Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1887
Page 2
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ALUM* DAILY »tr w. v. TW.*tldMI MIC PLMB ftneu, Alton, Dl, TDESDAt fifg!., MARCH IV; Mlrin«»polu fiuu are dfnottoolop( the m«tbodit of the real eatat« boomere la that city, who h»f • «ot the prlo«.-8 of property far beyond their real Value. 'WHAT we want, says the Memphl- Avalanche, li "to kick the rascals out." To thin an equally able Domnor-itiu o6ntemporary,tbe St. Loui» Republican, responds t "What we want is nut to got kicked out ourselves." It is the sharpest retort of the season. AH fcBRtuh Uptnlon. Ixird Woleeley, ibe Enj;)I-h general in a pane sync on Oon. Rubt. E. Lee, the Confeitorato leader, exhibits great sympathy for the South, no much so a- to make ht« artlute absurdly Inconsi-- tent In many points, with a wondcr'u clUplay of ignorance as to the polltlcit history of the period of which ho wnttis. , Hu says: "Mr. Lincoln was, iu 1800, elected president of the United State* in tin- abohUonUt Interest." Oa thu contra r) ; ."the fuel u to well known at toarcely t» need mentioning that Mr, Lincoln wu\ v! elected by the Republloan paity.'whwh : was merely pledged tt opposition to the extension of ularory into free territory. IQ the comiBencemeat of hi* article the. writersp -ak9 ol"the chivalr- • ous valor ot those gallant mun whom Lee led to victory: who fought not onl> for fatherland and in defcnuu of hotuu, but for those right* incut prized by freemen."' In reply to this it may be said that tho Confederates were not tiithiing foi . fatherland bac only for a portion of it: 3< they, were JB^httnB; for no "righU" ex oept the privilegM of taking slaves into free territory. They wore deprived ol no "rluhts" except ao far as they Ion the ofllces by a legal and conriiiiuiiona ohanije of adminisiration. Wolseley says: "Bulievlnjj firmly In the justice of their came, they saw tin same virtue in one rebellion that wa to be found in the other," (The Uevo- lutlonary war.) Further on he says: "Ixso viewed this : Moession with horror" * * * "We loved the Union, for : / Virhioh his father and family in tbr previous cen'ury had fought, but in- loved his own tituto still more." These expression* are a puffljiont answer to the claim of the "justice ol "' 'their cause." Toe animus of the aristocratic sympathizers with secession, in England and elsewhere, is shown by tbr following extracts: Think of what a power the re-UnUcit Statea will be in another wnturv! U what it will be m the twr-,n\y.tii-5t .'century of the CurUiian cm! If, a many bulitvi', (Jhtna U durttnud it- absorb all AMa and tbun to ovtri'ur •Europe, .rntty it not be in the pu»slbU fuiU'eibnt Armageddon,thu HnalooutuH' "between heatlmudutn and CtitiHtmniiv may be fought out heiwuen China aim North America? Hud Mecoxslou bcuii viotorniun, it w loltTHbly ouitain Unt the United Stutt'8 would have broken up still further, and inniutid of th pru.-fom lUAgnitiuunt; nnd £iigliMli spouk- itiK empire, wu uhould uov seo in iu place a numoer of siuivll powurd wltii separate iiitcrisw. The Atlantic for April. A boHUnful etching ut Oliver SVendul HoliuiiH ornamKiiu tliu April number <> the Ailant.c UontMy. The utuiy ofu diplomatiu mlsBioi: to the South, undui- tukeu with thelucii coiiduntct Abrahatu Lincoln (one o( the moil romtirkntili- ouiitributioim to the liloruiure of the wa which have yot been given to th. public,) IB told by Kduuuul Klrke, ana in it ho reuountM, /or thu tirnt lime, tin terms of pttaoo which L'ncoin was wiling to offer to the South. Mr. Whlttlur baa a poem Hililltid, "Un the Bi Horn.'* Other Dtuiconblo features ar< an amusing nugro story, "1-nztiu Murt'n, de Cullud Lieyur," by W. \V Archer; "Via Uiuuis," a letter wntt<i< by a Koinitn nfliuinl in Jerusalem at ili> time of the Cruullixion, by Edward 1. Stevenson ; "A Tory Purnon;" and lam. but not leant, Dr. Oliver Wundel Uolmes's second inslallmpnt of »Uu' Hundred Uuys in Kurope." Mrd. Uliphaul's ami Mr. Aldiijirn serial anu *'. Marion Crawford's "Paul 1'atoff" aro as interesting an uvor, and thuru atv other t-xoullent articles aud poetry. Hougluon, M.ffl u & Co., ttostou. ULSAll. j EL8*ll,M»roh 31, '«;, I Under the treatmuiit t.f L>r>. WHrruu, Furley and Hiover, the ilak of thin comumiilt.\ eeuin to bu all returning to hualth, 1'iiouinon- ia Buumii to Imve been tliu pnivullInK Ulauuso Tha Doiiiuoruta held thulr rrliuary iuinvcn tlou for the nomination ol to»n-lilp ofMcoi-o, hero, Saturday. JuBurannlan almplloliy wa- e»l|lblted on thf ttruute and wo had an op> pprtunlty to study It to advantage. Porno- cr»tlc oandldateii uuuully ajiponl to a mai>'i> lowatt apputtten, or p»B»ion», In order ui Convince hlji. And they "aut em U|>" from «arly morn till dewy tvc, Some men beoum>- so lull of it tliat tnuy "Ut a lout" and won found a flat) by hlsiI>mor,Juitiaoaiaien. one man thouglii It j>r*uy bard to "«ut licked' and pay « Una. too. Vreil, Wliitjor ha» bought a tract of land from Mrs. Arao* and Is tmuliiM: n house on It. Ue Is <me of pur worthy Clurujmi cltl- sens. Ktfi 4 • U. l/slrd U oonduotlng a very sue- .o«|»tul |%ilv»l In Kltfsh. Q ilte a number p* lists to iiaru found a l>«(t«r tlfe. May lh«) MfsUhfjI. •MM i furee U the Democratic nominee for atute>* dl 1 lint (fS Into thn Prlm'ftn' "n<f*fl but tlin prtm»ry wniit lnt> Oiler's MQoon "a eoopia o 1 time*." W. B. Starr U ilw now Jnw tor Collector. Tne other oaBdiantft aw : for Assessor, J. B. R«lnt««» ; Oleik, B. 8. Mottj HUhWity OommUMrton«r,Cli'i^, Jtesurtridtf 9?mstf«s, A, Worthy ana" Jos. 9om«ld«j . »odJuitio«Mnl tnitn d«m»ud. that w«>ty th« h« bai glr«n satlsfaotlon tota«paT«r«, generally, tut hi* polttioal metuod* Jttuv* b-«rt qiieBtlontt'e. • '' Bam. rorws Is ^on tb* itrand Jury which meet. to. day, H will be » p not hU duty to report all iliose OMndl (ate who lined liquor to Influence Voters, oara. *M a cnudlUme, be ouKht to know all nuout It. Tue Democrat! have the weakest township tlrket that they hare ever nominated. The Keptlbllcuns could beat It easily ll they would nominal* • Stiulg lit ticket, but they won't. A. li. n. A Mice qodotlon. Connecticut has a new law prohibit* ing railroad tralm from running on Sunday. The railroads are considering wnuthur it would be easier to go arouud the Stale or to bridge it. ' . The i'emiou Question. . Col. Morrison vowu dgaiusi the pen« Mon for Mrs. Logan. He i», htiwuvui i • eking A pension iioiu the freniUeiu f IT dieabii.ty incurred in the suivwe »t the laat eleution. ,. The Mttlo Children That Arc Gone. Why. do they come, these little ones that tfnter our homes by the gateway of suffering, and that Hugcjr with us a few months, uttering no words, smiling in- a mysterious silence, yet speaking eloquently nil the time of the purity and sweetness of heaven P Why must they op»m the tenderest fountains of natures only to leave them so soon choked with the bitter tears of loss? It is Impossible wholly to answer snob questions of the tortured heart, but one can sny, in general, that these little tornjwrary wuwlnrers from a celestial home come and go because of Urn great love of God. It is an inestimable blessing to have been the parent of a child that hus the stump of heaven upon its brow, to holu it iu one's arms, to minister to it, to guv,« fondly, down into;tho Httlo'npturiu'd'faro. and. to rejoice in llif iitisiillied bounty of its smiles, and then — to give it buck to God at His call, with the thought that in heaven, as upon nnrth, it IB still our own child, it member of the household still, "to i be counted always as one of the children, whom God hath given us. Such if. love chastens and sanctifies the hearts of the fiithnr and mother, carries them out. beyond time and sense, and gives them a hold upon the un- suon. 'As tilings of*gr«!it vuluc lilwayc cost, it is worth all the wrrow to have known tills holy affection au<| to have this treasure in heaven. — Cllicago Ad-, VHnce. Co*nas Keller, the vr«»en( Oolloctor' VITIATED BLOOD ScrofrlouB, Inherited and Con* tagious Humors Cured by Outicura- T HROUGH the medium of one of your Ixioks recelvi d throuKh Ur Frank T. Wray.DvnuKlut, Apoll-i, I'n,, I hflotune ao- qimliKxd with your CUTICOK.I l(£MGOii:a,ai<d take this opportunity to teoiity t» you thut tneVr u-f Liin p»i muimni ly uurad n.u oi one ol Hi worn ctuusol blond piilsonlnx, In connection with ery-lpelu , tlmt I luiveevei seen, iinJ this after having hern pronounced mouf able by rouie^ji the best physlcluns lit ' ui u.iunty. 1 take Kreat pious nu tu forwardl.ift i<> you thin tetitlnimiial, uuso Iclted its It In liv >on, In ordei thai others from similar mala- .lies nmy > nenoonruKed to give ^ourCollOO IU UEMKUIK8 tt >HuI. P b. « III ruNGBH. Lwouburg, i"a. It- (ercnue : FUANK T, W RA v, Ui-uxslni, Apollo, t'a. • scitorui.ous ui OCRS. James L. Kluha UBOII, uuatoni llousi>. New l). loi.llB, (in iii.tll MIJB: "In 1H7U Scruful.i! i- Ulo^rtt broke out on my body until 1 wa< t* "ausnf corruption, fcverythlnx known t<i llni luecllciii lucuitv »aa tili-0 in valr. 1 be oaiue a mere wre tK, At tlinen uoul>t uoi lift ui) lianUn to my huucl, could not lurn In bed; A P UH lii conniunt imiii, and looked upon lite a» a iui'1-e. No i-lufor cm> In ten yeura. In (WO I lieu il ul the uuilcura Kemeuiea, used lli^m, M lid was penuetl) cured." twjrn to OeloroU. s. Uoui. J 1). Crawford. ONK Of TUB WKR8T OASES. We have been a. lling your (}ut1cura Home- illea for y«ar«, und liuvo Ihe orut compl»itn jut. to receive from it purulmscr. one of tb» vuist uusea of omolulH 1 ever ?aw was cure'' O the use of live bottles ol (Julio na Kjbolv- ••nt, Cuttcvu'H und i utiuvra Moar. <be boa|. takes the "vaku" here ar a medlclnul soap TAVI.OK TAVL.OII, Drn^nla<«, Fraukiort, Kuu. , 1NHEHHED, Snd Oontaictou* lluniors, with lot>» ul bnir, ma Griiptl'ind nf the Skin, are p .nlttvelj cured by uutlonra and Outloura Soap enter- mily, when all other medicines lull, Bend for puniphlet. DKVOUltTa UqK TU EM. Wo have obtained BHtlafucioi-y results from thvufttof tuocutiuura Uemedl' aluour own lamlly, un'I ruuoniiiienu them liejond an> iiti.erieinedleylnrdlsei.8iti ol tliu skin and (ilood. Th« duiiiHnu (01 them K 1 ' WH u.« cliuii merits become known. MuUlLLAN &CO.. DruuKlatM, Latrobe, fa. CUTlCUitA UEHKDIKS ate Bold ovurj whui o. filco; Outicura, the ijreit okin Cure, O'l ct-.; Outloura t)«ap, an bxiiulsllellututlller, 26 ets. ; Uuticura Keoolv- ent, the New Illuod 1'urlilor, Jl. I'ottor Urtiu and C'hemloal Uo., Uos.ou. r) t \M 1'LKs, Ulaukheada. Skin filemlxhes L JLiU. aud llaby lluraoi-s, u»e Uuttuma Choking Catarrh. (lave you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all the horrible nensatlon* of an assassin olutohlnK your throat and proeeintf the life-breath from your tightened client? Have vi. u noticed tin* lunffimr anl (lebl Itv that xtii'ceedud the effort toelear your throat and headot tills catun lull matter? What a <lu- prci'uliiK Induenoe U exults upon the mind, , louill'itf Cuti m iniory and ti)lln*r thu heinl with pains and Mtriuuo noise I How diftluult to prole t the system axalnst IU luiiher pro4ie»s tow-arils iln> lunKH, liver an<1 kldne.xs, all physlulana »lll admit. It Ma tcrytulu dUoaae, atuluiluaout £«ir rtllef nod euro, .• t'M« remarkable curative powers when all other rimnHuu utterly lalt, of b«' funl's Knd vul, i re atio.ied by thounan'ts who xmU'HilU ri'i-iniiiuu.iil u to ifllnw nuffererr. vo btuti'tiv nt i* m ulti 't'gttnliuii it tluti t annul bit atiliot'iiuiiilu'l b> tliu most reHpvota- .1- jiiM r« I'liilii ii'lori'iiiii'H, F.iicti packet contnlns nm> Imttto nf the Kndiu..l I'nri'.oiiii linic of Cnturrhal Solvent. »»d an lui|>rov. d Inh iler, wltli troatl»(i uitii dlrt-cl ous, a id Is sold <iy nil druKxIxts for il. I'OTTKH UKUO A UHKHIUAL CO., llODTOH. "HOW MY SIDES ACHE7" From thn bench and tli« counter, from the loom and srwluifmnohit* noes up the cry • f pain and w"«k- nets. Achlnii bldVmmd llnok, Kid* nn\ and Uieilnn • oliip, a rain* and _____ _ . I'Miun, mill I'Viiryiu'H und auhu o| unity toll n llevuil in ('in- muiu « bv'thu Diulo ra Antl- rain 1'lnBtnr. N w i'l«<ant, und Infa ilhie. U, tftu.: tive lor |1; or ol folter l>rug uud OUouilouiOo., Nnturnl Gns For mill-purposes, tko gns Js dl«tri1b« Uted ttntle? the toilers, wid whnveV»c aco<1ed,.lij a »ystem of *mall pipes, the •§Mt6 supplying the hunt dirautly; btet .ioyhousehold uses, In stoVe9,rti»\ fir*; places, the ga^plpe la u«ttf1l_ placed at the bottom of the grntea. whfcn at>e filled ftbo,fb trltu uomethlag to reoelvo and.hold the heat tu Ivorus whew .tbe-^pen giittu, bunitug thoso^ft bltu- minoits coal, has uhvup boen .'used, u. VBriety'tilt the is -found. Some people' 1 db with. the £nite altogether, and supplant it with a clever irnitntion in ciist-iron'»f the uUI-tiiiio buck-log. But tlto commonly mu'uirttttl pltih is to ro- tain thn gmtc, filling .it gencnilly with voiviwly bi'okuti llve-lirlok, which, wliiMi hotiteil, looks nine)) likt> anthrn- eit« coiil'. • Foundry-sing, pn»ji«riy ftf ritngcd, jiro8(int« u perfect rejx'esento tioti of n soft-coal fire, and i», there- forn, more InMiutlfiil and desirable. OthoiM resort to tho iiovol jiltvii Of 1111- Inj,' their grilles with pim'tilnln door- knoliH, for which ptirposu tlu-y nrn bought by ^ tho peck or bushel! Tho quuntlty of gas burned is regulated, by u viilv(! nt each firo-pluc.o; ajid this euso with which it gnu-fire is niiido, regulated, und put out, coupled with its frec.loin from smoke, tlitst, und nshea, liuv wiirwud the heart of ivomaiikind toward it with a very great itfi'eetloa. — Samuel IV. Hall, in 81. Nicholas. - An Incident on a Street Cats That was-an amusing incident which occurred on a West Madison street car one d:iy a few weeks ago. A young womiui wits hanging to the leather, and, being the only woman standing, looking very much as if she were yearning for a seat. Presently an Kldwly man arose aud, tapping' the young woman on the shoulder, remarked in a kindly way: "Would you like to set clown?" "No," tho woman replied, "but I should like'to sit." And then.she let go the leather, and was about to take the vacant sent, when the old tiiitn quiukly slipped himself hack into it and'remarked: . "Oh, J thought mebbe you were tirod and wanted to sut down tv bit." "No, thanks," she said rather Icily, grabbing for the strap again.. ?'I prefer standing to setting." The passengers tittered a little as the car rolled on. In about tell minutes the old man relented and again rose. . "Would you ; like to set down now?" he inquired. : ' "Didn't I toll you," she retorted, with a wicked look in her eye and holding tighter than ever to the strap, "didn't I tell'you .that I never set." And the young woman had her own way. The iiian resumed his seat, the passengers'tittered again, the standing woman bit her lips and looked solemn, and a school girl sitting in the corner whispered to her companion: "1 guess that wom;in has her own way at home, don't you, Clara?". "Yes. And I was just wondering what kind of a husband sho has."— Cliicayo Herald. JUBBWS THE BEST THING EXOWX Washin ton In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water, IAVE8. LABOR, TIME s»nrl SOAP AMA7, • • _ f, and glvei unlvt lunlly, rich or poor, SUrt hy «n Oroe«ri. UEWA na d«itpiett to m?«t*— T. ... I d*«L— — ONI.Tf 3XFE -ftbc.-. H»? i beam tb - --IjoTe »; •without it SiolUtKm KB i«,*l> uumyound, yaA «l lymboL aud otxaa ot mew VOPK. BKPCBLICAN C1TT The RepubllcanA of ttje several wards of the cily of A'ton, and all voters desiring to. co«opnrate wi'h them In Hecunug a bettfr, raoro tfficiunt and mure projjressivo administration of oiiv affairs, are 'requested to meet in pri- mai V meelinKH, at, Oity Hall, nn Thursday evi-Hine, April 7tb, at 7:30 o'clock, to nominatti candidates for Alcinrmen In their respective wards and til HO to appoint delejiutes to a City Uepublicnn Cimvention to be held at the sauii place, Friday evenine, April 8tb, Vo nominate candidates for filnyor, City Clerk, Cily Treiwarer, City Attorney, to be vuUtil fur at the. munioipal olec- tion April 19.h; the several wards to be ontitltid to the following representation in the oilv convention; First ward, 8 delegates. Second ward, 6 delegates. Third ward, 8 (Negates. Fourth ward. 8 delegates. Fifth ward, 8 delegates. Sixth ward, 6 delegateo. Seventh ward, 7 delegates. Total number of delegate?, 61.' And to trgnsant such olhttr hu<nnras as mar propeilv come before the meet me. CHAS. HOMIKN.JK, J. K. BUTLKK, GKO. U. II A YUEN, II. G. M 1'IKU. 8. F. CONNOR, H. N. lUKKit, JB., F. W. UOri'K, II. li. STARK, Republican Central Comuilltoo. For a olit-ck tor »dv«rtl*«ment In BBS .. wtt will print a um-Une ne Million lenuei of l««'i InK Araerli an N'uwup .pum. Till, la at ihe >at« ot only one fifth nf a wnt H llin),lor 1,0 in uti cu latlonl Thu adv«itl«.innn» will IMI plaood beloru One Mllilnn UIKPKHKNT nHwmwvr nui'ciliu-t'M'-orl'ivitMiLi.nix UKAUBIII. Ten llni'8 will ttOMiiiiiiii.Uulu ubiiut 7A woids. Ad* dr«M with ropy ol ailv anu vhuck, o mni'l *i rant* tor hook ol 178 PUKU«. UKO. P. IIOW- KLL * 00., iu Spruoe it., N. Y. JalWlui QUEST!ON ADOUT Bitters JbwMi(gk*d tbouMadi I lira} BKwn onnttw BROWN' i ttob«kljb» t BroWOnt XnM«•—...—.. *..>> — • ~_ v (NWB't Batlt do«»cor«anPdi««je do pb/alolan WOUd prworttM iSOS _J« Iron M UM ant fwMnttr* ... .1 to th» pri>feHV>n and InqnlrJ of «tu Jbemlcal firm will (UbiUnUit* t]» ttMTtiun ' • vretWultotiii of Iron than of anjr wa In medicine. ThM showi con- hat Jnm U acknonlednd to I* the moot nctorln m»<!rM«/ul DIIMJH-B] praHIc*, It ta, »r »r*m«kiibl« fnot.lhiii.Erjor to th* dl«:o»- IROWN'rt mtCT BITTERSno perfect. 1 1ron combination n det*f been found. h»»dioh«. or prodncB oonntlpaUon— all Oilier Iron mfidlola«»<la. nilOWN'H IRON BITTKKM cure* IiKllventlon, IIIIUiuiiiCH.U'ouknrM, Dynpepiiln. .llnliirln, Clillln nnd .Fever*, Tired Veettng,Uenvri>.l UrblHty,Piilnlnth« !4ldc, Ilnokorl,lmh».H«inliicli<,'nuilN'ellrnl. gla-for all then allneota Iron In prescribed dallr, BROWN'S IRON BinERS.^r^?: minute. Llk« «ll other Uioronih medlclnm. U aot« rinwlv. When Viken b; tntn the lint cpmptom ot benefit It ntuxred energy. The rniwulw toon bMrffl* firmer, the dUunUnn lmpro»e« the bot»elsaro actlre. In tiomtn the effect li nsinllj mnrcnplu and marked. TI» even Iwirlu nt OHM to brighten: thertln c\mn up: hoilthj color c.jmwi to the choekn: nerrouinem illuippearlil functional duringomonts become repl- 1 ir nnd II a narklnic mnther abundant run«n«nc» l" •ni-nlliMl for the cblki Itomomlwr Bromi't Iron Litton In Ui* ONLY Inm nmillclno that In not l«iuri<KW, l*|/«fr(a»« ni"' I'mytlttli rte-.mmrn't it. Tin Oetiiilne hfw Tpde M«rk and rr~M*d rwl HUM KASKINE (TOE NEW QU1MNK) . Wo bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears, G" M quickly Pleasant,*" 1 " A POWbBKlTL TOXIC. I that the meet deUcate etornacU will bear. A SPECIFIC FOK MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and all tieim FOB COLDS KA-KINE HAS liEElN FOUND •Tu BK' ALMOST A SfEClFIO bupeiior to Quinine, Belle vue Hospital, N. Y.: "Unlveroally sue- oeaalul." • "Everv patient treated ith Kaxfelne Ua« been i "Evi with didcharftud cured." Bev. Jaa. L. Hall, Chaplain Albany Penitentiary, wrlim thut Ku-kine Iius ctifed his wlfn, after twenty vturn nutferlnK from ital-irlu and neivoua dyapepalu. Write hlui for particulars. St.Joseph's.Hospital. W. Y.: "It's use In com-ldervd Inrtlnpi jieii -le It acts pertectly." Proi. \V. If. UotoomtMVU.D., 54 Eu«t'2Jtl> ot., N.Y. (late Prot. In N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kiuklne i.s eupurlor to quinine In Its ineoifle p-iwer, und msver produces the »llgbt«atln Jury to the heurlnK or constitution. ThouBiuiduunoii thouHunds write that Kas- hlne has cured them alter all other inudt ome« hud failed. Write lor book of tenti- tiumtuN. Kaakineoanbe tafcen without, iny special uitttlical advice, $1.00 per uoitlo. Sold by orient by mall on receipt of price. KASK1N B CO., 61 Warreu St., New York . Iu dwlui LOOKOUT HERE! THE OEI^BHATED QUICK MEAL Gasoline Sa ve ! FOB SALE AT J. HOFFMANN & SON'S 1 <'a!trsin ' STOVEft A.ND HAKDWAKE Also Outflldx Work a specialty. Rooting and Ualvantzed Irou Worn. AUo iiiideitaker's Supplien COB. 8KCOND ANU Al-BY 8TS. JOHN BAUER, DEALER IN AND MANOFAOTURBB] OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AJLTOX, ILL,. All kinds of line and common farnltnr'' constantly on hand. AUo undertaker, etc. WM. L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, AITD DE1LEB O> Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Gases, Caskets, And.Burial Robe? for Lftdfoi, Gentlemen tnd Ohildr«n. Offloe and Shop on State street £rerH»r* » Uverv Stablu, Will kttenA to Job ^^ COMPANY. SPBING ARRANGEMENT. ' OQ il. UCTUR, MWMr, On ana a ter Monday, Fob. 11, the Spread Euxli- w'l ran HH lollows, vU« UiAVlNQ ALTOH _ FOR ST, LOUIS at 7 o'oloob a. tn.» and 8t, ">»"»«'! ™"J'',; trip at 8 p. ui., dally. And leaving Alton lor Portage, 'jeiw-y l.andW|». •»rii'ioti. nnd way point* every evening at 6:110o'clock. M.The WhUtta wilt b« KunuUed flftoel minutes before starting for at. Ixjuls. rA&Ki To ST. LCOM, - - • K 1 rtoxmoTBir Fast Freight* Passe gerLl e IHB ST. LOUIH ANfl OKNTBAL ILLINOIS K. II. C«.'8 PALACE J. F. KLM^ON, Uoiumauder. tt> ANSUUTZ, j ulB1 b a TUUK UOOOB, ( On and alter Thu«day,Feb. 17th, will leave Alton dail) For &t. Louie at 7 a. m. Ketumlnir, will leave at. Louis (foot of Vine Lea vi nit Alton at 5:3O p. m. for Fortune and .lurnty, nrrivimr at Oration at 7:45 p. m., conncptlnit with f BrtMt'press on it. Louis and Uoutral Jllinola Uallroud lor Jorwyville; Wa- vi-ny, Bp.lUKfltildaud all i.orth and FARE. foST. LotilS.Btiidletrlp, .'. . 50o. •• •• n unu li'U'i • • • . <»o " " twenty rme iluket, , !|5.00 HENRY O. TA'l IjM, U«n A«t. Alton. H.A. kliliUB, nen'l'jtlauaKHr, lojdtt DB. C. li. UOllLiA-ND, DentlHt, ^ Id THIRD STrtEET, Al/TQN^ UA. Office Uoarv-Ba.m. to 13m,; 1. toll), n fohdwii G. A. McMSLLKN, DeutlHt, .1VBR BB0EQOBM \NN'3 OtQAR 8TORH -,i 8EOOMJ ST. . ' AMU SDttUK.O« O J>JK. K. UUKJLlCti, Phyaioian aud Surgeon, AND HEBIDENOB, OOR.FOUBTl 8TS. i*S-dwly W. A. 41A»1UKL,L,, M.l>.) Physician and Surgeon, O*T10e-8EOONI> ST., ALTON, ILL. tfloe hours-9a.m.; 12to 1, Tuo an lurslgned bavo opened a now ramie 3:0 at tun Ckimxr ,of ,'x'Ulrd aoiil Pmen st» JR6ANS AND PIANOS) it the (Qnest n. orkmunshlp for gale ntrou •uuttbJe (srlee*. Oail uud eiamlue our >uutru< ueutt. beloru purehiutug eluuwUvre. FLOSS. & RABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. TheisWaihboBrdiare made with n Bent-Wooa rim. The Strong- . _ S5 AH ACRE on lone time. Tha mont pronprroui and promlilnK fleld for settlement In tlie U. 8. Full t-(orm»Uon with good map free. Atldreta HID ., Hllwaokee, WU. 1887. Harper's Weekly. 1LLU8TRATEU. HARFBR'S WBEKLV maintains Its posltlor as tholeudlnKillnoiratfdn' wupapcrln An or.- icu; nnd lt» hold upon public eHte> in and cmi- Ifdinice WUB nevei Htronutirthan at tliu proa unt time. Hnntdea tliu pletnrn*. (Uiti'KK'g •\ KKKLV ulwa>n contains Installments ol on-, 01 uubloii'Ulj of two, ol thu heat novuli of I'it 1 day, finely liluutrated, with short utorluu, pot-nid, Bketolio-, und pitpura of Important current toplcx hy tho :no»t popular writ cm. The cara unit 1ms h«vn -<iK:ceB«tii ly I'serclaoJ In the pam to u ako tiAHi'KHS WKKKLV i sale an wt-ll U8 a wult-omt' \ inltnr to uVury housu hold will not be rulnxi-d in thu future. UARPE B f 8~i*Klt IOD 1C ALS. F«r Venn Harper's Weekly , $40" Marpor'a Mattazlwi ,. , .... 400 Darpur'u l^izur 4 IKJ Marpur'8 ^imn« I'loplo 2011 Harper 1 - Franklin r-qiiuro year (M iiunihurB) 10 CO •'input's llundy Sorloa one juar (2 niiinbt-ri-) inn I'n luge tree to nil rtJwoilburN Iu the Unitud StutDB or Uaimda. Thn Volnmen of the Woakly houln with the fli'ot Nutnij rforJanunrvoli-a hyc^r. When no tluiu in ini'iitloiifil. HiUMilpilontf will hnutn with the Number curt eiit at tlniH i.f receipt ol llnn'nd Vi'lutiien ol HAIII-BU'H WBBKI.V, for HiruB v«-Hri< bu. k.'ln mmi o uih liiiulinu, will lie M« t uy mall, pimttiKe ny expii-HH, lieeof'jtpfiibi> ipri.vl.niit iliHiivlKhtd en not t'Xft'iO (inuuoilMi per vnluiiK') lor$7 per vol. Cloth 1-ftnea lor ouch vnluinu, HU tatilu loi '-r, will bo until by, puttpultl, on re- Keinlituucus hhntild bu niado i>y I'oxioflloe Morcty Order<|i Urult louvoldiilutt ctiul lns». Nuwu|)nptf<» uru mil to copy tiito utlvertlue- mum wuhnut tliu vxpruuu order bl llu.niur& Uroihern. Atlilrcua * llAUt'EUA llllOTIlEItt, Now York. STOCK FOB SALE, A FInu Illnoileil MIIT, u Fine niiort Horn '."" ""'!J?\'i.. r ».y VearlliiK ll.iif r. In- The Century For 188O-87. ^ b«!iTtJKr is aiu ttninmwd jnnntwr fflaiu*. havW ^regular ttrculatl in "t fffiut twohuiiurud thousand.copies, oiten CHUhlnK ind nouietlines Bxceedlii.? two Dun- hwdlmU twenty dv«thou»»ud. UuieJ ,mion« wiuSnv HMructloni tor. tue wmiug y»*»''» » »ert2l wLoJi™B» been '" activ ? Veparntlo* «ii" «"'• »'* * h»»«o*y ol ovre oim SI lt» mo« orliwul tsm«, M ««t lottfc u THE UPB OF I.INCOLIST, -3 By ins Coullat-utliil »«croturloi, John O. McolHjr ulid Col. Jolui Uuy. •••'•"" lBiMvat worn, UIU.UH with tha sanction of Hi«*lduut Ltneiiti',' «ud uominugd under liei«ifhV,riiy<i> uwwn.the lion. UuUori T» Urn-oli" 1» th« oiuy Itul und ttuthoiltatlv* eiorO, il thu liru J Aomlmui Uljoolu. Itj lUthufH WHH l loud* ol Unuol i l>»•liiro UU i ( r«,|ieiicvj lliuy werw ui.i»t Intimately B*. dialed with htu HB prlvaio .ot.-rutu.rlw iliruuliont tils lunu ol olhut». and tu them we" tra .Hlerrtu u,.on Uiii-omSduatb all tau uilv'au »npe.-a, Horn wlli Uk tolu tiio iu»ldo iiJtnry ll uiu i-lvn wuc and ol I'reBiitun. Lincoln's ailliiliilitialloii -lUipoliaiit dninlla i.l wiuu'i iiuvoliilhurioiimmlllud uuruvoaled liHi llifv might tli'nt appuur in nils antuimtlo lilitnr". Uy iBitooi, ol An puUililatlon ol thli W ° rk> TUB WAttSKltlES, which hits uuoii lolluwid,, hli ui'flagstlnii iiit.-1'i-Hl I.V a K'K-at liilurimt by a *»oiu, »ud>- vtict-, will occupy luMt Hpaw- uuring thu eoni. ,«u suar. U«.tiy»iiUiu »1U hu uu-urlbed by leVnunt (Ulliel of tuo; Union Artiliwyr, iiknito i, Uun. iJ. M. luw. mill othum. iugtt, b> «<-u. U-I'- Utlj*lH>ri«,an'i MUMiMli'U «i». by UHIUI ah. Howard and •lovum. Ue'OilUb 0. A. oliiuioru, Win. F. -inuii. John OJl)boii,Hof»<!« J'orter, uiiUJoho » uuribv win dttbunuu HiM-clul buttlt* und iiiulduiilB. Slo.lBs ol uiivu. onga(junu.'iiM, prn»on ll o, uiu. on;. wt» a. »>««" • KOVELS AND STOlflES. "The llunuredih Mm,," a novel by «rank K. atouhiou, nuilior 01 "Thu LaOy, or tba niter," b.-«lus In IsoVi uib*T. Two novuleue; oyuttoruiiw. Untile, ntonen by Mary Hullouk Footo,'"Untie KeuiUB," JulUu-Uawtbornt, D.UWU a i UHluBion. and otliui-'l'i-oiiiliiBU* American uutbora will bupilulud .UurlnK Vue ' SPECIAL. FBATtTRES. iwltb tlluiitrut.oiiii) luuludo a .HVI-IIM of artj- fit-* .11 uflulrs in Kut-sia und albt-rla, bv beo. Ketmuii.uutiior ol "Tuiiv UlB Itt Siberia," who nun tu*t rutui'iiru Iroiu u uioBk tvuutlui vltlt o siuerluii prlBuUs; puiieiB n ID» F> od Uuevtion, « Hu releitjiioe 10 iw heart <a OH the Tubor fivui'ui; iiiuueii CBtUi'dra/s: Ur, (•KKIBSIOU'K KBllgloiu Ufe In tliu ,iuiuricttn OuloulB^ Ululrvo) uuvf, ruirituulism, Autrol- ii«\,utc., ti\ ItBV. J. Al. HuuKluv, Li.l)., eultof ol UIB OiitWiuu aavouute: nntronomloul pa- 1>CIt>; ui turoivliiK 1'K'ic on 111Wa. Istory, CU 'PRICE>*. A FREE COPY. 8ul)ocni)tluii price, fi.Uuu juar, 85 emits a number, UealBro, pumiuuetBfa, mill i>ubuab* era Hike subauilpiuuiij- ^tncl lor uuc be.cutl- iilly illj»ii utoa M nage BntiUouuu (tree), uuutulnltig lull pioppuctU!', et",, llio ualnu ft clH-clal onur by wbiuu new ruauelH can guc upk p.utuburb to tlif btKlunilJK ot Mia Wnr fcrleb at a vary low prlutf. A euuwmen copy (buck nuLuboi J will bo 80lit ou reiinust. Men- iionints paper, Oau you afford to be without tha Century Til*! OhNTUhY CO., Naw York. RnhncrlptionB received at.thUoBtce. ELY'S Cleauaea the] Heiid, Allaysj liilltiunuiUiou.j ilealH tliu Sutes.l Hcstores the] Seusesof Taste! ? tuell, Hour- lug. A quick] Uelief. A pti _._ __ ltlve.cure. HAY-FEVER A phrtlcle Is applied fntn ouch ungtrll and isuKfeuHble. .Price Ml ots. nt uruxicin»j by miiil, t-uKiateruo. ao CM. Gin ulart! tree. ELY liKun.. UrtlgijlntH, uweKO, N • V. dwly_ A. J. HOWfeLL, — DEAl.Bli IN- FURNItCRE ! A Full and Complete Stock ON 1IAND. ALL OUDEP " "•" '...*»'* • '.;• ! UPHOLSTERING • , -.! y •• Noatly anil promptly executed. Belle stl, bet. Tlilrdaiid Fourtli. —ALSI>— 1'nntm- .M iol/Wwtf (INDEftTAKER. For Sale Cheap, -ONE— With all tlio Appliances to Run it. Everything in Good Order. A. II, HASTINGS, l«18wtf Upper Alton. T. L. FOULDS & CO., flUCOESBORS TO A. II. MOKLNNKY A CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, .. STILL. SLOP FOIl 8AL.H. K»'- , Mi>7dw()m WANTRD ^ADIK8 TO WOBK FOB VB-n homes. »i t -' *.u p«r .wouk uun UI.IJH,I..IO inui u, Ko nnoto piilnt- MIK; n i citiiv tu»liii(. Fur full parMculars tilt'iuiu tuldiuHH. tauu(;(i.t!UKH(l|.N I' MIT CO., ,, Button, Mass. Box 8170. DEAFNESS 1 w 0'iuniiu, and a now and smvcHH'ul 01) lilt at "vour own homo, hv oi<a Tmatnd .nd ny moat 1 1 (hi nntitd 'u|ieclull»ti wlihuut 'ii-nuiit. OinvU hli.iwit in tliiou nmiithn, «.n <i (iu llii'ii hundr. Of of othui>. Full (i.irtio uiu << >uii( mi itpiilfcatfnii. T. a. 1'AUtf, NO. 41 \Vodt :iiac ut., N, Y. city

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