Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 23, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1887
Page 4
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ALTON DAIU TELEGRAPH ETTLED Bt POeJUWCB. i'ow parsons' fenltw they aro cotitrolloa by their own disadvantage. - v. / ./ — the treatment.^? .jrlienmflU8rn,,neuraigi,. sdatteaand headache hn» boon by some , outward application, and. there/ore, without stopping to think that the ^origin of thra troubles murt, from necessity, be In- lortml, the weary sufferer ^tauos to rub, nib and find no relief. Athlopliorosis taken internally, and as a proof tW thu » the correct principle, it cures surely and qu ok- lv ThcBlateaient of those who hart been cured ought to convince the incredulous. Bulclgh, 111. Mv wife had inflammatory rheumatism In its worst form, and after being treated by a mwM physician and using several remedies •vtlli no good effect we tried Athlophoros. The first dose gave instant relief, nml slio WIIH entirely cured by the use of three bottles I hnvo recommended it to my friends nnd it has given satisfaction In every disc. 'It gives mo pleasure to make this unsolicited testimonial. Use itiif you HCO proper. L. 11. SnuuKUH. Donnellson, Montgomery Co., 111. Was suffering from sciatic rheumatism for some time; procured a bottle of Athlo- iihoros and was relieved after using half a bottle and have not been bothcrc'l since. My case was very bad. D. t. UAVIS. Mt. Carroll, 111. I have been afflicted with rheumatism for two years, especially in one.shoulder, and ti-icd other remedies with no help. Having heard of Athlophoros I obtained one bottle took it according to directions and found immediate relief, and I can recommend it to sufferers from the .same complaint. LEWIS Buss. Age (8. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros nnd AUlophoros Pills, but wjier. they can not ho bouirht of the druggist the Athlo- photM Co. 1M Wall St, New York, wil send cither (carriage paid on receipt ol regular price, which is $ 1.00 per bottle for Athlophoros and ode. for P'""- , For liver nnd kidney dlaenncs, «FWr*a* deration, woakucw, uorvolui -1eh It), Ol«-h*e« nf women, rotutlpcillmi, Bciulaclic, ln 'i jur " blood,™c " Alhloplioriw I'llls wo uowjuixlcd. t! faster thnn-lho sfpinrr /•""</ " w1 ' *** horso will usually tnlio u faw £JT»jrt *«•* a tict, Jt may, .bo easily horses'"by urgliig.;' FAUM AND GARDEN, GObO WORDS FOR THAT MUCH ABUSED ANIMAL THE MULE. llolntc.l by Well Known F«rincr«-K»iiy Modes of Lifting Bottln. l'o»t»-0l.o Way of Bob.lulnR »n ObotlnatA Ewe. can AgrlcnWrist^aMraaists ot a pole ot V size, dnd. .shape ot '" ' ' Farmers. often experience -•----. rml even loss because a ewe will refuse L own ibe lamb she is desired to Buccor In such a case the obstinate owe may bo confined between two small hurdles. Our cut represents such an arrangement and one approved by Henry Stewart who says that one day's confinement in it Is often BUfflclont to bring the most stubborn .animals to reason. •rno roc* Is very nearly, nllled to th« rue pacing gait, the difference being that n the latter the hind'foot keeps exact imo with the fore foot of the same side, nnkliig. -It what has been called a literal or one sklo at a time motion, while in the ^theMndto-M^t^mn* and gallop, ouu t,u*n.y» wm A CONVENIENT 1'OST I.VFTEH. The thickest part of this polo for about ilftcen inches from tho end, is f'aped Into, a wedKe This is sheathed with a frame, made of iron halt an inch tWck and two n fa half inches wide and secure y screws or bolts, l ne cnu MrtZf^KJffiffitf a%5firtP?&B8SA tollowa: ••or Chicago and the BMtt UhleoKoa..' ••••L;^,V OhloogO Accommodation' M .OtDO ii .tn . 9110 li*. w 9:00 a. in. rot st. LOUU i ..7(08p. Ul YIPBP..H' liMimniiiK »*!» «>»••, ••«•• Cmuago Accommodation*. Alton Bpeolalt.. • Kansun City Mall* Ohieauo Mall* •",*,«,.,. , mv» FOll ALTON, :; „ ' V.'." : .W V* "' " n:80p.ti MOST PERFECT MADE •Dally Sup't. qt-' O. G. NOHWt. Tlohot. Ai/mit, ^ s Dl lvlsloi. his r schsltlvo, and honuoum ™>i~"» ,'" i,, tho to tho olightcot motion of tho rein lu tuo jjujjQQ ol tuo ricicr* • «»iti i' """'c 1 "."• — A poor and clumsy rider, however, win , nnt uro of the soil, soon spoil tho best trained saddle horse in , t ls ulmoBt [mpos- tho world, and such iv person should never . h slble to j, lttnt .the bo Dcrniltted to mount a horso that is, ex- h ogt llrui i y by or- Sg^-*"'S-«^ ^Cn^^rs^ss knows how to enjoy'tills most heart*. giv- inc, exhilarating and delightful of out ol door exercise. ^ntS^Ss'ah-nSboVeinthe %frectl°on 8 are also given for setting n BaLpostso that the gateivrll i never sag mid catch on tho ground. Sometimes, owing to. the soft ISSSSSSSS? follows: oept Sunday)... . 8:» a. m ss .. • New and Beautiful DeslRns Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Tmde. GL1SS! A Specialty, from Small to At Ilio "'id reliable HOUSE-PAISTING ami DECORATING ostablishmont ot NEFF & OBERWUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st., REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE Oft RENT, Rudersnaueen & Sonntag. For Bale. A convenient and nli'iitunt homo at a ron aonabW.".'>«!»« «iw»-»tory frame torn* on Klglitli Ht.-eut, near Henry. A cuolco farm o*"aisles, with Itest els* Improvements, situated 2$( m 1188 eaat ° IJrunBwlok. Oharlton co., Mo. A one Story <rain*awullinK house In BOW oondlHon. In Topping's addition to Auon. For Sale Clienp I'ho residence ot dipt. W. t oblo: tw stories and mansard roofi U room t naii olOBOts, tellars, otc.: 8 aoi-es of groun Mo. •leslrablo propertv in tbo city. For Hale. 1M) HOI-OB ol land near city limits, 9.-" tw o story brick and trame Uw« n aons^ both Mtunted on the ens- o >.aj» sttoo 88Jc^SSrS"*B^or .,ro«twS Iloni and HIdKO street nown asHuntor 1 FOB OBSTINATE EWEB Two light stakes ..are drIVcn In the .n.niitwi r>lrwB together, to confine the ewe s IfTOUUU LlUnC>vt5V^**v», . ^ . 4\-* Int^Vl hoiul nnd keen her from-butting the lanw, TslleTs &ed ••'to'lie down, asjome stubborn ones will do, a light pole U passed through the hui-aies resting upon the lower bar beneath her belly. Thus confined during the day, she is helpless, and if the lamb is lively, it will manage to get its supply of food. The ewe should be released at night. I'rollt In Mules. There is one branch of stock raislnr; which Is not by any means overdone, anu that is tho raising of mules. -As,i">o scope of agricultural country In ; tho United States increases, the greater/.tho demand for auirnals suited for dralt PWpoMB,, and It Is an acknowledged fact many sections the mule has as many, friends as the horse for, this object. , The great arguments in favor of mules arc; their hardiness, endurance and the case; with which they cau be sold. A Kentucky breeder, who has been en-, gaged'in"raisingmules for thirty yenrs: makes tho following suggestions: Ino alslng of mules in Kentucky or the west s not profitable unless the animals proi luccd be:of good size—say from fourteen and ono-YmU to fifteen nnd one-half hands igh. The best jacks for this class of mules are not less than fifteen hands. Ihe lams are o£ equal importance mid should be Improved blooded marcs. Mules from such crosses are tho best scon In Kentucky 1 j )r { cc . The Science of BaH Almost any farm hand can split rails, but there is considerable, science ^observed in tho work. One man them with ease, vvhllb another equally OB stout will tug away and soon ^^.™* strength, with comparative small results. The Season ot this great disparity Is in knowing how to apply the tools. • Dut considerable advantage may be derived by an expert baud in having suitable MB.- ?*«? best 'maul to be .used Is made of a knot, and should'-be of-medium weight, not too heavy to ewins wUb,enso. ; One iron wedge, quite slim, should be kej)t and used for starting the split; It is not apt to WHIPPLE&SMILEY, ,A Common Cold dinary means •' The "work • may,' however,.be satis- :• foctorily accom-, plishcd by packing medium sized stones around the, post, in the hole, ns shown In the engraving. Then -if it is thought, that this will not, w "I ii s u r e Bufilclcnt y, •firnincKS, add // fooA ^mortar.^ wiai; 8ET O ATE POST. of stones,'then mortar enough to imbed the next layer-of >stones, aud so on until the hole is-.full and tl}o post planted. Do not cover up the stones with earth or disturb the post for a few Kays until the mortar has " S et." Remember ..that Xhe post must bo set plumb while the work is going on, as it can never be .straightened A iniall frame olooksotflioi) Fo, prevented by, making a few c.. an axe near together, and starting the wefee bctweeri them, or by nibbing the wedge in dirt.—Planters','Journal. INSURANCE, _ r REALEST«TE, r & LOAN AGENTS, RKBBESKSI1NW THK JOULOWING First-Class Ins. (Jo.'s: IUH. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoanix, Franklia, of Plilladelyiaa; German American;.: North .British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.' Continental; Olrard; Glens Falls, Ameroan central; Firemen's Fund,. Western Assurance Cw. Is often tho beginning ot serious affeo. tlons of tho Throat, Bronchial Tubes, and Lungs. Therefore, the Importance of early and effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pec-, toral may always be relied upon for the speedy cure of a Cold or Cottgh. January I was attacked with ft For ease, comfort, durability, simplicity of constiuotion, tho lline Coil Carriaee-Sprinsjs cast all othms into the shade. Thousands of testimonials prove this. St Loum Sayings: bt. Louts is from a water-tarnine panic only by Ui« lirge proportion of solid matter dis- .IIK l oosoii t tor 1810. 160 aero* I aooa tavm\OK Xand, and unotne -tuitoi 00 luros. both unlmprovod. 8Haat< oi "o.kanmlB.attlOandllB per aor. rospeotively^oiio-tnu-d oush.biUnuoo on time For Bi»l*. , , .... Aiannof MO acres on oottom land, ail in cultivation, near this county. A -storytraniodv/olUnB House on It. . A choice fai-m ol liii acres, situate 1 BOiith of Hhlpmun, Macoupln county, 111., a low llgxiro. Ui ciill at tlieolllceo u imMK « d Sinmtim tliolrlteto, pi-op«J- MOB i tor aalo as only part thercol Is ndvor tluod. • _ _____ SCQTPS EMDLMM An intfillipent,per.«on when hurt will; nt once procure a bottle of Salvation! Oil. Itis the best thine to cure svyel-; lingH, bu'ns, or'wounds. All druggists,; sell it at 25 cents a bottle. _ . Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup should be. kept in every family. A slight cough, if unchecked, is often the forerunner ot consumption. One dpse.of this wonderful medicine has rescued many from he grave. ••'" A little negro boy in Fla., in answer to a question of a? crneras to what Urn people didI flhi-r^ and always comnmjid a good price. TIIO tomato a living, recently sold; '.In most important improvement in jacks ii) de s,, m mer. sah, we lives off the state of Kentucky was through the Bnd jn dt) Winter we lives off do sick introduction of the well known Spanish Yankees." ' jacks Mammoth and Warrior. These were imported from Spain between tho years 18U5 and 1840. These jacks, at cluto of arrival, were-valued at, and cost, each, and were full sixteen hands high. As breeders, they were remarkably lino, nnd greatly improved tho size of thn jack stock by crossing on tho common jennet of Kentucky. Later importations from the same source made additional improvements, but none so decided as the two above named. . According to estimates made by the United States agricultural department, the state in which mules rate highest Is Now Jersey, the next highest, being in Marvland. Texas has the greatest number of any state, and the animals aro valued at a lower price—less than one-half the average value In Now Jersey, for tn- Btanco. Kentucky and Missouri show up well lu this Industry. The prejudice asalnst tho mule is an unjust one. Fov farm work aud rood hauling it exceeds all other animals; it|is moro economical, la stronger, hardier, never gets sick, aud, according to old traditions, never dies. Quality ol Cown 1 Milk. As a rule, milk Is richer in the fall and oorer In tho spring. Tho quality of cows' nilk Is not only affected by the ago of the nimttl, but by the distance from the time f calving. Climate, excites considerable nlluence on the quality of milk. In moist nd temperate seasons a larger quantity, .hough generally a poorer quality, of milk S obtained than in dry warm seasons, 'lie race and breed, and size of anlmauj of oursto, exercises a powerful influence j 611 quality of milk. ; Variations in tho composition of milk .posts should ,be used, and this method of : setting.s,houl.d only be, followed with gate, posts which arc supposed to bu permanent,: and -riot with posts apt to be changed. , Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizen's of. Alton; have recently •boooroe greatly excited! over the ,astom«hine facts, that several; of their friends who had been pronoun-i ced by their physicians as incurable: and beyond all hope- suffering with; that dreaded iDonstur Consumption--; have been completely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, 'the only remedy that does positively; cure all throat and lune diseases; i jh- 1 , Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis/ •Trial bottle free,at E. Marsh's drug stare, large bottles $1. Wonderful lures. W. D. H«jt & Co., wholesale and retail dmgtrists of Rome, Git., *ay:. Wji have been selling Ur. King's New Dis covery, Electric Bitters and buckirn H Arnica Salve for two years. Have ! never bandied remedies that sell as well.or give such universal satisfaction. j I here have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Conqnrap- lion hav« been entirely cured by use of $2O,00(MHXK VyiD AiSO EKPBBaENT THE rtutual Benefit Lllej of Newarh, N. J., and Traveler's Ltfe and Accident Ina. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank. Cor. Third and State sts. Fine Residence for Snle. Thn late U. noltow iibiii«wtnafl,'hnw owno-l, by M. 11. Under • ond, sltimtad on lln« o l.oi-ao railway, In Upper Alto..; 1 ™' t '"" imtl. room, furnace, and good out bull. tiw»., two HOI-MS o( around, will lie sold a^ii biu^. 8a le.' wmrrLE^* SMILEV. Tor Bent. Two-story house and «ood stable on Coin uiou street, bood „„,„, , SM1LBY . . tho That tired leelinsr |and loss of appetite are entirely overcome by H-iodjS Siirsapanlla, the peculiar medicine. Try it and ceo. 9 Had the South had, during the tence of slavery, what the North has today--a free press, free thought, free speech, unstrained criticism —negro slavery would not have gone down ; m Mood; it . would have... passed away under the destroying lieht from bold and patriotic minds.— Ex.'• Hitters. We guarantee Sold by E. Marsh. - them always, mobldwltn For Sale. , Seven 'lots with «ood brick dwelling and outbuildings. In «o"d repair, In Upper Alton, He 8 ld..»o" oifa i «iolU» ? . and kn'.wn a» tUv Merrlll property. \VHlt'l'L,B & bMlLKl, Alton, or D. W. Collet, Hppar Alton. lorBeut. A two-story brick dwelling known as tbe A. Platt homestead. L--'- "'- '" ->"'< '•«• p n lr. V For BBJe or nenc. , A desirable tenement on Blutf street, owneo bv Mrs 8. J.Dua-o. . - r out obtaining reTief, I commenced taking Ayer's Cherry 1'ectoral, ami was Speedily Cured. . I am satisfied that this remedy saved my liteT- Jn6. Webster,' Pnwtucket, R. II' I contracted a severe cold, which suddenly developed «n«o Pnemnonw, prHsmiliiiB dangerous and obst nato a.vmptoms. My physi.'ian ordered tha usnof Aver's Cherry Pectoral. His ln- smiclioiis were followed.-an.l the.result was a. rapid and .permanent ciire.— H. E. Slimpson, Rogora rrairie, le*. Two vnars aRO I suffered from a severe Cold. Which nettled on my Ltmc«. [ con -.; suited vari.-us physiiuaiis. and took tho tneiliitines they prescribed, but. received only temporary relief. A friend induced me to try A vur's Cherry Pectoral. Af tar wkin- two i)ot.iles ol this medicine I was cured? Since then I have Riven the Pectoral to my children, and consider It The Best Remedy for Colds. Coughs, and all Throat and Lung diseases, ever used ill my family. — Robert Vandcrpool, Meadville, Pa, Some time ago I took a slight Cold, which, being neglected, e r £ w . wo " e '^ n * settled on my:Lun B s. I had a hai rtt g cough, and was very weak. Those who knew mo best considered my life to be in creat danger. I continued to suffer until I commenced using Ayer s Cherry Pectoral. Less than one bottle ot tUls valuable medicine cured me, and l Iccl that I owe the preservation of my life to Its curative powers. — Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, New York. A vcr's' Cherry Pectoral is considered, here, tlie one great remedy for all diseases ol the throat nml ImiRS, and is more in demand than any other medicine of its class. — J. F. lloberts, Magnolia, Ark. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, •_ Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer k Co., Lowell, M»M. 8oidbyollDruggliti, Price »1; ill bottlei, »». For bail • The late residences ot J. UUV..U.. . Arnica salye. The Best Salve '.n the world for onto, bruises, sores,i..oers, salt rheum, fever aores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price to cPBts-per box. F«r sale by; E. Marsh, Alton. 111. moh7dvlmi. known . and The oi n Any or all o£ above a«^ A 7-room bil 3k dwelling and out buildings o» Thlid •treW.'tatwee^OI.MWg yd^tn.. for Kent. OF PBBE COD LIVER OIL t II I IM f I I OP. Almost as Palatable as Wlllk. m»l AND TllltOAf It Is iini-olioun in Tnuicrlb»aa'naou<lon>' fby tlie 4'roacriwt'w NHL VU..U10- * —j lu tho countrk'ii of thu warm. • ftOP Rftl P — -' ' 8KOONU EMPIRE MILUl iONU BTltEKT (Near I'lina), ALT On, ILI ire dependent- also upon ngo nnd bodily malth. Professor Willnrd cnlls attonflon •Orouud OfttH, Ground Corn, Htty.mtts, Coru, Corn AIe»l« Buckwheat Flour, Oruhuui Flour.ctc I'HOMrTLYDmVKUK^TOANY I'AIIT O M.WILKINSON. v7 Patents. To ny persons wlshlnn to obtain lettti nntont on uow InvoiitlouB, improvoiuenM B l""!"L l ". _ U | oxoouto drawing* and spoow '* "j _. .... ««»llA U *4.i.ta JQJ. I'tlt4)ntfr iMtte ' WCA8 HI. o the fact that, other things being cqtial, :oiiug cows yield a milk more rich Jn iollds than do old cows, a view not adopted by nil American dairymen, some of whom bcllovo that an old COW'B milk Is as good If not better than a young one's. English dairymen agree with Professor Willard, md "generally observe the rule of turning off their milch-cows at from seven to eight years of age, ' , ,. Good ihllk of average quality, according to Voclcker, contains from -101-2 to ti per cunt, of dry miittcr and about 2 1-3 per cent, of pure- fat. It yields from 0 to 10 per cent, of cream. Milk that contains more than 00 per cent, of water and less than 'i |M3i- cent, of pure fat is naturally very poor or IUIB been adulterated, When milk contains from 12.tol21 : 3 per cent, of solid matter and from 1) to 3 1-2 per cent, of pure fatty HulMtance It IB rich; and If it contains mon-lhiiu lii 1-2 per cent, of dry mailer and 4 pur cent, or inoiT of pure fat It i» of extra rich quality. Such uitlk throws off from 11 to iq per cent, of cream In bulk on standing for twenty-four hours at 03 dogs. Pahr., as has bcqti proven by tho experiments of Professor Willard and others. Siulillo llnrnen itntl Tlmlr n»ll», The Increased demand for saildlo horpos, no nppiirentof late in thu IUIHI, Is felt all over tho country, henco Mio Hiibject of BUI!- dlu horses and their gaits, treated by such acknowledged authority as Thu Niitloual Uvo Block Journal, w(U,doubtl«b» prove of Renvrul Interest. ^ ; Tho (,'nlts for a saddle horse are (ho walk, the (ox trot, the single foot and the rack. The walk is a gait understood by everybody; but everylxxly docs not un. (ler«tand that a good saddle horse ought to,lw ablu to go u win/ire walk at the rate pi (Jy« miles an hour. Tho fox trot U What True ™.v..», ...•-—.. : --, The unprecedented sale of Bosohee's German Syrup within a tew years, has astonished the world. It is without doubt tbe safest and best remedy ever discovered for the speedy and effectual cure of.Coughs, Colds and the severest. Lung'troubles. It acts oh an entirely, diffiirent principle from the usual p,re- soiiptious given by physicians, as! it does not dry up a cough , and leave Ihe disease still; in the system, but on the, | contrary removes the cause of the trouble, heuls tbe parts affected and leaves them'in a purely healthy eondi- tion. A bottle kept in tho house forjuse when the diseases' make their appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long spell of serious illness. A trial will I convince you of .these foots. It is pos*.- livi-ly sold by all drupgists and t-oneral ditah-rs in the land. Price, 76 ois., liwe bottles. ja 10 dwlw eod 01 Ayer's Hair Vigor btimulntos the hair to a vigorous -growth. It. contains all that can be supplied to make the hair beautiful und abundant, removes dandruff, and renders the hair flexible and rcniurvil Al liiU'i >l'rn<l In a Cllvlt. a Rat- g|ri» Caution-label, nn3 tho ifa(.<lmlloBlifnnturc»of John IK, lt ft A. $ ilrmt • * 'i Haltlnioro, Ha,, •TO Desirable Betildences tor Sale. , 'A two story brlofc dwelling on State atroei known as A. Flatt homestead, lately mil In Rood repair. A two Htory irame dwollln millalu struet, nearly now. A two star. Dilok dwelUuK oil Sevontli street, nil lor sal ,tttBttorluoe; owner •B' . For Hale.. ...•;, ,--A-l« story frame dwelling, corner Pearl and FtUb streets. ..„,.„,„ „ „. „.,„ w ^ For Kent. *or erne. The Morrlman property on State stroe. In Mlllor & MloluilPs add., to Alton, IK stOO house. 8 rooma and out-; oil In ye r (Botorder. Don on had at'"' h -=-""" • For Hale. : The Woodroof property. A t story frau.t Uouso ol 8 rootn»ron Kltth and Alton Btrects, a 1 room Jrtuue house- on ' "WeTtlo not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truoki we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse! Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yarda or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or doad animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP is made of POKE TALLOW, by a clean process,'and can bo used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. . ASK TOCB OROCER FOU IT. 3MPIKE SOAP CO, ST. UOUl"». M0._ , For Sale. . A convenient torai of 120 acres, most all li> cultivation; sltaated on tbe Betlmlto road, 'mm Alton, The Morrison Dewoorais in this oily are gettinir ready to strike a heavy blow •,n tho anti Morrison men In their own pnrty who are" candidate* for nfliuo «t the ensuing uleolion. They have them npotied and propose to make mailer intt'rcMinc f«>r tlinm on election day. St.,L. KEPUULICAN TOWNSHIP OOSVEN- 'JlON. For Rent. . A two story brick dwollliiKfcnowii nsthe A P.attlioii.o»n.ttdjUli;i> put In «i.o.i Kemnrkuble Core lor DKNVKB. Coi.,'Fnh. IS. 1K80.—For nearlj MX vcars I hufferod grcutiv with whnt the Doctors culled lunibugp, I was unable to walk in that interval more than » few steps at» time, or to nsti from a chair after onco sitting down without asttiKtanoc. A friend urged me to give Alloook's Porous I'lnnters «trml and he went and cot nome for mo and put them on my back. 1 felt easier with ihoun on tlwn anything I had eter tried, and continued thvlruse lor nearly three months, changing them every wrek, until t wan absolutely curt'd— cured so that from that day.; to thic, nearly six months, 1 have hoi>n able to. 0. M. WttUKB. The Uepubliount of Alton tuwnahm and all others desiring to co-opurat- with ilieiu at the olecti-'n Ti April 6Ui, are rcqiu-Mi'd to nit-el in Convention nt Oi'.y Hill, M»nila.\ evt-ning. Mmuh 28th, lu nominate can' idatu'i for ihu fiillowing ulUueai OIIH Bupei'ViKiir. Thret* A^wiant Supervisors. Omi Town Clerk. One Collcotor. One ASSCS^IT. Onn Illgtiwav ComrnnHloner, And to traiHttot any <>tl"tr baslnesn properly coining hefonuhe nipetlng. v CHA8. IIUI.nhN, JB., GEl). I) HAYDEN, H.O M'I'IKB, 8 K. CONN"K, U. h. liAKKK, Jit., K. \V. IIUI'I'B, H. U. STAltlt, Central Com. WM. L. KLONK ONDERTAKER, A. J.HOWELL, -DEALER'IN- FURNITDREI A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OBDJ?» AND UKALEK Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robe* For Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State Btroei OverH»n »l<lvory Stable. WllUtWnd to Jo Worband Uouniihis mr»l«»«i. ' l«» •' UPHOLSTERINe Neatly an<i prompttv oxeoutod. Bello st., bot. Third and Fourth. -AL80- [TNDERTAKlJe. ItESIDBNQB 000. STATIC A 8BVBSTH 8T8 For Sole <>r Keut. Thu 2-Btoiy ii'uuio dwolMiiK with 9 roora», Inuluilliiu ; L.tHj (jood burn mid fine ft«J» known us thu Ntol-.'ilB hnmeBteud, ultuaWd ou Uth «., I a, TV,

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