Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 23, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1887
Page 1
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ALTON,. ILL? 'MAJMp(g system, which is.imoro..!ticmtiyo thun< his , Tho aoumloai* ofrniloj? ot timber, win v be awttrtmhed'by,j[ll<|ci»$ iWU-iir doVo to'one euifl o£ It, wjlno aflQihorpftrsbn' ftfelU'crt b NIMf'hRqlftn j1f*ldtllllVf Kl/iiV-d t*r(*lt A ll'«lvt M Lih. IT wilt. fjQDBuU.t^jH 11V OKIIAHOESf^Ntol KiDHKYii Atto snJSioiIT, It yom Uvo* ts out of- order.'Hiett" owvo; yon have *eadaolm, (eel lununia, (aia-ni l>lrltou ima norvnus.Mi'j'o' prevent siuitttons" I H|CB' LllCn '? US(Ma 'ATOR, «itM&Uto,W »utt(jr Aflreollotn, nvoidfetnnnliinta and, take Simmons LlvecliegJlitUHv^uure to restore. If you liavooatou<iinvtulnK>li«rd of dtgoaticni;«.oii ijcal heavy tutor moas iOrptirsbn' >1MV$ wit m »r umllel upon the .opposite omi, N*liei\ the Contlutiiuice of tho vlbntUoiiB wJll indicate tti an cxpurli'iifccl cur ovon tlio degree of wnmrlueBS^ , It only o dull tlmd meet* tli6 fur, tho listener um> IKJ ti'Httlu tlnit un- 'lliln^n J'urnuirH Tell Ono' Another. StaMe in.iu'UrcI Sttya ^rtfltwii* Ohtimbw »» oBuru, fool i-ojidvei umUleu,u,l>l<w- neuuai clut«(iiiijr,'i tamnRrnxeKvunuiMw ^"^"i^'wrf^fwW^v , .. • Simmons Liver Regulator '' ' '''' •' ••, if. Jnit), ot Iowa, is tiiu,l>est ffrfiUierw o/irth. Hvoro ft- frtjeme* of ns, Ottnccoiintof Its ' ho pings. P J. hns tested uinh Augiwta f <i fa«h, who . nrtttrtfcwi .tttr -fi>uo'wittg*J«Jtljafeo»»» tlmt thrive in moist soilsi " tho Josiah Hoopes says thatj br«WJtoird!« pto, jPruld ]U11 H Mountoin Rose, O M ko£ r Plno'tik- ^' peaches iceWtaifc worth as much J v» n "ica'-\vHh*t'rt'o- < tt)ia'"'of 'Imy- tons of hny fed alone to cither hordes,, .c^t^pp, 8 h£op. The feed cnttcr is «e<sc«saryito mnke bran •8tt rfl toiJef 1 » * - i i icc ?goi < g%' whiphWaqsee.. tho ^ expecfecTsboa'to give *vfty«- ' bondholders of- toe dismissed yesterday in the Tinted States Court with lengthy opinions by»Judgea BrewerJjand.a'h ' The world neVer'-before , ifaroli f >~ i Both 1 bouses worked iwell to-day r aiul a'dvanced much, 'legislation.'" "The (,hos» Axing,,, tfae ^bargfifj; of, , s toqk yardadTar facdingaBUn^ y«wdftgo,,»md tils bill directing that*! 1. person* and emloin overton men such Tlie^.mania seeroe to the, had i '''th&fgloea into the city witUlil...^ji, ,when an-Aldertnan raMd thd. v point Highest Market Price ; Paid;for-Corn and > Pickle^ fcj 8THJL SLOP FOB aepTdwOrn 2OO MAGS FUREKA For Dairy and Table Use, in*t<t Ib. linen sacks and 56 ll». sacks, for sale ''by J. A.RYRIK Lines of Bargains • --*..""->>-.•' --•«- i"u«*vi**? >vf'DlJ£lll4IlK i apple oi-«TiHV(T§ JiiSlTfrfevwo trnit hns;.S6* i with PurlH gre6n»6i"ISb1aatft> purple is com- f ing n\Qre,,Mui .pjore Into-favorroj) -It proves! to iHj'eirdctiVfl-for>tlie^eair\ le W6i{ of the cortlln molli, nnrt.wtth.iiq-Injuri.ius ~ Ut fruit or trees!" v POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never varies. A' marvel <>• purity, stroDRth wholoBomoness. More economical than the ordlunry kinds, and cannot bo sold In competition with the multitude ,o' low teat, short weight, olnm phoaphate, pow- a^Ka%?x os ,'!l a9,*5 s -^y AI - BAlTlNQ tha.t "wate* would riot run up hUl"! and iWMined' thftflSnemc. £*' •"•'.' >s*A CRITIC, objf(gisiia5^9, bo^^?' to »i Western"to'w'fa ^f?lS®SS*61i4|bat "it| is workefl up.'^H^evidentiy^thinks genuine" bbbmJ^Hiilih^wnlle fleoplei «f I' 1 Sslee p". /; ' The facts are'a • ^bdom'' j '*i;Wr yetigtruck i any.'^sleepyi'ttowni full of dulRpeopleiti tt.;i^ i \ liouse.say: •; A hearifih--feejirg pre-j dominates in wheat here^jb'iit operR-i tors are disposed to ,'await, results of) the reported manipulation in' Chiea-go v and are engaged mainly in.scalp-i ing turns, " ' . A BOX -named" Willie' -Sells, ugec| '15, awaiting execution.for murdei-i '&i Erie, Kas., haa ; made a fuH,conffl9?iibTi of; his crime, v: He kili^dihis^i.tner| mother, J brother and P *ist!Br,; at the^ home,; with a liatch»t>flnd^ butcber-l knife. -The-horrible tragedy! occurred a year, ago.', ' The negotia'ions for thiff salb of tb^ Baltimore-ahd Oiiio railroad- ar^ reported closed, and i.Uift.transfer' of ;pwner8liip is i ositively- stated to be an acco'i plished-fact..- It. i a an*, nounced, however, that President, management. Garrfttty\vill ^ ; the \»r»a», o«^ui/..fc/u4«*-A^V.WA^DI . mji POWDBEOO., 10« Wall St.. N. Y. Jan3dwly REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. President|^. jterrttate Couimeroe CoTOoiisi 22d.— The gollow- "issioq- ! WASHINGTON,,,..,. -' - - . P.'^'J has $jpn "iiii . ., , H6uaef'« the. first without^amendment aud'the Jfttter io ameadud«s-to< only '^ the' j)aynibht; of thbse^em ' •"•"™^ir-™»«»* J -i%^»*«WWBl**«I««fcd»»ft ***T^K-«VaTlf W* 5 StateMn-not'tiiaintainiiigBprirtci-i '- i ' : fcpM^ for^skmiflvestigat ,. was without special interest, BI " — T--»--.T 1 *""'"*»c^*"«****»v«M'i KJ VMflBV* f and'W!88E(Htls-A-ndi«W8j,oi.ii:ounf;»j j^n;;|^iK^rtfm)^ril6^^*fi<WrKto| :4&yja!&piff^eBid^^M^^i^e'^ j)le;.«.ttendedwao,d<th&^)t:e«pntfr.«wen ! w'jsre«y efy £ > eIabdrote-**Bd -Kfiostlyl , ^^^^IK^j^l^SSK'* 80 '? i 06Q5f«ia'feM»J3J««; yiVi:i V tivi'w'',,:;;' , aa SUCHi Velvets^ Bodyt and Brussels, and Thi-fee Plys, Stair Carpets and Mattings, Oil €Mte,Rug8 and Mats, Hasarriyea. K .Choice Stock of very lowest Invited FQB 'THE BEST BUGGTf IN . ••••••• : THE WORLD. RTHE ACKERS . si hat . would i (av»Jl%, ly l , s chartDi qulHtmff thfl cougbi ;andrmniov- int; entirely . We keep it /oonstauilyi m -our. house.— J; B* Ford^Paatcir-Mt Bf ohnroh.sEtiBti. Villd'llf 1 -'--" ' '-' : •'-''•' '-• -•• ' •••• -•-•-; 'U»e Creggler's -Wild-«086 Tooth fows der for^Ujaasinethe Vfletih^ Pr.ioe 2fio. F-' . We 'wdn(i) nipsj.' ppsiliyely tstaio thatl- ' That ought to catch We ' M -"''*~ r ~~*>'~ - ff-l ft ~^T~. of them In NOVELTIES; SHOES, -.VND-: . JTor, saio—qno 8,ropvR;ho«so*nd,9»e.a,-rqpm house, Btb .Anft.sSJrpi'atS, JSt -.MJ% »»i good, ot» tQ$n A aqil, ooalTl^buBe, at a pal gain. For gaie-*'lfi aereKin'Nortfi Alioft^riatBood orchard,barirand plenty ol water.. ; For Bale-fteoyaMes Improved Jarm with good house andlstrfMoa In Woodnon comity, .. \Vfohlta, B mllas (rpnl: edupty :eoSt. For sale— ts'aorna partly 'bottom land, im- provt-a larm, nBar^iorsey, with plenty] of good buildings on aamo.; For. ... fr-lO .plflo«?a ;of '-ysluahle ''proporty ^uapr, in;iJi^;(Siti ; •'• • , For sale oe eaalwriB^4»loe-Utfji<» in potbaito L ^'it|> 4 p1liiflty r o( KTOUnd and good walur.cii " . . ., ii , , t I'orBnlo or ojtoUan go—Two sootlons of B.H. timber land InSei Mlnsourl, IMintloa trorri Bt. Louis On tho Iron Mountain &,,!{.., at. a bar. ! ' ,8ncrcaof . --. -™, Ku' on Mal|i »t.. (Uljolulng iftyor Oopplngcr'e on! the on ,y .itt.c'J824, studied law . no reniedv 'has ever met" vnth~ u fuqh universal satisfaetlon ,ot ;caai be more". truihfullr.8aid.isa positive, cure than, Burks' Wane Pine Balsam. SUGAK.i; A new disooyerj, Little Apricot I'ilU easier to take than sugar and far more beneficial. ;; Sure* vurp for neuralgia,; headache heartburn, dyspepsia and bad : ' ' breath. Try th'eoi drugstore; , for sale at-Miu^ mohldwiy!- C1TT CONVKJi'HOH. ThejR8publioa,ns ot.ths jneyeral.wardi of tbej' : Aifoja, ana .all. voter*desiring ' WABBANTED ;, ao4 ; Plo w Go's and • Pulverizing Harrows. te Buggies YEABS^ ^-T—^ ^ v.-T-K'-i -.---r.->r3, PllOFPp]RS AND MOWERS. Headquarters for EUPION and CAIUIINE'.OILS.;,ENGINE, CYLINDER and WGNAB^K-SirSTOCK, WELL and CISTERN PUMPS; fine hne of CROOKING STOVES;, the DANGLER and PERFEC- ' TIONoGASOLINE STOVES. See our S10BU.GY ;"-.:. HARNESS,;,, NKW HOME SEWING MACHINES, ; : , $30..-W« .keep the BEST GASOLINE and ' BUBNING, : OILS. ob ' tap' and deliveved to any part of tho city. mm State sts ALTON, ILL. securing a better, more- 'efficient and- rnpre; prQjfressive v adismi8tratjlsn qf«pli7 liGFa(l*fl ai'n ^ •*Annaatvitl »>M. M««Ai..E«. M « We can't be beat in quality ana prices; All the latest tles of the aeasbn ly a4d0d> at one-price casUliouse, ALTOJN. land In urooKQF .^jpopty; 'TexuH'* cheap, bultiible for nriy iu)-mlng r _. , T » T Three iioros ftdloliititu Ur.lioijerta oatnoftn. Five lota on Dry it., ailjuinlng triiomns Big. glru 1 roaldenco on thi e tat; , , One and a hull- lots in llnwley'8 adatUop. One and n bait lots In Shullyta HUdlUon; Any of the above'propertycun be. DougUt at u bargain. I also represent the Buffalo German Fire Insurance r Co., Buffalo,N. Y., onoof tho best companies in the U. S. And other good Companies in addition.' C' A, SCFLUETER, Office in ray New Building, on Seooiid street. •.,-,f':)o»,M,o jthi» ^ef«» . e ii>M« t/hon In CKic>(a,'wilM'»c.'» {v ,'irit Walter L.Bragg'vvaa'born' in Alu- banjla; ini ISS^VjbiitrTcsidod in Arkansas from l'R4& rt £o'°'i'8dl'V Ho was ?di ucated at Harvard and Cambridgb law aoUools., He hpjjjeen f he; law beon prosident-bf (tiios A; iibnma atfttc railroad commission. Aldacft 'F.'Walker.i^a, Vermont, Republican lawyer, 44 years oldj who studied law with. Senator Edmunds. . Ho bass?studied the' rtiil- roud question extensively as a mc}m- bei of the Vermont State Senate.) Augustus Schopn.niakpr. was bor^i in Ulster county, New iVork, in '1K28, and is a lawyer-' in 1 active praoticeVi was a State Senator and a clpso \ friend i-f Gov. Tildon, and > in Attorney General of Now York, ceeding Faircliild. Of the five commissioners Mo. r Morrison, tSoliooiiiu .ker and Br|ij aro Demooruts, aiid Jfessrs, Coolw- and Walker Republicans. Until tV day the names ofsMebsrs ,,Schpon- maker and Walker were not decided upon, and it-is not yet known whether they will accept, but It is believed they will. The law creating. r tho commission*-' gives the majority power to select it; chairman frum their number. It is alutod that the President gayo Judge hifaifa, mary njee'un^s.'^c.Cuy'Sall, on .uui;^, day evenint, Apfni' 7th; At 7:80 o'clock,. to nominate candidates for Aldermai' i«,.k.i_.».— .... 'f^jft,)>4- i«l«o jto.'C •ity It'epublicHn nonjfnitip;oaBd;d8te>fot*';,, - '' v |tvOlerfc«-r-' • -... CitvTreasuror,;;,.,.,. ; "Cuy*AM»nieVV»3,«;.«,•'..'•,",,., •M^^''^^^^^»^V^«l«\iM^ 'entitled' tttjth<S;(ff "-•••'- — -•;•'-' --• in tbe city c'onve ; First ward.'.S c ''Second ward," „. Tblrd ward, 8 dejega^ Sikth wardi 0 dalegaW. u -' Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total Dumbor-ot deleeatop, 61." And to transact auoh other bui >ng. ? CHAS.SHOUolN, ,!B, J. K. BUTLER, GBO. D. HAYUKN, ,' ' . H. G. M'PWK, V '*'' - H. 8lB*ki!;c < F. W. HOPPB. ' H. B. 8TARBVSd»l Ropubliqan Central " - THE^BEST ON EARTH! WATCHES, Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOA 1>IIS(; GUNS, From $16 to $30. THE LEADING JEWELER mylRdwlv —GO TO HEADQUARTERS FOB & SON Coolcy the longest term for his- reeom- LIYEKY SfBBKT. BBXWBKW of only one (Ifth of uoent a llq intloui The. adyortiiiomant > re- i/VMBv tut UK* ' am*viiiiu(iuw*«vut> < tw« 'oeivei'ship of the \Vabash railroad Fiqtii?0 Barnes, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats, Crouet ,|9ets, etc. A full line of School ooks, Scratch Books and School Supplies' Remember the place: - • OPP. PELLE. purolm-or» I.H.V..H -»•«•• ^w. f »¥ MIU.UI.IUJV ltC,AVnM9, IlOdr »m«fl«0«iU]i81ttW 1 .ubout 7ft words, ilrgfs.wHhoopyoi udv and qhook..or st ™ of 170 Ei.I- A 00., 10 Spruce i K §UBBCaiBE FOB THE tEfiBAPH, I0c Per By mail-or delivered, Only Bepublioau Daily in Madison county

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