Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 23, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1887
Page 3
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Wsrnik you u> carefully read this column.— a. J, Bowman A Co. BKST quaHty oY Shirting; Prints Jn pretty new stylos are 60, nt H. J. Bow man ft Go's. wide heavy Penan^s in 40 new pattens, at H. J. Hoffman & Cjo'a, ' Ws are showing somo very pretty ety(eS medium and dark dress satins at 12 1-So per yard.— H . J. Bowman A Co.' ,'" SPUING stylos of Uwso vary populai Century Cloths aro now on g»lo at II. ; i). Bowman & Co's. FOUTV pieces Crinkled Seersuckers In choicest )>utierDH, at H. J. Bowman & Co's. _ _ PALMUK Seursuoke ra, Toll! Du Nordb Dress and Domestic Oingliams in great variety, at H. V J. Buwman & Co's. WK aro showing it complete aloel^ot Spring Woolens tor drossi uoods,inciud« lug double widtli Cubic Twills at I6uj40 i.njph" oftshmero ut 26o; also Novelty Fabrics of both toteicu anil domestic make.— H. J. bowman & Co. IN ota Silk Department we are showing Surahs, Qros Grains «nd Khadamu» in' every now and popular shade. In Black SUka we are offering some splendid values in Qros Grains, Surahs, Rhadames, Faille Francaise and Bro- oadtts. — H. J. Bowman & Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Freize Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Plushes in every shade. Plaipi alid Striped Velveteens, and now colors In the popular Dress Corduroys. — II. J. Bowmun & Co. WE CAU. "special attention to oui Black Goods. Large additions havt- been made tOvthia Department during the last two weeks and we arc prppareu to sfibw every real good standard fabriu and many novelties.— H. J. Bowman & Co. : ' __ . IN OCB Flannel Department can bt- found every quality and width of Whiu Flannel m all Wool and Domet, also many pretty styles, 1 Striped Sacque- ings, Tricots and Albatross, m all thr popular shades.— H. J. Bowman & Co WE ABE prepared to show a oompleU line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. In Fabric and Km Gloves we show all the popular make- including plain and embroidered baoku, dressed and undressed. — H. J. Bowman & Co. ___ __ IN OUR Shirt Department yon can find a real good white shirt for 60c and thi best made for $1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shirt* and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shin Waists. — H. J. Bowman &Co. ;;HOLDENS I Second street,noai , corner 01 Henry -FOR- . JUNE STATIONERY, Bach u» Crane's Floral, Wliltlnn'a Standaro I'aimrs. llurlbut'a Frenoil Linens, Kollput Ua^ged Kd*e, Kllte Hanged KdKO. Balmoral Linen, Uriffiu's Lmon, Turkey Laid Linen. I'fKCti Blow, tllkado, (Jlmrrud Ed«o, Oreaui Lam. MourniuK Note, and u laiw) uanortmom ol Illuiiiiimttid and Decorated statlonei^. DonniHOii's Wux nnd Seals. School Tabletc and Stationery. decMwly PIANOS, ORGANS and , SEWING MACHINES! - C.JEAP FOB OA8H ON T1MK 1'AVUSNT.- MBOOB and OruanB tuned and repaired 8j wink Machines repaired Bujiollos lor all Ma- Diimes. N. 1). LAMOUEUX, MuaiulMtlor, Third street, nearly om>o»U« Belle, Klton 1)1. dectfdwly WATCH MOB THE BABOAIN8 IW JOB'S ... COB. HCILUIMO, BBMRY ST., AT MKB. D. HKITKAMV'S, AU kind* of Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- eu tgoous. Hoodg.TobagRanB and Mils. MenV SOU-IB and Fascinator* at very low prtoen. Alto Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping O me. Oomo and give uts u call. Don't lorget the p'ace, dec<5 rtwlv* CIRCUIT court m m gession in Joraejr ville thiB weak. Tbe docket contain- 4 criminal, 60 law and 64 chancery cases. -CALL AT- C.M. Crandall's Crockery Store FOK THE LOWEST 1'BICBSj Good Cups and Saucers, 30o por set Good 8-inch Plates, 80c per set, Moat Diahca, 5c to '50c each. Vegetable Dishes, 5c to 50u each. Pitchers, 5o to 50c each. H-alf-pint Table Tumblers, 16t per set. Crystal Glass Goblets, 20c per set Fruit Situcers, 15o per set. Fruit Dishes, 5o to 75o each. Assorted Color Cologne Sets. 5Uc por set. Beautiful Decorated English Dinner Seta, $15. Best' quality of Triple-plated Knives, 1.50 nor sot. Triple Plated Forks, 81.50 per set ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KSTATH of Eloutwr 1'. Guild, deouaeod. The undersigned, having been nppolnto< Admlnlstruior ol the vitate ol Bleanor I* Uuild, late of itlie " county ol Uadlarm audtitateol Illlnoin, dncoaaed, hereby glvna notice that lie will appear beforu ho county court of Madison county, nt the court lioune in Edward»vlllti, bt the May term, on the tlif d Monday In May next, at whlcli time ul pemonH Itarlnir rlHlins SKulnst aald Hatntr ir« notlllod and rrquoeted tu ittiond lor the purpose of havlnK the Nitiue udjuMed. Al peruonK liulit 'tud to uumK.uuouin io<juo»ie< to inuku Immiidlate paymunt to tlio UIM«I »»u nth Administrator, WOTICE TO AJUV£tlTUICB<i, tvt the ywir 18J7 ire fhOl abuts* tt«fol. lowing MMt tot tracudttt aotiOM in on* loon oolnnraii • fW IlttUL mngl«-iii»«tlon . , . Wcenw. Ibre«toair«ui»erttoni, . . .', I }*"S W< 81* to twelve hiMiHtoni, . , ft " BATES OF AbVBHTISINGi TxtMnwt,~Ftfrr cents per Inch flrrt In- union, and TirsNTI-FtFB cents par Inch for each qubai quent loimtlon. $3 per Inch Drat month, $1.80 por inch each month thereafter . I.KQAI, ADVEBTISINQ: per iiioh for the first tniertion, and 50 r.ents per Inch for each subsequent insertion. 49* Above rate's will be nt'lotly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELKUUAPU IB Uollveieu liy earrieratoaU purtaof thuoltyof Alton and Jpper ilton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of |S.SO per year. TJJE TKLKGRAl'H baa the largest olroula- tlon ol any paper in Alton, and is the beat ini'dium for advertisers. 'loRNKH THIRD AND 1'IASA STEKETS. TBtB• UONB.NO.8H. Beautiful French and Domestic Sau-ei s patterns at the Globe. 28 2 w It Tuic Odd Fellows of Jersey ville in- erd to put up a building this summer; Codfish, Tongues and Sounds at Connor's. •'• ' It THE steamer Oalhoun landed 2,421 lacks of wheat here, this morning, from be Illinois river, for the Stanard Mills. New MillineiV Goods at the Globe. iats trimmed to order, first clans, free. 23 2 wit A lot of ibbotson's beautiful Easter Jards have been received at RabeV lewelry and Art Goodsostore. SWUM,he first choice. 23 3 A complete lino of Spring and Summer Goods for Gent's Wear, lately re- oeivad by H. C..G. Moritz, Third street. mohlT If A photograph of the beautiful Mr 'resident Cleveland, in the show window of Kabe's Jewelry store, attract* iiuoh attention. Many comment on the ikeness to an Alton lady. It MB. J M. Gearing today shippid by D. S. Kxpre^s, two settings of Ruse ombed Brown Leghorn eggs to Buffa- o, N. Y. Alton eggs are still on tbr joora. Splendid values in half bleached table linens. — Piereon & Carr Dry Goods Co. It Dr. H. R. Rayner, with Dr. Kenmsbi & Sons, Chiropodists, 623 1.2 Olive St., Louis, is now stopping at Holm Madison, for five days only, and remov- ng Corns, Inverted Nails and all affections of the feel without pain. 21 3* FUNERAL' OF WM. BUCKLES— Tbe [inaral of Mr.Wm. Buckles, took pt ce early this morning at the family rw dence in Upper Alton, after which the remains were taken in a hearse t< Marino, for burial. Shoes, best quality, cheap at Globe. Mi 23 2 wit Just Received—Those much sough for and perfect fitting Boys' and Children's Suits, at the clothing store <> .toasting & Saahileben. 11 12 A universal remark by every smoker .if cigars: Nemlnger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. Money to loan on improved ftatm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPP1.R A SMILEY Having resumed operation the Spark- Milling Co. will furnish customers with heir popular "Electric Light" fl'iur tt 94 76 por barrel, delivered free t<> .ill parts of the city. nil dwlm CAFT. Largent needed some hands narly ihia morning to help unload the steamer Calhoun,.and went up to the calaboose where some ten or twehe tramps bad free lodgings for the nigl He offered these gentlemen of elegaiit IjUure a good breakfast and 26o an hour to carry taeka of wheat off tie steamer but not one of them wou'd accept. Work wasn't what they wut bunting for and the Captain bad 10 find help elsewhere. Albion pin checked dreg* goods, tin best thing of ton season.—Pierson 4 Carr Dry Goods Co. It Money to loan on improved real nstate. Apply to Rudorehaiuun & Sonntag. Third street. dtf New goods* in all shades and colorn, which will bo tuudt) up in suiUs n' luaaonable pnuus, All goods out ami made by the Now York Fai-MouKuviow. We guarantee a flue fit,at BruegKoman, the Tailor's. ; 15 dwlra Tax Notice. All taxpayers of Alton Township nrn hereby notified that tbo tux imoks will bo olosud on the 2-itli of thin month and returned to Edwtirdxvillo on ilw 26' h, and Hull llii'V will mivo uxpiMisu bt HOI tllng bufuro thai, .lau*. V. BRUCH, dtd Township.Collector, "ff«ar« not (be , bat the s«r« The first anniversary recital of the Mendelssohn Society took piao*' lait evening at Mrs. M. Mllnor's r*li<i«.ticf, the spacious pftrlori twlfig owsttpletl 67- a refined, oultureu audieuoe. . The programme opened witti Gotts* cha'k's arrangement of the overture to William Tell," Rotnini, given by Misses Sophto Hopkins and Bessie Forbes. Tins, said to be the flnt st overture over written, was played in magnificent style, worthy of its excellence, by the joune ladies mentioned. Misses Lizzie and Mamie Biggins, Mins Lucy Begins at the piano, sang Domme Deus," Oioria, In a manner to delight the bearers. Both voice* were fine and blended aaone in harmonious combination. <L Mrs. C. tt. Houland delivered «n able aUdresi treating of the dilHoiHtiof •ncountered in the organization of a allies' musical society, the results icbieved, concluding with some suggps- tl-ms of what might be done by the State and the municipalities to foster he arts, especially muslo. An instrumental quartette consisting of B. H. Wortmann, first violin; W. L. Tarbett, viola; Wm. Oltmann, second violin; Ernst Scbweppe, flute; Dr. C. Robland, .'cello; gave an Allegro and Larghetto, Uoearl, with rare skill and taste. This number wan . a revelation >f what may be accomplished by ama* teurs through application And practice. Mrs. O. B. Stelle sang "Angol'k Serenade," Braga, a selection that dis* ulayed her superb voice to fine advant- ige, the scope of tone and exptession being particularly noticeable. The dano accompaniment was by MiHK viary E. Wade: violin obligate, Mr. U>uU Pates. Miss Wade followed with an "Impromptu, B flat," Schubert, a gem of nstrumentation, a splendid exhibition jf the artistic ability of the pianist. H» lumber on the programme received nigher commendation from those best qualified to Judge. . '•Concert Waltz," Dudley Buck, was ung by Messrs. L. Beiz, Wortma^n, Sobweppe and Tarbett; a most attrac- ive number, the vocallsm, both in execution and expression, being all that ;ould be required. After an intermission of ten minut»s part second was opened with a piano duet, "Symphony in B minor, and Allegro Moderate," Bchubcrt, by Mlssec (iraon and Cora Cole. The artistic xcellence acquired by these young lath artists was abundantly manifest in this cli'sic number. Mrc. M. Milnor delighted the audience with a v«calsolo,'»The Storm," Hullah. which was rendered «ith feeling, grace and expression rarely equaled, Mr. Levi . Yager at the piano. The Schubert quartette, composed of 'he stringed instruments of the quintette mentioned above, gave •'K'iiser,"-(rh'' Austrian Hymn) Haydn, ID a mot lini«bed manner, each instrument, alternately, playing the-theme. A song. "Spring Flowers," Beinteke. was beautifully rendered by Miss Jennie Siem: piano, Mrs. RohUnd; violin obligate-, Prof. Wortmann. Miss Siem sang In the characteristic, manner that his placed her in the front rank of our leading vocalists. Mrs. H. E. Mills gave muslo-lovers a rich treat and added to her reputation as one of our most finished instrumentalists, by a rendition of "Soherio, B fiat minor, Op. 31, Chopin.' It is but rarely that Alton a«dionces. have the privilege of hearing Mrs. J. W. Coppinger m public, hence the the song "Esmeralda," SponMli, which she rendered as s solo, was appreciated accordingly. ; The accompaniment, Misi Lucy Biggins, piano; Prof. Wortmann, violin; Dr. Rohland, 'cello; added to the finish of this fine number. The entertainment closed with "Good Night," Suck, by the D. B. Quartette, t fitting ponoliHion to a most brilliant, enjoyable programme. The Mendelssohn Society aro to be congratulated on the great snocesx achieved at thetr first anniversary reel 1*1. Tbe officers are: ' Musical Director, Miss Jennje Stem; \HKistants, Mrs. O B. St«lle, Mis MnuiiH Biggins; Stwi'tary, Mitts Mary E; Wade; Crilio, Mrs. C. B. Rohland. I'ho Society regrets that all personal friends could not be invited, .(owing to limited seating capacity,) but only the families of members and a few other musical people. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the presorplion ol one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United Slates, and 1m- been .used for forty years with never- failing success by millions of molhen- for their children. During the proooM. of teething its value is incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, ouron dysentery and diarrhoea, griping in'the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to the child it root!) the mother Price 26c a bottle. ia 16 in w s wk Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H L. Winter and got the best. Ofllco at Monk's Plmrmuoy, Third street, and In Job's now block, corner Second an>l Uunry sts. Tole^bonoa No's. 21 and 64. mig!4 d7m TIIK CENTJUL MISSOURI. A strong argument In favor of the presumption that the Central Missouri will oro»s the Mississippi at Alton, is thi«t at. Louis already fa»* throe direct roads to Kafisaft City. At -tut M ttut trade between those' two cities i* ton- Mrned there Is no need of another road. The new enterprise would simply get a part of the St. -Louui trade and a small percent, of the through business com' ing over the Gould bridge. This would hardly be enough to make the road a paying one. Further, if it entered St. Louis from the west with the expectation of eventually crossing on the pro* poied Merchants' bridge it would have to wail to ir or five years for the com. pletton of that structure. Unless the directors of the Central Missouri have a groat deal of money and a limitless supply of patience they cannot affoid to await the building of the Merchant*' bridge. * Per contra. By bridging the river at Alton the directors .would save time and distance on through bu<lnegg, 'j'h« heavy bridge tolls at St. Louis which the company would have to pay until the Merchants' bridge was built, would btt avoided. Tbe time for (passenger trains from the east to Kansas City, via the Bee Line, would be reduced two hours. Through freight from the east could be delivered in KanJas City more quickly tha'n via St. Louis, under the present facilities for crossing from East St. Louis.- An- itber consideration is, that if the rivei is bridged here the Central Missouri <vould become the short route from New York to Kansas City and would oe the line selected for the fast mail. Farther, crossing the river at Alton loes not cut St. Louis off from (hi- ienefits of the road. Through train- irora Kansas City would run into Si. Louis direct, and the route via Alton would be shorter and quicker than 'hat of the C. & A. between St. Louih md Kansas city. Other considerations favoring Alton as the eastern terminal of the Central Missouri, instead of St. Louis, could be urged but these are sufficient to indicate '.hat there is n» commercial necossin for building the Central Missouri except for the sake of the through business and unless time and distance are lared by crossing at Alton. That was the origi- ml intention, and the scheme was sound ind judicious, worthy of the eagacioui- ind far-seeing projector, Col. Hayward To divert the route from the origin 1 plan would emasculate what was a {rand and promising enterprise, and vould render it scaroaly worthy the consideration of capitalists. ILTOH IMPBOVEMKHT ASSOCIATION. A second meeting of business men fur the purpose of projeeting and discussing plans for the' improvement of •hecity, was held last evening at tin <>ffiu« of McKinney 4s Hewitt, and wa? attended by a large representation of leading business' men and property holders. Mr. Chas. W. Miluer was called to the chair and Mr. Geo. K. Hewitt appointed Secretary. After a general discussion it was decided to organic »' c <mpany, to be known as the "Alloi I uprovement Association," with a capital stock of $25,000 for the purpose 01 •K-veluping the material advantages ol the city, purchasing real estate for manufacturing and residence purpose*, erecting an opera h*ote, building street ratlroadi, etc. Several gentlemen de- <ired to make the capital stock 9100,000 but it was decided to start with 926,000 dad increase the amount if necessary hereafter. The ^corporators nameu were Messrs. C. W. Milnor, H. WaUar, I H. Raible, M. R.Phinney and Wiu. Armstrong. Messrs. George B. Hewitt, J. F. M< • Ulnnis and George F. MoMnlty were appointed a committee to draft a com., mutton and by laws. The meeting adjourned to meat at the call of the Secretary. This movement owes ita inception and Inauguration to the efforts and enterprise of Mr. Geo. K. Hewitt, than whom Alton has no more publio spirit ed and energetic citizen He has fnitb in the future of Alton, and has proved his faith by his works. Tbe other gentlemen, who have enlisted in this enterprise, are of like calibre, and we expect great results from this organic* tion. We beat the world on low prices, for good goods, at the Globe, Allen. 23 2 wit FRH80IUL. Mrs. Murray Trabue, of JoreeyvlUe, came down this morning to visit her mother, Mrs. J, P. Owens, of Wood River. ANMOUNUBMICMT. Wo authorized to nnnounofl AUOJ.Pft IN- VKK.N as B candidate tor Aaseanor at the an- ulnii townilitp flection. We urn em liorlzod io announce JOHN f, KUHt aotoundldiltovJp* Tpwuihlp OoUvo- tor. Klectlon,Tumdny, Apriltcb, Dress Goods i AT We FEEL and KNOW we are offering an assortment of DRESS GOODS never equaled by us before. STANDARD GOODS of all kinds. NEWEST STYLES and COLOKS in MOST RECENT MAKES- BLACK GOODS CHEAPER and in MORE VARIETY than ever. SINGLE WIDTH GOODS of all kinds FROM TEN CENTS PP. And all at I Parr II P Pn & bdll II, IT, UU, READY-MIXED PAINT, white ancfrolors, PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS, ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and f-oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Sfowns EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They bare no equal. Also liOOKINO and GUTTEKINU and JoHlllNo' done lit reasonable rates. Call and exxmine my stock bcturu iiufchitHtn^ ulsuwhuru. A I Floo'OKiH'aF'rH- 532 East Second st., .«J. l-/t;gfcJI II Idl U L,5thdoor west of Henry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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