Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 22, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1887
Page 1
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.••'••<» ,., .• .*Wf,/ :*»-. m t^|\ W--"^.***:..-' /-A' Vr -.....,.,.-, 4 . . S-'ffcl»'T-'" : *"'*'"'* IM '^ 9 ** a '''' l " / • :i ' • • -''^>tw.-r >;*4MbS^'<«'«">•* ••* >v .r.waM,-^>-» .•'•<*.• ,r<r'«rto« A Vt ''"'"^wmibitJtiMffet ,;,.' ktt4*«mil«iti8r»ipuiiil(io: Is charaoturlzcd by .three papullvltlcs, namely i 10 k«I.K -li- lf-i/!l fS.'f! ' I*,' .. tiid various Thetflrfip'ortftm in wiilfch llie roote, , arc mixed. .,\Mildh; 1 thd active • ^edlelufll j>rpportl0(j' arpseourcd. . .- ijr'y. «r^iii!-, : l''-'U .V.'ii/; .&-.•'•'' ' "Tlisi rasultits anibdtolrteof unusualstrength ( i . i . toforo titioquaWod. .TliOsb peculiarities belong exclusively to Hood's Sarsapnrllla, nud are >VJ':l '»WW-t, VK.-.W .' -.1 r >!('•• i. (' "' . od^s, Snrsnparlljiv^la ptepj ue'ivttoft atui>long«xp ' ..." *ny• to all puffier op .', irfouit'Jilu&or^'iufd',iSon?i JUB^Wda jot good .; oth'e»wl»e/'-p.-A.-ABitotD/iATnUld, Mo. ; pa ,i alf W«5J Made IOO Doses Plain and Decorative •-••'"TVVtl-.ftvSft .«#«V'^ ' ' AU WORK FfcQMPTLY ATTKNDED TO AT M)W»8T TBBHS? :.- •' SHOP OK Bargains itet im$tjjji ltd catdh''' your Wt%' M *v «i ;•*** '"" ' • r ""•' of them in DRY G<$PS, 8HOES, MTLMISERY, ......... . Jn quality and prices, All ,lU^ J^t^Sfc i uovtfl- tie^M the season dJilr IJuMlH'd. »t one-price cash housx% i.-S". i :« •'•.•'••• , »oflttr«. , ilh -, y,,fotlieri3(UJjrfounUoUon for thtr ittory ot• beard, who WAB Bald ,U> have murdered no Ittirtf .:Wlvt*J;W, '.* .V '«*.« •••"•>•> • •'-•-* SAftXJ ; *to ".The ortglnhl .Of' Bliii^beiii^ {f supposed,!* ' Wave'l>e&W ( £ri)«r "ilo la Itota^'iorol of I&V'ei who was (ibi'ifjii MWijndJoitglit, under; J6iu of Arc. Ho becnuiu u imirslml of France and lived In stylo until his fortimo wto'a! spent, wbch ( bo. took , to, B0i;oery,,.and pagan rites, beskli's slaughtering children.! Ho Was ,knovy» dui-jiiB.bip^lfqtUKiejia^' Bluo, o bis'wives or not, .history doesn't say. •il^»llmo.wlierfffStfflndthe Hoes: .•/••'-"Win's Irthiimdiilty to wan ; •> . l( ^j ; SlAke.fljCO.untleBB IhpuwmU^niouyn. " :?^iiey;2?S v nwn>A^bei'li Bums' poem, " Man WasMndo-tO'Jfouni.',' i ... ' file S'lfflrt iic'foro'Cliristiniiii. rhymes beginning: ~ i.^uf-^i.' - ; • >'• "Two! the night before Christmas. Clement 6. Moore. m -'-' "•":• .. inches jijgn and 5X inches in diameter. Ita clapper, .'weighed; ^200 pounds t It "was cracked in1857 and replaced by.a lighter one. ;• • -Which could -ralsa the greater force In case of war, France orGermanyf ! ?fe9-<- -Tho present standing.•pi-iny of Prance Is yir^ei^thlSi*4hat;- bf-'Gevfiiany. TheTpopula- tion of Gernja^jy^ig some 8,000,000 more thtKri France. *u.would" bo impossible to! predict wo'lcli'n'&tton'would succeed in turning 'out theinoStmon'r «•*--••• ^Kf:t!^.-K-,~ j -? -••'- <rt ' -. * JMMUHK* »aRmKum***f*K " '•". i.uwjtHrtfV • J«»'»**!«»• ww' in w*U I .. . .. Absolutely Pure. .3PU» v powder never, vpnes. -A marvel tfUrttY,,;i8tre<JKMi wiioleenmeneaa. ,Moro eoo- nonilqa'! 41»an the ordinary ftlnds, andlcannoi be sold in competition with the multitude ol lo^f test, short weight, atmn phnnpha'e now dors. BOLD OKtr IK OA.NS. ROYAL BAKING POWDBECO.,l(Xi Wall8t.,N. Y. JanS«1wly BEAD LIST OP BARGAINS C ' «_ M «t«i«tn^P. wi ".», W « ft , A. Scfflue|jr^ v ^ncy. .. B-uall/ <'orner Elglith : ana Ueclianlo streot. an(J ,.,.._ new liousn, with bellar, cistern ul houuo., l/ot BO Uy.110 ou, 9tu ^«9»»'*'i-"-.--*-"H"-'*- *«--™>i-'': ••"•- ; Kor aule^one 8-'ro6w hbuso ando-'p S-iwrai bouad, Stli.and Mnrljot «ta; '-Lot 60 Uy 110;, good clbtorn and coal boueo,' at a uaigaln. In North Alton will} good » .- «orea ; Htj|pi<«vdds larm with urooU h(>usauud'Stsnle»,ln Woud-ion county, Kanbaa. K. B. ruu-. aoroaa Irora Fort Suott to Wichita, 6 mllev tron cpity toat, ., \ ' ottom land, Ira of ploo4Si of • vuluaLle .property For»alo6re.\clnne<}-'A-tiloe'tttle cottaee in Betlmltoi wlyi-plwity HKrouud, « '^ und jgo<Xl !l «»pter oh r pi-inti9efc-/ u - ' I *• • for . .. . . . o sections of 1J. R. and In Se. MIeeourl, 160 iniloa from St. bar ,. . -, .. For sale or ozahauRO, S ucroa of grnun-< on For sale or<;xolwiM?e--5ooo!tons: of'wrulrto loud to Urookut uouuty. 'I'iMHB • Will nell o|ioap. bultiiblefor any fanning purposes. 'Flva'-'ldta on prvr et,i adj initiiu iCJiopifta Big.- OIIH und u half lota In llit'wlev'i) udclltlon. ;One.uU'l adall iota In Sbully'a addition. Any of (lid above property oiui be bought I also represent the ;JB«ffalo German Fire Inauranotf; Co.', best And other, gooa Companies in addition. & A. sdHLtifmsR, If; *';' • M> '^ '• Office in-ray New Building, "street., , *'•'' '•"'- imoliliaw «:tn i thin woor, or ot><»m <»li .nut: \vlwn in Chicago, i 1049 Bindoipn St.. ~ ~' ~ .tea -to -tufinei 6 r uTdir thl iSpringflcld, Mo.','jail, but were frustrated by the •''." tirr "Sowers, of - ^asiiingtont say a the Pr6sjdent is' riol 1 '! liable to' v )ive hrough His . term unk-ss he takes 'more exercise.-",-;*-':-,••;;';•••."'. • •-.-. ?' GbvMitarmadulce 'has notified'the Mlssouif legislai ure tfiat he will ball an extra session soon for the purposes of^ail 'SjPtegialaxidhi'" i ,1,, v. ; , /I Office^$>'«8ll, ^oinflyl indicted j a x* t t.ift/-\irf* •! i** • ,& Jr*:«« .. •****•• have kept^t^q¥ ; a tbiiridjparty nioye- mcbt'dowril^h^i'e. »^j| j s ;' ;, ! « Ada, daup^jof Wank ;Re8cU* maun, a Chiaagp cigat''unake^, .left a 'coiiv'e'nt in Ciitt r ago and^lo.pcrd^with book Jteeper. "The pair httv4|beeu tracedf%o St 1 .' Paul, A sim|^n1tnl3ed 15; So3t6n nian in- peruiiMed'-ltf ! CJOntrttJUlS'tff4he ^Beech„ . ... ,1- . _ _ _ '• - --- — - & *~> • • *• - le8ai-al»n.5a?£Sl)fitbi(£ man ought to knpw'?qfnhB-r ,way> 'N«#/ ''York- and Brooklyn. raisermouuinents. !"•••«• fTlfq^i^a^wif^^'GHaVlek Haje has^begun amt, ^t.Wia^gjfil^ad.'i^oi:. divorce, aliening cruelty?' •uaurieryi '•^(?«*J.Ig;l,j53l Nupuy .Wacaconah, tl e *p|iaintif^< r tiiclverti8ed for a white hus- baiid, and the alliance with Hale was ' enou gh of 5<'^H: ro ' to sp'ierid his ;•'' vacation' jn/"r i^ she is j6'6kfri^"foi !1 aTea'l''^u;iet place they might go tO'St. Ixmis^t^^ j .^ • J., : , In the coutested-'ieleetidi) case Pf ' .lii-n. ;.K. ,>5>.,rost- \Rep.} Worthington '(Dem;)4n the •Tenth- Illinois District for member df Congress, the rec-ount of votes is about completed? and General' Post's election is assured by not less than sixty- two. ''"' '•""••-• • '•'• » u ' The M^tjis de^Mgre8|b>| ifailecT in : his' i effd l rtr'to iirSnce th'e ^fa'ttlenien' of St. tLoui* to go-ihto'tiiJ schfiine Mr furnishing meat to consumers in New York directly ffom^he ranches, but still has liiTOSstol^ffitersstine the pnnttnent.was abandoned, and . bacj to milk alo'ntf I went again. Evfintu ally, 1 o^ercfttne the trouble, wholly reooverod, kh(l Uava had no recur rence of the ipalikdy since." LL<>.,. ii.-i.;'.-: .• -';."• ' '• l">>.,- SpRiNpjF,iEi,D, III., March 21.— iBoth, Mouses .UeW sessions this eve n|ng v !tUe tjenate not reading its jour : n»lt while the H*>use sat for in hour during whleH routine; matter vi^.'d'ie posed of,, including t be reading a firs : time bf a number of Senatb bills During th'd, "House's meeting, Mr »" l; " li emlgdvQred' to introUuce •'•••-**'•'**-•» rlesolutiona thank an Payson lor their eJffprtB ,vjflj^ WievspMlilieii dotaa|n'3o actual settlors, . ; lecfc"" In 'wIlTBo'Ut'a^Us'petisiOn pf ;th ; a- how Se' construction o law is'ser iously talked of by some of the mem bers of the Legislature. ( Complniijts : Against jatnst'.iiie'Stj. Louie ^•r~y. *•"«! •*•'"!> Haiite railroad ha been Jaied;at the oflBce, of the; Boarc of yRailrpad.apd. Warehouse Com missionerSi; The complaint is 'tha the/trainservice is inadequate, am is made .by; the people of da$ij__ in-Saline;,c6unty. i The charge jia th same as'the'tt'iie'made'by the'peopl of'BenfOn against the same road short time ago. . . , ,-* t , f b * Pa(B«4itlie'.FKy8lcIain8.: BURKE MEDICINE. (Josr iioiticy,' 1 !!! ...... ,.^-ry, 'cre»tj'vaiup it derived j by my wife f,r6ta\\ usei'places.jiti |v?ith ; )[iie : .fa;r in advance i all i oiBei'S/ '^F<»)r. ; 'spVeriil i^ars s|ie ha« oe'e'tr, ier|bnsly'; : af4icted : 'with, ft cone that-gave'ni< mueh'"aiarin; it had' baff tHe-akitl bt the p'hV?ibians and b$ remedies; until Ircbueluded nothing would' avsH 1 -in :: her : case. (Djteoi ly : aftor.-«jCi>ming' to 'Qa'infey 1 ,' o'n you recommendation", she commenced using vour iBal8aro»<=an«l'-rt "has acted Hlse,. charm,.quieting;i.tbe cough,- and remqv ing entirely th6 soreness Irom herlon{»8 We beep it constantly in our house.— J. B.-Fordi-PastorW: E; church, Bush wish they ; ence' Rail 'doors , eked when ex^ faster at Foresi ihe strain, at held in place -., ; ,i ^.^-7 en K C1 ' 8 no 1 killed b'ifroffi" being burned to death People's Journi.1 mentions the nahieS of'seven colored men ol J^jaM"^w|^JKare^ worth i' "each^ Vhirteen others who, arp^worth. 875,000.; '^nd ;twice that nunjber...who are, rated.^at! oveJ 850,UOa r taciL-" < ; It says" all; th^s4 men were ^ennil^s/tw.ejit.y jfefti-.B ago. It c'ert^nly.speaks well, for the thrift of. tlie'coibrtid 'pedpidt^Florida. * v v i.^^*«^fcft,v,»i& o ^ :ibe ro>»d: is for the •r. .,»-, .-c ,1 - , x . „- „, „«, dj,d the mai>a- gers neglect the warnings of •pa.sseji- gers that the bridge was unsafe,'_6'ut f -ago the "' ••' . " i. ' f ~£ ~ i '^i* ~Sr'i ' *$O *»*^' fc- ft'**T w Railway * Commissicn'ers notified the compatiy .that, owing to t^e peculiar const'ru'cCion of the b'ndge, it. wus impossible.^ tell whether it was safe or not and'that it should be tested at state'd'tntervHlsl " "' ' : ! To-day, March..22, is the 90th birthday of : EiripeiW' William, of Germany. He succeeded his brother Frederick William III' as Kin-of Prussia in IKfil. In 1871,, at V-.. sallies, i.earParisi he was proclaimed Emperor of Ger.maiiv. The celebra- ;ion of his ahriiversary began last Saturday, and will continue till Wed- needay.' '-*Ffie oererabnios are of tho nost mugniflceut de cri tion, nnd^re attended by eigh^y-nye ropresqijta.- ives'Of the varjo^'EurppeanipowerB, besides niimerbus'oilier men ofidis- .inguished rank. The Prince of Wales IB arnoug tho guests of the 'cncruble Emperor. Gcri, Robt. C. ''.'£|glienolc,' who is ivlng Irf'Wasl'ipgtOn' at the age of 77, in good health, claims to have urud Brlght'b disease by 'using tiie nilk dier. He Bnyai -'For more than aonth I lived solely on milk, averaging ubout ttto pints a day. Not oven \ c umb of bread in it. Then I llaii' ddeil to it some finely chopped ntoua. For a in nth. more the diet was bilious and milk. late no bce| ood whatever. When I found iny- elf slipping back the onion accoro- jllev.IU^.% jtv.-v •••• ;•: , i - a! ^ ;. UseTf3reS8ler.?s VVild; Rose Tooth'iiow der;f*>r;clflaii8irie,ihe ; ' t«Dth. Price 2fie INFAL^IBI^.pURR; 'FOB OOUGHs \y.B:«ould-tnpsc positively slate tfaa no remedy has ever met with '*n'd universal-'satis/action.or can be mor truthfully said is a positive cure than Burks'White Pine Balsam. ' 'SUGAR. A new discovery, Little easier to lake than sugar and far.nio'ri .beneflcial. 'Sure cure r;for< Dourulgta neadache heartburn, dyspepsia and Em breath. Try them. For sale at Mursh' drngstpre. mohl dw,|y f i £- ; ; : ~ j'j-Vw.p : Ayer's H;air;;YiKPr stimulates the hul' to a.yi^orous growth. It contains 1 al that can be supplied to make the hair -b^tfttful arid abundant, removes dan 'draff-, and renders the hair flexible and glossy. , 4 ,. , _••• ^ , . ,dwlw ,. Mgu|«cant Freight,Movements. The-noilcenbie inorfl^so. iq.the |raovfl" ment bf merohandise west and-'in the shipment of-'-grain and produce easi irom Ch'ofttto within : »a fortnight, in; the face df.» reported deoHne In : the i n^W- *erJ£Jf.t)rderfl.placirid for futnre"deliv'ery of :aiiple«ood8, ; hris attraOte'd'attention 'J'hls fpatur« 5 '0f j • tradej'''together with Hxnessiw* cuttlngf'of east • bound j grftin rittoR;' •* waa •' ahmmnced " exoluaWely > ; -m ' The ' trasii. presented •']«'atrik'irig ' M - : Mbrohnnls ni)dimftnufaoturor« hvre been and are stilt-ruiibing forward prodbbtn and mer- ohlindiuo, to take advantajje of existing rates •••<>(,-vfrblght. 4J Leadm|ir"rttilwayii re 1 use to naiuo rates of treight to iake • ffr^ot after April 6, and thfs'-preventB the placing of orders-l6VShipment after that date to an extent 'as 'yet baralv roalized. This potato to • a%idespreftd buliof that lone distuat rutCB undor the rtHW Inw nfe tube higher.— Bradstreet, March 19th. • —• ; -'• What 'I'rne Mont Will Mo. .... Tho'unprecedenied' sale of Bosahecte Gorman'8yrup f within a lew yeari),'h8s amoninhea • the w.p'rld'. "If. is withont doubt the ffafeijt and, 1)081- remedy ever " ffuctuul Huvu'rcat ,., ; ij entirely dtffrtrent printtiiilo from ;i tKe ufuul tire- s«r?I)tio!l8 giveq 'by'-physioliilnsj us-it does t\if\ .dry up'ft couRh and Motive the disease s),|ll In-lh«,'system, but on the conVr'ary 'r^moyes.'the cause of 'ihe rouble, fieuls(,iic pitrUi uffeetod and Uiav88 t^omjn s pfiri-lv hoalthy condi- 1011. • A boule kept in the house for .use hon'lpe.'djspaaes ipnko their appearance, will save (iootor's bills and a long pell'Of serloup Illn^sB. A : trial ! will ' J^t 18 |)03'.* lH'1?,Aolit *by all drua^au 'and general' lealcrs m tho land, Pno«. 76 ols,, Juriro botllOS. ' *-..'.•' ,;^u •'•*--«"a^---..' Jpl its . ending pb^lcmus. ami dru^iais ttributo to thn gt'iiural us« and popu- arity of _Dr. Harter'a fron Tonic. v?lt DMrdit* -«Miob;ii ia Womei*. for ui "• si.K »'* <.t.\i. • -. •* ,''.rt);.•„•; ':^ WJ' : : .**U*--<Tt-!*£'; >>;., 1 . V,f: * SUCH AS Bod^ and Ta^pestr^ Bru^pls, TTO; jind Three Plys,. Stair Carpets and «*«^^-Oil Clotlis,Rugs and Mats, Otto* a ycry Choice Stock of •j. .'IK. prices^ cash ^m. to call and *ee the beautiful new goods &learu the >lo •:>t .Vffr)^ *t.ff ;T<i SKA :.•- i'-'r, '^,ii^Mi4vU J.'ftt- .•' i.C.!-^iC_ : :rJ_ BEST BUG&Y •!":,'; ' • - -' - ' .'.. -"v ' ,f ; -; M4.r> •JJt'-'IJf* to'Mlt-vi ^-•••' THE WORLD. AGENTS FOE THE: ! /^ n-'iiiw: sis J'Attf* l(Cai FOR FIVE TEAESrf BelfeyMe threshers and En- •«raf'aiid'Cultivators and 'ulyiaifizing Harrows. > TWJN.K BINDEUS, DROPPERS AND MOWERS; Headquarters for EUPION: and < JARJIINE OILS; ENGINE, CYLINDER and SIGNAL, OILS:'.STOCK, WELD and CISTERN PUMPS; fine line of .fiQQJCING SI'OVES; the DANGLER and:ipERPEC'TION: GASOLINE. STOVES. See oim.810 B.U 'GY HARNESS. NEW HOME SEWING MACHINES, 830. We keep the BEST GASOLINE and . BURNING OILS on tap and delivered '.."/a ,.; '. ,'/|,nd'*<(^j. 1 ftuy part' of the city:, ' ' , ; :; , ^!or. 2d and Jtate sts., • .^JLLXQN/IIL. THE BEST ON EARTH! •'• •(H'Sr-: ,t~ __ - f .' . BOSS JEILLED WATCHE5, From §1§ Jo $50. Warranted 20 Years- BREECH-L04DIXG GUNS, to $30. ftnOTW THE LEATHNOr . OWV-ll O f JEWE JEWELER, invlMwlv GO TO- SON ••, VT* *' M i ^-t i. • ' ' • -,-•"•. - - bM ' ^«H| * ^ * Picture Frames, Brackets, Base Balls and Bats. Croquet Sets, etc. A full line of School Books; Scratch Books and School Supplies- Remember the place: THIRD STREET; - - ,.OPP, FOR THE , lOc Per By mail or dolivorod, Only Republican Daily in Madison county

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