ai.d boy». on tho ojrnor of. Main Mreet ttud WushluKtun , avenue, iHst frldiiy ultumwia. Tlie KBS WB|| O , („,. luwyuro), In the Court Hou.e, are m>iulnK upponlttun to ibo g** well lu Liberty 1'rulrlt—jinvu court COIL- Wonted I«B, Monday. It win tskeflvucr »U week* lor the Kaslii the Court House to ex hauat lueli-but «re ure Ilvln* iu hopes thu KIM will uu struck in sucii qu*n.lti<;» ou Liberty IValrio tiiitt It will lost for luuiiy year* to eolnu. Variuut ruuion ur» afloat uuiii:erii- , to* our MU« wuli; but Hie one ueurent oorrcci It, woric will be punlieU uioru rapidly la tin / ne« lew week, man it tint in the pust. nmUtB nre bubbllu*. Sou.o it-w uuui«s are niwuiluiiuaiorulBBieuc v fBve» ut the cuuilu fc township mid city uleutiom. «\n-thuufflut)»ul iUvur,'in this clty.itU •Hid that thtre are lw« van jidute*. Buiunu theiilvudaoluuu ol the cuudiUuiei .tutuu that tuuuuef uid not pu) a vei y lur K e t u* luotyeur. A1 rieuu of ilio other eunOldutt looked ut tk« uoUtiuior'n Uui>k» unO luuuU Hi . Jolluwlun; Due pays fsuo. uuJ tbo uthu |3i.l», ' iuecounty boat4 of Supeivisors will mee i^t week and »p«:iid a little 01 the niou.yii ;-', thu trrltnuiy. * A"'Buiket Lunch" will bo held ut the Bap ;.. t u*t cUurtili next F.tdny «:v«ulii|{. .Tencent will uu tbd price DI auuil.»Iju, uuil juu cai ; buy in i IUHUII you iiuy luvu UoimteJ. A doif, u'J tlie w.ty fjoiu Kuiiaua fly, Mo. -was but-led lu iliu » und lueineury.last week Twenty ui iu« .'-owiiotiipj cull. uiur« uavi aetiled with thu Uuumy Tieumrer. Tin lettluiiiuiitB will eompure Ittvorubly wiih thoue 01 rt-ceut years. Tlie 1. O. o. If. IUUKU here Is In a flourithlnu couiiitloii. Thu iiiirmi Thli-f Detect vo Society will bolu lortb -1 tl-u Co •« House u ex t Saturday. : The Kulght'. oH'ytnias conlur dcitrt-en on candidates i very week. OirAp.llSfiiil w.i will eloot two member/, ol tho n,,Hid of Kduo tlon. JJCn.ONAL_u,. B . win. K. WheHer leturned from Ul'ltfeivycKierdHy, and ].-lt HI'H niiin,. Ing foe Mt Vurnou to visit liurduu«lit^r, Mr«. 0, II. Burton. t llr. A. »V. Wliltolmrn, of Uecatur, had bu.l- noa» here Ugi buiiUuv. .-..-.• L'isl tMdiiy woi-d wn« recelvod In thN ct<\ -of fliu di nth of Mr, H, II, Kxeblcr, lormuny rnncliiHl u thunchooN Here, but inoni le ce.nly of Mm Colllnavllle sclionU. Mr.K -uii ler hud lately moved to Kuipoila, h'uii. lit. dlndatdiiii Dlctfd, Ual. iunt. Minor, HI our public gch»olii, WHH In St. Uiiiln ln,t Saturday, on educational UIIM biHincm miitturs. TiiuU u.iltiKUIrole will meet at Ilio red denco of .Mian Auinuda Idunaut, on Mr. OHAf» to toH timt gef> bo b0d Iwan Unable to fiwet jfith the law dttauxL Wluwwtpoft Ms. . . .„_ honor? firtb J •w groat tt mlgtoker,' ... 3\i hajr*lnawd,''ial4 tffc Jo&to, •Neither l^nor tny associate* hav« »• httard pit a law like it" t •Wt'll, may itpltxtte tho Cotirt,'? *h>. marked Mr. O rimes, r«ry coolly, "11 thwe S* no »r,i:b. Inw in the book*, there WgH to be I for it would 1» founded nlike in e<iuity and, which tlo not alvrays guwrn the itiU ings of our courts of Justice." ^> And he concluded his nrgiiment as if nothing unusual hud occurred. , Tho safowni with which he sought to cover tip his exposure witu not on those to whom it was luldrosswl, but tho In-' cltlent which ullullod it WIIH feinted to his detfintnut. fur ninny yuiirs nftor- witrd— Editor's Drawer, in Harper 1 a Atngagine. A $100,000 hotel is to bo erected ou tlio summit of Skiver mountain, near t'olton, Gal. _ Rheumatism It ii an ettablUhed fact that Hood's Bar- saparilU bos proven an Invaluable remedy In nmny severe cases of rheumatism, effect- Ing remarkable cures by Its powerful action In correcting the acidity of the blood, which ls the cau»o of tho disease, and purifying and enriching tho vital fluid. It if certainly fair to tutumi that What need's Sarsaparilla has done for'others tt will do for you. Therefore, U von suffer the pains and aches of rheumatism, give this poto?.t remedy a fair trial. A Positive Car*. "I was troubled very much with rheumatism in my hips, ankles, and wrists. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bod a good deal pt the time. Being recommended to try Hood's Sarsaparilla, 1 took four bottles and am perfectly well, l cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla as one of the test blood purifiers In the world." W. F. WOOD, Bloomlngton, III. : For Twenty Years 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 1«8S I found no relief, but grew worse. 1 then began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, and It did me more good than aU the other medicine t ever had." M. T. BALCOM, Shirley. Mass. "I Buffered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar- saparUla end am entirely eared." J. V. A. PnororooT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. We shall bo glad to send, free of charge to all who may desire, a book containing rainy additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla SoiJ by all druggists. *1; six forts. Made only by 0.1. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. I tabor. „._ »trmn to ms „„—, ...,,,=. .-Udre&nvMthlmonthowar, • glows hu htunW* hcanhstoA* Otrw oorM, and (Orrowi with their blighting* » .breath! .,/ SIokne«t and tamJiw spread their ftarful Btroign^n bear down bWoro tbo reaper And oao by one home> oherlsbed Idols fall. But lore sustains the heart and strengthens to endure; Bonds o'er tho couch of grlof with words of oncer, Soothes with IU tone tho pain It cannot euro, And on IU broaat tbo dying fool no four. It dlgnlflns Uio lowly heart and soften* prido; , IlrlniiB comfort to thn soul by sot-row riven. With lovo a dally dwi'llor itt tho llreildo, Your cottugo walls bind lu an earthly hoaven. —Juclnta Jacques. &PBING ARRANGEMENT. Hie Steamer The Century For leao-sT,, •;-;'••';• THU OMrirtiHf is uu uiu>u«Md monthi* nmnti»ln^i uuvlun a rrgaltir k!r*ujutl'<d ol «lout inn imu red tboutauu vii)>iM, otton • IUK and •oUiutliiitH) e»oe«uliji two lum- jid IvrentV UV« IbouAuud. (Jlil i R. Ross Powcu, f ED lll4<>OK, ;.>>'> r. On and n ter Momlity, Feb. 11, the Spieart KHKII v ) oin Hh 'ollown. vlKl Quaint Philosophy. Go a leetle Blow. Nopody cnn boil oggs in cold witter. It vims better to be ut dor tnil-ond of dor procession dun to ghllpdown tit dcrfront uatl Ictsoir.o- [X)dy vhulk all onfer yon. I vhus took notice tlot oiifery man haf his weakness. Before we pftch into him pecituse 1m fiillw lot us consider how it vhna dot wu stand ooj). « I doan pi-ing oop some children myself, but I cnn t«ll my friends oxnutiy how they should pring up theirs. If I wnnt some advice I go tnit a lawyer und pay for it, uml de motfe he ?harge mo for it dor more apt 1 vha* ^o pellef it vhiis good.— Detroit ' '*" Press. _ THE ° _ BEST TONIC ? Strengthens the ill uncles, Htendlei the Nerve*, rnrlche* tbo nionil, lilvesNow Vl«or. Da. J. L. MT*IU. Full-Held, Itmn, MJS: " Bruwn'i Irun Bitten l> the liMt In.n medicine I hrnre knovrn in my Huyeitr* 1 praotloe. I hATB lound It laity benc.llotat In nannun <.t nhimloal onhnuttlc In >ll debUltntinff allmento that Imr mi boat IB uvtom. U' e it troolj In my own fnmlly " on the urfltero Mn. me Bfiivro. v e 11. inwiy in mj uwii mmnjr Jn, W F. BBOWN KH Main Bt, Ouvlniti n. Kr.. BVB: "i VNUI completely broken dtmn In bemtn nnd tnnililed with palnn In mjr back. \Bruwn'ii Iron Bitten entire!/ rentorad me to noalth." Gmnlu hu aboreTrnde Mark andcrnwed ndlmtt on wrapper. Take no uthcr. Mado only by BHUWM tlUEMI'iALUWa UALTlMOItt, UO, Railroad Commisslonor Fink is worth VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Outicura- I ^FIRTOH the mttdluin of one of you bunks ivemvid throiiKh Mr Frank i •»niy, llr Kislsi, Apoll >, .|'.,,, 1 . hiifmiin «• HimlniHd wuli your CuricuiiA U.';MKUIK8,ii ,. iikutlildo|iportuiiity ui tt-Mily tn you tin inulrii«v I'm pHiuiitiuniily u»n«i n.u i>l ntiu» ill wiirs <UM'aiil,ijio.Mi |I,.|BDII|IW, In co i miciliiH wi(u i'ry.||wlu ,tlnal Imvuitvui aoiiti. 'iinl ililaHfU'i-lmvln^iibi iipiiiniiuiicud incu .ililu by i-iiini-Jiii tlio best phyBluluns lu uu uiiniity. I tiiko Ki'i-iit iilmw ii« in forwurdl i o vim tlilH tKHtliniinliii, uiiuo iullvd uu U In ir mi, in indm ttmi oihf IH froii. hiinllar inul i IVO >' : Profg. vv;. P. Sweeny, of Triy, nnd J. O. Ue; uoli s.'of Wunda, worn lu tul» city Smur fliiy. Jud.eand Mrs. Irwin wnroguests of irlendr in Odlllnevlll,, last Pini'lny. Mrs. Ph.lllpu vlaltoaruhulvcn InColllnsvlllu M *%•* ^i& ffigis The l.uilli a'Guild, of Ilio Episcopal church, : mot lliUiifiurnouii ut ilio renlduituo of Slr~ {A. I). MutOHlfe Next wei k Mr» Wiu. 11, June's will entertutn thn »oolety. Ml a/-en MuK»le und Surah Ito ihmon, of till city b'HVii ti tnoiTow looiiilnK for u IIto Jltlitlit-, M, Liulv, Ilo., fur u tew days' vis Will! Ulia Jin in u tli'Kue, Into of Mum. Oiipt. J »,U Koblaion itpnit Cund.iy wlti ' relatives at Uunton, et. LouU, Mo, : Mi-» KlchloUmiiiiil, nr.lYiiv, will, in th future, itmkt bur lio uu with Mrs. O. U. Cor- bolt, of thin elty. v WUo» Volmlb.of IllghmnO and Bellcvllli ;spent Sunduy with their parent' In thin«itj JUISKUn iluinle unU Junnlo Kellorapuut Hut ui\Uy tn at. Louis. Mian XJiiclu UerkelB ijnllerlek. AI>AU. A Lawyer's KIIHP KjrjiOBod. John R. Grimes was in his day on of tho moHt, diHiiiigiilahcd lawy'or<i ii Now Orleans. Though not us loiirnc* na sonio of his asHooliiUM at tho bar, h possessed qualltios of, mind which rcn dorod him it formiduhle iiiitiigonist. His personal. tvpiHMH'unco waa much in , his favor, and tliu gravity of his man :': :ner nnd his perfect solf-posseBsion con . tributod a grout dual toward his stand 1 ing as an udvoeato. Ills chief ohnriuj- .' torlstlo wtis audacity, whluh never fail': pd him In any emergency. He waa {; olso a lawyer of very fertile rcsomves, '};.';nnd if engaged in arguing u very weak ;; cuse, h« W«B npt ab'ove resorting to |V trick or artifice to acoomplisli hisptm >:. pose, which the following ivnuudoto will '; illnstrnto! •;;, In u case of appnul liofdro tho 8u- fjpi'omo court ho protruded to quote \l trom time to time from certain authorities, and wiut for it while permitted to fflo go without Intemiptlon, the bar bo. , Ing ttccusUmied to such broitehos ol '•/jWiftMuloiml propriety on bis part But i on tbU occasion a rocently appointed ; Jiidgo was ou tho bonuh, and when Mr. Crimea spoke of' law, ho asked where it could IM> found. The old judges present nmilod when they heard the question, for they were : liimillai' with tlio ruses practised by ;-• Mr. Griuu's, but that guntleman, no'l At nil disconcerted, responded that he thought U waa In Story, giving vol. umo, page, uto. Tho Importurbablo lawyer proceeded w}Ui big appeal, and lu the iuterim a •, Copy of Story was procured by tho doubting judge, who wiib HOOD lu earn. Cfll neai'uh of the authority |u queation. FaJJiog, of oouroe, lo Jind' It, he rook ;«aYtt«tttgo of Ibo lirtit pimso lu ihv, l * °V W »iri.lNOElf. I foienoe: KHANK T. \\ KAT, _ SCROFULOUS Ul CKR8, Jnmoal.. l{U-hu OHiin,uuMoin llnusi*. New ••, on u, in MIJB: "In M(l Scriitnln,., Uluciu ;,nilc-out nn my i),,(jy until f win i, •HMIII conuptimi. Jtve|.jtliliix HIIUWII n lliu uifilli'iil luuuity uu« tiled In vulf. 1 bi- uiunu u inuru wrt-vk. At tlmua couhl inn I n in) Imi.Un lo my (loud, oiiuld not turn In lie i vvu-i In cun-'uiit iinln, iind luoki-Ulipon llle «, "ooV'T"' No '*>•«•' *« «">v in ton y«-i»r*. Ii (WO I Ufunlof (he i.irU'uni Kcmuuiue, ana till-in, i.nd WHS iii-riuutlj cured." *#urn tuuttioruU. «. Uiiiii, J U. Crawford. ONK OK TimTtvimsT CASKS VVe huvw lieon D. llinKvoni-IJiitiviirn Remi- •llun |»r ytmrs, hud liuvc ilia tlmt coniplmm y«l to ivci-lve fixini H purHiisur. uitt, ol til. «ornioatiu*iif norotnlH I ever IHW wuai-uru. ill th«-,ii»eofav«boitle/.ol Uutlo.uu K, bo lv- "iil.Cuiluiiriiundi UIIUITH soiir. ^h« rniai. iitkua thu "cuko" hoiu ui- R niodlelniil HOUP. TA\i.<iu TAYLOR, Dnu'ulotB, Fruuktort, Hun. ., INIIKRUKU \ndOfiniHuiuua Huiiiui-u, with lu.h uf bilr •inn KrupiToiiH ui ibu Mkin, HIV p i.ltivo.V cured by i-ullciiru and Oiitlcnra Soup «xt«i . DaJSTHBU. Wohuviiul) ulniU Huiinluu oi'j ri'BUltsfroin ill. iii-uuf trui utiuiirn UmniMll Binuur IIHH Imnily, un.l nii-iiinniuiMi ti,,. ul bejona nn\ iiti«ri«iiiui|ijMl»r(llM)i.0'H ul tin »kni ui.U l.loiKl. TliM di-HHiiil fui iln in KI- WN n"tlToi7 m«rUii Uuuouiu kuuwii. MCMILLAN &Ci). , LuiruUi*. I'a. A MEDICINE, yOT JL DRINK. High Authority. Hop Bitters is not, lu any sense, an alcoholic beverage or liquor, and could not be sold, for use, except to persons desirous of obtaining medicinal bitters. . GREEN B.IUUM, U.S. Com'r Internal Rev. . Wathingtoh, D, C., Sept. £4; 1884. Dear Sir—Wbydon't you get a certlfl- cate from Col. W. H. W., of Baltimore, showing how he cured himself of druuk- eness by the help of Hop Bitters. His Is a wonderful case. He Is well known in Rochester, N. Y., by all the drinking people there. He is known in this city, Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York; In fact all over the country, a|f*ie has spent thousands of dollars for ru^ I Iionestlv believe his card would be worth thousands of dollars to you in this 'city and Baltimore alone, and make thousands of sober men by inducing the use of your bitters. • J. A W Prejudice Kills. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on a bed of misery under the care of several of the best physicians, -who gave her. disease various names but no relief, and now she is restored to us in good health by Hop Bitters, that we had poohed at two years before using it. We earnestly hope and pray that no one else -win let the'r sick suffer ns_we did, on aocount of prejudice against so good a medicine as Hop Bitters."— The Parent* —Good Teiitplart. Milton, Del. Feb. 10,1880. Having used Hop Bitters, tho noted remedy Tor debility,- nervousness, Indi- vestlon, etc., I have no hesitation in saying that it is Indeed an excellent medicine and recommend it to any one us a truly tonic bitters. Respectfully, REV. MBS. J. H. ELLGOOD. Scipio, JK Y., Dec. 1, 1884. I am tho pastor of the Baptist church here and an educated physician. I am not in practice, but am my solo family physician, and advise in chronic cases. Over a year ago I recommended your Hop Bitters to my invalid wife, who hits been under medical treatment of Albany's best physicians several years. She 'has been greatly benefltted and still uses tho medicine. I believe she will become thoroughly cured of her various complicated diseases by their use. We both recommend them to our friends, many of whom have also been cured of their various ailments by them. REV. E. R. WARRBN. KASKINE <TUB NEW QU1MXHJ) . Nu bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears. FOR ST. LOUIS nt 7 o'olnok u. in., nnd 81, Louie on rntnri trip ut3 |i. u ., iially. Anil Inuvltitf Alton tot I'mttt.», Jwi-M-y l.HuUiny. <<rit tuti. «i«l »a> lioliitf every evuiiing ui S.'Buc'uiouk. polutp every evening ... „. SA-Tli« Whldtln will be nuuuUoU Oftoni nlnuten buJoru uttirtliiH tor (it. Louis. To St. LctJIS, ... Ji rwMKTT KIDBB' ' - - ft W a W. T'TT.1. Avent. KaSt Freigh'& Fasse gerLi t IIIK ST. I.OU1-I AMI OFNTUAI> r,\i,,\<;u A POWfcltKUI* TOXIC. thut the most dulioatu avuinaoh will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALA III A, UIIEUDIATISM, NEUVOU8 PUO8TI4ATIOS, and all Om iu DlwaBOd FOB O'OLDS KAiKINK M.VS itKBV FOPSO Hi BU ALMOST A BPEl'lKlO bupuilur to Quinine UulltivueUospltal, N. Y.: "Universally MUU- uviulul." <"Everv pa' tent treated It. Prancis Hoa. N. Y. ] with Kmkme bat bomi \ illdclMrKiid cured." Rnv. Jas. L Hull, Ohnpluln Aibunv IVniten- 'iurj', wrltun that Kn klnn Una cjre I bin wife, •ttor twenty veara .utferlnij tnnn ivalirii< tn I ne, voin dyapepal.i. Write, lu.u for pur ilnulnru. . Ht.Jineph'9 Hoipltrtl. N. Y..- "It'8 use I» <in-ld<]red IIII||HII nea ilo It HMK purteotly.' l"ri>.. \V. K. It.iloomlx, St.D., 6t B i-il.tli at. V. Y. (lita Prof, in N. V, M.I.I. t':ol uaol write-: "K wkln • l-i Hupurlnr M qu nine in {in ioec II, ii -WH .and naver ptxxluue. tlie sltijluait lu |U'v to tlie huurln<or eomthutloii. Thoinuiidd u i in u thoiiKuudi wrliu t!iat Kn»- klno has cured them alter ail other intuit'• • failed. Wrltu lor book of total- J. V. KIJ l-O >, t'uiuiuuudvr. Kt« ANSHUTZ, ),..„, ... Tituu UOUUK, ( ul ° B8> On and Mltur Tuur»duy,Ftb. nth, will loavi Altoudttilj Fur St. l.ouls nt 7 n. m. Kflturn'lnir, will Ixuve,'St. LouU (toot ot Vlui ^l.Jut 2:45 p. in.! L.UUV UK Alton at 5:'U> p. m. for FurtiiKe aiul .lerHcy, ur ul Gruttun ut 7:45 p. m., uonneriintfwUh f»>ti-»pies« on «t. l.ouis and /'unti-ul Illinois UuiinmU lor Jeriiejville. \tu- Vnny, ap luxUi-lU und ull poi, to i.orili and •u-t. FAUE. I'oST. Louis, elnule trip, . . . 5"c. . " " r uini ii'ip, Itio " " twuiity riue tleket, , »5.lK> HENKYU.TA1UM,Ueu AKt. Alton. H. A, H IItit, ,,on'l .tluiiUKHr. lu hill UIVVI cUlU ktrVlK T ** * ** »**»'»•«*"•»** ^*i^,_ ,„- nn lualu HilraHlous iur tbi outuiliH>yi!«t u« •.t-rlul* huh bits bt-en In uutiv« pfopiirnrtoj or niAiBeii \ ear . It is » bWory >/l our oorn ivuuto "i Its most orluoiU tuu«, «j« f • '"•TUB LIPM <>P , Uy Inn CuiiHUfUtlul ^«..». K John V*. Meolay ..luHJol. • •• John Ilifj, - './-..i' r '.. llil»K"'tt<. WUIK, ui KUII with the sc.nutmn 11 I'lu.-ldeln Uiiiuiilii, und fuiitiuutid ub<l9r hu iidtliunij'i.l hit. HUH. HIM nun. Ituiien I. l.iiieuln, In ihti iitiiy m.i and uuthoiltiitivd leenril it ill" Itlu >] Aoranum Uliyoln, id uilnifH wi iu I luiidt nl Llncol i Uel"r« nl« piui-l enuvj limy wuiii nfiiot liitiiniitnly ,11. .uvmied. \Mtb h tu us jii'iymu wkirotiii'ios llluolKlll bin lullll ul » IhlMJ, Mlld'fcjl' tUum \\uiu tr.uiHiei'lx'U m on I.lia-»liiSdeiitli ah lili , ils'itu ( »|iu », lliiiu will bi lolu tno luntdti iiintmy i.l .liu civil wuc unrt ol I'risld'int l.ihuo.uS uiltnliilDiiiitlon -inipoitmit del. ll« I wtitu i l uvu lulbei'iu iciniiliitid uiirt'VHUiiMl hut III' y might Hint appear in tillsrtiiintncio nlaiorj. Uy luiuou ul iliu publlcattou ol thu "°' k ' THK WAKbEUIES, .Ahlch him bi'ioi inlliiwid lib urflUKKlnij nti'lont liV H ^.'reiit luloitmt by u kleai uu u. •, ce, will oeciipy Iunt »PHU« uurlng th« ooin. nu juar. ueltybouiu wui bo uu crllifcu by uii. nuiit (Uluul of tim Union. AnilK'i-y), .un. l^uifepUo i, Uun. h. U. l aw, mid utliera. \ liluHiiiunyu, b) Uen. 1'. ". Ill I; !>iienu!xh'*, iiuiiin u tliu ea, by Oeuuruls Howard mi | itiituni Uu tuuiK U. A. Viiiiu.ui-u,, Wut.:V. until, Jtilin Ulubon.lloruue IViiler, uniljc Im •. AHmoy Hill jiluboriuu HptuliU buttio* und uuiUuiiti!. syt i«o ol uuviti «U(jm!«uii)UU, i.riBuii Ii e, eicT- etc. will u. imai. M>VEL» ANJ> STUltlES. "Ti>u Huuurtdih Mui,," u uovtil/by trunk it, auivktuii, nuiliur 01 "Thu !-«>:>, or the l>it. C. K. KUHL, AN1>, Dentist, 18 THIBD ST'IKET, ALTON, ILL. Ottlo« Hoaiv-« «. m. ui 1:{ ra. j l to i p. i , f«*riiiuti U. A. McMlLJLKN, Dvutiat, , JBKUEGOE.U i.N.V'3 OIGAK STO1U S't. *r*\ rtt- DU. K. Pbyuiclaii and Hurgeou, AN1) KK81UKNOB, OOH.FOUK1 AND UKNhY U'i'8. • an without 'in- 1 special ued cal Kdvlue. $1.00 n»r bocmi. Sold by or Hunt bv iinill on rauelpt of iiil.'e. KASKIMB 00., Si Hr d ri-Bii tit, N«* York liitlwlin LOOKOUr'HERS! THE CEI.E11UATED QlJICK MEAL nrpsold yv«T>w uiu. .-il,e: Uutlcura. thf Oiiut Moil Cu.-v. fri ct .; OutUmru »• up, », bx<)umnHl,«r, »•> ow. j tiiitUuru lt««olv. eiit. tliu N. w Itl.HMt PuHilur.!!. 1-oltor Uruii ttlld fllHliloi I O •., lion oil. ""w^urun P I M rLKbl "'""••khen'l*. Skin Oleml»he f I. -I HI. una Hitby lluiiiors, UM) tutituiu ttl lq|>. _ Catarrh. llt-ve you H wakened (row it dlnturned nle«| with all thu horrible Hensstlonn ol an iiMim- alnclulohlnic j our throat und props.nx tin llfo-brouth from your t'Khtoned cheat ? Hn> ( . vnu noticed thi- liinicuur lln j rtebl Itv tlmi HlieeuediiM Ihr effort tn clear your throiit und heudol thUcatiiriltal imutaif Wlmt B itV. .,— M|1B inHuenee It exerts ul On Ihw mind, -Kh*.""i' m- » n Vy »»« flllliiK th with pulnu and Htran<« nuine I HUH IIPHII |r «T. t ,, v »MU BJ fll'lll ttKttlllHi 11^ iDHH tiiu-uniu th» lunKH/llvnr an "'dnms, all phydlchm.) »lll HdniJt. Ii w M .lo dhwasi-, and oilm out Mr r, lief iu.i Cured of Drinking. "A young friend of mine was of an Insatiable thirst for liquor that had BO prostrated his system that he was unable to do any business. He was entirely cured by the UBO of Hop Bitters. It allayed all that burning thirst; took away the appetite for liquor; made his nerves steady, and ho has remained a steady and iober man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to his cups, and I know or a number of others that have been Sn S> f drlnk l"B by 11."—Prom a leading R. R. Official, Chicago, IU. _ W. A. tlA»U.lfiL.L,, ftl.ll., Physician and tturgeou, OmOft-BBOONI) ST.. ALTON, UJ. >tloe h OUTB-. 9a.m.;. 12 to 1, and 6 p. m •' - , , I'Uur," LH ulna tn MoVi-uibvr. w •yv>«orK» vN.Cublui »turi«« by Mury Hullooli routu, •• Unfit) Uvuiu*," Julluu llu.wlliuriii), B nU«u U i gKluuUin, und oilier iirouilnual Auiui'lvuu uuiLui'B wlil bupilutud uuilntc UM y«ar. " ' • :•" '••"' : '' •" 8PKCIAL FEATURES. with tliurivutous) tuumtlu u rtrlt-a \,1 m-tr- H a • n ullim-o in UuolH uuU oIUerlH, _by boo. KUIIHUII,UUILUI ul "'lent l.llu lu Silierlu," wnu iaa Ju-.i fuiui ui-u liuut u luoBk «v«ut(ui vUlt u MboiiMU. yniKiiu; iwi>uia u tnw f. od 'jumtiou, HltuivUiuiauioiixbeurl (fontha ulior riobi ill, fciiijUeli CulUt Urttia: t)f, Ktiiuo. nil's UuliKiou» Lilu In llio ^nieiiuHu Oi IOIIIUM Clulrvu)uUui,ri>intuiili8Ui,'AuU > ol- •Hj , «tu., b Kuv. J. il. Huc-MiBv, u.U., editor •i ila Uiii'i'-timi aavuuutu: HidViiuialoul j)u- , t-ia ; u. ilirowmn ligtit uu Bible >. Idtory. U 'F«ICE«*. A FHEKCOPY. 8ubM-riptiuii pi-lco, J4-W/ u *y6«lri' S8 dints a nuiiibcr, Ufulura, puniiuiuitvn, unil jmblinli- ra tuku nUbMii ipiiium. Mini lor our beauti- Illly IllUnt UtUU 24 llUgtl VHlUlOHUU (H"O), .oiiiuiiilug lull li.oriHiciu-, etc'., luu'uuiu^ k lifuiul uliui b> vrli eu now rutt4ut*a'an jut uck i>.uiiibun>to tit IXKiu'MU* ol tt« War •unuo at u vary low price, A aptxumen copy vbuvk uutubui) will IJM Btiut ou rtxiUokC. Miu- lolllllla J)H|*r. • : ' i-uu you uUcnl to be without tho uontury TIliS OJtM'i'UbY i O., New Yorfc. ut lhl< oftlcc. • Clranses the ilouil, Allays liiHuuinmiloii. Heals tliu Sures. Ucutori'8 the' n ftp I H 0 FOB SALE AT The un'lorsltfned ha\> opened u n-w UIIIHH t'.oro a. tuo uoruttr jol iliu-a and Piuuu Bir JRGANS AND PIANOS f Ue [finest vorktnanshlp for sale at ran ><mbitt pi-lco-. Uun auii uxumlna uur uinlri • ao IU buluru purulnutiiK ul>«wli»ro. FLOSS & BABE. turll, Ueur- nit;:. A quick Uolii'f.' A po^ i live cure. A inii'ilclH (H applied 'Into each nostril anil •> HKrei'iililn, I'rlee IWi cts. at i, ruuBiutHi by mid. riWHteie.l. WH'tr. Cinulatv fioe. ELV tlWs.. UruKKixts,OWCKO, 1.. Y. '•• ••-,-..' aepSO dwly Pfeittenbergei 1 ARCHITECT, J. HOFFMANN & SON' liatroiii ' 8TOVK« A.M> IIAI(D\VAt{K Al»'» OtitHlrle Work n speelnlty. Root!UK at oalvanlzed Inin Work: Al«> IliiirpinnrkiiblopuratlvepowHrs whrn all pti«r r.m.,lU'» uu«ly l«ii. ol 8H"l"rS" Itiidi-MlO re, i-o at e-tod hy ihiiiiSHn""wlio jlliii'lull.TH ...... tnu d II in l«||,.w uiVtHW . N<iM«t.'m'ntl«m.(lun. B Hrdiniiit Hint » ~ not IJH .uiiHt.iniittt.Ml bTthe mo« r JSyoi,- i|«Hnil ra liiiiln i vlnri'iwm. "^iwun _KiU'h piickot co'iiHtnii one unit to of the Rndloi.1 turn, one box nl I iimnliiil I Solvoiii and mi Impuw u i,,|, ,| Hr W|I J| trS M f-it a «<i itiM niiK.H.Kl l«niilil 'iy MllUruifjl't.f'ir il I'OTTKB * HOW MY irarffi.'fea.ffjitesa^ WH.-S up I iu w-y I pill n and W.-HK. 5Hf* 1 .«'fV '"'""'""""nrl Iliiek, Kill ne) imil U eilni' • ulnn, tt ml ,, ,i m | »e 1 ikim»i*,<)..Mi(|i«.c, 1 | i» M11 i\ Oh«.| evwy n.ln Hiitr MC|IH ol UHll\- t«l .m'tm e iiy tliH t nilu rii Ami- PRICE LIST: LaBelle, • • - - '$4.75 Fairy, - - - - 4.50 Diamond Light, - 4.00 Fancy, - •-. 3.50 For Sale Cheap. ».''^*N HAND/ COB. 8KUONH ANU A1.BV STS. VV. F. ENSHMGER7 WILSON WASHBOARDS. TbtieWnViboatdt axe made with tt Bent.Wood rim. The Strong ett boarda and bout wanuers in tno world. For (ale by all deuUrn Take no other. SACJIIVAW M'F'O CO.. • Michigan HUPERI VTENDEXT AND MECHANICAL DKAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third »t..nne door UPPER I^NUfTHERN^ AN ACRE on Inns, time*" Tbi "out i,™-™™,, MM promtnluft Held for wttlement In the U. 8. Ful (.-formation with Rood map free. Mina II WJu'WSIOKR. r.«tul. CtttaHL f, BII*MkM. l |i 1887. llarpi-r's Weekly. 11 i i jj i*ri A'i L* 11 *^ Pluln un<? Decorative otnam ANU «HOP UM 3J3COND ST... NE4R PIAb. ALTON. . . . ir,l, iiAKFKR'ft WBKKLY nuilntnlns Its posltlm n the ir.iiiniK iilii-ii-itti ii u waimper In An er uu; und luiiuld upon (lublietixtu in nnd u n fili-iice wut nevei ntninjer thiin ut the prw •nt time. Iti'Hlilex (>•« pletnreH, IIAKHKHV KKKLV ulwu>Hcnntutn8ltii>tulliuent»otun , • uubiuii ill\ i,| IHTII, ul the be-t iioveli ol i'-i •HJ, ilnely Uuatruled, with vliMi-t utorleH ID.-IIIH, Hkutolie-, und puperii ol liiipurtiiui iirrviil lopleN by tlut :nimt iinpulMf writer. Ilieunre innthu» been iiieeeSMn IV"Xfrcl»e<! n the imM to , uku nAiiriCHB \VKKKU- . uu i in wi il us H wi Icnine > iHltnr lu every house inld will not be iiiliix-d in th • fntiiru. HAWPBlt'sTKUIOUlCALS. IVr Venn laip«'r'i- Weekly , j | fn UfjiHl'Mi MliilUZlllll 4f(| iS ti.miK coijiin • 2 ^ H-r'-Piwtkllii fqimro UliiH.y, ono yeui 182 nuinliiTS) .... 10 wi mpm'ii lluiiUy Surlua one \oiir ( * ' nninber ) D. P. KITTINGER i CO. ..mli^^^^'sn^r , BeninB ry Go (In, • Oinrari i, «"1>HH of nil kinds. Kiuti , "xouy Ymii, Frnl, ilk Jb i.In n > lireii<l(.<'tg m< or aii de Tub ceo, «orlpiluD8. QUBKUII und Ttnwar Krcsh Oy-tors and Olfry; Bruiik JJro»'. CiiiulifM auri Nutn; K« itli'n Urcud. ' 0. B. KITTINGER & CO. >liir|)liy*8(.>lil Stand. : 28*3(ii WA N rEP.V A / l! f- 8 TQ.woii?VoiiuM"^i "" I . I3A tbelr homes $7 tu |10 «ir *wk • unbe quietly um«e. No pttoto pain • MX n» c-Htiv.uMliiK. For full piirloiibi.ii 'li-iluo ildil.eHH, tttiiucn,DUKlUhNP lUTll} UO'entriil -t.. itui ton, Milan, Box U1K, * - iLl.L^K. Vn. tl WurtMjttjit.. v«. Y, olty BOOKS FREE. *' 8 . ks, mpi«,letti • -OX&- With all ilin Apnllttncwt in Run It. Kveryihlnir In Gomt Ordnr. A. II, IIANTINO8. JWAVTpnjMmplMfrsrt ^i'o1I&.W?H PJLHDfri^u S£f^J^x:$!$^*$!w£Z »«««* »M«(HK»Tr»$itllnm«wiir l |7.Y. JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANCFAOTUIlKn or FURNITURE SECOND STREET, 5>|>|>. Clt> Hall, ALTON, l^i,. All kinds 01 line Thn Volumes of tliu Week lyliouln wUh the tr.t N'uiiiu r lor Junii .IT nf e,i h j,", r . wi,, S i.. llnio i. iiiiMitloui'd. Knbi.ftpi|nna win bi'iln ''ri'lur " lUt " ""''"-'i.titi tlimi. I reewlpt u" Iliiund Vi>luiiU4»t I'Aitl'Utt'ii \VltKKir fnr hreu veiiri. bii k, in nem u mh IIIIHIIHM wln e tu I by mull, PI.HIHK,, imiU.iiri\ ex,'IM"| lieu nf -»peiis . nniivLiuii HIM .'rHulft d «« tm excei d line tuiiui pet v,.|u ) ii.i'jj p",. v ,1 huh .•*»«„ l,,r em;h vmiiin ,, „,,'u'wi V | V Jeiptfm'if.llie'i"*" 1 " by "'""• l >J ««i'«l".«ii w- lleiiiliiunceii i-hnuld b'n miidn hy I'oHloitlou iloi ty iniiur in lir»lt in iivulilchu e« ni I..K^ .:?". w " l . ) . t !!":.? "I" "'"«" f'l-v tnu H • , LIVEHY STABLE' " 8TltKl«T, :^ I m,> 1 Kb lB "T;," u w;H l :: i \>i; l :!?. ll t,,^rV,'?. i ;i' ^!S~SSi«Sf| LiJll.''-.^ ItM ;;i PI-I «.IS>IIKK. Uruudwai', .N , y. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, R>-TA1 B oi Klimnor T. Uullcl» c^e -Mewl, , l hltv| » f lu , ii.10* ,. ,• *. ». 1LLIMU1 i Oil Jl), lulu iff "lilt**" flmiVitv »'{•-»"• nl iiiino H, (|M,'«H«mi. liii'rulw'Kh'ii* e'unm'lum wl ' HpM> "' 1 ''»'< ™ l'«««u" y n ifi'iiH Im 1 " °" u "'>'i'" "»« enure lion ,o, thl'd M,.,, " l(>1 ,'J* tllB M »y ««•«••«•, "H ilia etuiii. ,'vi, '" »'«y •'«*«.HiwhlfliVniu Jl iiie i , hi, i '"? '• 1 " 1 "" 4 H«HHI« mild h>i..t« iiriuiJii" t ' 1 ",'" l| i''" )1 "'"" u) > < ' H(l " 11 ' 1 '•» |1 10 « aWi!;W^//jr,tf'j*.''«M''«*J. m il' iftrwvri i

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