Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1887
Page 3
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Wfl HSirjon to carefully nut tb a column.-^H. J. Bowman A Co. ' BEST 'quality of' Shirting pretty tteW styles are 60, at H. Bowman & Go's. i YARD wide heavy Pen&ngs in 40 new patterns, at H. J. Bowman A Go's. £»(-• - - ---..--- r...l. ___ L- --- I_l_l_ WK are showing some very pretty stylen, medium and d»rh drees satins At 12 l-2o per yard.- Co. -H. J. Bowman A SPRING stylos of those very popular Century Cloths are now on sale at 11. J. Bowman & Go's. ,. • FORTY pleoeu Crinkled Seersuckers in choicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Co's. . Single Insertion , . . lOiwat*. Throe to flv« insertions, . . 7 " Six to twelve InMirtloa*, . . 8 " RATES Of AliVSRTI«WQi TKA»»«irr.— WJT r cen'a per Inoh first Insertion, uud TtrsXTT-FlVB o*nu per Inch for each »ub». <tu«nt InanrtUm. $3 per Inch flm month, $1.80 per Inch each montb thereafter I.KQAL ADVERTISING: It per inch for tbe Urnt intertlon, and so Vents per tnoli (or euob subaequenl Insertion. W Above rutea will be stiletly adhered to. PALMKR SoeYsuckers, Tolll Du Nords , Dress and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J. Bowman & Oo's. WE are showing a complete stock of Spring; Woolens for dress goods,inc!ud- tog double width Cable Twills at 16e;40 inch cashmere at 25oj also Novelty Fabrics of both foreign and domestic make.—H. J. Bowman & Co. IN oca Silk Department we are showing Surahs, Gros Grains and Uhadames "in every new and popular shad* 1 . In Black Silks we are offering snoop splendid values in Groa Grains, Surahs, Rhadames, Faillu Francaise and Bro- cadfis.—H. J. Bowman &• Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Frefce Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Plushes in every shade. Plain 1 and Striped, Velveteens and new colors in the popniar Dress Corduroys. —H, J. Bowman & Co. ,.WB CALL "special' attenVion to our " Black' Goodo. Large additions have been mode to this Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared i to show every real good standard fabric and many novelties.—H. J. Bowman & Co. : • ' ' • w __^_____ '_. IN OUR flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel mall Wool and Domet, also many pretty styles,- Striped Sacqtie- ingg, Tricots and:".Albatross, m ,&ll the popular shades. i—H; J. Bowman & Co. WK ABE prepared to show a complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all' the popular make- including pla\ti and embroidered back*, dressed and undressed.—H-. J. Bowman & CO. . . . '• :••';'. ' • ' IN OUE Shirt Departmentyon can find a real good white shirt for 60c and the best made for$l.QO, also Permng shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shirt- and all. sizes : in Boys' Laurel Shitt H. J: Bowman & Co. ALTON 1)AJU THtJRSpAy EVJK., tyAKCll 84. ; BOTICE TO For tb« year 1*W we »ba!l charge the fol. lowing rates lor tratutcot notion In our local lolutunt: • ••'•"• ' TUB DAILY TELEGBAI'll U delivered by carriers to ill puna of the city of Alton and Upper alton, lor ten cento per week. Mailed to any address at the rutu of $5 30 prr year. THE TKLKUIWPH baa the largest circulation ot nny paper In Alton, and la the bout medium fur advertisers. I>0«NKB TllIKO A.SI) t'UBA STREETS. TELEPHONE NO. 3t). Tux masquerade parly for the benefit of the Tumors' nchool netted about $60. THE base ball season opens today at Spoilsman's park, St. Louis, when the Browns will meet the Prickly Ash nine. Af lot of Lbbotson's beautiful Cards have been received at Jowelry abd Art Goods<>atore. the first choice. Easier Rabe's Sncure 233 INDICATIONS for Illinois: Fair weather in tbe northern portion; light rains in the southern portion, becoming colder; Westerly winds. A complete line of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received by B.C. G.Moritz, Third street, moblj if Shoes, beat quality, cheap at Globe. " . 88 8 Wit , > IT AT TtWO Second atroot.noar i JDLI/JulsJSflEI U« corner ot Huury FINE —FOB- '- Snvli a» Crane's' Flora". Whltlnu's Standan' Pullers, llnrlbut'a Freno'i Linens, Gollpsi KaxKPd Ed*e, Bllte Raisaed Bu>i«. Balmor.i Linen, Onflln'a Linen, Turkey Lalil Linen . P-Holi Blow, Mikado, Obnrred Edito, Crean L&iit. Mournlnic Vote, und a liirtre assortrao , el Illuminuted and D«oorated stalloner> Dennison'fl Wax and Seals. School Table and Stationery. __ decedwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOR CASH ON TIMB PAYMBNT C^anoe and Organs tuned and repaired 8tw- Inu Mncblncs repaired PupDlleB for all M»- o.ilnes. N. \). LAMOHKUX, IMuslo Detler, Third street, nearly opposli. Belle, Alton 111. _ deoBdwly WATCH • OB THE BAKQilNS IV JOB'S NEW COB. KDILUIMO. HENRY nT., AT BIBrs. D. UKITKAMI"9, AUklndiofimncy, Hand made, Knit and Oro on 'IgoodB. IIoodB.TobugKans and Mils. Men' Doai'is and Katclnators ac very low price-. i Also Dresamubtug. Plain and Family Sowing and Mtamplnn D no. Come and give ua i call, Don't loi-get tbe p'aoe, iloiflrtwlv St. Louis Bouse of Delegates railroad committee met yesterday and decided to inspect the route of the Her- b-bantu' Bridge Terminal railway. 1 Just Received— Those much sought for and perfect fitting Boys 1 and Children's Suits, at the clothiug store ol Joestlng & Saohtleben. U 12 A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemin^er's Fig and Magnolia are tbe best cigars in the market. DIED— Prof. H. H. Kleebler, formerly Superintendent of lhn public schools of E'Uwardsville and Collirfsville, died ai San Diego, Cal., last, Friday. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE farmers of the Nineteenth Congressional district held an institute meeting at Ml. Vernon yesterday. HOD. D. B. Gillham,of Upper Alton, is prominent in the prooeedinga. The meetiup continues today. We beat the world on low prices, for good goods, at the Globe, Alton. 23 2 wit Dr. Bull will put In an upper or lowej set, of teeth for $8. Office closed Wednesdays. d s wtf ACCIDENT — A colored boy, named Ed. Coats, was driving Deterding'a delivery wagon this afternoon, and in making a short turn on Second street, partially upset the vehicle and was thrown out. At first he wan thought t» be badly hurt and was carried into tin store, but soon rallied and is probabij not, much injured. TBS Weekly edition ol the TKLK> OEAFH, for this date, is for sale at this office and the bookstore. OKI Justice of the Pekoe » t« be eltoted at the next township election In addition to the regular official*. MR. H. B. Baker todav sent a 12 hone power traction Monitor, engine to Fos> wrburg to tun a mill at that place. ON A KAMPA9K—A number of alleged roughs were on a rampage in Middle* town last night. About 8:30 o'clock a parly of a dozen swept along Twelfth street like a miniature tornado, with a load uproar. An hour later B gentle* man passing alone near the corner ot Hunry and Union streets was compelled to lake refuge behind .a tree box to escape a ahower of buflets. There wasn't, "much ot a shower'.' after all, but two pistols, at least were discharged. Nobody hurt. Mil Walter Pelham, the distinguished English humorist, poet and elocutionist, will eive his refined entertainment, entitled "Laughter, or Pelham^s Peculiar Puople," at Monticello Seminary tomorrow evening. This entertainiuent coniists of an infinite number of sketches, impersonations, delineations and latrical, but life-like likenesses of popular types and characters, Mr. Pelham possessing the wonderful power of transforming himself, before the spectators, into the callow school boy, tbe senile philosopher, the empty beaded beau, or the strong-minded and superior female personage. Those who receive Miss Haskell's invitation to this elocutionary treat can consider themselves fortunate. WEDDING ANNIVERSABT.—Capt. and Mra. J. K. Butler, with Miss Mabel Cballaoombe returned yesterday 'from attending tbe celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. N. Challacombe, of Medora, which took place Tuesday. There was a large gathering of relatives and friends of Mr. and Mr. C. on the auspicious occasion. The hours were passed enjoyably in social intercourse and the exchange of reminiscences common to such reunions. Some of those in attendance treated the company to readings, a splendid dinner wag sewed and the ••tffair, on the' whole, was a great sue- ue»s. The bride and groom of fonr decades were presented by their friends with many beautiful gifts as mementoe* of the occasion. < —UALL AT— . C.M. CrandalJ's Crockery Store FOB THE LOWEST PRICES; Good Cups and Saucers, 80o per set. Good 8-inoh Plates, 30o per set. Meat Dishes, 5c to 50o cncb. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50c ejvch. Pitchers, 5o to 50c each. Half-pint Table Tumblers, 15c p$r set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set. Fruit Sanuors, 15o per set. Fruit Dishes, 5o to 75o each. Assorted Color Cologne Sets. 50c per Bet. Beautiful Decorated English Dinner Bets, $15. Best quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50oor set. Triple Plated Forks, $1.50 per sot fUi P«I«r U ku)it oo die H.I (be »Oei> *f Beautiful French and Domestic Sateen? latest patterns at the Globe. 23 2 wli OFK TUB TRACK.— A cur heavily loaded with flour from Stanard's mill became derailed this morning at Ihu corner of front and Piasa streets. The load caused the oar to careen so thai it Hloo<1 at an angle of about 46 degrees, wine held in that position by the couplings of tbe cars at the front and rear. Although greatly strained by the weight -ustained tbe car was not broken. DVERTISING GENTS Buio Having resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co, will furnish customers with <heT popular "Electric Light"-flour rtt, f 4 76 per barrel, delivered free ti> nil parts of the oily, nil dwlm New goods in all shades and colors, which will be made up in suits at reasonable prices. All goods cut and made by the New York Fast ion Re view. We guarantees Quo ftt.ut Brneggeman, iho Tailor's. 15 dwlm TIIK Grafton people suggest tbat the Bii>le Packet company aud the Hudson ihould compromise their present contest on tbo following busts: thu Hudnun to leave St. LoulH lor Uraftou evety mornr ing, and leave (irtifton for St. Loui« uvery afternoon; the Spread Euglo to leave St. l<ouis erery evening and Grafton every morning. The Grafion folkN claim Uiat this compromise would be beneficial to all concerned, and that muub additional trade could be worked up In this way both for the strnmboata and tho railroad. New MHIInciy Ooodi (it the Plobe Uats trimmed to order, first olanH, free. 28 2 wlfc Money to loan on improved form property. For nwtlculRW, ftpply to F F T PKKSONAL. Col. Brenholc spent yesterday at Jerseyville. Judge Dennlson, of St. Louis, was in town today. Hon. A. N. Yancoy, of Bunker Hill, was in town today. Mr. C. B. Stafford, the Graftoa banker, says the Central Illinois $o will be extended to Alton; that it has worked up a big business aud cannot afford to lose it next winter, Mrs. T. G. Boone is visiting her friends in this city. She has left Mt Olive and will go next month to rejoin her daughter, MUs Maggie M. Boone, at Lafayette, Oregon. ' THE STATE FA1B. A number of bills in relation to the permanent location of the State Fiilr have been introduced in the State Senate but they are permitted to lie dormant pending tbe action of the Senate on the bill of Mr. Faxon's which passed tbe Hou?e locating the fair at Springfield. Opinions are con Hiding on the probability ot the concur rence of the Senate. Senator Had ley, we are informed, la of opinion that tbe action of the.Houa in permanently locating tUe fair a Springflrld will not be approved by tb Senate, but that two locations will be favored by that body, one ijr the north e r n and one in the southern section o the State, tho fair to ta .hold at end point on alternate •> ears. If ihmvitiris correct, and Senator Hartley, doubtless knows tho sentiment of his associates, an effort should be mudo to secure the Houtheru location in Alton. TWs is the Urgest und most accessible oily in Southern ^ Illinois, and ought to be nwarded the p<uw. An vffoit should b made lo svonre it. H«tra i« *ome work right at hand, for the Alton Improve* ment Company. Remember the looa tiou in permanent, not for ol)tt yu» only. _______ What Nakei a Boom t Did It ever occur to'you, while talkir, of thu big boom the towns of Kunsa itnd oilier wostorn States are bavmer that if the people of Peternburg auc Menard county wnuld go to work lik those of the places named wo woulc B'M)ti buVD a boom of our own tbut wuul eclipse tbdirsP Why shouldn't we We have bettor soil: we tmve bo tie seasons; wo have better facililieu fo getting to market; we have coal am wood at our very door, which they tiny not; tliiise und other advantage)* tire in uur fuvor, and whenever our peopl wuki 1 up and avail themaelveH ot then advantage*) we Khali have an era o prosperity «uch UK tbe lonricst ontliu Bla«t hat not ill earned of. Wako up.— Petersburg Democrat, SOCIAL .YB5TM. ' Alderman BeaU ind his family Wei« reeled i,y a !>urprlm< party last eve>. lii(r, the nff tir being a SOOIA) dedloa* ion of thrt fine residence they have ately occupied on Ninth street, * large atteodtibce and »U to t.he fullH'tt «xt»mt, tho gue«i» b.eing *«U-wm«d With rue hospitality. The hours wore pass- d in the rendition ot charade* and by. ihtr amusemeots. munio, vocnl and nfltrument&l, giving a zost V> the gnnvr- 1 pleasure A fine supper, arranged rora the ooraraiiftnty Duppties of ihe isitora, was served und proved a feast i good tbingii. Tbe pariy ;oliMi>d at a «r.e hour, b«lug unlvnrHnlly pruiiciuuwrj BucciMB ID every pnHicular. T. S. T. CLUB. The T. S. T. club, a sumal organizn lou of yuung ladies, WHS (intertaiued ast uvenlng by Miss Mary Abbott, ai h« residence on Alby vtrum, of her alder, Dr. L. A . Abbott. Th« evening cpout iu an ..prij^iyable manner, various gamea and aaiu-onitntj serving o while away the boors. A surnp'uous upper was nerved, including all tbe delicacies and luxuries procurable. '.KPCBLICAN C1TT CONTENTION. The Roimblioans of the several wards of the o'uy of Aiton.'l.and .all voters desiring to oo-operale with them in ecunng a better, tuqru efficient and more progressive administration, of olty affairs, are requested ,>to .meet la pri- uury meetings, nt City Hail, on Tburn- day evening, April 7th, at 7 :J)0 o'clock, .o nominate CHndl*lat,vs for Aldnrmen n their rijspeotivewarttH, and H\AU lo ippoint de)«xates to a City Kcpublicnn Jonvcntton to be held HI tin* same |jlnce, Friday evening, Aitri) 8th, lo tominate candidates for Mayor, Oltv Clerk, ' 0'ity Treasurer, Oitv Attorney, p be voted for at tbn municipal elon- ion April 19tb; the several wards to hi to the following representation n ih« cilv convention: First ward, 8 delegates. .Second ward, 6 'delegates. Third ward, 8 delegates. Fourth ward, 8 delegates. Fiftti ward, 8 dolegatea. Sixch ward, 6 delegates. Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegate?, 61.' And to transact such -other busincs.- as may propeily come before the meet- CHAS..HOM>EN,JB, J. K. BUTLER, «KO. I). HAY.DKN, H. G.-M'PIKB, S. V. CONNOK. H. S. ; BAKER, JR., F. w. HOPPE, H. B. STARR, Republican Central Committee. KKl'UBUCAJi TOWNSHIP 'JIOS. The Republicans of Alton township d all others desiring 'to co*opurai<- with them at the election Tuesday. April 6th, are requested- to meet ii Mass Convention at City Hull, Monda> evening, Mdioh 2Bih, to nominate oan- dldntei for Uiu following offices: One Supervisor. Three Ansistant Supoi visors. Ono Town Clerk. One Collector. Otic AsHcssor. One Highway Conimiiwlpner. And ti transact any othnr properly "omuii: befoiotho meeting. fJHAS. HOLDfcN, JR., J. K. BUTLER. UEO. D. HAYPKN. H. G M'l'IKK. s. F. CONN a,; H. S. BAKER, Jit.,. F. W. HOPPB. H. B. STAKB, Republican Ct-tiiral Com. E. G. Spnhling, tho uiaii who framed the original Legal-Tender, net, is still living iu Buffalo. He is nearly 80 years of age. At tlie broutcing put of tht War he wiie a loading tuumber of the Lower House of CongrosH, .His famous bill, known as the. Logal-Toudor act, was slightly altered beforq its Introduction by Sourutttry Chase anu Mr. Lincoln. The originul-. bill is now iu the possession of its author. Mr. Spalding Is a bunk Pixisiiloiu and is worth flO.000,000. A writer in the Boslon ,Po»t says "Some years ago 1 noticed .for tho first time a frail young girl who 4 had taken her position us \\ aai«.ly-8nlV>r Ju u »loor- way upon a particularly cold ulniot. ] ularkod iior appeiiruucu with a sigh, feeling nureWmtUiosovoi'ily of :i single wintur would tx»unig'H i Ji('r tu an ourly gruva. But what hits hiiRii tlio Slid bus nut in tho HUIUB , pla<»! ever since, and inatiiail of going iuti>«. decline ului hits improved iu lookn ycixr by year, ami i« imw T.DUontor* Are awong tho most formidable known. Dla bete* .Brtfbt's disease, gravel, and ot tier com plainte of thniuitiarjr organs arc not ordlnari ly cured in severe oMW, but they may be averted by tlmulv roedtoatlon., A uwf stimulant nf tbe urinary gland* fciw ever been found In Hostetter 1 !! Stomach Ulttatj, a nedl clno which not only afford* the rwjnUI e stlmulu" when they become Inac'tlro. but In creimei« their vigor und M»or«tlt« power, Ily iKornnhlngtlieaatlvliy <of the k(dn bladder, Mil" mvdlolne If as. the ;W) ,, etftwt of expel lag Irorti tye MiMTd /ttapfcmies which It la th« peculiar nfDce'nftUo«e<br^an'« to nllmlnale and pan* off. The Bitter* Is Hlno a purifier and *' rwnirthenor of the bowels, an luvigorant of the stomacll, and a mMi'hievi remedy for ulllou<wena and fever and ague U counteract* a ten' enov topr^R'ature decay nd sustains and oomlortu tUe agod and In firm. Goods! AT We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLORS in MOST RECENT MAKES. BLACK 0001)8 CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS DP. And all at Pioronrf J. Parr D P Pn ilHlSDlI a ball II. IL bD. ANMUVNOICMKHT. Wo Hulliorltu'J tn nnnounoe AUOLl'll IH- VEUN na a cnnUlcluto for Awoswr at tbe en- •^ulnif towntblp tluotton. Woaro nu'boriied to »unounoe JOHN f, KUlIS'MHcandldnw tor Towubilp OolUo- tor. Kl«otlon,Tue»dAjr, April *tt>. • ' READY-MIXED PAINT, white antfcolors. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS. ALABASTINE, WHITHIG, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard ancUoft Coal and Wood . Cook and Heating Stov«s EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They hftva no equal. Also ROOFING and UUTTER1NG and JOBBING) done atrOMonakle ratee. Call and exmutne my stock before purchasing elsewhere. A I riocronViarrH- 532 East Second et., .wl. LJV&Vl H Idr U l,5thdoor west of Henry GOLD and SHIRTS, The best for the Money. BRANCH, 2il iiiirt

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