Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 21, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1887
Page 4
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outward application, and. therefore, with out ttopping to think that the origin of these troubles mutt, from necessity, TM> internal, the weary sufferer continues to rub, *ubandfini|io3r»^£ .""""'* '" " ~" internally, tad) M t. pi correct p$u^ip]e',|t cu If. The statement of tliose who hart mired ought to convince th« incredulous. Raleigh, III. MVwLfehad inflammatpry rlicuniatistu>in it* *«fti foliWl.kndFafYor bilriff trWtetl by a good physician and using several retried i« with no good effect we tried Athlophoros. The flmt dose gave instant relief, and she wfta entirely cured by I lie u»o of three bottles. I have recommended it to my friend* and it has given satifjfection,in ever/ cage it give* me pl«nW» t<* rnfcko tliii imno-» Hdted testimonial. Use ita* you see proper L. R. STRICKLIN. Donnellaon, Montgomery Co., III. Wa* Buffering from sciatic rheumatism for some time; procured a bottle of Athin- phoro&Jtnd MOM relieved after using half a boltlj jljulj bate notibttn bothered »inc' Myeaae ww very bad, D. F. DAVIS. •TV',"'.'-"-'' Mt. Carroll, III. I have? been, afflicted with rheumatUra for two yearn, especially in one shoulder and tried other remedies with no help Having heard of Athlophoros I obtainet one bottle took it according to directions and f^und.. immediate relief,^and I,can J*c«»toend if.'t«rsufferers-ifroln t th^la| complaint. ' 'LEWIS Kftias." Age 78: Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoroe I'ilU, but wliei t Ihcy'Can- not IM bouuht of the druggist the Athlo- phorqa Co.; 112 "Wall St.. New York, wil reghlW*pftcl, Vnlcli ig'il.OO per boith for Athlophoros nnd £0<!. for Pills. for liver and kidney* dlacanei, rtyf>jpsla, In digestion, wuukacwv norvou* doMlltn >lteciuics of women, rnnxtlpntlmi. bendache, Impure blood, Ac., Athloplnoroa Itlla arc uncqualcd. ALTOS DlftT TKLEflRAjO AI toabyVWlntor OtttUt. To tfaibattr 'BMieW who find" the theftHs ohe e stbr-ot how a. a |Qn«oft Tictorlft ifeems tit/ W- Mv«t«l tfp by the consciousness th'at this is her Itibllee ' yedr: She ; ha* botidoa twit-ess. Mrs. i 'KoudnU, whom to*«n,ys f or, f bur,,, .j very FVenohy. "A'-ywmg man without employmeti' e' ineans of support, excited th of,heJp.', , •. ... , , .,.. . a'by Hal,. 'ft' year and. n half bid, was ' REAL, ESTATE FOB BALE OR RENT —BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. A four. . wroabl* fl u _ on Klgbtb « A ckok* Una M rmprorementd, situated 2M mllei) BrtuuTrtol. ola •elast .... _., east ol Obarlton eo., Mo. For t)al«. A one•Itory frame dwelling house In KOOO condition. In Topping's aadj&oh to. AUon. , ForBKle Obenp- " ; The residence ol Oapt. W. t oblo: twr btorieaand mansard roof| 12 room 4 balls closets, bellMar.eto,! S aoronofgraun , Mo* desirable, pjopet^tv (o tlui city-' F»r Hale. 160 acres of landi Dear iotty.Hinlta. 3 w.,o two Mory brick and^traVM/dwo.' n. oonM both situated on tbe eau' o .i.nte stree between 6tb and 7thvucetar . ao tbe brlot block of stores on fleoou i «re«t, jbetweoi B«m < and Ridge street; i.- oowa as'HunterV K»w. for SaJe. A *9t4!^ ff aiiieX' '• - ^triff' houfto; with|a n nr 180acres {good tanning land, and anotbei tvoot ol. 00 lures, both unimproved. Sltuab In Hot to., Kansas, at $10 and $16 per aon reqwotivelv—one-third eiuth,biUanoo on time For Sal*. * A l«rm ot IM aoree on bottom laud, all In cultivation, near Madison, in tbla county. A goort two-story trame dwelling houao on It Prloo IS.liOO I'or Bum. A choice farm ot 120 iioros, situate l mile south of Hhlpman, Maaoupln county, 111., a a low figure. Parties Intending to buy Koal Estdto In thn city ol Alton or rlolultv will llnd their Interest to call atlboofllceof Uuderobauaoo A fk/nntug and examine tbetr list 01 proper- tie* tor sale us only part thereof is udvor Used. New and J BcauMful DeslgnH just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trudo. GLASS from Small to Wlzes. At tbo.old rollaWu llOUSE-rAINTlNQ and DKOOIIATJNG oatablUhinont of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st foblldSm J. SUITER & SON, . ANTO FUNITURE. ?•'"•'••"" """ ' A Poll and Complete Stock A). on Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A ,CALL BBFO^; PURCHASING. «)UM rUBFITITBB BOOMIJ ABB ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILt<. *p»dwly_ Ground Oat«, Ground Corn, Hay, Oat«, Corn, Corn AIoai< Buckwheat Flour,. Graliam Flour,eto •U* paper U h*»l en die at Ike •««• «C OVERUSING GENTS SPHIUDEyHUL SON'S to eiprulri nbw Be came into poWwsJon of several hundred frali« in gold which he Itnd on hi« jwruon. Ho told n siiiguliir talc, whUih limt all _ thn ftp- ypoBjh'timol a (l(jt|oli Invuiitw) fyv tlu occasion, fto siild ttntt, n 'few daj r previously,..whll^ sitting in front of lh> central markets;.«bp'iwisltic s the • Sfrln Etistaeho Church, outing n pinto o; soup In tho open nir, hn WIIH nucostei by a wclt-dwVssod' gcntloinau, wjio sok .tohitni -•"" . \ "Would you like to make 80,000 fran csl" "Thchr tx>mo at oncu with rno." Thundoifltruck at tho proposition ;the5 - pung vBgr/anit /.followtedi; Uje fine gentleman to a •ividl-fdrnishofl ' apartment Iu the foiitjtb^atory, of a nclgb boring bulging? No>ooner haijtfth two entered, than tho conductor sail suddenly toitluuyputjhful guest:'. • • ; ; "My lad, yoii musi ; kill mar >Hcre Is a knife. This is mv mother's bouse. lt>at tvt^ jtrrehtt iSgtiflflnrf fraAca <ife:ier her whole fortune. I can not, and wll! [Hot; Jb^ar p |her8'iE|4>4e nnd', rimftny^M' ; ;li^i 'cliHCOTery'of tuy folly, and of her ruin; My life is insuretl for $200,000 fruncg, tuoro than jenopghi t<p -rdiu^urse her werelileaii ' But if I diei by my own .hand, I shall forfeit tnj.right, to have ,thoj amount* 'paid oyB,fc|to"hes,; ("Jq'n must kill me: * 1 have'not thirty tlious^ and framjs which I promised you, but ] will give=you a thousand to-day, an<! .yoiafstiiJlfcaH'aiuJ get'tlie balance to- mo.iVoWi;;. Htiro (vro somu jewels. Tomorrow you'will plunge this knife into my breast, and poize-those jewels and 'nin away witWairhaste. 'The jewels will be ml8.«<Kl, and it, will )x) said that I WHS murdered by the thief. My mother, will, then .tyi roimbursod." ' Such was'^he strange speech-' which •a Jttouk, speculaior made tot -a street vagrant., ; . , ••'.'" "The 6ffef wfts tempting," ,said the intelligent gamin; "I took" 300 francs and promised to call the next day. ,thought tho man was, crazy., ,Tfie nij^t day J wentinojir/thij house, "'but I d'id not dare enter. Jily's'tbry is' true," -iandiapcouuts for .the, money,,yvmy pos- .session." • ' ' ''' ' , A Btrict examination of tho lad was then rn'odo by tlie poliue magistrate; the munti and of the broker jvorc pliljl'lj; Uu.ptU^er ; 'wiva sent to make Inquiries of him comierriing the gamin's romantic mirrativo; thu particular's Wero foUr(d{'to be all substantiated, aild'tho young vagrant was set at liberty, carrying with him his gold, still in^his pwljot.— 1'aris CV>r. Inter-Ocean. • • - ' ' _ : ,mm t- mm Sbo JIugffo<i the Wrong Man. One of thn slides at the carnival grounds got, out of order Saturday night. It, created a good deal of amusement until the management had it pnti In, shnpo'. Tolwggan after toboggan, -wiUi its fair load, was thrown into tho snow bunks. At one time two loads went down together, and tho..occupants of both toboggans worn landed in a heap. As one by one they got up nnd shook the snow from their blanket mills, a rosy-chonked fair .damsel aroso and threw her arms around the neck of a young man. "CJoorge," alii-..•said, "George, are you burti'" George said nothing, : but kept,, on digging the snow'fi-oui his eyes.''' "George, are you hurt: why don't you speak 1"' she uouiiuued, giving him an extra hug. "My name ain't George, and I'm not hurt," .the. young man dually, managed t<S murmur. v There v\a» a liitlo yell, and as the young' lody'iiropp'cd the young man she was embracing she pouted and siiiil: "0, you hateful tbiuc;. I think you're real meaji ""—'' Piotuxr-l'ras; -now. 1 '— St. Paul A Novel Kind of (Jumbling. "YoB, w« usioil to have a spasm of gwxljtioss in tins army evory now and thnn," siiid au old wiliiii^r yesterday. "That is t/> miy, tlm olHci.<rH would got good an<l try to m:iki> tlm rnst, of us oouie up to thoir idniis. You lino, when tlrrio hung honvy on our hands we would whilu away our leisure by au in- dulgcuof! iu thi> wirkud game of clnick- u-liick, or in H(IVOU-U]>, or by o<;casioual poknr gumo. 1 njiiiriubor whuti wo wen; In AliHtiisslppi " "What is (!hnok-a-ltii-kP" "Mewy alivol Didn't you^ evor soe a lot of fellows miirk oO'i jippil^i's 1—2 —8—4—A—o, put, liui inodo}' oil tho iiuinhors and thriiw dion, ami tlio (ol- low's mimlxMvi ttiftieti so tak« tho pot? Wull, us 1 was going on txi siiy thn officers liad a spasni, iind dcciili'd' to broak up gambling. They took up ov.ory card nud tlici'- liox in the camps.! A'jlo't of follows would eiieh gi«i a littlo piooo of bri-ad and hmeiir on a bit of syrup nud lay out tho spivud and Uimi nil sit aud wait. Then- wciv n million Hies about oiunp, and in a miuuUi you W(|ulii *w a Uy light on a uioco of broad at^d gu (or tl^o »ytn\\ \ynll, the owner ; of .thut:ul<¥>u of brcivit woulij Uiko U\c |Kit- To lit liuxl othor dovi(x>« l'<jr evading tho'ordei-s of tho offiouri' coiivliiuod thorn that thoy could not lioad us oil", aud they giivo us bnok our Uiinls 'a'ud'rliiMt and wo nwumod busl- noss.— Atlanta Constitution. , Mi|ln9 lady ln»s refuel t ft flpliiUM (or hoy tfssH-ti own luo|i long. A $1(^0,000 hotel Is to b« ei-ect«d WD (v Miyimili of Slovur inountuia, uew Jolton, tail. .h^ftg, wearing a wtiolen shirt-," Ban nel iliirt, wJiltei tiannel due**,* Ofttnbri aprons o j f about the ^oor-.^JJut tlie nyitte.i^of out door, rai merit It was Which Ills. 'motli<; pondered. ' , - : A discarded coat of Hal's papa, very shiny, but of excellent fabric, supplie 'the mntorlaHor baby's cloak. It wa ripped, sponged) pressed, 'uridi tunuu wrong side out, and vudlii shpr ed Grote(icn sbajx! ,liilo,,a very aud stylish little, garment A half yim ofivelvet of the.Biuno brown* .costing: 11 cents, made a duvp. .collar,, cull's,, am i wide, bolt. . , A .clasp for thp belt at 31 cent^, 'ji half-<lozpn .Buttons, at.12 cents and a yard and a half of farmer's satfn for lining, costing 68 cents, were th> other materials purchased. The coa Js as comfprlJiblc and pretty a garmeii P.OS could be desired, an<l cost just$1.70 It is very becoming, the dark velve jetting off the fair hair and llower-likc face; and as • it comes quite to baby' feet, and the -upper part has an Inter lining of ...waddingi U,. is quite, warm, enough fajr e,yen a ^jag^ ter. ' . ; ; For head-gear to match, the brown velvet which mamma ' had worn two Wilnters as a bonnet was put over Normandy-cap frame,< wadded and lined with silk. A full pjaitiug.of lace .was pnt around th.e front, and a p.retty jvaiin, hood was, the result, without one cent of outlay," everything coming ou ot; mamma's boxes of odds and ends. The afghan to match cost just 10 cents expended in buying a package of seal bcown Diamond dye. With this was cqlored a soiled white, wpven Shotlanc shawl. .-. , A. much-worn scarlet ie)$ skill -fitrnisbe.d,, an Interlining, over which the*' shawl was ioldnd and soqurelj sowed, and the effect of the brown anc red is warm and pretty. A pair of brown woolen stockings, ribbed nnd' costing 50 cents, are drawn over Hal's shoes anil, ....away,, above his knejes, aud, ketsp, thfj'fi^tle ;feQUind lega very.warm us ho.ridee iu hjsaletl. N«xl j-ear, when he runs about out-of-doors, jrubbers will- go over these. The 'idea *pf over-steckings was broxight from Montreal; where Winter comfort is reduced to a scienpc, atid I find tliem much preferable -to the ordinary log- gings, warmer and easier to wear nn- diir rubbers. R<-<1 mittens, the gift of an., aunty, complete Hal's coctuiuo, protected in which he goes out on tho coldest days with safety, and. I think that no one seeing his attire would fancy that Its materials were furnished by the old- clothen eloseu As a horse and .cattle lotion Salvation Oil baa .proven Itoelf .an infallible remedyj It has received the hearty Indorsement of many old and we) known horsemen. Price 25 cents a bottle. Mothers, do. not let your darlings suffer Kith the whooping cough while TOU have a remedy so near at hand. Une Dr. Bull's .Cough Syrup, and the ll-tle sufferer, will soon find relief. cents. Parasites. "Pa," said little Johncy MoSwiUigan, "here's a piece in the paper about •Parasites.' What are tbej ?" "Paris-, ites, ruy boy, are 'people who live in Paris, i think you oueht to know that and yon in the Third Render." "Can't eat a thing." Hood's Bar- siparilla is a wonderful medicine for •'eating an appetite, regulating diges- |I ID, and giving strength. 7 A good quality of celluloid is now made from potatoes. A hotel potato often resembles celluloid, and this fact must have led to the discovery. —Hartford Post. ' For ease, comfort, durability, and simplicity of construction, the R ce Doll Carnaee-SprinKS cast 'all others into 1(19 .shade.' Thousands of test! monials prove this. ' ' dwlw SOME lawyft'S-don't kp»w anv more about punctuating than a &v.—Ex. Ayer'e Hair Vigor btiinuliitya the hair to a vigorous growth. ! It, contains all that can be,supplied to make ' the hair beautiful -and abundant, removes dandruff, and rendtvf the bftlr'.'flwtlble and glossy. dwlw The Other Fellow did It. Senator Cullom is reported to have said that ho studied for years on hi* lationa! railroad bill, and had It perfect, jut that since the amalgamation 'with Congressman.. Reagan'3 .measure, it has jworae ob>>cure. Ii is an excellent hing thnt these two statesmen can each iharge the oihor with all the lault« in the law, but claim nil that commends loelf an wholly due to Ins part In the lombination .—Railway Register. nimt True Merit Will Do. TJio unprecedented sale of Bosobeo's Gorman Hyrup within a lew years, has astonished the 'world. It 'is without doubt 'tho safest and beat remedy ever discovered for the (tpeody and effectual mre of Coughs, Colds and the severest <iing trouble*. It acts on an entirely different prlnoii>lo from the usiml pro- oilptions iriven by physicians, as It loes not dry up a cough and leave tho liBoaso still In the system, but on the contrary removes the cause of tho rouble, heals the parts affected and eayos them in a purely healthy condK too. A bottle kept In the housf for use when the, disease* make taeir appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long poll of ior!on§ llloeRH. A trial will onvinoe you of tbeto frets. It Is.por- Ively sold l^y all druggists nnd general tmliTs in the laud. Price, 76 u|g., largo bottle*. ( JalOUwlweod Induced V'ut to vUil-'tlio urury' Lftri'o arid witutss tlie .gorgdou? pro« ,(33^sion of her colonies, as deplcti'd by .aJwrit'thrWlinhdriMl hatulsoma young i^ritiuh uiaidfiis. yiio lias n pruaHtng 'iuvitntion iu the shape of tlxj following, which IH filing tlioni * bj- ono of tile •copieilluiU ""'qvory afteriK^in (\nt\_ fivouiug: TIs the vmir of tuo Oui-on> Jii.bllre, they're • liAylh'T •'•••: '• • ' ' ; "' ••' )Vhat, n-allyy Tr», n ally, ipe'klnii ; fli!;'ll hilvo ilihuthvr long: rolHp, Ir'Klii' wnHmta to visit n tlienlro HKiUn wilt >?Jvo her H utifi< to tlm '.'Lano.' Whut, ii'iilly'i V'n«,'n>ally, Victor Jlugo'ti I'octlo I'lpiu Tho, story is told that Victor Hugo, cpncrrning hlmsolf. on lxih;ilf of ouo condprati'^, r,njl(yl. on King Louis Philippe to iiitt>ri«tl« for tho linfortuh; at* man. It w^« a ?eoond compiis- sioriatfl effort of tho poet's, but tho hour was lute nnd t)io niouarch, boitig now^retired to,,biul, I'o.uldiuot,bo sofiti. NottO|be whvl'lv Hugo.left,a plea, - v'ise,d Versoi o'ti the table, to'' ntcet' the King's eye "in''the-morning.' : There had Ix-cri ii roc'Ont dcatlr:in.the Ixjya] family of .an idoli/ed daughter, •and. a birth>, too, as well. Qf.,tli£si' l; lncld'eut8 the pool araiU'd himself iu his (jiiat- rain, \\bich, very closely rahder'ed, runs as folio W ','By voiir lost nngol, dovo-llko from you itown, . Dy this nwoot royiil tiftlvn, 1'nlr, frairtlo reed, Morcy ouoo morel l^Mnorry, meniy ehowul la tlie touib'> oiimi;, :ind. cratUo'p,bc>tU, J pli'ixcl." ' The poet's pliiu Greatly Excited. Not ,a few of the .citizyDs , of Alton have recently become gro'atly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of l heir friends who had been pronounced by tlieir incurab.le and.beyond, all hope—.suffering with that dreaded monster Consumption-have -been, completely cured by. Dr. Kma;!s,New.Discovery lor Consumption, the only remedy that does, p.osiUv.ely cure bit throat and lung 1 diseases, Crughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial bottle free at B, March's drug stpre, large bott|es.$l. >Vonderfal cnres. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail dtuggisis of Romp, Ga., say: We have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and buckipn'n Arnica Salve 'for 'two years.' Have .never handled rgniqcljes that sell as well,orgive sach universal satisfaction. There have been some 'wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. Kino's flew Discovery,taken in connection'with Electric Bitters. We guarantee them always. Sold by E. Marsh. mcbldwlm BncKien'8 Arnica salve. The Best Salve '.u the world for cuts, bruises, sores,i..a8rs, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all asm eruption*), and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 CPBts per box. Ear ; sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. rucb7dwlB) Where resemblance ceased. A lady who had her photograph taken was •'lowing it to her husband. "Do yi u ihink it looks like me?" she asked "Yes" he said, after a critical examir- ation "it looks like you only It sevius very quiet." From Hie Lending N. Y. Florist. • C. If. Klunder, of No, 007 broad way, New York, is one of the best known florists in America. Florists, like other persons, are subject to Ihe ills of life, notwithstanding tho fragrance fur- rounding .their calling, but like other persons they can bo cured of their illF. Mr. Klunder writes: I cordially recommend Allcock's Porous Plasters. I have found them, after 10 years' constant use, wonderfully efficacious in coughs, colds, pains in side, back and chest. As chest protectors and shields against changes in the weather they ate invaluable. My hothouse men use a great many, and I and family are , never without this never filling external remedy. nipfl*, Cwup, Aothma, OUrM Cotl^hH, CoMMt'ttuwwurlw, vruul^AUUUIW, •-'•'). WhvoiilnitUauali.liiclploiitCRnniinp. ^ *i^« — i .^,i rt — poi»umpllvo t<l BUl|£9A of SSi'l* CHu- jiJ\ ouuj, itopou oiwiunp- Uon.nnd ivllovoo rom-umptlvu ix-rmiiH In uJyunctd BUicea of Hie lilM-aw, I'rK-e ttvta. Cau* linn, Tho CcimlUQ Dr. Bull's \Coiittn 8 imp in colil only In II.VII/L* ii-niuiifi-A, AnU ix-nr* our jntOht^nil I'l-ndu-J.mkH to wit. A nittl'a/ltatl In n Ciivlf.a Kfii- Strtft Ontr/off^/xiM, atiJ (ho M $lmi)jslgiiMutx'3Of John W. fwH it A. l\Mfttif if Co., Solo Patents. Co uy peraons trlslilng to obtalu lottui trnt on uuw Invflotloiiu, luipmvoiaentu o Rlfftia, I will execute drawing* and Hneolfl ttonn and innko applloatlous for I'atentt 'i CODS Utatlon, in porran or by Istwi , (roe U'CAH MOST PERFECT MADE no Arfntt<*n!a,Umo.Aliim or Phosplialos. ur.rncei Bxttaeut, Vanilla, Lemon, etc.,-flavor Ueiittoualy. Pff/Cf eMtff* eawDf!) CO. • "waeo. ifo m ^i.f£"if, gwauMau8iuigMaBuBB«B»aBHga SCOTT'S OF FDBE COD LITER OIL Almost as Palatable as jVlilk. . Tbo only proparatlnp of COD LIVER OIL that etui bo taken rcadflj^Liid toloratod for a lung tltue bjrddllcalo stoiuaclui. ; "•'''• ' ANP AS A HEMCTT FOU cnysmrpTioN. SCKOH1.OI 8 AHIECHOaSt AXAEMIA. KltAL-.llMtlUTY,; C.OUtlllS AXD .TIIBOAT H:i''flO.\S, mid nil v.\STINll DISOHPHIS OF UllLDUES It^ls Tner-elloua in Itg'n-imlhi. 1 " J"r«3ci'lbfd and enilotui,J by tho twiit Pliyalclana In tho countries of thp ^y^rl^. Bne RAI r ia»i •. . fi WHIPPLB& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, THB FOLLOW1XG Ins. Co.'s: IUH. Co. of Nortb America; Hartford, Phoenbc, Franklin, of Phlladelyhia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.r Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance do. r jnoh»onvlUe,-ki>oknk,. Qulncy, ? l»Bi Clty.BuO all potutt «Mt.. • ; . TttansasftltMaU* V; ' .'- ...... Kansas City KxprflBaf, Denver Eipi east ......... ... '••••••' ! Ja^HonvlllB Accon.modRrionf... V: For St. Lonlii i LittlitnlnK Express* ................ •'*> OlRuago AceouininiKitlon*. ". Alton Spoolalt.. ....... it.t RansosOltyMaU' ' *• (6 40 a. in. Sundays only). rJ.MBpt8n.rtag ( Sup't. St. Louis Division O. G. NORIUS, Ticket Ai/»nt. OU1UAQO, BtJltl J lNOTO^ AND UUINOY. Iriniie leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: Going Norllit OTHEB8: A OAHH OAPITAJ D} THE AGGEJIGATE Ot $20,000,000. WK ALSO RKPBBSENT TUB OIntnal Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co. .Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. fine Re»UI«nce for Sal i>. Tho lato H. DoBow honintitaad, now owned >y M. ii. Undor*ood, situated on llnu of lorse vnllwiiy, In Upper Alto.i; 11 I'onnn, mill room, furnace, mid Rood out buildings, two tioruH of (ground, will bo sold at, a barn. PoBaesslon givnn nn oicnpli'Mon of o. WHII'I'LE & SMILEY. l"or Runt. Two-story IIOUBO nnd «ood stable on Common utreet. bood fruit. W11IPPLE & SMILKY. For Sale. Seven lots vrith good brick dwelling and outbuilding-. In go-<d repair, In Uopor Alton, ieuldenceof II. E. <!olllna, and tin iwn us tlio Mprrtll property. WHtl'HLK & HM1LEY, Alton, or U. W. Oollet, llppar Alton, ' lor Kent. A two-dtory bilck dwelling known as tlie A. Platt hoinesteud. Lately pu* in «ood re- A Common Cold IB often tlio.befilnnlng of serious afTeo- lions of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes, nnu" Lungs. Thoroforo, tho Importance) of early anil cffeutivo troatment cannot be ovcrcstimateil. Ayer's Cherry ,Poo toral tnay.nlwnys be relied tipon lor this Bpcedy cure of a'Colit or CotiBli. Ijast January I was attacked with a Bo'vcVe Oolil, which,'tiy'iieglerl andfre-' qunnt exposures, beuatue .\yprse, pnally , Hcttliiifj mi my IUIIK.I. A terrible coimll BOOH fullpsvcil, atKiiinpanlvil by pains In tlie clirai., from wliiiih I sullereil Iiiteiiso- ly; After tryliiB various renieclles, without obtaining relief, I cuimnenceil taklug Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, anil was' Speedily Cured. I nm satisfied that this remedy saved my • life. —Jno. ^Yebster, I'liwtuchet, B. I. i 1 contracted a severe colil, which muliliitily devnlopeil 'Into 1'neitnionia, pniHi'iiniip; dnni{orous and oKstlnato fi.vniptoniH. My phyairian ordered the tiHHnf Aycr's Cherry l'«ctoral. His In- niructions were, ami the result wns a rapid and permanent cure.— Mi-E. StlinpSon, Kofjor* 1'raino, Tex. Two .vr.nrn apro:I suffcrcil from a severe Cold, whii'h BOH loci on my Lun^a. I con- Biilinil various ph.vnician.1, and took tho • miidir.iiic.i ijiey prescribed, bill, rccnlvcd. only temporary relief. A friend Induced, ino'to try Aver's Cherry Pectoral. After taking two imlllesol thisniedu:lne.I wa* cured. 'Sinre ilieii I have given the Pec-" total to iny childrcu, and considttr it The Best Remedy (or Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and Lung diseasi-s, ever used in my family. —Kobcrt \'anderpool, Meadville, P», Some time ago I took a slight Cold, which", being neglected, grew worse, ahtl settled on my Lungs. I had a hacking congli, ami was .very weak. Those who knew me best considered my lifo to bo in great danger. I continued to suffer until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Less than one bottle ol this valuable ruedicino cured mo, and I feel that I owe tho preservation of my life to its curative powers. — Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, New York. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral Is considered, hero, the ono great remedy for all diseases • of the throat and lungs, and is more in demand than any other medicine of its class. — J. JF. Koberts, Magnolia, Ark. • Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., towel), M««, Bold by all Druggltu. Price $1 ;iiU botllet, $*. For bale or iteut. A desirable tenement on Bluff street, owned DV Mrs a. J.butro. WHIPP1,K«SMTT,KY. for bul. The late residences of J. i. and W. B. MitchoU, on Mill at., two o. 1.1. best plocfla of roBidenoe property In Alwt. The property known SB "The I'arlc, eiiHtot above; 11 lots m Mill and Summit atrootn, an 'J a number ol otn .in Miller * Mltohull's addition to Alton. Any or all 'of above at a in rut baritaln. WV.U'I'LK & SMILEY. Dor aate. The Merrlman property on State streo In Miller & UlolielJ'a adU.. to Altou, 1« story louse, 8 rooma and out-buildlnus; all In uer- cctordur. Can beliad ut a bui'Kalu. WHII'I'LE * SMILEY. For >al«. story frame dwulllng, corner Pe til streetH, • WniPPl.E&SMlLBV tiunlrablu u«nldiiiiiti;a tar *»lu~ A twootory brick d««lluiK on atiue utruel tnowu UH A. IMutt liumestvud, lately pu| u good icpalr. A two atorj iruine dwolllnw on Main Btiiift, nuuny nuw. A two awry Ullok dwellliiK on yuventli utrotit, nil tor Kale a uueriilcu, owu«r hiivlnu ilcoldud to •/.< ^ WlllI'l'I.K & HMII.KV We" do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert tho refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards 'or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse rnaterlal. EILVEK SOAP is made of PURE TALLOW, by a clean process, and can bo usod freely without danger of haying the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK. TOUH GROCEU FOH IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. ST. LOU I". MO. tiOO BAGS U1GGINW FUREKA FINE Kur Nine. The Woodroof proiwrty. A 2 utory framu house ol B rooms, on Klltli and Alton utrueta, 4 room frame house on KKth Htrm-t. *U«n. Til. Wantocl- .__ on Hi.d iidlolnliiKCoiiutli *, Hlary and ALL EXPHVSKS nil ktHto nulur< wiliitud. kluuutuoturcrtt, 'JW Uooiga i • ell o n r -...xU in Uadl- Will puv gond Write lor terini aLIIAN A TO., .., Olnvlnnutl, IU. For Hale, A convenient larin of 130 iu:reB, most all IP ultlviitlou; sltiiatod on tho Rethalto rond, Fo r~BBJ«or "lie u I. The 2-ntoi-y Iritiuo dwullln« with 0 roorna. -lUludlUK 7 liitn; uood burn uud linn liuliB known u» tlm Nlchnlo bnitjonUiMd, »lti on Uthst,, In a dei>lrjiil(> nuluhbnihood. For Dairy and Table , Ib. linen mxcks nnd 50. Ib. sacks, fur walo by J. A.RYUIE. _ JUMUl'M eJAKKETT'S LIVERY STABLE) NT STUKlST, UKTWIJKN ALBY AND KA8TON, ,, i lo " s " wllh «»""'< "cres £ )u »<.nH«rtliiK oroim-i', in Upper Alton. Kormtir r«nl(l«no« 01 Dr. IIuinl>«r>. Wflli'l'l,KiSMll>KY. Kor .»,„", ° I"" 111 "" 1 ' 11 "I • • onnn o wi mil ,V'iT" "* I' 10 . A - '''«" I'lttce. xx>un> biluk hou»«, In tlm clum lepulr. WUUTLK 4 BilJUBY. Hum. •' Noonnn on Stutn ' UOodll ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. K«tate of floi'inun liounln-ann, debtor: I'lit iindui'Miunud liuiuuv glviii notice that Herui'in Keurl'iiiinn, of Alton, In tlie toiinty of MudtHpii Hiid 8tntnof lllnmiB, did, on ttm Wih day 01 K.ib., A. I), lufl, tra^Wor to the unduraUnnd, iin iiHslxiice. all Ills property, icial mid PHI-HIIIIHI, lor tho b> neOt ot his orod- lloi-H.nci-nidlii.' to tlio pruviblons of tlio aot All purHiiiioliiivliiKclilmHBKftlnst tho tmUl Ilnriuan Iti-Keiiiiuiiii i'1-o lieaouy notlllnd to H reuviii suuli cliilinn under «ntli or afllrmn- nn, toinnaunvntiire.oii tbeuorniTOI Third and I'IUHII -trweiii, Alum,In ualdcounty,with- in three innnihHfrnin >hU da:«; ' «ib Will, 1887. JOIIV DOW, Alilmiee. IiiucNHOLT, Atty, roblilUBw For Itijiit. ' ' A twoator>'Urloh dwellliiK known natlifl A. J.'lutt hoiuuut«udi J4tel> put In KOOd ruuutr. WillWLK ft SUlLJiY

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