Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1887 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1887
Page 6
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. j BtflSD OT P 'Pew pet*^ |«4W««Mh titty arc oetffrbllld If'fc tlfeir own dhadVantKge. 3<"IflilCfl fttlu i»^i*««v»»*' .»—» . -^ -01 tward application, and. therefore, with- oil stopping to think that the origin of tiicse troubles mat, from necessity, be internal, the weary sufferer continues to rub, rub and find na relief/ Atf>M&**» |*'t*kea internally, and M a prtefc tnnuntii ? 9 ,W ? < m rcct prfoclplty it eufM surtlyiaiid quick* }-j'. The statement of those who have been cured ought to convince the incredulous. Raleigh, 111. My wife hfltl jnOammatory rheumatism, in, Its wont fbrffliand ofUrjbeing treated by>> w>ud physician anil using several remedies with no good effect we tried Atlilophoros. The first dose gave instant relief, nnd she was entirely cured by the use of three bottles. I have recommended it to my friends nnd it lion given satisfaction in every, case. It gives meipieasttre'to make this .unsolicited testimonial. Use linn you see proper. L. K. SrntcKi.iN. Donnollson, Montgomery Co., III. Was suffering from sciatic rheumatism i for some time; procured a bottle of Athlo- plioros and was relieved after vising half ft bottle and have not been bothered'since. My case was very bad. D. F. DAVIS. Mt. Carroll, 111. I have been- afflicted with«r!ieumiuisin for two years, especially in one shoulder, and tried other remedies with no help. Having heard of Athlophoros I obtained one bottle took it according to directions und found immediate relief, and I can recommend 'it to sufferers' from the same complaint. LEWIS BLISS. Age 78. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros nnd Athlophoros Pills, but whet* tlmy caitr- not 1)0 bought of the druggist the Athlo- phoros 5Jo.;il2 Wall St.. New York, will seudffltjier (ferriage; paid) onj receipt, ui regillnr "price", which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlnphnros nnd fjOo. for Pills- For Hvor ana Xldriey diseases,jdjf WP?I«. ">• digestion, weakness, nervous <tebimj, illnesses or women, constipation, headache, Impure blood, Ac., Athlophoros Pills arc uncqualcd. 6 H.tttwft thfiP. ~"'.?• 'SCIENCE AND PROGRESS. A'i (DOUBLE OF GERMAN now a New Cooking Stove for Slilpn Is llorlcontul Foiltlou lu All Hindi of Sea*. Numbered with practical inventions that ro attracting attention Is tho balanced cook- ng stove for ships, described in The Scientific American.:.--' : This stove-ia accurately 'equipoised on its base, so that It will always maintain a horizontal position no matter to what extent tho hip may. roll* ' The, .frame, of. tha^stoye, is cotistructbd to'form a' firebox "arid ashpit at no ond and a separata oven at the op|>os!te nd, The.oven.and Qr«box ore separated by a central space or chamber.ludo jug tho upper nd of tho baso or support. The top plate, to which thojlroboiriond oven, are .jolliod, is provided; with fn Uollow ball'opan atttho top nnd bottom nnd fitting In a hemispherical scat or citp,of .the. baso, thusfjlivotaly sup>' porting Iho sttfye.-- The basft f ctansilhrf tihira- toy of tho stove, and is connected at its bottom with a horizontal pipe which extends as far as oonvanknt and counecte with a vertical" plpo. Beneath the horizontal pipe Is brme<Lati that prevents burning the deck/ 'T,he'flameFand ^oduojb W -jport* Utut'lon taay, by. properly arranging a dani- per, be made to pass directly to the chimney >r to pass first around tbe oven. New and Beautiful Designs Jast arrived and arriving fur the A Specialty! from Sumll to Largest sizes. At the rid reliable HOUBB.PATJi[TlNa ; ana DEOOBATING establishment ot NEFF & OBERIY1UELLER Fourth, east of .Belle st. •''••.. : • • fntillr REAL ESTATE SAOJ OB RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntagf For Sale. A convenient and pleasant borne at a rea sonable figure, being H two-slory frame liouse on Klglith street, near Henry. Dor bale. A oboloefarmoi S20aeies. wttb first olas Improvements, situated 2X miles east o liruuowlek. Onorlton co.. Mo. . , For s»le. A one .»tory Jramo d wollm* house In gooa condition. In Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Cheap 1'he resldenoe ol Oapt. W. 1' oble: two stories and mansard roofi IS room * halls closets, collars, etc.; 8 acres ol groan HOE desirable property In tho city. IWjacj-esol land near olty limits, 3w -« two story brick and trame dwo. n • QOUBI both nltuated on tbe eon' o .i.gto strei between eth and 1tn -ncots- so tho brio block of stores on Beoon .Jtroot,-betwee and UUlge street aown as Hunter* INVENTION. iCOOKIKO 8TOVKB MR Botwioir tup fire' box-and ovoji airrt formed boxes whiah. may • be closed by : doors and which serve as>warming ovens used for boating plates, etc.' 'From' the-iop of the stovo rise arms supporting rods notched In tbo upper edges, and on those ore placed two, movable >. weighjB; torraeds wjthj ippent lioofo, so thatjt^ej! can) b*,(e»slly'sliii:fc*.. in\ order to be bi-ought opposite any pan or kettle for proper .counterbalaiMiing.and keeping thftstovo in on: upright positfpiv.. When the stove stands at an angle, the lower opening in tho boll will bo partially closed by the sides of tho cup, which tends to interfere with the draught. To avoid this, tho cup portion is fQiwtd-jwHhinurnwpusBido openings, sufficient 1 ' ill -siio arid riumbor PO tlio aggregate aitia of tho openings will never bo loss than tho sectloniiljarea of tho support. Atone end, ofihoiflrwboxmay bo formed a water boating reservoir.. On smooth water the stove may bo chained to the dock by four chains, or; four lugs sliding in vertical grooves may housotliinsteod. -/ • For8»le. A suiall frame ^ .iliyj house wltnto n n olooksofthed <t lor $978, 160 aerea <./KOOH larminK land, and unothe tract ol. 00 loroa, both unimproved. . SHuat- tu Mot- co., Kansas, at ?10 and $16 per aor rospeotivelv—one-third caah.balanoe on time. FOT 8»lr. ,-.,,. Alariual 140aorta on oottom land, gU'.tu cultivation, near Madison, In thlsoouaty. A wood two-story frame dwelling houe on It. Price W.IWO For Bale. A choice farm ol 1*1 acres, situate 1 mile HOiitii oi Hhlpiuun, Muooupln uonnty, 111., a> a low figure. I'urtlosiniondliiK to buy Keal Estate In thw city nl Alion or vlofultv wilt find It to then Interest to call utllieoin.oof Uudvrehnuaun & Homit'ig and u> uiutne Uiuir lint oi piiipor- tlou for sulo us only part thereof IB udvur- HBVO bucn «njoj>cd by cltlnons of evory Uiwn and otty In tlio II. 8. Marvelous CUIM Imvn bron wit- >c y c i otty In tlio II. 8. Marvelous CUIM Imvn bron wit- nccscd by tnouiandi or pooplo, who cnn to»ilfy to IIUMOIU. . wl)Sl)BulfuI fawKU or TI1K Wl»Nl>muiFUI. UKAI.IKU i-uwr,u "r Hamlm's Wizard Oil, Neuralgia, Toolhache, Headacht, Earache, Catarrh; CrouBj- Sore Thi;o»l, Lsmc BaoluSllfl-JolnU,: Conlraotejl Cordi, RHEUMATISM, Sprain*, Bruises, Burns. Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and A!L.Ache8^and Pains, , •a Cnrlou* Optical Experiment. Put on a pieco of white paper a circular picco of bluo silk of about four inches diameter; next place on the blue silk a circular piece of yellow of tbree inches diameter; on that a^drcle of: pink two Indies in diameter; on that a.cirdoof green one inch in diameter; then oiiuof indigo of half an inch in diameter, and linlsh by making u small speck ot "ink in tbo center. Plnee it in tho sunshine, look on tho central point steadily f or n minute or two, and then closing tlio eyes, nnd applying your hand at about an inch from them, so as to prevent too much light from passing.through the eyelids, you will see the most beautiful circles of coloi-s the imagination can conceive, i differing ; widely from tho colors of the silks, < and also adding to the richness of tho experi-1 ment by changing in kaleidoscopic variety. Salmon Hutching In Auxtralla. > Tho lost experimimt in sending salmon ovai ,to tho antipodes have been a success. In January, ,1885, a shipment of eggs was made by Mr. Jnmos Youl, by desire of the Tasmaulan. government,' and tbe bulk of' the eggf'roacbed the colony, in good condition,, development of tho embryo having been- suspended by means of Hnsluni's refrigerating machinery. The eggs havo developed; Into ''fry," and tho "fry" into "smolts," for' several young salmon about eight inches long! havo bo'n captured accidentally in tlie Tas-' maniau Mei-sey. * UungorB of the Tolephone. i A British medical journal calls attention to the dangers of infection arising from the promiscuous use of tho mouthpiece of public telephone. To prevent accidents of this kind, 1 it Is recommended that tho mouthpleco be disinfected overy tlmo thut it Is used. In i tber, words, somo disinfectant lluld shculd be kept) at overy telephone station, and tho speaker should, ilrst of nil, dip Iho moutlipioco into the fluid, and thmi wipe it with a clean towel. M«w Double Jnckot for Steam Cylinder*. The ilodianlcnl Engineer t«lls of a German inviintion, tho object of which is to prevent condensation of steam in tho cylinder awl coiiH»><iuuiit loss of power by conducting super- ueutud steam through the cylinder jacket lu plaio of steam highly boiling liquids, such at .oil, nmy boemplpyed, andin .somo cases exhaust, stoam ', may. bo -.utilized to heat the liquid or draw tho fire gases through the cylinder jtickot. For this purpose a steam injector may be employed, especially In locomotives whoro thu jot plpo already employed for increasing tho draft of tho (Ira can be used for drawing tho lire gases through the jackot. ;. Reducing Petroleum,to .Crystals. . A Russian engineer claim* to have dlscov- erwl n process of rtdOdtit*t»troleum to tb»' form of crystals, which maytbaieaslljr and laftly. transported to any dlitanoe and then (•converted into liquid form. PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE. F»<)t«, Tli»orl*»' and Experiment* -In, Kirery JDay Llie. Dr. Hulmonn, of Uermany, lectured recently on tlio dangont of living In new houses. According to him, the closo fitting of now doors, window sashes nnd (tool* proven!* the entrance of fresh nlr from tho outside, while ti"> moisture in iho pores of new plastering ubstruets tho transpiration- of air through thorn. For these reiiKiiM, together with tho consumption of oxygen nnd formation of carbonic add In Inhabited rooms, ho recommends that no dwelling bo occupied till its Walls are thoroughly dried, which may tako a year or two. To hasten tho process ho advises buruiug charcoal in the rooms. The carbonic ncid thus formed changes the hydrate of lime In the plastering to carbonate, and sets free tho water of hydratlon which fills tho pores of tho plastering, until all of it evaporates. Other authorith*, how- over, rate tho danger of o new house less high, than doos Dr. Ilulmami, provided efflcieut ventilation is supplied. Don't be Afraid of Cold'Air. Many-, persons ore, K afraid of cold air, especially at night. They shut themselves in closo bed rooms where their systems are poisoned • and • gradually'- undermined by breathin g the bad ai r. Tho benefit of air that •i*-col.d lu well .os pure has an, enthusiastic •advocate in Dr. Oswald. He claims that the .remedial influence of fresh air is much in; creased by, a low temperature; BO • much in- 'creased that colds^arej'in fact; more curable 'inniid winter. 1 than in' mid summer. - Cold, iaccording to Cr. Oswald, is an antiseptic and <a powerful digestive igtireulant. ' Dyspepsia, i catarrh nnd fevers of all kinds can be frozen I out of the system!. Not by letting the. patient ishlver in a show bank, but by giving him an • extra allo'.Tanco of worm bed clothing, with i the additional luxury of breathing ice cold air, which, .under such circumstances, "bei comes as preferable to hot miasma, as cold spring water to warm ditch water." The best brain work, according to tho authority quoted from, can be done in a cold room. SIeup » Preventive of DUewe. . People have very generally learned, the les- i son that natural sleep is the best medicine of i the sick. A scientific writer now,calls attention to.its power as a preventive of disease. Ho remarks, as an instance, that sleep taken ', at the right moment, will prevent on attack i of nervous headache. If the subjects of such i headaches will watch its'coming, they will f find that it begins with a feeling of weariness i or heaviness. This is the time tho sleep of an hour, or oven two, as nature guides, will ef: fectually prevent the headache.:- If not taken , just then it will bt, too late. After the attack i is falriy under way,<it may be -impossible, to ' get to sloop till-far into the night lemon Cure >for-Hoaneneu. Hot lemonade,-taken just before retiring, is a well known remedy for a cold in its first stages. Everybody is not familiar, however, with tho lemon cure for an acute attack of hoarseness.. For this purpose first roost a lemon in tho oven, turning it now and then that all sides may bo equally cooked. It should not crock Or burst, but be soft all through. While the lemon is still very hot, cut a piece from the top, fill with aa much sugar as it will hold and eat on going to bed. »nd«Cu«totn» ». • Ilto Society.' , . \ 'There are many people'fceit mted' «r tho. best nocletybut foT'lgiiortwco *«t> points'Of i table etiquette, whlcli.-thuugh trifles In them- »elv«»jATo,ontb.8vithoI^!O{ ,lnflntte'import*- . once, For instance, where these requirements are not known, If agencrdl cessation of 'conversation shoaldifaddenly ooourtipoti *>rvtag' • tho soup, would there be silence in the place? Not at ftHv thOpgap^yould be-flUedwithia continuous bubbling sound from tho mouth of somo unlucky wight whose mother never taught -hlnvto' talio soup proporly. Fortn»' notely, a littlo instniction and observation of the •t»ble-n4annera>of the well.brodounbleono to overcome.fulUugs like these. No one.need bo put to disadvantage by them long. Fork und Spoon. Whether tho fork ought to be used. In eating all sweets, except custards, or whether it is better to uso a suoou where slipporlness Is an element; furnishes one of tho Imttlu grounds of writers on etiquette. In prnotlco somo people hunt their ice, for. example, with a fork. Somo stick their trident into jelly, at tho risk of seeing tlio whole thing slip off like an amorphous, translucent snake. Tho same with such • compounds, us custard puddings, where it is a feat, of skill to skewer tbo separate morsels, and a small sea of juice is loft on the plnte. This monotououH uso of tho fork and craven fear of • tho spoon looksJiho moro snobbery, says good-authority. It is a well known English axiom that tho fork is to bo iustil in preference to'I he Spoon when possible and convenient; But to .uso 'it wlion scarcely possible and decided y inconvenient .shows a very great fear of Mi*. Grimily. pot, Alton, ffor Chicago end th«!8»sti ». OhleOKOIlall' ' Chicago AtomumodatiQu* ' ' ..8:00 o.m ,6! MOST PERFECT MADE •.Keokuk, C|uln<>r> Kan« : KansasOity KapreBfl*, (>.,..«> •..... 9Upo.iu : DenverKxpiesst.... ....7:05p.m. JaohBoliville AooononodRttontJi. V',B5 »; ns.. tot 81. l.otil» i UuhtnlnK Express* '••i'i* a>m Omuauo AccoinraodMlou*. ........9 -.80 ft, M ' Alton-Special)..".. • UsWp. Jn Kansas City Mall- • .5:40 p. in , si.'LOUIS UNION DKPOI FOH ALTON. *4Wp'. m'. . »7R5p.IU. (8 45 a. m. Sundaybonly). Snp't. St. Louis Division O. G, NORBIC, Tiehiit C1110AOO. nUBtiiJSUTCJls AXU QUINtl\ . li-Hina leave tbo Union Depot, Alton tOllOWB! Qoliig Northi Express f except Sunday)... . 8:16 a. in 7:0flp.m ABNOLI)..Ai{t.nt. One Duty of a Sick Name. Anxiety about tho patient, the confinement and tho fatigue of tho sick room, all combine to rob a nurse of appetite. Still, as a matter of duty, tho nurse should take light,- nourishing food at stated intervals, and never go aear a sick person while feeling exhausted. Always take something before entering the sick room, after absence for rest or exercise. This is most important to both nui'ses and visitors of the sick, especially in infectious cases, and materially diminishes tho chances of infection. EMPIRE MILLS, BEUONJJ 8TUBKT (Near HasB), ALTON, ILL FOil BALK '. Ground Oatn, Ground Corn, Hay, Onta, Corn, Corn Weo1» Buckwbent Flour, Grnliain Flour,cto PBOMPTLY UBMVKUKP TO ANY PAUT OK TUK 01TV. M.WILKINSON. 1v^ rf*' Patents, Co uy persons vrtsbing to.obtaUi patontoiinew inveuUous, iioprovom - -«.-.._ * .—Jil mw^ mi t n Atmmrtnffm Onn ito (Urawiun owl ppwi .. appltoattoiu for. pateut* MlXi^WB^fiNBBBOlilBl DOUIILB JACKKTKD CYL1NDKII. Iteforring to tlio illustrutlon, the double jockohxl oyllnder .is constructed In such manner that the inner factat is M. tbiu u posslblo in order to conduct iho beat; easily to Uie contents ot the oyUnder,.and itblc thin jacket Is made strong enough to resist tbe prefsuro of tbo tteam by fomilng flung** tbefeon, which fit agaiiut tbo interior of the* ixitir Jacket, and form a rigid tyitem of rlt*/ between which tb* vapor or liquid if con- dueUd. Tb* oyJJwlw ooven and «U«m pwK Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is a purely vegetable compound,innooent in nature .and wonderful in effect. For children it is invaluable, caring croup, whooping'; cough, etc., In a few hours. PiSoe 26 cents. Mr. W. tt. Graves, of WetheredvUle, Md., writes:--! puffer sometimes with 1 acute rheumatism, and your Salvation Oil gives me instantaneous relief. I cordially recommend it as a sure cure. IT Is the man who talks, who lives the longest. The man who is talked tcvdien young. You don't believe it P Heart this and be convinced: "Statistins Mhow that the average lite of a clergyman is 67 years, and that of a day laborer 32 years.— Ex. Children Ntanrtoft to Death On account of their inability «o digest food, will tind a most marvellous food and remedy in Scott's Emulsion. Very palatable and easily digested. Dr. S, W. Cohen, of Waco, T?xas, says: "1 have used your Emulsion in' infantile wasting. It not only- restores • wabl«d tissues, but give/s strengih.and iucreaaes tbe appetite." . ..-.•• CAN a blmd.'man be held liable for a bill whioh'he h'»« accepted payable at slghtP— Boston Post. TVbat 1'rae Merit Will Do. Tbo unprecedented sale of BoBobee's German Syrup within a tow years, has astonished tho world i 'It IB'without ddubl tbe nsfcst' and* best remedy ever discovered for the speedy and- effectual cure of Coughs, Colds'and the severest Lttnij troubles. If'abts- on an entirely different prluSlplb from thouHUHl'pre- soriptlons given by > physloianii* us It does not dry up a cxnign and leave iKe disease still in the system, but on the contrary removes the oause of Ihe trouble, houls the parts <iffeotod and loaveB them'in a purely hpulthy condU lion. A bottle kept lu tho house for uso when the dlsoaaea make -tboir appearance, will save doctor's bills and a;lon(f spoil of serious Illness. A trial - will convince you'of these fnote. It IB pos> tlvely sold by all druggists nnd general dealers in tho land. Price, 76 uls., largo bottles, JttlOdwlweod Greatly Excited. , Not a few of the citizins of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several 'of theirjfriends who hud been/ pronoun- cod by their '.physicians as incurable 'and beyond all hope-suffering with "that dreaded monster Consumption-- liave'-been completely cured-by Dr. JKt'ng's New Discovery for. Consumption, 'the only remedy that does positively; 'cure all throat and lung diseases, 'Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis: Trial bottle free at B. Marsh's drug store, large bottles $1. Wonderful Cures. W..D. Ho>t & ,Co,, wholesale and reta}l druggists of Rome, Ga., 8Hy: We have been seilihg Dr:' King's New Dis» covery,''Eloetrlo;Bitt«rs and .buckles Arnica Salve i for two, years. Have never handled remedies that sell as wull.or give such universal satisfaction. Ttiere have been some-wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city, Several;cases of pronounced Consumption haVe been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Or. King's NeWDis- covery.taken in connection with Electric Bitters.- We guarantee, thorn always. Sold by E. Marsh. mcbldwlm BncEien'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Safre in the world for cnta, bruises, sores,i..aers, salt rheum, fever sores; tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and^all asm eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay'required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cemts uer box. ' Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mch7dwlm A TELEGRAM from Bridgeport-; Conn., tells of the Uirth of a child part baby and part elephant. This may ,b,e an exaggeration its to the child, but as a description of the Legislature Illinois has on its hands it i< strikingly accurate — St. Louis-Republican. A Remedy in Kill:ftj Affection. "My kidneys were so affected I have been compelled to get up as much as ten times in one night. I hud pains In ray side, back and k*ft shoulder,- and when down could hardly rse. I was unable to bend my body without greai pain. I tried Simmons Liver Regula-> tor a"d my c-mdition lias improved so; much that I hardly ever'feel any of myi old trouble." W. Johnson, Express' Agent, Macon, Ga. tu th s wk WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, [ ttEBttESKNTINtt THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Inn. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PliliadelyWa; - German American; ! North British and , Mercantile, London; ; Com. Union, London} (Lancashire, Manchester* Eng.*. • Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; i Firemente Fund, ' Western Assurance Co. AMD OTHKBS: A CASH OAP1TA1 ' IN THE AGGREGATE OF ! $20,000,000. WE AB8O BKPEK8ENT 2 THK Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, / N. J., and Traveler's Life and Aculdentliis. Co..Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State eta. fine Residence for Sale. The late it. Hollow homostead, now owned by-'M. B. Under>ona, situated on Una 01 liorae railway, in Upiior Alto.i; 11 roum-J, bath room, furnace, nnd good out buildings, two acres ot wound, will Uo Moid ut H bar- gaiii. Possession given on nt> nnlfttlnn ol SalO. WllIPl'LB & SMILEY. For Built. ^wo-story house nnd Kood stable ou Com- mou street. ror Hale. Seven- lota with good brick dwelling and nutbulldlugo.ln go id repair, In Uoper Alton. Iteuldence of (J. E. 'lolllna, arid hn >wn as the Merrill property. WHlPPbH-A SMU^EV, Alton, or D. W. Oollet, iTppar Alton. _ , lorKout. A two-story brick dwelling fcnown as the A. Platt hotnesteud. Lut«ly pu" lu xood ro For Bale or neut. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned For bair The late resldonceB ol J. i. and W. H.i Ultobell, on Mill St., two o> «. c best pieces ol i residence property In AlWr-. The property! 'known as ''The Pars, eastot above; M \otsi on Mill and Summit streets, an a a number of | ot» In Miller ft Mitchell's addition t» Alton. Secretary of War Endicott. He seems to be ignorant of the'fact 1 that he is an elegant nonentity, and, • hat there is practically a vacancy in the Cabinet as long as he ~ remains a member of it.— Ex. t For ease,, comfort, durability, fl nd simplicity of construction, ihe ttc<* Coll Carnasre-Sprinsis oa<a all othus Into the shade. Thousands of tpsti; tnonials prove this. dwlw Paying Dividend* on Watered Slockg; \Vbon a railroad regulates its charge* to pay dividends on a capital dishonestly increased to double or quadruple tbe legitimate nmount, the people aie 'defrauded; When telegraphic rates are increased for a similar purpose those who use the wires are 'wronged.— Ex.. EveTythiriu which belongs to Wealthy blood Is imparted by Hood' 8 iraapArilla.. A trial-will convioooyou of its merit., , ^ 10 An, or all o! abovo ^••'g For Sale. AT-room bilpkdwelHng^and out ^buildings; 'EY. for Kent. Good 9-rnom brick bouse with abn»t4 acres of grovmil.hiuludtnu oroua"H,tn Upper Alton! Poi-mer reoidenco ot l)r. Huiuben. ; WHif 1'LE A SMILEY. ' P7d, Desirable Kealdences tar Sale. • A two Htoi-ybilck dwelling on Stutu street known tut A. Mutt liuinuatead, lutely put In good repair. A two story truiue dwelling on Main Btreet, nearly now. A two story oilok dwelling on 8uv«ntli street, all lor sale <it u sucritlce. owner having decided to &' For Hale. A Itt etory frutuu clwuUlug, corner Fearl and tilth Btreote. A,yer'« Hair Vigor kilmulutos the hulr to a vlj{orou» growth, It oontnlnR all that can be mppllcd u> muk« tho .hair t^autiful and H&undHnV rflmnveii dpn- draff, and,r«nd«r« the hairiflexible and fno«lmHB*iljrn»tuf!!"'A lv !5.Jil««- - ' ir»,lloHlmoro,Ud.|t).B.A. U». .Hull'* Couch Hyrup will cure youi Cousb al <> Fr\er. IMIIV 35 d". n bollix. STOCK FOR SALE. A fine Bloodwrt Mwe, .a •.rinii Main Cow nnd llult J rsny tearliiiK Keif r. quire at tho Godfrey Oongiegnuonal •Pfti »««. JZorn In- For Kent. Late resldnnce ol M. J. Noonan on State jtroet. knovn as the A. Watt place. Wood 9 room brick houfH. in tirst oluxs tepulr. W.Hiri'LK It 8M1LKY, far Blue. The Morrlman property on State -atree in Miller & M.tchell'8 add., to Alton, IX story house, 8 rooms and out-butldliina; all lu yor- feot order. Can bo had at a bargain. WUU'l'LK * SMILEV. For sale. The Woodroof property. A 2 etory frame bouse ol 8 rooms, on Filth und Alton streets, a i room (ramo house on Kl (tb ntrm-t. WHlI'l'LE A 8MILBY. Jfor Sale. A convenient farm of 120 acres, moot all In cultivation; situated on tbe netbalto road, mill'' 1 *rum AKim. For Kent. A two story brlok dwelling known OB the A. I>mtt homosteiul; l,ui'i\ put In Kood repair. WlllM'LK* SM1LKY WELL. KLUHK UNDERTAKER, AND UBAU9B IV Ready-Blade Coffins, Metalio Cases, Gaskets, Ami Burial Robes For Ladles, Qentlemen and Children, Office and Shop on State street OverH»r» • Wvery Stkbio. WU1 *tt«xd to Job wrefciuM ReoftUinic JTnmlww*. . UA 'I I V- ii 't t ' lV , A Common Cold Is often the beginning of serious affeo- tlona of tho Throat, Bronchial • Tubes, nnd Lungs. Therefore, the Importance) of early nnd effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral may always bo relied upon for the speedy cure ot a Cold or Cough. Last.January I was attacked with a severe Cold, which, by negleot anu frequent cxpoKlirus, became worse, finally settling mi my lungs. A terrible cough soon followed, amunpaniml by,.nams in the client, from which I suffered Intensely. After trying various remedies, wltlf- o'ut obtaining relief. I niniineiiml taking • Ayer's Cherry 1'ectoral, nnd was Speedily Cured. I am satisfied that Mils remedy saved my life. —Jno. Webster, Paw tucket, U. I. I contracted a severe cold, which middRiily developed Into Pneumonia, presuming dangerous and; obstinate .,- RvmptoniH. My physician ordered the ustuif Ayer's Cherry I'm'tornl. His instruction* xvciro followed,-and <the result wns a rapid and permanent cure.— It. E. Stimpson, Kofjort I'rairio, Ter. Two ynnrs ago I suffered from a severe Cold, which settled on my l.mijjs. I con- snlKiil various physicians, and took the medirines thoy pr«w:ribed. but received only temporary relief. A friend induced mi! to try Avar's 'Cherry-Femoral.- After taking two bottles of tliin meilicino I was cured. Since then I have given the Pectoral to iny cliilJrcu,- and consider it The Best Remedy for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and Lung diseases, ever used in my family, r- Kobcrt Vanderpool, Meadville, Pa. Some time ago I look a slight Cold, which, being nngloctod, crow worse, ana settled on my Lungs. I had n hacking cough, anil was very weak. Those who knew mo best considered my life to be in grout danger. I continued to suffer until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Less than one bottle-of this valuable medicine cured • me, and I feel that I owe the preservation of my life to its curative powers. — Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, New York. AycrVCherry Pectoral is considered, here, the one great remedy for all diseases of the throat nnd lunijs, and is more In demanil'than' any other medicine of its class. —J. i'. Koberts, Magnolia, Ark. * Ayer ! s Cherry Pectoral, : Prepared by Dr. JiC.AyerJc Co., Lowell, Man. Bold \>y all DruggtaU. Price $1; tlx bottl«i,<». HAVHFEVCR Is not a liquid, snuff orpotrder. Applied into nostrils in quickly absorbed. It clcantei tlte head. Allays inflammation, Hcalu tli« sores. Restores the aenvoe of taste and smell, 60 ccii(« at Druggists; by inafl, rfy<«tered t 00 eentf, ELYBROTHERS.Prugg!B<g.Oiycgo,Ky. A. J.HOWELL, -OEALKB : IN- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. roil ALL ORDKP UPHOLSTEEnfG Neatly and promptly executed, Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- UNDERTAKIB. JtBSIDENCE COR. STATE A BBVBSTH 8T8 For Sale or Hunt. The Z-story triwiu dwelllnK with B roomi, InpludlnK r'lnts: good burn and tlpe fiuHs known as the Nichols homestead, situated on lith B(,, In a dosh'Aole neiabboiUood.» 11AG8 FUREKA FINE SALT For Dftlry and Tublo U»f, Ib. HIIIMI trnckK «n«l SO lb. ,ju«sk», for sale ty J. A, HYKIE, ' '

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