Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1887
Page 1
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A Terrible Caho of Scrofula CUrod by " In tlio winter p£.ifi70. 1 ^a» Attacked with' Scrofula Irt oho of Hid nfoitnRtfravallng forms. At one time I liaiyiolosatlmn thirteen, large • absoossei) over and'arpundniy nock 9tid throat, contlntihll^/ exuding; an orfonslve"ma8§.- of bloodyj, matUrV,' Ulsgystlng to ' bebpjd, and almost Intolerable to endurbi! It la Impossible. to faityj describe' my 'sufferings, as the case ' was doiqpllbattiU with, Clirorilo Catarrhi After three years of niiscrj'. having bpciitrcatfid by three' pliyslolens,- 1' 'Wa8"-wor8e-ttiani even- Finally, . pp 11)0 ! ^cbA)ntendatlori'of'W. 1 'J.' H)mU&;toAfe$y f '(& tocKpfert; I.was'taaneed to ,'try.;]n6ijdV £4r«apfirljt8>~ And 1 tioW^ after • Thi8iBtatemBnt-ls«)Dflrineil.-l)i..W. jr.. Hunt. ley, drligg^8t. of'JtoBitport/.N^.Yr, who calls the ..porojsarsapaa- Seridlorboolcgivlng-statehiantsohiian'y'curcs.. Hood's Sarsaparilla Solder all druggists;- 1 »1 j'alx f or «5. Mada only by C.;i. H0pj> & CO.; Softetl.V lOODdses One Dollar. T. L. CO;, SUCCESSORS TOA. K; apKJQplBY-* OO.V Highest Market Price BaidKfor Corn, and, PicWes. a .siffii.' SLOP FOR .'SIAJLE,;, ;, •;:SK' sepWw6ni' Mnemof Bargains That ought to-catch your We haye lots of them in GQODSr SHOES, CLOTHING, -AND- We can't be beat in quality nn a prices. AH the latest 'boyel'^ ties of tlie season dai ly a<l<l«d, at one-pi'ice: ALTON. TO ADVERTISERS For » olieclc lor «0 wa «m print ft teii'lluo Mdvertl»einont In One MIlllonJaiiuOB ol loua- ln« AmwrlOHn N'awnpiiptiru.^hU I* at the <ate of only one ttfch ol aw in u llmt,(pr 1,9 nolrou lutlonl The ailviutU»uinnt will bt> .placed bpfom Ono MIllloii UIKKKUBHT n<|W»oi»i)iir j)urolia»<i»'»:-i)rFiVKMauuN UHAMBIUI. Ten *'-•- --• latflittboutTS words. Art- Tim Flrit to'be Nnrv«<1 lit T*bl«. Oplnlous.vary ns'tx;i..wlin nhguM .be scr.ved .-.rat (It'tttblf. 8'Jnio pereons In fashfonablo '^SHclety Ins(sji,ttuit;,tl|u))0jife8 slioulj fa Orat' attended .to!, Jt,,lms l;pu liblutcd |oji't,' libw. ever. Hint thin fiisliion. originated' In ancient times wliun tlio liospltnUle o)istorn of poisoning was In vogue and guests preferred to see tUo Iliostoss .iiurtnku ot each ilith boCore vontur- ..lijg tiietnselveM., I'plsoiilng exuopt by rich linstry and the llku bcliig not now In oi-dor, it Is i generally.- conceded that when there Is but one aitohdiuit,*.tJ)olndy : guosf sitting at.tljo-right of the host, t or tho oldest lady,'should bo served first:': Ap sOoii'aa,tlioipcbnd.person Is helped .there need be no further waiting before, eating..:' . . Answering (in.Iiivltfttloii. ;, - ' III glviiigidiiiner^art^it is^veW.cssentlijl to a libstess.'td.luioKexaqltlytholy'inoiiy", gAesfcii sfio is to entertain,. Any (Ipubt on lliospbject Is a Rcrions Inconvenience. Tho -roeipient of a'n inyitatlpn sh9uld,>ereforo ) rcpljr at once, . either'accepting; or declihiiig." Tlio answer •should not be delayed more than a clay nt the 1 utmost. ,• - . , . . i Card Ctlquett*.': j Turning down the upper right harid'corner or ; end of a card signifies .that, one t .. . n «.»- -,y, ^. v ^. krF - 4 '^ r .,^. .^..f.-^^^.. y^ CQurtesy. It is acknowledged by a call or by seji'dtpii^ijl^scard in rattmi^ • • . i .•Wihen.roAWrij?; 'o;' ( f(irjyffi- 6}i\ljj^g^'iWiiin'an' asks if tho ladies are at honie. ' If tbVy'are^ hot, be miiy leave one- card for each, or one for all. Custom varieMou this:point-...: _ ! A- good wa',Jserxe, wlf6n a. little- tough; as -la-apt to bo iUe-caso. , with this fruit at the, north, is to cut ~it into j dice, saturate these with sugar and a little I wine if desired, and pile them.up. In, a gloss I dish, with a row of sponge cake slices or ! lady flngivrs around the sldea: Absolutely Pure. Thta powder, never varies. A marvel oli 'l nrltv, atrenKth wholneomonesa. Mora eoo-, nouilcal thun tbeordlimry hinds/ and cannot l>e uold In ooinpatltlon with the> innltltniie*ol 'owteBt,^hqrt,wei(fht. »lnm phnoptiate now- 'i«<rs. BOLOpRMKIN qjiNS. ROTAL BAKING I OWDKR OO., 106 Wall St., N. Y. JanSdwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. BEAD LIST OP BARGAINS -AT— C. A, Schlueter's Agency; F.or sale—Five-room brick houap, a Wry and aUalf, corner E!«UtU; and Mechanic afreet. Can be had at a bargain. Uood property "to : rlmt. "" ' ' . One 8-room now house, w lth cellar, cistern and coal .house, Jat 60 by 110 oil i)tb and Market atu. For sale—ono 8-room house andone 8-room house,-,9th and Market sta., Lot SO by 110.; good cittern and coul bouse, at abaigain. For sale—16 acres in .North Alton with uood orchard,baru and plenty of witter. For sale—500 acres'.Improved .farm with uood house and. etunles In \Voodson obunty, Kansot,. U.It, nun across from Fort Scott to Wichita, 5 miles from county scat, ,. For sale:—75 acres, partly bottom land; 1m- provi-d, farm.'near Dorseyi; with plenty of For. aaip-TlfLpjoees, of .valuable property with good hpueen, In ,thlfl clt.v. For »ale or exchange^-A nlooi little, cpttnge In HettiaKo, with plunty of ground, stable and good water on premises., ' For.salo or exchange—Two sections of' K.B. timber Ifiod In So, Missouri, IbO nines'from St. I.ou|n oii tlio Iron Mou ntaln li. H., at a bar. gain. For sale or exchange, 3 acres of ground on Muin.ut.,udlqluing Mayor Uapplngur'a on the bast. For sale or exchange—0 sections of prairie land.In Orocket county,,Texas \Vill Well cheap, Suitable tot any farming piirpifsoi, Threeitcres adjoining Dr.lloliertaon north. Five lota on Dry St., adjoining Thomas B!K- gli'B' residence on tlio etst. Out) and iv half lots In Iluwloy'B addition. One and u hulf lota In Sholly'i addition. Any of the above property can be bought a bargain. at I also reproBent the Buffalo German Fire InBurance Co-, Buffalo^ N. Y., one of the best companies in the U. 8. And other good Companies in addition. G. A. 8CHLUETER, Office in my New Building, on Seoo. d street. uehUdw ADVWISERS for trial 'at' Bel A Joljiia^l^f t- itj^hard -A>-*roc-t tor ' ville, Tenn ;• oft hi . ^li.' .' 8 witig. I Carter; H.v,IIarHsi9'ftiiiji3i))i6eh u -re- oinat^ia,'' ,b'y.;: r thfev' Detiq'crsts; f or It jjostiJRcvl of AuliyillcM tnein'bcrlof : ar'd A telegraph operators' strike is threatened i at Ogdeti, Utah, on the extra pay quejjtioriiK '. , John Arensdorf is on trial'at'Sioux City, Io., : f6r'the'iiriur(lar %&'R,ev. Gep.s C. Haddock. . . Apparently the |^M^j)ap^n't KOOW .tft^iare $ny 'pgitrpii^^'ijof the Mississippi nvepvl '••-•? '"' ' Chicago^^ pork paijkJDK show a decrease, of \jjj|ft hpg8f8|ajighU»;ed the ptQ 'fyvelvo laborers w^re burne^Jo jiih'fii^} a boardpl? house ftpe a Bessemer,;Mich.J|e8ter''day. , : \' |$25,000 place to^afes'a'^ositiou jwhich' S pay6-'les's"'tfiiiri Wthfifd Ahat i m o'dB t>n 'tne'Ittter-'State'' GonnmiBgioh. "ti^sideiit^CieVelaiid'baPsbin'in^ni the mem'hers'fo'f* the^f Tnter-State ion Ashland, greatest real -j overseen, .H^ftflUjm the histor/of the city., LotSi'on Second. i could i-^e.^ from. .$'1 ,0pp selling* for The.Sti .,.. ge,t, ^g a, real ' ; estat.^-';expite.Jnen"t :j that city, : and, cite u .a'o ; tixity:,5n : ' sre .now Chic^oiprpp,e^y;;tt8; : p;r.p^P^Ui»^'|Jt, Loui.s ought to bp-om."-.- But SU iiotiu doesn'.t.hooM,' forraU^thja,^:.;; 1 'jCtij^re " . are "always some grains of- 'corn' th«i will not pop* " Mr. Cleveland's; health, according 'to Colonel liamont',' was 'never better than it is now. He is not as- heavy as when he went to Washin'gton.and .. _ is clear that Dan them a're good for erajly do. ihirip both of aaotlier term.. JQueen Vidtoriia, of Englaridj '• asK the House of -Commons; to donate her $100,000 to spend in jubi- le^flrt works. In Bother words, the expenses of thisifnatto^alEhigfjinnii aq^ day p/^Th^npai^Jp^l^tQr the sejf gloj\iflc!al,ipn^^ue> qiirtfeirVlu'e to alive, . and m a lady-pf 'rftrja'-'beamy arid accomplish ments;.' ' Her wedding gown was of the purest white ' satin, made in the stjrlf of Maf ; le : AiJtqjnett^i tastef uily, trimmed "with; Yalenpie'rines lace ' must dcmp^strations fulnc'8$ that their, qu&tn dith Andres, who. ij, ( .,, of a ipeautif ||1 .and cystly rie 4 oklace of pearls, with dlanipM <j.^g: ap4:pin . A f ap. pf ^vhite'Ostriob^ fe^tjxers, with a handle pf pearla, and'a dainty pair p^-'whit'§. l 8ii)i'p9rii' 1 :-.Q<d!.iojp.Ifitfid... her toi» let', which, without r.lie joyve] fl) cost $600. Hanhibaliiiamlin,' 'ex-Vice vpresi- dent, lives v plainly and' unostentatiously in B : ingor,'Me. Ho wears no overco.^t i oq,,the.,.L'pJld38t winter days, walk's" miles * at' a stretch, knows everybpdy, never forgets a face and rarely a name, and generally can tell you racrepf ypur &inOy f |i|8tpry; thau you know] ypwrsplt HO 'emplpyja the old fashioned angle w 'rm for* bait and discards, al| thq newrf : aBgled aj) pliances. He is fond of dancing, and at the Legislative reunion last winter partiipipatejd.m.pvery dance down on the brderj; and,: then went home in the morning with the pret-i U«st girl on the floor. He IB pretty, nearly a match for Mr. Gladstone.! Mr. Bailey'* Would be Si'itiNuriKLD, 111., March 23.-r-» There are no developments in any : manner indicating as to who the would-be assassin of Representative Hailey is to-duy. Chjef Rbursol and Inspector Boufleld of the Chiougo police duparlmcnt, ..arrived and have been looking up the mutter, no doubt, with a view of getting a clew to the nssassin, Of course these olllcors li 11 vi! nothing to say and w'll keep their own counsels. It is thought, that the liberal icward of $2,i'UO, which will bo offered by the State, will stimulate engrgetio .action,on iho part of the, .defe.ctivcfl, ao(l it will opt be lone until the rigiit muu is ; safely landed. '£- \ .,, . March, The.supper Friday ."ovojWRs, well at- tetided, net proceeds % $6p.-l&, Misses Oarrie Kendall and Jessie Hughes spent a few dAys at Edwardsville. visiting JfrferidB last'week Prof. Reynolds is to talce' charge of both rooms of the Wanda"so'hW uftcr April,1st.. ' ... . Mrs. La Pelle au'd daughter, 01 Leavenworth, Kan'. '. we..visiting; ic lives : here. '..''.'' G. Bt Sanders .taijjg ; ,pf soon- mov- inft to thejfa.r.,w.e8t,'j'.;,'.;:,. , , ; Mr. Harry Davls.of-liast-Sts'Eouifl spfcnt a, few days 'M '.Wandai laat.wepfe visiting his tincte; and;auntv Mr. and Mrs. J. K. FahnestcKik. ', Gossip'says':'Tfiiefe' t WiH'800hlJe : ii wedding in pur qiiiit'little vill^ge^ AYondei 1 who it will be: : Miss. Alice PeterBODi'of Eitwards- ville, spenf a *&&&$$/ last \V"and^a visiting .frienda.' . jLouis, yesterday^iito; procure some :<?t)ds tp.aad/ta W'tek^?: ;' Mr. Clark Gilih : ain"^ofd a'vibry val ' ' {uable ' coiw.; last! . Davis of East BRUSHY ••• • BK08 ft r i??-P v ]?,«.^n l t • Mr. and: Mrs. 'Wiri. J " Ea,,. ,,,. M , (Sailed to mourn < ilh,§ y l08a' of tliei'r'ln' fant-"daughter, Mabel,- who cdied'Very s,Hdde,nly on . Mb'nday,,,. l ( pt^ ? . ^T^| f(ineral' on Tuesday • afternoon,'. wa largely "attended* l>y"neigliBors and f riendBV,, ai^d^maldng ^prljjaPations, ifpr.rfth summer wflrfe* ' Circle /roets: a^. ( 'Etil|Bi<|di -Home on Thursday eveiungl '0116:61! ih'e most inteu sting: parti?..cif, the' 1 programme was ; ,the debate, ^ y?ljich all' enjoyec very : ;n^uc|i., We • offer one.objection to this;.society, an,d that is the fail- ure..qfj,iif? Preside'at io/"collect fines from ; those wljo aliQw, their names upon the progratnm'e and thtfi fai to appear. We want the Uterarj exercises'. Janger.. Judging ".from tbi peals of Inugb^er.. indulged,in. by all. ami the rosy cheeks pf. the : yo.(ing ladies present, the spcia} was all tha; could be wished. Next meeting iil Mr. John Henry's, Msrch : 8lst. Services at St. John's church morning and evening of Sabbath Evening sermpu^yyltey. M. .Minor of Upper'Alton, : lOSvi'ng to sickness of menibers,^ ..buj^njiss committee faileil^to meet. Rev. J. R. Andereck will baptiiie/dn'nratSunany of .'pril four o.iv,flvQ can.didnKis for adinissioi ,,to ,thie j'chnrcli'. Mrs. Laura Green, of Rushhi'l! Mo., is Hie guest of Mrs.'T. H. Maltby. "86." Sad and DEBTOR, III., March, 23—There 5YaS(; a: se v nsa,t|.ona.l;; ;fltonnage; tp 11 funeral here'th'is afternoon. Mrs. 0 E v ,Hp f uck dieti oii Moniday, aged 77 Larkmtlouck, aged. 90 years, w»< hei\' .hjiatba^d. <;.,'|fe jwapy.^n/^feebli health^ .Wiilc, $# ,pa,\ 1 ( -b, e*rp ic& we re the hearge • to be taken to.'tno'iii&urol) leajrd .the! ^qus' His beat*>T&e unexpected epiap90.rvrBsitHft/'fi>60frP.a' coiurno^ipu., / jit' was (irranged''-.t<| bold-both: funerala tbgetjier? pri Fri day- ( . JjtVCCI x^ «/«•*«jr •• . V^M.H**-^ • , PEOKIA,-III-, March S3---Mr8-i Abi- gftl, MpKiphey r .di$t .,tfrdj%j', t s She poly j4c|fm^» r W9pj.i>p;<)f iftciiJB .ioo years old; Baffled the BURKB MEI>IOINE Co., Quinoy, III); —I regai^Tjpuj WmtB^n/j ; ettis»m, w a ootteh mixture of very> great value. The benefit derived by my wife from Its 198,. places it with .me far In advance (if ill 9,tb.<jr8. For sovera! years she had- hc<}p.^erloHSly -afllioted, ( jvithi ^fjpijflfa :hat gave us rouoli alarm; it bad baffli.-d, ;(ie, skill of the ptiypioiaDs and; pougb remedies,' until I ooaclu1fl(lv' flojhjiii' vyould avail in her case. I);rcop )y aj[ter coming ,» ^Qfli reoomniomlation, sho oom lp\yr Balsam, arid it has i ibarra, quidtinir the fcough,, ' entirely the soreness from her lunps. ^eeii Uf OQD8|4utlf ..p^p house.— J, 8; Ford; Pastor M.'K. ohuro'b, Busb- villo.Ill. Crossler's Wild Jlose Tooth f ow-« Price 2fio. , that no 're'me'rty ' ha0 'ever 'met ' wj^h puob, al a»ti8fuot(on or caq txj.moru lv, said , )a a .positiyo cure thaq »urk|>» While plnoBftlsttm. 8UOAB. A HC.W dlappypry,, I^luje Aprioqt 1'ljls; t<> take than suur ' nn'd far AS Siiir^ Oil Cloths.Bugs and 'Mats, Ha» arrived. Also a very Choice Stock of n the very lowest. All are luylted 1 ! ' .. '*' rt '• ••-» '.' - : e low prices. ffEE'RMAM.: arters FOR: THE BUGGY IN THE WORLD. AGENTS FOB THE Ita Buggies TEARS. Byille ,^jt|r0Bhers and En-; "i ^^.^Mj^^^^i^'"'^^; I ^;^nji', jQuJli^yators''• and i i ENGINE', a ':; STOCK,WELL and CISTERN- PUMPS; fine line of 'COOp&GSTQSES; jthe DANGLER and PERPEG- ':TJQtf\'&$$$jI$-J$.''S'f:pyb$;' : S$e our $10 BIJ^GY HARNESS. NKW' HOME'SEWING MACHINES','' ^M.TWe.keQp tho BEST GASOLINE and, BURNING OILS on tap and delivered. to- aiiy, part; of the city. THE BEST ON EARTH! From $18 ta '$50. Warranted 20 Years. •jvife from $16., to $30. THE LEADING » JEWELER GO TO- HEADQUARTERS FOR Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books, Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: • • OPP. By mail or FOR THE 10(! Per , Oaly Kepublicain Daily in county

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