Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1887
Page 1
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)* u»> Id pegnlate (.1 ,jton,ul i v t',a i , V , 1 1 ( , "fir^AVORtTEHOME BKMI (MfcliiK u-MOi.^ U/t/ n'Ui jt AI<M«urS;Or anjMnjurfonti suliotunco, but I>arely»es« table.. It wltil OWw A\iJ l)jlsliAAbS cttJ8Pb firUpXAWrtBti* 6ft T)l? UVKte, If yonl lAvur la out of ordnr Minn b j p n, Bimtnonfl . ho breath "M! 18 S"' hriMfeol inntri|}u, (Up-, ltiiHt an J, ntyvmR, , To, PTO»n» .J n»»rC,»mloitii condition, tnko At onoo tt', *yi'o>aa fc eed cnffor witll Kiduey «$Ho,n^o?< U fuuJi bupj; HiWniei BioelJloVi M ifiSlir, tiiku ii dbto U Ii you wakb up<i» tuo moininii 'MrrM'Tto'n'&ie. 0 rsMS (iBth'artlu Sirti^oris Liver To Itomuve Ink HtnliiH. Ink stain*, when tieM, i an (is a ruto bo i*e> irtoV«l fiow cotUMi nrtil Hnen gootts, and even fioni (<n'rl^W, lf^ IttmlWlfAtety wwilicd 1 \«tll cold ^iltt'' PaUbiiW'hitd !J>*U6v(«rtirtc6'aie requlicd, ns tlio writti'lnusfc bo many times chiingwl ami Hie ilibbtug mid (Inning con- tlnuediuntU ovei'y .tvoce ot the sliiiii hea, dia^ oppenri'il To lomovo a dry Ink stalnj try diii^fhg the pdH itnitied In hot milk and gently I'ubbiiie it, on cotton and llnpii fabrics this will usually .succeed. ' A -fttHUM!' Tfttilb toflcartttlbil. A vetj pi'ctty'artcl i&^t\i[ tiJble decoration, fl flje'fiTOiwiWe is wantfii|('llf 'sllVer and ", slid yet ilcslira to make a 'o'f h JonlfllixHHE brtsket of The ruinbiied < alliance between 1< i ah'od and Goi ihany, is denied. Pt*aoe Jltettwen France ai«i Germany is,not n coiipiderud assuVcd at y AM t,rt>4e\nay bo made by liulngia, basket tvritli fine green loaves and then fillliig-.W With seasonable flowers. .^ An Excellvut \V»y to Coo*-"OhlBU»i' Brjng lias ,be OH lOllR QIHi uun juou \ii>-jujj»» i w ^••»»i»^ ('JJ*-^' Bumclently tender. Then place tiiein* in '»' '"KakWfR ^An^sdlt^p^pper oilflfcuttoi* roch. Aie, Hifil'pottr a. very -little Mr.tbe liquid iir'ft'hioh they »yera bpilWWr.Jl^;l)frttojn,of.> the pan. Let them brown quickly in the oven mid - • Collect the following ineredients: 't'hree-V 'fourths of a.cup of Untter, two cups ot-sugak 1 , "pne cup of-milk, orib tUWdf-corrt starfh, tv*6' Cholera'is disappearing from the 'principal potts of the Argentine Republic A ma$s meeting of miners «at Springfield, 111., ratified the Columbus, :, tcale. Commissioner Fink ,,apeok8 very unfavorably '(if the 'new -Inter-State commerce law. Ibaac S. Warmoth, fa her Gov. Wai'motb. of Louisiana, yesterday at Salem, 111. Eigh£yifiVe"ffien lost their lives jn a coal inine>explo$ion near*Sydney,, :.. <wr..u/t.'t...«.i. nisi..,, vVp^nysday. • ,-.'r-"--'.'.~»uiu-.>*Hj .ali» i< .'-. ; j^a;'z^S^^S™ia;:i .!, I -and •baking-powder-together ;-atl(}rtlie^utter mid sugar alternately with tho milk; lastly add the whites of seven eggs; flavor to tastie. Absolutely 1 deorge t Bancroft, -tbe " bietorian, has-o far recovered frounhis-re, eut illness as to be ab!6 /to gu.fcut on mild .days. " _,/ . -Govi(vMarmaduk^> will is^ue bis odi matioii ina,d»y or two c.o.nven-' 1 some'time,in^ay. ' y <! ,^n ; a'diSn8^flir^S^racti ! d|s leased wuh financia^feHl* i of-"-«h6 ; govern- iner«a8<;d" l ?d.00u l .000'"the uastiyear. -• • , .''...', ,•. .. . • • ."''.'.. >r "* making a total of unexpended ftPK.rO-, priailbjQ8,,of 8,l,ii^r,0'i«|.0/) ( , „, ' The estimated receipts to July 1, 1887, are $2,119.,aiO.67',' to','in, '.$ tljo flist year's appropriation of : tho Vihiriy-rflfthi General AisemWyiwhiob amountis *1.200,000 less than the amount in the tr.caa.ury, •-, on July 1, 1886, to the credit of , the revenue fund. BfLLS INTUQPUCS D ,' Bills were introduced: By Senator Funk, providing for the complete,revision of the 'evenuo law; senator Cochran, to prohibit thd sale or keeping for salu for food of immature calves, or any under 4 we> ks iild; Senntor Cameron,: to require >be Auditor, to draft a niap,frpm t^yMed States Survey, dti, file^u the tfffiee showingthe line.of, j^ake ! >Ii,c.fc|)gan and liJe same An iheRecorders.' .office of the.counties * gf Lake and; ,,Co,oj« and such line shown to be the estap liahed line of Lake Michigan. and to allow wharves, etc., to be built l.Uty feet put tberefrpm into the |ake.' Mr. Q'JConnpr'ai biU,providing fp the, estttb'lisforient'-cif^ap- .^'in.H'. 8 I ? ^ in'ilie'Ho'iise of Gonnkopl,'* delivered ''a , ppwerfullya " , Body and 7 """ "". V - \ •-(,{ • < • •• fwo^ Mattings, "' ''""ji'W^ and Mats, Has arrived. Also, a very Choice Stock of ^^ *.,..* V'-- , ;^ .. „. . ,.., j ,« ' '*!•'' "<-:(".a:ii ^-i;-«il vll.'a/- »(f.iS*-ll "'1 VOl l' its merits,it was advanctiditoaatbird readin, with un- , "'The United^ States'- ^ claim to ibave fl case lagaiast'tho: Hsiklj Kni.bbej« fors their recent ' miirders i are ri "watohing proceedingsiin- ifaJW;... . ,. ,...„ .. td'tlie'lllin'ois SoldieKs'andi'Sailprs., Home; atvQuinoyvcanVnow< ibe •Of'the^ho'rate. "f oi'Uh«'^»sutgj« i 0.f not to attempt a second White '' ' to 'powder never 1 varte8. i 'A s *'hiirvel! ot . urUv. BtrenRth whol»s<imuiieB8. More economical than the unlliiary binds, and [cannoi n cowpetltlqn with the .juultltude ol That'oii'g i lit ; tb 1 catcli REAL EStATE FORiSALE. • t ' ^ REAi> : ' lAST" OF - - ; BARGAINS .TheCornmissiot»<>r,sv- / ap.ppi,iited ,by ;: , the President under the new Inter, State Commerce law of Congress are. expected to' hold their fir t meeting at Wasl'ing'oii the latter part of this week. It is uuder-tood that Judge T: M Couley, who will at once nv, feign the lyceiversbip of thu \V)ubt?sh' r.jad, will.lie 1'residenl of tile boardj; . The spec ial election for Represent jtative in the Forty-fourth Illinois OMstnct, to succeedj'tbeiilate Albert IBiowii, lias io8U i temtH^|»}4electi n C. A, Schliieter's Agency. 5(1 of T tht*m' 'in rthanrt Alb ,M oelar, 1 iVioV;«« iinuii 7 prsale-lFlVP-rpnralbrlc rior •i».j»«v-. .erlAirg, , ?) itory>nd anlp stret-t. troperty to ington speciUl|itq ti>e/ Post says-. TU^ieis no loijgei; any, $0ubt that' SeOietiyy.Fuij^JiU^ I»a8«$een infornjni ^l^MiSTj^gden.^that he is to > be ^•^rf-aswi,,^,,.-,,^^^ Treamiry a{t p r « the^siTof April. This will i)reven> any disttirbance.-io^finaneial affair?, probably. ,v, 'Sherman for . .,., of, aiV'-4iddiuoMnU-liuilding > - '- lMfTS.TOR.aJHE by Standing committed The following-were recommended for passagS, ''Requiring mutual ^"' -'A-.:>.';« • 1 .'.«'*' : ---- - '• Jlore a.-charter-canibe _ ; .—-— ^.^r-...-^ i^iBojarji.p^ : p)rectbvs x in,-cjtit;8 _ofj a ,eivio.ii ., ., schools ,{.^ abolishing) 'Grand iJuries ; ' appropriating i'^l'^'op-. iier iannutu' to llie •>upreuie_Coui > l JudgL's'bf stafi-s " ... on State Iiislitutiynsj-Biid-refen'ed to the Appropriations committee. The^ committee btf .Claims * by' .owners Jwhps . ''' a»»lulyv ;| ;>1885,i and rwjpmmencling ttjeir,payment.',Tbe billjwSsTo^er- ana" 110 on rur DUUI—uou o'rooui tiouBo and,o >e 3.r6om house. 9tli and Millket ata. Lot BO by;lLu; jjood oivtern und opal, bonne, at a nai .'iiln. 'and"|)l^uti''oT. wutiT. : ror.'tin«ic--ueo.ii>orBB jtropi-wved' iaVni with wood h.insn and Btanles'in .VVima«>|i jppunty. Kunsiw, K.'ltiiruiis uorow Ironn ifort SooDt to J Wi<ihltaiSmll«'j l lii>m county seat, "lVMW*- i -l6\ieriti('a&ttty'!>pi:tntti> land, Im- 'prilW-d tfti-ra; 'ilbal' r nor8eyV' wltlr plouty of 'S^oUl'W : l\dlk4'« V-tt URTDIV ' "wltli (food houmy, lu this clt... For sale otroscihiiiBiH-A nlce,nttlo,'OOtt»Re in Uothalto, wllli plenty of Kround, stable uniJ'K 01 "! wtttui-on; pit'miaos. . For Halo or oxolmi'ifv—Two scotions at tt.ll. Umber land In Su. Mleaourt, 160 inilos Imin St. l.oulu on tlio Iron Mountain ii,' It., nt n bargain. For gain or ej:OhnuK«. S at-roa ofiBronn-1 on MUlh bti' UajlilUHUc'ilayCV COphmKOi 11 * dn> tlie " ^pr'aaljo or <iXo'hit!\«e^'»s'rfbVlor\f,t*f ^ralrle Hiiii lu ,OrJMik«(.coUl)tV,i rpXiw .", *VUI :neil cluiup. suitable lor any liii-m»iig pnrp >sos. Throe Horns adjoining on north. jn,Ui'V «u, udj milnu Thomas Bltf • f .-,, House today, .mat;and r »)?i-eod..up'on 'fnvo'-able recoiHJne'iidaUon|yof.a 1 ' •atOp'"Sberniiuifc'!a'nd''blB»'partyi>w,ere- flriven abbtt| ;the.. c'ftjjr ln\.carriage,s],,, ;, atjtbe. QOIKCV, III., March 24.-^ L. \V. Shepherd, Secretary ofitlie' Hoard of ,Tr.ue«tees . of; 3 the i,l|ipois feU?d>adjibp,i^ 1 p ywTKW .»^,-1(0.j)) ; ^vide for'tlft-'buvial of lionoratily-.. Jischareed ex-Un|on 8oldi.e»a/vBailats ^nd-maruies who may iheroafter.idii; without sufficient meps to defraytiib^ir-funeraj^expenses. HARNESS. NKW H (ME SEWING MACHINES, 'sWe,^keep the BEST GASOLINE and ' CSfe OILS on . tap and ^deliyeredy, • ''to, aiiy part of the city. - BEST ON EARTH! been «... .w.rr-jr»>^ff-/ra.v»-r:-"t'.''-T":~"* (f 1 ,i,"7'. that gave u* much alarm j it had butlljy the skill of thu phyeiciana and cough remedies,, • JtMUil Itp>no|u-lod| npthini> \wiuil(l, r \ *tm '\r\ 11 pgry (ffifa i wrf-ei- ly,>u|j.$r j poniliiB U9 j flt?'?PFi t oipl Viour recomraendaiion^sHe oommun'ued u^in/i your BftlHam, ami rt has aotuil line a UW*M»V»iJ I ^'MUfVf *WI J «?^).'w«^»sy »*f," T T I" m.^da^bile^alkin^rottiithe ^^^^".K couKhVandTenfov: kitchen to the headquarters building. ine fn t, irt i y the sproneBs from herlu^igB.' The* cause of death wgfttftpoplexy. ^ill:,- 1 Murch 24.?,., The spei-ial c, mmiUbe appointed to investigate. i.ndiascortflin.ttie ' ' of money, it) ' "" fMivgiidiilmlfl' OlIU UIKl Ii llUll .yiD,!" av^'fJ-".,' Any'of llie uujvu iiropurty oan at ubuixulu, ''also 'represent; the " tBo '•''' , Buffalo, N. Y. , '•• companies in the XT. 8. And^other^gooa -Companies; in ' addition- ___ jp C- A. SCULUETER, Offloa In my New Building, - 6u Setxul .„_.._ , ... ,., . a ir a1-' ui'lu for approfjiiat'ons mude report, \\hiuh shows the amount' tlie Trt'a«ury March 1,' 1887, to tfiu credit of uii fiin'l ............... ------- $I,WB41I10 'l fund.... ........ iAi.17170 iiillnqiuni hind tiur fund .. ..... *)1 (» U kiHiWii iiti'l iuli,ui-li -Irduid ..... II, mon I, io..l bdil'l fund .... .............. SHU 470 HO From the amount of tho rovenuo fund -t'eportod there should be deducted outstandiMg warrants amount^ ing to 82J,904.4'I, leaving th^ net amount of the rwunue f ud ia the State Treasury Mar"h 1, $1.C35.- ,021). 72. .The unexpended luilunco of appropriations by ' tho Thirty- fourth General Assembly on March l l WHS 8l,OGi,440.27, 'and iho U.IIDX- pcndud balance of the by (lie • Thirty -flftU ICBH from her lungs. 1 -i (if 'b'ur houoe.— E. church, Hush- Wo k .^.. J.'B. For&i Pastor. villo.III. "•io Cresalor'a Wild Rose Tooth fpffn [or olpansing the (l «ejb.. f? r . ic l*fi«j WH would mo^i |)iiait!velV siii'0 r u '"' n« ren}c(tv ri litt8 evor, metuW^j,!*" universnl stitisfa'elion or cjni fc tituihfiillv siijd, i8 f a,p()niilvo cur 4urkd» White ;?lnijj | Brt'jPJ«^ 1 / *Bi olid Alv. C A nojv aiflQovurv, 1. easiur t>i take ihan HU,, . , buiifliciul. Suru cure for "" »" d , b J), ' ille H l . bwath. T Try them. For Sale at mohl awly set? ypj>!i)Mt t »,|lu . Oh, ilnn.'t replied, sweetly , about tbst-,"- "U maichua the , . itolor on your nouo admirably, aid harmony is what inukua tlio miirrjage '*Ideal. '*- , Jh», My^b rfW W^WKPM 1 .bwi^^WWiaiUUl^t^ftrjiivpwiMj »™»<f!!W,P\^K$*9&'WW?! take it now. n \h)o to •- now ifOI Oi WATCHEiJ, 1 .nllJO, 1 I ' Wan-anted 20 Years, GUNS, THE LEAT>IN(x HEADQUARTERS FOB !<•)(> r 1 f,.(lt-ia.Sfc-.' T " ^* lTT;Trv ' Him''- t ',*)• its, Base Balls au4 J^ts,^ „,„,,_ i full line of School Scratch Books and School *" - Remember the place: 8TBIET, • • OPP. IfOIi THE ffELESBAPe, lOc Per ^4> 0»\y Republican DaUy jjftdiaon county •^ ^

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