Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 23, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1887
Page 2
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•* *" .*t«yjv4, -iti*,'*i*Vi;'**il'*t*,-j4«* ALTON DAliY TKLEQhAPH. tn Tf. T. KOBTOK, Oar. third nua Pimm Ktraet*, Alton, ni li fc'IH A 1.10. flWHALTO, IlL, Stftron 98. 'W. A generonA public U Invited to attend a thnroh supper to be Klven at the Old Betble hem church on Thursday eve., March 81st. Pnceeds lor the boueflt of the church, Sup- THE Soitntlftc American, of March 19th, coutaln* an Illustration of a snow yacbt used during the winter to navU gate the 8now«jovered plains of Da*- kotn. It ia said that the speed is from ten to forty miles per hour. The New Month. The leading feature In tho April HARPER'S is an attractive article on "The Southern Gateway of t!io Alle- ghnnlos' 1 (Chaitanoogt, Tenn.), by Edmund Kirko. Tho writer indianta* the natural advantagiw which have made this city "tho horne ot thren *uo- ceisive race?) with perhaps an unbroken existence, since th« time of tho Mound- builders. Here are traces ol a largo oily, which existed far back in the tw|. light asres, before Troy was founded. -1 These pro-historic people built their city here "for the some reason that the Cherokee*) made it a stronghold, and the modern engineer has laid bore the tracks of eight Important railways," because It command* the only great highway between the northeast and the southwest. Besides the oxoeptioual conformation of mountains and rlter, Chattanooga is distinguished by extremely rich and accessible deposits of iron ore and coal, which explain the mlrac- nlous progress of this city within recent years, and warrant the author's conclusion that "it is written in these hills of iron, these mountains of coal, and these forests of timber that Chattanooga has a great future. In the very nature ol things it cannot be many years before it' is the metropolis of the central South, and the iron emporium of the whole country." Members were ad Jed to the 0. P. oongrena- 1 tlomnlatt Saturday evening. On Sunday the Loru's supper WHS observed, Rev. Wm. rieenOHndllBV. W. P. IJuker offlclafn*. Rev. Baker preached i>ls farewe.l sermon to 'tils congregation In the ovenlnK, having nerved them vnry wooptnhly the pint year. The Trustees li vo made a'ranicneiilB »'th Hev. tvm. Frcesc, pa tor of tho Liberty I'ralrlo congregation, to preach huro oroiy two we'oka iliuojuilr.gyo.»r. llsv. Mr.Towuy, of tJppor Alton, will occupy the pulpit ut thu BuptUt church next Sabbiiih. XKWOHORCll-Seiilo'l bids will bo received nil April vm, f»r thi bullilliiKof tho Oiiiholl'- church hero. Plans and spoclUcatlnn* can bo seen by culling on Mr. Francis Youngwlith In thl.* vllluKO. SINOINO - Quito a largo class 1m? been foimoi at this place'to rooelvo instruction* In vocul n usla with Prol. WlUon, of Paris, 111., as teacher. TIU» 1* oommendiiblo and w« trust the Professor will bo very successful. UB has, undoubtedly, seonred good ma Proving: Hi:r Authority. He wns a tail, lanky young fellow, with watery bluo nytw, fuileil liuir. and a mustache whiuh looked liko a streak of rod paint. From head to foot he was attired in store clothes, and but for a very iironoiineeil expression ol anxiety on his face ho might have passed for a jolly young farmer seeing the city. In hid arms" wero half a dozen bundles, and beside him stood a pretty young woman, who worn over a silk dress a plush clonk of fiisli.oim-b.o miike and a Cleveland hat. The color on her checks was suggestive of long HC- qiialntance with country air. It WHS IIH plain as a whitewashed fence that they had but recently boon married. They stood on tho corner of Clark und Mmliaon stvuetB and watched tho cura go by for a few inomi-nts, and thon ho said, with n littlii t-oiigli of importance: -Well, 8urt;y, 1 ivr.kon wu'll git on one of these earn and ride over tow the depot. It's 'bout time we was goin 1 . 1 ' "Mercy, Sloven, how you talk. There ain't no IIKO of ridin' when we can just, walk over to thn dapo." "Now, Saroy. I'm H'prisod at yon opposln' wliat'l want to do. I'm your husband, ain't 1?" sputtered the young man. "And I'm your lawfully wedded wife," replied the bride, with great asperity; "but- wo might jest as well have it out rigid, hem.' It ain't a speck more'n llvu s<|iiaroH to the dapo, and that ain't no further than it is from our house to llm pump In the mender, an' you've got tn walk that every mornin' and niglit, snro's you're a foot high. You can't lake no street car for that pump nn' you can't save 10 cents no quicker an' no bettor way than jost u-trolUng over 'to thai dapo with mo. You can "argue or trot, jcsl which you choose, but, I ain't goln' to got into one of them cars if 1 sliiid hero 'tilSallj Wiggins's baby is* mi old man." He decided to trot.— fJhictigo flews. Why, anybody ought to know that it's the short haul that costs the most. You see I' am Hitting inn railway parlor car down in Maine writing n postal card to a friend In Oregon. Now, if I can got that card to the mail car, only wvon oar lengths iihond of me, tho'governmeut will carry it 8,000 milos for one cent. That is the long haul. But it costs me a quarlcr to gut tho porter to curry it to th« postal cur. That's the short haul. Then tho porter loses it on his way or forgets all about it That's tho shrinknge. And there you have the whole triinspurtion problem ill a nutshell.— UttrdeUc. Julia Wolgloy lives in a small log hut near Pittslnirg, Pa., with a lot, of chickens, geese, ami dogs as companions. Slie Is a great-grand daughter of Lewis Itollman, olio of the young mou who helped Lafayette escape from his guard nt Vienna. Austria, in 1704, and who was subsequently captured and RonU'iicod to death by ihe Austrian authorities and released on condition that ho would at once leave for America, his native land. The Humano society of I'lltsburg has employed, an attorney to look at'lor Jnliii Wulgloy'B property and see how It can bo socur- 0*1 for Tier boncUt. A $100,000 hotel is to be orooled on the summit of Slovor mountain, near Collon, Cal, ' A Maine lady lias refused two thousand dollars for her livssos, eight foot oun inch long, An excess of animal food and a partial closing of the poms of thn i-kin, during tint winter mnmlm, emiae tin system to become tilled willi'Impurities i can be nmr.ivcd und I lie blood The Mikado club K«VH one of their Progressive Donkey parties at the residence of Postmaster Miller last Thursday evening splendid refreshments were serve! and evt'ry body present. Including Mr. and Mr?. W. W. Arnold, of your city, enj jyed a very pleasant evening. PBBSOJUt/—ilr. Walker McPherson has been quit e sick thepa«t week. • Miss Ellen Ohapmtn, who has been visiting her cousin, Hiss Lou •'oott, returned to her home at Irving, Monday. Mr. J. U. Btarkev, of Lincoln, I.'l., was here last week looking up ala landed Interests In this vicinity. Sir. John Starkey, who spent the winter with his brother lu Oharlton county, Mo. romrned home Saturday. MI'S Annlu Moyer Is the guest of Miss Dora SchutlenburK, St. Louis. MUsLlbblo Kwan, who has been vlaltlnR friends and relatives at Mattoon, tor the past month, is nt li.,me. Mr II. J. • Henrloks has returned from Wichita, Kan., and, wo understand, Is disgusted with the west. He Bays property Is held much boyond llsvame. He old not Invst. DEAD WotF-Mr. Kd Jones, of Fort Rus- s'-ll, brought to town a dead wolf lait wiek. He hud some Iambi Killed one nigh* and the next duy he put nolaon on the C;iroft»8"i and tneno«t morning he found a fortv pound wolf. Kd. wan very proud of Ins captiire.iilid It wo ,ld bo well If they could i id this neigh- boi hood of these pests. " GIMLET. FomnnuaO. March 84. "et. TtijB tain and *now of last Saturday night and Suttdiiy stopped the farmers from sowing o»t», but as a majority of them wero tli ough, tliore'vr U be * larger urea of oats this spring than last spring. •.. ' We understand that "nuoVleb»rrj''Tom will start the ml 1 next week. lie has <i'iUe » lance number ot IOKS In the yard at Piol. I.. Waggoner paid your elt. * vlnit last Suturuay. D«Bt».- M.'. L, Von Faltenberis ai°d at the rorldeuco ul hid mother-la law at B o'clock p. in. bint Frlda), 110 18th. lie leavesa wl:e and one child, bu-ldcs n largo number nf l.lviuU to in, urn hla druth. The luinnl e wt-re taken to Short's Cemetery for buna., lie was 36 years of age. MU» Lcttlo Thompson Is visiting friends nDttrlli'tlmlto at the present wrl'lng. Mr. Th raps Dillon has returned from buM- iiflbB college at Bprlngfl Id, and U IB rumored that h j wlshi'S to ta'i our nrxt assessor, whli h we think w ould be a good choice. BUOOKBTIOS.-W hy not let the people vole on buying the saloon building known as "Kammas 1 ttaloim," tornTown Ilall.asthe town hip has no suitable p ROH to hold their election* In nud transact the business of tin- townshipr We understand that the bullditm could bo bought at a bargain. ' ' Skipped by tho light 01 the moon/ Kangaroo Gregory made his flnal leap' and land* «,1 on thu othtr side ol the river. Having behind two unpaid flues amounting to $186. for which reason Constable theZUt, levied on the saloon and contents p.nd closi'J tho some. Constable Willlhms, In the aulse of a O.s. ganger, In voiced the stock.flrst coming to a ki g of cider, after tasting, shook his bead and paid "plten;" proceeding to anotb er keg ot 10 rod, tailed and exclaimed "moi e plzeu"and BO on till he had sampled the contents of most all the keg-, theu bolted ihe door and climbed out of the window. He Is waiting for further developments. Westward hoi Mr. J bit Wortinann stan- ed lor Kansas la«t Friday. We understand that he has taken up a claim there and hav moved his firming Implements and stock. (Success to •< ou John.) ' SPAVIN. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer f^VMR -^filjP'WBl i*^lj^ S QQ ^*%WHE2J'3NBB5 H.LKYHE. Master. j|j Qaloldir and complete., luformi. llniiribiirn, Food. do. It onrichw » BEST TONIC, ww-wifigKffilBlifiS Ifloa uie blood. Btlmo* aMlmilbtlon of food. ^X»t hiiunnoj'oiiufoh. Bultlmoro. Jld., MJ»I " Hsrlni u"ed DrovJn'a Iron Dittow Jor b»«pep«l» •nd IndiKMtlon I Uike grant pleMnro In rMiim- BU«dln(ItUiUly. Al»o< 1 " n «{jH 1 jji )l } n>I1 \? ndldliml0 I O SUIT, Judge of Circuit Court. »ni " \\xxa most choerfnl tetti* ^ol Brown'i Iron Bittern fot tnd ( I The Century For 1880-87. ^*wLVi\w ?li «»««^inrafi e%ffrrS«t.^tftl^S«^«oSh "' THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, :; By uls Coullaentlal ttccretaries, John O. NlcolayundCol. On and a ter Monday Feb. II, the •»"" I J^" H«y. aulf »'l "in «» lollows, Vizi LEAVING ALTON FOB ST. LOUIS point* every evening at B:80o clocK. «».The Whistle will be sounded fifteen mmutesbefore starting for Bt. Louis. , ^ ry Ol iiie cm;«... ^poTtant'"ditSS .'A* 1 "" 50 lj "„?,',„• f miv" theno lomiiluud unri>y..aled TOST. Lctns, • - - . tthhMtbJvi K HOCHDTBIP % - • _ •_ BOO iXovy" l»y i o.i»ou ol tliu publication ol this TW E HTTKH> M „ V.'FIMM A.«.. | work, SERIES, •• ..I.IMI i»i« buoii lollowtd .lib MiflaaglnB «***»«•"• R-Li •| S tt^»ffi^S ississis httt HOII, thu y lull and ,1 Abraham ol Llucol nv™''*" 1 "" '/ e »J 1 ' u( l luvv> , lnl ' u jt',u MB private leoretariM '< !1 i llua * n KASK1NE (THE NEW QUININIS) . Ho bad effect No headache VITIATED BLOOD Scrofi^ous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- tho medium of one of your 1 books ruculvi d thi'oUKh Mr Frank T. iVr«y,UrnKKl»t, Apoll.i, I'.i,, I lini-Mine no- quiilntud with your CUTICUHA HKMBU1B8. Hud tttko this opportunity to testily to y>iu that tuelr u-e hiis p'ii miini'ntly enroll ruo "I onn ot tli worn canes of blood poisoning, lu connect Ion with ery-lp»la , thutl Imvucvm seun, und this iifiui'liuvlngl'iH'ii pronounced inou-- ubio by i.<iini.}ii tne best physicians In «.ur county. 1 IIIKU Ki'Uiit pluus nu in forward I. IK 10 yon tlil» tcHlliniinlin, unso lulled us It li liv ton, In orcl"i ihuiotlu'ia fron. similar iniila- iliiM tuny • n uncouriiKud ID give \oiirC(JTicu IU UKMKDIKB n 'i till. 1> s. « Iliri.lNOBK, Lri-obburp, Pa. llcfoienco: FIIANKT. IVIU.Y, JJru^glst, Apollo, 1'u. HCKOFUI.OU.t Cl Cf.KS. JamoHh. Klolia UHOII, Uuntoin Houso, Kew i)ilc..ns, on o»th mya: "Jn 1870 Scrofuloi.s UIOIM-H brolti) out on my body until I win u •"lias of corruption. Bverythlnx kniiwn to lliu mcUlciil luoulty wastilfd in vain. 1 be cutiiu u more wreck. At times voulil not lift my luiiiils to my head, could not turn In bed ; was In t:on-'iliit pxln, und looked upon life Ho u I'liruo. No H'liufur curv In ten ycuni. In ISiiO I heaid nf the uuilciini Ui.'inuuius, UHbd tin-in, mill wus pertuctlj curwl." Sworn to biiloro U.S. (Join. J. D. Crawford. ONK OK THIS WORST CASKS • We have been HvllingvourOntlcura Itome- illuH for yuiirs, und luwe tlio Urat complHlnt yul to receive from 11 purcli'isor. One of the worm euaoa of scrolula I ever ^uw was euro*' by tin 1 IIHU of live bunion ot Outlcara U jbolv- 'tnt, Uuileurn and rutlcuru Hour, ''lie simp takes the "cake" here ue a nieillclnal Hoap TAYI.OK • TAYLOR, DruirglutB, Frankfort, Kuu. O ^»..A- um...« i, INIIEItl i KD. And ConuiKloutt Humors, with loan of hair, Mini EruptlniiH ni Uie Sklu, are pnttltlvely cured by Cuilcura and Outlcura Soup exter- nuily, when all other medicines fall. Send tur pumplilut. DUUGUI4T.-. UsKTlIEM. We have obtained satisfactory results from tin-iito of tlio (,'utioura Kemodli'S |n our own himlly, ami recommend tliom beyond any iitncr reinutilee liirdlHcusm ol thu skin and blood. Tin) demand for ilu>m KI'"WH aa thuir nurlts become known. MCMILLAN & GO.. DruxgtbU, Latrobc, fa. CUTIOUAA HK>1EI)IK8 urn BoM everywhere, frk-e: (Jutlcura, the Ureit bkin Oun*, Si) ct-.; Ontluura S"ap, un • —- --•-••-•" -"lor,K.otn.;OutlcuraRiMOlv- IOO Doses On» Dollar. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the only medicine ot which this can be truly sold; and It' Is an unanswerable argument as to the strength and positive economy ot .this great medicine. Hood's Barssparllla Is made of roots, herbs, barks, etc 'OBE and lavorably known for their power ji purifying the blood; and in combination, proportion, and process, Hood's Sarsaparilla Is peculiar to ittelf. "For economy and comfort we uso Hood's BMsaparilla." MBS. C. BREWSTEK, Buffalo. "Hood's Sarsaparilla takes ten tima and quantity to show its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. I would not be •without it In the house." Mas. C. A. M. HVBBABD, North Chill, N. Y. 100 Data One Dollar Hood'» Sarsaparilla cures scrofula, salt rheum, all burners, bolls, pimples, general debility, dyspepsia, Biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints; and all affections caused by Impure Wood or low condition of tho system. Try It. "I was severely afflicted with scrofula, and tor over a year had two running sores on my neck. I took five bottles of Hood's Sarsapa- rllla, and consider myself entirely cured." C. E. LOVEJOY, Lowell, Mass. " Hood's Sarsaparllla did mo an Immense amount of good. My whole system has bcci, built up and strengthened, my digestion 1m proved, and my head relieved of tho bad feel Ing. I consider it tho best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to d< without It." MAR7 L. PEBIE, Salem, Maas. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. ?t; six tor SS. Made only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowc'.l, Mass IOO Doses One Dollar. ""ISUTTER & SON " >EAI»KK8 IV FINK AND CO»I»tON FURNITURE •A Full and ,-• Complete Stock A>ways on Hand. OO NOT FAIL TO "GIVE US A CAI/L BEFORE PURCHASING. .,1/U FURNITURE ROOMS ARK ON State Street, opp. Third, No nausea. NO ringing ears, C nrM quickly Pleasant,r re A POWHBKUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALAitIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOUS PltOSTHATION, and nil Oorm Dlsoaaos __„„,. FOR OOLD3 KASKINK if AS UBKN FOUND TO IlK ALMOST A SPB01FIO Uuperlor to Q U i eUe?ue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally BUO- oeBBlul." "Even- pai lent treated St. Francis HOB. N. Y. \ with Kanklno hai been ( ilidOhurKed cured." Rov. Jas.L. Hall.OhiiplBln Albany Penlwm- tlary, wrlu,s that Aa-klne hiw curod hla wifH. Mar twenty veara «ufferlnB from luaUrla and neivoua dyapepalo. . Write him for pur- a s"!j"ae P h'8 Hospital, N. Y..- "It's use is con-iderflii Indlsp-usa ,le U aou per eotly." Pro W P llolcomU *. M.D., 04 Eail'2Hh St., N Y. (l*ie pVof. in N Y.Med. , Col.ege) wrltej: "K. wklnH U superior to quinine In Its i •joeo flu l j J. F. KLLISOS, Oomniander. KP.ANSHOTZ, j clerks. TlWIK DOBOB, ) On and alter Thursday .Feb. 17th. will leave Alton dally For St. touls at 7 a. m KeturninK, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine at.) at 2:45 p. m.i LeavinB Alton at 5:SO p. m. lor Portage aud .lersey, arriving at Qralton at 7:45 p. m., ICt'lUO SpCCil*! w«n.*«n» •»«> — iiiciueniB. o lu — o of uavai engagement*, >risSnl« c . etc. will a. pear. ' NOVELS AND STOltlBS. si&MoW^sr-'Tifi'g^wg ^l K u«orue^".'oabre? 1 Btorlei» r 'by Mary Uallooli UK^io "Uncle Kemua." Julian llawtUome. KdwStd * KKloBtoT and other prominent American u'ntSoM will be printed during tno yettr> SPECIAL l^TURES. - ^ lu ItutBia anu OIU«*II*,-MT «<~. KoiiBun,ttutuor ot "Tent LHe In SiberlB," who has Jubt revurueu from a most evenUul visit n fllt.artiin UrlBullUi DUyOiB < D tUO 1TOOU : 'U oiuviiuM j' , r \\nnf\ntt fttt tne w anil ew J t:' op '" 1 * mi ™ 1ut ' ToST. Loots, sluftle trip, ' : M » round trip, . • " twenty rluo ticket, •.,»••-- HKNUY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FIsUEB, i.en'l Manager. loliau DB. C. «. ttOlOiAND, Dentist^ 18 THIRD STREET, ALTON, ILL. OfficeUours-8a,m:to 12 m.; 1 *°*v. » ~~G-. A. MeMIIXEN, Dentist, OVBB BBOBQQEUAKN'S OIQAB STOHE SECOND ST. ,«S'"K?SSSte^€ iti'i«U rtHtian Advocate: oHtronomlqal pa- I ^ewa'tlo-"" throwing lighten Bible L Istory. "'PRICES. A FREE COPY. 1 Subscription price, H-W a year, 8fl cents a iimiiber Ut-ulerB, pObtmiiHters, and publish- 1 uke subscriptions. Bend tor our beautl- , illuitiuted 24 page catalogue (free). I contain ug full pi ospectus, et<'., flic uding a Uneolal "tter by wlnuu uew reader* can ijet ?nck numbow to the btglnmng ot tha War sLrie» it averj- low price. A specimen copy | (buck number? will bo sent on tequtmt. Menford to he without the Century- Tilifi OfcNTUUY CO., New Vorfe. SubocriptloiiB received at thl< onice. "li. laKlnil HBU|«JIIUl HF <J» '« '" ,," u.nJ. In l> .wer and never produced tho slightest in iiry to the huarlnK <"' eoiwtltutlpn. TlioiHiiiidauiion thoimands write that Kns- ltin« has curod tlirm altor all other moil - cmodliud failed. VVrlCD lor book of. teatl- '"KaUkine can be taken without iny special medical mlvloa. $i.OO per boetlo. Sold 1)V or smit by mall on receipt of prlj-e. 1C\SK1NB CO.,51 VVarren st.,Ne* lork. 10 dwlm LOOKOUT 'HERE 1 THE CELEBHATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Steve J f BTMICIAKS AJW BUMaaUM 1 * DK. B. OUKJLHJU, Physician and Surgeon, UFFIOE ANB RESIDENCE, OOR.FOUBTjj lai-dwly W. A. UAUKJCLiLit AI.D. t Physician and Surgeon, OmOB—8EOOND ST., AlitON, IL1« iffloe hOUTB—9a,m.: 13to 1,andeg.n p.xiuialeuKiiur, . cut. thu New Blood furlilcr, |1. t'otter Drug and uhviulciil Oo., 1103.011. ID 1 1V/1 1'LKS, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes JrJLJjlL and llaby Humors, use Uutiouia AISSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Kstate of Mermiin Reunln anu, debtors The UnderHiitned heieb- glvvs notice thii< Herman KuBi-lmiinn, of Altun, In tlie^ epuiii} of Madison and State of Illinois, did, on tin Wihdayoi Kob., A. D. 18D7, ,"«;»'««• *° tj» undersuned, a» as.lnm-i'. all hl« propeity i Mil and peraonnl, lor tho btncfltol Ills orod Itoi'H, aci'ordln^ to the provision* of tlie ant concernlnx mulnnuionts. All persaiu having claims aKOlnst the said r..»ntan If. rvulwiulitl Mffl hftrflllV HO till fill t' BALM | Cleanses tlie • Head, Allays, luilauiniation.jj Heals thu Sun Restores thej Senses of TasTol -raell, Heiir-J lug. A quick] Uelief. A pUH^yrggyr ..,-.».»-««% itlvo Cure. ^AY-FEVER A particle is applied Into each nostril unil ,8 »giTi!iit)lo. I'rlee M cts. nt imiBKl*t»: oy • (ill ots. Cln ulavs free. KIA T ia undoralgiiad Uavo opeiiod a new musli to.'o nt cue coronriof .U'lilrd -••' •"—" »'-- 3RGANS AND PIANOS! dftholnnost «orkmunshl ,1 lor sale atrua loiiablo iiricei. Oall audakumluo our ••"•»'•'• ueiiv» Ijelore purchasing oUawliero. FLOSS; & RABE. 3as 'Heitteaberger GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AN» MECHANI^UJ DRAUttHTSMAN, Office on Third st.,one door west of FOR SALE AT J, HOFFMANN & SON'S Dealers in STOVES ANI> HABDWAliB Also Ontsldn Work a specialty. Booting and Ualvaulzed Irou Worn. Also l indertaker's Supplies Choking Catarrh. Have you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all tlio horrible Nonsiitlons of an assan- uln clutotilnK your Hi rout and pressing the llfO'breutli from your tightened chest? Have vou noticed th» languor niiJ debl'ltv .thai Hiiccooduil Hi* effort in clear your throat and head ol ihlscatunhul matter? What u >lu- pruHBlng InnueiU'U It oxuris upon the mind, I'loudlng tuo mumory and fllllnu thu licinl with pains and xtranxo nulso I How dillluult to proto t thu sybtem aiialnst lt« tuitlmr prOKiufB towariU ill" lungs, liver aim kliliievs, all physicians will admit, It un lori-llile disease, and cites out for relief and CUM. . • Tim rcmnrkuble curative powers when all oilier rimi'dleu utterly tali, bf Sa- ford's Unil CH! (Jure, > re ati»»ted by thousiin><a wlio liiiui'tullv rec'oiiiinO"d It to fellow xufferei>. No (jUtlumt'iiUs tn ido irgiirilum it that cannot b» BiiliHtiinilato'i bv the most roHpucta- lil" »n<l re lulile iKleri'iicfs, Each pui'kcl contains one bottle of the Kiidlc»lUuru,oiiii Imx of i'atari hal Solvent, and uu linpiov, it Inliiihu 1 , wltb treatise and dlriKit onu, and lu Bold 'iy nil druK)i(tF,tH for 91. rOTTllll UIIUO ft UllKUIOAL I O., IIO8TUN. MY SIDE^ACHE. From the bencli and th« onunlor. KDL'u U|i lliiiciy f piiln and wi'tik- iH'Hu. Ai-lilhubldi-Hiiiiil Hack, Kid iii'j mill Uiuilnii. aliix, s nil,i- mid JDEMD—IU H'UHkllUfH.OllUKlia.t/ulllHUIIll UllOrt I'HIMO, und every ptiln unu ncliu ol Unlly toll ffllovuil In inn, ml mi 11> by llm Cutlu.ifii Aiul- l*aln I'liiotor. N, w vlutfant, and Infu llble. At ili'UKut.ts. S4o.: llvu for |1; or of i'ottur UruK and Olieuili'uliJn., llmimi. perons a Herman It gHiirmim i«re hereby notinnil t. present such claims under oatu or afflrmH. tlnn, to me at ray etore.on theoonii r ot l bird , a ra . and I'lORa -true IB, lt>m,ln said county, with In three months from i hla da:o. Dated Fob 16th, 1887. JOHN, DOW, ABBlKTljn. JOHN J. BBKDUOLT, Atty. feblrtdfl I WILSON WASHBOARDS. lTh " e I^o a d1imrT m he6 e t J Si| > . ,«^i^Jrtra"^2: Soglnaw. aOO.OOU ACRES CHOICE ( FARMING ALWAVo ON UANb. GOB. SECOND AMD AL.BT 8T8. W. Jb\ ENSBNGBR, PRICE LIST: LaBelle, • • Fairy. • • • Diamond Light, Fancy. - - PB-K 11 ni. $4,75 - 4,50 - 4.00 - 3,50 Plain and Decorative Paper Hanpi0 WORK PROMPTLY ATTKNDKU TO I.OWKST TRKM8. OIFIOB AND SHOP ON 1BCOND ST., NE\R PIAS- ThU paper U Uu'pt on Die at ttie oflle* *f ;YER^SOH DVERTISING GENTS : * PHILADELPHIA. "SEKSVAVER JDVKBTISMO pncE Lowest Cosh Rn.tea ruKt SStt AVER « SON'S ALTON. , ir.x/ . puriHtd uuii invigorated by taking Ayer'i Barsaparllla, Price 411. ttwlw i.BRUIHH,« rrllory glviiii, >*{ ITT, 841 Ur<Mi i nil Jiuurf lllv.T, Vn , in 1,'luiu- niii,nt OolDiiv. lllus.oli'CUlai fi'iiu, F J. V. MAMOUA, Olatemout, Va. For Sale ('heap. -ONK- With nil Hut Aimlifliii'i'H in Hun it Evuryihint; In Guml (Ji-ili«r. A. II.UASTINQS, JoUwtf . Upper Alton. «I011N BAUER, KEALKIl IN AND MANUFACTURER OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hull, ALTON, ILL. All kin N 01 Due unil poiniinvt larnliiii 1 coustMttly ou hand. Al»o uudivukm, etc. ap'iklwlw In NORTHERN ...«- 'CONQIN tot wile at SO AN ACRE ou long time. The mont pronperou* and promlsliiff fleld for eettlentent In tho U. 8. Full ^formation with good map free. Addrau HUD COh2l8.SIO.Vi;B,r<t«nslH Central R. R.. illwuntef. WU. ~~ 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HABPEB'S WEEKI/V maintains its pooltloi as tlie loading Illuatratpd newspaper In An,er •on; and It* hold upon public ostei m aud OMII (fdimoe «rus nevoi atronuMr than at tlie pros ent time. Kealiloa the plcturus, IIAlirEH's ^ KEKLV alwa> u contains Installinenta of on., 01 ousloiiHll) of two, of Ihe bout noveU of l'u day, tlnely Illustrated, with short storti-n, poi'ind, skeiohui, and papers of Inipiirtiint current toiilcti by tho most popular writers. The cure tnut has been oncvvBiifiiily i-xurclsuil In the punt to u uke IIAKFKKS WEEKLY • HUH lib wi-11 us n wflrouie \ inltor to every houue hold will noc be reluxi'il In thn future. HAItPER'8~PKKIODlCALS. Pur Yean llttrpcr'c Weekly $40 iiariior's Mauuzlnii 4 OC Harper'* linear - 1 ''" Hlirjiei-'a NUIIIK I'l'Ople '1 0,i H«r|-er lj Fninklln J-quuro Library, one Vfiii 18'i nu ni burs) .. . .... 10 0V XHrper'u llundy Scries one NOiir (.2 I'd tugo lr«o to all subscrlbum In thu Unlti d itatuu or Uuniidu. Thn Volumns of thu Weekly beuln with the Ilivl Numl) r fin Januiiry oli-a liyeur. Wln>n nn I line in menlloni'il. MiUnelnlloiiti will bi'^ln wllh llm Numbui curiuntni liinii i.f recolpt nl uriliir. Itminil Vi.lnn.iiHol lUui'Eit'x WEEKLY, Im ihrru vi'in'H Ini k, In ntnil iM.ili hlinluiK, wll he >in t by mall, pimtiiKii paid.ur uy exiiici". licuiiI'XpiMiii"i|>riiv|,iiiil tliii'ii'li<ht d u« inn I.AI'III d unu uuilu< pur viiluini') \nrfl |n'rvnl. <;luili cimmlnr eiu'li volume, nn tublu nn bliiilliix, will IM: HUM by mull, pontpuld, on le- culptoi $1 each. liuiiiUiuiicuu fhinild bit mii'ln )>y Postolllou Moriiy lirilur in Drult to nvolduhai cu ol IUHH. Nuwxpupi' s uru nut to copv this iidvurili-u- muni wli hunt mi'i-xpi'uus ordur ol llaipnrA lil'oihurn. Address HAIll'EU.« 11IIOTHHU9, Now York. STOCK FOR SALE. A Klin- Illniidiiil Mii'i'. n flnu HI,on Horn Cow mill Iliil 1 J my Y<<urllnK Ilinf r. In- uutru at tlie Uodfrey C'oiiHicHuUoiuil I'nrouu- age. tabUwtf PPETALTOHvlUS D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Wish thn public to know they are selling ' at Lnwutt Cash 1'rlces, ury Go"dB, aiooerlm, NoiliiiiH otnll klnils, Kionr, •inxony Yiirn, Feed. -I1U& t.ln.n ihreaiU.Ciff.rH, Hu.lnry of all de- Tobaooo, Bcrlplloua. Queens and Tinware. Frcall Oywters and Celery; Brunk lii-os'. Candles aud Nuts; K< ith's Broud. D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Murpliy'sOlfl Stand. 28iv3m \KT A MTPTl ijAniKS TO WORK yon us ut WAIN IJtl/JUtiiiilr homus »7 to ?lfl per wimk i nnbn quluciy muilo, No photo pnlnt- IIIK; tin uniiv.u>i»'liiK. For full ymnluulani pl"uBO uildiufiA. at nncn.OKBSllhN P ART 00., lOUfntrulxt., Uohton, MUBB. Box 6170. nrAr*irr*p Its °' IU9aB >aud"^ 1UWand nrQrNrSS Bu(H:CrtBl11 ' ° UIIK at U1.HI 'H-WVvour own homo, bv or.8 who was ilouf vo«r». Treated by uioiit "f tin- nntcd upeclulluts without buiiuilt. Ouri'd IHmaoif In threo months, 'ind si ce then hiindriul- of otherti. Full partlo ilium noiiMiu application, T. x I'AHK. V». il W<nt 'list st,. N. Y. olty BOOKS FREE. Tlirllllnu- ni'ix'tlva St'irios, H'lino Cook niitl Uucliir Hook, Uo\v to BluUfl I'oultrV I'.iy, nn I IttFbliiniiii i.iurioe, tlM'bC 4 books ., t, ., b .•inn, lino, on r«.i.'lpt 01 4o>'HtBfor ponioge, with MMeni.y luiuiH, nlpo nur pnpcir Home, Kii'in aim i'"iloij-, 3 iiioiiiliuou trial. »3-r',,r '0 cuiitn wo wil placu your nd- ni, ,-H In mir iiuw Au"iit»' blrooiory, which will In Ing y u , vi r AuO II.M IIH, punerg, lut tern, llrll III- Mllnp if, AT, ll.llliurtl'llb. t/'l'-i »' ICmllllu Illocli. St. Loulu. Mo. I'erk'a Put. Iinprnvuilnurililonod Kur Droms, 1-UltfKOTl.V UEsTOltl! 'I'nK UHAKlNO, mi n,micr sUii'tliiT ili'iitnets 18 onuaed by coldn. iev, I-M, or injm Um to the natural drums AlwnvHln pimltlon but Invlululu to iitnors, uMiniiii'liiblu to wi'iir, MiiHlu, oonverHiition, I'vmi whl»pi m lr aid illsllnclly. Wn refer M UIIIUK niiliiK ilii'in. hi'iiil for tiituti'iiind booK ... .....fl.. n.. >. .1 • *4.l... ^ 1. U* • I lUf "^ V KlU ll pivi.m FliKK. llruuilwuy, N. y. Artilr.BS F. UIM'OX. i Kl-i t ''ATAKRH S'unplo Treatmc I /ilrt.IVl\n>Vi, nniil unouKh V- iHiiwlMc,',-. II. s, i.auik-vbbVU 'reatmant uh tc/— ' ilroud'tit.', Nowiirk! NT j" 1 ""* no 'i

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