Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1887
Page 4
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ALTON DAILY TKLJBQBAPBL BT Vt. T. MORTOft, Cor, Third »oo PIMM MMeU, Alton, HI. Mo-»Whlto «lnm.Mr: •Kwjitittlon-iloldler Boy H Rjcltoilon ^ Lord UlUnU Daughtw, Ml»» ThUR3DATEVK.« MARCH 84. A Beggar Worth $1O,OOO. A few days slnco ft very poprljr dressed woman named QiUlnrinq Doho- tan went to the city hospital and Bald that »be needed treatment She wae examined nnd it was found that she •Witt suffering from a bad scalp wound. She refuted to tell how it was received and would not Will where she lived. The wound was dressed, and as the •woman claimed to bo too poor to purchase medielno, some wits given hnr. She asked to bo allowed to remain over night, and the request was granted. She was searched by the nurse and a , most astonishing discovery was made. In the pocket of her ragged dress were found several batik-books representing about $7,100 in cash in various banks in this city. Hidden away in the lining of her dress and in other places went found aKbufcfSOO in. money and #1,000 In bonds. She was highly indignant , when searched and said that they had ho business to treat her In such a manner. She was so Incensed that she refused to remain at the hospital any • longer.' An attempt was made to find out where she lived, but she was dumb to all questions. She was asked If someone attempted to get the property away from her by force, thus inflicting the scalp wound, but she refused to give any answer. She c-laimod that the hospital authorities had ho right to ask any questions of her, and that what property she had belonged to herself* and that she came honestly by it. The officers nt the hospital attempted to detain her, but she insisted ''upon going. It-wad aft«.r 10 1 o'clock tit,night whim, the woman left. The hospital authorities had an idea that it was an attempted robbery, but as the woman refused to gi v en ny information at id I "this of course was. mere supposition.—AV/o York Mail and Express. ' . • "Has the Prince of ,,Wnles over run , after youPV asked a manager of an imported actress. "No," wiis tho regretful reply, "but my name has been coupled with those of a Duke and two Lords." "I'm afraid," waid the manager, shaking his head, "that I ton't oiler you any iii(lnc< l in<:iit.«. The Lord business has bcromn »<> common that the American public him drawn the line at the Prince of Wiili.*." . Muster Chandler Broken HeMted Cutohman. Mr. John Drvmilw. ... • Violin and Organ-Air* from Martha, Mr. "'oeclaroatlon-Tlw Rivon. Mr. Frank ftjenl. I«»loKU«i- \ Visit to the Oil IteKlon!-. Mtay* J oulw nnu LMm.HMberlf>;«iiil MeswjK ». •trt IIK.UM. llaeberle, Fr»nk Kl«hl audF««uk N.rru, . -.•••..' Merrlt'i Orerturr—Mr. and' Mtwi Pierce. ( -, ( Beuttatkra-A Jolly O.d Bjcirelor, Mr El. Hecitntlon-bw Dog nnd der Lob»tpr, Mr,' urlvenfrom llome-MUs Jewto "dolu-Oolleen Avarra, Mr. Frank Mckitrd. B«ultatluu— Tufe Introduction, Hl»* Julm "ffiuilon - Hay B'lly, Waiter Sammy "vicfiln nm! Or*im-Llttlo Beuuty, Mr. am) M B." "Stfon-ThoTowerol St. Mtchasl'n, Mr. ' lub— Mei-sri.. nun* h>hl, Kd. SUritz, l. Ellloit.Ueo. llaeuerle, Frank AorrUmiU iiil "'lilitrumrntal Music-Mr, and Miss Plerec. Wo aluo rxprens, tbrouuh jour worth) paper, our wurmont thankato Mr. Pierce anil Ina daughter, MUa Jennie. Mr Frank I'lok- aid, Mm. J. P. VIUB'-rliitf and .Mr. Uhrlat. Sclini'idor, notonly (or tnolrklnd HSflntanoc, but BUo lor the ruftdy oUoerful w»I In whloh COM. TIRED OUT! Sparks IHllllng do 'Choice, per tra. Ship (tuff, per 100 f» Kp.SMUad,per btt '•• «• So.» White, " ••• w Wholertlfl, per ton, balled ...... ...;.•.. .9* It)' M Olovcr Seed, per bu.,wlio,e9a e Timothy-. V. BAOt* T At Kit SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TheStewmef i E. BOSS iwr«u * )KD BLOCK,Jiofi*. On and n ter Monday, F«b. H, the Spread EUKII- wl nmiiriioUows.vUi LKAVUM ALTON FOB ST. LOUIS The Century For 1880-87. irtt* nitHTtlHV ID Hit lliui-vi'tttpd monthly '" TUB LIFH OF LINCOLN* * By tits eontttU'nllal gticreuirles* Jouu O. Mcolay *.ucl Ool. Jouu Huy. worn, Ui gun, With the.S«not!lnu Jewy nolntf every evening «S-The Whl.tle will be dwnuUed flftOfll. •nlnntesbefore rtartlng lor Bt. LouW. To 8T. LCD!*, HOUND TBIT TWBHTY K:DM»' - - B W W. PTI.I. ABPHI. An excess of animal food and a par* tial closing of the pores of tho ckin, during tbi) winter months, causo tht- BYsteroto become tilled with •impurities These can,be removed iind the blood puntied 'and invigorated' by tnkiny Ayer's yaraaparllla. Price $1.' dwlw MURU. UOUFKET OoDFnKr, March 22.1887. Mrs.J.W.Oald«tall, of Shlpman, culled on old fr'rndt hero lust week. ; Mr. Jutnog Younx, a wealthy farmer of NokomU, Is here on H visit to hlo brother. M>V W, Yooifg and his old friend* and neighbors. All were Klad to se« liliu again, Mr. Fi-ed. Vlrden, of Kune, spent fraturday with KBV. O»Wwell In Sulpman aad'the Sab. bii'h atbou-ela Bvthuny. ., Misses Mury Mul hie, Laura Strong ami Jennie Potts, ol North A'ton, were, last week theKuesta ol MISS Lucy Youn*. Mr. and Mrs. Krueic, ol Foaterburg, spent the Sabbath b«re • Mrs. John Hancouk lull tor ner fuinre boin- In Kiinaas luat ovoplnif. TOO b«9t wlolies ol all KO with her, ' Jlt-v. J. W Bulne and wife are happy, It I uftlri. : , • , We had a very good literary Faturday evu- nlng, fine elnulng by (tome of Mian BartlctiV pupils wulcb reflected credit both on them- 'elvea and teacher. There was a first claw paper under the skllllul wake up of Prnf. A W. Younx. Prof. UenJ. MTaitgoner Is the e<ll- tortbla^eek. i. '' -•, Furmera Improved tn« pleasant weather ot last week by plowing tor oats. Wheat look: fine. Mrs. Abblo Irish called on friends in Alton IUBI wtek. Mr. Alex. Crawford ' and family bave removed from their [arm to the Ool. Doty placi on the Upper Alton road. Their many friend- here wure norry to have them go. MOHE ASO.V. Wholesale, per Ib Retail ......... . MObAbSEb. Wholesale, per gal ......... BUTTEK. Oholae, wnoloaale, per Ib . retail ...... ........... KGOO. Per dozen, wholesale " retail ^ OHIOKENb. Live Mono, 111., March K, '87. ^BitBOSAV-MIss Vt-naBiiriinrd.ol Kast Si. Louis, wan the guest of her elater, Mm. Dr. Gere, several day» lint week. -i't'ti Miss Helen Kehne, of llethiilto, "-pent Saturday un'l SUnduv wlih friends here. Mr. and Mm. Peers came over from Ooll'ns vlile, liiet Tuesday, and tpent the day with relatives, • Mm. A. J. Kuisolt and children «f Worden, were vlnltordatMt. H, K. Stabl'n duilug ilie past woek. Itov. HDd Mrs. R. R. Brunt left on Thursday last lor Lniliuli, Ark., where they expect to locate. Their daughteriwlll follow tueui In u low weeks. '. MOIISM. Q o. Orlftltb, J. W. Mitchell, A. T. and 2. E. Bivons and K. Itruncp, of thli- place, MCIJBI-B. lirleuaud Webber, of Ilutlei, andUenryWIIl'uuut.of Olllesple, lelt during tho pact weuk for tne lur nest. The party, with tho exception of Messrs. U.leu'and Iliunc", who ttoaoiiipanlod tu« trulght, went via the famed Wichita and after aeHnp tho sights there will proceed to south caMein Oolortido whore aome'of tliein expect to locate. TlU'lr many Irleudir hi re wish them umcli sauces* lu their new \ uulure. i J'AIITV, — Owing to the fact that a uumbur of bur young people are leaving town,i'X|>cotliiK to locate elsewhere, u tare- well paity was given at the home of tu MIDI'S Iliunt on f l uobduy evening lust, which was well intended by the youth und lieaut.\ oi the neighborhood, wl.o spent apleaauut evening in social mat « 1th gumus, uharude.., muHlv, «le., us uinuueiiietita. A* u parting iong, "God uo with uu till we meet again/' Wan Hungi goo'l-byt'S wire snid und all winded their way hoim-ward well pleaacd with the success of tho (Inul party of thu aeuion. , 6oiui>8-Tlio town'dilp convention will lie held nt Uidgely, ttututday, Maiuh 26th, at two p. m, Election, April (tb. Mr. V, V. Klchmond received u splendid Whitman's Monarch food mill last wvek an u premium for an essay written by himself some tluio ago. We would iidvUo our young ladles to prom by the experience of another and bo vuty oaioful hereafter whore they place their "tingtl food" to cool, a» tramps aro often angola in dlsgultv. MVB. Ida Lnlner gave tt dancing party Sutur day evening. Ma«tcr Frank Glllu was quite nick the past week but 1- Impiovlng. We have only one blucksmltb in town since Mr, Orfflllh loltlor the west. Uui shop In town la for runt and there Is a good opening foraskDod workman. tllBsos Muttlo Ulunknnshlp and Mary Itollj are visiting relntlvou In tltU vtulutty. Mr. O. U. Hatch, of Bprluxnold, was lieo- a * few dayslu»t week. ESTEU1 AiNMFNT AT MELYULfi J CUtltt'll. Tho entertetnmentarranKed by tho young people of Melville, lor thn bfiiellt of above olmicb, waj a decided eucocso In every re spool. And the lollowlng piogrimnno wa retderod in tliemont eatUfaotorv muuner: rAHTi. Hlppndromr ,Overture--Mr. nnd Mt;» Plw-cp I've LM« tiiu uond to tUpplnuu—MliM Eltio fl*i*Hi»tlon-The Wolve», U»it*r Unrry Vti 'ftfogue -Ih" .Wrw^on^ ^Oond. An* VITIATED BLOOD Scrofvlpus, Inherited and Contagious Humors Curdd by Cuticura- T IinnUGH tho medium of one of yon< bookH received tlirouxti Mr Frank T Wmy.DriiKKlat, Apoll.i, I'rt,, I nm-ania ac (|iiuliin-U with your CirncunA K.'.MKUIKS, uno .«kc thU oppurtumty to tuouly tn you Urn inelr u^c 1'KH p«imiiii«ntly cunid o.e ol oneo th . win» (n<i-8 nl blood polaonlux, In con nuctloit wHn orytP H 'a-, thill 1 tiuvui'Vui BIMJH. •ind this after having I'Ci-n pronounced tucu' 1 ublu by rouicjoi the bfs( physicians 'In nu county. 1 tnkuvrmit pleiwuiuln forwurdlav o you tills teatlmonlui, unso lolled us It It bv ,011, In ordei thai otliera froiu almllar inalH- <liea nmy ' «encouranutl u> give \ourCoTtou ItA HEUKU1E8 tt 'rlttl. 1> o'. » UirUNGEU, Loeouliurjr, I'a. tu lei onto-. FUXNK T, W RAY, uruxiiiHi, Apollo, I'a. Be quality perlb.. who'ejale..... Qreen oared, per Ib..... Dry Salted Dry Flint BAMS; Sugar Cured, wholesale ............ " retail • • • • . LtAKU. Per Ib., wholesale, ..,,..•• M retail.........* > ^^ BACON. Shoulders, wholesale, per Ib. " retail Clear Bides, wholesale " retail •• LIMB. Per bbl., whsleaale » • retail » •••• 70 Bulk per bu., wholesale • • £> •«.«.• reiall ., J> Louisville Cement, per brl »J {jj Plaster Paris, " " 2 60 Hair, per bushel... <KK' - , * • r vtrooD ' Goodq.iallty.per cord...... 3.50 O 4.00 OOAL. , House, del., per bn :i'i^»iTy, llRm.perton J6 ooaroii KASK1NE (TUB NEW QUIMNK) . Wo bad effect No headache No nausea. Fast Freight ftPasse gerLi TOE ST.. .IJOUW.ANOOKSTBAL hut Viu-v nitMht ni-bl appour Hi tula autuenUo iilstoi". By iwuoii 01 the publication ol tills rt ° lkt THE WAltSEUlES, * • d -I.n unflagging so SCROPULOUt* Ol OKBS. ; James *,. Klcha UHOII, Ountoui llouuf. New OilC"llB, on until Mljb: "In 167U Suixifuloufc Uloera boikw out on my body until I wui u '•iittBuf corruption. JUVbr>-thlnx known to the mudluul luculty was tiled In vain. 1 bu unmu u mere wi-uck. At times uouht not lift my liunUs to toy htmd, could not turn In bcU; , H In conr-'unt iiHia, uiid looked upon life u No ivnuf'or cur*- In t«ti yt- ara. In 8801 heaidol Che uuiluura Henieuie», .hi-in, mid was perfectly cured." •worn to Uetoru U.«. Com, J. D. Crawford. UK THK WORST CASKS We huvv been nflling your Outluuru Home* Ho» for yuurH, uiid liavu Ihu tlrat compliiint >uito i-t'uulvolroiu H piirc-liMBur. Dnuol thii <tomt uuHUd of aoi-olula I ever »HW WHH «<urei< .y the nuoof flvo uoilluaot Oullcuia Uabolv- nt, OuHcunmiiUruiiei'i-tt Hoar. 'Ihu boap 'ukvu tho "vakb" huru a» a mudlclnul map. • TAVI.OU • TAYtOIJ, Friiukt'ort. Knn. XHEBEST THING JKJfOJF2f voa iVashingand Bleaching In Hard or Holt, Hot or Cold Water. •JliVES LABOR, traiK and SOAP AHAZ. j XfiLV, and gives »nl'» luBlly.richorpoor.s ^ M h* nil Orooarg. ringing ears. C nre * quickly Pleasant, t" 6 A POWfcKFUL TOXIC. thbt the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOU MALAKIA, RHEUMATISM, NEUVOUS PUOSTKATIOS, ':', ' and all Gni ro Diseases n FOttOOMlS KAiKlNK HAS dKBiM FOUND TO BK ALMOST A BFKLUFIO buperlor to Q B«'uevueU08pUal,N. Y.: "Universally sue- Oe8slu ''' - /I'Everv parent treated St. FrancU Boa.N. Y. I with Kaskmo ha< been cured." J. K., Uomiuunder. tt> AN8IIUTZ, jnjeikB. TllUK UOUUK, ) On and alter ThuradHy,F«b. 17th, wlllloavf AltouUulb For St. Louis at T a. m. Itoturnlnif, will l«ave St. Louis (foot of Vim ,t.) u.t 2t4S p. m.: Leaving Allon at 5:^O p. m. for PortuKe aud .l^ruey, arriving at Oration at 7:45 p. m., connecting WUh fHPtczpress on «t. Louis and Oeutral lUlnoU Ballroad lor Jerstyvil e. Wa- veriy. sp.lnKl*ddaud all points i.ortn anu Bttst< ... FABB. TOST. Louis, single trip, ,. • • - SJ^•• r- und trip, . • • • '°° « " twenty rlue ticket, , io.w HEKBY O. TA1 UU, Oen ARt. Alton. H.A. H'llltK. ».en'l MnnaKur. le.ldtt •until, l!lt U mii"e,eTcr-e-tc.-wlira. i-«ai. NOVELS AND STOUIES. .•The Uundredth M»u.». «rnnk Rflv. JasiL llall.Olmplaln Albimv tfary, wrlt«H that Ka klne Ima eared his alter twenty v<?ar<* HuffertiiK trom lualirlu andneivouidyupopsla. Write him for pur- DR.O.B. KUllLiANI), Dentist, 18 TH1KB STHKKT, ALTON, IliL. Offloe Hourh~aa, «. to 12 m.; 1 to 4p. STOKE dtf d i Mulebvon, und other iiroiulnont cun uuthoVi wllil>« printed durtuK tue SPECIAL FEATURES. wlth lllu»tiut.ouj) Inuludo u .twu» of arU- . O..A. • Dentist, , ,'• )VKB BEUE6QBM>Jt.y's_ OIGAB i the Oi iltttan Advocate: ^troiiomloBl pa- v vr*; tbvuwiuK liKhiou ittbloi Imoi-y, CU 'PBICES. A FREE COPY. Subacnption price, ?4.Wttj ear, «B ""ntt. tt iiumbf r.- OKulura. pubtuiuntiira, und |.ubllHh- "vs tako stud lor ouv beuuti- ^ullv illuot.atbd«o, CMtulouup Ulto). coi tali Ing lull pi ocpeutUH, ««••.. ffio udln« a ^S"elul onur by whicu new readers, cauuot •Tu-UuuuiborBto the btKlnniuif.ot the War ot-rieJ Tat u very low price. 'A apectmen oupy tbiuk number) will bo tieut on request. Men- '''can'you'unv'rd to be without the' Century can jou «», 0lvNTUjt> yi.o., New York. fsubncrlptlons received at thlj otMcc; Hospital.' N. Y.: "It's use is con Ideivd Inillnp lisa le It apt* P««eetly.» Fro.. IV. F. Hole > UH-, M.D..6I Bi-fiith «t., N V. (I lie Prol. In N. Y. Med. Col eKO) wrlte^: "Kioklne Unuperlor lu quinine in .{"jojo fflo p .wer, and never produeea the sllgbtant In Juiy to the huarlnx or uoiiMltutlpn. TliouMiinda unon thouMandi write that Kas- klne has cured thrni after all other inedl- elnushiid fulleiL Write lor book o! teirtl- U> Ka!i l kine nan be tnlton without iny special uiudlcal advlue. $>.00 pprboitle. Sotdby or uent bv mull on receipt of prlee. , 61 Warruu St., New \ork. ludwiin , f BVMtlAKB AWO BtlKU*iO« ai DH. E. Pbyaiolan ana Uurgeoa, ND BB8IDKNOE. AND HiCNltY 8TS. W. A. HACJ1USL.L, Al.JU., Physician and durgeon, OFFIO V— SSCIOND ST., A1.TON, ILL. itflce hours-»a.m.; 18 to 1, and 6 p.m ' l iajipeoritb: ,1 tttrv'i P10.«C. NRW j. SUITER & SON, : *. ' V i' . i £',* ' ^ f 'V A>^'^ I. * nd OoniHkUiun lluinoru, with IOBM of hnlr, nu Eruptl'inn ol ih« Hkln, ur« pn»ltively urod by cutluiiru and Outlcura Soap o>ter- luily, wlii'ii all. other lueUlcluea full. tituU or pamphlet. _ DKUGUItTa ll^KTIIKM. WoliavoolHttUua BHtlafaa'ory results from h,'ii).oof ti<e''utiuuru Uemodl'Sln our own umlly, ami rucoiuincnu them bejond.aii) >ti,«r i<>iiiuitl«u tordltwhawol' tlm akin and ilnod. Tim dtMiiHiiO for ihcin KI' wx iia thuii nerlta buoouio known. MCMILLAN & CO.. ' LatroUv, 1'a. FDTE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Full and Complete Stock Al. ways oti Hand. iX) NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALl» BEFORE PURCHASING. ,JUK FUBN1TUKB BOOMS ABB ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, LUOKOUT HERE! THE CEI.EBKATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline 11101 EDI KS irasold evurjwi'ieie. irleo: Uudoura, the tirmt bkin Ouri-. IM of.; Outloura S"ap, an H.xqulBliellerttitltlur. 2. 1 ) eta.; Ontk-ura Keaolv- out, thu New lllitod I'ui-liler, ?l. i'otter Orug ' UOd on. 1'LKS, Dlatklieads. Skin Olemlehes and UHby llumura, uae Uutlvuta winp. ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE, Eftate of llermnn iieiinln ann, debtors • T h e underuigned heiebc given notice thai flertntn Kcgi-luiann, nf -UMn, «n;»lie coiml) of MadlHon and 8tut« nf-ftlinoU, did, on tin rjihduyot Feb., A. D. IBSJ.'tia yf«f. to the imilerul/ned, at, HBt.lKiii-e.' all hl»;prapeity, u'al and personHl, lortho b. neflt of his cied Itorn, Hceordin-' to the provibiun^ of the ant eoncernlnu BJalKntniMit". All | «i anno having cUlmn aualnnt tho said Herman H' gemmim Hre hetuby. nntiUmJ t» pri-uetitsuchclulme under ntuirur aulmnH- lion, to n e at mv Hi re, on the wlrtii r 01 Third and •' a»a -trwis,,In »»ldcounty, w|tth In ihref monttiHfrom'lila du:e. " : -,. Dated Keb 16th, 1887. '*''• '-" JOHN DOW, JOHN J. BnKNlloi.T, Atty. The undersigned have opened a n»w;mu8lc tore at the corner iol '/hu-u and Pmaa btt ORGANS AND PIANOS) 11 tUelflnest workmanship tor sale atroa- .oimble prices. Uall and examine our lUBtru- meats betore purehaalug elsewhere. FLOSS. & RABE- Cloauses Head, Allays liiflatumdtiou. Heals tliu Mures. Restores tbe Senses of Taste •well, Hear- lug. A qiiic-k Ufliof. Apos-,-;-^ Ulve Cure. ?|A A Phrllcle is applied Into each nostril mid m HgrcmiblH. I'rlce IMi. cts. at i ruitsriflts i uy mall, reulsteredi-.BO.'cw. ..gin ulara fioe. Kl/Y - ,.. Uruggi^owego, K. V- 8ep30J , wl? ^ -FEVER Choking Oatarrb. II eve you awakened from a disturbed sleep wlih all the horrible xenimllona of an HBSUS- sin olutohinic jour throat and protamir the IllO'breath from your tightened client? tlave you noticed tin- iHnurunr unJ ilubl'ltv that «iivreedtMl the effort to clear your throat and head of ilila catiirilml matter?' What » ri«. pruxslng Innueiu'elt exerts upon Abu mind, iloudluK tne moinory and flllliiK tho hfail with pain* and xtran^e nolwi-l How diftloiilt to prole t the Byatein avalnst ltn luither proiiioHa towardu ih» lunun, liver iin i hldne>B, all jiliyaluluna will Bdmlt. 'It wa in rlble Ulneiue, audoilraout f,>r rrllef aud cuvo, Tim remavkaWo curative powers when all other n medics utterly lull, of Bii' fmd'a llud cal Ooi'o, i ru atiotnd by thouauin'M who Mi ail-lull* rutommu 'd It to fellow AUfferui>, Vu»tatviii << ntU uiwle regardinu it tlmt cannot bti uulmtnnilated bv the moat ronpeoiii- PRICE LIST: FOK SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S 3 raltram STOVES AM> MAKDV^'AHB Also OntAldx Work n specialty. Booting and Galvanized (rou Worn. Also i indertaker's SiippHe.- -•WILSON. WASHBOARDS. TU«ie Wa«hboar<l« are J"* iB«nt.Woodr!m. ThpBtrong- S»r&"nabc.t wafers in tfii, world. For sale by all dealers. 'CONSIN for sale «t $5 AN ACRE on line time. The moxt pronprroiu. and promiialnff field for wttlemtmt hi the U. 8. Full l/rormatlon with Rood map tree. Address U!lD C8WBSIOIER. r^omlo Ceatral R. R., MllwaokM. fflv Pfelttenberger ARCHITECT, HUPBttlNTENDENT AND MECHANICAL URAUUHT8MAN, Office on Third door west of Plapa, ihlrrt floor. UPPER ALTO^ ILLS, D. F. KITTINQER& CO. tlifl public ; to know they are selling nt Lowett Oaah I'rkea. : ory Go d«, Qtooerlfs, N. ..I. ma. <>t nil kinds, I'lon-, iiixiiny Yarn, Vvnl. ALWAVboM HAND. COB. BKCONO AMU A1.BT 8T8, W. if. ENSENGER, iini, Krtoh imcket contains one bottle of (he RnUliml Cm u.oiui Imx of I Solvent, nitdun lin|n«''dliihilur,'wlih tr«atl»u and duvet nim, and In sold 'iy all driiKuUtH fur Jl. I'UTTKU DHUO AOllKMlUAL CO., UUUTON. HOW MY SIDES ACHE. Fmm thu bench and the counter, from the loom ami aewliiitmncliii.e Koea up thu ory • f pain and wi'itk- neaa. AuhinnaldfitundUaok, Kid- nej nnd uieilne i aliiH, rt rulm iind . w WeHknemi.OouKhii.UoMiiaud Oh«nt und t>very p.iln unii nobu ol unlly toll ivlleveil In mi,- mlnu n by tn« U(illCi,rj» Antl- I'Hlu I'liiKler. N. w,. etejfuiitt Biid inw llble, At druuul.t*. «p.i nve lor H; 6r oFro Urug and OUciuleulUo,, Uo4ton, ' " V«. LaBelle, - - - $4.75 Fairy. • - • • 4,50 Diamond Light, - 4.00 Fancy. - - • 3.50 For Sale Cheap. -ONE- 1U WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNDKD TO Al LOWKbT TKKMS. : \A. oxnom AMD SHOP ON SECOND ST., ,! ALTON. NE4R PI AS 4 With all tha Applinncea to RUa Everything In Good Order. A. 11. HASTINGS, Jftiewtf Uppor Alton. \ ,IOHN BAUEIl, DKALKH IK AND MANUFAOTUKKB OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp, City Hall, Ail klnilN ol ALTON, ILL. One anrt oouminn (arnltur' and. .AUo uudf.-tiker, etc. 1887. Harper's Weekly. lULUtJTRAlED. TfARFEU's WEEKLY mnlntnlns Us posltior as thelcudlnK llhiatnttt-d n-wapapcr In An or- leu; and lu hold upon public UBteMii and o >n- tfdi-nce was nevei utronunr than at th« prea unt time, llesldea the pleturi'8. IIAHPKIt's n KEKLY ulwioacontnlns InMtallinentaoton^, 01 caalonuli) <>( lw<>, ol the be>t noveli of t'te day, finely Illustrated, with slmrt stories, po»ma, aketchuH, mid papers of Important em-rent toplca by tho moat popular writers. The care tlmt haa been sncct'SxInily exercised In the paat to u ake IIAKI-KKS WUKKLV i sate aa well as it welcome \ inltnr to every house hold will noc be reluxfd In thu future. Per Yean Harper'* Weekly ....................... * < 00 Harper's MHtiazlmi ..................... 400 Huviior'ii I'mur ........... .. ..... ... 4 to Harper's IOUIIK I'tople .................. 2 OU Harper 1 * Franklin hqnuro Llhruiy, one year IM iiunUHTB) ....... .. , ..... 1000 Marpera Handy Serleu one >oar (.2 .nnmbcrr) .......... ................ It OC I'n tagu Iff e to all a-bsei-llnn-n lu thu United States or Uanitda. Tim Volumes of tho Weekly begin with tho flr»t Nunili rfcir Jiiiiiiurvolea hyi-ar. Wlmi mi lime IB mentioned, hiibacliUlnna will ui'Kln wlih thu Number ctineiitni lime t f receipt ol order. Bound Volutnos ol lUHPBit's WKBKI.V, for three vi'iii'H bit k, in neut c nth liimliiiK, will be -i" t by mull, poatago imici.or ny cxpieas. Ireenf 'Xpvna>(pr<>vl<Miil llnrreluht d UK not OM'i'i d mm uinlni pt-r vnliimi') lnrJ7 per vol. Cloth caaea for eueli volume, »n titlile loi blndliiK, will huaenlby mall, pontpuld, on receipt 01 $1 eituli. lltimlltancea hhould b'< made l<y rostonioo Morty urUur 01 Dnitt to avoid chni ce nl IHMH. NcWH|)H|ic a are nut lo copy thta iiOvertli-e- inent without the vxpruaa order ol 'Hill por A llrotherii. Addrraii II.UU'EU •« IIIIOTHEIH, Now York. U..-lt-ry »f an de- Toll, coo, gorlptiuus. Quemn und Tinware. Fresh Oysters and Cel«ry ;V Bfaiik liros'. Crtiidi>*8 aud Niite; Kiitli's Brei*d.,r D. B. KIT FINGER & CO, aiurpliy'trOM Stand. .... __28w8m__ HIT A M f^Ti i-Ani hS TO Worm FOH us at W AJN UiUthclr homea.-; $7 t'i $10.,, per wenk own be quietly inar'e. '>'o photo pjilnt- IIIK; no canvaHolnit. Fur lull pnrtlonlars plniae addiuHH, Htoncn.iIKHitni-Nr AH IDOflitriilct., llutton, Mitsa. Box A170. "I Itac uiaos, and n niiwand own home, bv or.e who WAS ileiif twentyi'lKl" venix. Treated by moat <'f th« noted Ht>eclallata without bunuilt. Ourt'd hlmaeit In throe months, >>nd all ce than hundred.- of (itliern. Full purilo i on itpollcatlon. T. « I'AUB, No. II Went 'llrt St. . ! M, t. city BOOKS FREE. thrilling l>ni«ctlva Hnrles, H"me Cook n nd JOoctnr lioolc, IIow to Bliike I'ou trr IMy, mil Itobliiaoii tiua e, tlfwo 4 hooka rent liec, un le elpt nl 4ci-ntHfnr poBlnge, wUh Htiency leinii-, H|HO nur paper Home, Vn> m ami rnctory, 3 inonilis on trial, 49*r\,r '0 cento uo will pliien your od- uiHea In O'ir new Au^ntn' Uirooiory, which will In Ing y. n , vi r BuO bunka, pupuri, lettors, < trim HH..Mtiiip'ii". *e. H.tluurtl'ub. Co,, 44 Emllllo Block. 8t. Loulg.'Mo. _ ,_ _ 10-4 _ v JUBtUPU JAWltETT'8 LIVERY STABLE STHKltT, IIETWBKN tmrWlv I'ock'd Pat. Imnr'-veil''UHliloned Bar Dnima, 1 l£HHiCTl.V KHsTOKK Tn«! HKAIUNO, n» nuiiiei' win-tin r Hi iiliii'cs IH cmisi'd by cnlda. ft v< CM, or mini II'K to I IIH natural dnimB AIWIIVR lu iiiiHlUou hut ti.vUlUlo to n'l urn, ciiinioHahle lo weui-. Mi|»li', convurs'itlon, i-vuii whli-pi I'B h aid illBllnetly. Wo nl'rto tliiwi ti»liiK ilHMii. bviul lv>r ll.natruUMl 'look "I 1'IIKK. AddlVoa F, lilUCOX. 849 Broadway, .N • V. .. • . •, lu-4 _ , ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICK. K>T.VI K 01 Kluunor I'.UulId, c«e?uK«d. Tln< iiinli'mltfiii'd, lut% Ing boon appointed AiliiilnlBlra or ot thu ratal n ol Kumii.'rl'. liu Id. lam of tin, county ol Umllwin i.nd oint" nt Illlnolri, (li-i-oufleU, hereby iilvna notice Unit hn wl I appenr bud ru he county fi-urtnl Mitrlli-oii county, Mt the court house. in KilwitiiNvllh', ut th« tiny term, on the ilil'dSliiinlny in May n«xt, at whli h tl IMO nil neraniiH IntvlitK clulniH iiKuinut RHld Uitaw are iioilllvd and u qneatud Ui alli'iid |i)i' tn« IHII'IIIHC nl InivhiK tho 'HHiiiA ililjiniMit.1, All lierenlH Indii 'leil to aiil'l K-llltn «l« IciiU'iaiDu in niMknlinmi'lllMtu paynn lit to the under* v 'V

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