Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1887
Page 4
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&^™*°tt -•/Wl$8«r>«n™ tWtfW^J 1 ..,...ef< .. d for what p.n»M tmro the ryrnmlds , . a« enure./ >n..^. ,,j •••-.. M I Imvo recommended H to my •' it a« Klveu satisfaction in every case, iv .ma b" . -v 1Vi,'-this unso" . Donnellaon, Montgomery Co., 111. Was suffering frol "^^/irStin ••"iKffSES and founa jramuuu^ •-":•' .tyjB'.eU' . •_. v.,.1,1 keen. nofhe bZht oRhFdrtigfci .should keep Athbphoroe FUKbrttiWiieUjth^ ?»"• •riWvf£s*«t;t'a .±d™ l HfewK««jsT&y. -«,Ji^gS£!»,,;. J-or llv/jr, nn/L^ n S. yn iiV«™TcttlfltJ "'"M:''^ ' follows: < & NlKht- Express . Aucnt. .. . , ,la the tip of Nineveh knownf ^ g Yes Nineveh wus.situafed in Asiatic Tu r- .»3MnKj RuperiBifieea Pliotbarapl'. , .-. v <L_ ^f *««, .IstBeeWedi v: v,Itviaaicates^_\uai Hfttur- A^ld^ '•'ii.W'" * jV^Ttu 1 ." ,-.i, i *.„.. io ^rnfprnhlm aim 1*1- jtype h-pm ,v»h . ..ItBBRESKOTlNG THK Rudersnausen & Sonntag, Tor 8ftl«. i ^A?MiM&-fftraiofW ft«l B i S5;ljT::;rnBt' ; ni . Ohariton co., Mo. '' lliM> tlllli BIH-^I »•• *"r • p<a%s rf p.s ir iS l ssssi?- if Wqwillg' bubbles. there Is too much. -SM?SS.««™*.i«.»"'!* < rs!Lr fefek^W^Kl 5S=«S"S,rHrS fath neraptl^nce or"' mechanism un*P-; S-»^"=;sSS ; if.(Tha h6ofs t pariillei" plates 'like |,Sfe«S^SSpS •SSraStswri? ic^rs Tho squirrel carries chisels in hla m™th and the hippopotamus Is provided iEfe^?Sr found in the jaws of ix boo. Tho wood ,us a powerful little triphammer. ^K^n^o^a^^ide: .Add^ .QOUv PV» 1 *fi-... vl -» l f T ,*.-.;••-'• »i .«nlfno n VWVV B^rvo tlie whole in a tureeiu, It uiaues-a yery delicipus dish.' _ •A' Feinole'. 1 P6i>«. WeVer.^femaUJpopeofHome? X.Y. ;.,.- ^,~-..<:*t :<.,i'.lf,HMfXi gii-l named of bd'bV-' psit and beyond afr: flbpe-.i>ufforing . that dreaded, .njonntar .^wujwpn htwe been completely .p.wred ,by Or. 'K'&W^W^Olv^l (to ^iril* reriredV ^^' ] f 060 ' .positively store, large bottles $1. WottffeWnl'ltlreS. W -D-Hojt & Co., -wholesale and Arnica Salve for two; .yminv ; Jj-ve. never handled remedtes that jSpR^ 8 well,o« give »uch universal w'WMj There bave been some wonderful cures effected bVtUese m.edic.nes jn this c.iy. - m. 'SrWedlly '^ad- 'TWO viaw apo t •""•'•I from> <>«vere •to my cbUdrcii, and consider it The^ Best.Remedy uu^r 6yer AitriiL---, Cor.Third' andSfalgjte^ Dick, becauw four is two less, msd two more than tUe ^^^OT^.ssSH At tt.« old reliable llOUSK-rAINTING, and DKOOEATJNC oatabltohmenf ot NEFF & OBERJPEU.ER, •rourth, east of FINE AND COMMON ..... • -. «/>"••-•••• >.-. t- /•- tf •**•>* ' _• ' dllcovere^hy her giving^h te'*^"*- Sy^ The story is now generally disbelieved. . Neyer^ive up the ship; Dr. BnU's Cough Syrup will core you, as u bus done others. If rice 25 ois A Baltimore Butcher's Experience -, I have suffered with bad headaches for year* and have tried many remedy without-obtaining; relief. - :I , WM /?/ivai To give Salvation:0.1-aarial and it has entirely cured me;- Ed. Baltz.UFayette Market; Baltimore,' Md • -— j ••• . ' 1—. -..**—• • The one. Thins he Bespects. No matter- how bad^nd; destructive a boy^may. be, he;rarely becomes RO degraded or loses his< self*res0eut; suffici- enU V to/hrow mud on ^.circus poster. Bine Ko»W»uee for Sale. , ...,. ^ BncniOTi'B Arnica salve. The Best Salve m the world for cuts, corns and all skin eruptions and^ positively cures piles, or no P^«qulred. It is guaranteed, to-ejve ..perfeg^ satis- ,s^r^«|^, " 7: jr.or Bent. , Two-story house «ood stable on Com- ioio'u (.treet. tabod '^^IppLB * SM " •S^Sft^gSK^ ^s." • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by nr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,* " """ Bold by all Druggl«t». T'lo" t 1 • *"* >' ^^ ~ — v^ •,.'--..-- •- • • • • r •'"•'• A Full and Complete Stock Al- «roy« on Hand. no CAL '"' ' TO GIVE US A ,»v—i-v-vtv f 1 (, i r. i * , State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILi* A BU11NINO OAS ThencconipanyinK cut shows the EOS well which wns <li«»vei-ed in ney, n wimothine more than one year ago. Mr. wVtehtln BL Nicholas, tolls the following SoVy about tUta well, The gns was coidlKtsd 4S foot -ibovo tho ground, through a flinch lighted tho Hume rose Peculiar in mpdioihal ujerit and wonderful cures -Hood's SarsaparilliV; Now lsTbe ; tlme, to take it, for,now it will do the moat good. c TAKEN on trust:. "My. husband JB a very absent minded 'mab,» sald^Mrc. Slowboy'. "He very /often,takes one thfibr another.« ; "Ikhov.Mt,'»:sa,d tdr. BadmanV'^rsaw him taking* hot biddy ^last night, and he said ha took il f..r a cold.!'—gg... •-'.'. tMlurenRiarvriiB to Death _ On.aopount.otrthejr jnab,.ty:«« digest fm.d will find a moBt,,nit»r,ytilK>U,< inna and rem'-ay in's. Emulsion. V u ry, 'palata6l« : und'easily,Digested. Dr. 8. WrOuben.iof: Wfloo; IVkas, says: I have, used yo* Emulsion an infantile """j. ° jf' p,^ on iy restoros iwatted UsTues, buV.give« Btrength.and increases theapbetite;"'' For ease, comfort,, durability, ,and simplicity of oonVtiuolion, Coil Gamage-Springs oast _.., law ahe shudp.' Tnousands of - munials,.pr&ve this. Bma'streot, For &»r . ~ Tho' f5r"PaIn.":WUl| •SHsfeft^-Wpil |^ta«?^oM|?;| !^^.<vLi?te^ » For xaie* ., A 1« story frame dwelling, corner Ve and filth BtroetB.p,,,! ^WeBlrablo'Itesldeuoes f»^ Hnie. A two awry brick dwelling pn Stute streei known u» A. VUtl homeB^oad, n good ropulr. : At«o -too ««£---• ---j. , ioegc.ipliig.BW SOMF of lho»e r W6(>terh towns th'at areJnow^lHDB *4".000,000 of ^real estate a week will »wbh thwy hadn't befow ions. Tha Jatvt atat? of .an oyer boomi d town is worse than .the firbt.-r-O/HOJtfo Altnn. III. ELTS CKEAlf-BALM s not aliqmll, 'snuff or •powder, nio noMl*is<tu,t<>kt}/ absorbed, . htTiead. AllU'ikiriflamirtatMn. Heals th« vrei. - ' ».. '•: Sale or ce Flour, Oralmw Fl<)ur,«to V PAUT Of :. 10 furofcl by this we» ta enormous, one na^.lnolngituWU.OOO.OOfteublef.ioti-erday. AiUOUOcttlOcfcet o gas roqulre for the r pKHluollmi fifty poundH of soft «»>.«»*^ own Mint the heat dally generated at .WiU Inglo hun.lnK.well U .«a«.ak to .that »U vU woujdN in-oijiujpd by thebMrnhigof l.OUU Sore or Inflamed Ey^s ^pejaJUr Cured By the use of 'P^bys I'rppbvlactio Fluid. It allays ihelnttataruatlon and irritation and u peculiarly effleapipus by reasoa o^ Us, pi^wer »n. ..Qloansing and ®&&i:p4onpus wutter. Oha - lui, brittfih humors, .erupuop.., boils and sores and,thpsp..? 8<nou8; and a^^asrs^wsasn Ul»vu>**> (1 . !...,.! „«/! ipurrA.. from th« ilw*! l u.l los ' l ' 0 " l ,.V'' n» 'ydt' IH"* f"" 1 " 1 m P''Ol" ulj lB quantilk* In coinpiirotlvfly minilV uw-ra. Tlio In which ix.iH I.HH IHHJII dlwt.veretl '— r .T.• tlrally viulirucetl In that portion of Fomwyl- vantu wf»t "f th» Alli-Blit'iiy mounUxIns jiud oxtoniline a vui-.yHlu.rt dUtana. Into .Ohio, Now York and West Virgin. All «a» fluid* oro in or iienr c<«d regions. Boi-liiK ("<•• nnturnl gas Is very 111(0 »«>rliig .* -—••'mm.but th« otter opera- on, uro i>v^ tvi"»«"; »^ % f r..?: col.ien up of il« <i'wn fivo will, iii^il'lii.i'vVi-v o( Ihiao fountains of ga» u U") wouiiordil i-t'si>i-yod stores ol \\i», Tlw cowl wu» formeti loi'K yen™ «K O . now dwj) down !u tho earth have bwun [ l ll:JfJlvll'$ MJll^UtK GENERAL OfBoe onThfrd sti.'ond'door of Plagg; :thH-H2 floor. uEFiruiiiOAir TOWNS "" The Republicans of Alton township and all others desiring to oo-operaUt with them at the 6leoii>m Tuesday, April 61 h, are requested to. meet in Mass Cunventinn >it Oi'y llnll, Monday uvcmng, 61aioh 28ih, to nfimianto can« didntua for 1 ho following oflioos : , Ono Supervisor. Three Assistant Supervisors. OnnrTowil ClerU. OllL' CollBOW'V. One As*i'ssor. Oua Highway Commissioner. And to transiiot any othur Inisinoss nroporlv oomuiff before the niuetlng. 1 C11A8, HOI.DTON, ,lu., GE(). 1) HAYP.EN, 11.0 M'l'IKK,, S K. C()NN"ll,'' 11. M, It Alt UK, .Tu., F. \V. HOI'I'K, 11. It. STAUK, Kopublican Central Com. coreD. Good 9-room brlcfc house with abontt a r ero» orground 1 lmOUdln«oro,m^ n Upper Alton Former renldenoe ol " rn«lditnee ol M. J. Noonun, on State known M the A. matt plneo. Ciood ' For Bent. ' , . A twoatory brloh dwellingknown *s :ho A nutt UomeA-d; l-« if .{JJ^o^Btr, ASSIGNEE'S NOTjtqE. Kstatc of ifwmnn Beurtn iinn-'^'"^'.!., The iiDUormnned h»r«Uy'S •no« c « * lluriii'in Ufui'liininii, <>I Alton, In ibo oou'i ill Miiaiuoii iniU Suite nf'UUtt«rt»,-ul«».«n t ISihrtnvni Kob.. A. D. 18d7. trai'i-for to tl ' oe euivujH .ixana ; sa llarman Hi K i>mmim HI-U Immby iiotKlort . PITH" H BiioVi oluiiiiB under ..inn or : aOlnn Ron, ta i u.« uunvetore.oM the corn, r ol rl mid ViiiBft -iroviB, Altun, In mild county, with in Uiree months Ironuliln dine, ELY lVWi", Drugg!sts,OtTC(?o,NY Hamlin's Wuatd Oil. Lame e iBacfe. stiff .Joints, ^ntraoted •RHEUMATISM. Sprains, Brulsosj Burns, Fever sore s, ! Wounds,. Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Bllos, Sore Nlpp B.S.J Cakei); Breasts, _anfl s and Pains, " 1 ' aOO BAGS H FURElift FINE SftLT For Dairy and Table ' 0*Jt InJ lb, HIIPH sack* ona *° lu ' Hacks, for sale by JOHN J. IIUKNHOI.T, Atty. V,» N 'l"*i Wl «r««Uwo>.» N. Y, LIVER/T KltONT

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