Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1887
Page 2
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V A Beggar Worth *1O,OOO. " A tow days slncu ft very poorly dre« 8 e<l woman named gnth»rinq Potou- T«n went to the city hospital and uld that »he need**! treatment, fahc wa« ttunlimd «nd it wn» fomut that the wn » suffering from ft bad ecalp wound. Sho wh»«l to tell how H was received and would not tell, where she lived. The wound was dressed, and ns the woman claimed to be too poor to purchase medic! ms some WHS given her. Sho itskwl to bn nllowud to remain over night, und the request WIIH grnnv ° She wits Bonrchcd by the nurse and n moot ttstoniHhing tliseovery wn» nnule. In the pocket of Uur nW't |1|>IWK w . cr " found several Imnk.lmoks reprusimtini,' about $7,100 in cash in various banks In this city. Hidden away in tho lining of her drcfw and In other planes were found about tSOO lii;inonpy ami »1,000 in bonds. She was highly mdlgnan When soavohod iv.ul said that they hud no buftlncM to treat her In Bueh a manner She was so licensed that sho ' refused' to remain at the hospital any lonirer. An attempt was made toil ml out where she lived, but she was dumb to all (incstions. ,. Sho was asked If someone attempted to get the property away from hot- by force, thus inflicting tho seulp wound, but she refused to give any answer. Bho claimed that the hospital authori- tlw had no right to ask any questions of her, and that what property she had belonged to bun-elf, aud that she came honestly by It- Tho officers at the hospital attempted to detain her, but »he Insisted upon going. It was afte.t 10 o'clock at night when tins woman left. The hospital authorities had an idea that it .was an atH-mpted rubbery, but ns the woman rofused to'tflvi. nny In- fortntttion at, all this of coin-so was more Disposition.—ATI" York Mtttl and Lord ,— x «roke» UtMted Dutchman, Violin and Organ-Air* from MWth», Mr- M.rru, K1 ,1l&t«tlmi-U«rIH>g U ndde, !. TIREDOUT! Uon»-MlM Je.Me - U«y 8.MJ, Ma.ter S«»m> Oraw-Uttte Ucuuly, Mr. »"« llV "SSSl -The Towerot St. Mlchacl'a. Mr. No.«MU«d,per bu NO.* white, " SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Steamer BetRU ""' Wbolesale.perbu ltet1111 ............ '••'"&*& <;lovcr3eed, per bu. l «bo,e»a e Timothy', • -- ........ The Century „. U. UCYHB. MWter. | gj,»tK»V J^'"« ! , and a-«rMond.y,F.b. «. the Spread I.INCO1.N. S TDK ST. LOUIS Wholesale, pet bu I* 11111 STKAW "it'tnim.'ntal Murto-Mr. and Mis. MM... Wo also rspre»», through jour woithj naiior. our warm-lit thanks to Mr. Pierce am 5«'daughter. Miss Jennie. Mr Frank^Wck. mri Mrs J. P. VlMi'ring and Mr. Oiiust. "oh'nHdor. noionly lor tncir kind, but also tor the ready cheerful way In whlLli It was given. UODFKEY GoDFimr, March S3.1887. Mr».J.W.Oaldwell, ofShlpman, called on old Jriendu hero last week. Mr. James Youn*. a wcalthv farmer of, Nokonrit, I. hero on a visit to bin brother M-. W. Young aud his old It-lends aud neighbor*. All were ttlad to «e« him again. Mr. Fred. Virden, of Kane, »P° nt * a * 0 ™* 5 with Kev. 0*ldweil In Sblpmau and the Sat> iM'h at bou.e In Buthany. Uissei Mary Malble, Laura Stronu an* Jennie Potts, of Nurtb A'ton, were, last wee* the xueats of Mus Lucy Toun«. Mr. and Mrs. K.-ueg. ol Fosterbur*. «pent the Sabbath bure Mrs. John Hancock left for her future bom- lu Kansas last evening. Tuc bost wishes ol all go with her. llev.J. W Bulne and wife are happy, it'll niri. , We had a very good literary I'orbale ............... • POTATOES. «° tttll - at ......... ONIONS:" Wholesale, per bu «° tttU .............. SALT. Wholesale, per bbl K«taU.... ........... Wliolosale, per Ib 400 p« r awt *l» rf 8Prta«- ?f r£S5Sh*l» rf 8Prta«- T> at 7 o'clock a. m, Trip at8p.ii..,dHlb'. TO ST. LCOI», - - ' UOUHDTRIP - ' 1'WBNTT .7 . fttt Fast Freigh« &Fafse ger Li iu. mtnmteiy iu ;: i>rer- ,, ... ,,|.|vaio »ei.-r«uirie9 Wholesale, per ual WAU8EttlB8, BOTTKR. Oholee, wholoualo, per Ib .^w^r^'r^^ i,un. J.miBBtie (•V""" 1 S ii lit 1; Mieruian'u .^toHIUWl^ b> ^»- &M VlO*a.d •»$ Muivn to tiiu *»• "J . j.hiu.oic, Win. F. louum. Uu «' "",, Vi,,ni<;i I'ol tflMUlU Jolm •"""'•['""JJ.Vi aeJ'riu* B ,V«tal UUUU'. IU.U ' Pordozen, wholesale " Live ". Dressed..^ —nr" WOOL Unwashed Washed.. . ; Buvry" Be quality per >b Green oared, per Ib Dry Salted .......... Sugar Cured, wbole««l8 ... ^ ^^ ..... - Shoulders, wholesale, per Ib..... « retail OJear Sides, wholesale 11 *vi»«ll .......... *» **•' ^ ^ "Has the Prince of ..Wales ever run after you?" asked a manager of an imported actress, "No," wiw the regretful reply, "but my mime has been coupled with those of a Duke find two Lords." "I'm afraid," H"i«l the manager; shaking hi* l"'ad. "that I can't oiler you any lniliici>meiii.M. Tlin hoitl bushiCHS IIIIH* iM'i-omc »«> coiuiuon thai the Anii'rieiin pnblie has drawn the lluo at the r'rinco «l Wnl.'S."— Judye. An excess of animal food and a partial closing of the pores of tho »sm, durine the winter months, cause tin system to become tilled with'impurities These can bo r«m<w«d and the bUjort purilied and invigorated ^by takiny Ayet*< Marsaparilla. Price $1. • dwlw MUUO. nlUB.tmoalnunKVBOm pupils wlilcbruaectedorudlt both ou them- lelve. and teacher. There was a first ol»« paper under the skllltul mttke up ol Prof. A W. YounK- ff»l- u «Pl- WattBiner Is the editor Oit»»eek. <,-.'.•'.' }:, Furmers Improved the pleosant -weather ol lant week by plowlnu lor oats. Wheat laok= Jlrs. Abble Irish called on friends In Alton 'tlV Alex. Crawford and family have removed from their farm to the Col. Doty plau« on the Upper Alton road. Their many Irlend- uero were sorry to have them^o. Per bbl., wholesale • retail Bulk per bu., wholesale ••• retaU • •• Louisville Cement, per brl Plaster Parts, Hair, per bushel.. Good quality, per cord. COAL. House, del., per bu Hard, per ton... ..3.60 .... .58 4.00 KASKlNE (TUB NEWQU1NINK) . Wo bad effect No headache Mo nausea. MO ringing ears. C ure " quickly Pleasant,*" 6 A POWfcKFUIj TOXIC. thut the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MALAKIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PUOSTRATIOS, ja-afifffflfiSHsasB Ql {&elIos P ltal,N. Y.: "Universally sue- oesslul." , "Every paMenttreated v, Uoiuumnder. ANSHUTZ, joieilts. For St. Louis at 7 a. «>• Ketnrnln«.wllil«v. St. LouU (foot of Vim H^S^SSS •S-SSftSesBSS FEATURES^ a, Taralioii at 7:45 p. m, -•««•. . FAUK. VITIATED BLOOD Scrofi'lous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- Mono. 111., March K, '87. rBllSONAl^-MISB Vma Uarnard, ol t ast 81 Louis, was the Kuust of liev klswr, Mrs. Dr Oorci several day* Hut wuek. M* MlM Uelen Kehne.of nelhulto, »pont Satur day nn'isundiiv with frl«nds here. Mr. and Mm. IVoiscamo over from Ooll'ns •vl'lo, last Tm'uday, and tpent the day win relatives, Mi-8. A- J- nusscll »nd children nf Worden wme visitors at, Mi. If. K. Stabl's duilug Hi P llov* »nd Mrs. B. U. Brent left or, TUursda last lor Uulnth. Ark,, whore they wcptct l locate. Their daughter will follow tlwni In fow weeks. Messrt, 0 o. OrltUtb.J. W.MIlohOll, A. T and !i. K. Hivons and K. Branov, of th place. Messrs. Brlco mid Webber, of llutlu nud Henry Wlll'iunn,of Olllosplo, loll durli the part weuk for the l«r west. Tho part with tbo exception of Musuro. U.lco ai Ittunae, who houoiupanlod ibw Iv«l8l>v,we via tho lanit-d Wichita and after aecli the sluhts lliei-e will proceed to southea»te Oolorudo where aoiue ol them expect locate. Th-lr many Irli'nds lure wish the uiuoli suucoss In their new venture. J'AUTV. - Owing to the fact that a uumbur of our young people are leaving town fsiieollnii to locate elsewhere, alare- well'paity was given at the home of ti.i MlHH-8 Uienl on 1 uetduy evening last, wbluli was wtll attended by the yuutli and hi'uut.\ ol this j«rt»hto>ivhood, wl.o epcnt npleasiint evening lu social mat with «UUUIH, oharadu,, iuu»lc, etc,, as uinust-nii'iits. As u partly toi'g, "Ood bo with us till we meet u«al», was sung; uoo'i• UJTB said and till wendod their way homeward well irtVtist-d with ttio success ol the fliuil party ol the nd this after having i'C,.., .-7-- ... „ ^$^^^^%™<*§i o v VathlH testimonial, unso «e«teU as.It1-.b\ ,,u In ordei thai others Iroiu •'"'VrriiTioo IBS limy ' «encourBK«d to give \ourCUTtou u """^"^^^iifl'JKQKn. Lreohburit, I'a. I, (oionce:VtuNKT. tt BAV, OruMglit. Apollo, •a. THE BEST THING * J JOB ITashingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Coltl i Water. »BU ae««t, tc - 1 if ' , 1U oomyonnd, and a! uiniaK - • .„,..;.• w i t hout inv special tCiutklnenan bo tn««n wii»«mfc a ^%.i\, tf • ,11 c fid oprboitlo. ooiti "y LOOKOUT HERB 1 THE CELEBRATED QUICK MEiL Gasoline Sttve S - "L \a con-'ttniiiHln. V«d looked up<m life a. i raiw No • lAu-f or curt- in ten yi-ars. Ii; 880 I hea.d "l tun'a Hemeuies, uaed VhVm.iaid was P«r}««tly eured." ^ • worntobuloi-eU. H. Oom. J. U. urawioru. ONK OK TIIK~WOR8T CASKS -lliug vour IJutleurB unci-ra ». Krauktort, Kan. , 1UI»ERI»KD. FINE AND COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock AJ. ways ou Hand. 00 NOT KAIL TO G1VF, US A CALL BEFORE PUBCHASING. ,tUK JFUKN1TUBB KOOMB ARK ON State Street, opp. Third, urui-u lioui a VriJ« u « glue»tiou, « Itu »' l i'u'oor b uaiUm.Ast.rol , U.U., eOltor . twenty rme ticket,. 0. TA1UM, DB.C. Dentist, 13 TH1BD 8T^BET, ALTON, IU-. OfficeHoar^-8a.nuto 12m.; l«o*J G. A. M.CMH.L.BN Dentist, Physician and surgeon, W. A. Physician and Surgeon, OFF10B-BKOOND ST.,Ai,TON.rLl.^ itaoe hours-»a.m.; 12 »1, imd.ejj." CBEAM_BALM^^*^- LV ,^ Cleanses tbo^^fffAM BNVnip^ Bead, AUayBfa^^a luttamn 1 atio».g^|fe H a ileula the Sure8.rHjyFE" t Rr Restores the*) SeimesofTaslej •uiell, Heiip-1 intr- A qulc-k^K^^v . DruggUMi ORGANS AND PIANOS) _ Lucas Pfeittenberger ABCHITECT, DBAUUHT8MAN, FOll SALE AT W1L.SON D. P. KITTINGER & CO. Wish to know they are Belling Oood» al Lowett UasU i'li^ea. ; Oiocerlfs, lur pauiphlet. DKUGOIjTa UaKTHKM. .^^^^u^Ke^.rr'5 iSilfeente'?,.^^^:^".^!;!";^ "ASSIGNEES NOTICE. tUlt BAl.b AJ. J.HOFFJttAKN&SON'S ] caltrstn STOVES AXr> MAWDV>'AI*B Also Outsltl.' Work n specialty. Rooting and Golvamzeil Iron Worn. AUo imdertaker's Supplies- oBA-s-o townnhlp convention will be bold at KtdKvly. «atuiday. Maiuli«Kli, at two B. iu. Klcotion, Ain'UWh. Mr V P. Illeliiuona received a splendid WhttnmnV Monureh feed ml'l la»» wvek a. u premium for an ewav written by hlmnell *°Wo w'ould hdvlso our younit ladlen to protU ythoeMH'rienoe of _«notl,er _.ud_b« v«y m merits become known in "href months irom ' his date. Dated Jfeb W-»^Jj HS now. JOHN J. BRKJIHOI.T. Atty. ALWAlBUN UANU. COB. BBOONU AMU AfcBT «T8. oaiemi huroalter where they place their »ang*l food" to cool, as tramps are olton an^elD In dlsguUv. Mrs. Ida Lnlnor gave a dancing party Sfttur- d *U»«i«rrru'nkBIIU wa» quite nick tbo past week but 1-luipiovlng. Wo have only one blacksmith ID town since Mr Grfimli lolt lor the went. Uto »bop In towu In to* ><"" » nc> 11 ""'°'" * B °° a "P 01 "" 15 <or a nkl lud woikniun. UU«» Matlle Ulanknnatilp and Mary ueliy urevHlllug relatives In this vicinity. Mr.O. M. llaioh,of BprliwOoW,»»» »<>«>» tew daysla>t week. AT MELVUtK mill clteuituHi u>)., uos ««. »-»i % 4 1'LKS. Ulackheade. 8kln Blemishes P1M. andUaby lluuiwrs, use Cuticuia Choking Catarrh. Htvo you awakened from a dlsturuod sleep wllh all tho horrible Honsatlons of an assassin clutohluK jour throat and pressing the lllo-breavh from your tightened chest? Have AM ACRE o" '""B """'• The mo!lt .!! fnd P ^ml.lDK deW for ,ettlen»nt la <l-c V. 8. Fall fformaUon with good m«P free. *'""«'" "»">. 1887. Harper's Weekly. AlEU. Ktith's Bread., D. B.KITTINGER & CO. 28w8ni_ FOH US at 'loudluu tue nwiiiory and flllliiK «li" luTiui Jfth nalns and >.trai»4« noise-1 How mcuTt oprole t thu sy»tem analnst n» rmther pro-low towarils ih» lunK*. (Iver an•• K diiw», all physicians #111 » l j, lu » <1 .i l "3 "..irtble disease, aud orli's out fjr rtllet auu C "?mi rfltnarkable curative powers when all ffiircuVt^^Trer^ed'^^thiiusSli^whS C&^^ a .»W.t?SK: ii<^ tS./suljsUiutaW^ bv^lie most nwpecta- " "" "'" 'no bottle_of the 'iler, wllh HUCB LIST: LaBelie, - • • $4.75 Fairy. • • • • 4,50 Diamond Light, • 4.00 Fanc^__j__i_jL_A50 ('V:-' Paper Haiini hold wlU nSc be "wlMWMii th,. future. HARPER'S I'KKIOUICALS. P«r Veari HarpcrV Wceklv * iarpor'a Mauuitrnv ............ ••• • ••• lur|iei j s ruzar. •••••• .............. n -- "-our own home, by who was deaf twt'ntV'lnW yo»«"- ^. by moat "f th« nnted »|ieclaUsto wjtli.»ut benullt. Ourt-d hlniseit In three mot ths.^nd dt. uo then huiidreiU of oiliorn. Full purtlo ulurn »enl "in Hmillcatton. . ^r- . T H I'.\U_B. So. U W«i»fU<tBt.tS. T. City BOOKS FREE. , m I n TUoentorBn Dy * lin l' o ""f people of MrtvlUMorlto bHietlt of abo^e Shu ch.waj a decided .ucoew 1" every w- And the lullowlng piograuuno was Uv« mo.t «a»Uf*otory tnsuner: FAHTI. and Is sold -Th« woivw, Ma»»*r Uarry Vt«- \ HOW~HT VlDES ACHE- From the bench and Ilia counter, from the loom ami wwluif mHChu.* KQUS up the cry • f pain and wmifc- new. mid Uaok, hid- nfj attd Uioilnw ' aliiii.t) raliHiiml . W«Mkii«M». Ooughs,lH.MH am J Oh«i.t . aiul t'very pain aud aohu of Ually toll tvllevBd III ou- Wnu •«• by the Uul o,« Aiitl- 1'ulii I'lunter. N. w. vleganti Hud Intu Illilu. At Ani«U'». »o.; «v« for fll or oRSjiwr 'Uia, ',A AMI> SHOP OH For Sale Cheap. -ONK- 3EGOND ST., NE^R PIABA ^ALTON. . . . ii«i» ,IOHN BAUER, u. AND Of , J»mw«»vfr, VH,, »n Olarfl- ntO«lon,v. Illus-olreulatfry*. With all tho Applinncea 10 Run Everyihlnc In Good Ordwr. A. 11.IIA8TING8, Jol8wlf Uppor Alton. FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, 0|>n, City Hall, ALTOX, ILL I one lUbliiBii'n 01 UH e, th-eu 4 books ni n«e mi r* i'lp' ol 4«'-ntnfor posmge, ih HUfiK-y toimi-, iil*o uur paper Maine, m maun r'nttory, 3 months on trial. Sa-k."'0 i-ent/wo wul placo your ad^4 In o^ir new A*-,,t.>' Uu-ooiory, w .lob I r.'rHu ar'-H JamP-!'K! ^l^n^'. O-TS EmUUulUoek.St. Loull.^Mo. _—,_—W±_ I .... ^v«^w^ *3r-k. ^ fc A f^t , i^ m. s-bsci-lbum In tlio Umttid number*-} I'D tago live to al Slates or Uanada. Tim Volumes of the Weekly beiiln wlita the flrUNutub rforJann«rvoli;a hyi-ar. Wlnn i nliii" i. niHiitloiii-d. KUbht-lpHi'tw wl wltli the Numberumci.iai lime. I vw ° r " Ur- | volumes ol lUHPBK's WKBKI.V. Mr inri-e vcarnba k,»n ncul u irth litiiiliiiK, will i t5.Yb>Mualli POSIHKH i.aid.i.r ny t; • ,f'>iK.iiS'Mj»r.'V|..i«iihH'it;l»htd ...... i d oue uiuitti IHT vnluiii* 1 ) lor 57 pi'i voi. nil rises for I'ucli vnliiiiio, BU table loi Inn, will b« sent by mail, pobtpald, on 10- iiuiiVltiaiieus ilinuld b.i ina'lo >>y roMOffloe Mortv tlrduf 01 llrnll to avoid ulnli eii ol IIIHH. Kew» wue s ai-tt nut |oco|iv tuU advei-tlKe- iiiont wlilinut thnfi|iress order ot Hat pur ft Pcc-k's Pat. Impr-vedf'tiHhfonpd gar Drums, l-KHPKOTiA KHsTOKB T«iJS HKABlNO. n» iniitiei- wlii-tl'ir m «i»i»'M "•""V.*'^..™? iMilds •iv.ii' ...... nliii I'ltloihHiiaturaldnimB A KJvi in |H»ltU.u hilt li.vUlblc »o «•»•«* i!.,iiiliii1Rl)le tn wf ar. Mu»U;, oll 'JX (l)f * ' S> t-vcn »liM» aidillst net y. We «'f -rw« iiblim tin-in, ti-ijii l»r ll -""'".Wv '°Sa .t «iv.u,t>i VHBK. t. lilbto-v M» Uryudwiu, .*.:.¥. __ ^__ _ .. 11M — ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICS. K.-TA'I E ol Klouitor I'.UUlld. i'ee"a«ed. LIVERY STABLE NT STItKiT. HBTWKKN AlJJYANUJtABTON,

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